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UNCX Price:
$117.3 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$16.3 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #UNCX today is $476 USD.

The lowest UNCX price for this period was $0, the highest was $476, and the current live price for one UNCX coin is $475.53714.

The all-time high UNCX coin price was $1,094.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of UNCX with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for UniCrypt crypto currency is #UNCX.

UniCrypt is 2.3 years old.


The current market capitalization for UniCrypt is $16,297,133.

UniCrypt is ranking upwards to #518 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is medium today for #UNCX.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for UniCrypt is $117,271.


The circulating supply of UNCX is 34,271 coins, which is 69% of the maximum coin supply.

A highlight of UniCrypt is it's exceptionally low supply of coins, as this supports higher prices due to supply and demand in the market.


UNCX is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 2 other blockchains.

See list of the UNCX Blockchain contracts with 3 different blockchains.


UNCX is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

View #UNCX trading pairs and crypto exchanges that currently support #UNCX purchase.



Presenting TaxToken, our new minter backed by Lossless (ENMT v2)

We are excited to announce the release of TaxToken (ENMT v2) featuring AntiBot and a Lossless integration. This new minter creates fully customizable ERC20 tokens and gives launchers full control over their lifecycle. Let’s explore this release in detail. — Our new minter, TaxToken - TaxToken is an extension of our original token minter (ENMT). Its focus is primarily taxes and has updateable settings, tax wallets, the ability to update the taxed liquidity pairs, as well as the possibility to select and update the exchange used for buyback and LP taxes. TaxToken utilizes a diamond like contract to add a large amount of functionality without breaking the solidity compile size limit. — Features include:. — Ability to lock functions without renouncing the contract, LP tax function, Mint/pause/blacklist functions available, Fully adjustable taxation (up to 30%), Buyback and reflection options, AntiBot included, Optional Lossless function, Mint to multiple chains, Admin panel for post launch edits, Fully ERC20 compliant, Native integration to all UniCrypt services, — Featuring AntiBot - The UniCrypt AntiBot is the market’s most innovative sniping bot protection solution. It stops bots from sniping initial blocks after a token gets launched to market. It also allows you to whitelist specific wallets for trading in the first hours after launch. This prevents people from using their bots to buy ...

$UNCX in 2023 | Staking Updates

Dear $UNCX Community and stakeholders, Before reading further, the team would like to wish you the best for 2023! It has been an incredible year on our side considering the overall industry conditions, and we are ready for what is coming 🚀 Today, we are delivering a couple of updates related to our native token, namely $UNCX. Our last post in regards to the utility asset was following the FTX collapse and the measures taken on our side.💡If you haven’t already, we recommend reading the article here! Without further due, time to share the news & updates! We HIGHLY suggest our members spread this piece around within & outside of the community. The information shared below is critical to enjoying the current and upcoming features of our utility token. — 1/3 — Liquidity Rebalancing on ETH and BNB Chain - Currently, $UNCX is available for trading on Ethereum (Uniswap V2 — DEXTools) and on BNB Chain (PancakeSwap V2 — DEXTools). The liquidity is roughly distributed 55% on BNB Chain, and the remaining 45% on the ETH chain. $UNCX utility is currently concentrated on the Ethereum Network (especially regarding staking). We are therefore applying a liquidity rebalancing to our current pools in favor of the ETH network. The combined liquidity pool depth will remain unchanged. Rebalancing new values: — 💧85% of the $UNCX liquidity will now live on the ETH chain and the remaining 15% on t...

UniCrypt Public Sale DYOR Checklist.

