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TOMO Price:
$5.1 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$37.3 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #TOMO today is $0.40 USD.

The lowest TOMO price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.396, and the current live price for one TOMO coin is $0.39565.

The all-time high TOMO coin price was $3.88.

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The code for TomoChain crypto currency is #TOMO.

TomoChain is 4.9 years old.


The current market capitalization for TomoChain is $37,270,336.

TomoChain is ranking downwards to #370 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a big daily trading volume on #TOMO.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for TomoChain is $5,055,494.


The circulating supply of TOMO is 94,200,225 coins, which is 94% of the maximum coin supply.


TOMO is the native coin for the TomoChain blockchain.

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TOMO is integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 8 crypto exchanges.

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Double Protocol Enables NFT Rental for TomoChain-Based Projects

TomoChain partners with Double Protocol to bring a unique NFT standard to the ecosystem that allows for rental function.. — As the utility of NFTs grows beyond collectibles and art, the demand to “use” NFTs without having to own them will grow alongside it. We already see this with GameFi guilds model. Double Protocol is a platform for renting NFTs for use cases such as games, metaverses and anything with utility. It’s at the forefront of gearing for innovation in this space by pushing for new NFT standard like ERC-4907 (extension of ERC-721), which allows NFTs to be rented securely without needing collateral. Through the partnership, Double Protocol and TomoChain will be able to work hand-in-hand in order to bring rental, utility and NFT financialization to Tomochain projects. Double Protocol will serve projects with use cases for rental, such as NFT based games and metaverse land assets on Tomochain, which will unlock a new vector of growth for those projects. — About TomoChain. — TomoChain is a highly scalable and secure blockchain network in mainnet since 2018, taking a community-driven approach to accelerate the mass adoption of web3 applications. Powerful by Nature: 2000 TPS, 2-second block time, ~$0 gas fees, EVM compatibility, and enhanced security with built-in randomization mechanism., Powered by People: The Proof of Stake Voting (PoSV) consensus allows $TOMO holders to govern the network per...

LuaSwap to Launch First NFT Collection with Tezuka

We are pleased to collaborate with Tezuka to create the first NFT collection that not only rewards LuaSwap fans for all the years of support but captures Asian customs & cultures of Lunar New Year. The NFT collection will be available for FREE mint on Tezuka platform on 2 Feb 2023.. — The launch is supported by Tezuka, the first all-in-one solution for NFT projects on the TomoChain public chain. Exclusively designed for LuaSwap fans to celebrate the new year of the Cat, the collectible of 300 NFTs features LuaSwap’s unique mascot with Lunar New Year hue, aiming to spread Asian traditional cultures and offer NFT owners special bonuses. The inaugural LuaSwap NFT collection will allow eligible users to mint for free on Feb 02. Each NFT depicts LuaSwap’s iconic mascot with common traditions of the Spring Festival from setting off fireworks to traditional red lanterns. Each NFT will come with its exclusive perks including: Guaranteed whitelist slot for the next IDO on LuaStarter, Entry into upcoming other events & giveaways of both LuaSwap and Tezuka, and more — Whitelist participation - To sign up for the whitelist, users will need to complete all the tasks of the Gleam campaign. A total of 100 winners will be randomly selected, each of whom will guarantee a slot of minting NFT, in addition to their existing slots based on the staking tier. The whitelist registration will open from 10AM UTC, 19 January...

Salus Security Brings Enhanced Security Solutions for Projects on TomoChain

We’re excited to announce that our security partner, Salus Security, will bring professional security services to the TomoChain network.. — Security hacks have long been the most concerning issue in the crypto world today. This is no exception for any blockchain network or Dapp — something TomoChain is well aware of. In the same vein, we firmly believe all projects should go through professional security checks in the form of a security audit before making their services accessible to the public. Today, we’d like to introduce our security partner, Salus Security, a leading cybersecurity service provider experienced in both blockchain and traditional realms of security. Salus Security’s deep security expertise will greatly enhance the level of security for projects operating on the TomoChain network. This comprehensive partnership between Salus Security and TomoChain will consider the wide range of possibilities for assistance in exploring and collaborating with blockchain projects in the Vietnamese market. Exclusive deals are available for TomoChain-based projects. — About Salus Security - Salus Security is a full-suite blockchain security company. With deep expertise in blockchain and traditional security, they are primed to solve some of the most complex security issues in the industry and make security services accessible to all. More about Salus Security: Website| Twitter — About TomoChain -...

