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UNCX Price:
$45.0 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$12.9 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #UNCX today is $377 USD.

The lowest UNCX price for this period was $0, the highest was $377, and the exact current price of one UNCX crypto coin is $377.28484.

The all-time high UNCX coin price was $1,094.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of UNCX with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for UniCrypt crypto currency is #UNCX.

UniCrypt is 3.6 years old.


The current market capitalization for UniCrypt is $12,929,928.

UniCrypt is ranked #638, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a modest daily trading volume on #UNCX.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for UniCrypt is $45,030.


The circulating supply of UNCX is 34,271 coins, which is 69% of the maximum coin supply.

A highlight of UniCrypt is it's exceptionally low supply of coins, as this supports higher prices due to supply and demand in the market.


UNCX is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 2 other blockchains.

See list of the UNCX Blockchain contracts with 3 different blockchains.


UNCX is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

View #UNCX trading pairs and crypto exchanges that currently support #UNCX purchase.



Liquidity Locking is a Part of Proof of Reserves, Here’s Why.

Proof of reserves help ensure that exchanges and other custodial services actually hold the assets they claim to have in their possession. This concept is going to be growing in importance in the coming months & years as industry participants recover from the loss of confidence, resulting from recent hacks and discoveries of fraudulent behaving companies. Our opinion is that the industry as a whole will begin to demand more transparency and accountability from projects. The demand for tools aiding with Proof of Reserves is growing. Proof of reserves refers to the process by which an exchange or other custodial service can prove that it holds the assets it claims to have in its possession. This can be done through a variety of methods, such as publishing a public audit of their holdings or allowing customers to verify their holdings on the blockchain. By implementing proof of reserves, exchanges and other custodial services (also known as VASP, standing for Virtual Assets Services Providers) demonstrate to their customers that they are trustworthy, reliable and to some extent transparent with their user base. We would like to take things a step further and challenge these projects to truly put their money where their mouth is. As of now, Proof of Reserves is done by providing cryptographic proofs of holdings (signed messages from cold wallets, merkle tree of account balances, among other practices). This is a great starti...

PSA: $UNCX Staking — April 2023

PSA: $UNCX Staking — April 2023 - Dear UNCX Network community, We hope you are doing well! This short medium post relates a small update for our $UNCX Stakers (of all tiers). You can find the link to our staking portal here. By March 31st, $UNCX reward pools for April were filled as usual, but there was a human error made on the top-up. Instead of using the ‘Increase Reward’ method (which is the standard procedure), our team used another method, called ‘Top-up’. The ‘Top-up’ method extends the rewarding period duration (understand start/end date) while keeping the reward emission the same, whereas the ‘Increase Reward’ method does not impact the dates but the ratio of rewards emission instead.The above explains why our ecosystem of stakers woke up in early April with ‘no-yield’ farms lasting up to 260 years. Sadly, we have not found the elixir of youth over the last couple of days, as some were wondering in our community channels. — Resolution. — Today (April 3rd), our team is taking action and will apply the following steps: Draining $UNCX rewards from the April pools, which currently last for decades (not intended, as stated above), Use these $UNCX tokens (and some bonus tokens to be rewarded for the gas compensation) to re-fill and top-up the $UNCX pool that was used for March 2023., Therefore, stakers that were already subscribed to the March reward pools do not have to take any ...

Building Investor Trust? Using Multisig Wallets Won’t Cut It.

Many project owners rely on multi-signature (commonly known as ‘multi-sig’) wallets for LP (liquidity provider) token storage. Vitalik promotes them on a regular basis too! But this is not the most secure option for liquidity provider tokens and investors are catching on. One could even argue that even VB could be wrong when it comes to promoting multi-sig wallets for LP token storage. The challenge with relying solely on storing them in a multi-sig is that it does not solve the problem of project owners owning all their project’s LP tokens. Multisig wallets are not necessarily a decentralized form of storage. Someone (or several individuals, depending on the setup) still has access to the key of the lock. Multisig wallets can be abused if not used ethically, and investors are catching onto this. We are not here to tell you to abandon multi-sig wallets altogether though. Vitalik, obviously, is not wrong either. In fact, these wallets can be very helpful and used in conjunction with our in-house decentralized liquidity lockers and token vesting products. ➡️ By transferring funds to a multi-sig wallet and then locking them directly from the multi-sig using a reputable locker service such as UNCX, investors can create two layers of security that ensure critical funds are stored for a pre-determined period of time, in a decentralized way. Combining multi-sig wallets with liquidity lockers not only provides an addition...

