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Value Defi  


VALUE Price:
$19.3 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$166.9 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #VALUE today is $0.034 USD.

The lowest VALUE price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.034, and the exact current price of one VALUE crypto coin is $0.03402.

The all-time high VALUE coin price was $8.86.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of VALUE with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for Value Defi crypto currency is #VALUE.

Value Defi is 3.3 years old.


The current market capitalization for Value Defi is $166,906.

Value Defi is ranking downwards to #1528 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is modest today for #VALUE.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Value Defi is $19,346.


The circulating supply of VALUE is 4,906,557 coins, which is 100% of the total coin supply.

Note the limited supply of Value Defi coins which adds to rarity of this cryptocurrency and increases perceived market value.


VALUE is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


VALUE is available on at least one crypto currency exchange.

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Value DeFi x Ren Protocol

A partnership with the purpose of bringing native BTC liquidity to Binance Smart Chain! Motivation: Value DeFi and Ren Protocol will combine their resources to bring BTC and ZEC directly to Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Ren recently added BSC support to RenVM and released RenBridge 2, designed to easily bridge BTC, ZEC, DOGE, etc to other chains. Using this bridge, users can easily convert any amount of native BTC, etc to renBTC BEP-20 and vice versa. With that said, this collaboration will facilitate some of the first BTC and ZEC stablepools on BSC; allowing users to trade $renBTC to $BTCB and $renZEC to $ZEC-B at very slippage. The pools are as follows: $renBTC / $BTCB $renZEC / $ZEC-B A Native RenVM Integration In addition to BTC and ZEC stable pools, Value DeFi x Ren will be exploring native RenVM integration via RenJS, which will allow direct deposits and withdrawals of real BTC and ZEC into the Value DeFI Platform, a first for Binance Smart Chain! The end product of this partnership is to enable a seamless option for DeFi users to deposit/withdraw BTC, ZEC, directly onto BSC to receive high yield. By using Value DeFi’s tech and products, this process will have very low slippage and minimals fees. Therefore maximizing profits and user accessibility in the process. Looking Forward | Implementation The BTC and ZEC pools will go live on the 19th April week and once implemented, both teams w...

First vStake Pool in Partnership with CDO Finance

vBSWAP holders, we are extremely pleased to share with you our first vStake pool in partnership with CDO Finance. This recently introduced product will allow stakers in any of our vStake pools to receive profit-share from our BSC ecosystem. How does it work? Simply stake your tokens to a vStake and let the smart contract do the hard-work for you! About the vStake Pool: Stake vBSWAP tokens, to earn CODEX tokens!Total Tokens: 500 CODEXDistribution duration: 14 daysStart block: (April 6th 10PM SGT)Finish block: (April 20th 10PM SGT)Token rewards per block: 0.001322751322751 CODEX vFarm : In order to host the CODEX vStake pool, we will also provide a CODEX-BNB 70/30 vFarm that will have x0.3 vBSWAP rewards for 14 days with possible extension by voting at a later stage. What is CDO Finance? is the first yield farming project on Binance Smart Chain that offers dynamic risk exposure. Using Collateralized Debt Obligations products, CDO Finance’s users can now obtain leveraged yield farm or risk protection with their assets. To learn more about CDO Finance, we advise you to visit their official communication channels About Value DeFi The Value DeFi platform is a suite of products that aim to bring fairness, true value, and innovation to Decentralized Finance. Their flagship products include vSwap, an automated market-maker...

Value DeFi x bEarn Fi (Next Level Strategic Partnership)

Since its launch on November 24 2020, bEarn Fi has always demonstrated to be a great partner for the on-going growth of the Value DeFi ecosystem. The two projects joined forces early one and they accomplished important milestones together; one of which being the creation of one of the most lucrative vFarms (BFI on Ethereum blockchain) with the highest APY to date on the Value DeFi platform. Due to the rising cost of ETH gas fees and the rising demand from our community, the Value DeFi recently expanded to Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and launched their first deflationary token on the network; vBSWAP. We believe this expansion is a great opportunity to move our partnership to the next level bEarn Fi will be collaborating with Value DeFi on multiple levels and both teams will commit to develop and allocate resources & new techniques to strengthen the existing collaboration:bEarn Fi will provide $1,000,000 in liquidity to the BDO-vBSWAP 70/30 pool for users to experience new trading options. This pool will be incentivized with vBSWAP on vFarm for at least 12 months after the TVL requirement is reachedbEarn Fi will work with Value DeFi on building vLott (Lottery), BDO & BFI and vBSWAP will be accepted as payment options to buy tickets. A 0.69% incentive fee from vLott will be distributed to BFI’s stakers (bStake) while a 0.6% incentive fee will be used to buyback vBSWAP and burn.The two teams will join their development ...

vToken Whitepaper Summary

The purpose of this Medium article is to outline key components of the newly released vToken Whitepaper. For a more complete view of the system, the Official vToken Whitepaper can be referenced at: Whitepaper LinkIntroducing vTokens Users will now be able to move vUSD, vBTC and vDOT cross-chain in a decentralized manner, governed by VALUE holders. Notably, Polkadot (DOT) holders will be able to store and trade their tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, with the same applying to Bitcoin holders for both Ethereum and Polkadot. Value DeFi will become a viable option for users to exchange BTC and DOT with other ERC-20 tokens without going through a centralized exchange. Our vToken technology has been intentionally designed to be interchangeable as we plan to launch other vTokens to additional cross-chain partners/projects. After the successful launch of the first wave of vTokens, we will begin building our new decentralized lending platform — Value Lending. Accepting vUSD, vBTC, vDOT, ESD and BAC as a new class of seigniorage tokens. Value Lending articleSeigniorage — The Basics The core mechanics of seigniorage tokens is expansion and contraction. The algorithm used to calculate this rate is highly complex, but the result is quite simple and uses basic laws of economics. When a vToken is worth more than its peg (ie. vUSD > $1), the protocol is in expansion and vUSD will be minted. As increasing the supply causes in...

VIP 10: MultiStables Vault Exploit Post-mortem

Summary Following the MultiStables Vault Exploit Post-mortem, we will create a compensation fund which will be funded by a combination of the dev fund, insurance fund and a portion of fees that are currently generated by the protocol. Motivation We propose some changes to the fee structure as follows: Increase vault performance fees to 20% and receipt from swap fees to 50% (previously was 14% and 30%) Then, we consider two options on how the fees go to the compensation fund: 1) 30% of all profits (with the new above fees) go to the compensation fund (exactly 6% of performance fee and 15% cut from swap fee). That means governance vault stakers will receive 14% of performance fee and 35% cut from swap fees (which is same performance fee as before and 5% more fee from cut) 2) 50% of all profits go to the compensation fund (that means 10% performance fee and 25% cut from swap fee). Governance vault stakers will receive 10% performance fee and 25% cut from swap fee (a bit lower) To make the accounting part for affected users as seamless as possible, an IOU token named $VBOND will be created at a 1:1 ratio for every dollar lost by affected farmers at the MultiStables vault with some enhancements. 6110772.30995$ was lost in the incident, so 6110772.30995 $VBOND will be created. The two addresses which received 45K DAI and 50K DAI respectively from the exploiter will see their $VBOND claimed amo...

