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Unido EP  


UDO Price:
$34.3 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$695.8 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #UDO today is $0.012 USD.

The lowest UDO price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.012, and the current live price for one UDO coin is $0.01151.

The all-time high UDO coin price was $1.04.

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The code for Unido EP crypto currency is #UDO.

Unido EP is 1.6 years old.


The current market capitalization for Unido EP is $695,782.

Unido EP is ranked #908, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is modest during the past 24 hours for #UDO.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Unido EP is $34,261.


The circulating supply of UDO is 60,469,934 coins, which is 53% of the maximum coin supply.


UDO is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 1 other blockchain.

See list of the UDO Blockchain contracts with 2 different blockchains.


UDO has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 4 pairings and is listed on at least 2 crypto exchanges.

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Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #UDO, and you can view them on our UDO disambiguation page.



The UDO Token was Added to Coinbase Custody

On September 16th the UDO token was added to Coinbase Custody. This is a huge milestone for the project and validation for our vision. We know that the markets are not giving the best news, but it’s at times like this when building foundations is important. Here while most people will focus on prices, we are concentrating on creating the best product for the future of crypto. The possibilities are endless and we are seeing the first fruits of the work put into the Unido EP platform. — What’s Coinbase Custody? - Coinbase Custody aims to provide institutions and companies that want to acquire cryptocurrencies with an interface to do so. Coinbase Custody provides this service to its institutional clients and the tokens listed there are compatible with the Coinbase crypto wallet. Coinbase Custody is not for the general public nor is it open to them. This is because the service requires a minimum balance of 10 million USD, it charges 100,000 USD as a setup fee, and a monthly fee of 10 basis points. Their main focus is to provide them with access to audit trails, withdrawal limits, and support for multiple signers. In this way, these institutional investors can conform to existing regulations and financial best practices. The platform provides phone support to institutions that want to confirm fund transfers and other account changes. — Why is this important for UDO? - First, UDO is now added to one of the larges...

Why diversification matters in SMSFs?

Nowadays, cryptocurrencies are getting more appealing to self-managed super funds (SMSF) as they are observed as an alternative to more traditional stores of value. However, when talking about setting up your portfolio with crypto, experts advise sticking to the most common cryptos such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. According to one of the most famous financial advisors, Suze Orman, you should consider crypto a high-risk asset class in your portfolio but it shouldn’t exceed 5%. Because of the considerable volatility of cryptocurrencies, you have to ensure you are okay with the insecurity that comes along. Orman has an even more straightforward way to explain the percentage of crypto in your portfolio: “It depends on how much money you are willing to lose.” Be it as it may, there are certain essential things one should follow in order to maximally protect investments. One of them is diversification. According to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), one needs to “have regard for diversification” with the SMSF investment strategy. A few years ago, the ATO sent, written precautions to numerous SMSFs claiming approximately 90% of their assets were in only one asset (usually real estate but a small number held crypto as well). The thing is, when your portfolio is comprised mostly (and especially if it’s over 90%) of one type of asset, the auditors become suspicious and start asking some complicated-to-answer questions and ...

Crypto Custody for Gamers

The crypto gaming market is growing rapidly. It’s one of the most dynamic sectors as it pulls from both NFTs and Defi. NFTs serve as the foundation for many of the in-game items powering all of these games. While DeFi is becoming the way payments are processed by these new types of games. By combining two of the biggest strengths of blockchain technology, gaming is becoming a new growth driver and engine of adoption. For example, in a survey by the Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX), 62% of gamers answered they would be more likely to invest in digital assets if they were transferable between games. Something that can only be achieved via NFTs, and a distributed ledger. Additionally, 84% of developers also showed interest in this type of capability. The blockchain has expanded an impressive 2,000% since mid 2020, according to the Blockchain Game Alliance report published in January 2022. The report states that $2.5 billion of investments for the blockchain gaming space have been added at the end of 2021. The overall blockchain investment has been 4 billion during the same period. The blockchain gaming industry grew to an estimated $3 billion in total during 2021. By 2025 some place its value at $39.7 billion. At that point, it’ll be the third largest sector in the entire blockchain industry. All this means that there will be a considerable increase in crypto game assets. This in turn, will drive the onboarding of many gamers...

Why would SMSFs benefit from a multi-sig wallet?

