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Time New Bank  


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The last known price of #TNB is $0.0000255 USD.

Please note that the price of #TNB was last updated over 200 days ago. This can occur when coins have sporadic price reporting, no listings on exchanges or the project has been abandonded. All #TNB statistics should be considered as 'last known value'.

The lowest TNB price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.0000255, and the exact last price of TNB was $0.00002547.

The all-time high TNB coin price was $0.31.

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The code for Time New Bank crypto currency is #TNB.

Time New Bank is 5.9 years old.


The current market capitalization for Time New Bank is not available at this time.

Time New Bank is ranking downwards to #5556, by market cap (and other factors).


There is an unknown volume of trading today on #TNB.


The circulating supply of TNB is 4,209,048,445 coins, which is 76% of the maximum coin supply.


TNB is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


TNB exchange data is not currently available.

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The Role of TNB In Promoting Virtual Power through Blockchain

Introduction - Virtual power refers to the ability of individuals or entities to wield influence, control resources, and shape the metaverse environment. This blogpost explores the concept of virtual power within the metaverse and how TNB promotes its growth through blockchain technology. — The Role of TNB in Promoting Virtual Power - In the digital realm, virtual power is derived from factors such as ownership of valuable virtual assets, possession of rare skills or abilities, social influence, and control over economic activities. Time New Bank (TNB) recognizes the significance of virtual power and seeks to empower its community members through innovative blockchain solutions. Below are a number of ways through which TNB promotes virtual power: Blockchain Technology: Time New Bank harnesses the power of blockchain technology to promote and enhance virtual power within the metaverse. By utilizing the decentralized and transparent nature of blockchain, TNB ensures the authenticity, security, and ownership of virtual assets. Through tokenization with non-fungible tokens (NFTs), TNB provides verifiable proof of ownership for virtual assets such as virtual idols, pets, lands, architecture, tools, and in-game assets. This enables users to have complete control over their virtual possessions, fostering a sense of virtual power and authority., Empowering Metaverse Artists and Creators: TNB empowers metaverse artists and crea...

Virtual Power in the Metaverse: Empowering Possibilities and Influence

Introduction The metaverse, a virtual universe where users interact and immerse themselves in digital environments, has given rise to a concept known as virtual power. Virtual power represents individuals or entities’ influence, capabilities, and control within the metaverse. In this blog post, we will explore the dynamics of virtual power, its implications, and how it reshapes the digital experiences’ landscape. Understanding Virtual Power In the metaverse, virtual power is acquired through various means, including ownership of valuable virtual assets, rare abilities or skills, social influence, and control over resources. It enables individuals to shape the metaverse environment, communities, and experiences according to their desires and objectives. Virtual power grants a sense of agency and the ability to impact the virtual world significantly. Ownership of Virtual Assets One of the primary sources of virtual power is the ownership of valuable virtual assets. These can range from virtual real estate, rare items, unique avatars to digital art and collectibles. Owning such assets provides a sense of status and opens up opportunities for customization, monetization, and influence. Individuals with substantial virtual asset holdings can create thriving virtual businesses, establish virtual communities, and generate real-world income through trade and commerce. Skills and Abilities Virtual power can also be derived from e...

Revolutionizing the Metaverse With Virtual Pets

Introduction - The metaverse has opened doors to countless immersive experiences, and Time New Bank (TNB) is at the forefront of revolutionizing this digital realm. TNB’s mission is to create a prominent intellectual property (IP) trading platform that fosters the promotion and growth of virtual pets. This blog post will explore how TNB shapes the metaverse by championing virtual pets and their extraordinary potential. — Unleashing the Power of Virtual Pets - Virtual pets have captivated audiences worldwide, offering companionship, entertainment, and a touch of magic in the digital realm. TNB recognizes the profound impact of virtual pets and strives to unlock their full potential. By providing a platform that supports virtual pets’ creation, trading, and ownership, TNB empowers artists, collectors, and enthusiasts to celebrate and engage with these beloved digital companions. — TNB & The Promotion of Virtual Pets - Time New Bank (TNB) recognizes their immense potential and journeys to revolutionize their promotion and ownership as virtual pets gain popularity. Below are the ways TNB is promoting virtual idols: Fostering an IP Trading Ecosystem: TNB understands that virtual pets represent valuable intellectual properties that deserve recognition and economic opportunities. TNB creates a thriving ecosystem through its IP trading platform where artists, promoters, brokers, IP scouts, and NFT collectors con...

