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UMA Price:
$10.6 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$0.3 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #UMA today is $2.88 USD.

The lowest UMA price for this period was $0, the highest was $2.88, and the current live price for one UMA coin is $2.88181.

The all-time high UMA coin price was $44.06.

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The code for UMA is also #UMA.

UMA is 3.9 years old.


The current market capitalization for UMA is $342,320,616.

UMA is ranked #184 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a large daily trading volume on #UMA.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for UMA is $10,556,364.


The circulating supply of UMA is 118,786,685 coins, which is 100% of the total coin supply.


UMA is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 1 other blockchain.

See list of the UMA Blockchain contracts with 2 different blockchains.


UMA is well integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 46 crypto exchanges.

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How to Earn Rewards as a FORE Validator

Shape the future of decentralized prediction markets This article was co-written by Aydan Arroyo and Alex Gaines of UMA. Tldr; FORE Protocol is integrating with UMA’s Optimistic Oracle to secure their onchain prediction markets. Users can earn $FORE by validating markets. Analyst NFTs grant holders the ability to validate markets and gain exclusive access to the FORE ecosystem. — Key Takeaways - FORE Protocol’s integration with UMA’s Optimistic Oracle enables a more robust, transparent, and community-driven approach to onchain prediction markets., Analyst NFT holders can earn $FORE rewards by validating prediction markets., Similar to UMA’s Optimistic Oracle, the process of validating and disputing markets in FORE’s ecosystem is meticulously designed to foster accuracy and fairness., FORE Protocol has integrated with UMA’s Optimistic Oracle to secure their onchain prediction markets. FORE’s decentralized, user-centric approach is unique. Users engage in FOREcasting a variety of events, leveraging the wisdom of crowds to predict outcomes accurately without the need for centralized entities. Users are their own “house” and engage in pure P2P market speculation. The FORE protocol leverages smart contracts and unique, community-driven mechanisms to ensure market integrity and reliability for all participants. Amongst these mechanisms exists a unique opportunity for the UMA community — the ability t...

Building on Safe: a Security Veto for oSnap DAOs

oSnap, Safe, and Zodiac working in harmony. Thanks to Tim Gabrielsson for the banner. This article was co-written by Auryn Macmillan of Gnosis Guild and John Shutt of UMA. Tldr; oSnap has proven extremely effective due to its simplicity. However, DAOs can take advantage of Safe’s composability with the Zodiac module to customize the solution. One such customization is the Delay modifier, which is useful for dealing with issues such as user errors and malicious proposals. — Key takeaways:. — While oSnap thrives because it is simple, DAOs can use Safe and Zodiac’s composability to customize the solution., The Zodiac Delay modifier lets DAOs veto transactions in Safe with the oSnap module, which can be useful in certain instances., DAOs could also add a Roles modifier to specify addresses that can access the Delay modifier., Risk Labs built oSnap to do a critical task extremely well: Propose and execute the results of a Snapshot vote onchain, with verification by UMA’s optimistic oracle. Although the Optimistic Governor contract could theoretically support a wide range of different use cases — if you change the natural language rules, you change the way the contract works — we made a conscious decision to keep it simple. oSnap modules allow you just a few customizable parameters: The Snapshot space URL, the challenge window, the voting period, and the quorum. We even created bots that propose and...

UMA’s optimistic oracle unpacked: an Across Protocol case study

Tldr; Across Protocol is an optimistic bridge for moving assets through the cross-chain ecosystem. As Across is secured by UMA’s optimistic oracle, it’s much faster and cheaper than its competitors. — Key takeaways: - Across Protocol is one of the foremost projects secured by UMA’s optimistic oracle., Across leverages the OO to help users move assets at a high speed and low cost., UMA’s Across integration highlights the flexibility and power of its optimistic design., Since launching in mid-2021, UMA’s optimistic oracle has processed more than 10,000 data assertions for some of Web3’s leading projects. Best described as Web3’s decentralized truth machine, UMA takes any kind of verifiable data about the world and trustlessly records it on the blockchain. As the OO is flexible, UMA has successfully integrated a wide range of projects. The largest to date is oSnap, an Optimistic Snapshot Execution tool that enables trustless coordination for DAOs. But while oSnap has been a huge success, the OO has many other use cases. One of the most popular projects secured by UMA is Across Protocol, a cross-chain bridge that enables fast and cheap token transfers between Ethereum and Layer 2. In this piece kicking off our new UMA’s optimistic oracle unpacked series, we explain how the OO makes Across work. Notably, the OO went live at the height of crypto’s last bull market, yet its total value secured has held st...

