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TRX Price:
$0.3 B
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$5.6 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #TRX today is $0.06 USD.

The lowest TRX price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.061, and the exact current price of one TRX crypto coin is $0.06117.

The all-time high TRX coin price was $0.29.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of TRX with market cap of ETH and how the supply affects the price of TRX at different market capitalizations.


The code for TRON is #TRX.

TRON is 5 years old.


The current market capitalization for TRON is $5,648,947,525.

TRON is ranked #15 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is very large today for #TRX.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for TRON is $332,519,563.


The circulating supply of TRX is 92,343,590,438 coins, which is 100% of the total coin supply.

TRON has a relatively large supply of coins, 760 times larger than Ethereum's supply, as an example.


TRX is well integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 90 crypto exchanges.

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TRON Weekly Report 9.19–9.25 International Version

14 languages supported: Arabic, Dutch, English, French,German, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Vietnamese. — Arabic. — — Dutch. — — English. — — French. — — German. — — Hindi. — — Korean. — — Japanese. — — Russian. — — Spanish. — — Simplified Chinese. — — Traditional Chinese. — — Turkish. — — Vietnamese.

TRON Weekly Report 8.29–9.04 International Version

14 languages supported: Arabic, Dutch, English, French,German, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Vietnamese. — Arabic. — — Dutch. — — English. — — French. — — German. — — Hindi. — — Korean. — — Japanese. — — Russian. — — Spanish. — — Simplified Chinese. — — Traditional Chinese. — — Turkish. — — Vietnamese.

TRON Weekly Report 8.22–8.28 International Version

14 languages supported: Arabic, Dutch, English, French,German, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Vietnamese. — Arabic. — — Dutch. — — English. — — French. — — German. — — Hindi. — — Korean. — — Japanese. — — Russian. — — Spanish. — — Simplified Chinese. — — Traditional Chinese. — — Turkish. — — Vietnamese.

TRON Weekly Report 8.15–8.21 International Version

14 languages supported: Arabic, Dutch, English, French,German, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Vietnamese. — Arabic. — — Dutch. — — English. — — French. — — German. — — Hindi. — — Japanese. — — Korean. — — Russian. — — Spanish. — — Simplified Chinese. — — Traditional Chinese. — — Turkish. — — Vietnamese.

TRON Weekly Report 8.08–8.14 International Version

14 languages supported: Arabic, Dutch, English, French,German, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Vietnamese. — Arabic. — — Dutch. — — English. — — French. — — German. — — Hindi. — — Japanese. — — Korean. — — Russian. — — Spanish. — — Simplified Chinese. — — Traditional Chinese. — — Turkish. — — Vietnamese.

TRON Weekly Report 8.01–8.07 International Version

14 languages supported: Arabic, Dutch, English, French,German, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Vietnamese. — Arabic. — — Dutch. — — English. — — French. — — German. — — Hindi. — — Japanese. — — Korean. — — Russian. — — Spanish. — — Simplified Chinese. — — Traditional Chinese. — — Turkish. — — Vietnamese.

TRON Weekly Report 7.25–7.31 International Version

14 languages supported: Arabic, Dutch, English, French,German, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Vietnamese. — Arabic. — — Dutch. — — English. — — French. — — German. — — Hindi. — — Japanese. — — Korean. — — Russian. — — Spanish. — — Simplified Chinese. — — Traditional Chinese. — — Turkish. — — Vietnamese.

TRON Weekly Report 7.18–7.24 International Version

14 languages supported: Arabic, Dutch, English, French,German, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Vietnamese. — Arabic. — — Dutch. — — English. — — French. — — German. — — Hindi. — — Japanese. — — Korean. — — Russian. — — Spanish. — — Simplified Chinese. — — Traditional Chinese. — — Turkish. — — Vietnamese.

TRON Weekly Report 7.11–7.17 International Version

14 languages supported: Arabic, Dutch, English, French,German, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Vietnamese. — Arabic. — — Dutch. — — English. — — French. — — German. — — Hindi. — — Japanese. — — Korean. — — Russian. — — Spanish. — — Simplified Chinese. — — Traditional Chinese. — — Turkish. — — Vietnamese.

TRON 101| What Does “Non-Fungible” Mean in Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)?

May 31, 2022, witnessed the fourth anniversary of the launch of TRON’s MainNet. Since then, TRON has been on a fast track with its full-fledged ecosystem leading the way in DeFi, NFT, Web3, the metaverse, GameFi, and stablecoin. The rapid expansion is also reflected by its surging metrics. TRON now hosts over 103 million users, with upwards of $12.9 billion in total value locked (TVL), and more than 3.5 billion transactions, making it one of the top 3 public chains worldwide. While TRON prospers, the industry evolves. To engage with the TRON ecosystem, it is imperative to put your finger on the pulse of the industry and gain expertise in trending fields. That’s why we are introducing up-to-date ideas in this new weekly TRON Class. First, let’s kick it off with NFT. NFT was undoubtedly the hottest blockchain-related topic in 2021. So what is it? Many people have known that NFT is the abbreviation for the non-fungible token, but we need more than knowing its full name to understand what it really is. Let us figure out what the term “non-fungible” means in the first place. The difference between a fungible and a non-fungible token is that the former is interchangeable, while the latter is not. Take real-life items as examples — one dollar can be exchanged for another, so dollars are fungible, while apartments are not fungible because an apartment cannot be exchanged freely for another. Generally speaking, all $100 banknotes have the same value, and exchanging two of them does not affect the purchasing power at all. However, this is not the case for apartments. Hardly are people willing to exchange their homes for another one even with the same layout and in the same neighborhood. Because each apartment is unique with its natural light, decoration style, and geographic location. An apartment closer to the metro station is more valuable than its counterpart just 100 meters further away. However, the above is by no means a perfect analogy. Banknotes with special numbers are often rarer and more valuable than regular ones, making them collectors’ favorites. But cryptocurrencies tell a completely different story. For instance, the value of the first-ever mined Bitcoin in the Genesis Block is never higher than that of the 250th. For cryptocurrencies, tokens of the same type are completely homogenous and interchangeable — that is why we call them Fungible Tokens. The past decade or so has witnessed the rise of Fungible Tokens such as BTC, ETH, and TRX. While changing the game in the field of finance, they have greatly increased people’s choices in deposit, investment, and trading. So, why do we need NFTs? The answer is that collecting something is one basic human instinct. We began collecting when we were hunter-gatherers. People gathered the surplus materials and exchanged them for strange stones or beautiful shells in their collections. It is the instinct of collecting that propelled the development of society. As the world becomes increasingly digitalized, collectibles are expanding from physical to virtual. The rise of smart contract platforms such as Ethereum and TRON has enabled people to create unique, counterfeit-proof digital collections — the NFTs. The content of an NFT is very diverse, including digital artworks, avatars, virtual real estate, cards, gaming skins, tickets, etc. We have seen in the news that some NFTs are sold at whopping prices, the most famous of which are CryptoPunks and Bored Apes. However, more NFTs are left unnoticed and worthless. Are NFTs true wealth or just bubbles? The answer will come out as things unfold.


