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ChronoTech Token  


TIME Price:
$350.4 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #TIME today is $32.05 USD.

The lowest TIME price for this period was $0, the highest was $32.05, and the exact current price of one TIME crypto coin is $32.04849.

The all-time high TIME coin price was $552.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of TIME with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for ChronoTech Token crypto currency is #TIME.

ChronoTech Token is 7.2 years old.


The current market capitalization for ChronoTech Token is not available at this time.

ChronoTech Token is ranking downwards to #1932, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is medium during the past 24 hours for #TIME.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for ChronoTech Token is $350,384.


The total supply of TIME is 710,112 coins.

A highlight of ChronoTech Token is it's unusually low supply of coins, as this tends to support higher prices due to supply and demand in the market.


TIME is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #TIME, and you can view them on our TIME disambiguation page.



PEPE Whales Go On Massive 720B Shopping Spree Amid Campaign For New ATHs...

    Pepe (PEPE) has recently grabbed the headlines, having hit a new all-time high (ATH) this week. The meme coin has also drawn the attention of crypto whales who have accumulated the crypto token lately. Whales accumulating the meme coin will suggest that now might be a good time to buy PEPE, but that might not be the case.  Crypto Whales Buy 720 Billion PEPE Tokens On-chain analytics platform Lookonchain recently drew the crypto community’s attention to a whale who purchased 520 billion PEPE from the crypto exchange Binance. This move might, however, have been motivated by the fear of missing out (FOMO), as Lookonchain noted that this trader hasn’t always made the smartest investment moves, having lost $6.1 million so far.  Meanwhile, on-chain data shows another whale who bought over 200 billion PEPE tokens through the trading firm Cumberland. Irrespective of their intention, crypto whales accumulating a crypto token usually paints a bullish outlook for the coin in question. Based on this, crypto investors will usually assume that this is an excellent time to buy the meme coin in expectation of further price surges.  However, this might not be a good time to buy, as data from IntoTheBlock suggests that a price dump may be imminent for PEPE before it makes another move to the upside. The market intelligence platform revealed that 100% of PEPE holders were in profit thanks to the meme coin hitting a new ATH. Given such development, many of these holde... read More

Shiba Inu Price Makes Decisive Move: Is Now The Ideal Time To Buy?

    The Shiba Inu (SHIB) price has exhibited a notable increase, rising by 6.5% in the last 24 hours and 12.5% over the past week, marking a significant shift towards bullish momentum. Technical analysis of the daily SHIB/USD chart reveals a descending trend line where price has been rejected on every single daily close for the past two months. However, today’s price movements have led to a shift. The descending trend line that previously governed Shiba Inu’s downward trajectory has recently been breached, suggesting a potential reversal or at least a weakening of the bearish pressure. Renowned crypto analyst Cold Blooded Shiller remarked, “One of the commandments of memes is thou shalt always long the meme when the trendline snaps.” One of the commandments of memes is thou shalt always long the meme when the trendline snaps — Cold Blooded Shiller (@ColdBloodShill) May 4, 2024 Prior to the breakout, he noted, “In 20IQ szn you're looking for 20IQ entry signals. Breaking the trendline that has been respected on every single daily close for the past 2 months will be one of those. SHIB starting to tick.” The shift is supported by the positioning of Exponential Moving Averages (EMAs); the 20-day EMA at approximately $0.00002238 and the 50-day EMA at $0.00002131 which were both breached with yesterday’s daily close. Further down, the 100-day and 200-day EMAs at around $0.00001831 serve as significant support... read More

Bitcoin: This Indicator Flashes Green For The First Time Since January 2...

    According to the candlestick arrangement in the daily chart, Bitcoin is moving inside a range. BTC is also down roughly 20% from the all-time high at spot rates. Though the series of lower lows posted in the past few trading days is bearish, one analyst is upbeat, expecting an encouraging recovery in the sessions ahead. This Indicator Flashes Green: Time For Bitcoin To Rally? Taking to X, the analyst notes that the 50-day Williams %R oscillator is turning from oversold territory, signaling that the bear run could end. Historically, the indicator has accurately signaled buying opportunities whenever it turns from oversold territory. The Williams %R oscillator is a crucial technical indicator chartists use to assess momentum and identify potential oversold or overbought conditions. When the indicator falls below -80, it suggests the asset being analyzed is oversold, potentially indicating a buying opportunity. Conversely, when it rises above +20, it may mean that the asset is overbought, prompting the trader to adjust their strategy accordingly. Since the beginning of 2023, the analyst observes that the 50-day Williams %R oscillator mapping Bitcoin prices has dipped into oversold territory on four occasions. Notably, each time the oscillator reversed from this zone, BTC prices rose in tandem.  Now, with the Williams %R oscillator returning from the oversold territory roughly ten days ago, the analyst is optimistic. It returned from the oversold territory in January ... read More

Is it Time to Buy Solana (SOL) Following the Recent Correction? This Tra...

