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Token Pocket  


TPT Price:
$80.9 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$22.7 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #TPT today is $0.00655 USD.

The lowest TPT price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00655, and the current live price for one TPT coin is $0.00655329.

The all-time high TPT coin price was $1.01.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of TPT with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for Token Pocket crypto currency is #TPT.

Token Pocket is 2.5 years old.


The current market capitalization for Token Pocket is $22,716,709.

Token Pocket is ranking downwards to #445 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a modest daily trading volume on #TPT.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Token Pocket is $80,851.


The circulating supply of TPT is 3,466,457,401 coins, which is 59% of the maximum coin supply.


TPT is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 2 other blockchains.

See list of the TPT Blockchain contracts with 3 different blockchains.


TPT has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 2 pairings and is listed on at least 3 crypto exchanges.

View #TPT trading pairs and crypto exchanges that currently support #TPT purchase.



2022 TokenPocket年度报告

2022 TokenPocket Annual Report

New function: Hide small transaction records.

Recently, many TokenPocket users find out that there are many “0 USDT” transaction records that appear on TokenPockte transaction records, causing some users to worry about asset security. To help users to stay away from the “0 USDT” phishing transfer scan, TokenPocket’s latest version(Android 1.6.6) optimizes and launches a new function: Hide small transaction records. — Why “0 USDT” transfer scam will appear in my wallet?. — This operation is performed directly through the “TransferFrom” function of the USDT, any address can be invoked and generate a transfer record in the wallet and a “Cancelled” record in the Approvals. By the way, please note that this situation may occur in all public chains including EVM-based chains, TRON, etc. The purpose of this operation is to simulate the transaction from the user’s address, combined with the disguised address to induce the user to misoperate the transfer, it won’t affect your asset’s security, but please be aware of this possible misoperation execution. — How to hide the small transaction record?. — 1. Open your TokenPocket wallet (Android 1.6.6 supports hiding small transaction records), select a token randomly, and enter the Token Details page. Take USDT as an example here, click the Setting button on the right corner. 2. Turn on [Hide small amount], and enter the small amount according to your need, click [Save changes], th...

Claim your #TokenPocketChristmas Gifts

#TokenPocketChristmas OAT. — During #TokenPocketChristmas, there are 16,023 users who claimed #TokenPocketChristmas OAT, y’all can view your #TokenPocketChristams OAT on your TokenPocket BSC wallet. Open your TokenPocket App, click [NFT] on the Assets page, click [+] button and enter 0xADc466855ebe8d1402C5F7e6706Fccc3AEdB44a0 on the search bar, then you can add Galaxy OAT to your wallet. 👉Galxe Link — #TokenPocketChristmas Gifts - — 1. #TokenPocketChristmas TwitterScan NFT Pass and NNS registration coupons. — 👉Winner List — 2. #TokenPocketChristmas SPACE ID Gift Cards. — 👉Winner List — 3. #TokenPocketChristmas dappOS $500 Giveaway. — 👉Winner List Claim Time: Dec 27, 2022 — Jan 31st, 2023 Claim: — 4. #TokenPocketChristmas Euterpe $500 Giveaway. — 👉Winner List — 5. #TokenPocketChristams 20 Producer C Whitelists and 30 Codes Giveaway!. — 👉Winner List — 6. # TokenPocketChristmas Puffverse 20 Football NFT Mystery Boxes Giveaway!. — 👉Winner List Go here: and click on “Convert”. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️Big Congrats to all the winners and please remember to claim your rewards ASAP! ALL THE REWARDS WILL BE DISTRIBUTED BEFORE JAN 31ST! Also, thank you to all the sponsors who sponsored #TokenPocketChristmas! TwitterScan is a one-stop information collection and proje...

TokenPocket Now Supports SPACE ID .bnb Domain

TokenPocket Now Supports SPACE ID .bnb Domain - We are thrilled to announce that TokenPocket supports the SPACE ID Name Service. You now can set the .bnb domain as the receiving address of transfer, and swap, and y’all can register the .bnb domain on TokenPocket now! — How to register .bnb domain on TokenPocket?. — Open your TokenPocket app, click [Discover] and enter SPACE ID or on the search bar., 2. Connect your BSC wallet to the SPACE ID in the upper right corner. 3. Enter your favorite name in the search bar, it will tell you if the name is already taken before you complete the registration process. When you’ve found one that you like that is available, continue to click [Register]. After confirming the registration year, click [Request] and confirm the total operation fee and the smart contract, you’ll have your new .bnb name! The domain will be shown as an NFT in TokenPocket [NFT]section. — How to use your .bnb domain on TokenPocket?. — 1. As the receiver when you transfer tokens!2. As the receiver when you transfer NFTs!3. As a receiver when you cross-chain swap tokens on the Market page! — About SPACE ID. — SPACE ID is building a universal name service network that seamlessly coordinates and connects people, information, assets, applications across blockchains. It’s decentralized, censorship-resistant, and open-sourced. Web | Twitter | Discord &m...

Top 3 Security Tips to Stay #SAFU!