Web3 and How It Helps the Environment – Dave Uhryniak of TRON DAO ...

    TRON is a layer-1 blockchain utilizing a delegated proof of stake consensus mechanism. Its eco-friendly network, low fees, and easy to use developer tools have allowed it to attain a massive amount of user growth and innovative projects. Dave Uhryniak is the Director of Ecosystem Development at TRON DAO. He recently joined the News Podcast to talk about the technology:   Dave joined the TRON DAO in January 2022 and has become a highly visible part of the team that drives global expansion as they identify key opportunities across the blockchain industry and ensure the TRON ecosystem is positioned to thrive. Involved in blockchain since 2016, Dave has provided strategic guidance for global payment companies and insurance companies, among others. He has led the successful development of multiple use cases in financial services, healthcare, and supply chain. He continually finds unique and creative ways to apply emerging technologies to enable corporations to achieve their strategic goals. Dave began his career as an equity research analyst at a leading U.S. mutual fund company, where he conducted thorough bottom-up analysis of global and regional financial service companies. Dave has often been quoted in leading media outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Bloomberg, and other publications. Dave is a Certified Blockchain Solution Architect, holds an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University Tepper School, and a BA from Westminster College (PA). Among t... read More

TRON Showing Hints Of A Major Rebound After A Week Of Rout

    Tron (TRX) holders have been on rough terrain since August with the bears dominating the market. The tables might be turning though in favor of the bulls as shown on the charts.  TRX bulls hint at a comeback after a long period of takeover by the bears TRX price down by 0.87% RSI divergence hints at increased investor optimism According to CoinMarketCap, TRX's price has plunged by 0.87% or trading at $0.0596 as of this writing. Apparently, Tron is trying to bounce back from its weekly low that registered at $0.056. It seems that the token is still traversing in the same range which validates a strong rebound from that level.  TRON Market Demand Waning? Hence, there is evidently poor demand for TRX in the market which is normal whenever crypto tries to switch lanes from bearish to bullish.  Whale activity looks to be insufficient at this point and not gaining enough traction. Regardless, the supply of TRX has increased for the whales. There is hope as investor optimism ought to be amplified with the recent developments happening for Tron.  Tron’s weighted sentiment index has shown no significant changes in the market. TRX is still stuck in its lower monthly range which explains the failed uptrend happening over the weekend. On the other hand, there are a couple of signals that promise the possibility of the bulls pivoting in the coming days.  TRX Bulls Waiting For The Next Big Wave TRX price might prevail and rebound from the support zone a... read More

Season 3 of The TRON Grand Hackathon: Get Ready for the HackaTRON

    [PRESS RELEASE - Geneva, Switzerland, 19th September 2022] TRON DAO and BitTorrent Chain (BTTC) are excited to announce Season 3 of the TRON Grand Hackathon 2022. This season is focused on expanding upon the success of Season 2, when we had over 1800 participants with over 200 projects. We intend on keeping that momentum moving forward. In Season 3, we are increasing our overall prize pool from $1 million to $1.2 million. The same 4 tracks will be available for participants, and 2 new tracks will be introduced. The returning tracks will have a total of 5 winners chosen by members of the TRON community as well as 5 winners chosen by the judges. There will be 5 winners for the Academy track along with 5 “honorable mention” winners. The Ecosystem track will feature 10 winners, 5 for creative-based projects and another 5 for technical-based projects. Prizes for judge-voted winners across the DeFi, GameFi, NFT, and Web3 tracks: 1st Prize - $60,000 2nd Prize - $50,000 3rd Prize - $40,000 4th Prize - $30,000 5th Prize - $20,000 Prizes for community-voted winners across the DeFi, GameFi, NFT, and Web3 tracks: 1st Prize - $10,000 2nd Prize - $9,000 3rd Prize - $8,000 4th Prize - $7,000 5th Prize - $6,000 Prizes for Technical & Creative projects in the Ecosystem track: 1st Prize - $15,000 2nd Prize - $12,500 3rd Prize - $10,000 4th Prize - $7,500 5th Prize - $5,000 Prizes for judge-voted winners in the Academy track: 1st Prize - $15,000 2nd Prize - $10,000 3rd Prize - $9,00... read More

Join TRON Grand Hackathon 2022 Season 3 to Win $1.2M Prize Pool

    Do you see yourself as the next entrepreneur, prominent software developer or just someone looking to break into decentralised industries of the future? An exciting and upcoming Hackathon for the TRON community will allow you to not only win funding for your idea and project, but get noticed by industry big-wigs and also have the opportunity to be introduced to potential high-level partners. Your Chance to Get Recognition and Funding The TRON Grand Hackathon 2022 Season 3, launched by the TRON DAO and BitTorrent Chain (BTTC), is about to start accepting applications soon. The widely popular TRON network has over 110 million user accounts on the blockchain, so this is an opportunity to make a real impact on the world. Apply to join the event at to find out if you have what it takes to win. The Hackathon will have a $1.2 million prize pool for winners in six tracks: DeFi – From where it originally started, DeFi continues to be a crucial movement for the crypto space as it enables financial services to operate in an open, accessible, and more transparent digital form. The DeFi track focuses on looking for innovative DeFi solutions that are providing accessible financial services to billions of people. GameFi – The future of gaming is on the blockchain. Entertainment meets web 3.0. This track focuses on finding and developing the next big game idea. NFT – Supported by APENFT, the NFT track embraces creator economies by giving NFT creators both fi... read More

Will Tron Tie-Up With Liquidity Provider Wintermute Boost TRX Price?

