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Theta Network  


THETA Price:
$25.1 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$1.1 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #THETA today is $1.08 USD.

The lowest THETA price for this period was $0, the highest was $1.08, and the exact current price of one THETA crypto coin is $1.08065.

The all-time high THETA coin price was $15.71.

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The code for Theta Network is #THETA.

Theta Network is 4.7 years old.


The current market capitalization for Theta Network is $1,080,648,594.

Theta Network is ranked #49 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a large volume of trading today on #THETA.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Theta Network is $25,052,435.


The circulating supply of THETA is 1,000,000,000 coins, which is 100% of the maximum coin supply.


THETA is the native coin for the Theta blockchain.

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THETA is integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 30 crypto exchanges.

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A coin that is related to #THETA is #TFUEL.



Theta announces RJ Williams, CEO of Young Hollywood, to join Metachain Advisory Council

We’re pleased to announce that RJ Williams, CEO of Young Hollywood, has joined Theta’s Metachain Advisory Council. As media companies begin plans to build on Theta Metachain like Fuse, trooVRS, and more coming soon, RJ will advise on how they can best leverage blockchain technology to reach their users. Started in 2007 by Williams, Young Hollywood is the Leading Celebrity Influencer and Lifestyle Network for Millennials. Young Hollywood is available on digital, social, television and mobile in over 160 countries and in over 120 million homes. In addition to financing, producing and distributing over 500 hours of original programming annually, the company’s activities include owning and operating ten leading entertainment digital platforms, a 24-hour OTT Network serving nearly 160 million subscribers and licensing the Young Hollywood trademark internationally for a range of consumer products and services. Clients have included Fortune 500 brands such as Subway, H&M, Unilever, Electronic Arts, and Coca-Cola. Young Hollywood also owns a library of over 8,000 hours of evergreen content across multiple genres, garnering billions of views to date via its growing distribution network, which includes Apple TV, Amazon Channels, Roku, Rakuten, Vizio, Samsung, LG, TCL, Xiaomi, YouTube, and over 50 others. RJis a natural to head up one of the fastest-growing entertainment brands, having grown up in the entertainment industry a...

Theta Validator unstaking to accelerate future ecosystem growth

For the past several years Theta Labs has unstaked certain amounts of THETA tokens from the project treasury in order to fund ecosystem growth, decentralize the Theta protocol and expand enterprise validators now up to 25 including Google, Samsung, Sony, CAA and others. These efforts have been successful with an explosion of new Theta projects emerging in the past year, from Replay video payments tracking and their new platform Rewarded TV, to NFT projects like Passaways and Secret Pineapple Society, to decentralized ticketing services like Metapass. Here’s a complete list of Theta ecosystem partners — With Theta Metachain due for release as Mainnet 4.0 in Q4 2022, many more will be joining them to take advantage of the Metachain’s highly customizable and infinitely-scalable subchain architecture. We’ve also made incredible strides in developing decentralized Web3 tools for video and media, such as decentralized video encoding, livestreaming support for the Theta Video API, and the first-ever implementation of NFT-based DRM. Despite markets struggling this year in crypto and around the world, the Theta ecosystem remains in a strong position for future development and increased adoption globally. Theta Labs plans to unstake a small portion of its treasury — 15M THETA out of the total 165M treasury staked — to accelerate the momentum in core protocol development, community development ...

Theta adds Dr. Mark E. Deschaine of the University of Mississippi to the Theta Advisory Council

Theta announces Dr. Mark E. Deschaine, Associate Professor at the University of Mississippi, to join Theta Advisory Council - We’re pleased to announce that Dr. Mark E. Deschaine, Associate Professor at the University of Mississippi, has now joined the Theta Advisory Council. Dr. Mark E. Deschaine is an Associate Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Mississippi. At Ole Miss, Dr. Deschaine helps prepare future school and district educational leaders in the MA, EdS, EdD, and PhD degree programs. Mark did his doctoral studies at Western Michigan University, earning a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Educational Leadership. Mark is the Editor of the Journal of Contemporary Research in Education (JCRE). He also serves as a Research Fellow with the Michigan Virtual Learning Research Institute (MVLRI). Dr. Deschaine’s research agenda examines the ways theory, technology, policy, and processes support educational leaders in their implementation of effective differentiated programs and instruction for all students. Dr. Deschaine has been a long-time supporter of Theta, organizing community groups such as the Theta Research Squad and advising projects like Symbiote Creatives and ThetaCon. As an advisor for Theta he is focused on educational initiatives such as an upcoming program to increase the Theta developer community in preparation for Theta Metachain launch in December, as well as how to use Theta Video API ...