UNCX Network Integrates With GeckoTerminal

GeckoTerminal and UNCX Network Dear UNCX ecosystem partners and customers, While the current global banking system narrative is riddled with uncertainty. our team and objectives remain the same. In fact, transparency is becoming more important by the day. 🆕 Today, we are serving you a nice update relating to our liquidity lockers’ data accessibility. As the title of the article suggests, time to discuss our GeckoTerminal integration! — What is GeckoTerminal?. — GeckoTerminal is primarily a charting tool that provides real-time statistics and price analysis across multiple blockchains and decentralized exchanges. Users can learn about trends and gain up-to-date token/pool statistics in the market. It is also worth noting that ‘Proof of Reserves’ can also be found on GeckoTerminal to track the centralized exchange’s holdings on-chain.GeckoTerminal has been brought to the market by CoinGecko. Currently, their suite of tools is being used by over 5 million users on a monthly basis. — Why are we teaming up with GeckoTerminal?. — As you already know, partnerships can mean everything and nothing in the blockchain/cryptocurrency space. In our case, we do believe in technical collaborations, and concrete mutual added value. GeckoTerminal and UNCX Network will mutually help each other’s user bases by offering additional reliable data on our respective platforms. Therefore, we sat down and starte...

$UNCX & $UNCL, Time to bridge out of BNB Chain

Dear UNCX Network Community, With the date of 6th March 2023, Gnosis Chain published an announcement about decommissioning the native bridge between the BNB chain and Gnosis Chain due to low traffic, assets being non-native to each chain, and alternate solutions for this type of bridging. You can find the details of the announcement here. As part of this introduction, it is worth mentioning that this is a sole decision from the Gnosis Chain & Omnibridge team. The UNCX Network team has been informed about these changes but was not involved in making this decision (we are standing as service users). We are aware that this scenario impacts our users/holders by inviting them to bridge their holdings out of BNB Chain at their earliest convenience (see below). — Concrete consequences of the above and expected timeline:. — (1) From the 27th of March 2023 all transactions from BNB Chain to Gnosis Chain will be disabled (it will still be possible to send from Gnosis Chain to BNB Chain, but there would be no interest doing so for $UNCX holders — Please do not consider doing so), From the 5th of June 2023 the bridge will be fully decommissioned, preventing the transactions for both sides (BNB chain <> Gnosis Chain), (1) We are actively in touch with the Gnosis Chain team in order to extend this deadline, their team is willing to support our community and users in the best way possible. However, we recomme...

UniCrypt Rebrands to UNCX Network

Dear UNCX (formerly UniCrypt) Community! We are excited to release a new sleek, informative, and organized home website — check it out! ➡️ ✨✨✨ Along with this change, we have officially rebranded from UniCrypt Network to UNCX Network. This change comes as we have been working behind the scenes on quite a few projects which will expand our portfolio. The fact that it is essential to trademark your brand name as soon as possible is also a lesson we evidently learned along the way. Our commitment to building secure infrastructure for DeFi stays the same and is even stronger than ever. We continue to develop and improve services that help make DeFi a more trustworthy place and we will continue to conceptualize innovative features. This portfolio expansion comes as we wish to bear market proof ourselves and as we honestly just keep getting inspired by new ideas we have chosen to build. Lately, we also have been expanding the team and are excited to be engaging more frequently with you guys over Twitter, podcasts, and Telegram. As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out! 🐦 Twitter: UNCX_token 🖥️ Website: | App 💬 Telegram: Main Channel | Announcements | 🤖 LP Locks 🥏Discord: UNCX Network

We’ve Invested in The AI-powered Dating App, IWI.

