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VAI Price:
$1.3 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$39.2 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #VAI today is $0.13 USD.

The lowest VAI price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.132, and the exact current price of one VAI crypto coin is $0.13186.

The all-time high VAI coin price was $3.79.

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The code for Vaiot crypto currency is #VAI.

Vaiot is 2.8 years old.


The current market capitalization for Vaiot is $39,195,633.

Vaiot is ranking downwards to #385 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is big during the past 24 hours for #VAI.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Vaiot is $1,284,487.


The circulating supply of VAI is 297,257,918 coins, which is 74% of the maximum coin supply.


VAI is a token on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.


VAI has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 2 pairings and is listed on at least 4 crypto exchanges.

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Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #VAI, and you can view them on our VAI disambiguation page.



VAIOT Single Assets Staking Step-by-Step Guide

VAIOT is excited to announce that we are launching $VAI Single Assets Staking. The VAI Staking Service is available on the Polygon network and it is governed and delivered to the user through — VAIOT’s existing staking portal. We will explain later in the article how to add Polygon network to your MetaMask wallet (which we will use as an example in this article) and how to bridge $VAIs from Ethereum to the Polygon chain. In this article, we will guide you step-by step on using the VAIOT Single Assets Staking platform. — Let’s get started - — Connecting your wallet. — To get started, first navigate to: and go to “VAI Staking” in the upper left corner of the screen. You should see the dashboard for the Single Assets Staking platform as in the picture below. To get started with staking, you need to connect your wallet. The current staking portal is available on the Polygon network. If you already have e.g. a MetaMask wallet but don’t know how to add the Polygon chain, visit this link: To get started with the staking, you need Polygon-based VAI Tokens. Follow the article from VAIOT’s Medium* to bridge your ETH VAI to Polygon network or go to and purchase VAI on Polygon network directly. *In the Polygon Bridge dashboard, select option of depositing tokens from Ethereum to Polygon chain., Once the Polygon n...

VAIOT Giveaway Contracts Platform Beta Test: Overview, Insights, and Takeaways Over the course of March we held a campaign in order to not only showcase the first use of Intelligent Contracts, the Giveaway Contracts platform, but to give the VAIOT team and community the to ability to get hands on a develop together.Testers had the opportunity to connect their wallets and test at For those who may not know, Intelligent Contracts are a continued development of smart contracts as they are an integration between blockchain and artificial intelligence. VAIOT’s Intelligent Contracts enable the end-user to create contracts to utilize a simple user interface, to create a contract backed by an advanced AI, serving as a personal contract assistant. The end-user provides the requirements and basic data via text or voice analysis on the user interface. VAIOT’s AI will review its legal database, prepare a contract tailored to the user’s needs, and make it secure with blockchain technology. VAIOT’s Giveaway Contracts, our first use of Intelligent Contracts, allow any crypto influencer, content creator, marketing specialist, or project founder to run social media engagement campaigns and award participants for actions taken. You can create your automated giveaway blockchain contract that allows for the rewards distribution process automation and random allocation of the rewards for the winners thanks to the integration with the Chainlink We offered potential ...

VAIOT & Polygon: A Perfect Match for AI and Blockchain

Hello VAIOTeers, It’s been a long time coming, but we have some exciting news that we have been keeping under wraps for a while...VAIOT is officially joining the Polygon ecosystem with a launch of Polygon Edge-based blockchain and a set of integrations with Polygon public chain! This is a huge milestone for VAIOT and our vision of bringing blockchain-based AI Assistants to businesses and consumers. Let us explain why we made this decision and what it means for you. We truly believe that this paves a way for AI Legal Assistant and a robust, decentralized law ecosystem. — First things first… - As you may know, VAIOT was building its blockchain solutions based on Cosmos SDK since 2020. We launched our Cosmos-based Testnet on 08/04/2022 and ran it for 9 full months to test and validate the technology. However, after analyzing the data and considering various factors, such as: Technological compatibility between VAIOT and Polygon,, The level and pace of Polygon ecosystem growth,, VAIOT’s Testnet results,, The updated blockchain and product requirements for VAIOT’s solutions and DApps, Availability of talented developers with Polygon skillset,, Polygon Labs support for developers and developer materials availability,, we’ve decided to switch to Polygon Edge and integrate with Polygon mainnet network for our blockchain services and product development. — The Role and Impact of Mainnet and Polygon integra...