Self-managed super funds have very particular needs when it comes to crypto. As a type of financial institution there are financial reports and other tax-related information that has to be provided to authorities. In the event of failing to comply with them there can be serious repercussions. The chain of custody for assets is especially important. Even though a SMSF can only have five members or less, it can still be very difficult to track. Additionally, members can assign a trustee, so that number can multiply and make it even more complicated. Asset management has a peculiarity in blockchain, and we’ll discuss it in this article. — How do blockchain transactions work? - In blockchain technology control of the assets is delegated to the private key. This private key is a long string of hexadecimal numbers that is used to authorize any transaction. To do that, the private key encrypts the hash of the information contained in the transaction to create a digital signature. This digital signature then is validated by the nodes of the blockchain network. If the digital signature is absent, or someone changed the transaction’s information, then the token transfer is not processed. That makes the private key the most important aspect of ownership and custody of crypto assets. If the private key is lost, compromised, stolen, or for some reason not accessible to the owner of the wallet then the funds can be locked foreve...

Crypto divorce — better safe than sorry — what is Unido’s best advice for couples?

Crypto divorce — better safe than sorry — what is Unido’s best advice for couples? - Break ups are never easy, especially if you’ve lived with your partner for an extended period. Things can get pretty ugly if kids, pets, or maybe real estate are involved. Still, there are social services who deal with such (unpleasant) situations. There are courts to decide on child custody, alimony and the division of (the rest of the) property. But what if among the assets are also cryptocurrencies? What if the couple had a joint ledger or, what if one partner wanted to hide the fact they were investing in crypto? The latter is nowadays considered to be an increasingly common problem, especially when it comes to divorce. What once was money hidden under the mattress, a secret bank account in the Caymans — now becomes a hidden crypto wallet. A lot of times, one partner is fully unaware of the other partner’s crypto account existence or is unfamiliar with its possible worth. However, try not to panic, and let’s not suspiciously look at all the USB sticks hanging around your apartment. Most people use mainstream platforms such as Coinbase or Binance to invest in crypto. In most cases, cryptos can be trailed and found. Studies have shown that over 46 million Americans are mulling buying crypto in the next year. The crypto market values grew to a record $2 trillion in April, that just might be alluring more partners...

How to Choose the Right Crypto Custody Solutions

Over the past few years, retail and institutional investors have had access to an increasing number of quality providers in the crypto custody space. Hardware wallets have traditionally been recommended as secure options for people looking to store their digital assets. However, with the risks around individuals losing access to hardware wallet funds due to corruption or human error, many crypto custody providers have innovated, creating services to securely store digital funds with easy-to-use interfaces. The value of crypto assets is growing annually and investors are expecting to store and take custody of their digital assets in a secure manner. This article will show you what to look out for when searching for a crypto custody provider so you can find one that suits you and your needs. — What is a crypto custody provider? - Rather than storing crypto in cold storage on a hardware wallet, many are turning to trusted crypto custody providers to store their digital assets. Crypto custody providers specialize in securely holding digital assets such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Polkadot (DOT), and stable coins (USDC and USDT). With the rise in cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, FTX, Gemini, Kraken, Swyftx and CoinSpot, all crypto on these exchanges is held with a corresponding custody provider. There has also been recent legislation passed within certain US states allowing traditional financial service ...

Creator Coins feat. Kassandra Kuehl from Seed Coin

In this episode, Kassandra Kuehl, CEO of Evoq Beauty & Beauty Ecology Organic Salon at Beauty Ecology and COO of Unido, Michael Swan talk about Creator Economy, Web 3 and usage of blockchain within different sectors. During her career and own healing journey, Kassandra discovered that the brain operates like a motherboard, and when a person’s brain is free of past trauma and limiting beliefs — it can function at optimal health and is in balance, the rest of one’s body and life is able to fall into balance. Kassandra is a Point of Origin igniter, wealth ecosystem cultivator, VR hypnotherapist, biofeedback, and the tokenized community wealth creator She’s creating a movement for entrepreneurs to no longer sacrifice physical and mental health on the altar and create greener pasture with the Growth Guild Community — which is a tokenized community that is fused with the $SEED COIN that is the currency to help pioneers bridge from entrepreneur 4.0 to 5.0 — coming back to our point of origin so “we can go from trance to transcendence through ground-breaking, quantum energy and subconscious brain integrations with her Neuro-Nature Group Hypnotherapy Session”. — Connect with Kassandra - LinkedIn: Twitter: Kassandra (@kassandra_eth) / Twitter — Show highlights - 12:48 — I think there’s a lot of confusion surrounding the difference between creator coins and NFTs. So ...

