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$8.1 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:

Circulating Supply:
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The price of #TITANO today is $0.000923 USD.

For this period, the price of Titano/#TITANO is up by a mooning bazillion %, based on starting price of $0 and ending price of $0.000923.

The lowest TITANO price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.000923, and the current live price for one TITANO coin is $0.00092328.

The all-time high TITANO coin price was $0.21.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of TITANO with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for Titano crypto currency is also #TITANO.

Titano is a newer coin by our records, at least 8.9 months in age.


The current market capitalization for Titano is not available at this time.

Titano is ranking upwards to #4459 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a small daily trading volume on #TITANO.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Titano is $8,147.


The total supply of TITANO is 2,317,358,762 coins.


TITANO is a token on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.


TITANO has very limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 1 pairing and is listed on at least 1 crypto exchange.

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Amazing News!

Dear Titans 🪐 On Monday, 8th August, we made a $35k buyback and burn. This came courtesy of our recent partnership with Liquid Capital and our involvement in their presale event. Also on Monday we added $1M of liquidity to SWYCH DEX through a new WBNB/BUSD pair and BUSD/USDT pair. This means you can now easily swap between TITANO, BNB and BUSD/USDT, directly on SWYCH. Remember that all swaps carry a fee, but SWYCH fees are lower than other exchanges and all transactions give more back to TITANO and its holders! NOW FOR THE BIG NEWS! SWYCH has now been listed on CoinMarketCap (! This is something we have all been working on and waiting for, and today it has been confirmed! The full listing of a DEX is not a small thing and this marks a watershed moment in our development. SWYCH has now arrived and we are able to step things up! So what next? Well, we have the SWYCH updates coming along nicely and a new game/utility ready for launch. We are hoping to give you some sneak peaks in the coming week and will look to release the game in August along with a good marketing push. We know that the last few months have been difficult for everyone. However, we can assure you we have been building consistently throughout this period and doing our utmost to protect and work for our investors. Please do not focus on the Titano price but on the work we have done and on the project as a whole. Today, Titano is in a stron...

Weekcly Summary!

Weekly Summary! - Hey Titans! ⚡️ Weekly Summary ⚡️ With the start of a new week, it’s time to reflect on the last and take a glimpse into the future. First, we want to thank all of you, Titans, for the support and feedback you have provided to us. We are actively listening and implementing while continuing to develop Titano further. Now, it’s time for the recap! Last week’s announcements recap - Titano is participating in the Green Charity event, giving community members a chance at a $100 prize. You can take part by following the link! - This week saw another PLAY drawing! With a total prize of over 40,431,350 Titano! Each winner received 1,617,254 Titano, and 6,570,097 was burned! Tomorrow is the next drawing. - We have announced some of our following step plans for Titano. These include BuyBack Burns, New SWYCH updates, and so on! More new features/updates will be communicated in upcoming AMA’s, announcements, and so on. Let’s look at what is next for Titano! - A BuyBack and burn is coming, with no set date or time but will help to stabilize/increase price action. It will not be advertised but will be announced after it’s done. - Titano will be adding a BUSD pair shortly to provide more options for all of you. This will occur before the SWYCH update release. - New SWYCH features, UI, and so on are being worked on. In addition, we are working diligently to over...

BuyBacks and Burn, and stable pair Coming!

Hey Titans! As we outlined in the recent Titan Talk, we will be adding the BNB/BUSD pair to SWYCH in the next few days. Also, we have now received the 20% cashback from the Liquid capital presale, and as promised, 50% of the funds will be used for a buyback and burn, which has already been scheduled. The goal here is to cause some positive price pressure in this choppy market. As has been communicated by the team, the specific time of the buyback and burn will not be advertised, but it will 100% occur within the next 5–6 days. And there will be an announcement after it has happened. Also, to reiterate, the team is focused on modifying SWYCH to a full-service DEX with staking, farming and other amazing features that will cause lots of new revenue generation for Titano and you Titans and burning opportunities for Titano. Bear with us while these features are fully developed. We assure you that it will be worth the wait. Additionally, the new use case mentioned in the Titano Talk will follow soon after the DEX upgrades. Thanks for your faith and support. The Titano Team ❤️

Weekly Summary!