Education and serious attention to detail are key when navigating the wild crypto public sales market. While one can not ever be 100% sure about their investments, keeping an eye out for the following details may help you to avoid investing in bad lemons. Especially as the space has been improving and there are now more expectations on projects to meet minimum security requirements and to work with reputable high-quality service providers. — ✅ Properties of a potentially good ILO: - The majority of team-owned tokens are vested on the chain., 60%+ of liquidity of the raised amount is locked for 3+ months., Contracts have been reviewed/audited and contain little to no findings., The team has been KYCed by a reputable provider (who actually funds professional investigations and has contact with law enforcement agencies for real fraud pursuit)., The team is transparent and responsive to the community., The product/plan is well thought out and has a well-written whitepaper or technical documentation., Has a vesting schedule in a decentralized manner (not using a centralized safe or own contracts)., Funds raised go right into a multi-sig., Ask yourself this question, why the @!#& does this project need a token? If you’re satisfied with the answer and it is logical, proceed with caution., — ⛔ Properties of a bad ILO: - The majority of the team tokens are unlocked (price impact may be drastic and this me...

Code Guide: Automating liquidity locking on UniCrypt using Gelato

In this tutorial, you will learn how to automate liquidity locking on UniCrypt using Gelato Network. — What is liquidity locking?. — Liquidity locking is one of the few tools protocols can use to secure liquidity in a trust-less fashion. When liquidity tokens are locked, they are vested in a locking contract for a specific period, after which the lock owner can withdraw them. Until then, the project will not be able to remove the underlying liquidity from the pool (a.k.a. rugpull), reducing the risk of malicious liquidity removal proportionally to the percentage of the supply locked. — What is a liquidity tax?. — A liquidity tax is a popular method to grow the liquidity pool and reduce price impact on large AMM trades, largely popularised by tokens such as SafeMoon. As tokens get taxed with trades on a decentralized exchange, new LP tokens are created and sent to the protocol’s wallets. — What does liquidity tax mean for the locked liquidity?. — One of the main issues caused by the liquidity tax is the dilution of the vested liquidity supply. As new LP token supply increases with volume and is sent to the protocol’s wallet — it gradually renders the lock ineffective overtime at the percentage of the liquidity supply locked diminishes., Locking newly minted LP tokens is a manual and tedious process that’s prone to human error and relies on the project owner to act in good fait...

Time to Protect $UNCX & Liquidity

Dear $UNCX community & stakeholders, We hope this post finds you well despite the recent events we have all witnessed across the industry. We obviously are very sorry for anyone impacted by this unprecedented liquidity crunch and CEX collapse (namely FTX — if you missed it, we recommend reading this section on Coindesk). Without further due, it is time for us to communicate about the impact & measures taken on our side. — Company impact (outside of $UNCX asset) - We were using FTX as a minor corporate exchange account. We opened an FTX account as a third backup less than a year ago so as to not have all operations depend on a single/two platforms. So far, we have been using the exchange account to settle supplier invoices on a monthly basis. Our balance there has permanently remained low. The impact is therefore non-existing from a company treasury & expansion perspective.Let’s just say we got mini REKT 🤡 reminding us all of the capital importance of self-custody in the blockchain space pending further transparent regulation. Nonetheless, this whole FTX saga invited us more than ever to concentrate our liquidity on top of on-chain protocols (AMM pools) as stated in this Tweet. — $UNCX — Risk Mitigation & Liquidity protection - Now, let’s discuss the $UNCX utility token! — 🚫💸 No ICO, No VCs, No potential impact.. — Let’s start with a reminder worth being sh...

UniCrypt’s Security Statement

We are very sorry to hear about the exploit that befell one of our industry’s challengers last week and for all those who were affected. Lockers getting compromised isn’t good for anyone in the space — especially since this technology’s purpose is to help increase the security of investors’ funds and to foster trust in crypto investments. We fully stand by the quality and trustworthiness of our technology and believe that our services are not exploitable. Innovation and tech before hype is our motto. Regardless of this, these events have encouraged us to integrate additional measures of security to the platform, starting with an item that has been widely requested by our community of late. We’re happy to announce that we will be setting up an insurance fund dedicated to the compensation of affected projects and investors should anything happen in the future on our platform. We are aware that exploits do happen and even though attention to code quality is one of the core values of UniCrypt, in case of an unfortunate event we’d like both project owners and investors utilizing our services to be as protected as possible. We wish to learn from everyone’s experiences and continue to offer the most trusted and dependable DeFi services that we can. We will establish a plan during Q4 and then deploy accordingly. We are currently in discussion with potential partners with whom to make this happen, more details on ...