    TL;DR Solana (SOL) has demonstrated strong recent performance, with analysts like CryptoJack predicting new peaks before the end of 2024. The growth of Solana has been accompanied by the success of various meme coins on its network, such as WIF, whose market cap briefly surged to nearly $5 billion. SOL Bulls Predict Fresh Peaks Despite being in the red today (May 8), Solana (SOL) has been among the best-performing cryptocurrencies lately, registering a 20% increase on a weekly scale. One analyst who noted its positive trend is the X user with hundreds of thousands of followers - CryptoJack. He believes the token has formed 'a rounding bottom pattern over many weeks' and is poised for a price explosion in the short term. Crypto Jack went on to admit he has entered a long position on SOL, expecting it to pump to an all-time high before the end of 2024. The analyst using the X handle Inmortal outlined a bullish prediction, too, describing Solana's cryptocurrency as 'the fastest horse of the cycle.' The trader envisioned a new peak as early as this summer. Crypto Tony was slightly less optimistic, forecasting a consolidation at around $137, followed by a resurgence above the $170 mark.  Those willing to explore additional Solana price predictions, feel free to check our dedicated video below: Solana Meme Coins Have Turned Into Sensations The success of Solana in the past year has coincided with the launch and subsequent pr... read More

Is it Time to Start Buying SHIB? This Analyst Gives His Thoughts

    TL;DR Influential social media users and traders are accumulating Shiba Inu, citing strong market potential and technical patterns that predict significant price increases. Key factors that could trigger a SHIB price rally include an increased token burn rate, advancements in its Shibarium layer-2 solution, and a decrease in token supply on exchanges. 'I Know the Future' Despite its rapid price increase on a yearly scale, some analysts believe Shiba Inu (SHIB) still represents a great buying opportunity. One such person is the X user with almost 100,000 followers - Del Crxpto. He admitted accumulating amounts of the meme coin, claiming he knows 'what's coming' in the future. The analyst was reluctant to share additional details since he doesn't want 'to tarnish' his SHIB relationships. I know the future, I know what’s coming for $SHIB … I will not share this information, as I do not want to tarnish my $SHIB relationships. However, I will tell you this: I am accumulating $SHIB. — Del Crxpto (@DelCrxpto) May 5, 2024 Numerous X users praised his decision, describing the token as the top meme coin and the one with the biggest potential for a price rally. On the other side, some assumed that SHIB doesn't have much room for growth, suggesting that other assets of that type might be a better choice. Another popular trader who recently placed buying orders on Shiba Inu is Ali Martinez. He claimed that the asset's price trajectory h... read More

Bitcoin Price Rejects Key Resistance, Time For Another Drop In BTC?

    Bitcoin price started a steady increase above the $62,500 resistance. BTC is again struggling to clear the $64,500 and $65,000 resistance levels. Bitcoin is showing positive signs and facing hurdles near $64,500. The price is trading above $62,500 and the 100 hourly Simple moving average. There is a key bullish trend line forming with support at $62,800 on the hourly chart of the BTC/USD pair (data feed from Kraken). The pair could struggle to clear the $64,500 and $65,000 resistance levels. Bitcoin Price Faces Resistance Bitcoin price found support near the $56,500 zone and started a decent increase. There was a clear move above the $60,000 and $61,200 resistance levels. The bulls pushed the price above the $63,500 level and the 100 hourly Simple moving average. However, the bears are again active near the $64,500 and $65,000 resistance levels. A high was formed at $64,646 and the price is now consolidating gains. It is stable above the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the upward move from the $56,378 swing low to the $64,646 high. There is also a key bullish trend line forming with support at $62,800 on the hourly chart of the BTC/USD pair. Bitcoin is now trading above $62,500 and the 100 hourly Simple moving average. Immediate resistance is near the $64,500 level. The first major resistance could be $65,000. The next key resistance could be $65,500. Source: BTCUSD on A clear move above the $65,500 resistance might send the price higher. The next resistance ... read More

Cardano Comeback: Analyst Reveals Why It's Time To Get Back Into ADA

    Cardano (ADA) might be going through a lackluster price action at the moment, but analyst Ali Martinez believes the crypto might be gearing up for a parabolic run. While taking to social media platform X, Martinez talked about an intricate price analysis that ADA investors might find appealing. Particularly, the analyst noted that the cryptocurrency's current price formation is showing signs of a comeback, according to its price history.   Cardano Price History Shows Signs Of Comeback The price of Cardano has been on a correction path since the middle of March when it peaked at $0.79. Interestingly, current price levels means that the cryptocurrency has corrected over 40% from this peak. This has led to concerns from some investors about the ADA's price trajectory for the rest of the years, particularly considering different inactivity concerns and others surrounding the cryptocurrency. However, according to Martinez, this cycle is normal for the cryptocurrency. The renowned analyst's take on ADA is based on its historical trend. According to the 1M ADA/USD timeframe chart shared by Martinez, the 50% price drop ADA recorded in the past month could be a golden opportunity for crypto investors to position themselves for a price surge.  Looking at ADA’s price history shows this may just be a temporary setback before the next rally. A similar price action played out between 2019 and 2020 before the surge to new all-time highs in 2021. After breaking out... read More

