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VAB Price:
$5.1 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$2.9 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #VAB today is $0.00293 USD.

The lowest VAB price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00293, and the exact current price of one VAB crypto coin is $0.00293488.

The all-time high VAB coin price was $0.28.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of VAB with market cap of SOL or other crypto coins.


The code for Vabble crypto currency is #VAB.

Vabble is 3 years old.


The current market capitalization for Vabble is $2,907,373.

Vabble is ranking downwards to #4629 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is small today for #VAB.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Vabble is $5,110.


The circulating supply of VAB is 990,626,530 coins, which is 68% of the total coin supply.


VAB is a token on the Base blockchain.


VAB has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 2 pairings and is listed on at least 1 crypto exchange.

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Creative Freedoms & Interactive Storytelling

Unlocking artistic potential and developing a new media experience - For the average person, it seems anyone can bring their stories to life through a Youtube video, film production, or writing publication. However, within the media industry, artistic expression and creative freedom are at the mercy of corporate business. In this professional world it isn’t until you talk with artists, that you discover the censorship they face from streaming platforms and finance facilities. In many cases, the censorship occurs before the camera even rolls. With director scripts, storyboards, and advertising programs being drastically influenced by the narratives of investors and production houses. Take for example, the censorship of Andrew Schulz, who was pressured by Netflix to remove parts of his comedy routine due to sensitive topics. In the end, he bought the rights and published the act himself, but rarely can artists afford to purchase such freedoms. If artists are forced to adjust their creativity to match the agenda of the corporate entities– what does that mean for the development of these industries? Or what about the next Spielberg, Tarantino, or Coppola who is trying to find their place and push the envelope of the industry? With a simple Google search of “Hollywood Censorship” it seems the cases are growing and artists are getting fed up. — So How does WEB3 come into play? - At Vabble, we know the narrative is ch...

October 2022: Development Update

Development Update We are close to releasing the public beta available for everyone to use! We have our upgraded backend and wired it into our new UI framework! This was a large component that is designed to be a great scalable solution, and ultimately will minimize growing pains. We are going to have our first deployment on Polygon! We are partnering with multichain to provide a bridge to polygon., We have started our audit for all of our smart contracts. We plan to do multiple audits, and this first one will kick us off to feel confident that our contracts are solid, even for beta., Vabble Slate is in overdrive. Vabble slate is where users will go to stake VAB, where VAB holders will vote for content, and VAB holders can vote for Vabble DAO governance., There are a lot of things happening, and these are our biggest highlights and we are excited to take Vabble to the next level by kicking off the beta, and seed to ecosystem and build on this foundation for our full launch!

Vabble Beta Update

Many of you have been asking? When Vabble Beta? Well, our answer is soon! Our target for Beta release was originally the end of the summer, however we pushed back the release one more month to late October/Early November for a couple reasons. 1. We want the platform to be a more robust and profound experience. Between our streaming, co-watching, staking and UI experiences, there are a lot of application processes that need to work seamlessly together. The front-end migration from React to NextJS is taking our development team slightly longer than expected and we want to make sure they deliver a killer product. So, we decided to give them a couple extra weeks to make sure the process is perfect. 2. Vab DAO coming to market a quarter earlier! In order to support the Vabble SVOD and our Film Financing component, we decided to push forward the release of Vab DAO. This has increased pressure on our development team to make sure all DAO mechanics are in place to support the ecosystem. 2. US legal requirements. As you guys know, the VAB token, SVOD, and Vab DAO are crucial to supporting the whole Vabble experience. We expected little friction with regulators on these products originally. However, unforeseen challenges are causing our legal time to work overtime to ensure VAB token and Vabble itself will not be viewed as a security under U.S. law. Luckily, we have an incredibly talented team and we are certain they will meet the ch...

What if The Godfather won a Film3 Oscar?