UniCrypt has integrated all services on the Goerli V2 testnet

Are you making sure to test your contracts before deploying? To avoid errors, bugs, or security risks, you should be and a testnet is the place to do so. Note* If you want to run tests on Goerli, you’ll need some testnet ETH. You can accumulate this test eth via a Goerli Faucet. — Some recommended Faucets:. — (Must create/ log into an account with Alchemy), (Requires some mining work to be done in exchange for free testnet funds.), (Multinetwork faucet that requires a Twitter log-in), (Requires twitter or facebook log-in), — What is Goerli?. — Goerli is one of the most popular testnets for developers to test their web3 apps for bugs and risks on Ethereum. We highly recommend and choose to offer this testnet because it is a safe spot to test decentralized applications. To use it you will need to get Goerli ETH (which is a fake testnet ETH) at one of the free faucets we have recommended above. — Why we prefer Goerli. — As you now know, Kovan is deprecated and Goerli is now the go-to testnet for Ethereum. It’s quite convenient as Uniswap has deployed to the same addresses on Goerli and mainnet. This makes tax token testing easier on Goerli as there is no need to change your router or amm related addresses if you plan to launch on Ethereum mainnet. 💬 If you have any questions please drop em in ...

Liquidity Locking Overview

How do you maximize the attractiveness of your project and ensure investor trust? Liquidity locking plays a huge component here and is one of the most distinguishable signallers of project trustworthiness. Every project, especially presales, should be locking some of their liquidity. — What is Liquidity Locking?. — Liquidity locking involves storing liquidity provider (LP) tokens in smart contracts for a pre-determined amount of time (locking/unlocking date). These smart contracts are called liquidity lockers. When developers add tokens to liquidity pools, they receive LP tokens representing the liquidity provided in the form of new tokens. Developers can at any time use the LP tokens to withdraw liquidity. Liquidity lockers allow developers to preemptively lock away a set % of liquidity upon token launch for a specific period of time of their choosing. This prevents instant rugging upon launch (prevents them from being able to withdraw all project liquidity and disappear with it). It’s an approach that ensures developers don’t have control of users’ funds. The point is simple — When an investor sees that a majority of the project’s liquidity is locked (whether presale stage or afterwards), they feel safer purchasing the token. This also encourages investors to purchase larger shares of the projects’ tokens. — Can I Create My Own Locks?. — Some developers may lock tokens in their own s...

UniCrypt = Trust

UniCrypt is the industry standard for liquidity lockers, token vesting and presale launchpads. With us, investors and project creators enjoy peace of mind from knowing that they’re operating on an established platform. — UniCrypt = Trust. Here’s an overview why: - — ➡️ We Are The Biggest Lockers on ETH.. — Unicrypt was created with a single goal — help investors reduce the risk in their investments by providing clear transparency in informatics, stats, and our code. We are the most audited liquidity locker on the market with years of vulnerability free operation. At market peak, we were securing over 1bil usd of liquidity in our smart contracts. — ➡️ Not A Single Vulnerability.. — Safety is our #1 priority. This ethos seems to have been lost in the industry over time due to competitors’ lock contracts not working as expected, abandonment from their protocols, hacks, or worse; funds stolen due to premeditated backdoors into their contracts. — ➡️ We’re Innovative.. — Our products and tech are superior because we conceptualize and build them ourselves. We don’t pick quick solutions, everything is built with decades of use in mind. Linear unlock schedules, rebasing support, built-in migration, and custom unlock conditions for token vesting are all items you’ve seen first on UniCrypt. — ➡️ Significant Partnerships.. — We have memberships with...