    Tron (TRX) has recently disclosed a collaboration with Wintermute to boost Tron’s DeFi ecosystem and more so, to enhance network accessibility and liquidity. TRX price up by 0.43% Tron spikes in terms of popularity and value amounting to $1.2 billion Network integration with Wintermute to improve liquidity, accessibility Not that Tron needs it desperately as it has been outpacing its rivals but continuous pump and evolution is necessary to thrive in the crypto arena. Overall, the partnership aims to make Wintermute as Tron’s official market maker to basically increase trading volumes and to link buyers and sellers. According to CoinMarketCap, TRX price has surged by 0.43% or trading at $0.06157 as of press time. Tron’s popularity has been booming, pumping up $1.2 billion in terms of value as seen since June despite others like Solana and Ethereum retreating significantly. The #TRON network is thrilled about the union with @wintermute_t. #sTRONgerTogether This will help in many ways: Fill trades Reduce volatility Lessen the spread for trading pairs Read the full article by @decryptmedia — TRON DAO (@trondao) September 13, 2022 Tron, Wintermute Integration To Impact TRX Price Wintermute has announced previously to be a part of the Tron network’s DAO or Decentralized Autonomous Organization, enabling access to both redeem and mint USDD. DAO has also recently beefed up the network with over... read More

TRON DAO and MasterBlox: the Future of Acceleration in Web3

    [PRESS RELEASE - Lisbon, Portugal, 6th September 2022] TRON DAO and MasterBlox are announcing plans to create a joint acceleration and incubation program to develop the TRON ecosystem. Leveraging MasterBlox's expertise and the foundation set by TRON, projects that qualify for the acceleration program will have access to a closer relationship to build on the chain and many other special features. The collaboration aims to incentivize the adoption of Web3 technologies, assisting the new wave of tier 1 protocols built on the TRON network. MasterBlox’s recently split between the Labs & Foundation, two entities with different focuses. The lab's side develops growth hacking & decentralized marketing activities that several big players in the market have utilized. In parallel, the foundation accelerates relationships between Masterblox clients to find the perfect match. Guiding projects throughout the funding process with tier 1 funds, launchpads, and Market Makers. The foundation also invests in the best projects with its treasury and provides supporting advisory with illustrious names across the web3 spectrum. Purpose and Origins of the Collaboration The collaboration started in the most organic way possible through a casual encounter in NYC between MasterBlox’s founder, Carlos Prada, and the TRON DAO team. This is not an official partnership, rather it is a collaboration between organizations with the same goal in mind, making Web3 as mainstream as possible. Both part... read More

TRON Volume And Market Cap Down Despite Social Media Hype

    According to recent news reports, Tron (TRX) outperformed both Bitcoin and Ethereum in terms of energy efficiency. TRX social dominance up TRX price down by 2.97% Future trends show TRX to plunge further  Compared to Bitcoin, Tron uses 99.9% less energy (just 162,868 kWh). Being a major issue in the most recent session, crypto mining has been welcome publicity for Tron. The Tron DAO recently tweeted a link to a blog post where they provided an update on some of their on-chain metrics and informed their followers of the exciting development. Apparently, the number of accounts added has increased, and that Tron's height has surpassed 43.61 million. Tron added over 971880 accounts this week, according to the blog post. According to CoinMarketCap, TRX price has nosedived by 2.97% or trading at $0.06347 as of press time. The TRON coin appears to be expanding quickly, as seen by a jump in transactions and TVL. Although there have been sporadic surges, its social dominance metric has remained stable. TRX Down In Terms Of Market Cap, Volume It's not all sunshine and roses for TRX, despite the fact that things are looking up on the social media front. Since May, there has been a declining trend in both volume and market capitalization. In addition, Tron's volume metric has experienced extreme fluctuation. The level of development activity has likewise dropped by an unheard-of amount. This might be a sign that the Tron technology is not likely to see many breakthroughs or sign... read More

CCRI Finds TRON as One of the Top Eco-Friendly Blockchains

    A new report by the Crypto Carbon Ratings Institute (CCRI) showcases the environmental sustainability of the TRON network. According to the 'Energy Efficiency and Carbon Footprint of the TRON Blockchain' report, the highly popular TRON network only consumes as much electricity as just fifteen average U.S. households. The Environmental Sustainability of the TRON Network The electricity consumption and related carbon footprint of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been subject to extensive discussion in public, academia, and industry. Various estimations exist, comparing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies' electricity consumption to various mid-sized countries. The problem has been known for several years, and other systems and technologies have emerged to try and solve the issue. The consensus mechanism of Proof of Stake (PoS) is deemed superior regarding the electricity requirements compared to the traditional Proof of Work (PoW) consensus mechanisms. While it is consensus in the broader scientific community that PoS does not exhibit the same electricity issues as PoW, individual PoS systems' responsibility is typically less clear. Due to the nature of the software engineering process and network architectures, different PoS systems rely on varying fundamentals regarding the hardware requirements, programming language, network size, transaction throughput, transaction complexity, and more. These factors influence the electricity consumption and, therefore, the carbon foo... read More