Elastic Decentralized Loans powered by Chainlink

Introducing vUSD and vETH Note: This article represents a snapshot of a work in progress for the upcoming rebase decentralized lending platform. All the descriptions in this article are subject to change at anytime. We invite the community to refine these ideas with us to make a better platform. Digital assets pegged to a stable asset with elastic supplies are a fundamentally new paradigm in the world of decentralized finance. These assets work by pegging a token to a price feed with pre-defined “rebasing” rules. If these assets were securities and not digital commodities, rebasing events, when the supply of the asset has changed, would be equivalent to automatic stock splits or reverse stock splits. In the absence of external market forces, speculation drives the market mechanics of elastic assets with traders designing strategies based primarily on the market capitalization of the underlying asset. No inherent incentive exists for traders to maintain a peg. Let us quickly review a simplified version of the rebasing mechanics of vUSD and vETH. For those unfamiliar with the concept, the process is straightforward. At a high level, if the price of vUSD exceeds $1.10 (based on some oracle price feed), then the supply of vUSD expands and all holders receive the same increase of vUSD. Holders include automated market maker smart contracts and other bonding curves. Since the supply in the reserve pool of an AMM for vUSD has ...

Roadmap update : Future Features

Roadmap update : Future Features New Released Features : Read more here ★ Composite Vaults. Future Features : Read more below ★ Improved Vaults. ★ FaaS Phase 2. ★ Decentralized Secured Loan Marketplace. Collateralize LPs, Borrow vUSD! Find out more here. ★ Core Upgrade for Value Liquid to use an external router instead of Balancer’s internal proxy. Estimated savings of up to 70% cheaper gas price! ★ Value DeFi Goes Cross-chain. ★ Vaults-as-a-Service. New Stables Vault Farming BarnBridge (BOND) The strategy is quite simple, focus on farming BOND and auto-sell the harvest when epoch changes and the rewards become available. The code is based heavily on the Composite vault because the reward mechanism of BarnBridge is similar to Balancer (rewards are claimed weekly at a certain time instead of anytime). We believe we could improve the user-experience of BOND farmers by creating this vault. MultiStaking Vault, with External Strategy Customization After doing a lot of market research, we concluded that many DeFi tokens have their own staking pool for their own tokens with some disadvantages:High cost in gas for small users to claim the staked rewards and sell it for profit (or restake it for more compounded interest)Most staking pools do not have any auto-compounding capability For example, the MultiStaking vault will:Take the DODO token from users as depositStake at the DODO staking poolClaim the rewa...

Roadmap Update: New Released Features

New Released Features ★ Composite Vaults. Read more below. Future Features : Read more here ★ Improved Vaults. ★ FaaS Phase 2. ★ Decentralized Secured Loan Marketplace. Collateralize LPs, Borrow vUSD! Find out more here. ★ Core Upgrade for Value Liquid to use an external router instead of Balancer’s internal proxy. Estimated savings of up to 70% cheaper gas price! ★ Value DeFi Goes Cross-chain. ★ Vaults-as-a-Service. Composite Vaults for UNI LPs, Farming Sushi and Balancer The newly released vaults (named Composite vaults) use an upgraded version of Vault v1 (single share with multi-strategy). The vaults accept multiple inputs: UNI v2 LP, SLP, BPT or other paired assets directly. In addition, there is a converter contract to move between different LP assets. Why is this safer than MultiStables Vault? Composite Vaults are not multi-asset vaults that run multiple strategies with multiple LP assets. As such, there is no need to calculate conversion rates between various LPs, which led to the MultiStables security breach. CompositeVaults:Pros: there is a separate vault for each asset. As such, deposited LP assets will stay in the same form in the vault and will not be susceptible to external price feed attacks.Cons: There is no auto-rebalancing feature to optimize APY as in MultiStables Vault. Users will need to switch between vaults manually (we make the switch easier for users with our UI) All the co...

ValueDeFi Integrating Chainlink Price Feeds to Ensure Maximum Security for Relaunch of…

ValueDeFi Integrating Chainlink Price Feeds to Ensure Maximum Security for Relaunch of MultiStables Vault In light of the recent flash loan exploit on our previous oracle mechanism, we have engaged multiple security experts to find a solution for securing the ValueDeFi protocol. After many focused discussions and weighing the different options, we found Chainlink to be the best oracle solution that provides a sufficiently robust and tamper-resistant price oracle solution capable of mitigating flash loan attacks. The MultiStables Vault relaunch will utilize Chainlink Price Feeds for all supported stablecoins to ensure our oracles maintain round the clock market coverage across all trading environments. This removes our exposure to temporary flash loan-induced price distortions that exist when pulling data straight from’s on-chain liquidity pools or any other on-chain generated price feed such as Backed by high quality data, secure and transparent oracle infrastructure, and strong economic incentives, Chainlink’s decentralized price feeds are inherently resilient against flash loan attacks thanks in part to the wide market coverage they provide. As such, we have elected to use Chainlink’s existing stablecoin price feeds to calculate the underlying value of our Liquidity Pool tokens, preventing manipulation of user-backed reserves from occurring. To better understand how Chainlink will secur...

MultiStables Vault Exploit Post-Mortem

Summary: The ValueDefi MultiStables vault was recently the subject of a complex attack that resulted in a loss of user deposits. What follows below is a post-mortem analysis and a description of proposed actions to mitigate economic impact on the community. The Incident: On Nov 14th 2020 at 03:36:30 PM UTC, a hacker performed a flash-loan exploit on the MultiStables vault of ValueDeFi protocol, which resulted in a net loss of roughly 6mil$. The new vault uses our new code of vault v2, which had not been audited. Our Solidity lead dev has provided a summary of the attack that illustrates the main points with approximated values. ( [1] Flash loan 80k ETH on Aave, buy 116m DAI and 31m USDT [2] Deposit 25m DAI to Vault (via Bank — did not check for smart contract entrance): get back 24,956,075 mvUSD [3] Swap 91m DAI to 90m USDC, and 31m USDT to 17m USDC, leave the 3pool almost no USDC At this moment, the Vault has 8.5m 3Crv, 2.2m BCrv and 300k CCrv: Total 3Crv balance of Vault = 8.5m + convert_rate_bcrv_to_3crv(2.2m) + convert_rate_ccrv_to_3crv(300k) convert_rate_xxx_to_3crv(A) = convert A xxx to B USDC and add B USDC to the 3pool. Since the 3pool has no USDC the 3Crv calculated by 3pool will be ~3x to normal rate. -> Total 3Crv balance of Vault = 14.5m — not 11m as it should [4] Withdraw 24,956,075 mvUSD from DAI. Shar...