LuaSwap’s Exclusive NFTs Up for Grabs as New Year’s Unwrapped

Blast off into your New year with the limited NFT collectibles from LuaSwap and gain access to exclusive benefits and treats.. — Lunar New Year is just around the corner, and many people are looking forward to the delicious feasts to come & the festive season to reunite. For the team at LuaSwap, the customs & culture of Lunar New Year celebrations have inspired a brand new NFT collection. In collaboration with Tezuka — one of the most active NFT platforms in the TomoChain ecosystem, LuaSwap plans to reward $LUA fans with the first-ever NFT collection, where each individual digital asset also provides its owner with access to ‘unique perks and other benefits’. (Blur texts can tell you 😉) — LuaSwap’s first-of-its-kind NFT collection — The story behind - To start the New Year of the Cat off with a bang, LuaSwap team has decided to craft something special for collectors to share in Lunar New Year celebration. Given that, a limited collection of 300 unique and generative artworks built on the TomoChain blockchain will be available for minting. The NFT collection that features the LuaSwap’s mascot in combination with the Cat and Lunar New Year nuances is designed and illustrated by the Tezuka team, the project that gets funded by TomoMasterDAO and now excited to expand its outreach in TomoChain. For the LuaSwap team, foremost, the community is always at our heart and our goal is to build...

We’re Recruiting for TomoMasterDAO’s Board Member Elections

After a successful first year of operation, TomoMasterDAO is holding its annual board member elections. We’re looking for people who want to join in on the new year for the DAO!. — — What is TomoMasterDAO? - TomoMasterDAO spearheads the development and innovation on the TomoChain network. It leverages the community to help make decisions for the future. TomoMasterDAO actively manages partnerships and integrations, as well as controls a treasury used to fund new and innovative DApps. In simple terms, look at this DAO as a tree branch to extend TomoChain’s network. — TomoMasterDAO Board Members - The TomoMasterDAO board members play a critical role in the management of DAO. There are three members from the internal TomoChain Lab team, and four external members elected by the community. The Board does the ground work for managing the budget, vetting teams, and keeping the community informed of progress. Thus, we are in search for Board members who: Have a good knowledge of the overall blockchain/crypto industry;, Are passionate about the future development of the TomoChain ecosystem;, Are interested in blockchain governance systems., 👉Application Form📅27 December 2022 ~ 10 January 2023 — Responsibilities and Compensation - As a TomoMasterDAO board member you will have the ability to to have real influence and change over the TomoChain network. Your responsibilities will include: Reviewing pr...

Trade LUA-TOMO and Cheer on TomoChain mainnet celebration

In celebration of TomoChain’s Mainnet turning 4, we are delighted to announce the Trading Competition on LuaSwap with a prize pool of 40,000 $LUA!. — — Competition period - 8 AM (UTC) 14 December 2022 — 8 AM (UTC) 21 December 2022 — Approved trading pair - LUA — TOMO (TomoChain mainnet) — Leaderboard | Trading on LuaSwap. — — Promo A: The top 4 users (address) with the highest trading volume in USD (both buys and sells) under LUA/TOMO trading pair will share a prize pool of 20,000 LUA.. — 1st place: 10,000 LUA, 2nd place: 5,000 LUA, 3rd place: 3,000 LUA, 4th place: 2,000 LUA, To be eligible, participants MUST trade at least $400 (buys or sells) under LUA/TOMO trading pair during the competition period. — Promo B: All users that trade at least 40$ (buys and sells) under LUA/TOMO trading pair during the competition period will evenly split a pool of 16,000 LUA.. — — Promo C: 4 lucky winners will be randomly selected to share a pot of 4,000 LUA.. — Complete the following tasks to enter the draw: Retweet this tweet with #TOMO4EVER $LUA $TOMO #LuaSwap #TomoChain, Tag 4 friends in the comment, Note: Promotion C will take effect immediately, retweet, and tag your friends to become a lucky winner. — How to participate - Please ensure that you are familiar with LuaSwap before participating in the activity. Step-by-step user guides are...

TomoChain New Website Launch: A New Era Is Upon Us

We‘ve revamped the TomoChain website with a sharper look that reflects the new phase and true value of TomoChain.. — — Our Journey So Far. — Nearly 4 years ago, TomoChain launched its mainnet, and became one of the first EVM-compatible blockchains to successfully break the scalability barrier with 2000 TPS throughput, 2s blocktime, and near zero fees. The groundbreaking Proof of Stake-Voting (PoSV) took the security and decentralization to the next level with a distributed network of 150 masternodes taking part in governance. Over the past years, our team worked our hearts out to build a suite of amazing infrastructure protocols and products, which have made TomoChain an ideal environment for all builders and users. — New Phase, New Approach. — With a solid foundation layer built, we are ready to accelarate the onboarding of more project developers with participation of the entire community. Therefore, we launched TomoMasterDAO in late 2021, the scope of which is to offer fundings for promising projects built on TomoChain and initiatives decided by the community. With that being said, TomoChain has now turned into a highly autonomous and decentralized open ecosystem, with a community-driven approach to drive mass adoption of web3 applications. A new website is needed to serve this approach. — What’s New? Let’s Dive In. — Powerful by NaturePowered by PeopleEmpowering for Bu...