TRON (TRX) network now supported on Crypto APIs blockchain dev suite

    Crypto APIs, a blockchain development platform, today announced support for TRON in the Crypto APIs blockchain infrastructure product suite. Users can now interact with the TRON mainnet and Nile networks and make requests using Crypto APIs unified endpoints with an average response time of 25ms. Now Supported: TRON Launching its mainnet in May 2018, TRON is a decentralized blockchain platform, that features high performance, safety, and low costs. The TRON network has thousands of ready developers to create, deploy, and run dApps on its blockchain. The TRON ecosystem supports a wide variety of decentralized applications including DeFi apps, exchanges, collectibles, and games. 'To address the growing demand for operating and building on TRON, we have incorporated it in several of our products. Crypto APIs customers can now interact with TRON and make requests to 20 REST API endpoints using our simplified and streamlined platform. We also provide support for all TRC-20 and TRC-721 tokens.' - The Crypto APIs Team Features of TRON Integration on Crypto APIs TRON for Wallet as a Service  Generate deposit address - through this endpoint customers can generate new TRON addresses for their wallets List deposit addresses - this endpoint will pull a list of deposit/receiving addresses already generated for the blockchain List supported tokens - using this API customers can obtain information on multiple tokens at once. Get wallet asset details - this endp... read More

Crypto processing platform Calypso Pay launches mass payouts for Tron (T...

    Calypso Pay, an all-in-one crypto processing & acquiring platform, today and announced the launch of Tron (TRX) mass payouts in partnership with WatchData, a platform that helps web3 developers seamlessly interact with the blockchain. The solution allows customers to quickly set up Tron payouts to tens of thousands of addresses while saving both time and money on fees.  When you regularly have to send money to thousands of addresses, mass payouts are a more cost-effective solution. Yet customers face multiple problems when creating mass payouts by themselves: they take up a lot of space in the memo, can block the execution of other transactions on the address, and the transaction itself might be expensive unless you set it up in the right way. Aiming to take care of all these problems, Calypso Pay offers mass payments via smart contracts, mass payouts in one transaction (for BTC and DOGE), and even an option of launching mass payouts by uploading a CSV file — all options come with low fees and significantly speed up the financial operations. Benefits of Mass Payouts via Tron (TRX): Saves up to 10 hours, and reduces the risk of making a mistake during a transaction to 0%. Increases savings as the number of recipients increases: for 10 transactions, the savings is 55%, while for 100 or more transactions — 99%. To provide a better experience, Calypso Pay partnered with WatchData, a flagship infrastructure product of TheWatch company — WatchData monitors... read More

TRON With Over 100M Users, Celebrates Mainnet 4 Anniversary, Announces H...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Please Read Disclaimer] Geneva, Switzerland / June 28 / – TRON user accounts have reached 100,048,526, officially breaking the 100 million ceiling, according to data from the blockchain browser TRONSCAN, as of June 25. On the same day, TRON Mainnet celebrated its 4-year anniversary since network independence. Launched in May 2018, the mainnet of TRON is one of the three major public chains worldwide and remains committed to building the infrastructure for the decentralized internet. As a result, TRON has become one of the world's largest and longest-running blockchain platforms. TRON integrated BitTorrent into its ecosystem in July 2018, a pioneer in peer-to-peer file-sharing protocol and Web3 services. Its distributed technology allows creators and consumers to have autonomous control over their content and data while being innovative and highly scalable, with more than 170 million monthly active users. Since 2021, TRON has substantially grown its presence in the NFT sector. In March 2021, the TRON-based TRC-721 NFT standard was established, which helped improve one of the world's largest distributed storage systems, BitTorrent File System (BTFS), to support NFTs and blockchain-based assets. The community has since built a comprehensive infrastructure and partnered with GameFi and NFTFi projects deploying on the TRON blockchain, such as APENFT Marketplace and WIN NFT Horse. Currently, the total number of transactions on TRON has exceeded 3.4 billion, ... read More

Biggest Movers: DOGE Nears 20-Day High, as TRON Also Surges

    DOGE was trading higher on Monday, as prices rose to their highest level in almost 20 days. TRX was also in the green to start the week, as prices continued to climb, following a recent streak of bullish momentum. Dogecoin (DOGE) DOGE was a notable mover during today's session, as prices rose to their highest point in nearly 20 days. On Monday, DOGE/USD rose to an intraday high of $0.07839, which came less than 24 hours after trading at a low of $0.07184. As a result of today's move, the meme coin collided with a price ceiling at $0.07830, which is the highest point DOGE has hit since June 10. Since hitting this peak, bulls have vacated earlier positions, pushing prices lower in the process, giving bears a green light to re-enter. Although still up almost 6% from yesterday's low, DOGE is currently trading at $0.0756, which is marginally below earlier highs. This comes as the 14-day RSI hit the 53.9 level, which is its highest reading since April 26, and also a point of resistance. Should DOGE eventually overcome this point, then we may see further gains in price. TRON (TRX) TRX was also trading higher to start the week, as prices continued to rise, following a recent streak of upward momentum. Following a low of $0.06415 on Sunday, TRX/USD surged to a peak of $0.07005 earlier in today's session. This move saw prices climb to their highest point since June 13, when TRON was making its way down to a then one-year low at $0.04700. Since then, prices have been in an ascendi... read More

USDD Continues to Trade for Under $1 — Tron DAO Reserve Insists St...

    Since June 12, 2022, the Tron-based stablecoin USDD has remained below a U.S. dollar in value. On Monday, USDD had a 24-hour trading range of around $0.943 to $0.966 per unit and the day prior on June 19, USDD saw an all-time low at $0.928 per unit. Despite being below the U.S. dollar parity, the Tron DAO Reserve says the stablecoin has not depegged in a Twitter thread that discusses a combination of an 'on-chain mechanism [and] collateralized assets.'USDD Trades Below $1 for an Entire Week USDD has been trading for lower than a U.S. dollar for over a week and on Sunday, USDD tapped an all-time low at $0.928 per unit. The following day on Monday, the stablecoin has been exchanging hands for $0.966 at the time of writing, and it saw a 24-hour low at $0.943. USDD is the ninth-largest stablecoin by market capitalization, with approximately $696.28 million on Monday evening at 7:00 p.m. (ET). The stablecoin has seen roughly $83 million in global trade volume and the top USDD exchanges on Monday include Kucoin, Huobi Global, Poloniex, and Pancakeswap version two (V2). To safeguard the overall blockchain industry and crypto market, TRON DAO Reserve have purchased 10,000,000 #USDD on #TRON. - TRON DAO Reserve (@trondaoreserve) June 20, 2022 The Tron DAO Reserve account on Twitter has been announcing numerous crypto asset purchases to safeguard the crypto ecosystem. On Monday, the Tron DAO Reserve revealed it added ten million USDC to 'safeguard the overall blockchain industry and ... read More

Biggest Movers: SOL, TRX Nearly 10% Higher, as Crypto Prices Marginally ...

