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UniDex v1  


UNIDX Price:
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$176.2 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #UNIDX today is $0.044 USD.

The lowest UNIDX price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.044, and the current live price for one UNIDX coin is $0.04405.

The all-time high UNIDX coin price was $11.14.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of UNIDX with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for UniDex v1 crypto currency is #UNIDX.

UniDex v1 is 3.4 years old.


The current market capitalization for UniDex v1 is $176,152.

UniDex v1 is ranking downwards to #1811 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is weak during the past 24 hours for #UNIDX.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for UniDex v1 is $170.


The circulating supply of UNIDX is 3,998,937 coins, which is 100% of the maximum coin supply.

Note the limited supply of UniDex v1 coins which adds to rarity of this cryptocurrency and increases perceived market value.


UNIDX is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 4 other blockchains.

See list of the UNIDX Blockchain contracts with 5 different blockchains.


UNIDX has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 2 pairings and is listed on at least 1 crypto exchange.

View #UNIDX trading pairs and crypto exchanges that currently support #UNIDX purchase.



Trading comps, new functionality, and more

GM UniDex followers! We want to dive a little more into some of the upcoming things this and next month. Some of the things we’ll be covering will be part of the upcoming 3.0 update, and some of the things we’d cover will be rolling out in the super short term. Let's not waste time and dive right in 🔥 — Leverage Trading Competitions - We’ve built out a dashboard to track and monitor user's performance easily (alongside general protocol health) for our upcoming planned competitions. We kept it clean, simple, and flexible for any personal purposes you may have outside of the events. We know people love events like these and have seen wild success on platforms like FTX. We actually plan to start our first trial run this Monday (10/17) to gauge activity and best practices for our protocol. We’ll start with Fantom and then move on to our other chains Metis & Boba and start experimenting. Since our protocol works a bit differently than others in terms of flexibility, we have a few more options on how to organize the event. We can do a competition specifically for certain trading pairs or a competition tied to a specific collateral type to encourage more volume and activity for a pool. This can help increase liquidity for pools that generally lack attention or volume flow so we’ll be experimenting soon with this. — New Networks - While we did shortly just announce our plans to make our own cos...

New Order Size Limit System

Hello UniDex traders! We wanted to make this short article covering the update you'll be seeing live on the terminal today. This update completely refactors how users can size into their positions and reworks the limits on the platform. We’ve been talking about this update for quite a while so let's dive into the update. Warning! This update will be pushed live today as we’ve warned multiple times in the past. Plan your trades accordingly… — Current System - Our current system is manually configured, small order size limit, that is derived it's limit from the total pool value. Then, there is also a larger account-based transaction limit which also stems from the pool value. This was mostly done as a throttle to gauge the sustainability, risks, and future implementations going forward on how WE want to enter and dominate the perp scene. We believe now is a good time to transition into the best model to manage position risk being open interest caps. — New System - The new open interest cap system works like this. Each side of the trade for each pair has a certain global limit for the maximum value positions that can be opened. This number is shared between users so making new accounts or multiple transactions won't allow you to enter a larger amount than the protocol wants. Let's run through a scenario using the FTM pool… Constants UNIDEX POOL = 100 FTM SOL-USD open interest cap = 40% (...

UniDex Update 09/06/22

We’re going to kick things off by discussing multiple things underway this week. First, we have our community content awards, Metis LP promotion, Boba trading promotion, the status of limit orders, and order size limits. — Community content awards - Starting, we want to highlight how users can participate in social activities and be rewarded for making content like Twitter threads, comparison graphics, or just general art. To do this, join the discord →Here← and take part in the weekly #Community-Voting channel. Every week, we’ll send out small rewards of USDC for what the community deems is the best content of the week. It's a fairly simple change but we think it'll go a long way in getting engagement. — Metis LP Promotion. — The recent snapshot proposal has passed for directing 100% of trading fees to LPs on the metis deployment. This is to help encourage active liquidity providing which can then also jump-start trading which is another benefit LPs will have during this time. This will last until 09/19/2022 where it will then go back to the 60/40 split similar to Fantom & Boba. We’re also working with the Metis team to get approved for the CEG program however it seems to be taking longer to decide on their side. After the Metis team greenlights the vote it's then up to the community to decide if our protocol is worthy of being in the CEG. We know our Metis community will support...