Edge Nodes add decentralized video encoding to support Theta Video API

We’re excited to announce today that Theta Edge Nodes now support video encoding and transcoding for Theta Video API! This means two major improvements: Edge Nodes have the opportunity to earn more TFUEL, and Theta Video API (TVA) is more decentralized. There are more than 100k Edge Nodes running today, performing the decentralized video distribution that is at the core of the Theta Network. However, one of the most common feedbacks from node operators is that they want more opportunities to earn TFUEL tokens for completing the work of the network. In addition to adding more network partners to generate demand for Edge Nodes, another way to grow the network is to expand the types of productive work that Edge Nodes can do. Edge Nodes have previously been able to use their spare CPU to encode and transcode livestream video for Now this ability is expanded to support all Theta Video API encoding jobs, from Theta video partners like Rewarded TV, OpenTheta, and Passaways. Note, TVA jobs will initially only be available to Elite Edge Nodes with TFUEL staked.Theta Video API interface EENs can encode videos with NFT DRM, the revolutionary technology that Theta introduced to allow content creators full control over the videos they release. NFT DRM means access to the content is verifiable and irrevocable on-chain in the form of an immutable NFT. Theta Video API will also now support resolutions from 240p up to 1080p, with ...

Replay launches new Theta Validator Node, the 25th validator overall

We’re excited to share that Replay, the leading blockchain-based video tracking & payments platform, has now launched their own Theta Validator Node. Replay’s validator node can be found at Theta address 0xd21ffe1e260eb063d89365b9d16f8ec12558c6fd. Replay is the leading blockchain-based video tracking & payments platform for content owners. Powering the web3 Content Economy, Replay removes monetization friction for content creators and users to deliver unparalleled transparency into viewership and performance. Built on Theta’s blockchain protocol , Replay enables digital-ready streams that are trackable on the blockchain and available for distribution via a consumption-based model, using RPLAY, an upcoming TNT-20 token, to decentralize video tracking and payments. This technology can be found in action on Rewarded TV, a blockchain enabled OTT streaming service rewarding end users and content owners with instant tracking and liquidity. “We chose to build the Replay platform on Theta blockchain since it’s the clear leader in the blockchain space for media and entertainment.” said Krish Arvapally, CEO and Founder of Replay. “In addition to Rewarded TV and our upcoming RPLAY token, we’re excited to expand our integration in the Theta ecosystem as an Theta Validator Node and participate directly in block production.” The Theta validator group continues to grow into a diverse cross-section of the different ...

Introducing Livestream support for Theta Video API, enabling decentralized livestreaming in any app…

Introducing Livestream support for Theta Video API, enabling decentralized livestreaming in any app or website We’re excited to announce that Theta Video API (TVA) has now added BETA support for livestreaming! Now live video can also be streamed over Theta’s decentralized video delivery network and easily embedded in any app or website. For the initial release, we only support streamers from the US region. We will expand to more regions in the near future. You can find the API reference for using TVA for livestreaming here. Alternatively, you can also create a livestream using the TVA dashboard from the “Livestreams” tab. Simply click on the “New Stream” button, and copy the “Stream Server” and “Stream Key” to your OBS and start streaming! Theta Video API allows developers to add decentralized video to any website or application without any central servers, content delivery or video hosting software. It’s simple for developers to use: a web or mobile developer posts a video file to the Theta Video API ingest endpoint and get a playable video URL in return along with a few lines of JavaScript code which enables the Theta decentralized stream delivery library. This has led to adoption by numerous video platforms and projects including Rewarded TV, Passaways, and OpenTheta which incorporated a TVA-hosted video alongside our groundbreaking NFT DRM technology. The existing Theta Video API release supported s...