    SOL was nearly 10% higher on Thursday, as crypto prices rebounded following recent losses. The rebound comes a day after the latest Fed rate hike, with TRX also gaining on the news. Solana (SOL) SOL was trading higher during today's session, spurred by the latest Federal Reserve rate hike. Following a low of $28.46 on Wednesday, SOL/USD surged to an intraday peak of $35.71 earlier in the day. Today's move saw SOL hit its highest point in the last five days, and comes as prices seemed to have found a floor, following recent declines in price. Overall, SOL is still nearly 25% lower from this same point last week, and this momentum may continue into the upcoming weekend. As of writing, SOL is trading $5 lower than today's peak, which shows that bearish sentiment is still present in the market, despite today's bounce back. Should bears continue to pressure prices, we may eventually see SOL not only breakout below its floor if $30, but potentially move towards a multi-year low under $26. Tron (TRX) TRX was also trading higher during Thursday's session, as bulls re-entered, pushing prices away from recent lows. Traders took TRON to an intraday peak of $0.06529, which was nearly 10% higher than yesterday's low of $0.05412. Wednesday saw prices trade at their lowest point in over a year, however with a change of interest rates in the United States, bulls were buoyed to recapture momentum. Similar to SOL, even though bulls have stolen momentum on Thursday, overall sentiment still l... read More

TRON DAO Reserve to Withdraw Another 3 Billion TRX to Protect USDD Peg

    TRON DAO Reserve is prepared to withdraw another 3 billion TRX tokens from a centralized exchange and a decentralized finance (DeFi) lending protocol as part of efforts to prevent a similar occurrence of Terra's UST collapse. The foundation made the announcement in a tweet on Thursday (June 16, 2022). However, the DAO did not name the CeFi and DeFi platforms where the withdrawals will occur. With the latest announcement, the foundation intends to pull back a total of 5.5 billion TRX. The planned withdrawals are part of efforts to shrink liquidity for short traders and prevent a collapse, as was the case for Terra's UST stablecoin. Also, the move will stop short-traders from tanking the price of TRX as the token is used to redeem USDD like LUNA for UST. If they can cause TRX to decline sharply, the coin will not be valuable enough to honor USDD redemptions. As previously reported by CryptoPotato, the decentralized organization revealed plans to withdraw 2.5 billion TRX tokens from Binance to 'safeguard the blockchain industry and crypto market.' The TRON DAO Reserve transferred $100 million USDC to Binance to purchase TRX and further deployed another $120 million to buy the token. Earlier in June, Sun said TRON DAO will inject $2 billion to fight short positions on Binance and protect the USDD peg. However, USDD is yet to gain parity with the U.S. dollar as the algorithmic stablecoin is currently trading at $0.97, according to CoinGecko. TRX's price, on the other hand, is $0.... read More

Tron Falls Sharply As Sun Scrambles To Save Stablecoin

    Tron price momentum faded over the weekend, and the price has dropped by more than 40% since then. The cryptocurrency is presently having difficulty gaining traction. Tron Falls AS USDD  Depegs TRX has dropped 19% and is now trading at $0.05, its lowest level in 15 months. In the last 24 hours, the token has also been the worst performer among the top 50 cryptocurrencies. The token's weakness follows the loss of the USDD algorithmic stablecoin's dollar peg, despite founder Justin Sun's repeated efforts to keep the peg. In the last 24 hours, the token's entire market valuation has dropped by nearly 1% to $701.4 million. The token has garnered comparisons to Terra's UST stablecoin, which vanished in May due to its algorithmic nature. USDD/USDT breaks dollar peg. Fear began as soon as the USDD's 1:1 peg to the dollar was lost. TRX hasn't been able to reverse the downward trend since then, plummeting by more than 40% in less than a week. TRX may face tremendous sell pressure to close the gap as long as USDD is below one dollar. TRX has found support at the $0.05 level, from which it has bounced higher. Because USDD is not as large as UST, which was worth roughly $20 billion at its peak, crypto specialists think that it will not suffer the same fate. USDD had recently been changed by Tron's Sun to strengthen collateralization and make it less vulnerable to a crash like Terra. This week, Tron spent over $700 million on the open market to sustain the USDD peg. Justin Sun also... read More

TRON DAO Reserve Withdraws 2.5 Billion TRX From Binance to Safeguard USD...

    The last thing Justin Sun - founder of TRON - would like to see is the UST-Terra fiasco being repeated again on his stablecoin project USDD. The confident founder, who had vowed the lost peg of the stablecoin would be soon recovered, injected $220 million on Wednesday to purchase TRX on Binance. According to the announcement on Tuesday, he had at least another $280 million available for defending the peg. Following Terra's debacle, Justin Sun's algorithmic stablecoin USDD has been the new target by short-sellers. As market selloffs deepened, TRX - one of the predominant crypto assets that back USDD as collateral - has been down over 30% in the past seven days, causing its sister stablecoin to lose peg, as reported by CryptoPotato on Tuesday. In order to maintain that dollar parity, the DAO Reserve - the foundation behind the stablecoin - deployed $100 million USDC to Binance to purchase TRX on Wednesday. Only hours later, the foundation injected another $120 million to prop up its price. The Reserve revealed earlier that it had received another $500 million to defend the USDD peg. Besides actively purchasing such an asset, the Reserve announced the withdrawal of 2.5 billion TRX from the exchange to 'safeguard the overall blockchain industry and crypto market.' The idea behind such a strategy is to reduce the circulating supply of TRX in the exchange, so short-sellers have to pay a higher fee for shorting the asset. As sellers run out of bullets, resulting in the decline of s... read More

Tron Price Analysis: Tron Collapses by 20% Daily as USDD Drifts Away Fro...