IPX Unveiled Its First PFP Project 'WADESIDE', Elevating the Dynamics Be...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Seoul, South Korea, February 27th, 2024] IPX Unveiled Its First PFP Project ‘WADESIDE,’ Elevating the Dynamics Between Authentic IP Activities and NFT Value Growth IPX launches WADESIDE, its digital artist WADE's first PFP project consisting of 13,333 pieces, through industry’s first INO (Initial NFT Offering) with bucket auction for corporations and the public throughout the year with CRIPCO, the global blockchain and NFT company According to the company, the private auction which has been held for 5 days from Feb.22 has raised record-breaking amounts with participation from high-profile Web3 firms including Animoca Brands, Chiru Labs, and Phaver while public release starts from Feb.28 followed every week Launched in 2022, WADE F&F Membership NFTs’ prices in this January recorded approx. 240x higher compared to initial minting, validating authentic IP activities as catalysts for NFT value growth - per the company's statement The new WADESIDE project was highlighted as ‘one of the most anticipated PFP projects of the year' by major global NFT alpha groups and communities even before its launch IPX elevates WADE's digital artist identity to maximize IP value in both Web 2 and Web3, and WADESIDE offers benefits encouraging collaborative growth between the IP and the fans Digital IP entertainment company IPX (formerly LINE FRIENDS) announced the launch of its first PFP (Profile Picture) project, 'WADESIDE”, through its partn... read More

Siacoin Balloons To 65% in Value On Network Upgrades – Details

    Siacoin (SC), the native token of the decentralized cloud storage platform Sia, has been on a tear in recent months, defying expectations and leaving investors wondering if the rocket ride can continue. After reaching a low of $0.0025 in mid-September 2023, the price skyrocketed a staggering 360% to peak at $0.0130 by January 24, 2024. While a 30% correction followed, wiping out those gains, the story didn't end there. Siacoin defied bearish predictions, embarking on a new upward trajectory culminating in a new high of $0.0175 on February 21st, marking over 100% increase from its January low. Unpacking The Surge: Technical Advancements, Community Optimism So, what's fueling Siacoin's unexpected rise? Several factors contribute to the narrative. Firstly, the February 2024 update unveiled significant advancements in the Sia network, focusing on stability, performance, and user experience. These include the implementation of RHP4 for the upcoming Utreexo hardfork, aiming to boost efficiency and scalability. Additionally, new features like metadata addition and improved upload processes enhance data management and user interaction. The Siacoin community, excited about these technical developments, saw them as a sign of progress and fueled further investment. However, it's important to acknowledge the broader market context. Siacoin's price rise coincided with a bullish trend in the cryptocurrency market, with many digital assets experiencing significant gains. This suggests... read More

Crypto Carnage: OKB Flash Crash Wipes 25% Off Value In Minutes – H...

    Yesterday, the cryptocurrency market went through a tumultuous ride, witnessing an overall dip of 5%. However, amidst the chaos, one token stood out: OKB, the native token of the OKX exchange. It experienced a dizzying flash crash followed by a remarkable recovery, leaving investors shaken yet surprisingly hopeful. In a span of 30 minutes, OKB plummeted from $51.99 to a mere $39, causing widespread alarm. The sudden drop triggered a series of liquidations, resulting in a staggering $760 million loss in market value. OKB Crash: 25% In Value Gone In Minutes Social media platforms buzzed with panic, confusion, and morbid curiosity as observers watched the token seemingly vanish into thin air. $OKB, @okx 's exchange token, fell by 25% in the past 30 minutes, with no notable outflows from major asset reserves so far. — Ki Young Ju (@ki_young_ju) January 23, 2024 However, OKB staged a comeback that was just as swift as its decline. The token managed to climb back to $47.34, fueled by a surge in trading volume and the OKX exchange's prompt response. The exchange swiftly acknowledged the crash and assured users that it would compensate for all liquidation losses. This proactive approach provided a sense of stability amidst the chaotic situation. ?2/2???????????????????????????????? 1/???????????????????????????????/????/??????????????72?????? 2/??????????????????????????????????????????? — OKX?? (@okxchinese) January 2... read More

Top 5 AI Crypto Tokens Experience Downturn, Sector Loses $960 Million in...

    The value of crypto assets linked to artificial intelligence (AI) surged to $7 billion at the beginning of the year. However, recent weeks have seen a reduction of $960 million in the overall worth of the AI crypto sector. Each of the leading five AI-focused digital assets has experienced a decline in their value, ranging from 6% to 16% when measured against the U.S. dollar over the past month.AI Crypto Market Contracts Since last year, the fusion of artificial intelligence (AI) and cryptocurrency technologies has emerged as a significant trend. On Jan. 2, 2024, the market encompassing 82 AI-related crypto tokens attained a collective worth of $7.04 billion. Current data reveals that this sector, now valued at $6.08 billion, has experienced a loss of roughly $960 million in the same period. This marks a decrease of 13.63% against the U.S. dollar over a span of 20 days. Analyzing the 30-day performance, bittensor (TAO) witnessed a 6.06% drop, yet it continues to lead with the highest market capitalization of $1.57 billion. Graph (GRT) experienced a 10.31% decline, with its current market valuation standing at $1.52 billion. Together, the market capitalizations of TAO and GRT constitute 50.82% of the total $6.08 billion value of the AI-crypto economy. Fetch (FET) plummeted by 15.62% this past month, while singularitynet (AGIX) suffered a decline of 16.28%. Fetch (FET) currently holds a market capitalization of $507 million, while singularitynet (AGIX) has a net valuation of $... read More

Value Locked in Defi Surpasses $57 Billion, Securing Over $20 Billion in...

    Data from reveals that over the past 93 days, the total value locked (TVL) in decentralized finance (defi) protocols escalated from $37.46 billion on Oct. 20, 2023, to the present $57.74 billion. Notably, 57.3% of the total value in defi is anchored in the Ethereum blockchain, while Lido’s liquid staking protocol accounts for 40.21% of this aggregate.TVL in Defi Jumps 54% The value locked in decentralized finance (defi) protocols has significantly increased in 2024 compared to the previous year. Since Oct. 20, 2023, there has been a 54.13% surge, bringing the total value locked (TVL) to an impressive $57.74 billion. Lido stands out as the largest protocol in terms of TVL, which has climbed by 10.66% since last month, now standing at $23.22 billion. Following Lido, Maker, the second-largest defi protocol, has experienced a slight dip of about 1.52% over 30 days, with its TVL at approximately $8.41 billion at the time of reporting. The top five defi protocols by TVL size also include Aave ($7.22B), Justlend ($6.09B), and Uniswap ($4.34B). Aave has seen a 10.34% increase in TVL over the past 30 days, while Justlend has seen a decrease of 9.43%. Uniswap, however, has reported the most significant growth among the top five, with its TVL rising by 78.56% since last month. Among these defi applications, four are built on the Ethereum blockchain, with Justlend being the exception as a Tron-based protocol. Ethereum continues to lead in the defi space, commanding 5... read More

K33 Research Note Claims Cardano Network Lacks Meaningful Use, Native To...