TDROP On-chain Governance launches on Theta mainnet, paving the way for decentralized governance of…

TDROP On-chain Governance launches on Theta mainnet, paving the way for decentralized governance of Theta blockchain We are thrilled to announce that the TDROP Governance site is released on Theta Mainnet. This is the first step in TDROP stakers directly governing how the TDROP token rewards and its other parameters like liquidity mining, and will serve as the testbed for on-chain governance for the THETA token and Theta protocol itself. This is critically important to decentralizing the protocol, giving power to the tokenholders, and making Theta a equitable blockchain for all! Each user’s voting rights for a given TDROP proposal will be equal to their share of staked TDROP as a percentage of the total TDROP staked. You can access the TDROP governance site here: In the blog, we will review the steps for you to participate in TDROP governance: Step 1. Delegate voting power (from Theta Wallet to Metamask). Step 2. Vote for a proposal. Step 3. Create your own proposal.Step 1. Delegate voting power (from Theta Wallet to Metamask) To start, open your Theta Wallet where you have your TDROP stored. This example is on Testnet, but the governance functionality is now live on the Mainnet. Click to the Stakes section, then click Deposit Stake . Select TDROP from the dropdown menu and enter the amount you would like to stake. (If you already have your TDROP staked, you can skip this step.) Your st...

Meet the winners of the Theta Hackathon Q1 2022

We are thrilled to announce the winners of the latest Theta hackathon, each an excellent example of the kind of projects taking the Theta ecosystem to the next level. Theta hackathons are a core way Theta community developers are supported, and prior hackathons featured critical community projects such as GPool, OpenTheta, and ThetaBoard.“We are seeing a significant increase in development interest in Theta blockchain, and we expect ongoing Theta hackathons to further incentivize new development teams to build their projects on Theta” said Theta CTO Jieyi Long. “Our team is excited to see the next generation of apps built to expand Theta’s role as the leading blockchain for the media and entertainment space”. The Q1 2022 Theta Hackathon features a $500k prize pool split among the top 3 projects in each of these categories:VideoNFTs and ThetaPassMetaverse and GamingDeFi Without further ado, here are the top projects in each category!Video 1st Place: Terner Academy, a blockchain-based online learning platform that fully utilizes Theta Network and Theta Video API 2nd Place: ThetaBox, a video management system and media gateway for decentralized content delivery 3rd Place: ThetaBundle, allowing content creators to sell bundles/rights to their video or gaming content via transactable Theta smart contractsNFTs and ThetaPass 1st Place: ThetaDrop Rarity, helping the Theta community discover, analyze and acquire NFTs 2nd ...

BridgeTower Capital launches Enterprise Validator Node on the Theta Network

We’re excited to share that BridgeTower Capital, a global blockchain infrastructure and services company, has now launched their own Enterprise Validator Node. BridgeTower’s validator node can be found at Theta address BridgeTower Capital is a Blockchain infrastructure and services company providing Blockchain Staking and DeFi products designed to increase the value and revenue generated from staked assets. BridgeTower Capital has developed a global platform to uniquely bring products to its own permissioned markets to seamlessly enable an institutional gateway to staking, DeFi, NFT and Web 3.0 entities. BridgeTower operates more than 5,000 of its own staking nodes and owns servers utilizing 100 percent renewable energy. BridgeTower is a global company based in Singapore with operating entities in Switzerland and the United States allowing it to compliantly address many of the most important jurisdictions in the global economy. “We have long been supporters of the work Theta initiated in using the blockchain infrastructure to deliver decentralized video streaming in ways that provide both technical and economic advantages,” said BridgeTower Founder and CEO Cory Pugh. “We are proud and honored to be among an elite group of technology and blockchain brands that have deployed an enterprise validator node to help expand the Theta network...