    Tron lost its momentum over the weekend, and since then, it has crashed by over 40%. The cryptocurrency now struggles to find support. Key Support levels: $0.050, $0.040Key Resistance levels: $0.057, $0.064 Fear started as soon as USDD lost its 1:1 peg to the dollar. Since then, TRX has failed to stop the downtrend, crashing by over 40% in less than a week. So long as USDD continues to be below one dollar, TRX is likely to experience massive sell pressure to cover the gap. So far, the price has managed to find relief at the $0.05 support level from where it bounced higher. The resistance is at $0.057, and considering the current fundamentals, TRX doesn't seem very likely to change its trend. Chart by TradingView Technical IndicatorsTrading Volume: The tremendous selling pressure has crashed TRX price in a short amount of time. The selling volume remains very high at the time of this post. RSI: The daily RSI has reached oversold conditions at 23 points. MACD: The daily MACD is in freefall. The current negative momentum continues to intensify, and the histogram is making lower lows. This can be interpreted as very bearish. Chart by TradingView Bias The bias for TRX is bearish. Short-Term Prediction for TRX Price Despite Justin Suns' posts that USDD is overly collateralized, the market does not seem to confirm it. As long as this continues, the trend for TRX is likely to remain bearish, and the next key support is found at $0.040. read More

TRON's USDD Stablecoin Losing Peg as TRX Price Slumps

    The unfortunate tales of algorithmic stablecoins losing their pegs continue. This time, it's TRON's USDD that's in the spotlight, trading at 2% below dollar parity. Following the UST-Terra fiasco, another algorithmic stablecoin seems to be at risk of losing its peg. The case in point is USDD which runs on TRON's blockchain and is using a similar algorithm to UST, but it's tied to TRX. At the time of this writing, the cryptocurrency is trading at $0.98 - around 2% below its intended price. Source: CoinMarketCap   This comes at a time when TRX's price is also taking a beating. Right now, the altcoin trades for about a 6% daily loss, having recovered from a tumultuous morning session when it lost even more. Despite all of the above, Justin Sun remains positive and anticipates the peg to be reestablished within the next 24 hours. USDD/USDT sunIO 2pool have recovered back to 55/45 balance. I believe it will be back to 50/50 in 24 hours with 247% collateralization rate. You might see the fear here but I see 2% profit opportunity. #USDD/#USDT 2pool have recovered back to 55/45 balance. I believe it will be back to 50/50 in 24 hours with 247% collateralization rate. You might see the fear here but I see 2% profit opportunity — H.E. Justin Sun (@justinsuntron) June 14, 2022 As CryptoPotato reported yesterday, TRON DAO's reserve will be deploying $2 billion to protect the USDD peg. read More

Why Justin Sun Reported A 500% APR To Short TRX On Binance

    TRON (TRX) founder Justin Sun has come out in defense of the network stablecoin, USDD. The digital asset began deppeging from the U.S. dollar. Earlier, the digital asset started trending to the downside forcing the TRON DAO Reserve, the entity responsible for protecting USDD’s peg, to deploy $2 billion. TRX trends to the downside on the 4-hour chart. Source: TRXUSDT Tradingview This created an increase in selling pressure for TRX which moved to the downside on the back of this event, and a crypto market already trending to the downside along with traditional investments. Justin Sun wrote the following via his Twitter account, at this time, TRX shorters had the opportunity to benefit from market conditions: Funding rate of shorting TRX on Binance is negative 500% APR. Trondao Reserve will deploy 2 billion USD to fight them. I don't think they can last for even 24 hours. Short squeeze is coming. The TRON DAO Reserves continued to inject millions to protect the USDD peg to the U.S. dollar. Due to its mint and burn mechanism, the price of TRX broke below critical support levels but became more stable as USDD returned to its U.S. dollar parity. In the last few hours, the entity in charge of protecting USDD claims it has increased the stablecoin’s collateralization to meet “extreme market conditions”. The collateralization rate reported by this entity stands above 300%. The entity wrote the following: To safeguard the overall blockchain industry and crypto ... read More

Tron Price Analysis: Momentum Stalls as TRX Fails to Break $0.85

    Tron appears to have formed a head and shoulders (H&S) formation after it failed to move above the key resistance following several attempts. Key Support levels: $0.08, $0.07Key Resistance levels: $0.085, $0.09 Should Tron's price fall below the H&S neckline (represented in blue on the chart), then a retest of the key support at $0.07 becomes more likely. So far, the cryptocurrency has failed to move above the falling trendline that acts as resistance and spans all the way to the all-time high from April 2021. Turning the critical resistance at $0.085 into support would invalidate this structure. Chart by TradingView Technical IndicatorsTrading Volume: The volume has been falling in the past weeks. This may give bears an opportunity to push the price lower. RSI: The daily RSI is flat but managed to stay above 50 points. So long as the RSI continues to make higher lows, the bull case for TRX cannot be excluded. MACD: The daily MACD is bearish, but the selling momentum is not strong - as evidenced by the histogram. Chart by TradingView Bias The bias for TRX is neutral. The price has to fall below 0.08$ to turn bearish. Short-Term Prediction for TRX Price Tron has been searching for a direction in the past week, and any attempts to break higher were quickly rejected. So far, the key resistance at $0.085 has managed to keep bulls in check. Should momentum fail to improve, then bears could take over and push the price back to the critical support at $0.07. read More

Biggest Movers: TRX Moves Towards 7-Month High as KSM Extends Recent Gai...

