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UBT Price:
$100.3 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$20.9 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #UBT today is $0.14 USD.

The lowest UBT price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.140, and the exact current price of one UBT crypto coin is $0.13989.

The all-time high UBT coin price was $4.40.

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The code for Unibright crypto currency is #UBT.

Unibright is 4.3 years old.


The current market capitalization for Unibright is $20,886,276.

Unibright is ranking upwards to #435 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a medium volume of trading today on #UBT.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Unibright is $100,323.


The circulating supply of UBT is 149,300,000 coins, which is 100% of the maximum coin supply.


UBT is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 2 other blockchains.

See list of the UBT Blockchain contracts with 3 different blockchains.


UBT is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Baseledger Mainnet — 4 weeks after the launch

Baseledger Mainnet — 4 weeks after the launch On March 29, 2022 the Baseledger Mainnet went live! In this blog post we have a look on the first 4 weeks of production. About a month ago Baseledger went live — we are proud and happy that the network is running since then without any issues or downtimes. More and more validators are joining, some of which even offer various proxy-staking solutions. We see an increasing load of transactions being processed on Baseledger every day already — which is awesome given that the network is live only a few weeks. Baseledger is an outstanding addition to the UBT utility token and a prime solution for enterprises use cases looking to synchronize business processes in a limited- or zero-knowledge environment. Baseledger has been built in a decentralized, open and inclusive way, so that everyone can join, contribute to and use the network. There is no vendor lock-in. No single entity (including Unibright) can control, take down or manipulate the network. And no one is able to “see” who is using the network in which way. Everyone is free to spin up a node, buy work tokens with UBT and start using Baseledger instantly. The whole idea behind Baseledger (and baselined processes) is to be a decentralized ecosystem for enterprises that want to have blockchain for their enterprise integration processes:They want it to be reliable and secure from the tech side.They want a cert...

Unibright presents study on the “Usage of the Baseline Pattern at European Investment Fund”

Unibright conducted an internal workshop with EIF representatives and decision makers in March 2021 and has been commissioned to deliver a feasibility study. This study on “Usage of the Baseline Pattern at European Investment Fund” is now published. The presented study examines the use of concepts and models of the Baseline Protocol in the context of the introduction of an EU-wide Intermediated Financing Platform at the European Investment Fund. The individual basic concepts of the Baseline Protocol are presented and evaluated for their applicability to the given application. The study can be downloaded here: The authors of the study recommend the introduction of the Baseline Patterns and concepts in the design phase of the EIF Intermediated Financing Platform. A proof of concept including a sample implementation using Baseledger and the Baseledger Proxy secure the assessments. Ewen McMillan, Head of Corporate Strategic Development at European Investment Fund (EIF) states:“We are pleased that Unibright have chosen to undertake this study. At EIF, it can be expected to feed into our thinking as we consider design and technology aspects of the digital transformation of our business that we are embarking on. Part of the attraction of ‘baselining’ for us is its simplicity and general application to repetitive multi-party workflows, without replacing or influ...

Freequity Update: NFT, Meta(l)verse, AI Music and Baseledger

Since 2019, we have been offering Unibright Freequity, our 360° tokenization and DeFi platform. With Unibright Ventures, we are now part of the joint-venture “Metalverse”, which brings AI generated metal and rock music into the world of NFTs. This blog post sums up the recent developments, which directly find their way into Freequity and Baseledger.NFTs and Freequity NFTs are a natural part of Freequity, as a potential output of our code-generated token issuing. With NFTs, it is even more important to optimize the code of the smart contract representing the non-fungible token in terms ofgas costs for creation, minting and transfer,security in the minting-process,additional features that represent the utility of the NFT (is it a ticket? a voucher? a representation of copyrights?)proper integration into platforms and marketplaces. Our code generation tools (which also are used in the Unibright Framework) have been extended to enable NFT smart contract generation of ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards. Also, the integration of media production tools is vital when generating larger sets of NFT collections. The Freequity code generation engine now includes interfaces and integrations with the Adobe Creative Cloud (with products like Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects) and with Media Production Systems like Steinberg Nuendo and ProTools.Unibright and AI Music: NFTs in the Metalverse With Unibright Ventures, we participate in ...

Baseledger Mainnet is live!