UniDex May Monthly Wrap-Up

Starting words We’ve come so far after our initial launch on 3/31. So far, we’ve processed a total of 183,100,000 million FTM and 104,200,000 million USDC volume. It’s quite fun to look back at our original milestone of passing a million in daily volume. Now, we processed 2–3 million daily on average, with some days hitting the upper 4 million mark. We want to cover a lot of important information here in this monthly report, so make sure you read this month’s wrap-up as it’ll provide some critical milestones for the upcoming monthly wrap-up. However, we’ll briefly start with some key stats that sum up the protocol and our token. UniDex P/S Ratio: 2.07x UniDex P/E Ratio: 3.04x This is interesting because if ranked on token terminal against other protocols, this would make UniDex the 6th best for P/S & the 2nd best for P/E protocols in DeFi. Despite the market downtrend, we’ve held firm and pushed updates left and right. Our P/S & P/E ratios are much more fairly valued than most DeFi protocols such as being priced similarly to Synthetix Protocol, the UNIDX token would be valued at $34 with our current volume. However, let’s talk about those upcoming things we & the community have been building without wasting more time. — Table of Contents. — — 1. Structured Products. — — 2. New trading mechanisms for market making. — — 3. UI update for Poolers. &mda...

UniDex launches leverage trading on Boba

Quick update on our leverage trading launch for the Boba network!. — Starting tomorrow, we will launch leverage trading for the Boba network, immediately beginning the WAGMIv3 incentives program we’ve laid out with the Boba network. We will talk about exactly how those will be used in the protocol and where the rewards will go. Right away, you’ll be able to access the Boba deployment from as just another frontend dedicated to the boba deployment. At the same time, the other primary domain will support multichain access later this week ( after more testing to make sure things are smooth). We’re allocating 80% of the WAGMIv3 rewards to those providing liquidity ( in other words, counter-trading the positions on the platform until the 31st. It’s simple, Provide LP, and you’ll be rewarded with WAGMIv3 tokens which are then redeemable for 1 BOBA token per WAGMI token. We’re also allocating 20% of rewards for those that trade on the platform. One mechanism will be a trading competition in which 10% of platform rewards will go towards volume-based metrics and a trading competition ranging from the 23rd — 27th. There are rules for these 2, such as minimum collective position time, so you cannot just open and close a large trade over and over & other things, but we will monitor for players attempting to game the reward system. A leaderboard will also be visible soon once trading data...

Monthly leverage wrap up

We have a lot of things to cover in this medium article! I don't want to waste any time so let's just dig right in. We’ll be covering 4 things in this medium article including the overview of the monthly stats, new assets & chains, the trading competition, and the new pool collateral options/mechanism.The Numbers While there are still a few days left to close out the month, we still want to share some core stats on the overall protocol and trends. Volume: 85,781,146 FTM & 31,321,393 USDC Highest Volume Date: Fri Apr 08 2022 Biggest Net Trader Day Loss: 36,832 FTM Biggest Net Trader Day Gain: 100,068 USDC Biggest Trade Count: 405 Day to Day New Users: +3.2% Monthly Active Traders: 511 UniDex P/S Ratio: 2.526x UniDex P/E Ratio: 5.268x This blew our expectations for the first month by a large margin. Trader turnout was huge, and volume was beyond what we imagined month 1 to be. Even with our intense day 1 turn out, we’ve already deployed some long-term solutions to improve the order execution and still have a few things to improve.New Assets There are hundreds of new assets we COULD list. The hard part is what is safe for poolers and viable to trade. Our liquidity pool is still small, and therefore some speculative assets like APE and so forth are hard to list due to their extreme one-sided markets. However, things like OIL, XAU, and other non-crypto pairs are no trouble. We’ll be avoiding stocks in the s...

How do UniDex’s leverage pools work?