Hello, green unicorners! As mentioned, we have an exciting year lined up. It is filled with the releases you have been patiently waiting for and unexpected announcements like this one.A little context; we have decided to not only revamp and expand, but we will also diversify as a company. We’re excited to share one of these ventures with you today — We have decided to invest in the IWI Dating App. — IWI. — The IWI app is an AI-powered psychology-based dating app aiming to connect people based on their personalities and will have real-time AR experiences built in. The process starts with a Big Five personality questionnaire. Next, the algorithm uses AI to help assess a person’s profile and find suitable matches for them and provides a tailored list of recommendations. The AR experience that the app is to build next consists of multiple features such as a crowd scanner to help quickly identify and discover your matches in a large gathering. They have partnered with ConjureKit Technology to power the AI component of their algorithm. It is also in IWI’s build pipeline to implement blockchain-based (and cryptocurrency) transactions. We will support them and bring our expertise in that regard. The IWI team is very excited to complete their offering by providing AR functionality and cryptocurrency payments to the app. They have set up a kickstarter campaign to fund this next leg of development ⬇️ www.k...

Presenting TaxToken, our new minter backed by Lossless (ENMT v2)

We are excited to announce the release of TaxToken (ENMT v2) featuring AntiBot and a Lossless integration. This new minter creates fully customizable ERC20 tokens and gives launchers full control over their lifecycle. Let’s explore this release in detail. — Our new minter, TaxToken - TaxToken is an extension of our original token minter (ENMT). Its focus is primarily taxes and has updateable settings, tax wallets, the ability to update the taxed liquidity pairs, as well as the possibility to select and update the exchange used for buyback and LP taxes. TaxToken utilizes a diamond like contract to add a large amount of functionality without breaking the solidity compile size limit. — Features include:. — Ability to lock functions without renouncing the contract, LP tax function, Mint/pause/blacklist functions available, Fully adjustable taxation (up to 30%), Buyback and reflection options, AntiBot included, Optional Lossless function, Mint to multiple chains, Admin panel for post launch edits, Fully ERC20 compliant, Native integration to all UniCrypt services, — Featuring AntiBot - The UniCrypt AntiBot is the market’s most innovative sniping bot protection solution. It stops bots from sniping initial blocks after a token gets launched to market. It also allows you to whitelist specific wallets for trading in the first hours after launch. This prevents people from using their bots to buy ...

$UNCX in 2023 | Staking Updates

Dear $UNCX Community and stakeholders, Before reading further, the team would like to wish you the best for 2023! It has been an incredible year on our side considering the overall industry conditions, and we are ready for what is coming 🚀 Today, we are delivering a couple of updates related to our native token, namely $UNCX. Our last post in regards to the utility asset was following the FTX collapse and the measures taken on our side.💡If you haven’t already, we recommend reading the article here! Without further due, time to share the news & updates! We HIGHLY suggest our members spread this piece around within & outside of the community. The information shared below is critical to enjoying the current and upcoming features of our utility token. — 1/3 — Liquidity Rebalancing on ETH and BNB Chain - Currently, $UNCX is available for trading on Ethereum (Uniswap V2 — DEXTools) and on BNB Chain (PancakeSwap V2 — DEXTools). The liquidity is roughly distributed 55% on BNB Chain, and the remaining 45% on the ETH chain. $UNCX utility is currently concentrated on the Ethereum Network (especially regarding staking). We are therefore applying a liquidity rebalancing to our current pools in favor of the ETH network. The combined liquidity pool depth will remain unchanged. Rebalancing new values: — 💧85% of the $UNCX liquidity will now live on the ETH chain and the remaining 15% on t...

UniCrypt Public Sale DYOR Checklist.

Education and serious attention to detail are key when navigating the wild crypto public sales market. While one can not ever be 100% sure about their investments, keeping an eye out for the following details may help you to avoid investing in bad lemons. Especially as the space has been improving and there are now more expectations on projects to meet minimum security requirements and to work with reputable high-quality service providers. — ✅ Properties of a potentially good ILO: - The majority of team-owned tokens are vested on the chain., 60%+ of liquidity of the raised amount is locked for 3+ months., Contracts have been reviewed/audited and contain little to no findings., The team has been KYCed by a reputable provider (who actually funds professional investigations and has contact with law enforcement agencies for real fraud pursuit)., The team is transparent and responsive to the community., The product/plan is well thought out and has a well-written whitepaper or technical documentation., Has a vesting schedule in a decentralized manner (not using a centralized safe or own contracts)., Funds raised go right into a multi-sig., Ask yourself this question, why the @!#& does this project need a token? If you’re satisfied with the answer and it is logical, proceed with caution., — ⛔ Properties of a bad ILO: - The majority of the team tokens are unlocked (price impact may be drastic and this me...