Theta Labs welcomes Andrea Berry as Head of Business Development

We’re happy to announce the addition of Andrea Berry as Head of Business Development at Theta Labs! Andrea has a deep background in the video space from prior business development roles at Vimeo and Kaltura, and will be focusing her efforts on Theta video integrations and Theta Video API. Andrea Berry is a thought leader in media and technology and has spent the last 15 years at the intersection of original content, emerging platforms, and strategic partnerships. Andrea’s innovation, technical fluency, and extensive network of industry relationships have allowed her to fuel new revenue streams, driving growth for the companies she has worked for. When Andrea joined Kaltura, the world’s first open-source video platform, she was early in identifying the transformation from linear to digital video. She helped emerging and traditional media companies build out their online video strategy to transform their businesses. It was here that she helped launch the first direct-to-consumer live-music OTT service, Qello Concerts, a team she would join years later to help the founder transform it into a white-label b2b platform, Qello Media Services. This platform focused on sports, music, and entertainment and after both of these businesses were acquired, she joined Vimeo as their first strategic sales director for their enterprise offering. At Vimeo, Andrea built and implemented the channel sales program in addition to launching do...


Biggest Movers: THETA, HNT Rise Over 20%, Despite Crypto Crash

    THETA was trading higher on Tuesday, as prices rebounded, moving away from multi-year lows in the process. HNT also rallied, climbing by as much as 20% earlier in today's session. Theta Network (THETA) THETA was one of the most notable movers during today's session, as prices gained by nearly 20% earlier in the day. Following a low of $0.9688 to start the week, THETA/USD rose to an intraday peak of $1.22 on Tuesday. Today's surge saw THETA move away from yesterday's bottom, which is the lowest level prices have been since December 2020. As of writing, prices are now back above $1.00, and are trading slightly above a key support point of $1.14. Should this floor begin to stabilize, we could see bulls slowly re-enter the market, and gradually look to regain price momentum. For this to happen, the 14-day RSI must remain above its own support point at the 40 level, and move to break past resistance of 42 thereafter. Helium (HNT) HNT was another big mover on Tuesday, as prices rebounded, ending a streak of four straight daily declines. Helium hit an intraday high of $10.21 earlier in today's session, which comes less than a day after trading at a low of $7.45. Despite these declines, prices rose by as much as 23% today, moving past resistance of $9.80 in the process. However, following the earlier breakout, momentum in HNT has slightly eased, with prices once again trading below $10. This is likely a result of the Relative Strength Index finding a support point of its own at 50... read More

Biggest Movers: ADA up 13% on Monday, THETA Moving Towards Multi-Week Hi...

    Crypto markets were mainly in the green to start the week, with several assets climbing by double digits on Monday. One of these was ADA, which rose by as much as 13% today. THETA also climbed higher, gaining nearly 15%. Cardano (ADA) ADA was one of the most notable movers on Monday, as prices surged back towards a long-term resistance level. Monday saw ADA/USD rally to an intraday high of $0.6435, which is the highest point it has reached since May 31. This move, which started at support of $0.5560, saw prices climb all the way to resistance at $0.6430 to start the week. The surge comes as price strength has rapidly increased, with the 14-day RSI now trading above a ceiling of its own at 54. As of writing, the index is at 55.33, which is its highest reading since April 6, and a positive sign that momentum in ADA could finally be changing. Overall, ADA is still down nearly 85% from its all-time high in September last year. Theta Network (THETA) THETA was also trading higher to start the week, climbing by as much as 15% during Monday's session. Monday's rally saw prices reach an intraday peak of $1.38, which comes less than 24-hours since price was at a low of $1.20. This move saw THETA continue to climb away from support around $1.15, and instead move closer to resistance at $1.40. As seen from the chart, this ceiling hasn't been broken in almost one month, however after today's gain, bulls look set to test this point. Price strength is also at a resistance point of 44.40,... read More

Sony Partners With Theta Labs to Launch 3D NFTs for Its Spatial Reality ...