March 29, 2022 — after 2 years of hard buidl work, Unibright is happy to announce that the Baseledger Mainnet is officially live! Watch Unibright Founders Marten Jung & Stefan Schmidt talk about the Baseledger journey in an exclusive interview with Nicolas Merten aka DataDash. After nearly 2 years of development, the ecosystem around Baseledger has reached production level! Baseledger Mainnet is now live! Nicholas Merten aka DataDash has accompanied the Unibright journey from the very beginning as one of our first advisors. Unibright founders Marten Jung and Stefan Schmidt were happy to answer all questions around the Baseledger Mainnet launch in an exclusive interview: The Baseledger Mainnet went live with the first validator set. You can have a look at the Mainnet evolving further by using the block explorer at and read the docs and how-tos at The main integration tool Baseledger Proxy, offering all tools needed for a Baseline compliant synchronization has been open sourced and published on GitHub. concircle’s SAP connector conUBC, has already been certified by SAP and is ready to use. Last week, council member SPO Consulting GmbH was the first validator to present an active proxy-staking pool on Gysr for UBT and Unibright donated 100,000 UBT as staking rewards. There is already a set of products and servi...

Mainnet launching: Unibright donates 100,000 UBT to first Baseledger proxy staking pool

Baseledger, the council-governed Blockchain for Enterprises, has been developed by Unibright in the last 2 years. Close to the official Mainnet launch, Unibright donates 100,000 UBT to the first proxy-staking pool of a Baseledger validator. Official launch will be Tuesday, March 29! After nearly 2 years of development, the ecosystem around Baseledger has reached production level. The Mainnet is already live with the first validators onboarded. The validator set will grow over the next days, weeks and months — you can have a look at the Mainnet evolving by using the block explorer at The official launch of the Baseledger Mainnet is planned for Tuesday, March 29, accompanied with a larger update on documentation material and an exclusive interview with Unibright founders Marten Jung and Stefan Schmidt with great news and insights. Alongside the Mainnet, there are many adjacent components and offerings, like the main integration tool Baseledger Proxy (offering all tools needed for a Baseline compliant synchronization), which was open-sourced recently, concircle’s certified SAP connector conUBC, and more tools and offerings from council members and validators as described in recent developer updates. One vital part of Baseledger is the possibility for validators to offer proxy-staking. In the spirit of the desired decentralization, Unibright encourages validators to offer dif...

Baseledger Proxy open-sourced!

March 22, 2022 — The Unibright team decided to open source the Baseledger Proxy! First developed in 2021, Baseledger Proxy has already been used in client projects, studies, and Baseline related improvement proposal projects like the BLIP-1 group with members of SAP, TU Wien, and others. The Baseledger Proxy was originally developed in 2021 by developers from Unibright, concircle, Finspot and Lakewood Consulting — for the first Baseledger/ SAP end-to-end demos presented by concircle. The proxy includes all the necessary components to set up a Baseline compliant process, like workgroup setup, off-chain messaging, multi-party-approval workflow management and Baseledger connection. The Baseledger Proxy is designed in an open and extendable manner, to support different zero- and limited-knowledge-proof implementations, for example Baseledger TrustMesh. A seamless integration with SAP connector conUBC and with Baseledger comes out-of-the-box, but the proxy can also connect to other systems of record and could also be used to drop proofs on other consensus-controlled state machines. Baseledger Proxy is the only component needed for enterprise customers to baseline their processes and integrate all involved systems to a blockchain like Baseledger, without any vendor-lock-in. During the Baseledger Lakewood Testnet phase (and while preparing for the upcoming Baseledger Mainnet launch) the proxy has been used in various imp...

Unibright’s 2021 Recap and 2022 Outlook

2021 has been a very eventful year for us at Unibright. Working in the enterprise blockchain space since 2017, 2021 clearly showed how technology, projects, parties and initiatives we have been working with are coming together. The main result of that development is definitely Baseledger, our biggest achievement in 2021 and also the major task for the months to come. We want to have a short recap and an outlook on 2022.2021 recap 1In Q1 2021, we presented the Freequity Integration into Hedera’s Tokenization Service. Our DeFi components and solutions play an even bigger role if you look at them in the context of Baseline, where tokenized assets can be a direct outcome of baselined processes, for example in tokenized invoices. To ensure the availability of Baseline concepts for enterprise usage, we presented Baseledger, our own blockchain for Baselining, using UBT as the Universal Business Token. 2In Q2 2021, we focused on what we are best at: Buidling, Buidling, Buidling. Our developer team built Baseledger with usage of the Cosmos SDK, on top of a Tendermint consensus layer. The development included the blockchain layer, proxy layers to connect ERP systems to Baseledger, visual monitoring components like the Baseledger Explorer and also our own, dedicated synchronization tools like TrustMesh. 3In Q3 2021, we opened our Benelux office, to be closer to many potential clients looking for supply chain optimization and to Europ...

