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VID Price:
$62.0 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$150.1 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #VID today is $0.027 USD.

The lowest VID price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.027, and the current live price for one VID coin is $0.02718.

The all-time high VID coin price was $1.10.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of VID with market cap of SOL or other crypto coins.


The code for VideoCoin crypto currency is #VID.

VideoCoin is 3.4 years old.


The current market capitalization for VideoCoin is $150,072.

VideoCoin is ranked #1593 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a modest daily trading volume on #VID.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for VideoCoin is $62,009.


The circulating supply of VID is 5,521,032 coins, which is 2% of the maximum coin supply.

Note the limited supply of VideoCoin coins which adds to rarity of this cryptocurrency and increases perceived market value.


VID has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 2 pairings and is listed on at least 1 crypto exchange.

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VIVID App Is Now Available in Beta - Welcome to The Evolution!

We’re excited to welcome you to the Beta launch of the VIVID App. The app is designed to be the easiest, most intuitive way for anyone to create NFTs out of any media. The app evolves NFTs beyond today’s single-asset JPEGs, to next-generation NFTs that are multi-asset and updateable, allowing you to create richer, more compelling experiences. You can combine any number of images, audio, video, documents, 3D object files, AR files– almost any type of media — into a single NFT to be minted, shared, and distributed.Visit, to join the VIVID App Beta Program. We invite you to put on your creative hat and explore what you can do with VIVID NFTs. Key features of the Beta release: Create multi-asset, updateable NFTs, Media container and player for almost any file type — video, audio, documents and morex, Easy account login to view and manage your NFTs, Share media-rich NFTs to your community, NFTs immutably and securely written to the Vivid Blockchain, To participate in the Vivid Labs Beta App Program, simply sign up at www.vividlabs.comNote for Android users: the app is currently available only for iOS, but an Android version is in development and will be released soon. As we continuously evolve the VIVID app, we welcome your feedback and suggestions.Within the My Profile section of the app, tap the Feedback tab to submit your feedback In the next version, we will release compat...

Vivid Labs joins the NFT conversation NFT NYC 2022

Vivid Labs joined the maelstrom of positivity that was NFT.NYC, where an estimated 15,000 artists, fans, creators, and collectors gathered in Times Square to celebrate and opine the present and future course of NFTs. Compared to our previous visit in November, the environment seemed healthily subdued. The same energy and passion was tangible, but to our eyes we didn’t see the same overt ‘flexing’ that characterized the heady days of the bull market. We believe this shift in energy will be prosperous to the industry. The current market conditions were spoken about across all corners at NFT.NYC, but the discussion was one of proactive encouragement that boiled down to an overarching theme, how could we improve upon the past year and how to avoid pitfalls? Our take was more of a ‘professionalization’ in the industry, where concern over product-market fit and sustainability outweighed chatter about the next alpha or flip target. The overarching mindset at NFT.NYC was one of ‘build mode’. Throughout the conference sessions and panels, a common theme was a questioning of ‘what’s next for NFTs?’. A huge focus was on the utility of NFTs and how the experience could be pushed forward to deliver more value, a seeming collective agreement that the industry, in order to push further mainstream, had to distinguish itself in the eyes of ‘normies’ beyond just JPEGs. Inherent in this certainly was a little bit of con...

VID Token Utility Enhancements

The VID token enables Vivid Labs’ powerful VIVID Platform and has powered our decentralized network since 2019 when it was known as the VideoCoin Network. From time to time, and in partnership with the token’s issuer, the VideoCoin Development Association LTD, we have updated the network and token utility using different mechanics. In this blog, we are proud to announce several new token utility upgrades and mechanics which will help take our network through the next phases of product evolution. As we go through this announcement, it is very important to remember that the network’s video processing capabilities remain unchanged and serve to enhance the VIVID Platform’s ability to create next-generation NFT-based media experiences and utility applications for our customers and community. — Hard Fork of the VIVID Blockchain - When we started building our native blockchain in 2018, we were one of the first utility projects to power our network using GETH. Over time, the ETH network has moved ahead and to keep up with the latest advancements in GETH as well as to provide support to wallets like MetaMask and others to directly interact with the VIVID Blockchain. We will be undertaking a hard fork of the VIVID chain into a new blockchain. It will still be GETH powered, but over time it will power many advantages that the community has asked for: MetaMask and other standard wallet support;, Move NFTs on-chain freely;...