Virtual Pets in The Metaverse

Introduction - The metaverse is a captivating digital realm that offers many experiences, and one of its most enchanting features is the realm of virtual pets. These computer-generated companions bring joy, companionship, and a touch of magic to users’ virtual lives. In this blog post, we will delve into the fascinating world of virtual pets in the metaverse and discover the wonders they hold. — Virtual Pets Explained — - Virtual pets in the metaverse are the perfect blend of imagination, technology, and companionship. These digital creatures, ranging from adorable animals to mythical beings, reside solely within the virtual realm but forge real emotional connections with their owners. They are not mere code lines but vibrant beings with unique personalities, needs, and desires. Virtual pets require attention, care, and interaction like real-life pets. Owners can feed, groom, and play with them, nurturing a remarkably authentic bond. Through advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence, virtual pets respond to their owners’ actions and develop lifelike behaviors, providing a sense of companionship and emotional fulfillment. — Interacting with Virtual Pets - Interacting with virtual pets in the metaverse is a delightful experience. Owners can engage in various activities, such as taking their pets for walks in virtual parks, exploring fantastical worlds, or participating in mini-games and challenges. Th...

TNB & The Promotion of Virtual Idols

Introduction - Time New Bank (TNB) is a metaverse blockchain-based project that aims to establish the most prominent intellectual property (IP) trading platform. By bringing together a diverse community of metaverse artists, promoters, brokers, IP scouts, and NFT collectors, TNB is set to reshape the world of virtual entertainment. In this blog post, we will explore the innovative concept of virtual idols in blockchain and how TNB is revolutionizing its promotion and ownership within the metaverse. — The Rise of Virtual Idols - Virtual idols have emerged as a cultural phenomenon, captivating audiences worldwide. These digital personas, brought to life through advanced technologies, engage and entertain fans through music, performances, and interactive experiences. — The Role of TNB in the promotion of Virtual Idols - As virtual idols gain popularity, Time New Bank (TNB) recognizes their immense potential and seeks to leverage blockchain to revolutionize their promotion and ownership. Below are the ways TNB is promoting virtual idols: Enabling Authenticity and Ownership: TNB harnesses the power of blockchain technology to ensure the authenticity and ownership of virtual idols. By utilizing non-fungible tokens (NFTs), each virtual idol is tokenized as a unique digital asset. These NFTs provide verifiable proof of ownership, guaranteeing the rarity and exclusivity of each idol within the metaverse. Blockchain’s d...

TNB & The Promotion of 3D Architecture

Introduction - In the rapidly evolving metaverse, Time New Bank (TNB) has emerged as a groundbreaking blockchain-based project aiming to establish the most prominent intellectual property (IP) trading platform. By uniting metaverse artists, promoters, brokers, IP scouts, and NFT collectors, TNB seeks to reshape the gaming industry by promoting the integration of 3D architecture into blockchain games. In this blog post, we will explore the profound impact of TNB and its role in revolutionizing the promotion of 3D architecture within the realm of blockchain gaming. — What is 3D Architecture? - 3D architecture in blockchain gaming refers to using three-dimensional architectural designs and structures within games that utilize blockchain technology. It involves the creation of virtual buildings, landscapes, and environments that are visually represented in a three-dimensional space. These 3D architectural assets can include various elements such as buildings, landmarks, cities, and even entire virtual worlds. — The Role of TNB in The Promotion of 3D Architecture - Time New Bank positions itself as a leading metaverse blockchain project, and it aims to disrupt the 3D Architecture space by: Unleashing the Potential of 3D Architecture: 3D architecture is pivotal in enhancing blockchain games’ visual aesthetics and immersive experiences. With TNB’s emphasis on promoting 3D architecture, virtual worlds come to life wi...