XRP Forms On-Chain Signal That Led To 16% Crash Last Time

    On-chain data shows that many old coins have moved on the XRP network recently, a sign that proved to be bearish for the coin last time. XRP Age Consumed Metric Has Registered A Large Spike According to data from the on-chain analytics firm Santiment, XRP has just observed a large movement of dormant coins similar to what the asset witnessed last month. The indicator of interest here is the 'Age Consumed,' which shows 'the amount of tokens changing addresses on a certain date, multiplied by the time since they last moved,' as per Santiment's definition. When this metric has a high value, it means that a large number of coins previously dormant have finally been moved to the blockchain. Old coins are generally less likely to become involved in selling, as they belong to the more resolute hands in the market. As such, any large movements of these coins can be worth noting since it's not an event that happens too often. The below chart shows the trend in this indicator for XRP over the past month or so: From the graph, it's visible that the XRP Age Consumed registered a sharp spike at the start of this month, implying that some old hands have decided to break their silence. This latest spike has been quite massive in scale and has been reminiscent of another spike that was seen last month. Interestingly, this previous spike occurred shortly before the price of the cryptocurrency tanked 16%. Thus, the previous spike would have corresponded to some HODLers moving to sell their ... read More

Time to Buy SHIB? Popular Analyst Bets on a 300% Shiba Inu Price Rally

    TL;DR Shiba Inu experienced a 5% price increase daily, with optimistic forecasts from analysts like Ali Martinez, who predicts a significant upcoming rally due to positive chart patterns. The potential for an uptick is supported by a significant resurgence in SHIB's burning program and ongoing enhancements to Shibarium. Betting on a SHIB Bull Run The cryptocurrency market flashed green today (May 2) after suffering substantial losses the previous day. Shiba Inu (SHIB) is among the best performers (at least from the top 20 club), registering a 5% price increase on a 24-hour scale. SHIB Price, Source: CoinGecko One analyst who is optimistic that the meme coin is yet to experience a significant rally is Ali Martinez. The X user believes SHIB's price trajectory might be forming a bull flag on the daily chart. Ali Martinez went further, admitting to placing buy orders at current rates and expecting a 300% surge to approximately $0.000072323 in the near future. Other analysts who recently envisioned a bright future for the meme coin include Rekt Capital and crypto content creator Jake Gagain. The former forecasted a triple-digit price increase, while the latter maintained that 'fading' Shiba Inu 'is a major mistake.'  The Contributing Factors Two essential elements that may fuel a SHIB rally in the short term are the asset's burning program and the development of Shibarium. As CryptoPotato reported, the burn r... read More

Bitcoin Sell Calls Going Through The Roof: But Is It Really Time To Sell...

    The story has not been any much different for Bitcoin, with its price still stuck in a consolidation range in the past week. The sluggishness of the premier cryptocurrency - and the general market - has continued despite the completion of the halving event over a week ago. The halving event, which saw mining rewards take a significant cut, was expected to usher in another round of bullishness for the Bitcoin price. On the contrary, investors appear to be getting frustrated with the slow activity of the market, with many calling for the dump of BTC. Bitcoin Sell Calls At Increased Rate: Blockchain Firm According to a recent report by on-chain analytics firm Santiment, investors are increasingly calling for the sale of Bitcoin across social media following its latest drop toward $63,000. The relevant metric here is the “social volume” indicator, which tracks the number of unique posts and messages on different social platforms that mention a specific topic. Santiment aggregated data of “buy or bullish”, “sell or bearish,” or related mentions for the premier cryptocurrency over the past week. The on-chain analytics then highlighted a shift in the trend, with the bearish calls looking to drown out the bullish noise on social media. According to Santiment, Bitcoin’s recent fall to $63,000 resulted in the lowest level of buy and bullish calls since April 21st (just before BTC recovered back above $67,000). As shown in the chart above, th... read More

Expert Makes Bold Call: It's Time To Swap Your Dollars For Bitcoin

    Billionaire investor Anthony Scaramucci, the founder of SkyBridge Capital, recently discussed the viability of financial assets. He took to X, a social media platform previously known as Twitter and owned by Elon Musk, to highlight the decreasing purchasing power of the United States dollar in comparison to the potential of Bitcoin (BTC). US Dollar Vs. Bitcoin Value Performance In the post on X, the SkyBridge Capital founder pointed out that a dollar from 2020 is now only worth about 75 cents, underscoring a significant devaluation due to inflation. According to Scaramucci, this scenario illustrates why investors should reconsider traditional fiat currencies as a reliable store of value, advocating instead for the inherent benefits of digital assets like Bitcoin. Dollar from 2020 is now worth 75 cents. Buy Bitcoin credit @balajis — Anthony Scaramucci (@Scaramucci) April 26, 2024 Scaramucci's critique comes at a time when the global economy grapples with heightened inflation rates, which have eroded the real value of fiat money. He specifically cited a '25.14% compounded inflation rate' as a critical indicator of why the dollar is losing ground. In contrast, Bitcoin has not only maintained a strong profile but has also appreciated in value, further cementing its position as a viable hedge against inflation and a potential safe haven for investors. So far, Bitcoin's market performance has been quite appealing. Particularly, despite the signifi... read More