A short write-up on the risks and rewards that come with providing liquidity — Welcome yield hunters and traders alike!🧑‍🌾. — This medium article will cover all the risks and benefits of being a liquidity provider for UniDex’s leverage platform pools. At the time of writing, we have crossed over $500,000 in TVL 🎉and this number is climbing each day. First, let us describe what pooling is and why someone would do it. Make sure to read until the bottom!What is an LP here? Anyone staking USDC or FTM in our pools are considered a liquidity provider. By providing LP you become the counterparty to traders on the platform. So what does this mean in practice? By providing LP anytime someone loses a trade on the platform, LPs earn that entire loss. Likewise, the pool is subtracted balance when traders are in profit. So…If person “A” closes a trade in 50 FTM profit and the TVL of the pool is 100,000 FTM, the trade will subtract 50 FTM from the pool and pay trader “A”.If person “B” loses 50 FTM on a trade then the pool gains 50 FTM for a new balance of 100,050. This now means that people providing liquidity are now able to withdraw a higher share than they previously deposited. If traders are month to month consistent in net profit or a large sum in profit, then the pool balance could experience a loss. This is to highlight LPing is not risk-free. It would be best if you treated being an LP as ...

UniDex brings perpetual leverage trading to Fantom

After a long quarter with twists and turns, rises and falls, and everything in between. UniDex’s implementation of leverage trading for the Fantom network is live! →(mainnet link & testnet) This means traders on the Fantom network can now trade perpetual contracts with or without leverage fully on-chain. The need for a centralized exchange for reliable order security, execution times, and low fees has vanished with our new product offering in the DeFi ecosystem. Let’s go over how this differs from centralized exchanges and existing protocols and what’s coming next.The Product One of the many reasons people still go to CEXs is their vast amount of trading pairs with deep liquidity. With how much DeFi has progressed and evolved, we feel like we could make something that would rival centralized exchanges and even entirely replace them. UniDex allows you to enter a position on any asset, product, or exotic concept the user wants to enter a trade on. Effectively this means someone can enter leverage positions for their favorite blue chips like BTC, FTM, SOL, or even fantom natives like BOO. However, traders can also take positions on trading pairs like TSLA, XAU, EURUSD, or exotic concepts like EthGasFees. This gives the fantom ecosystem an alternative to CEXs that we believe will top existing crypto-focused CEXs on the market. Slowly over time, we want to have at least 2000 trading pairs before the end of May. Day ...

UniDex x OneRing Partnership

We’re happy to unveil a surprise partner in the multichain ecosystem. Give a warm welcome to OneRing Finance! Offering high stable coin yields, multichain interoperability, and flexibility, we’re excited to partner with OneRing. Let’s talk a little about how we will be collaborating and what it means for both platforms. Recently the RING token (the native token of the platform ) was whitelisted on the UniDex platform for trading. Being available on spooky and BeethovenX, naturally, we wanted to highlight the aggregation we could provide for people trading the RING token. It also goes without saying that you’d be able to chart, submit limit orders, and more in the future with more ease. Their vaults will also soon be displayed on our wallet page, which is being revamped currently, and our users will be able to interact with OneRing vaults without leaving UniDex. Likewise, One Ring has been supportive of our platform and pushing traders to UniDex to get the best returns on buying RING with charting readily available to their users too. Our main goal is to increase user activity and user count, and so this collaboration will help with just that. Given we both share a multichain future, our partnership can reach higher levels with the release of our cross-chain swap aggregator releasing soon (and more 👀).About OneRing OneRing is the first multi-chain cross-stable coin yield optimizer in the space. The goal of OneRing ...

Introducing UniDex Labs™

Expanding our horizons UniDex was founded to provide a better trading experience for traders on any network they choose. Part of that comes from saving money, saving time, or even having new ways to access money markets. We want to expand on our ability to do all of these things while still retaining our original image of a project designed to offer the pinnacle of efficiency for traders. We have been secretly working on multiple new products that will fall under the UniDex Labs brand, and today, we will unveil 5 out of the many new additions coming to the UniDex brand. A new super market-order aggregator on 20+ networks, an extremely efficient auto harvester and compounder, exotic trading pairs, perpetual based leverage contracts, and an alternative simple to use interface for our aggregator. We’ll start with things close to home and then get into something that branches out to more markets than our current audience.UniDex Aggregator V2 We wanted to build market aggregation that doesn’t bias liquidity or routing. We eventually realized a fundamental flaw when helping our friends on Fantom included in current aggregators. Finally, some sources weren’t added because it “wasn’t worth their time.” This notion went entirely against our company vision to allow anyone to get liquidity anywhere, no matter how small or large. So we thought, “we build and help the little guy… why not just do this ourselves and show th...

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