120,000 $LUA Trading Competition to Celebrate LuaSwap Season 2 Anniversary #LUAturns2

To commemorate another year in the LuaSwap ecosystem, we’ve elected to throw a special Trading Competition with a total of 120,000 $LUA up for grabs. Let’s join the fun!. — The competition will occur on both Ethereum and TomoChain versions. Now is the time to raise your transactions to the next level, whether you’re a dedicated day trader or just participate in the occasional swap. There will be a leader board that allows all participants to monitor who is on top of the game! Visit: — Competition period - 9AM (UTC) 19, Sep — 9AM (UTC) 29 Sep, 2022 — Eligible trading pairs - On Ethereum network: LUA — USDC, LUA — ETH, LUA — TOMOE, LUA — SRM, LUA — FTT On TomoChain network: LUA — TOMO, LUA — USDT, LUA — ETH — Rewards - Promotion A: 5 Top traders — 70,000 $LUA to win The top 5 traders by volume across all qualified trading pairs will be awarded with prizes total of 70,000 $LUA in the following criteria: 1st place: 25,000 LUA 2nd place: 15,000 LUA 3rd place: 12,000 LUA 4th place: 10,000 LUA 5th place: 8,000 LUA Note: To be eligible, participants MUST trade at least 2,000 USD across the approved trading pairs during the competition period. Promotion B: Trade 200$ to share 50,000 $LUA In additition, all users that trade at least 200 USD across the approved trading pairs during the competition period will evenly ...

Multichain Bridge to Integrate TomoChain for the Future of Interoperatibility

We’re exhilarated to announce a strategic partnership with one of the pioneering cross-chain bridges Multichain (previously “Anyswap”), which will connect the TomoChain network to the larger ecosystem. With the support of Multichain bridge, users will be able to swap their TomoChain based tokens to other blockchains for trading and other purposes. At the same time, we can also expect more liquidity and projects flowing into the efficient, secure and cost effective TomoChain network. This integration will initially support $TOMO, $LUA and some other tokens between TomoChain and Ethereum. More details will be announced when the integration goes live. Connection to other blockchains may also be supported later depending on each project’s needs.“As the cryptocurrency space evolves, interoperability across different blockchains becomes a critical element in connecting with the broader space. The partnership with Multichain is an important move for us to expand into more blockchain platforms, and will lead to increased liquidity, easier access to more cryptocurrencies, and more robust ecosystems for both parties.” — Long Vuong, CEO & Founder of TomoChain Lab“The future will be multi-chain, and bridges will be necessary to enable chains to be connected. We are thrilled to integrate with TomoChain as a Web3.0 infrastructure, allowing TomoChain to enable lower-cost, faster, and more secure interoperability. More imp...

PolkaBridge Launchpad Supports TomoChain Based Projects

We’re excited to introduce our new stratigic partner , PolkaBridge, an all-in-one DeFi platform. This partnership marks a big step towards our shared vision of a decentralized and chain-agnostic future, and will allow projects built on the TomoChain network to launch IDOs on the PolkaBridge Launchpad. PolkaBridge’s integration proposal received nearly 100% upvotes from the TomoMasterDAO community, a grants DAO governed by the community that decides the future shape of TomoChain. With the support of PolkaBridge, TomoChain based projects will have more options for IDO launch, and potentially a more seamless experience going multi-chain with the help of other products and features PolkaBridge has to offer. — About TomoChain. — TomoChain is a scalable blockchain-powered via Proof-of-Stake voting consensus and used commercially by companies globally. TomoChain’s mission is to accelerate the onboarding of millions of users by empowering today’s applications with technology that masks the friction of Blockchain, all while retaining its underlying benefits. TomoChain’s technology and DeFi-focused flagship products include:Fast & Near-Zero Fees: 2000 TPS, 2-second block time, ~$0 gas fees, and EVM compatibility.An array of original features and protocols is designed to support speed, privacy, usability, and liquidity needs all in one platform. Find more about TomoChain: Website| Medium | Twitter | Telegram ...


Infinity Arena Secures $1.5 Million in Private and Seed Round from Leadi...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Please Read Disclaimer] Infinity Arena, an emerging blockchain game that combines sci-fi and tactical play-to-earn NFTs announces a successful private and seed round led by major investors securing $1.5 million to double down on the unique play-to-earn model. As per the official announcement, prominent players in the blockchain and crypto sphere including Lua Ventures, TomoChain, Poolz Ventures, AVG, Dreamboat Capital, Vespertine Capital, OGRTZ Ventures, and other angel investors have participated in the roung. Infinity Arena is set to establish its mission of becoming a next-generation GameFi project and an ecosystem of iconic NFTs. Leveraging the decentralized concept of P2E gaming, Infinity Arena is growing the blockchain and gaming convergence, enabling true digital asset ownership in the most secure way possible, and reconceiving gaming for an even more robust and immersive experience with futuristic concepts. A Universe Of Heroes And Iconic NFTs Infinity Arena is creating a universe of heroes and iconic NFTs in its virtual ecosystem. The game ushers players into The Zeronium universe of NFTs and a system of planets where they can explore beyond the limits of their imaginations, a world of fascinating characters, quests, and tournaments that augment the entire gaming experience. Gamers can travel in virtual spaces through the planets in search of the Zeronium, defeating opponents in combat to earn amazing rewards. Players can also build an iconic NFT col... read More

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