    The latest K33 Research note asserts that the Cardano network has no meaningful use and this does not augur well for its native token. The note concludes that nothing is happening on the network except 'exchange transfers and a group of bagholders fabricating blockchain activity.''Bagholders Fabricating Blockchain Activity' According to K33 Research, the Cardano network has no meaningful use or any credible track record, which does not bode well for its native token ADA. In one of its recent research notes, K33 Research asserts that nothing is happening on the network besides 'exchange transfers and a group of bagholders fabricating blockchain activity.' Who? Never heard of them - Charles Hoskinson (@IOHK_Charles) January 15, 2024 To back these claims, the research firm highlights Cardano's stablecoin situation or the lack thereof. For K33 Research, a smart contract network that has neither USDT nor USDC in it means it is devoid of purposeful activity. 'Stablecoins are the preferred unit of exchange for defi [decentralized finance] altcoin trading, especially on chains other than Ethereum. No USDT or USDC in a network generally means that no meaningful defi occurs AND that Tether and Circle attest to this because if something went on, they would issue stablecoins there,' K33 Research wrote in its note. ADA Will Drift Into Irrelevance Over Time Although there are stablecoins on the network - about 20 million Cardano-collateralized - K33 Research said the fact that it trades... read More

Stablecoin Dominance Wanes as Overall Value Rises: Binance Research

    The overall market value of cryptocurrencies has increased, leading to a decline in the dominance of stablecoins. Their share of the total crypto market cap has dropped from 17.3% to 7.8%. In a market characterized by a consistent rise in short-term US bond yields, approaching 5%, investors holding stablecoins face higher opportunity costs, prompting a shift of assets off-chain for many, according to the latest report by Binance Research. Centralized Stablecoins Dominate Despite experiencing a recent increase since October, the stablecoin market has, on the whole, contracted throughout this year. Currently, the stablecoin market cap is a little over $130 billion, reflecting a slight decrease of 5.2% year-to-date compared to the $137.8 billion recorded at the beginning of 2023. Centralized stablecoins continue to be the 'cornerstone' of the sector, making up more than 90% of the total market. Meanwhile, the majority of stablecoins gaining popularity were found to incorporate varying degrees of centralization, either entirely or within a hybrid structure that combines elements of both centralization and decentralization, as per Binance Research. The appeal of high yields has led stablecoins like DAI and Frax Finance's FRAX to transition towards more centralized assets, such as U.S Treasury bills, to capture this value. As a result, both projects have strategically aligned their protocols to offer returns comparable to US Treasury bills, attracting investors seeking stable yield... read More

TUSD's Stability Wavers — Value Fluctuates Below $1 Peg Amid Marke...

    Market insights reveal that on January 15, 2024, the stablecoin TUSD deviated from its usual $1 parity, dipping to $0.979 per coin the next day. By 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time (ET) on Tuesday, it managed to recover slightly, climbing above the $0.99 mark.TUSD Faces Unsteady Ground, Drops Under $1 Recently, TUSD experienced fluctuations, slipping below its $1 benchmark on Monday. That evening, its value lingered around $0.98, amid challenges linked to the company’s real-time attestations. As of January 16, 2024, TUSD's circulating supply, as displayed on their website, stands at 1.92 billion tokens. A significant portion of TUSD's supply is in the hands of Binance, which owns the top five ERC20 wallets. Of the total supply, only 391.99 million TUSD tokens are issued on the Ethereum blockchain, while 1.48 billion are on the Tron network. Binance's cold wallet holds approximately 1.4 billion of these tokens. At 10:00 a.m. ET on Tuesday, TUSD temporarily reached $0.996 per coin. Yet, by 10:20 a.m., it fell to about $0.987. This instability has sparked considerable debate on social media, with many questioning the reasons behind TUSD's fluctuating peg. Most of the trading activity for the coin is concentrated on Binance, with a significant portion of its volume originating from this exchange. In the last 24 hours, TUSD's global trade volume hit $425 million. Despite a hefty supply of 1.92 billion TUSD, its market valuation on Tuesday was slightly lower, at $1.89 billion. TUSD ... read More

BlackRock's Strategic Shift: 11,500 BTC Withdrawal Reflects Confidence i...

    The first batch of ETF approvals came in last week. In the aftermath, Synapse Network co-founder Pawe? ?askarzewski has shed light on BlackRock's moves that have captured the crypto community. Within a mere 2 days, the prominent investment giant withdrew a massive 11,500 BTC from the supply. In the latest post on X (formerly Twitter), ?askarzewski emphasized that BlackRock's rapid acquisition, especially because around 900 new BTC are mined daily, signifies a strategic shift. Noteworthy is the approach of buying the dip, a move that reflects confidence in the value of Bitcoin. BlackRock's Bitcoin ETF (IBIT) Under the Lens BlackRock's acquisition removed 11,500 BTC from the system in just two days, which is equivalent to roughly 13 days of the usual daily supply. The exec said that the sheer scale of this substantial move underscored the 'accelerated pace of institutional adoption' within the crypto space. The impact of BlackRock’s iShares Bitcoin Trust (IBIT) was scrutinized. Despite managing only 25% of the volume over two days, when factoring in the influence of GBTC, an estimated 46,000 BTC may have been withdrawn. This hints at a potential signal of an impending supply crunch. Assuming a sustained pace of 23,000 BTC per day, ?askarzewski said the supply consumption is approximately 25.56 times the daily production consumed by US ETFs alone. This calculation excluded retail investors and other global ETFs, pointing towards a severe supply crunch on the horizon. ... read More

Binance and Coinbase Hold 11% of Crypto Economy's Net Value, Leading in ...

    Statistical data reveals that Binance and Coinbase, two titans in the cryptocurrency exchange arena, cumulatively possess 11.85% of the $1.68 trillion digital currency economy. In addition, these prominent trading platforms control 7.83% of the total bitcoin supply, underscoring their significant market influence.Binance and Coinbase's Market Grip Binance and Coinbase rank as the world's leading crypto exchanges in terms of their daily trading volumes and the cryptocurrency reserves they manage. In the most recent 24-hour period on Saturday, Binance led with a substantial $15.87 billion in trading activity, while Coinbase, securing its position as the weekend's second-largest exchange, saw $2.91 billion in trades. Onchain data sourced from Arkham Intelligence further reveals that these exchanges collectively maintain cryptocurrencies valued at $199.14 billion, representing 11.85% of the entire value of the crypto economy. Binance leads with $136.47 billion while Coinbase holds around $62.67 billion in crypto value. Statistics further show that Coinbase holds 978,577 BTC while Binance commands 666,922 BTC. Combined, the duo controls 1,645,499 BTC worth $70.49 billion at current exchange rates or 7.83% of BTC's 21 million capped supply. Right now, Coinbase and Binance command approximately 8.39% of 19,597,705 BTC in circulation. Both exchanges have a significant number of ethereum, according to Arkham's data with Binance holding 4.47 million. Coinbase has an even larger stash w... read More

Jamie Dimon Insists Bitcoin Doesn't Have Value as JPMorgan Teams up With...

    JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon has insisted that bitcoin doesn't have value, emphasizing that its use cases are sex trafficking, tax avoidance, money laundering, and terrorism financing. However, JPMorgan has teamed up with Blackrock to help the world's largest asset manager grow its spot bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) as a lead authorized participant.Jamie Dimon Insists Bitcoin Has No Value The CEO of JPMorgan Chase, Jamie Dimon, still believes that bitcoin has no value even as the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved 11 spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) on Wednesday. In an interview with Fox Business on Wednesday, Dimon expressed: I've always said that bitcoin doesn't have value … The actual use cases are sex trafficking, tax avoidance, money laundering, terrorism financing. The JPMorgan executive's comment echoed his statement made during a Senate Banking Committee’s hearing in December last year. In response to a question by U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Dimon said: I’ve always been deeply opposed to crypto, bitcoin, etc. You pointed out the true use case for it is criminals, drug traffickers, anti-money laundering, tax avoidance.' He also said that he would close down crypto if he were the government. Meanwhile, JPMorgan has teamed up with Blackrock as a lead authorized participant for the world's largest asset manager's spot bitcoin ETF, the Ishares Bitcoin Trust. JPMorgan is also named as an authorized participa... read More

Solana's Rocky Start to 2024 — SOL's Value Dips Over 6% Amidst Pre...

    During the initial week of 2024, the digital currency solana experienced a sharp decline, shedding over 6% in value. This downturn has relegated the crypto asset to the fifth position in market rank, as it oscillates beneath the $100 threshold on Saturday, Jan. 6, 2024.2024 Brings Chill to Solana's Market Performance After surging by over 700% in 2023, solana (SOL) has experienced a cool-off period. In the last week, SOL dipped slightly more than 6%, yet it still boasts a 46% increase against the U.S. dollar over the preceding month. As of Jan. 6, 2024, SOL's intraday value fluctuated between a high near $100 and a low of $92.23, trading at $96.75 per unit at 12:51 p.m. Eastern Time. Notably, SOL commands significant influence in South Korea's market, trading at $99 on Upbit and $98.81 on Bithumb, surpassing the global average of $96 per unit as noted on aggregate market sites. Tether (USDT) is SOL's primary pair, constituting over 67% of all solana trades, followed by the U.S. dollar and Korean won, contributing 14% and 8% of SOL's trade volume respectively, according to data from Behind them, BTC and the stablecoin FDUSD represent 3.35% and 2.68% of SOL's trading activity. Currently, Solana ranks fifth in global trade volume, reaching $2.287 billion in the last 24 hours, though this figure has dipped over 30% from the previous day. SOL's market capitalization stands at $41.30 billion, accounting for 2.387% of the total $1.73 trillion crypto market value... read More

Celestia Adds 35% More To Its Value As TIA Guns For $20

    One of the cryptocurrencies with the strongest performance over the last several months is TIA, the governance token of Celestia. A few points above its previous record high of $15.20, it surged to a new high of $16.15 today. To the delight of traders and investors, the altcoin's value has increased by over 35% during today's rise, according to statistics from Coingecko. This strong performance puts TIA on track to hitting its $20 target. Since October of last year, when TIA was at its lowest, it has increased by more than 500% overall. Following the mainnet's activation and the airdrop of tokens to 580,000 users on October 31, 2023, TIA has experienced remarkable growth. The modular blockchain cryptocurrency has increased in value since its launch by over 460%, from its $2.10 start price to over $16 at present. TIA's Market Dynamics To begin with, Celestia is a relatively new platform offering modular options for data availability. It seeks to scale a blockchain network as its user base increases by doing that. On its website, Celestia lists some of the companies that now use it, including Near Protocol, Arbitrum Orbit, Cartesi, and Cosmology. Because of its substantial market capitalization, TIA has demonstrated great liquidity, which has improved trading conditions for investors. For over two weeks, the token's price has likewise been fluctuating between $14 and $15. One of two things will happen while TIA trades in this range: either a bounce that results in an exponen... read More

Spot ETF Approvals Will See BTC Value Rising to $50,000 in January &mdas...

    The expected approval of spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) applications by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission will see the top crypto asset's price jumping to $50,000 in January, the latest market preview by Matrixport has predicted. The crypto financial services platform said the approval of ETFs, combined with bitcoin halving, will likely see the price of BTC rising to $125,000.BTC Poised to Break out in Early 2024 Following its now common mid-to-end December consolidation, the USD price of bitcoin is 'poised to break out on a robust beginning-of-the-year buying flow.' According to the latest Matrixport market preview, the crypto financial services platform foresees the top crypto asset's price jumping to $50,000 in January. Matrixport, like many of its peers, said it sees the approval of spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as one key event that it expects to fuel bitcoin's rally. The crypto financial services platform argues that unlike a year ago when bearish sentiment prevailed, the current situation will not see institutional investors staying on the sidelines. 'Institutional investors cannot afford to miss out on any potential rally again and, therefore, have to buy immediately when the markets open for trading in 2024. We expect an immediate rally that once again catches investors off-guard,' the Matrixport market preview asserted. Despite the crypto asset's 160% growth in 2023, many experts s... read More

Meme Coin Rollercoaster Ride — BONK's Value Plummets Amidst Market...

    While the meme coin phenomenon bonk (BONK) captivated users on the Solana network, the cryptocurrency recently witnessed a 41% decline over the preceding fortnight, accompanied by a 20.8% descent in the past week. Following its mid-December peak to an all-time high (ATH), BONK has plummeted 57% from its ATH. From Peak to Plunge in the Meme Coin Madness BONK has witnessed a downturn over the past two weeks and on Dec. 30, 2023, it has an intraday trading range of $0.00001387 to $0.00001536, and at the time of writing, it is exchanging hands for $0.00001446, down 4.4% over the past day. While the crypto asset lost 41% over the two-week span and more than 20% this past week, BONK is still up by 272% over the last 30 days. However, with prices at $0.00001446, the value of BONK is down 57% since the ATH of $0.00003416 per unit on Dec. 15, 2023. Despite the loss, BONK is still the third largest meme coin asset by market capitalization under DOGE and SHIB, and its overall valuation today is $887 million. BONK’s market cap is above the fourth largest meme coin CORGIAI’s $633 million valuation. There are 56.02 trillion BONK in circulation as of Dec. 30, 2023, and 566,773 addresses hold BONK. The top ten wallets command 33.72% of the circulating supply and the top 20 holders command 40.49% of all the BONK. The top 100 BONK holders command 55.08% while the top address holds 11.68%. The future trajectory of bonk (BONK) remains uncertain as the market's whims could either fu... read More