Bitcoin Maximalism Will Rise Over Time, Predicts Balaji

    Balaji Srinivasan – the popular venture investor and Coinbase’s former Chief Technology Officer (CTO) – believes Bitcoin Maximalism is due to gain steam as a philosophical and economic belief system. In a Twitter post on Wednesday, the entrepreneur argued why faith in the existing financial system is bound to erode over time as the U.S. dollar inflation pushes a new generation into Bitcoin. Unstoppable Inflation According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, twelve-month consumer inflation in the United States rose to 3.5% in March, now having stayed substantially higher than the nation’s 2% target for three years straight. While the Federal Reserve has raised its policy interest rate substantially to fight higher prices, Balaji claims this method brings harsh side effects for consumers – such as higher interest payments on loans and cars. “There's really nothing they can do,” wrote Balaj. “High rates mean the regime is piling up interest costs in an unsustainable way, so they can't keep rates elevated forever.” Federal Reserve data shows that personal interest payments in the U.S. have risen from $240 billion in 2021 to $520 billion today. Meanwhile, Bank of America research shows that U.S. Treasury interest payments have skyrocketed to $1.1 trillion per year, and are projected to reach $1.6 trillion by Q4 2024 if rates remain stable. If the Fed were to cut rates by 150 basis points before then, such payments would sti... read More

Bitcoin Miners Always Sell Into Halvings, Is This Time Any Different?

    On-chain data shows Bitcoin miners have always sold as Halvings have occurred. With the next one just around the corner, how are miners behaving this time? Next Bitcoin Halving Is Less Than Two Days Away Now In a CryptoQuant Quicktake post, an analyst discussed Bitcoin miners' behavior in the build-up to the next Halving. The 'Halving' is a periodic event on the Bitcoin network where the cryptocurrency's block rewards (the compensation miners receive for solving blocks) are permanently slashed in half. This event occurs approximately every four years, and according to NiceHash's countdown, the next one will occur in just over 32 hours. Bitcoin miners earn revenue from two sources: transaction fees and block rewards. Historically, the former has been quite low on the BTC network, so the miners primarily depend on the latter to pay off their running costs. Since the block rewards are cut in half during Halvings, these events naturally deal a significant blow to the miner's revenues. As such, it's not surprising that the miners have generally shown a reaction to the event in the past cycles. 'One of the common dynamics that occur in every cycle of cutting the issuance of new BTC is the significant selling pressure exerted by miners,' says the quant. One way to gauge the degree of selling pressure coming from these chain validators is via the Miner to Exchange Flow metric. This indicator tracks the total amount of Bitcoin moving from miner-associated addresses to wallets conne... read More

The Ultra Wealthy Are Investing Big Time In Bitcoin, Barbara Goldstein R...

    Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency, has caught the attention of the ultra-wealthy elite, as individuals with assets worth millions and billions of dollars are setting their sights on entering the digital asset market, eager to become part of Bitcoin’s innovative and revolutionary ecosystem.  Wealth Titans Are Shifting Focus To Bitcoin Investments In a recent interview with CNBC Last Call, Barbara Goldstein, the Managing Partner at R360, an invite-only networking and investment club for the uber-rich, discussed a new shift among wealth titans towards Bitcoin investments.  Shedding light on the growing appeal for digital currencies among the elite echelons of the R360 club, Goldstein disclosed that the members of the club had engaged in thorough discussions about Bitcoin, expressing optimism regarding its potential to be a lucrative investment bracket for the wealthy.  She revealed that a prominent member of the R360 club members, a leading hedge fund manager, had championed the pioneer cryptocurrency, continuously encouraging other members to invest in it. Additionally, Goldstein detailed several bullish factors she believes served as a primary catalyst for driving Bitcoin’s value, citing the upcoming Bitcoin halving event this April and the growing Spot Bitcoin Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) market.  When questioned about whether the members of the R360 club were treating Bitcoin as a casual investment or delving deeply into inves... read More

Polkadot Shines – Is Now The Time To Buy DOT Before $10?

    Polkadot, a blockchain platform designed for interoperability between different blockchains, is experiencing a surge in new users, but a disconnect between user growth and network activity is raising questions about its long-term viability. Based on the latest figures, DOT tallied an all-time high in active wallets and unique accounts in March, surpassing 600,000 and 5.59 million, respectively. This suggests a growing interest in the platform, potentially driven by the thriving developer ecosystem on Polkadot's parachains, specialized blockchains that connect to the main Polkadot chain. Moonbeam, a prominent parachain, played a particularly significant role, contributing the highest number of active addresses with nearly 250,000. Polkadot Transactions Dip Despite Active User Growth However, despite the influx of new users, the number of transactions on the Polkadot network hasn't kept pace. While there was a modest increase in transactions compared to February, the current volume remains significantly lower than the peak recorded in December. This inconsistency raises concerns about how actively users are engaging with the network. The possibility exists that users are holding or staking their DOT tokens instead of utilizing them for transactions on the platform. Polkadot Price Seeks Stability After Recent Decline The price of Polkadot's native token, DOT, seems to be finding support around $9. This could indicate a period of consolidation after a decline from its previo... read More