Accelerating Growth for the Film3 Movement with VIVID NFTs

A robust Film3 community is beginning to coalesce around NFTs as a pathway for alternative financing and opportunity for filmmakers to engage directly with their fans. Filmmaking has often been on the forefront of technological adoption, with filmmakers wrapping their artistic ambition around new technologies from sound to color to CGI and 3D. But Web3 adoption also represents a reaction to the business realities of the industry today where a more diverse set of films — both in subject matter and budget — are increasingly difficult to make. The industry is funneled into well-deserved, however well-entrenched, gatekeepers who make fairly narrow decisions about what to green-light. As we learned from our recent partnership with Air Bud Entertainment, even very successful legacy media companies are experiencing that narrowing. NFTs also bring back the concept of media ownership. Streaming has been a powerful force in the industry for over the past decade. While it has contributed to increased content production and unfettered convenience for consumers, it pales to the revenue impact of the home entertainment era that began with VHS and culminated with Blu-ray. Ownership revolutionized how studios green-lit movies, creating an economics whereby studio heads understood that movies could be produced and marketed at a loss through its theatrical run because strong theatrical performance led directly to profit in the home ...

Air Bud Collectibles Bring New Meaning to Content Accessibility

Content distribution has seen a major shift over the past few decades. We have gone from watching movies in the cinema, renting DVDs and Blu-ray, and then online streaming. But that is not the end, nor is it the future of content consumption and distribution. The Vivid Labs platform is proving a flexible, more reliable, and a cost-effective means for distribution of content. — The Minds Behind Air Bud Collectibles - Air Bud Entertainment, Mint Werx, and Vivid Labs partnered to bring the legacy media company’s content into NFTs. Using Web3 instead of the existing Web2 model, this platform makes it easier and more affordable for creators to sell their content directly to their fans and audiences. Air Bud Entertainment has been around for over 24 years. Ever since this family-oriented content production company launched Air Bud with Disney in 1997, they have remained a major player in the film industry, synonymous with family entertainment.. Robert Vince, the Founder of Air Bud Entertainment and Eric Vince, the VP of Business Development at Air Bud Entertainment discussed their move into the blockchain space during our Twitter Spaces Q&A last week. “This is the exponential change in our brand and in how content is conceived, created, and then ultimately delivered and consumed by our customers,” Robert Vince told us. The team at Mint Werx, a NFT production studio, helped with all aspects of strategy, creative de...

VIVID Playground 1.5 Release!

In December 2021, alongside the launch of VIVID Open and the announcement of VIVID Pro, we also quietly launched VIVID Playground. VIVID | Play Playground was designed as a place where we could demo the evolution beyond single asset JPEGs to the richer, more complex media experiences that could be created with multi-asset, multi-format NFTs. The first version of Playground featured a fully-functioning gallery and simple UI/UX for minting complex NFTs. But, it was primarily geared towards developers, who just needed to see the bare basics to understand the value of our approach. With this updated release of Playground, we give those features a UX/UI refresh, plus we are making two foundational changes: we have removed file size limitations and have done away with the 24-hour purge of every NFT on Playground. This means you have even more flexibility to create more permanent VIVID NFTs. We believe this is a small, further step to creating a space where all creators, independent ones or enterprise customers, and our community can come to better understand what we mean when we tout the evolution of advanced, multimedia NFTs. Now with the ability to create NFTs with multiple media assets from a variety of different media types, unconstrained by any file size — we are inviting creators of any type to come play with us. One more thing…everyone that tries the Playground and creates a VIVID NFT will be automatically added to o...

The Natural Selection Tour Inaugural Drop Retrospective with Vivid Labs and Mint Werx

Earlier this week, the Vivid Labs and Mint Werx team were welcomed onto the Natural Selection Tour Discord stage for a reflective chat on this year’s inaugural Natural Selection Tour NFT drop, which was the first ever to use the VIVID NFT Shopify platform. This first-of-its-kind launch was a true collaboration between Natural Selection Tour, Vivid Labs, and Mint Werx. The entire collection of NFTs sold out over the course of three releases which coincided with events in Jackson Hole, British Columbia, and Alaska. The NFTs were some of the most innovative ever created, making use of multi-asset features to create media-rich experiences, including one ~2.5GB NFT which combined images, 3D objects, and videos to recreate a snowboarder’s shred down the mountain. The live event featured Travis Rice, Brian Spitz, Halsey Minor, Devadutta Ghat, Robert Powers, Ryan Sands, and Greg Auer where they discussed: The origin of Natural Selection Tours’ decision to create NFTs, The vision behind Vivid Labs’ approach to NFTs, The innovation behind the Natural Selection Tour NFTs, Technical breakthrough for minting multi-asset, multi-gigabyte NFTs, Vivid Labs’ eco-friendly platform, The role of an NFT production studio, — Listen to the recording of ‘Natural Selection Tour Inaugural Drop Retrospective’ - If you’d still like the chance to win one of these sold-out NFTs, check out how you can participate in the V...