    TRON neared a seven-month high on Wednesday, as prices climbed for a third consecutive session. This came while KSM also rallied earlier today, gaining by double digits on hump-day. TRON (TRX) TRX moved towards a seven-month high during today's session, as prices climbed by almost 15% on Wednesday. After trading at a low of $0.08039 during Tuesday's session, TRX/USD rose to an intraday peak of $0.09094 earlier today. This move saw TRX break out of its long-term resistance level of $0.08890 for the first time since early May. Following a recent round of consolidation, prices have now surged for three straight days, with today's surge taking prices to a multi-week high. Wednesday's high was slightly below $0.09250, which was hit on May 8, and is the highest level TRX has been at since December 9. As of writing, earlier gains have somewhat faded, and this comes just as the 14-day RSI hit a ceiling of 64.35. Kusama (KSM) KSM also rose by double digits on Wednesday, as prices climbed to their highest point in the last seven days. Today saw KSM/USD rise to an intraday high of $86.37, which is the most it has traded at since May 23. This surge comes as prices rose for a fifth consecutive session, following a false breakout attempt at a floor of $70.42. Looking at the chart, today's gains have since eased, and this comes as bulls fled KSM while it approached its resistance point of $87. The Relative Strength Index has also hit a ceiling of its own at 44.55, with this likely the si... read More

Tron Now Commands the Third-Largest TVL in Defi — Network's ...

    This week the Tron blockchain has become the third-largest network in terms of total value locked (TVL) in decentralized finance (defi) protocols. Interestingly, 48.19% of the TVL is held by the defi protocol Justlend, an application that's similar to Anchor Protocol as it offers more than 20% APY for USDD deposits. Amid Tron's TVL rising, the network's stablecoin USDD has been confronted by skeptics over the similarities USDD holds with Terra's UST.Tron Takes the Third-Largest Position in Terms of Total Value Locked in Decentralized Finance Protocols On May 30, 2022, Tron managed to become the third-largest defi blockchain in terms of total value locked. At the time of writing, Tron's TVL in defi is $5.94 billion, which is just below the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) TVL and above the Avalanche (AVAX) TVL. Amid the Terra LUNA and UST fallout, on May 12, 2022, Tron's TVL was $3.97 billion and the blockchain was ranked number five in terms of TVL size by chains. On that day, Tron's TVL was down 16.16% lower than it was on May 5, but after the Terra fiasco subsided, Tron claimed the third position in terms of TVL in defi. This month, Tron's defi TVL increased 45.22% and over the last seven days, as it has risen by 13.73%. Tron's TVL is dominated by a defi protocol called Justlend, as 48.19% of Tron's aggregate held in defi is hosted on the Justlend application. Justlend has $2.86 billion total value locked and it has increased a great deal since May 21. $1.08 billion was added to ... read More

Why TRON Has Seen a 45% Hike in Total Value Locked (TVL)

    According to Wu Blockchain, the TRON network has seen a hike in its total value locked (TVL) over the past 30-days. This digital asset operates similarly to LUNA CLASSIC network’s Anchor Protocol. USDD allows users to earn a 30% annual percentage yield (APY) for staking it on the JustLend platform. TRON launched its own algo stablecoin to capitalize on the popularity of this product. However, May has seen a massive LUNA-UST (Terra Classic’s algo stablecoin) which has impacted the crypto industry. The crash in the price of LUNA and the UST deppeged appears to have little impact on TRON. Data from DeFi Llama supports the increase in TVL. This number stands at $6 billion with a 14% increase in the past week alone. TRON’s TVL has grown beyond that of Polygon, Avalanche, Solana, and Fantom. If the trend continues, the metric could surpass the TVL on Binance Smart Chain which currently sits at almost $9 billion. Further data provided by DeFi Llama indicates JustLend is the protocol with the percentage of TVL. The platform records $2.8 billion in TVL followed by JustStables’s $1.4 billion. In a short period of time, JustLend and the algo stablecoin seem to have taken over the TRON ecosystem pushing it to the top 3 in TVL across the DeFi sector. This seems to suggest that algo stablecoin still are very popular in the crypto space, despite the events on the Terra Classic network. Source: DeFi Llama Can TRON’s USDD Survive After The Events On Terra Classi... read More

Tron Price Analysis: TRX Price Skyrocketed by Over 30% in May, What Driv...

    Tron outperformed the crypto market in May, increasing by over 30% this month at the time of this post (see below image). But what drives this growth and demand? Chart by TradingView Key Support levels: $0.07Key Resistance levels: $0.09 The fundamentals for Tron have changed with the introduction of the algorithmic stablecoin USDD in late April. So long as demand for USDD grows, TRX's price is more likely to move higher. This is because TRX / USDD uses a similar burn/mint mechanism to Luna / UST. As a result, the cryptocurrency has formed a bullish parabola which so far has acted as support. The key resistance is found at 9 cents, and if broken, the way will be opened for TRX to move higher. The current support is at 7 cents. Chart by TradingView Technical IndicatorsTrading Volume: The volume has not been great for TRX in the last few days, but despite this, the price still managed to move higher. RSI: The daily RSI continues to remain above 50 points. This is a bullish signal, and the RSI has made a higher low as well. MACD: The daily MACD is bullish, and the histogram just made a higher high. This shows a renewed interest in TRX, which could push the price all the way to the key resistance. Chart by TradingView Bias The bias for TRX is bullish, at least in terms of technicals for the short term. Short-Term Prediction for TRX Price With bullish fundamentals as well as a market that is keen to move higher after two months of correction, TRX is well-positioned to challenge the... read More

TRON TVL Soars to $6 Billion as USDD Algorithimc Stablecoin Catches Spee...