Bitcoin Nears Two Important On-Chain Levels: What Happened Last Time

    Data shows Bitcoin is currently nearing two notable on-chain price levels. Here's what happened the last time BTC broke above them. Bitcoin Is Approaching Vaulted Price & MVRV +1SD Currently In a new post on X, Glassnode leads on-chain analyst Checkmate points out that BTC has been near two on-chain price levels recently. The first of these levels is the 'MVRV +1SD.' The Market Value to Realized Value (MVRV) ratio is a famous indicator for Bitcoin. In short, it compares the value that BTC holders are currently carrying (that is, the market cap) against the value they put into the cryptocurrency (the realized cap). This metric is generally used to determine the scale of profit or loss that the market as a whole is carrying right now. Based on this, the fairness of the coin's price may be judged. In the context of the current discussion, the +1 standard deviation (SD) of the MVRV ratio from its mean is of relevance. More specifically, the price level at which the market would satisfy this MVRV ratio condition is of focus. The other on-chain level of interest here is the 'Vaulted Price.' This indicator is a product of the 'Cointime Economics' framework that Checkmate came up with alongside David Puell from Ark Invest. In reference to this metric, the paper reads: Vaulted Realized Price may be considered to be a pricing level that reflects the ‘potential energy’ stored in the system. Somewhat counter-intuitively, the more long-term coin accumulation that takes place,... read More

Time to Buy Dogecoin (DOGE) Before it Pops to $1? This Popular Analyst T...

    Popular trader IcedKnife told his 300K followers on X that DOGE seemed like the most obvious buy-and-hold play of the meme coin market. He then suggested the asset could reach new heights this cycle, with $1 being a “very likely” price target for DOGE. $DOGE seems like the most obvious brain dead spot buy and hold play I could think of don't see a scenario where $DOGE doesn't see new highs this cycle, $1 is very likely imo feel like this will be 'obvious in hindsight' time will tell — Iced (@IcedKnife) April 2, 2024 The trader’s comments come after DOGE made headlines last week when it broke above the $0.22 barrier, a price not seen since November 2021. However, DOGE has retraced to $0.18 by today (April 3), which seems in line with most cryptocurrencies being in the red. Echoing similar sentiments, popular analyst Ali Martinez reminded traders that DOGE remains the most important meme coin of the market, despite new entrants like dogwifhat (WIF) or Bonk (BONK) making headlines practically every day. Further, Martinez said DOGE is mirroring the 2018 - 2021 cycle, and if so, it could be on the verge of a “massive parabolic bull run.” Another popular figure in the crypto space made a similar statement but for DOGE’s oldest and biggest competitor, Shiba Inu (SHIB). As CryptoPotato reported, Davinci Jeremie, a famous Bitcoin proponent, suggested investors should allocate a certain percentage of their portfoli... read More

Bitcoin Supply In Loss Hits 10% After Crash: What Happened Last Time

    On-chain data shows the Bitcoin supply in profit has plunged following the latest crash in the asset's price towards the $65,000 level. Bitcoin Supply In Profit Is Now Down To Around 90% As analyst James Van Straten pointed out in a post on X, around 10% of the BTC supply is now in a state of loss. The on-chain indicator of interest here is the 'Percent Supply in Profit,' which tracks the percentage of the total circulating Bitcoin supply holding an unrealized gain. This metric works by going through the blockchain history of each coin in circulation to see the price at which it was last transferred. Assuming that this previous transaction involved a change of hands, the price at its moment would serve as the cost basis for the coin. The coins with a cost basis that is less than the current spot price of the cryptocurrency would naturally be considered to be holding a profit, and as such, they would be counted under the supply in profit. The Percent Supply in Profit adds up all such coins and calculates what part of the total supply they make up for. The opposite metric, the Percent Supply in Loss, adds up the coins not satisfying this condition. Since the total circulating supply must add up to 100%, the Percent Supply in Loss can be deduced from the Percent Supply in Profit by subtracting its value from 100. Now, here is a chart that shows the trend in the Percent Supply in Profit for Bitcoin over the last few months: As displayed in the above graph, the Bitcoin Percent ... read More

Bitcoin is 'Overheating' For The First Time Ever Before Halving

    Bitcoin, the world's most valuable coin, is once again deviating from historical norms. According to an analysis by one crypto analyst, the coin is in the 'overbought' territory of the Relative Strength Index (RSI) for the first time in the lead-up to halving. The RSI is a popular technical indicator analysts use to gauge the price momentum of traded instruments.  Bitcoin Overheating? RSI Stands Above 70 The analyst points out that the Bitcoin RSI on the monthly chart is currently above 70, indicating an overbought condition and overheating. This is a significant development as it's the first time in Bitcoin's history that this has happened before a halving.  The Bitcoin network is set to halve miner rewards in mid-April. This event, which occurs roughly every 200,000 blocks, will cut rewards distributed to miners by 50% from the current level of 6.125 BTC. Miners play a vital role in confirming transactions and maintaining network security.  The fact that Bitcoin prices appear to be 'overheating' just before halving is net bullish for the coin. It suggests that prices are not only breaking from historical trends but also building strong momentum. Besides the strong upside momentum, the analyst notes that Bitcoin now trades above a critical dynamic level on the monthly chart. The confluence of these positive developments could explain why traders are upbeat. Most analysts agree that the coin will likely break higher in the weeks ahead, clearing the... read More

Bitcoin Whales Remove A Staggering $2.3 Billion From Exchanges, Is It Ti...