A Legacy Brand Steps Forward Into the Future of Entertainment

Yesterday we announced our collaboration to create the Air Bud Entertainment Collectibles, a series of NFT collections based on Air Bud Entertainment IP, starting with Super Pupz, the hit kids’ show that premiered this month exclusively on Netflix. Air Bud Entertainment is the creator of one of the most beloved children’s film series, Air Bud, and a prolific producer of a legion of franchises over the past 20 years. These properties are beloved by generations of fans including LeBron James and President Obama. Just search Air Bud on Twitter to get a sense of how embedded these characters are in our pop culture lexicon. Air Bud Entertainment is not one to rest on its legacy, but rather is pioneering the future of entertainment, developing new pathways to connect and engage with its audiences and innovate the creation, marketing, and distribution of its content. With our partners at Mint Werx, we are delivering an NFT platform and primary storefront for Air Bud Entertainment to mint, manage and sell media-rich NFTs based on the characters and stories of the Air Bud IP. For us, this represents a milestone use case that demonstrates Vivid’s capabilities in distributing premium IP assets through NFTs. We consider the NFT as a next-gen format for content creation and distribution — the evolution of VHS to DVD to Blue-ray to streaming to NFT — now empowering independent content creators of any size. In...

Vivid Labs Launches NFT Sweepstakes

Enter For a Chance To Win Natural Selection Tour’s Industry-First MultiMedia NFTs - March 28th, 2022 — Fresh off the heels of Natural Selection Tour’s groundbreaking, first-of-its-kind, and SOLD OUT multimedia NFT series, Vivid Labs ($VID) is giving 13 lucky winners the chance to win a Natural Selection Tour multimedia NFT. This series comes courtesy of our partnership with Natural Selection Tour, capturing the unique spirit and culture of Natural Selection Tour and the historical occasion of their successful first foray into NFTs. We at Vivid Labs believe these NFTs are the most complex the industry has seen. As an example, the Selector Course Map is the first multimedia NFT to contain close to 2.5GB of media. Each of these Natural Selection Tour NFTs has already sold out but you have one more chance to get your hands on these exclusive NFTs with the sweepstakes beginning today! What’s more, by joining our Discord you become eligible to be placed on our waitlist for all future NFT sweepstakes featuring VIVID NFTs. We’ll be doing periodic giveaways from the collections of future projects we enable. Get in on the ground floor now while you can!Please review our Terms & Conditions for the Vivid Labs NFT Sweepstakes. — Sweepstakes Overview - The sweepstakes period begins Mar 28, 2022, and ends on Apr 30, 2022, Participants on Discord will have a chance to win NFTs in three tiers: Gold, Silver, and Bro...

Introducing VIVID NFT for Shopify

Today is an important milestone for Vivid Labs and the VIVID platform. The VIVID NFT App is now available on the Shopify App Store. We started this path with Shopify eight months ago. It was a process of articulating the value we could bring to Shopify’s millions of merchants, building initial business plans, working with the Shopify team to understand platform requirements — and of course a complete tech build that funneled our VIVID Pro platform into a Shopify App that could be easily downloaded by merchants and quickly integrated into their ecommerce ecosystem. This means that eligible Shopify Plus merchants can now create, manage, and sell the most advanced NFTs straight from their Shopify storefronts. We call our NFTs the most advanced because they have NFT+ features. Our premise was that NFTs could be more than just digital collectibles. Rather we saw them as a next-gen format for compelling media experiences. With the integration into Shopify’s #1 ecommerce ecosystem, these NFTs can be bought using any of the available payment integrations that already exist in the Shopify ecosystem, further lowering the barrier for more mainstream adoption. To learn more about how you can use VIVID NFT for Shopify or to become an eligible Shopify Plus merchant, visit our website here. If you would like to be a part of the community, please join our Discord. For more details, please read our press release below. — Vi...

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