DARI, the Digital Assets Regulations Institute: Into the future of smart & informed crypto adoption The Digital Assets Regulations Institute (DARI), born from VAIOT and KuCoin Labs, is a focused initiative aimed at fostering collaboration between financial institutions and governments with the cryptocurrency industry. By facilitating dialogue between these stakeholders, DARI can contribute to the creation of regulatory frameworks that strike a healthy balance between investor protection and financial stability with industry growth. DARI strives to become a future cornerstone of positive growth and catalyst for future cryptocurrency adoption by serving the interests of not only of investors as a whole but the future of the crypto market. — Key objectives and activities of DARI. — May include but are not limited to: 1. Promoting cross-border collaboration: Encourage cooperation among international regulators and policy-makers to develop coherent and coordinated digital asset regulations that address the global nature of the cryptocurrency industry. 2. Sharing industry knowledge: Provide regulators and policy-makers with insights and expertise from industry leaders and stakeholders to ensure that the evolving regulatory landscape accurately reflects the unique characteristics and challenges of the digital asset market. 3. Supporting regulatory innovation: Advocate for adaptive and flexible regulatory approaches that can respond to the rapidly changing nature of digital assets and the wider fintech la...

VAIOT’s Mainnet Launch: Ushering in a New Era of AI-Driven Legal Services and Blockchain Technology

VAIOT’s innovative Mainnet launch paves the way for groundbreaking AI Legal Assistant and a robust, decentralized ecosystem. - VAIOT is gearing up for its highly anticipated Mainnet launch, set to revolutionize the legal services industry with its AI Legal Assistant, while also fostering a decentralized ecosystem powered by cutting-edge blockchain technology. The Mainnet release will allow for the introduction of a range of features and improvements, delivering a seamless user experience and opening up new opportunities for businesses and individual clients alike. This crucial step forward sets the foundation for not only the rest of development in 2023, but the future of VAIOT as a whole. — Key aspects of VAIOT’s Mainnet launch include:. — 1. Scalable and Efficient Blockchain Infrastructure: The Mainnet will be using a high-performance blockchain, ensuring fast transactions, low fees, and the ability to handle a large number of users and use cases. 2. Interoperability and Integration: VAIOT’s Mainnet will support seamless integration with various third-party platforms and services, making it easy for users to adopt the AI Legal Assistant and other applications within their existing workflows. 3. Staking and ecosystem roles: Users will have the opportunity to stake their tokens, earning rewards and getting access to a set of benefits and features. Do you see yourself supporting the dispute resolution in a ...

Meet Jacob — VAIOT’s New Community Manager

Meet Jacob — VAIOT’s New Community Manager - We’re happy to announce an addition to our team, Jacob Rogers, who will fill the position of the Community Manager. If you are an active member of VAIOT’s Community Channel, you might have already come across Jacob. As a Community Manager, he will coordinate our community moderators’ team, monitor community engagement and track on feedback of the chat members, moderate engagement within the community and work on maintaining a harmonized communication between our broad and diverse network of investors and customers. — A couple of words about Jacob and his experience: - Over ten years, working in areas such as sales, marketing, and technology, Jacob has gained much experience in managing various projects, setting and implementing social media and communication strategies and managing good relations with investors and customers. Working as a team lead on Verizon Media’s Yahoo project, he sharpened his skills not only as a data analyst, but as a resource coordinator and thought leader. Later, he has been taking over management and advisory roles in a variety of projects across the space and developed his interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain-related topics. As a Community Manager Jacob strives to put all the pieces in place necessary for VAIOT to grow into the future. If you ever encounter some issues, need support from one of the team members that is availa...