Announcing oSnap v2: seamless DAO governance with Optimistic Snapshot Execution

Tldr; oSnap v2 is here. The revamped Optimistic Snapshot Execution tool introduces major user experience improvements that remove friction and make governance effortless for DAOs. — Key takeaways:. — oSnap v2 has launched, offering DAOs a practical governance solution that combines offchain Shapshot voting with trustless onchain execution., oSnap v2 delivers a refined UX with fixed parameters for fast deployment., The solution makes DAOs more decentralized and autonomous, removing the need for multisig transactions., Since launching in February 2023, oSnap has been helping some of Web3’s foremost DAOs embrace trustless governance. The UMA-secured solution uses Snapshot voting and Safe wallets to enable Optimistic Snapshot Execution, which allows DAOs to operate efficiently without foregoing decentralization. Today, we’re proud to announce a series of upgrades to the solution that will reinforce our mission to make DAOs more decentralized and autonomous. oSnap v2 introduces several user experience improvements that also increase security for DAOs. The biggest update of all is automated proposal execution. While oSnap has proven effective in removing trust in DAO governance, oSnap v2 makes the process smoother by removing manual execution altogether. — Automated onchain execution. — With oSnap v2, oSnap’s bot will automatically assert it to UMA as a transaction to be executed from the DAO Safe as...

CoW DAO has integrated oSnap

Tldr; CoW DAO, the DAO responsible for stewarding CoW Protocol and CoW Swap, now uses oSnap for Optimistic Snapshot Execution. CoW is the latest major Web3 DAO to commit to decentralization through oSnap, bringing the solution’s total value secured to $86 million. — Key takeaways:. — CoW DAO has deployed oSnap in a move to double down on decentralized governance., With oSnap, CoW DAO can operate in a trustless, efficient manner while saving on costs., After a series of major oSnap integrations throughout the year, CoW DAO’s launch brings oSnap’s total value secured to $86 million., Following a successful governance vote with 97% of participants voting in favor, CoW DAO has deployed oSnap to execute onchain voting decisions optimistically based on Snapshot voting outcomes. With the launch, CoW has joined a growing list of DAOs to use Optimistic Snapshot Execution for governance. CoW DAO stewards CoW Protocol, which powers the decentralized trading venue CoW Swap. CoW DAO members oversee CoW Protocol’s products, and they use a governance token called $COW to determine the future of those products. Of all CoW Protocol’s offerings, the project is best known for its MEV protecting decentralized exchange, CoW Swap, but it also has the more recent all-purpose MEV protection RPC, MEV Blocker. Since launching in early 2021, CoW Swap has become recognized as one of DeFi’s most boundary-pushing projects. CoW...

How oSnap makes DAOs more cost-efficient

Tldr; There are many costs associated with running DAOs, and governance can take up valuable resources. As oSnap optimizes for efficiency and transparency, it helps DAOs operate in a cost-effective manner. — Key takeaways:. — oSnap helps DAOs save on gas costs by using Snapshot’s gasless voting then trustlessly executing the results onchain., oSnap removes the need for multisigs to initiate governance transactions, allowing treasury payments and contract deployments to be made much faster., oSnap helps DAOs operate smarter and deliver more value for their members., DAOs offer many advantages over traditional centralized structures, but running them can be challenging. Coordinating at scale while maintaining decentralization is difficult — and often costly. Both DAO members and the organizations themselves can get burdened with these costs. oSnap, the UMA-powered solution that enables Optimistic Snapshot Execution, helps DAOs lower costs. oSnap uses Snapshot’s gasless voting mechanism with Safe wallets to help DAOs govern themselves without relying on centralized treasury management. It allows DAOs to get governance done efficiently in a trustless manner, something that ultimately makes them more cost-effective.oSnap helps DAOs maintain trustlessness and efficiency. It also makes DAOs more cost-efficient. — Leveraging Snapshot’s offchain voting. — When DAOs need to make a decision, the...

How intents can solve multi-chain DeFi composability

Tldr; DeFi composability breaks in a multi-chain world, and crypto is yet to find a perfect fix to the cross-chain interoperability problem. However, using intents to emulate atomic execution via third parties could be a solution. — Key takeaways:. — As crypto moves towards a world of multiple chains and Layer 2 scaling solutions, DeFi is becoming less composable since every chain has its own state., Arbitrary Messaging Bridges do not solve the cross-chain interoperability problem because they do not allow atomicity like single chain DeFi does., Using relayers to commit intents could make execution more atomic for the end user, but there are trade-offs., Editor’s note: This piece was written as an expanded version of a tweet storm authored by UMA co-founder Hart Lambur. In it, Lambur applies his experience in the traditional finance space to make the case that using third parties to fulfill intents could make multi-chain DeFi more composable. Read the original piece here. The crypto ecosystem is evolving fast. As DeFi expands and sophisticated MEV bots dominate Ethereum’s dark forest, many folks in the space have begun to embrace a new mental model: intents. In Ethereum’s early years, users would execute transactions. Whether you were sending ETH to your friend on mainnet, taking out a DAI loan, or trading DeFi tokens on Uniswap, you were always making a transaction. But as the ecosystem has grown, the ...