    Bitcoin whales have been very active in the past few days as the crypto continues to trade below $68,000. Notably, on-chain data has shown a trend of accumulation among Bitcoin whales, with large bouts of the cryptocurrency leaving crypto exchanges into private wallets.  These massive transfers appear to have piqued the interest of a few investors who are keeping a watchful eye, as this accumulation pattern points to a price increase up ahead.  According to various posts by whale transaction tracker Whale Alerts, Bitcoin whales have recently transferred $2.3 billion worth of BTC in a span of 24 hours, indicating their bullish sentiment. Similarly, crypto analyst Ali Martinez recently revealed that over 25,000 BTC worth approximately $1.60 billion had been transferred into accumulation addresses. Bitcoin Whale Accumulation Signal Price Surge Ahead Bitcoin has largely traded below $69,000 since March 15, struggling to regain the momentum that saw it shooting past $70,000 earlier in the month. Interestingly, Bitcoin fell to as low as $61,766 last week, representing a 16% decline from its all-time high.  Meanwhile, Spot Bitcoin ETFs saw consistent outflows throughout the week which was spearheaded by Grayscale's GBTC and weak inflows into BlackRock's IBIT and Fidelity's FBTC. This decline became much of a concern for investors as it signaled the bullish sentiment surrounding BTC might finally be coming to an end. However, on-chain data is now telling a different t... read More

Bitcoin Spot ETFs See 4 Consecutive Days Of Outflows, Here's What Happen...

    Bitcoin Spot ETF outflows have ramped up this week and has seen the week characterized by price declines throughout the crypto space. These outflows, like before, are being led by the Grayscale Spot ETF as investors believe their fees are too high. This has led to four consecutive week of outflows, which is the second time it is happening since Spot ETFs were approved for trading. So, where does the Bitcoin price go from here? Bitcoin Spot ETFs Hit 4 Consecutive Days Of Outflows The outflows began on Monday and continued into subsequent days. So far, the highest single-day outflow happened on Tuesday, March 19, with total net flows for the day coming out to $326.2 million, a new record for Bitcoin funds. Subsequent days have seen lower figures when it comes to overall net flows but they continue to come out in the negative. On Wednesday, net flows were $261.5 million, and on Thursday, March 22, net flows came out to $94 million. This marked the second time that the Spot Bitcoin ETFs are seeing four consecutive days of outflows this year. The vast majority of these outflows, as mentioned above, are coming from the Grayscale Bitcoin ETF. In the last day alone, the fund saw outflows of 5,900 BTC, which translates to $339 million at current prices. Then, over the last week, Coinglass data shows that 28,207.5834 BTC has left the fund, causing its total BTC under management to fall by 7.35% in one week. Other funds have also seen outflows during this time but to a much lower degre... read More

BREAKING: Bitcoin Hits New All-Time High, Surging Past $70,000 For The F...

    Bitcoin (BTC), the dominant cryptocurrency, has made history by briefly breaking its consolidation phase and reaching an all-time high of $70,000. Despite encountering resistance near this level, Bitcoin's market capitalization has reached $1.3 trillion, showcasing its continued upward momentum.  However, as the cryptocurrency faces a double top in the same price zone after almost three years, it must overcome a significant hurdle to consolidate above $69,000 and pave the way for further price gains. Bitcoin Sets New Record  In the past 24 hours, Bitcoin experienced a 2% uptrend, propelling it to breach the $70,000 milestone for the first time. The cryptocurrency had previously reached $69,300 on Tuesday, indicating the growing strength of its upward trajectory. However, the $69,000 mark has proven to be a formidable resistance level, leading to increased volatility once breached. The double-top formation in this price zone over a three-year period adds further complexity to Bitcoin's consolidation efforts. Breaking through this resistance is crucial for Bitcoin to establish a solid foundation for future price gains and sustainably consolidate above $70,000. The success of Bitcoin spot exchange-traded funds (ETFs) within a short span of two months has bolstered investor confidence and generated anticipation for future price appreciation.  With investors betting on Bitcoin's long-term prospects, it appears to be only a matter of time before the cryptocurrency ... read More

Cardano Dips: Is Now The Perfect Time To Buy ADA Before The Next Mega Ra...

    Following a sharp decline in Cardano (ADA) value, which occurred in tandem with Bitcoin's withdrawal from its latest all-time high (ATH) of $69,328, Dan Gambardello, a crypto analyst, has recently weighed in on the implications of this pullback for the broader bull market. Particularly Gambardello views this development positively, suggesting it mirrors historical patterns that could signal a strengthening market for ADA. Cardano's Price Action And Bull Market Indicators Dan Gambardello, a prominent figure in crypto analysis, elaborated on ADA's recent price action, comparing it to the altcoin's behavior in previous bull cycles. He pointed out that similar pullbacks have historically preceded significant rallies for ADA, indicating potential for growth ahead. This analysis comes after Bitcoin recently breached its all-time high (ATH). Gambardello labeled this breakthrough as the opening of 'bull market doors,' a term used to describe a market condition that facilitates 'parabolic spikes' in cryptocurrency values. According to Gambardello, ADA's current market phase, characterized by a 'break of structure,' aligns with typical bull market patterns. Despite lagging behind Bitcoin in surpassing previous ATHs, ADA's market behavior is consistent with a healthy bull market trajectory. CARDANO Price MELTDOWN! (INSANELY Bullish ADA DATA!) — Dan Gambardello (@cryptorecruitr) March 6, 2024 ADA's Potential For Growth and Analyst Predictions Dan Gambardell... read More

Ethereum Recovers From Dip: ETH Hits $3,900 For The First Time In Two Ye...