    Sony Group Corporation has revealed it has partnered with Theta Labs in order to launch 3D non-fungible token (NFT) assets. The upcoming NFTs will be crafted for the Sony Spatial Reality Display and are designed for three-dimensional viewing.Sony 3D NFTs to Enhance Spatial Reality Display Features The Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation Sony is working with Theta Labs, the creators of the Theta blockchain. The Theta project is described as a decentralized video streaming network or video delivery network with its own native crypto asset, theta network (THETA). According to Sony's announcement sent to News, the electronics giant plans to issued ten 'Tiki Guy' NFTs, and the firm is issuing two-dimensional versions as well. The NFTs are created for the Sony Spatial Reality Display (SRD), a tablet that leverages technologies like augmented reality and 3D enhancements. Sony's official Youtube channel published a video that showcases the SRD device and the aforementioned technologies the tablet leverages. 'Our legacies of cutting-edge visual and spatial realities combine in an incredible 3D optical experience where detailed texture, high contrast, and luminous brightness come together to create a portal to another world,' Sony's video description explains. Sony Exec: 'NFTs Are a Great Way to Showcase the Potential of Sony's SRD' SRD plans to incorporate NFTs and metaverse concepts into the device's offerings and Nick Colsey, Sony's VP of business develop... read More

Biggest Movers: RUNE and THETA Fall by Over 10% on Monday

    THETA and RUNE are trading over 10% lower to start the week, as recent declines in the crypto market extended during Monday's session. As of writing, the global cryptocurrency market cap is down nearly 5%. THORChain (RUNE) In addition to BTC and ETH, RUNE also fell to a three-week low to start the week, as bearish pressure mounted in crypto markets. Following a high of $9.47 on Sunday, RUNE/USD fell to an intraday low of $8.06 during today's session, as prices fell to their lowest point since March 25. This drop sees RUNE hit its long-term support point at $8.08, after trading near its resistance of $12 almost a week ago. Looking at the chart, today's move comes as price strength failed to move beyond the ceiling of 50, which then prompted bears to send prices lower. The decline in price strength came as momentum also declined, with the 10-day and 25-day moving averages preparing for a downwards crossover. As of writing, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) is sitting at its lowest point since February 27, however some still expect further falls in price. Theta Network (THETA) Like RUNE, THETA was also down by over 10% during Monday's session, as it fell for a second consecutive session itself. THETA/USD hit a bottom of $3.03 to start the week, which is its lowest point since March 25, and this comes as the long-term floor was broken. This support level at $3.30 caved in as prices fell for the ninth time in eleven sessions, as THETA's value dropped by over 20% in the last w... read More

Technical Analysis:  Fantom Climbs Close to 10% Higher, While THETA...

    Fantom was trading by almost 10% higher during Wednesday's session, as the crypto market was marginally up. Despite this, there were a few notable bears, THETA being one of them and was down by as much as 5% earlier in the session. Biggest Gainers Fantom was one of Wednesday's biggest bulls, and was up close to 10% earlier in today's session, cementing its place as the world's 30th largest cryptocurrency. Today's rally in FTM/USD came as prices rose from the long-term support of $1.51, and look set to move towards resistance of $2.30. The price of FTM rose to an intraday high of $2.07 on Wednesday, following a low of $1.78 less than 24-hours ago. As of writing this, fantom was trading 9.57% higher, as the 14-day RSI rose to its highest level since January 31. This rise in price strength has also seen the RSI move closer to its own resistance point of 54.11, which is a stone's throw away from its current point of 52.02. From the chart, it appears that bulls have yet to liquidate positions, and could be targeting higher highs from FTM. Biggest Losers Although it was not a red wave, there were several cryptocurrencies hovering in the red during this hump-day session. Following two consecutive days of gains, THETA turned bearish on Wednesday, and as of writing, is trading by over 2% lower on the day. However, this was not today's biggest loser, that honor went to FLOW, which as of writing was down 3.10%. FLOW/USD hit an intraday low of $6.36 on Wednesday, following an ear... read More