L2 Protocol Blast Soars Past $1 Billion in Locked Crypto Value

    Statistics reveal that the Ethereum layer two (L2) platform Blast now secures over $1 billion within its protocol. The total value locked (TVL) in Blast has expanded more than twelvefold since its launch in late November.Blast's TVL Hits $1 Billion Initially, on Nov. 22, 2023, Blast's value locked was recorded at $89.59 million, but as of today, it has surged to $1.135 billion. Currently, Blast ranks as the 17th largest decentralized finance (defi) protocol in terms of TVL, nestled between Juststables and Marinade Finance, according to data collected by The platform is distinguished by its native staking and strategies to amplify yield through ether (ETH) staking and real-world assets (RWAs). Pacman, the creator behind the non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace Blur, is credited with building Blast. Blast received a boost through investments from Paradigm and Standard Crypto, yet an executive from Paradigm remarked that the Blast debut 'crossed lines' concerning Blast's launch messaging and execution. Additionally, the project faced accusations of being a Ponzi scheme, allegations which Pacman strongly denied. Depositors in Blast earn around 5% interest on their locked funds within the defi protocol, alongside accruing points set to be redeemable for a forthcoming airdropped digital currency. However, users are unable to transfer or withdraw their locked funds from Blast until February 2024. In a recent discussion with DL News, Joseph Liu, the founder of Nftperp... read More

Defi Rebounds: Total Value Locked and Token Prices Surge as 2023 Marks a...

    On April 3, 2022, decentralized finance (defi) protocols held approximately $163 billion total value locked (TVL). By the start of January 2023, this amount declined to $38.30 billion. Concurrently, in April 2022, the leading defi tokens by market capitalization were collectively worth $135 billion, but by Jan. 1, 2023, their total value had diminished to $33.9 billion. However, both these indicators have seen an upward trajectory over the past year; the TVL rose by 39.16%, and the market valuation of the foremost defi tokens today escalated by over 129% within 12 months.Defi Witnesses Dramatic Recovery as TVL and Token Valuations Soar in 2023 As 2023 draws to a close, the decentralized finance (defi) landscape has experienced consistent growth throughout the year. Currently, the total value locked (TVL) in defi stands at approximately $53.30 billion, rising from a low of $33.9 billion. This ascent signifies an impressive increase of over 39%, adding $19.4 billion to the defi space. As we look at the year's end, prominent defi protocols leading by TVL size include Lido, Maker, Aave, Justlend, and Uniswap. Notably, Lido, a liquid staking defi protocol, holds a considerable share of the TVL in defi, amassing $20.82 billion, representing 39% of the combined TVL in the entire defi ecosystem. In the realm of defi, Ethereum continues to lead with 53.93% of the total value locked on its blockchain. Tron follows with a significant 15.27%, while Binance Smart Chain (BSC) captures 5.97... read More

Stablecoins Value Dip in Recent Bull Market: Sixdegree Research

    According to research by Sixdegree, stablecoins have not seen a significant increase in value during the recent bull market. Their current total value is $129.5 billion, slightly lower than the $139 billion recorded in December 2022. Ethereum vs. Tron in 2023 This trend can be attributed to the contrasting developments on two major blockchain platforms: Ethereum and Tron. The former has seen a substantial decline in its stablecoin value, dropping by 34% since 2022 to the current number of $69.4 billion. In contrast, the value of stablecoins in Tron has surged by  57.7% during the same period. Delving deeper into Ethereum's stablecoin dynamics, the distribution of these assets reveals some interesting patterns. Half of the stablecoins on Ethereum are held in personal wallets, with 30% in centralized exchanges (CEXes) and only 5.5% in decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols. This represents a significant shift from the peak of January 2022, when DeFi protocols held about 25% of Ethereum's stablecoins. The leading stablecoins on Ethereum, namely USDT, USDC, and DAI, have also experienced diverse trends. USDT has remained relatively stable with a 23% increase, whereas USDC and DAI have seen decreases of 47% and 30%, respectively. In contrast, Tron's market dynamics offer a different narrative. Around 30% of its stablecoins are in CEXes, 0.2% in DeFi protocols, and the majority, approximately 70%, are held in personal wallets. This distribution suggests a distinct user behavio... read More

Solana Saga Orders Scrapped As $30 Million BONK Token Package Overshadow...

    Solana (SOL) and its associated meme coin, Bonk (BONK), have witnessed remarkable surges in value, with SOL recording gains of over 71% and Bonk experiencing an astonishing 342% increase over the past 30 days.  The positive growth within the Solana ecosystem has resulted in a surge in demand for the flagship mobile device, Solana Saga. However, the Solana Mobile team recently addressed challenges in meeting the “overwhelming demand” and explained order cancellations and inventory management issues. Solana Mobile Faces Inventory Mishap Over the past month, SOL has seen a significant uptrend, inching closer to the $100 mark, a level not reached since April 2022. Additionally, Bonk has experienced an extraordinary surge reaching a trading value of $0.00001896. Given these developments and the social buzz within the blockchain and its mobile device, the Solana Mobile team confirmed that their limited inventory of 20,000 devices worldwide has sold out, with both the US and EU markets experiencing high demand. According to a recent statement on X (formerly Twitter), in the process of fulfilling orders, the Solana Mobile team encountered an “inventory management issue” with their third-party distributor. This issue resulted in an inaccurate representation of the available inventory. Consequently, the team was unable to fulfill orders placed after the inventory was depleted. Additionally, orders suspected of suspicious activity, such as excessive device... read More

'If You Want to Understand Bitcoin's Value, Look at Politicians' Hate To...

    Sean Ono Lennon, the acclaimed American-British musician and son of Beatles icon John Lennon, revisited the subject of bitcoin on social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter. He poignantly observed, 'If you want to understand how valuable bitcoin truly is, look how much our politicians hate it.' Previously, Lennon has shared insights about the leading digital currency, highlighting that it offers him a sense of hope amidst an 'ocean of destruction.'Sean Ono Lennon Speaks Out on Bitcoin's Value Amidst Political Pushback A versatile artist, Lennon, who is also a part of The Claypool Lennon Delirium and the Plastic Ono Band, has previously expressed his views on bitcoin (BTC). In 2020, he described bitcoin as a tool that 'empowers individuals,' and shared that it brought him 'more optimism' in the turbulent year of 2020. In May 2021, he sharply criticized those who, driven by today's accelerated consumerism, were voicing complaints about the electricity consumption of the Bitcoin network. On Dec. 21, 2023, Lennon brought up bitcoin once again and said: If you want to understand how valuable bitcoin truly is, look how much our politicians hate it. Look how much Mr. Dimon hates it. Look at Warren. Its value is inversely proportional to how threatened they feel. That's all you need to know. Lennon's comments came after remarks from JPMorgan chief Jamie Dimon and U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren about bitcoin. Dimon has expressed a hypothetical scenario of shutting down cryptocu... read More

PancakeSwap's New Proposal Sparks a 21% Surge in CAKE Value in Just Hour...