    Tron's algorithmic stablecoin - USDD - is catching some serious speed as its market cap expands to more than $600 million. This has also played a big part in the growing value locked in DeFi protocols on the network. Despite what happened to Terra's UST algorithmic stablecoin, another alternative that emerged earlier in May is also starting to catch fire. Even though it's still very far away from UST's former market cap, Tron's USDD is also getting serious traction. Data from CoinGecko shows that since it launched at the beginning of May, USDD currently sits on a market capitalization of over $600 million and is in a state of constant expansion. This has also brought the entire DeFi ecosystem of Tron up, as the total value locked in various protocols in the network approaches $6 billion. Source: DeFi Llama   As seen in the above image, Tron's TVL already surpassed the likes of Avalanche, Solana, and Polygon and is currently the third-largest chain after Ethereum and BNB (based on that metric). That said, the protocol that has the most value locked in it is JustLend (JST), and it's also notable that there are nine protocols on the network that are dominating in terms of TVL. read More

TRON network integrated with blockchain infrastructure provider Ankr

    TRON, one of the largest and most popular blockchain ecosystems, has announced that Ankr, a web3 infrastructure platform servicing over 50 blockchains is its new Remote Procedure Call (RPC) partner. TRON's public and premium RPCs can now be accessed on Ankr to create request calls and receive information returns that mirror the results developers get by running a TRON full node. TRON + Ankr Now, Ankr provides a geo-distributed and decentralized TRON RPC, comprised of many independent blockchain nodes running worldwide for low-latency and reliable connections. Ankr's TRON RPCs connect with wallets, command-line interfaces, or dApps with the TRON blockchain. They act as a messenger or blockchain router that relays on-chain information between nodes, dApps, and ultimately end-users. TRON RPC endpoints are a gateway for developers to interface directly with the TRON chain - a portal to communicate efficiently, remotely, and without going through the DevOps of establishing TRON nodes. This partnership also solves some of the issues developers have been encountering, including: Eliminates complex node ops - The Ankr public RPC will remove the need for many developers to set up their TRON node, eliminating hours spent building, calibrating, and fixing node issues. Grants access to advanced tools - Ankr's premium version instantly grants access to the best tools to build applications quickly, including unlimited TRON requests, global node distribution, dedicated TRON endpoints, prio... read More

Biggest Movers: Tron Moves to 1-Week High, as Thorchain's RUNE Nea...

    Tron rallied during today's session, as it headed towards a one-week high, following recent declines. This came as Thorchain's RUNE continued to trade lower, with today's drop pushing prices closer to their lowest point since January 2021. Tron (TRX) Tron (TRX) surged towards a seven-day week high during Thursday's session, as prices rebounded following a recent decline. Less than a day after trading at a bottom of $0.06955, TRX/USD rose to a peak of $0.07444 earlier in the day. Today's peak is the highest level prices have reached since last Saturday, and are slightly below May 13th's high of $0.07650. So far this month, TRX has been one of the more volatile tokens, going from a peak of $0.09267 on May 8, to a low of $0.06304 only two days later. Looking at the chart, the relative strength index (RSI) has mainly consolidated since that point, being held under a ceiling of 52.50. As of writing this, price strength is still below this point, and unless we see a breakout of this level, we might see prices drop in upcoming days, despite today's near 7% rise. Thorchain (RUNE) Besides both beginning with the letter 'T,' there were no similarities between tron and thorchain (RUNE) on Thursday as far as market activity is concerned. RUNE/USD was mainly lower during the session, falling close to its lowest point since January 2021. Prices fell to an intraday low of $2.85 on Thursday, which is roughly $0.50 away from its sixteen-month low of $2.35 which was hit on May 12. However, ... read More

Tron DAO Reserve Acquires Millions in TRX, Bitcoin, and Tether to Safegu...

    Seven days ago, News reported on the Tron DAO Reserve purchasing $38 million in tron to safeguard the network's stablecoin USDD. Since then and since the terrausd (UST) de-pegging event, the Tron DAO Reserve has continued to purchase large quantities of digital assets to bolster the project's reserves. In addition to the tron purchases, the organization has been adding stablecoins and bitcoin into the mix as well.While Terra's Stablecoin Imploded, Tron's Algorithmic Dollar-Pegged Crypto Project Purchases Millions Worth of Tron, Bitcoin, and Tether to Defend USDD During the past week, all eyes have been focused on the Terra blockchain and its native crypto assets LUNA and UST. Both coins divebombed significantly in USD value and more than $46 billion in value disappeared from the crypto economy in roughly three days. Amid all the carnage, the Tron DAO Reserve has continued to purchase crypto assets for its digital currency-based forex reserves. On May 7, News reported on Tron's founder Justin Sun and the Tron DAO Reserve purchasing $38 million in tron (TRX). Since then the project has continued to buy crypto amid the market carnage that took place because of the UST fallout. Tron's stablecoin USDD is also an algorithmic dollar-pegged crypto asset that has similarities to Terra's UST. After the purchase of 504.6 million tron (TRX), the Tron DAO Reserve tweeted that the team aims to 'guard the overall blockchain industry and market, prevent panic trading ... read More

Bitcoin Rejected at $30K, TRON and Polkadot Spike 4% (Weekend Watch)

    After yesterday's brief price surge to $31,000, bitcoin stalled and retraced back to below $30,000. Most altcoins are also slightly in the red today, except for TRON and Polkadot, both of which are up by around 4%. Bitcoin Failed at $31K No other word can explain what transpired last week better than 'massacre.' Bitcoin stood close to $40,000 on May 5 before the bears took complete control over the market and pushed it south hard. At first, BTC lost $4,000 in a day before the negative market sentiment brought it down to $33,000 and later to $30,000. However, May 12 turned out to be the most violent day during this crash as bitcoin dumped to $25,300 (on Bitstamp), which became its lowest price tag since late December 2020. At that point, though, the bulls reminded of their presence and drove the cryptocurrency north. In just a day, the asset recovered around $6,000 and spiked to $31,000. Nevertheless, it failed at breaching that level twice and has retraced by nearly $2,000 since then. As a result, BTC's market capitalization has declined on a daily scale and stands just north of $550 billion. BTCUSD. Source: TradingView TRX and DOT Chart More Gains The alternative coins went through a similar, if not even more violent, rollercoaster in the past ten days. Ethereum was close to $3,000 before it plummeted to a multi-month low of $1,700. However, the second-largest crypto reacted well and touched $2,100 yesterday. Despite retracing slightly since then, ETH still stands above $2,0... read More

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