Beta Testing Campaign for Giveaway Contracts Platform

We are happy to announce the launch of the Beta Testing Campaign for the first use case of Intelligent Contracts for incentivized social media campaigns — the Giveaway Contracts Platform. The Giveaway Contracts Platform is scheduled to go live after an extensive beta testing period that begins on 09–03–2023, during which testers will report bugs, share their ideas for future developments and enhancements. The Beta Testing Campaign will continue until the end of March and will result in the release of an updated version of the Platform based on the bugs and development suggestions reported by testers. VAIOT’s Giveaway Platform allows any influencer, content creator or project founder to organize and run social media engagement campaigns through Twitter and award participants for actions taken. Read more: — What to expect during the Beta Testing - The BETA version of the VAIOT’s Giveaway Platform was made to evaluate the current functionalities, backend mechanisms and to review user experience. This version presents the process of creating the incentivized social media campaign, including choosing the assets for the rewards distribution, and establishing the requirements to be met by participants. VAIOT will use this version to further enhance and improve the platform. Details about the Giveaway Platform BETA: Users can organize giveaway campaigns through Twitter., Anybody who wants t...

Meet Mariusz — VAIOT’s New Product Owner

Meet Mariusz — VAIOT’s New Product Owner - At VAIOT we have been working on the expansion of our team with a Product Owner who would take the lead in the development of our #AI-based products. It required a person with an experience in the development of #AI Assistants as well as both B2B and B2C solutions. Last week we’ve welcomed Mariusz as our new Product Owner. — A couple of words about Mariusz and his experience: - Over several years, working in the product development area, he has contributed to many interesting projects. His professional career started in digital marketing. He has been then working for several media agencies developing programmatic advertisements, utilizing YouTube or Facebook. After that he started growing his skills and broadening his knowledge in the product development area which he has been doing until now. He joined the company that was developing Intelligent Virtual Assistants and chatbots for different business use-cases and clients. He has led the group of 5 developers working on utilizing AI Assistants for marketing purposes, HR, e.g., recruitment and onboarding processes, as well as creating voice bots for customers from different sectors such as medical, financial, or automotive. As a Product Owner he has managed and overseen a couple of commercial implementations of IVAs and chatbots for renown European brands. As a Product Owner, together with his team, he developed a pr...

Meet Michael — VAIOT’s New Backend Developer

Meet Michael — VAIOT’s New Backend Developer - Dear VAIOTeers, Please warmly welcome Michael, our new backend developer, who is going to develop new and enhance existing VAIOT solutions’ functionalities. — A couple of words about Michael and his experience: - Over several years as a full stack developer with a focus on backend, he has contributed to variety of interesting and until now prospecting projects. He has collaborated on the development of a microservice architecture for the business operating its own devices across the country. In addition, he has done both backend and frontend from scratch for so-called kiosk devices along with the web interface and designed many websites. He has also created the CMS platform and has developed and implemented the DMS system which stores all incoming documents, and allows for file sharing, tracking, and managing. In his portfolio, we can also find a communicator using VoIP technology or bots for discord. We are excited to have Michael on board and responsible for developing the backend side of various use cases for Intelligent Contracts and contributing heavily to developing the other VAIOT’s solutions. Michael will join the workstream responsible for developing the AI-based document/contract module generator and will support our blockchain developers building backend for Intelligent Contracts (e.g. Giveaway contract SM platforms and blockchain integration). We kno...

Meet Simon — VAIOT’s New Blockchain Developer!

Meet Simon — VAIOT’s New Blockchain Developer! - Dear VAIOTeers, Please warmly welcome Simon, our new blockchain developer with strong frontend development skillset. — A couple of words about Simon and his experience:. — As a software developer with a few years of experience in frontend development using React and NextJS, he has contributed to a range of exciting projects in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. He created a fully functional Python trading bot for a popular cryptocurrency trading group and has also helped to create a DAO for one of the most well-known NFT galleries. In addition, he has designed and implemented multiple minting pages and smart contracts for NFT projects and developed a range of tools for cryptocurrency traders, such as a wallet whale tracker and a tool that allows users to purchase NFTs based on their attributes and price. He has also worked on a freelance basis for a company that audits contracts and has launched ERC20 tokens with carefully considered tokenomics. We are thrilled to have Simon on board and responsible for developing the blockchain side of various use cases for Intelligent Contracts and contributing heavily to developing the mainnet. You can already see some of Simon’s frontend and blockchain work as he is the author of the Giveaway Contracts solution, which we published recently on our socials. You’ll be able to chat with Simon on our Community Chann...

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