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Vader Protocol  


VADER Price:
$16.4 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #VADER today is $0.0000268 USD.

The lowest VADER price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.0000268, and the current live price for one VADER coin is $0.00002676.

The all-time high VADER coin price was $0.14.

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The code for Vader Protocol crypto currency is #VADER.

Vader Protocol is 2.4 years old.


The current market capitalization for Vader Protocol is not available at this time.

Vader Protocol is ranked #1201 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is modest during the past 24 hours for #VADER.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Vader Protocol is $16,361.


The circulating supply of VADER is 8 coins, which is 0% of the maximum coin supply.

Note the simply unparalleled tiny supply of Vader Protocol coins which adds to rarity of this cryptocurrency and increases perceived market value.


VADER is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


VADER is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Sunsetting Vader Protocol

Vader Protocol was built to consolidate the best features of leading DeFi protocols in the fairest possible way — the only way to accumulate VADER was to burn VETH, which can only be obtained via burning ETH in a fixed emission daily auction. It has an ambitious roadmap consisting of multiple DeFi primitives specially built to provide utility for the natively issued algorithmic stablecoin, USDV. Anchoring these products to USDV produces a flywheel effect that makes the entire ecosystem resilient over time. Just approximately six months back, in May 2022, the algorithmic stablecoin model had its stress test moment back when the UST algorithmic stablecoin crashed. This severely impacted the viability of the entire protocol as USDV utilizes the same burn-to-mint mechanism. As a precautionary measure, the Vader team paused the burn-to-mint function on VADER-USDV and spent the next six months researching novel ways to re-architecture the algorithmic stablecoin, which sits at the heart of the entire ecosystem. Unfortunately, upon rigorous research and discussions, the team found no notable breakthrough in the algorithmic stablecoin design that is capital efficient. Consequently, the team has decided to sunset Vader Protocol in the fairest way possible — by returning protocol-owned funds and team treasury to VADER and USDV holders. As of this announcement, the team has done the following in preparation for a Merkledrop...

Breaking down the Vader rebrand

Sharing the design inspirations and how the designs came to be.. — The recent release of Vader’s rebrand was well received by the community and we’re glad the community loves the fresh new designs. It was months of collaborative effort developed with @JC10369 and his independent team. The brand was redesigned to empower the community to get creative with Vader so everyone can tell their own story and create their own sense of identity. Take the various logo/assets and put them on your social displays, memes, shirts, stickers, and videos. Or spice it up with your own transformative version, create unique content, and help amplify Vader to the world. The stage is yours to own. The full brand guide and all assets can be accessed and downloaded over at our docs. — Logomark. — The logomark design is the opening of the rebrand, and it serves as the cornerstone of Vader’s visual identity. It tells the story of a unique entity in a DeFi multiverse, where space travelers (inVaders) explore different projects and protocols. We began the design process by seeking inspiration — with the meaning of Vader as “father” and looking into categories that speak of authority and protection. The exploration led to the likes of military badges and aircraft, evolving designs into the wing-shaped logomark inspired by an iconic silhouette of the fighter jet F-117 Nighthawk as the base of the new logomark. Not wantin...

Newsletter #4

Our latest newsletter delivers news about Vader, the ecosystem, and updates from developing teams.. — Development Update GM inVaders. Events in DeFi over the last two weeks have given us much to think about, most notably the collapse of UST. The contagion effects represent a tectonic shift in the synthetic stablecoin landscape. The team has elected to wait for some of the dust to settle before putting forth updates. This is in line with our usual methods, guided by the principles of a considered approach. — Deep inspection of peg stability mechanics. — The implosion of Luna has highlighted serious concerns about the feasibility of algorithmic stablecoins. USDV shares some similarities but we have managed to keep its price relatively stable. This is in part due to stronger control measures and careful monetary policy of keeping float in a tighter band. While USDV has not depegged wildly, it does not permit complacency. The warnings are clearly inscribed and we must act to evolve. That being said, it’s still necessary to do a thorough analysis of failures in UST’s model to allow USDV to have a fighting chance in the synthetic stablecoin market. We’re confident to keep peg at our current circulating supply, but a comprehensive top-to-bottom review has become mandatory for the future of Vader. — Preparing for a high-interest rate environment. — TVL across DeFi protocols have widely shrunk, alo...