Download and update the TokenPocket wallet safely! - — 1. TokenPocket Official Website: — We found that the fake download link appeared on Google. Scammers have placed a large number of fake wallet advertisements on search web. TokenPocket has contacted Google Ads apartment to complain about this. Please don’t click the download link randomly, especially in searching tools like Google!! Get away from the FAKE TokenPocket APP!! — 2. Distinguish the official TokenPocket Logo.. — At present, the official TokenPocket wallet Logo is a blue background with a white “TP” pattern on the left below. The other logos are fake wallet logos, please pay attention to distinguish them! — 3. Update Method. — Android users who download TokenPocket APK from the official website can update it according to their personal needs. And users who download from Google Play, Samsung Store, and App Store can update the APP on the corresponding store. In view of the user assets loss caused by the hijacking of other wallets recently, some users are concerned about the security of APK wallet downloads. TokenPocket states that the signature verification will be carried out for TokenPocket’s APK download. Meanwhile, we also have a very strict audit mechanism. The whole process needs to go through five strict security audits, so there is no malicious replacement of packets. TokenPocket will keep wor...

0xScope and TokenPocket Partnership Announcement

TokenPocket is thrilled to announce our partnership with 0xScope, the First-ever Web3 Knowledge Graph Protocol. We’ll be collaborating on the following aspects, Watchers support TokenPocket wallet login. API Integration for more valuable insights. Share hacking data sources to provide a more valuable research perspective. — About 0xScope - 0xScope is the first Web3 Knowledge Graph Protocol. It solves the problem that Web3 data analyzes addresses instead of real users by establishing a new identity standard — — the new Scope Entity from the data layer. And it unifies the standards of different types of Web2 data and Web3 data by utilizing its knowledge graphing capability, which greatly reduces the difficulty of data acquisition and improves data penetration ability. 0xScope has built a robust and growing database. As for now, we have identified over 84 million entities, fully analyzed over 640 thousands tokens, 11 thousands protocols and 51 million smart contracts. At the same time, we have more than 1.4 million identity labels, over 5 million behavior labels,over 17M risky address labels and more than 31M exchange deposit and withdrawal address labels. To this date, 0xScope has launched Watchers, B2B data service and developer platform, providing entity-based transaction tracking, risk scoring, and portrait identification. |Web|Twitter|Medium|Linktree| — About TokenPocket - TokenPocket is the world’s ...

TokenPocket Monthly Report — November 2022

TokenPocket Monthly Report — November 2022 -

The collection of TokenPocket Security Reminders!

1. Download TokenPocket from the official website. - We found that the fake download link appeared on Google. Reminder: Don’t click the download link randomly, especially in searching tools like Google!! Get away from the FAKE TokenPocket APP!! The only official website and the only download link!! 👉 》How to verify whether the wallet is genuine? — 2. The security reminder on creating a wallet. - You will see the security reminder when you are creating a wallet, please back up your secret recovery phrase and password and store in a safe place. At the same time, you can learn the video content and keep the security points in mind! — 3. The security reminder on exporting a wallet. - a. Export the private key. To keep your assets safe, please read the security reminders! Do not share your private key with anyone!b. Export the secret recovery phrase. To keep your assets safe, please read the security reminders! Do not share your secret recovery phrase with anyone! — 4. The security reminder on transfer. - a. The security reminder on transfer to the contract address. To avoid users transferring to the token contract address, when you enter a token contract address as the receiving address, TokenPocket will give you a security reminder. Attention, A smart contract is a self-executing contract with the terms of the agreement written into lines of code. The code and the agreements cont...

#TokenPocketChristmas|Euterpe $500 Airdrop!

To celebrate Christmas, TokenPocket cooperates with Euterpe to launch a #TokenPocketChristmas event! Euterpe provides 500 USDT for TokenPocket users and invites users to explore Euterpe!! — Time: #TokenPocketChristmas Euterpe $500 Airdrop - ⏰ Dec 20th — Dec 23rd — How to join #TokenPocketChristmas Euterpe Airdrop? - Claim #TokenPocketChristmas OAT 👉 Galxe Claim the TokenPocket x Euterpe OAT 👉 GalxeNotes, winners will be announced 3 days after the OAT event! — About Euterpe - Euterpe is the world’s first IP NFT-as-a-service platform. It is a marketplace where musicians, filmmakers and other creators can offer high-quality IP NFTs of their works to fans, free of copyright infringement and scams prevalent on other NFT platforms. Web | Twitter | Telegram | Discord — About TokenPocket - TokenPocket is the world’s leading multi-chain self-custodial wallet, which supports mainstream public chains including BTC, ETH, BSC, TRON, Polygon, Solana, HECO, Klaytn, Avalanche, OKC, HSC, Fantom, Polkadot, Kusama, etc. The trinity of TokenPocket mobile wallet, chrome extension wallet, and hardware wallet has been formally formed. The Secret Recovery Phrase and Private Key are stored in the user’s own device and the user can fully control his own crypto assets. TokenPocket has provided reliable services for over 20 million users around the world. The number of monthly active users exceeds 3.5 mi...

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