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UGAS Price:
$55.8 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$109.0 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #UGAS today is $0.000635 USD.

The lowest UGAS price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.000635, and the current live price for one UGAS coin is $0.00063450.

The all-time high UGAS coin price was $0.29.

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The code for Ultrain crypto currency is #UGAS.

Ultrain is 4.4 years old.


The current market capitalization for Ultrain is $108,956.

Ultrain is ranking downwards to #1560 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is modest today for #UGAS.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Ultrain is $55,759.


The circulating supply of UGAS is 171,719,420 coins, which is 17% of the maximum coin supply.


UGAS is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


UGAS is available on at least one crypto currency exchange.

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Ultrain Monthly Report(2020.6.8–7.5)

Following is the monthly report on the progress of the project from Jun. 8th -Jul- 5th, which contains two items: project development progress and community dynamic update. It is for the community members to check. Thank you for your attention. — Technology Update from Ultrain (6/8–7/5) - Ultrain’s Core Technology 1) The design of signature multithreading verification scheme is completed, and the coding implementation is started to improve the system performance; 2) Complete the design and implementation of the automatic deployment of the home node of the Ubuntu version, and complete the deployment of the first machine; 3) The node certificate management tool adds the functions of national secret certificate generation, certificate freezing, unfreezing and revocation; 4) Improve the privacy protection function, and further optimize the realization of zero knowledge proof client function. Ultrain’s Ecosystem 1) The S.I.R platform has the functions of releasing commodity videos, putting them on the shelves regularly, and withdrawing cash from the shop assistants; 2) Support the blockchain game forceforfast online, and have completed a number of related business transaction orders on the hypersystem platform; 3) We have completed the function construction and online operation of the first phase of the blockchain enterprise service platform together with our partners. At present, we have settled in nearly 50 enter...

Technology Popularization|Application of state secret algorithm in Ultrain blockchain

Cryptography is the basis of blockchain, and a lot of cryptography algorithms are used in blockchain, including symmetric encryption, asymmetric encryption, one-way hash algorithm, digital signature and other technologies. In order to realize the independent control of cryptography technology, China has also defined its own national Cryptography Standards. In the “financial distributed ledger technology security specification” issued by the central bank in 2020, it is clearly required that domestic blockchain technology must support national cryptography algorithm. Ultrain blockchain has now completed the support for the national secret algorithm, which meets all the requirements of the central bank’s security specifications. This paper first introduces the basic concepts of symmetric encryption, asymmetric encryption and digital signature, then focuses on the elliptic curve cryptography technology in the asymmetric encryption algorithm, and finally expounds the application of the national encryption algorithm in the Ultrain blockchain. To solve the problem of poor signature verification performance of OpenSSL, Ultrain optimizes the implementation of the algorithm and achieves a performance improvement of 3–4 times. The relevant optimization code has been submitted to OpenSSL GitHub ( )。 01 Symmetric encryption and asymmetric encryption Symmetric cryptography is a way of using the same key when encrypti...

Ultrain Monthly Report(5/11–6/7)

Following is the monthly report on the progress of the project from May. 11th -Jun.7th, which contains two items: project development progress and community dynamic update. It is for the community members to check. Thank you for your attention. — Technology Update from Ultrain (5/11–6/7) - Ultrain’s Core Technology • Ultrain infrastructure 1) Complete the development of the Windows version of the family mining machine software, and implement the Windows 10 environment automation deployment tool to complete the internal test; 2) Node software adds on-chain data compression and encrypted storage, and increases data distributed storage mechanism support; 3) Improve the certificate system management tool to support encrypted authentication communication between nodes and between the client and the server. Ultrain’s Ecosystem 1) New functions of exporting merchant orders, customizing reward rules, intelligent display of user data and other functions have been released on the S.I.R platform and updated versions have been released; 2) The S.I.R system completes the product video, custom sharing copy and other function development, and enters the test stage; 3) Complete the construction and development of the blockchain enterprise service platform and data upload, and complete the development of related systems such as new marketing activities for blockchain games. Ultrain Developer Kit 1) Complete TypeScript refa...