TNB & The Promotion of 3D Sets

Introduction - In the rapidly evolving metaverse world, Time New Bank (TNB) stands as a pioneering Blockchain-based project, revolutionizing intellectual property (IP) trading. At the heart of TNB’s vision is to create the most prominent IP trading platform, uniting metaverse artists, promoters, brokers, IP scouts, and NFT collectors. With a vast array of intellectual properties available, TNB introduces an exciting aspect to the metaverse: 3D sets. — What are 3D sets? - 3D sets are digital assets modeled in a three-dimensional format designed to be used as game environments, objects, characters, or items within a blockchain-based gaming platform. We discussed all you should know about 3D sets in one of our previously published articles, and you can read it here. — The Significance of Promoting 3D Sets - Promoting 3D sets in a dynamic and immersive environment like TNB’s metaverse ecosystem is advantageous in the following ways: Unleashing Creative Potential: Time New Bank recognizes the transformative power of immersive 3D sets in the metaverse. These virtual environments serve as captivating backdrops that enhance the experience for users and enable them to interact with virtual idols, pets, architecture, tools, and more. By seamlessly integrating these dynamic sets, TNB empowers users to unlock their creative potential and participate in a new era of digital expression., Promoting Artistic Collaboration:...

What is 3D Architecture in Blockchain Gaming?

Introduction - The landscape of gaming has witnessed a remarkable transformation with the advent of blockchain technology. One fascinating aspect that has emerged is integrating 3D architecture into blockchain gaming. This synergy combines the power of visually stunning architectural designs with the transparency and security offered by blockchain. — 3D Architecture Explained — - 3D architecture in blockchain gaming refers to using three-dimensional architectural designs and structures within games that utilize blockchain technology. It involves the creation of virtual buildings, landscapes, and environments that are visually represented in a three-dimensional space. These 3D architectural assets can include various elements such as buildings, landmarks, cities, and even entire virtual worlds. — Importance of 3D Architecture in Blockchain Gaming - The use of 3D architecture in blockchain gaming offers numerous advantages. Some of which are: Enhancing Visual Realism and Immersion: 3D architecture brings a new level of visual realism and immersion to the gaming experience. With intricate details and lifelike designs, virtual buildings, landscapes, and environments captivate players and transport them into a vivid digital realm. Utilizing cutting-edge graphics and rendering technologies combined with blockchain’s decentralized infrastructure ensures that players are immersed in visually stunning virtual worlds....

What Are Virtual Idols in Blockchain Gaming?

Introduction - Virtual idols in blockchain gaming have become increasingly popular in recent years as gamers and fans seek new ways to engage with their favorite celebrities and fictional characters. — Virtual Idols — Explained - In a blockchain-based game, virtual idols refer to virtual characters or avatars designed to represent a particular celebrity or fictional character. These virtual idols are created using various technologies such as 3D modeling, motion capture, and artificial intelligence. They can interact with players, perform concerts or other events, and participate in various in-game activities. — Advantages of Virtual Idols in Blockchain Gaming - One of the key advantages of virtual idols in blockchain gaming is their ability to provide a new revenue stream for content creators and game developers. By creating and selling virtual idols as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on a blockchain-based platform, content creators can monetize their creations in a new and innovative way. Players can buy, sell, and trade these virtual idols using cryptocurrency, and the value of each virtual idol is determined by its rarity and popularity. This revenue model has become increasingly popular in the music industry, where virtual idols such as Hatsune Miku have gained a massive following in Japan and worldwide. Hatsune Miku is a virtual singer created by Crypton Future Media using Yamaha’s Vocaloid software. Her f...