Hey Titans! 🪐 ⚡️ Weekly Summary ⚡️ Today marks the first day of an entirely new month, and we are excited about it! It is also the start of a new week, so the weekly summary lines up perfectly! As always, let’s dive into some of the highlights and future development of Titano. As we continue to work on everything, we want to thank all of you Titans for your continued support. Now, onto the summary! Last weeks highlights - Titano burned over 99 million tokens! These token burns come from PLAY, Lottery, SWYCH, and BetSwirl, and help the project’s long-term sustainability. - We hosted Titan Talk 11, maybe one of our most exciting yet! This Titan talk focused on the plans of Titano, along with the current market situations presented. Check it out by following the link below: - This week saw another PLAY drawing! With a total prize of over 38,985,525 Titano! Each winner received 1,559,421 Titano, and 6,335,149 was burned! Another drawing will happen tomorrow! - Our fantastic partner, BetSwirl, added an all-new game to play, Roulette! You can play it today and try your luck! Check it out by using the link below: Now, time for what’s up next! - Titano is revamping the entire UI of SWYCH. These things include SWYCH name remains, interface, and potentially URL. All of which are being worked on with a combined team of 6 developers. The ...

Weekly Summary!

Hey Titans! 🪐 ⚡️ Weekly Summary ⚡️ We are approaching the end of July, but we are also starting a new week! Of course, with a new week comes the traditional Weekly Summary! As always, thank you, Titans, for your continued support and love for the project. We are excited to keep growing more every day. Now, onto the summary! Now, let’s take a look at last week’s highlights. - Titano, in collaboration with amazing content creator Austin Clark, released some new Titano Academy videos. You can view the entire playlist by clicking the link below. - The TikTok marketing campaign is still full steam ahead, with another video launching last week. Austin Patton has broadcasted the Titano name to new holders around the world! You can watch the latest video below. - This week saw another PLAY drawing! With a total prize of over 35,533,525 Titano! Each winner received 1,421,341 Titano, and 5,774,199 was burned! Get ready for the drawing tomorrow! - We hosted an exciting Titan Talk this week, with content creator Austin Patton on stage! It’s undoubtedly a video you don’t want to miss. Now, time for what’s up next! - We are putting some finishing touches on the newest use case coming to Titano. Due to this, we expect to launch it in August, with a...

Weekly Summary!

Hey Titans! 🪐 ⚡️ Weekly Summary ⚡️ It’s summary time! Time to recap the last week and take a glimpse into the future of what’s next for Titano. We want to thank all of you for supporting the project and being the best community in DeFi. Now without further ado, let’s get on to the summary! First, let’s rewind to the past week’s highlights! - Titano is working hard on marketing, and we recently published an article for Benzinga! The article highlights Titano and some of the significant use cases we have so far. - Titans took to Twitter to compete in an art competition. We saw some fantastic works, from spray paint logos to electrified wood and resin! Check it out on our official Twitter, and congrats to the winners! - This week saw another PLAY drawing! With a total prize of over 31,145,381 Titano! Each winner received 1,354,147 Titano, and 5,501,224 was burned! The next drawing is tomorrow! - We had some excellent community lounge/ama sessions, which you can check in the pinned section on Telegram or AMA links within our Discord! Now let’s see what’s up next! - Titano is working on some exciting updates to SWYCH, which will add new functionality and more use case for Titans (and our partners). - Our latest use case is undergoing testing and audits before its full launch, which is coming soon. - Marketing is still full speed! Expect to see some new TikToks shortly and more articles on websites a...

Weekly Summary!

Hey Titans! 🪐 ⚡️ Weekly Summary ⚡️ It’s a fresh new week, and on the first day of that new week, it’s the weekly summary time! Before diving in here, we want to thank you, Titans, for your support. We are committed to continuing to grow and adding to the Titano ecosystem. So, without further ado, it’s summary time! Let us start with some of the previous week’s highlights! - Titano burned over 140 million tokens from the circulating supply! Doing so helps curb inflation and ensures the project’s long-term success for every Titan. - We saw another fantastic episode of Titan talk, speaking on DeFi as a whole, teasing some of the plans for Titano, and answering community questions. You can watch the Titan Talk with Austin and Summit here: - This week saw another PLAY drawing! With a total prize of over 34,214,375 Titano! Each winner received 1,368,575 Titano, and 5,559,838 was burned! Since drawings are every Tuesday, be prepared for the next one tomorrow! - Titano started its marketing campaigns with an incredible TikTok influencer Austin Patton. With over 4.9 million followers, we expect to see some tremendous growth thanks to his new videos. You can watch the first here: Now let’s see what’s up next! - The team continues to work on a new interactive feature for Titano that...