One Article to Fully Understand the Ultrain Blockchain Certificate Management System

Cryptography technology is the cornerstone of information technology. Blockchain uses a lot of technological achievements of modern information security and cryptography, mainly including: hash algorithm, symmetric encryption, asymmetric encryption, digital signature, digital certificate and so on. The hash algorithm solves the problem of information integrity verification, the symmetric algorithm improves the efficiency of encryption operations, the asymmetric algorithm solves the problem of symmetric key transfer, and the digital certificate is endorsed by the public key owner, which solves the problem of the public key holder’s proof , PKI / CA system has formed a complete solution to solve information security, information confidentiality, integrity and non-repudiation. The current mainstream blockchain technology in China is called an open license chain. What is a license chain? It is the owner of all the nodes that make up the license chain. Their identities are authenticated, and they can only join the blockchain network after being authorized by the license. In this scenario, the network is open to authorized organizations or institutions, and there is a collaborative relationship between the participants on the chain, with an access mechanism. As a complete solution, the PKI / CA system can provide identity authentication certificates for each participant in the license chain to realize access control. It can be s...

How to reduce the cost of running a blockchain full node? There is a new light node solution here

With the operation of the blockchain network, the amount of node data is getting larger and larger, and the cost of running the full node of the blockchain is getting higher and higher. Now a full node of the blockchain, the amount of block data storage is often hundreds of G Up to T, on the one hand, it directly leads to a significant increase in the storage cost of the blockchain computer running the full node. If we want to run the blockchain node on a common PC, the ordinary PC is used for the light blockchain data. Most of the hard disk storage space is obviously difficult for people to receive; on the one hand, it also greatly limits the application scenarios of blockchain technology. Whether it is a mobile phone or an IoT device, it does not currently have the ability to load a few T storage hard disks. . In order to solve this problem, different blockchain platforms have proposed their own light node solutions, among which the typical ones are Bitcoin’s SPV scheme and Ethereum’s status verification scheme. However, there are certain deficiencies in these two schemes. The SPV scheme of Bitcoin can verify that the transaction has actually occurred, but it cannot verify the specific value of the account at a certain moment; the status verification scheme of Ethereum can verify that the transaction has occurred, and The specific value of the account can be verified at a certain moment, but because this scheme requires...

Ultrain Monthly Report(4.13–5.10)

Following is the monthly report on the progress of the project from Apr. 13th -May- 10th, which contains two items: project development progress and community dynamic update. It is for the community members to check. Thank you for your attention. — Technology Update from Ultrain (4/13–5/10) - Ultrain’s Core Technology 1) Complete the node code to support the development of the national secret algorithm switching function; 2) Complete the development and deployment test of the light node world state Merkel verification scheme code; 3) The performance of the OpenSSL national secret component SM2 is optimized, and the performance of verification is increased by 400%; 4) The system contract is increased to provide a new solution for large-volume lock-up; 5) Develop a new solution for the Windows version of the family mining machine; 6) The system adds a transaction signature verification preprocessing and caching mechanism, and the overall TPS of the system is increased by 30%. Ultrain’s Ecosystem 1) S.I.R. completes the development of the shop assistant activity and officially launches it; 2) A new version of the S.I.R Merchant is released in the background, with online fund management, commodity management, store opening assistance and other functions; 3) Complete the technical docking of the blockchain game stationed in the S.I.R system, and complete the preparation of the business online. Ultrain Develope...

Technological breakthrough | Adaptive dynamic networking method to improve the efficiency of…

Technological breakthrough | Adaptive dynamic networking method to improve the efficiency of blockchain consensus - On April 15th, Ultrain successfully completed the release of the “Adaptive Dynamic Networking” function according to the planning of the 2020 technology road map. One of our technical goals this year is to hope that through blockchain technology, we will focus on empowering fully competitive industries and helping them to establish low-cost mutual trust franchise business models. We envisage such a business scenario, a provincial catering alliance with 1,500 franchised stores with more than 20 catering brands in the province. They hope to achieve the exchange of catering consumption points within the alliance so that consumers can redeem within the brand points can be exchanged for use in more than twenty brands. In the traditional business environment, this kind of assumption is difficult to establish, because the points platform is generally built and controlled by the leader. Under traditional technical means, even if the leader shows how open and transparent, it is difficult for the affiliated companies to trust The platform does not violate the rules and secretly issues additional points, because this is an act that can directly bring benefits to the leader, and it is difficult for the leader to prove himself innocent here. We can solve this problem with Ultrain blockchain technology. We ca...