    After Bitcoin (BTC) recorded a new all-time high (ATH), Ethereum (ETH) rallied above $3,800 before the price crashed over 10%. The second-largest cryptocurrency has recovered from the dip and reached $3,900 momentarily for the first time in over two years. Ethereum Recovers And Rallies to $3,900 On Thursday, Bitcoin reached a crucial milestone after breaking above $69,000 and recording a new all-time high (ATH). Before the euphoria was over, the flagship cryptocurrency’s price started to drop, trading as low as $60,000. Since then, BTC’s price has recovered to hover between the $66,000-$67,000 price range. Fueled by the bullish sentiment, Ethereum rallied above $3,800 before suffering a considerable price drop. The ‘king of altcoins’ lost momentum and shredded about 12% of its price to trade at a price as low as $3,360, according to CoinMarketCap data. After the dip was done, ETH started to show a recovery alongside Bitcoin. As reported by NewsBTC, a crucial resistance level to clear during this recovery was $3,600. Ethereum surpassed this support level and has maintained its price above the $3,800 range during the last 4 hours. JUST IN: $3,900 $ETH — Watcher.Guru (@WatcherGuru) March 6, 2024 Ethereum reached the $3,800 support level twice in the last 24 hours. This price range was not seen since January 2022, and the regained bullish momentum propelled the token’s price to a higher milestone. Ethereum hit $3,900 for the first time since... read More

Ethereum Price Follows Bitcoin Surge, Why $4K Is Just A Matter of Time

    Ethereum price is pumping above the $3,550 resistance. ETH is following Bitcoin and might soon rally toward the $4,000 resistance zone. Ethereum is gaining pace above the $3,550 resistance zone. The price is trading above $3,650 and the 100-hourly Simple Moving Average. There is a connecting bullish trend line forming with support at $3,600 on the hourly chart of ETH/USD (data feed via Kraken). The pair seems to be setting up for a move toward the $3,850 and $4,000 levels. Ethereum Price Starts Fresh Surge Ethereum price extended its rally above the $3,500 level, like Bitcoin. BTC surged and even spiked above the $68,000 level. ETH is showing signs of strength and surging above the $3,650 level. There was a clear move above the $3,700 level. A new multi-month high is formed at $3,715 and the price is now consolidating gains. It is trading above the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the upward move from the $3,465 swing low to the $3,715 high. Ethereum is now trading above $3,650 and the 100-hourly Simple Moving Average. There is also a connecting bullish trend line forming with support at $3,600 on the hourly chart of ETH/USD. The trend line is close to the 50% Fib retracement level of the upward move from the $3,465 swing low to the $3,715 high. Immediate resistance on the upside is near the $3,720 level. The first major resistance is near the $3,780 level. The next major resistance is near $3,850, above which the price might gain bullish momentum.  The next stop for the ... read More

Bitcoin Profitability Reaches 97% For The First Time In Over 2 Years

    Bitcoin has had an eventful few weeks in terms of price action. The world's largest crypto is currently at a 19% increase in the past seven days and a 43% increase in the past 30 days, its highest percentage gain in over a year. As a result, a huge number of BTC addresses have been pushed into the profitability zone. For the first time in over two years, 97% of all Bitcoin addresses are now in profit. Number Of Bitcoin Addresses In Profit Skyrockets As Prices Surge According to crypto on-chain analytics platform IntoTheBlock, 50.62 million Bitcoin addresses are currently in profit at the current price level. This huge figure represents over 97% of the total wallet addresses. Notably, the last time holders saw this much profitability was in November 2021 when the price of Bitcoin was around $69,000, nearing its all-time high. Notably, market playout has seen Bitcoin continue its massive gains over the past few months. Just last month, 91% of addresses were in profit. Despite some sporadic sell-offs and profit-taking from some investors attempting to break even, the percentage of addresses in profit continues to grow as the huge profitability means selling pressure no longer has a significant effect.   How Long Can Bitcoin Sustain This Upward Momentum? Bitcoin prices have skyrocketed over the past several months, recently topping $60,000 again. The top crypto is currently trading at $62,233 at the time of this writing, and 1.28 million addresses, which account for 2.46% ... read More

Historical Data Signals Bitcoin's Imminent 25% Plunge – Time To Bu...