Top 5 Defi Crypto Platforms

Many industry experts predict that DeFi will disrupt the SME finance space within the next few years. Already, DeFi platforms have experienced rapid growth in the past few years and their utility for businesses is only just being realized. In this new market, there are thousands of projects across the different blockchains. All are competing for user share and to add new capabilities to the industry. In this article, we’ll go over five Defi platforms and look at what they have on offer for SMEs. — 1. Synthetix - Synthetix is one of the most innovative platforms in the blockchain industry. It allows for the creation of synthetic assets, basically assets that mirror the price of a financial instrument outside the blockchain. By doing this, users and businesses from all over the world can buy securities that are hosted on Web3. Platform users create the synthetic assets themselves. This opens the door for anyone who wants to create a crypto market for any asset on the planet. It’s been one of the great success stories of the Defi revolution and will likely continue to grow in the future. Our Take: Synthetix is the one place in the crypto industry where markets for assets can be created. Crypto derivatives are also growing as an option for investment as crypto projects lean in to the regulated derivatives market. — 2. Raydium - Launched in February 2021, Raydium is one of the most used decentralized exchanges on...

What is Yield Farming and how is APY calculated?

During the Defi (Decentralized Finance) Summer of 2020, yield farming gained immense popularity with crypto participants rushing to become “yield farmers.” While various tokens and platforms came and went, many major DeFi protocols we now know and love launched during this Defi frenzy in mid-2020. Compound, Yearn and Uniswap are DeFi protocols that rewarded early adopters with retrospective airdrops, giving users free tokens as a thank you for being first to use the protocol, while also encouraging the next phase of the platform’s growth with liquidity mining programs. If you’re an enterprise or SME wanting to get started in the crypto space or looking to earn a yield on digital assets, yield farming through DeFi platforms can generate substantial APY compared to traditional savings methods. It’s also crucial to identify genuine opportunities available versus those that can turn out to be too good to be true. This article breaks down the crypto jargon around yield farming, liquidity mining, the differences between APY versus APR and what it means to stake your digital tokens for rewards. — What is liquidity mining? - As projects battle for users and market share, a common launch strategy from many DeFi platforms has been to offer liquidity mining. In a nutshell, liquidity mining encourages users to deposit their crypto onto the platform, rewarding them with a high APY (sometimes >100% per year). Liquidity...

How crypto can make housing affordable feat. Nick Shewring from Wonderlife

Nick Shewring is aspiring to replace the AirBnB phenonemon with the Wonderlife phenomenon, only rather than inflating the housing market, Wonderlife is aimed at making housing and coworking more accessible and egalitarian than ever before and it’s all possible thanks to blockchain technology and derivitive tokens. In this episode, Nick Shewring talks to Michael Swan about how Wonderlife is addressing the need for affordable housing and co-working spaces through tokenization. By being focused on addressing the affordable living crisis via a new token-based model that offers rent to co-own property returns, Wonderlife provides a connected lifestyle, affordable living, and an accessible way to invest in property. Listen to this episode to learn how blockchain technology is set to revolutionize how we live and work. — About Nick Shewring - Nick is the co-founder of new Web 3 startup Wonderlife and former co-founder of New Zealand coworking startup, Biz Dojo, the country’s largest networking and startup hub imagined as a space to nurture collaboration and connection with other entrepreneurs and changemakers. After exiting Biz Dojo, Nick moved to Australia to make a positive impact on the water sector in his work with WaterStart and later GHD’s first online community for water utilities (AquaLAB), where he sought to connect water tech startups with funding and end customers. Nick’s latest venture, Wonderl...


Unido EP: Enterprise-Grade Digital Asset Management, for Everyone

    PRESS RELEASE. Since the last product offering comparison with Fireblocks, Unido has now successfully launched the EP self-custody multi-wallet, powered by Multi Party Computation (MPC) technology. Unido EP represents a first to market for a fully decentralized, distributed private key management solution, which is packaged in a lightweight turnkey DApp (available on Appstore and Google Play) and web dashboard. Given Fireblocks remains Unido's only true distributed key signing engine competitor, we have chosen Fireblocks to analyze again, this time from a market positioning perspective. Fireblocks vs. Unido Fireblocks was founded in 2018 as an end-to-end blockchain security platform that protects, stores and transfers digital assets to the blockchain/s while using Multi-Party Computation (MPC). Fireblocks is an enterprise-grade solution that allows customers to transfer assets across exchanges, custodians and wallets securely using MPC & patent-pending chip isolation technology to secure the private keys. The system also uses API credentials to eliminate the need for deposit addresses. Unido's parent company, PAC Blockchain & Digital Advisory (over 10 years old), identified the crypto custodial problem back in 2017, and began development on a multisig wallet that is usable on any blockchain. Since then, Unido has produced a patented enterprise-grade, secure digital asset platform built to handle crypto transactions, enabling individuals and enterprises to seamlessly manage th... read More

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