How UMA’s optimistic oracle resolves oSnap disputes

Tldr; oSnap is a solution to help DAOs optimistically execute governance proposals. A proposed transaction can be disputed before it gets executed on-chain. oSnap requires proposers and disputers to post bonds, which are used to ensure aligned behavior. This mechanism protects DAOs using oSnap from any invalid transactions going through. — Key takeaways:. — oSnap is an UMA-powered solution for DAOs to push the results of gasless Snapshot votes on-chain in a decentralized manner., DAO tokenholders can submit proposals by posting a bond, and anyone can raise a dispute by posting a bond. Disputes are resolved by $UMA tokenholder vote., oSnap is secured by game theory, with $UMA tokenholders incentivized to vote accurately., — An intro to oSnap. — oSnap is an UMA-powered solution that enables “Optimistic Snapshot Execution.” It uses Snapshot’s voting tool with Safe wallets to help DAOs execute governance proposals in a trustless manner. When DAOs use oSnap, any tokenholder can execute transactions on-chain once a proposal passes. This removes the need to trust privileged signers. When a DAO member makes an oSnap proposal, they must post a bond. Similarly, anyone who wants to dispute a proposal must post a bond. UMA’s game theory drives oSnap, as participants in the system are incentivized to act honestly when they make a proposal or dispute. If someone makes a bad proposal, they’ll lose their...

Build with UMA at ETHGlobal Paris | Tips for surviving your first hackathon

Tldr; ETHGlobal lands in Paris for another three-day hackathon from July 21–23, and UMA is sponsoring the event. UMA developers will be on the ground to assist builders and select the best entries for our $10,000 prize donation. Hackers can check our list of survival tips below. — Key takeaways:. — The ETHGlobal Paris hackathon is taking place from July 21–23, with UMA donating $10,000 to a prize pool worth $450,000., Hackers can prepare for the event by following our essential tips., UMA developers will also be attending the event to help teams build on UMA., It’s often said that hackathons are the lifeblood of the crypto ecosystem. For almost as long as Ethereum has existed, talented builders have come together around the world to connect with the community, grind out code, and present their ideas to the world. The Ethereum ecosystem is known for its developer-first culture, and hackathons sit at its core. Many of the ecosystem’s most vital projects came to life during intensive hacking sessions, and hackathons remain the best place to share new projects with like minded builders. Yet builders often run into the same issues when attending hackathons, or they simply don’t know how to get started. As an early Ethereum project and regular on the hackathon circuit, the UMA team is well positioned to offer a few handy tips. Ahead of the ETHGlobal Paris hackathon running from July 21–23, we’ve compi...

How oSnap solves common DAO issues

Tldr; Decentralized Autonomous Organizations could change the way humans coordinate forever, but the nascent ecosystem faces many challenges today. oSnap’s trustless governance solution solves some of the biggest ones DAOs need to overcome. — Key takeaways:. — While the DAO ecosystem shows huge promise, many DAOs face similar challenges., oSnap enables Optimistic Snapshot Execution, helping DAOs stay decentralized, efficient, transparent, and secure., Maintaining trustless governance via oSnap offers the DAO ecosystem a robust foundation to build on., Decentralized Autonomous Organizations are one of the crypto ecosystem’s most promising innovations. In allowing individuals to unite around a common purpose, DAOs could change the way communities, businesses, and other organizations coordinate on a global scale if they reach their potential. Yet the DAO ecosystem is still in the early stages of development in a burgeoning space. As DAOs navigate the path towards full scale decentralized governance, many of them face similar challenges. Among the biggest are executing voting outcomes on-chain while upholding decentralization, staying efficient, and maintaining security. oSnap was developed to address these issues. Powered by UMA’s optimistic oracle, oSnap uses Snapshot’s off-chain voting mechanism and Safe wallets to help DAOs execute the outcomes of governance proposals on-chain in a trustless manner. Whe...


Bakkt Partners With David Marcus' Lightspark to Bring UMA to the Lightni...

    Bakkt, the New York-based digital assets platform, has joined LightSpark as one of the first partners in a bid to offer Universal Money Address (UMA) for KYC-verified transactions on top of the Lightning Network for B2B clients. LightSpark is headed by CEO David Marcus, who was previously in charge of Meta's ambitious Diem project that never went live. Marcus's new company has launched a service to make fast transactions leveraging Bitcoin on scaling solution, the Lightning Network. Bakkt and Lightspark Unite for LN's UMA Integration According to the latest blog post, Lightspark unveiled the Universal Money Address (UMA) standard that combines human-readable Lightning Addresses with enhanced messaging and integration with the Lightning Network's payment rails to enable sending money as effortless as sending an email. It is open-source and available for anyone to use. The Bakkt team is excited to be one of the first partners of @lightspark planning to offer Universal Money Address (UMA) for KYC-verified transactions on top of the Lightning Network for B2B clients. — Bakkt (@Bakkt) October 23, 2023 In addition to Bakkt, infrastructure provider Zero Hash also plans to extend UMA solutions to their corporate clients. The move is expected to cater to businesses seeking to seamlessly integrate real-time, cost-effective, cross-border payment channels into their product offering. Additionally, and Xapo Bank will join Li... read More

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