Technical Analysis: THETA, GALA, and SAND Lead Weekend Crypto Bears

    THETA, GALA, and SAND were some of Saturday's biggest cryptocurrency casualties, as an onslaught of bearish pressure pushed prices lower. This came whilst market bulls were few and far between to begin the weekend. Biggest Gainers As of writing, DOGE and LUNA were both marginally higher, however it was XRP that made the most gains within the crypto top 100 this Saturday. Despite the majority of cryptocurrencies remaining in red, XRP is up nearly 6% as of writing, following two days of strong bullish sentiment. XRP/USD rose to an intraday high of $0.8237 on Saturday, following a low of $0.7603 during the session prior. The move came as prices extended their climb from support at $0.7550, and they now seem to be heading for a resistance level near $0.8505. Despite XRP being potentially set for many gains, this could be thwarted by the 58 level on the 14-day RSI, which appears to be a point of uncertainty. Should prices manage to reach resistance, however, history has shown that a significant amount of bearish activity takes place at said level. Biggest Losers GALA and the sandbox were some of the biggest cryptos to fall on Saturday, as the red wave was truly present to start the weekend. However, the price of THETA fell for a third straight session, and now sits below its recent support level of $3.25. THETA/USD fell to an intraday low of $3.09 during today's session, and is down close to 5% as of writing. Prices fell by almost 10% earlier today. However, following t... read More

Technical Analysis: ATOM Hits 1-Week High — AXS, LEO, THETA Dip Lo...

    Despite Thursday's selloff in cryptocurrencies, cosmos managed to hit its highest level in the last week. The rally came as one of yesterday's big gainers, THETA, slipped in today's session. Biggest gainers Cosmos (ATOM) moved higher in today's session, despite the global cryptocurrency market cap falling by over 3% as of writing. ATOM/USD rose to a peak of $30.79 earlier today, following its climb from yesterday's low of $27.97. This recent surge in the price of ATOM, comes after a Valentine's day bounce of its support level at $25.90. Since being hit by cupid's arrow, ATOM/USD has had four consecutive sessions of higher highs, leading to Thursday's run. Today's move also saw ATOM break out of its resistance level at $29.20, however as the day progressed, profit-takers liquidated positions, leading to the 1D candlestick fading. This false breakout has also seen the 14-day RSI held at resistance of 47, a level which it has been unable to climb over in the last 10-days. Should price strength be lessening, we may soon see some consolidation in the price of cosmos. Biggest losers Although SAND, AXS, and LEO were all deep into the red on Thursday, it was THETA that fell by the most in the top 100. Coming off the back of a $3.98 high yesterday, THETA fell to a low of $3.60 during today's session, nearing a 10% loss in the process. Thursday's selloff began after prices approached the resistance of $4.00, and now look set to fall to support at $3.48. Price strength also fa... read More

Technical Analysis: AVAX Enters Crypto Top 10, as NEO, THETA Also Gain

    AVAX climbed into the cryptocurrency top ten on Wednesday, following a three-day winning streak. Today's move comes as THETA and NEO were also higher, despite the current market uncertainty. Biggest gainers Although the majority of the crypto top 100 was underneath a red wave, there were a few exceptions, which managed to surf above this. These include NEO, and THETA which were up between 4-8% respectively, however, today's most impressive bull was AVAX. The price of avalanche (AVAX) rallied for a third consecutive session, with today's surge taking AVAX into the top ten crypto's by market capitalization. AVAX/USD rose to its highest level since January 12, hitting an intraday peak of $97.05 in the process. Although, as prices hit the recent resistance of $97.10, profit-takers began to liquidate their positions, which led to avalanche falling from its high. The profit-taking came as price strength found some resistance, with the 14-day RSI hitting its ceiling of 62, an area which has halted bullish momentum in the past. AVAX has mainly trended upwards in the last three weeks, and should this RSI level be broken, prices will likely surge past the $100 mark. Biggest losers Despite cryptocurrency markets being down 0.77% as of writing, there was no definitive bear of the day, as drops in price were marginal. Some notable mentions however have been zcash (ZEC), and CELO which both fell by as much as 4% on the day. However, Wednesday's biggest loser, relatively speaking, w... read More

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