亲爱的 UniCrypt 社区和开发者,我们将更新ILO(首次流动性发行)。 目前,我们的 ILO分为3轮。下面介绍了新的行为和变化。 — 新一轮0️⃣ (ILOs创建于2022年2月25日). — ✅第0轮开始日期由令牌开发者在 ILO创建时选择一次。它允许定义一个自定义日期,供人们以两种不同的方式参与,如下所述。 ✅如果 ILO创建者未选择日期,则第0轮默认开始日期将在ILO创建2小时后发生。 第0轮开始后: 🦄 ▶️️20%◀️在 ILO个硬上限中,可以通过$UNCL预订(2 UNCL烧毁,获得保证分配)进行预订。预订后,用户需要在第0轮中购买他们分配的令牌。 📑▶️ 79%◀️ILO个硬上限中的一个可以由有保证的插槽的白名单用户购买。在第0轮期间,用户的贡献仍将发生,之后(第1轮)插槽不再得到保证。 — 新一轮 1️⃣. — 这一轮是 ▶️不再拘谨◀️ 对于$UNCX/$UNCL持有人。 它向所有人开放。 💥 用户不再有任何需求,可以直接使用先到先得的服务模式参与。 一旦 ILO达到硬上限,代币就会进入市场。如果在第一轮(持续2小时)进入第二轮(与第一轮完全相同)后,它没有达到硬顶,则对所有人开放。 一旦第二轮达到结束日期(软上限得到满足),或者如果ILO触及硬上限,代币就会进入市场。 &...


EverEarn Ethereum Blockchain Public Presale With USDC Rewards

    PRESS RELEASE. As if the cryptoverse needed more reasons for people to be fearful, both FTX and BlockFi rocked cryptocurrency blockchains and investors alike, sending prices spiraling, blockchains congesting, and investors hunkering down for more 'crypto-winter'. But amidst this uncertainty, crypto investors now risk missing out on opportunities while becoming stuck in fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD). The EverEarn coin ($EARN) launched on the Binance Smart Chain (BNB) blockchain platform in January 2022 with a simple goal; to show that a new startup cryptocurrency can be run like a business from the beginning, without any false hype or empty promises, while providing increased passive stablecoin (BUSD) payouts, and continue to grow, evolve and expand. EverEarn Growth While Others are Fearful Despite recent events, and the global downtrend for the past 8 months, EverEarn has paid out over $2 million in BUSD stablecoin back to holders. The team has maintained daily community voice chats since launch, and a monthly community address. The EverEarn team is now bringing this 'stick to it' community mentality and commitment to the Ethereum blockchain and is doing so in a big way. Ethereum With a Bang The EverEarn team has amassed almost 60 social media influencers with over 2 million followers along with forming marketing arrangements and development partnerships with EY Studios, Brave Browser,, 'Rug Free Coins', 'Mike Tha Investor', 'What Coin Talk', and 'Crypto Atlas... read More

SolidProof to make its automated blockchain audit tool freely available

    After introducing the SolidProof Automated Auto Tool (SAAT), German blockchain audit company SolidProof will now make the product available on a large scale. The developing team plans to release this significant update by the end of April, and soon users will be able to get their hands on this tool. New Feature Available for Everyone In order to detect faults, mistakes, and inefficiencies in any DeFi project's smart contract, SAAT uses pre-installed parameters. SolidProof's team accurately provides audit reports on time and transparently. As a result, SolidProof can examine quite complicated smart contracts thanks to its automated audits. Anyone familiar with smart contracts will quickly understand how challenging it can be to audit every one of them manually, which is why this feature attracts the market's interest. After the automatic review, SolidProof auditors deliver an audit report to the project development team. The severity of vulnerabilities is evaluated in this deliverable using three levels: critical, medium, and low. The auditors then provide suggestions for resolving any remaining issues or inefficiencies in the system. They work with the project's backers to resolve any flaws that have been discovered. In the end, the team produces the final audit report and a certificate proving that the project is safe for widespread usage. As mentioned, the plan is for SolidProof's new tool at the end of the current month, promising to have an essential service for blockchai... read More

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