Vader Protocol Rebrand

New logo, new brand image, a new way forward.. — New Vader logo in application Welcome to a fresh world with Vader — the liquidity protocol powering a new era of decentralized products and communities on Ethereum. When Vader first launched, it was regarded as a promising protocol on the back of a combination of several prominent DeFi ideas. Clothed in its signature blue and pink palette with an iconic 3D retro style, Vader’s identity represented the fiery design of the protocol’s ambition and the essence of its community. While it was a design that we’ve grown into and loved, it was clear that a stronger identity is needed for growth. As the market ebbs and flows, we have to evolve by being open and nimble to new movements, new collaborations, and new ideas. With the impact of recent market events, it’s important we take this opportune time to evaluate the protocol’s mechanisms and explore improvements for a more promising future — as we welcome new products and communities, including the hugely anticipated AMM. Vader requires a sustainable system and this rebrand is the first step towards it — in communicating Vader’s values with a design that can be easily adapted and built upon by the community. This is the first expression of changes and a hint of Vader’s many possibilities.Scene from the Vader launch brand video Vader’s new concept exists in a mystical universe of galaxies, stars...

Vader Newsletter #3

Our latest newsletter delivers news about Vader, the ecosystem, and updates from developing teams.. — Sometimes, no news is good news. The team is still grinding. Day in and out. What may seem like harrowing silence to the community is more so a reflection of the team’s focused attention on product priorities (and families —we’re only human). While April has been a quieter than usual month, a key moment was the 588 million $VADER tokens permanently burned on Apr 09, 2022, from the Reserve Bond Sale 2. Also, truly a great sight to see community contributors and @ylwghst rallying a community-driven Twitter contest of 120k $VADER — “just for fun”. Aside from that, the team has been prepping a ton in the background, with loads packed gearing up for upcoming launches.What’s Happening Now Are we still on track? As of today, yes. Significant progress has been made on Phase 1 of the AMM, both on the contracts end and the front end interface. The quarter has yet to close so keep your eyes and ears peering around the grapevine for the juicy alpha in the remaining weeks. The release of Vader’s new logo and brand image is also imminent. However, to not overstretch resources, it’s possible that the full rollout will be in stages. Many of you will also be happy to hear that we’re keeping the core pink/blue color palette because we believe it’s what makes Vader iconic. More will be shared on release day. S...

$VADER Reserve Bond Allocation Token Burn

We have recently made a few feature upgrades to the VADER<>USDV minter that allows for the permanent removal of VADER from total supply. With the closing of Reserve Bond 2, a total of 602.48 ETH was raised, which will form part of the Treasury Reserves and go towards the development of the Vader Roadmap. The closing price is 0.0000037339 VADER/ETH, which is above the reserve price. ( As per our previous announcements and medium post the Reserve Price Provenance Hash for Reserve Bond 2 was as follows: string=”VaderReserveBond2_price_reserve: 0.000002 VADER/ETH //8DAQJ1" sha256(string)=e061d71d877bfd4e0dab80321e9afa22f66c4c7940bc59733279c615e5bd58c4 At the reserve price listed above, this would mean that 750 million VADER had been allocated for Reserve Bond 2. Since only 162 million of VADER had been utilized, we have decided to burn the remainder allocated for Reserve Bond 2 which amounts to a total of 588 million VADER tokens.As such, 588 million VADER tokens that have been allocated and unused has been permanently burned. (Transaction ID in the link below)

Vader Newsletter #02

Our latest newsletter delivers news about Vader, the ecosystem, and updates from developing teams.. — The month of March has been a challenging one for the team and the community. With Covid and the global market uncertainty at play, we can only hope for a promising recovery as we take this time to continue building and strategizing Vader’s future. Let’s first look at some of the latest happenings since:RecapThe Vader Protocol Multi-sig members were announced on Mar 04, 2022, with 2 core team members (0xAnakin and 0xStormtrooper) and 3 prominent public figures (at Yield Ventures, Mechanism Capital, and The Spartan Group)The Reserve Bond 2 sale closed with 602.48 ETH raised on Mar 11, 2022, where funds will form part of Treasury Reserves and go towards the development of the Vader Roadmap.The public Burn-to-mint of USDV to VADER went online on Mar 14, 2022, with a daily limit of 200,000 USDV.What’s Happening Now — Roadmap. — Roadmap as of 29 March 2022 In our most recent announcement, there are changes to the roadmap — one being new developments to the AMM design which will see it being deployed in Q2 instead. Read this article for more details. — Partnerships. — We’re looking forward to having our new partners come online in the coming quarter i.e. WARPED. As the ecosystem grows, we hope more potential parties will integrate VADER and/or create USDV demand sinks — fill fre...