    Historical data suggests that no Bitcoin cycle has peaked without experiencing significant double-digit corrections. These downturns, while daunting, have historically presented lucrative 'buy-the-dip' opportunities for investors. As Bitcoin continues its ascent, with its price hovering above $62,000, the anticipation of a potential correction looms large, offering a window into the cyclical nature of cryptocurrency markets. Market Maturity And Correction Patterns Seasoned investor CryptoJelleNL recently shared a post on X earlier today pointing towards an imminent correction in the 20-25% range for Bitcoin. Based on cycle analysis, this predicted dip indicates a potential drop to the $46,500 range, earmarking an opportunity for investors to bolster their positions in the leading crypto. Corrections are an essential part of a #Bitcoin bull market — but with each passing cycle, the dips become shallower. This cycle, it looks like ±20-25% will be the sweet spot for dip-buying. Your job is to be ready to take advantage when it comes. — Jelle (@CryptoJelleNL) March 1, 2024 This perspective gains further credence when examining the diminishing severity of corrections as the market matures; the 2016-2017 Bitcoin cycle was characterized by seven substantial corrections, with an average pullback of 32%, significantly impacting investor sentiment and portfolio values. In the subsequent cycle that propelled BTC to its current all-time hig... read More

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Hits $60K for the First Time Since November 2021

    Bitcoin's bull run continues with full force as the asset soared to and past $60,000 for the first time since November 2021, when it peaked at $69,000. Its dominance over the altcoins has also been on the rise in the past few days, exceeding 50% on CoinGecko after dropping to 48% last week. BTCUSD. Source: TradingView CryptoPotato reported earlier today BTC's recent moves that included a massive surge from $51,000 to $59,000 in just two days. However, that didn't stop the primary cryptocurrency from rallying even further. Minutes ago, the asset skyrocketed by another grand and a half and surged past $60,000 for the first time since late November 2021. As of now, BTC remains above $60,000 after tapping a multi-year peak of $60,600. As expected, this substantial increase has shifted entirely the market sentiment as investors have now become extremely greedy. With the upcoming halving right around the corner and BTC's historical performance after each of the previous ones, the community continues to speculate on how high the cryptocurrency will go during the current run. Just yesterday, veteran trader Peter Brandt altered his projection to $200,000. Bitcoin's dominance has skyrocketed as well in the past few days to 50.3% on CoinGecko and 52.7% on CoinMarketCap. Recall that the metric had fallen to 48% on the former and 49.9% on the latter just last week. CoinGlass data shows that the total value of liquidated positions on a daily scale has soared to $315 million, most of which ... read More

ElmonX Unveils 'The Scream' NFTs by Edvard Munch For The First Time Ever

    [PRESS RELEASE - London, United Kingdom, February 26th, 2024] Launching on 1st March at 9AM PT ElmonX is proud to announced of the upcoming release of 'The Scream' by Edvard Munch. ElmonX, the digital collectibles platform, has unveiled a collaboration to launch one unique drop licensed by Bridgeman Images. The Scream, 1895 (litho), Munch, Edvard (1863–1944) / The Art Institute of Chicago, IL, USA / Bridgeman Images. Key Information on Medium: Public Sale: Friday, 1st March 9AM PT Price: 0.075 Eth (Purchase limit 3 per wallet) Editions: 780 (36 Reserved) License: Bridgeman Images Available: Globally at Previous NFTs released through ElmonX feature iconic artworks such as: Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa (1503), Van Gogh's Starry Night (1889), Auguste Rodin's The Thinker (1904), and Claude Monet's Nymphéas 1907, among others. Edvard Munch is universally renowned for his series of creations entitled 'The Scream'. This 1895 lithograph rendition is produced using a unique printmaking technique, captures a haunting scene of existential despair against swirling skies. Interpreted as a powerful symbol of anxiety and human turmoil, it showcases Munch's expressionist style. Licensed by Bridgeman Images and housed in The Art Institute of Chicago, this artwork's inscriptions add depth to its historical significance. This is the first opportunity to own 'The Scream 1895 (litho) digital collectible as a premium digital artwork in 3D by ElmonX. Holders can ... read More

For the First Time in 2 Years, Coinbase Has Gone Profitable Again: Repor...

    In spite of the fact that Coinbase has always been one of the most well-known trading platforms, business within the past few years hasn’t been much easier for them than lesser-known exchanges. Between crypto winter, an ongoing lawsuit, the need for personnel reductions, and the other expenses of running a business, Coinbase has suffered business contraction for about two years now. However, the exchange’s fortunes have changed. First Profitable Quarter in Two Years Coinbase’s quarterly report has arrived, and the exchange has cause to celebrate. According to the fiscal report for Q4 FY2023, the company has brought in $273 million in net income over the past couple of months. Total revenues added up to $953.8 million, beating analyst predictions by upwards of $100 million. After absorbing the negative impact of the preceding quarters, this figure brings Coinbase’s final tally to $95 million in net profit for 2023. A good chunk of the exchange’s rebound can be attributed to the current bullish sentiment that brought crypto prices surging back up in recent weeks. Coinbase CFO Alesia Haas directly attributed part of their financial statements to price swings in recent memory. “The increase in volatility had a meaningful impact on our transaction revenue. We saw strong growth and reengagement from both simple and advanced traders. Notable average trading volumes materially increased among our advanced traders.” The current price of BTC an... read More

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