Weekly Summary!

Hey Titans! 🪐 ⚡️ Weekly Summary ⚡️ July is upon us like a speeding train, and with the dawn of a new month, exciting new things are ahead. As always, let’s kick it off with a week-in recap, and some sneak peeks at what’s to come. As always, thank you, Titans, for your continued support and faith as we grow our economy more each day. Firstly, some highlights from the previous week! - Titano hosted a fantastic episode of Titan Talk with David, Eric from Liquid Capital, and Austin Clark. For those who haven’t seen it yet, check it out here: - Titano has taken its first steps in getting our DEX listed on CMC and CoinGecko. So far, SWYCH is untracked but now showing on the CMC website; we expect to see a complete listing in the upcoming weeks. - Titano PLAY drawing occurred, with a total prize of over 31,809,025 Titano! Each winner received 1,272,361 Titano, and 5,168,968 were sent to be burned! Be ready for tomorrow’s drawing! - Titano hosted a Meme competition, and we saw some awesome content get created. Shoutout to all the participants; we can’t wait to use those memes! Now let’s see what’s up next! - Titano is working on a new utility; we will share more on it as we approach launch. - The team is working hard behind the scenes on marketing and getting the word of Titano around the globe. These include articles and influencers, and we are excited to st...

Weekly Summary!

Hey Titans! 🪐 ⚡️ Weekly Summary ⚡️ Start of a new week and onto the start of amazing new things! With the dawn of this new week, we also like to recap some of the fantastic things that happened the previous week. As always, we want to thank all of you, Titans, for the support you continue to provide us. Let’s rewind and look at some highlights from last week! - Titano hosted an AMA with RootZones with David. This AMA spoke on some of the investors’ concerns, talked about our new partner, Liquid Capital, and glanced into the future of Titano. You can view it here: - Thanks to some brilliant editors and videographers, we have released an all-new promotional video for Titano! It highlights the core features and answers some of the questions about Titano. - Titano PLAY drawing occurred, with a total prize of over 27,041,669 Titano! Each winner received 1,081,666 Titano, and 4,394,271 were sent to be burned! The next drawing is tomorrow, so be ready! - The team has begun moving V1 Liquidity over to V2. This will add more money to the SWYCH BNB/BUSD pair and allow us to fund new features. Stay tuned for more! Now let’s see what’s up next! - Titano is now actively working and preparing for our CMC and CoinGecko listing, thanks to meeting the base requirement of 60 days. Once we are closer or listed, we will announce it. - Titano is working with a fantastic TikTok...

Weekly Summary!

Hey Titans! 🪐 ⚡️ Weekly Summary ⚡️ It’s time to look back and recap what happened last week, along with some insight into what’s coming this week! Again, as always, we want to thank all of you Titans for your continued support. Titano will continue to grow more every day, thanks to its incredible community. Let’s rewind and look at some highlights from last week! - We introduced our first-ever Titano Academy video! The Titano Academy will provide short informative videos on how Titano and Defi work. - We hosted our 7th episode of Titan Talk, which spoke on partnerships and how they look for the future of Titano. It also spoke on some current market info and overall Titano predictions. - Titano P.L.A.Y. drawing occurred, with a total prize of over 26,637,350 Titano! Each winner received 1,065,494 Titano, and 4,328,569 were sent to be burned! Gear up and be ready for the next drawing! - The lottery continues to draw daily and provides incredible deflationary methods for Titano. Now let’s see what’s up next! - We are quickly approaching the requirement of 60 days to list SWYCH on CMC and Coin Gecko. Once this requirement is met, Titano can become listed, and our next steps will be putting coins on SWYCH. - Work on new DEX features continues to go smoothly, which will provide further benefits for Titano and tokens listed on our DEX. - We are aware of some UI issues and bugs, thanks to all of you Tita...

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