Ultrain Monthly Report(03/16–04/12)

Following is the monthly report on the progress of the project from Mar. 16th -Apr. 12th, which contains two items: project development progress and community dynamic update. It is for the community members to check. Thank you for your attention. — Technology Update from Ultrain (3/16–4/12) - Ultrain’s Core Technology 1) According to the Central Bank’s “Financial Distributed Ledger Technical Security Specification” compliance check and improve the node code; 2) The node code adds national secret algorithm support to the transaction account; 3) Establish an on-chain data table to support miners’ daily reward data on-chain storage; 4) Optimize the historical data query code and improve the browser query response speed; 5) Calculate the Merkel tree hash of the world state change data to provide world state data verification. Ultrain’s Ecosystem 1) A new version of the user relationship diagram, store settings and other functions are launched on the backstage of the merchant, which completes the development of funds management, product management, store opening help and other pages, and is scheduled to go online at the end of April; 2) The new version of the Hyper-physical APP is launched, optimizing the rich text display on the product detail page, optimizing the homepage effect and other functions; 3) Optimize the merchant entry process, complete function development such as shop reward activities and...

The State of the Global Blockchain Industry under Corona Virus Panic

Just over half this week, it is already a “black week.” Affected by the new Corona-19 Virus epidemic, the Federal Reserve’s emergency interest rate cuts and other factors, the global financial market continued to be volatile. After March 9th and March 12th, on March 16th, U.S. stocks melted down again, and major global stock markets fell. As a result, People joked: “Recalling the last meltdown in the history of U.S. stocks, it seemed like a few days ago.” Correspondingly, the previous market situation of the blockchain market is also a cloud of misery, and the trend of continuous decline has made many investors discouraged. However, looking back at the history of human society, “peril” and “opportunity” always coexist. The shortcomings exposed by the epidemic prevention and control are obvious. In fact, the problems of transparent donation information, traceability of items, and privacy protection are actually forcing the accelerated development of big data, blockchain technology, and artificial intelligence. China is undoubtedly at the forefront of this point. As early as February, Alipay officially launched an epidemic prevention material information service platform, which is different from other material information platforms. This platform uses ant blockchain technology and is led by the Zhejiang Provincial Health Construction Commission and the Economic and Information Bureau. Information on supply, tr...

Ultrain Bi-Weekly Report(12/30–1/12)

Following is the biweekly report on the progress of the project from Dec. 30th -Jan. 12th, which contains two items: project development progress and community dynamic update. It is for the community members to check. Thank you for your attention. — Technology Update from Ultrain (12/30–1/12) - Ultrain’s Core Technology 1) Separate and restructure the resource contract and system contract, and complete the renewal of resources on the merchant chain; 2) Organize and perfect the state of the world, multi-chain and resource management design documents and release them to the outside world. Ultrain’s Ecosystem 1) Complete the automated test functions of ultrain-ts-lib and ultrascript on the testnet pioneer chain; 2) Improve the static check ability of contract code, develop and write tslint for contract; 3) S.I.R. platform completes the development of functions such as return and exchange, verification of graphic sensitive words, custom store homepage, etc .; completes the development of price protection system, and enters the online testing phase; 4) S.I.R.-Apps and Mini Programs have completed the development of new versions, adding functions such as store / product recommendation, product preview and sharing. Ultrain Developer Kit 1) Update UltrainOne to V2.6.1, launch UGAS red envelope, support sending UGAS red envelope through UltrainOne and share directly to WeChat friends; 2) UltrainOne added several ...

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