Want to keep the conversation going? Follow us on Twitter and join our film-loving community on Discord. We have tons of resources for those interested in Web3 and specifically Web3 film. Twitter: Discord: Last week, we used a case study of The Godfather and Vab DAO to demonstrate how #Film3 presents a new way for artists to find funding while maintaining their IP rights and creative freedom. This week, we are continuing this case study, but exploring the opportunity #Film3 has for the viewers. Specifically, giving content consumers a deeper level of participation and allowing them to shape the legacy of their favorite films. Nothing quite brings fame to a production like winning an Oscar, The Godfather won 3 Oscars in 1973, with double digit nominations. But how did The Godfather receive this high honor? And what participation did the millions of viewers have in shaping its legacy? The Hollywood event is usually an exclusive on-look for film enthusiasts who sit on the side-lines watching from their TV at home. But what if the consumers could have a more direct impact on the awards? Or, help their favorite up-and-coming artists/indie filmmakers get the attention they deserve? These are a lot of questions we believe #Film3 will solve in the future. So let’s take a look at how the Oscars work and how The Godfather would have been awarded differently had it been a decentralized process. — The Voti...

Web3 + Film??? You had me at Web3.

Despite the decline in overall Web3 sentiment, the Web3 Film space is alive and well. Our last post highlighting those of you building in #Film3 got a lot of positive feedback!! And many asked when they would be on the list. Well, at Vabble we don’t disappoint and as such, we decided to turn this into a weekly post to highlight those shaping the #Film3 space. Our goal is to provide a brief, easy to read resource for those wanting to learn about the Web3 Film industry and get involved. Want to be featured in a weekly highlight? Shoot us an email: and tell us how you are contributing to the #Film3 industry. — Here is this week’s Top 10 #Film3 projects and persons to follow. - #1 Rewind (formally Blockbuster DAO) Rewind is building a unique, share-to-earn ecosystem for content creators. Using their technology, content creators can incentivize their communities to share their work and receive rewards for organic marketing. Word-of-mouth and referrals create some of the most active and committed communities and Rewind allows creators to capitalize on this. #2 Film Freako Film Freako is deeeep into Web3 film and #Film3. Between being a director of Fantasy, SciFi, and Horror films, they are also one of our favorite Web3 Film influencers who regularly posts on the industry. We recommend giving them a follow to keep up-to-date with everything going on in the #Film3 space. #3 Sophie...

The Godfather. A Case Study on Web3 Film Financing

Want to keep the conversation going? Follow us on Twitter and join our film-loving community on Discord. We have tons of resources for those interested in Web3 and specifically Web3 film. Twitter: Discord: Good morning and happy ETH merge to all those who celebrate! Two weeks ago, we brought you the announcement of the Vabble DAO, called Vab DAO. A film financing and governance platform that lives on the Vabble ecosystem — supporting film creation, production, and distribution. Alongside our excitement for this announcement we wanted to provide a case study on how the DAO functions and how to finance a major cinematic production. — Our team was wondering, what would The Godfather look like if it was funded by Vab DAO? - Well, let’s break it down and take a look: — The Godfather (Financial History). — Production Budget: $6,120,000 Box Office profits: $250,000,000 — The Initial DAO Process. — The process begins by joining Vab DAO. This is done by staking $VAB token to gain entry and governance rights on the platform. For director Francis Ford Coppola, once he joins the DAO he will put together his pitch deck/production materials in a proposal to submit for community review. Obviously, he is looking for an offer he can’t refuse and wants to move from the DAO’s Governance (voting) stage to the Film Financing stage. There are two ways to do this: Present his pitch...