Baseledger: Governance Council and Developer Documentation

In September, we announced the launch of Baseledger, our Blockchain for Baselining. In November, we shared a development update around the Baseledger Lakewood Testnet. In this blog post, we want to summarize the latest achievements, which we presented at the Baseline Show on Dec 8.Baseledger Governance Council For an enterprise grade solution, the decision making, the documentation of these decisions, and the report on any progress on development side should also be professional and as decentralized as UBT as a token already is. This is the reason we officially founded the Baseledger Governance Council ( The decision for this structure has happened in communication between Unibright and German Regulators, for example to ensure that the UBT token model is properly applied, future proof and compliant. The tasks for the council members governing Baseledger include assessing, negotiating and voting on the governance rules, running nodes, appointing other parties to run nodes and representing the Baseledger network. The council members work on adjusting the overall rules and conditions of the network if necessary, work jointly on the core-software (along with the public source community), manage network pricing, drive customer on-boarding, and work on a flexible path to ensure regulatory compliance. We are happy to welcome Consensys Mesh, Concircle, Finspot, SPO, Iconic Holding, Unibright Benelux, Lakewood C...

Baseledger: Testnet Operation Update. Development Success and Next Steps

In September, we announced the launch of Baseledger, our Blockchain for Baselining. The Baseledger Testnet “Lakewood” is up and running with 100% uptime for 3 months now, and we are happy to present our first findings and some decisions on the path to a Mainnet launch in Q1 2022 in this blog post.What happened at EthAtlanta? To sum it up: Baseledger Testnet operation is going great! EthAtlanta 2021, which took place on the first weekend of October, was all about Baselining and Baseledger. Our Keynote was titled “Baseledger at Work — Enterprise scale Baselining, powered by UBT”. We presented the idea behind the Baseline Pattern and two concepts used in our Baseledger Implementation:TrustMesh. A multi-dimensional graph representing a workflow of exchanged business objects, their workstep and version history and the multi-party-approvals and -rejections of the participants.SyncTree. A very efficient and resource friendly alternative to classical Zero-Knowledge-Proofs: a “Limited-Knowledge-Proof” enabling constraint checks for third parties (like regulators or controlling institutions) by using masked merkle trees. Using the recently SAP certified conUBC package, Stefan Rauch of concircle showcased a SAP to SAP synchronization using TrustMesh and SyncTree and storing Proofs on Baseledger: These demos were presented on the Baseledger Lakewood Testn...

Unibright’s and concircle’s SAP Connector conUBC officially SAP certified

Unibright partner concircle launched “conUBC”, a SAP-certified “out of the box” solution to connect individual “Blockchain as a Service” processes with SAP systems. conUBC is one of the materialized products that evolved out of the Unibright Connector and offers native Baseledger connection already now. In 2018, Unibright showed the first version of its Unibright Connector (one component of the Unibright Framework), which enhanced an existing, productive integration platform by blockchain connection capabilities. When partnering with concircle in 2020, the Unibright Connector was merged with concircle’s workflow solution conFlow and resulted in conUBC. conUBC was now officially certified by SAP and can be easily installed and used by all SAP clients worldwide through the SAP certified solution directory. conUBC drives and enables the digitalization of processes and gives mobile access to critical or “fast-moving” processes. The underlying workflows are highly automated and easy to create, directly in SAP. Configuration, visual monitoring, and mapping can be maintained easily within SAP, without the need to ever leave the common user interface. conUBC leaves a “near-no” footprint in the SAP systems and needs no other architectural components. Already now, conUBC offers a native connectivity to Baseledger and to the Baseline-as-a-Service stack of Unibright partner Provide. It is the easiest and production...


Mainnet for enterprise-focused blockchain network Baseledger is now live

    The team of Unibright, creators of a framework for blockchain-based business integration, announced today that after nearly 2 years of development, the mainnet for Baseledger, a public-permissioned, council-governed network for a variety of enterprise blockchain use-cases is now live. Baseledger Proxy, the main integration tool which offers all tools needed for a Baseline compliant synchronization has been open-sourced and published on GitHub. concircle’s SAP connector conUBC has already been certified by SAP and is ready to use. Last week, council member SPO Consulting GmbH was the first validator to present an active proxy-staking pool on Gysr for UBT and Unibright donated 100,000 UBT as staking rewards. The Baseledger mainnet went live with the first validator set. Users can check out the evolution of the mainnet by using the block explorer at and read the docs at UBT Token UBT is the token for Baseledger, which is staked by validators to reserve the right to do work on the network (node operation and validation). At the same time, the token acts as a payment mechanism for users that want to drop proofs via Baseledger transactions. This model has the potential to support the distinction between and properly address both the enterprise audience (interested in Software-as-a-Service with a classic fiat payment model) and the cryptocurrency audience (interested in holding and staking... read More

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