What Are Digital Artwork Collections in Blockchain?

Introduction - Digital art has been a growing trend in recent years, with artists exploring new creative mediums and pushing the boundaries of traditional art forms. Digital artwork collections have emerged as a way to showcase and preserve these innovative works of art. Blockchain technology is now being used to provide greater transparency and security to these collections. — What is blockchain technology? - Blockchain technology is a decentralized, distributed ledger system that enables the secure and transparent transfer of digital assets. Each transaction on the blockchain is verified and recorded by a network of nodes, making it virtually impossible to alter or manipulate the data. The use of blockchain technology has expanded beyond its initial use in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and has now found applications in various industries, including art. — What are digital artwork collections in blockchain? - Digital artwork collections in blockchain refer to curated groups of digital artworks that are stored and managed on a blockchain network. Each digital artwork is assigned a unique digital signature called a “non-fungible token” (NFT) stored on the blockchain. This NFT serves as a digital certificate of authenticity that verifies the ownership and provenance of the artwork. Because the blockchain is decentralized, the ownership and transaction history of the artwork can be easily traced, providing greate...


A Look at the Fed's Recent Custodia Bank Denial and the Central Bank's P...

    Over the past century, the number of American banks has significantly decreased, dropping from 30,000 banks in 1921 to 4,997 U.S. banks in 2021, according to data from the Federal Reserve. Recently, the U.S. central bank denied Custodia Bank of Wyoming, a financial institution that holds $1.08 for every dollar deposited by customers. Although there appears to be a need for such a bank after the collapse of three major U.S. banks, the Federal Reserve stated that board members have 'heightened concerns' about institutions with plans to focus solely on a narrow sector.The Fed's Explanation on Why it Denied Custodia Bank Highlights Adversity to Crypto-Asset Sector Shortly before the collapse of Silvergate Bank, Silicon Valley Bank, and Signature Bank, the Cheyenne, Wyoming-based financial institution, Custodia Bank, was denied membership in the Federal Reserve System. The Federal Reserve Board specified that the application submitted by Custodia was 'inconsistent with the factors required by law.' This week, the Fed published its explanation as to why it rejected the Wyoming bank. Custodia would be distinct from the numerous banks currently in operation, as it holds a complete reserve and more to cover deposits. A statement from Custodia published on March 24 highlighted the need for a bank that operates in this manner, following the collapse of several banks. 'Historic bank runs in the last two weeks underscore the dire need for fully solvent banks that are equipped to serve fas... read More

A Look at the First Quarter's Top Performing Cryptocurrencies in 2...

    The first quarter of 2022 has come to an end and specific digital currency markets have seen a lot of action during the last three months. Out of the top ten digital currencies, terra (LUNA) saw the biggest gains, jumping more than 43% higher against the U.S. dollar in Q1. Out of the top 30 crypto assets, unus sed leo (LEO) spiked 58% higher in value against the dollar over the last three months.Q1 2022: Terra, Unus Sed Leo, Ethereum Classic Gain Big - Solana, Algorand, Uniswap Shed Deep Losses 2021 was a phenomenal year for crypto assets as a great number of digital currencies tapped all-time price highs last year. This year, over the last three months, the first quarter of 2022 shows an entirely different story as many crypto markets are either doing really well or have been struggling. The following is a glimpse at the performance of the top ten crypto assets by market valuation during the first quarter of 2022, and a look at the top 30 crypto assets as well. While bitcoin (BTC) is the leading crypto asset in terms of market capitalization, it has only gained 4.30% during the last 90 days. Terra (LUNA) was the Q1 champ as it gathered 43.83% during the first three months of the year. The second-largest crypto asset in terms of market cap, ethereum (ETH), is down in value at the end of Q1, 2.75% lower against the USD. The biggest loser out of the top ten tokens was solana (SOL), as it lost 18.64% over the last three months. Cardano (ADA) has been gaining value in recent time... read More

Malaysia Detains Over 600 People for Stealing Electricity to Mine Crypto...