VADER Roadmap Updates

(as of 29 March 2021). — Since the $VADER token launch in November 2021, we’ve successfully deployed the $VADER token with liquidity on DEXes and a handful of centralized exchanges before launching the algorithmic stablecoin $USDV. In the past quarter, we have successfully completed 3 bond sales, added prominent VC funds to the public multi-signature wallet, and demonstrated the ability of the burn-to-mint stabilization mechanism to maintain $USDV at 1 USD. Despite some setbacks, the $USDV stablecoin has gone through periods of expansion and contraction while demonstrating the ability to hold its peg.What’s Happening Now As we continue to fine-tune the mechanics of the stabilization mechanism, we at Vader Protocol understand that the long-term viability of Vader and its native stablecoin USDV is highly dependent on driving USDV demand sinks.When AMM? The quarter is closing and the biggest thing on everyone’s minds is “WEN AMM”? Delays are expected and the AMM is going through significant upgrades as new developments are being made in the AMM space. It will be deployed in Q2 and the core AMM contracts are already live on testnet. We believe that the AMM will still be the initial driver of USDV minting demand and are hopeful in seeing this come to fruition over the coming months. While there will be significant changes to the AMM design from the initial plan, we believe that this update will lead to longer...

Welcoming the Vader Protocol Public Multisig Members

Mechanism Capital | Spartan Group | Yield Ventures. — Since launching the $VADER token 3 months ago, ownership of all protocol related contracts have been transferred to the team and partner supported multi-signature wallet located at That address currently owns 95% of the VADER/ETH UniswapV2 liquidity and burn/mint fees generated from VADER Protocol’s VADER<>USDV burn to mint functionality, valuing at ~USD8.3M. As we move towards scaling out partnerships and USDV adoption, we have decided to implement a 3-out-of 5 multisig with 2 core team members (0xAnakin and 0xStormtrooper) and 3 prominent public figures (listed below) who have been supporting the Vader Protocol’s growth since its early days. This ensures that the core Vader Protocol team alone will not be able to make significant changes to the protocol without one of the public multisig members signing off.Public Multisig Members — Mechanism Capital. — Founded in August 2020 as an OG investor in multiple leading DeFi Protocols, Andrew Kang has been vocal about his support for Vader Protocol. He has also been instrumental in advising and supporting the Vader Protocol team in the early stages of launch. — Spartan Group. — Kelvin Koh and Jason Choi run a digital asset venture capital, hedge fund, and investment banking advisory at Spartan Group and will be su...

Vader Newsletter #01

Our latest newsletter delivers news about Vader, the ecosystem, and updates from developing teams.. — In a bid to share more of the ongoing developments of Vader with the community, we’re bringing back our regular Medium update, in the form of a newsletter, as best we can on a monthly basis. To understand the Vader team’s current focus at the moment, let’s look back at our progress since launch:RecapLaunched the VADER token on Nov 26, 2021, via the UniswapV2 pool.Sold out 15M in the first fixed Vader Bonds sale on Dec 17, 2021.Sold out 50M in the second fixed Vader Bonds sale on Jan 26, 2022.Deployed the USDV stablecoin on Jan 28, 2022.Introduced a symbiotic partnership with Aphra Finance on Feb 24, 2022.Incentivized and introduced the Curve USDV3CRV-f pool on Feb 25, 2022.Went live with the ETH Reserve Bonds sale on Mar 01, 2022. — Incentivizing Liquidity Pools. — Recent developments saw new pools being incentivized and deployed both on Vader’s and Aphra Finance’s end. inVaders now have new ways to maximize their yield by burning their VADER for USDV to earn liquidity incentives:Earn unlocked VADER by staking in the USDV3CRV-f pool via Vader’s platform. (The USDV3CRV-f LP token can be acquired by first depositing USDV, USDC, DAI, or USDT into the Curve factory contract.)Earn locked veAPHRA by staking in the Aphra Gauges via Aphra Finance’s platformHow to maximize yield and earn liquidit...


Multi-Chain Liquidity Management Platform, Universe, Announces Three-Day...

    Universe Finance has announced the date for its highly anticipated IDO. The IDO is set to run over a three-day period, beginning on February 15th and ending on February 18th. During this IDO, supporters and users of the platform will be able to purchase tokens at a cheaper rate compared to market prices. $UNT tokens will be available for purchase across multiple Universe Finance partners. Helping Investors Make Profit Universe Finance is an active liquidity management platform for Uniswap V3. It maximizes returns across the Uniswap V3 DEX, using mechanisms that help minimize risks on the part of the investors. With Universe Finance, investors are able to determine the optimal price range to carry out trades, find the perfect frequency/timing to rebalance, earn profits from market volatility without having to pay expensive gas fees. The protocol caters to all types of users from the very risk-averse to those with a large risk appetite. Users who invest in ETH-USD liquidity pools using Universe have recorded the highest gains in the space in the past few months. Its products are tested and trusted by users who are either looking to make very high returns or are just looking to make a stable income from their crypto investments. Safe, Secure, Trusted Not only is it the best liquidity management platform on Uniswap V3, but it is also the most secure. With exploits reported almost weekly in the DeFi industry, it is imperative for projects to have top-notch security to safeguard in... read More

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