    The PancakeSwap community is proposing a reduction in the overall supply cap of its native token, CAKE. A newly unveiled proposal discussion on December 21st advocates for decreasing the total supply limit of the asset from 750 million to 450 million. Given CAKE's consistent deflation over the past few months and its intensified focus on advancing towards ultrasound CAKE, this proposal aims to establish a maximum cap of 450 million for the token. The current circulating supply is around 388 million. The 'Kitchen' team, responsible for managing the PancakeSwap platform, said it is confident that this lowered cap will be adequate to capture market share across all chains and sustain the veCAKE model. Rationale for Adjustment PancakeSwap community explained that there are several strong reasons for implementing this adjustment. The proposal stated that when PancakeSwap was launched in 2021, the initial token supply was set to provide ample incentives for bootstrapping the ecosystem. With nearly three years of development, the team now possesses more accurate estimations of the incentives needed to achieve its growth targets. Additionally, the total supply serves as a crucial metric in understanding the impact of token burns and future emissions. Reducing this number is important to achieve ultrasound CAKE and signal PancakeSwap's shift away from a hyperinflationary tokenomics model. Furthermore, PancakeSwap deemed the new cap of 450 million CAKE to be reasonable to implement, en... read More

Fair Value Accounting For Crypto To Begin In 2024, Confirms FASB

    The Financial Accounting Services Board (FASB) announced on Wednesday that it has officially adopted fair value accounting for crypto assets starting next year. The change is expected to make Bitcoin and other digital currencies far more welcoming to hold on corporate balance sheets, despite their intermittent price volatility. FASB’s Major Accounting Change Per FASB’s latest Accounting Standards Update (ASU), the revised standard is a response to overwhelming stakeholder feedback suggesting that improving crypto accounting standards should be a “top priority” for the board. Under the current arrangement, crypto assets are classified as indefinite-lived intangible assets. The cost-less-impairment accounting model only allows companies to write down the value of their crypto assets when their market value declines from their initial purchase price, but not to record gains when crypto prices are up. According to FASB, this does not provide investors with “decision-useful” information about an entity’s financial position. By contrast, fair value accounting will simplify valuations to measure the value of a company’s crypto based on its up-to-date market value during relevant reporting periods. “Fair value measurement… eliminates the requirement to test those assets for impairment, thereby reducing the associated cost and complexity of applying the current guidance,” the board added. Not all things crypto are elig... read More

Bitcoin Price Surges On Positive News: FASB's Fair Value Recognition Rei...

    The Bitcoin price experienced a notable downturn as selling pressure intensified, resulting in a decline of over 4% from its annual peak of $44,500. This downturn was further exacerbated by the loss of the crucial $42,000 support level.  However, the largest cryptocurrency in the market received a substantial uplift from the US Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), which has spurred a rapid 1.8% surge in BTC's value within the past two hours. As a result, Bitcoin has successfully recovered the $42,000 support level. FASB's Fair Value Recognition Brings Clarity To BTC? In a significant development for the cryptocurrency industry, the FASB has announced new accounting rules that require companies, including prominent entities like MicroStrategy, Tesla, and Block, to measure their cryptocurrency holdings at fair value.  These rules, set to go into effect in 2025, allow businesses to capture the real-time highs and lows of their Bitcoin and Ethereum (ETH) assets, providing a more accurate representation of their holdings. Under the previous accounting practices, companies were only allowed to record the lows, resulting in a one-sided accounting treatment that often led to reduced valuations and diminished earnings for businesses holding cryptocurrencies. The highly volatile nature of crypto values further exacerbated the issue. The FASB's new rules address these concerns by mandating the recording of cryptocurrencies at fair value, a measurement technique aime... read More

Bitcoin Price Gain Slows Down: Glassnode's Fair Value Models Puts The Cr...

    Bitcoin seems to be undergoing a period of consolidation and profit-taking after eight weeks of phenomenal price growth. The world's largest crypto has had incredible growth this year, with a special surge starting in the middle of October.  However, after hitting a yearly high of $44,500 on December 8, the price of Bitcoin has pulled back about 6% as some investors look to be taking profits. According to on-chain data provider Glassnode, several of its on-chain pricing models suggest Bitcoin’s fair value is currently between $30,000 and $36,000. Bitcoin's Price Rally Pauses As After A Resistance At $44,500 Bitcoin's price appreciation this year led to a 150% gain which pushed it above $44,500, but on-chain data shows the hot streak has cooled off a bit after forming a resistance at this price level.  This has led to many short-term investors taking profit from their holdings. According to data from Whale Alerts, there have also been various instances of large BTC transactions into crypto exchanges in the past few days, suggesting some whale addresses might also be participating in the selloff. 658 #BTC (26,893,152 USD) transferred from unknown wallet to #Binance — Whale Alert (@whale_alert) December 13, 2023 A short-term correction was inevitable, according to crypto data firm Glassnode's fair value models. Their analysis based on the investor cost basis and network throughput suggests the fair price is lagging behind the curre... read More

Novogratz: JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon Is Wrong About Bitcoin, 'Supreme Arr...

    Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz says JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon has been proven wrong about bitcoin. 'I think it’s supreme arrogance to think he knows what has value but all the rest of the people don’t,' said Novogratz after the JPMorgan executive slammed bitcoin as being used by criminals, emphasizing that he would shut it down if he were the government.Jamie Dimon 'Keeps Being Wrong' About Bitcoin, Says Novogratz Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz fiercely criticized JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon's recent remarks about bitcoin and cryptocurrency. The JPMorgan boss said during a congressional hearing earlier this week that he would close down crypto and bitcoin if he were the government, claiming that they are primarily used by criminals, drug traffickers, money launderers, and tax evaders. Expressing his opinion that Dimon is wrong about bitcoin, Novogratz stated: He keeps doubling down and he keeps being wrong. The Galaxy Digital chief proceeded to point out that many of Dimon's own clients and some of the wealthiest people in the U.S. believe in bitcoin, including Fidelity Investments CEO Abigail Johnson, famed investor Stanley Druckenmiller, and Bridgewater Associates founder Ray Dalio. Novogratz said they are 'big, big investors' who 'believe that bitcoin is a store of value.' Novogratz further shared that his firm's clients believe in bitcoin, stating: 'We see it in our client base. Our trading desk has been busy with hedge funds buying. We see it in institutio... read More

Meme Coins Surge in Value, Gaining $6.7 Billion in a Month With BONK, PE...