    In the past two years, law enforcement authorities in Malaysia have arrested hundreds of individuals for theft of electricity allegedly used to mint digital currencies. The country's police force has also confiscated equipment worth millions of dollars. Malaysia Police Announce Results From Crackdown on Illegal Mining Since 2020, Malaysian authorities have detained a total of 627 people involved in crypto mining activities using stolen electrical power, the country's Bernama news agency revealed. During the same period, law enforcement officials also seized mining hardware worth 69.8 million Malaysian ringgit ($16.6 million), according to the report. In a quoted statement, Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani noted that the arrests were made as a result of joint efforts with representatives of Malaysia's Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) electric utility company and the Criminal Investigation Department (JSJ). As part of the cooperation, the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) received nine four-wheel-drive vehicles from the TNB to be used by the JSJ in combating electricity theft across the country. The trucks were handed over to the PDRM by Datuk Baharin Din, TNB's chief executive officer. 'Royal Malaysia Police expresses its highest appreciation to TNB for its contribution,' Acryl Sani stated while declining to provide further details on the operations against the miners. He called on the Malaysian public to be aware of such activities and report to the police... read More

This is How Malaysia Plans to Fight Electricity Theft for Bitcoin Mining

    Malaysia's national electricity utility is ramping up plans to halt electricity theft which has reportedly been on the rise. This has to do with Bitcoin mining which is supposedly also catching speed. Electricity theft in Malaysia is supposedly a serious issue. According to a report from late January this year, the local government is thinking of possible ways to limit its spread as it has recorded an increase of over 400% in the past four years. The above has reportedly resulted in a loss of some RM2.3 billion, which is the rough equivalent of about $550 million - per Takiyuddin Hassan, the country's natural resources minister. The increase in cases is a worrying trend as it affects not only the energey industry in terms of value, but also the stability of the electricity supply system and public safety. In 2021, Malaysian authorities seized a whopping $13 million worth of crypto mining equipment, and it appears that the country is gearing up for implementing further countermeasures. Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) is the largest electricity utility in Malaysia. The country's sovereign wealth fund - Khazanah Nasional Bhd. - is its largest shareholder. TNB has reportedly proposed the introduction of a special tariff for Bitcoin mining operators. Moreover, it has also suggested that the country's Energy Commission pressure Bitcoin mining operators to apply for electricity supply from legal sources. Speaking on the matter was Tenaga's CEO - Baharin Din, who said: The irrespons... read More

Malaysia Seizes 1,720 Bitcoin Mining Machines in Electricity Theft Crack...

    Police in Malaysia have shut down a bitcoin mining operation and seized 1,720 bitcoin mining machines in a major electricity theft crackdown following public complaints. 'Police inspected 75 premises around the district and 30 of them were found to be carrying out illegal bitcoin mining activities and stealing electricity.' Malaysian Authorities Shut Down Bitcoin Mining Operation Malaysian police have cracked down on a major electricity theft case involving bitcoin mining, local media reported. Perak police chief Datuk Mior Faridalathrash Wahid said at a press conference Thursday at the Manjung district police headquarters that the crackdown was carried out following public complaints. Noting that the operation involved the Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) and the Sitiawan Fire and Rescue Station, the police chief explained: This operation is the biggest success with TNB this year. He noted that according to the TNB, the theft of electricity was worth about RM2 million ($478,870). 'Police inspected 75 premises around the district and 30 of them were found to be carrying out illegal bitcoin mining activities and stealing electricity,' the police chief explained, adding: We seized 1,720 bitcoin mining machines. In addition, '15 monitors, 22 central processing units (CPUs), 16 keyboards, seven mice, 56 modems, and a laptop' were also seized, the police chief detailed. He added: 'Also seized was a Toyota Hilux, 44 exhaust fans, five alarms, and seven closed-circuit televi... read More

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