Highlight Series: People and Projects building in Web3 Film

NFTs are dead! What the heck is Web3? Is it all a scam? Why are you still in crypto? These seem to be common reactions we hear from laymen regarding involvement in the Web3 space. However, engaging with your active Web3 users, you hear quite a different story–one of building, community spaces, and unlimited opportunities. We at Vabble fall in the latter category and are always looking for individuals within the Web3 space and particularly the #Film3 space who are supporting the community. As such, in between our weekly newsletters we will be showcasing 10 people and projects who we believe are worth following. These are not in a hierarchical order, but are merely a list of those building cool stuff for the space. Julie Pacino- Julie is bringing a unique twist to Web3 Film Financing–combining her talent as a photographer and filmmaker. Her photography collection Keepers of the Inn is a beautiful collection that grants collectors a piece of her art, access to the Keepers community, and exclusive access to help with the making of her feature film, I Live Here Now. Mark O’Connor — Is a Writer Director and one of the leaders of production house, Stalker Films. Based in Dublin, Mark has led the charge for a new age of independent films in Ireland with films such as Cardboard Gangsters repeatedly trending on Netflix. He is currently working on converting his film Stalker into a unique NFT collec...

A New Era of SVOD: WEB2 vs. WEB3

Want to keep the conversation going? Follow us on Twitter and join our film-loving community on Discord. We have tons of resources for those interested in Web3 and specifically Web3 film. Twitter: Discord: In the entertainment arena, content is the name of the game. In our digital world, consumers are always looking for ways to acquire new content. So, when Netflix introduced their at-home streaming service, it revolutionized the way we consume film. With internet infrastructure advancing in the early 21st century, consumers benefited from fast download speeds and the ability to stream their favorite media at home — vastly expanding the amount of content consumed in any given day. With Netflix’s success, others quickly followed the same path (such as Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Peacock, and HBOMax) dominating North America and quickly expanding to the rest of the world (with Hotstar, Viu, and Mubi). While these competitors initially served as challengers to Netflix by offering a new supply of content, the users quickly consumed the supply. The challenge then shifted from competing with rival companies to competing with user consumption. Quality production takes time and SVOD providers can’t keep up. This has resulted in users leaving platforms and earnings reports for top companies, such as Netflix, falling short of predictions. However, certain Web2 operators were quick to adapt to this cha...

Launchpads, Creative Studios, and DAO’s shaping the future of Web3 Film

A common tagline for Web3 companies is that they solve Web2 industry problems through the blockchain. Visual art, music, videos, and written text all have taken on decentralized mediums through some iteration of a metaverse or digital platform over the past several years. However, the market, and particularly the VC/Investors that fund these companies are no longer looking at those who simply solve Web2 issues with blockchain technology, but those completely changing the landscape of our industries. — WEB3 And The Film Industry - Within the film industry most productions are financed by investors and companies that take massive royalties and influence over the production and distribution processes. This is argued to stifle creative expression, deprive artists from the bounty of their works, and censor content from public release. There are several companies within the Web3 film space that are not only solving these issues, but creating an entirely new film landscape with launchpads, creative studios, and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) to support this new ecosystem. — Decentralized Pictures. — Specializing in launchpads is Decentralized Pictures — a non-profit focused on supporting creators financially and by connecting them with experts in the field to produce their ideas. You can check out more on them here and the opportunities they provide artists to jump-start their careers. &mdash...

Vabble Summer Update: Film Grant and Beta Launch

GM! Hope you’re having a great summer and welcome to Vabble! Over the past few months, we have made great developments to our platform and welcomed many new faces to our Twitter and email newsletter. We thought this was the perfect opportunity to reinvigorate these channels and provide an update on what we have been working on and a summary of Vabble to all our new followers. So what is Vabble? Vabble is a multi-channel streaming entertainment platform with a robust Web3 ecosystem. We are the place for you to find your favorite content. Creative studios can use us to find funding; while investors are rewarded for supporting the ecosystem. Picture a decentralized version of Youtube/Netflix– where you can publicize your work with no content restrictions; while raising funds and acquiring talent to support your next project. Our all-in-one platform, consisting of three products, an SVOD, Film Financing DAO and Film NFT Marketplace is the future of cinematic financing, production, distribution, and consumption. How do you get involved and join the Vabble ecosystem? First, check out our Twitter and Discord for the most up-to-date news. Some major highlights include: Beta version of our platform rolling out in the next several weeks — with applications to use the platform opening soon., Our $20,000 Film Grant — applications to bring your dream to life are now open!, Community events, merchandise, and educational ...

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