Memeinator Announced: Taking on the Meme Coin Market With a $1 Billion V...

    [PRESS RELEASE - London, United Kingdom, September 29th, 2023] Having already raised $500K in less than 48 hours, Memeinator has already stormed through to stage 3 of its presale, on its relentless mission to redefine the meme coin sector. The project’s grand vision was born from the frustration of seeing relentless false promises and overhyped coins, that were endless parodies of each other replete with nonsensical messaging. These have made investors forget much of the fun and magic that once existed in the meme coin space. With its groundbreaking AI-driven game, blossoming community, and out-of-this-world prize offerings like a trip to space with Virgin Galactic, there’s never been a meme coin like it. Drawing on a certain timeless '90s action movie, Memeinator is here to right these wrongs. This revolutionary project is building a solid and dynamic community of meme coin fans from the ground up. A community who shares in its vision and are ready to bring trust back into meme coins. The Memeinator 'resistance' is already off to a flying start with over 20,000 people having already joined on Twitter to follow the launch and vibrant discussions ongoing in both the Telegram and Discord communities. To ensure the project’s credibility and security, Memeinator has been audited by Solid Proof. Solid Proof has been auditing new blockchain projects since 2020. Based in Germany - the auditor focuses on assessing project protocols, reliability, smart contracts and ... read More

EverEarn Ethereum Blockchain Public Presale With USDC Rewards

    PRESS RELEASE. As if the cryptoverse needed more reasons for people to be fearful, both FTX and BlockFi rocked cryptocurrency blockchains and investors alike, sending prices spiraling, blockchains congesting, and investors hunkering down for more 'crypto-winter'. But amidst this uncertainty, crypto investors now risk missing out on opportunities while becoming stuck in fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD). The EverEarn coin ($EARN) launched on the Binance Smart Chain (BNB) blockchain platform in January 2022 with a simple goal; to show that a new startup cryptocurrency can be run like a business from the beginning, without any false hype or empty promises, while providing increased passive stablecoin (BUSD) payouts, and continue to grow, evolve and expand. EverEarn Growth While Others are Fearful Despite recent events, and the global downtrend for the past 8 months, EverEarn has paid out over $2 million in BUSD stablecoin back to holders. The team has maintained daily community voice chats since launch, and a monthly community address. The EverEarn team is now bringing this 'stick to it' community mentality and commitment to the Ethereum blockchain and is doing so in a big way. Ethereum With a Bang The EverEarn team has amassed almost 60 social media influencers with over 2 million followers along with forming marketing arrangements and development partnerships with EY Studios, Brave Browser,, 'Rug Free Coins', 'Mike Tha Investor', 'What Coin Talk', and 'Crypto Atlas... read More

SolidProof to make its automated blockchain audit tool freely available

    After introducing the SolidProof Automated Auto Tool (SAAT), German blockchain audit company SolidProof will now make the product available on a large scale. The developing team plans to release this significant update by the end of April, and soon users will be able to get their hands on this tool. New Feature Available for Everyone In order to detect faults, mistakes, and inefficiencies in any DeFi project's smart contract, SAAT uses pre-installed parameters. SolidProof's team accurately provides audit reports on time and transparently. As a result, SolidProof can examine quite complicated smart contracts thanks to its automated audits. Anyone familiar with smart contracts will quickly understand how challenging it can be to audit every one of them manually, which is why this feature attracts the market's interest. After the automatic review, SolidProof auditors deliver an audit report to the project development team. The severity of vulnerabilities is evaluated in this deliverable using three levels: critical, medium, and low. The auditors then provide suggestions for resolving any remaining issues or inefficiencies in the system. They work with the project's backers to resolve any flaws that have been discovered. In the end, the team produces the final audit report and a certificate proving that the project is safe for widespread usage. As mentioned, the plan is for SolidProof's new tool at the end of the current month, promising to have an essential service for blockchai... read More

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