    Meme coins have been on a tear over the past month, increasing by $6.7 billion and 39.18% since Nov. 8. While bonk (BONK) led the pack this past week, rising 153% against the U.S. dollar, several other meme coins like dogecoin, shiba inu, and pepe recorded double-digit gains.Explosive Growth in Meme Coin Sector as Market Cap Hits $23.8 Billion The meme coin economy is currently valued at $23.8 billion, up $6.7 billion from the $17.1 billion mark recorded 30 days ago. Nine out of the top ten meme tokens have witnessed double-digit gains over the past week. The top two leaders, in terms of market valuation, DOGE and SHIB, jumped 19.1% to 21.5%, respectively. The third-largest, pepe (Pepe), rose 43.5% against the greenback over the past week. BONK is up 153%, while FLOKI increased by 24.2% this week. MEME saw a 34.3% gain, and BABYDOGE has increased by 30.8%. CORGIAI was the only member of the top ten without double-digit gains, but it did rise 4.5% over the past seven days. The tenth largest meme coin, dubbed “harrypotterobamasonic10inu,” rose by 31.9% against the U.S. dollar. Other notable gainers in the world of meme coins were DOG, TOSHI, HUAHUA, and NFD. In fact, including BONK, a total of 11 meme-based crypto assets recorded triple-digit gains. A total of 53 meme coin assets recorded double-digit gains against the U.S. dollar. The top meme coin, dogecoin (DOGE), has a market valuation of $14.12 billion, which equates to 59.32% of the entire meme coin economy. ... read More

The BONK Bomb: Solana Meme Coin Gets Extra 200% Boost To Its 7,000% Valu...

    The price of some digital assets has reached an all-time high due to the recent growth in the bitcoin market. The unprecedented upswing in the cryptocurrency market has not only been good to tokens of decentralized protocols, but also meme coins like Bonk Inu (BONK). Today marked a new high for the token as its price increased by more than 200% in the weekly timeframe. Solana's meme coin Bonk has been on a tremendous bull run for quite some time, with a price increase of over 7,000%, indicating the strengthening of the Solana ecosystem. BONK Surges: A Crypto Standout November saw a sharp 1,000 surge in BONK's value, making it one of the most profitable assets in the cryptocurrency market to date. The general upward trend in the cryptocurrency market in the first part of the month is partially the reason for this growth. The BONK price has consistently produced large bullish candles since breaking out of the bearish trend it had been in since the start of the year. The majority of meme currencies are not moving very much, but BONK is experiencing high trade frequencies that are causing many bull runs. Even though there was a slight decline in price, the bulls' overwhelming domination kept the price above the gains. Considering that the volume has now turned to its advantage, the uptrend should last until the end of the month. Based on the technical indications, there is no sign that the bullish momentum will abate anytime soon. At the moment, BONK is experiencing a strong p... read More

Bitcoin Breaks $40K Barrier — Highest Value in Nearly Two Years&nb...

    On Sunday, December 3, 2023, bitcoin's value surged past the $40K mark, peaking at $40,846 at 8:45 p.m. Eastern Time. Over the past week, bitcoin has witnessed an 8.4% increase and a 3% rise in the past 24 hours, achieving a peak that the cryptocurrency hadn't seen in 20 months.Bitcoin Rises Above the $40K Zone Bitcoin (BTC) reached a peak previously last observed in early April 2022, as its value per unit soared beyond the $40,000 threshold. The intraday trading saw the cryptocurrency's price fluctuating from a low of $39,309 to a high of $40,846 per BTC. This surge in price brings bitcoin's total market capitalization to $795.87 billion, accounting for 50% of the entire $1.593 trillion crypto economy. Bitcoin chart by TradingView new TradingView.widget( { "width": "100%", "height": "400", "symbol": "BITSTAMP:BTCUSD", "interval": "D", "timezone": "Etc/UTC", "theme": "light", "style": "1", "locale": "en", "toolbar_bg": "#F1F3F6", "enable_publishing": false, "container_id": "tradingview_1247e" } ); Since the start of the year, BTC has experienced a remarkable 140% rise against the U.S. dollar, and in the past month alone, this leading cryptocurrency has increased by just over 49%. Currently, bitcoin boasts a global trade volume of $17.93 billion, with its primary trading pair at this moment being tether (USDT). Following tether, the top trading pairs for BTC include FDUSD, USD, USDC, and KRW. On Sunday, the Korean won constitutes 4.88% of BTC's total trade... read More

Value Locked in Defi Nears $50B With 34.40% Surge in 46 Days, Led by Top...

    The total value locked (TVL) in decentralized finance (defi) is on the brink of surpassing the $50 billion threshold, standing at $48.91 billion currently. This figure marks a significant rebound from the low of $36.39 billion recorded 46 days ago, on October 18. Over this period, the TVL in defi has experienced a robust growth of 34.40%. Defi TVL Set to Break $50 Billion Barrier In recent times, the top ten defi protocols have shown remarkable performance, with the leading two liquid staking applications spearheading this growth. Lido, the frontrunner in defi protocols, witnessed a notable 20.17% surge in its 30-day metrics, while Makerdao experienced a 5.46% increase in the same timeframe. Tron's Justlend protocol enjoyed a 6.93% uptick, and Aave’s TVL climbed by 8.61%. Not to be outdone, Uniswap, ranking fifth in terms of TVL size, grew by 15.16% this month, closely followed by Summer Finance with an impressive 18.62% leap. The only exception in the top ten was STUSDT, which saw a marginal decline of 0.33% over the month. The defi landscape also witnessed significant double-digit growth in Spark and Blast. However, Juststables encountered a 29.95% decrease in its TVL value over the last 30 days, and Tron's SUN protocol also recorded a 23.77% reduction in the same period. As of Sunday, Ethereum dominates the defi space, holding 56.52% of all value, followed by Tron with 15.74%, and BSC with 6.13%. While Ethereum’s TVL rose by 26.48%, Tron’s saw a dip of 3... read More

From Cool-Off To Takeoff: How XRP's Current Value Signals An Imminent Ma...

    Ben Armstrong, a well-known crypto analyst and YouTuber has recently offered an intriguing perspective on XRP's current trading value. XRP, a token closely watched in the crypto community, particularly after its legal battle with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), currently trades at around $0.60. While this figure might not represent an all-time high, Armstrong highlights why this price point might be pivotal for XRP. The Bigger Picture: Institutional Interest And Market Dynamics Armstrong's analysis begins with the 'adamantium' support level of $0.60 for XRP. Drawing an analogy with the fictional character Wolverine, who famously recovers from severe damage, Armstrong sees XRP's resilience at this price as a sign of robustness. Each time XRP's value dips, it seemingly rebounds from this critical support level, suggesting a strong market faith in the token. Armstrong goes beyond price analysis to consider broader market dynamics in his video. He notes that XRP's previously traded price level of $0.62 has become particularly attractive to institutional and corporate investors. Whale transactions involving substantial quantities of XRP have increased significantly, indicating heightened interest from large-scale investors. This trend aligns with a broader global crypto market cap increase, suggesting ample liquidity for significant investments. Armstrong also touches upon the strategic aspect of XRP's price following Ripple's legal victory over the SEC. He posit... read More

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