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TFBX Price:
$44.9 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$1.2 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #TFBX today is $0.000383 USD.

The lowest TFBX price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.000383, and the current live price for one TFBX coin is $0.00038289.

The all-time high TFBX coin price was $0.00590.

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The code for TrueFeedBack crypto currency is #TFBX.

TrueFeedBack is 1 year old.


The current market capitalization for TrueFeedBack is $1,221,294.

TrueFeedBack is ranked #1280 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a modest volume of trading today on #TFBX.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for TrueFeedBack is $44,929.


The circulating supply of TFBX is 3,189,657,149 coins, which is 64% of the maximum coin supply.


TFBX is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


TFBX has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 4 pairings and is listed on at least 2 crypto exchanges.

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TFB Wallet Reaches Almost 5.000 Users in Less Than a Month

On June 30th, TFB Blackstar version 2.6 went live. With this update, TFB Blackstar users received their own integrated wallet within the app and is able to stake their tokens directly from the app. This allows every unique user with a unique wallet address on the Celo network and users can send/receive TFBX tokens along with some other Celo native tokens. Although the version 2.6 update went live for Android users only, as of July 25th 4697 unique wallet adresses has been reached. Considering that many have not upgraded yet and Iphone users are not able to update to 2.6 this adoptation is promising. With version 3.0 coming in Q3 of 2022 and more users start using the wallet we can see an increase in the wallet numbers shortly. There are 180.000 users who has downloaded TFB BlackStar and therefore the user database is very extensive. Out of those who marked their genders it is seen that the wallet owners are predominantly male. 88% of the wallet owners marked male and 12% is female. However, the age distribution of the wallet owners is more homogeneous yet about 70% of the wallet owners are aged between 25–44. This is also in parallel with blockchain and crypto currency enthusiasm age. Looking at the wallets created daily we can see that around 100 wallets are created every day. With every passing day TFB Wallet is being used more. This is just the beginning, TFB Wallet is posied to become a significant wallet in the Celo ...

How Can I Convert My TFBX Tokens Across The Network?

As mentioned in the 2022 Roadmap, TFBX is integrated into the Binance Smart Chain network in the 2nd Quarter, and is located on a total of 3 different networks (Ethereum, CELO, BSC) at the same time. The TFBX token (Bitglobal, Hotbit, Bittrex Global, Bitget), which is listed only on the Ethereum network on many exchanges, is also listed on the Ubeswap exchange only on the Celo network. On the MEXC exchange, it is listed on both CELO and Ethereum networks, so those who want to switch between these two networks can do so through this exchange. With the TrueFeedBack Staking program, TFBX tokens on the CELO network can be staked and high earnings can be obtained. With TFB BlacStar version 2.6, the mobile application users have been integrated and the wallet feature has been activated for the application, and all these operations are carried out on the CELO network. TrueFeedBack has announced its first activity on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)! FARMING opens on July 26, 2022 with the OLAND token, the token of the Oceanland game, which was released with the technical support of TrueFeedBack this year! These farms will be on the BSC network. To take advantage of these opportunities, we have briefly summarized how you can switch between networks where your TFBX tokens are located: 1) First of all, you can switch between 3 networks via anyswap: Just visit 2) Whichever network you are going to switch ov...

Largest TFBX Burn Ever will be in On July 9th

On Saturday July 9th the largest token burn in TFBX history will take place. A total of 250 million TFBX tokens, more than 5% of the maximum supply, will be burned. This burn is a result of the first round IDO of Tegisto, a decentralized exchange powered by TrueFeedBack, which was sold in exchange for TFBX tokens. So far, more than 85 million TFBX tokens has been burned and regular burning as a result of withdrawals in TFB Blackstar mobile application will continue periodically. With the upcoming burn, more than 335 million TFBX tokens which is equivalent to 6.7% of the maximum supply, will have been burned. TrueFeedBack will continue to develop and add value to its product. TFBX tokens will continue to be scarcer over time, keep an eye out for the future burn news.

AMA Event at Crypto Family and TrueFeedBack’s 2022 Roadmap

Q1: Hi! Can you introduce TrueFeedBack? Founded in 2018, TrueFeedBack is a data and blockchain solutions company that is focusing on data economy and providing products that merge real world companies with the blockchain world. TrueFeedBack is building a blockchain-based ecosystem to transform data into value. TrueFeedBack, within the ecosystem it has created, focuses on the technologies necessary to develop innovative products that will turn all kinds of data into profit in the real sector and the crypto world. TrueFeedBack develops its products with blockchain infrastructure, big data analysis platform and machine learning algorithms and offers them to the service of users and companies. In addition to our data solutions that are offered over TFB Blackstar mobile application, TrueFeedBack is also launching a DeFi platform, Tegisto, which will provide financial solutions and help tokenize company products. There will also be new projects launching on the gaming world and companies launching their products with the help of TrueFeedBack. Q2: That is quite a big ecosystem! How can someone be a part of this ecosystem? As user or investor? To be a user you can just download the TFB Blackstar mobile application ( & ) and start earning TFBX tokens by doing tasks, reading news, filling surveys, watc...

TFBX Staking Has Begun

As promised, TFBX staking has now begun as of 26.04.2022! TFBX holders can deposit their TFBX tokens on the CELO network to the staking platform built on our website, . Once staked, you will reap the benefits of high TFBX rewards for your tokens. As mentioned, the staking will be on the CELO network and therefore it is vital that you migrate your tokens to Celo network. You can either visit to bridge your tokens or simply deposit your tokens in Ethereum network to MEXC exchange and withdraw with the CELO network. You can follow the steps below to stake your tokens:If your TFBX tokens are on MEXC Exchange: withdraw to the wallet with which you are going to stake and you are set!If your tokens are on any other centralized exchange other than MEXC or on a wallet on the Ethereum network: You can either deposit to MEXC and withdraw on the CELO network or deposit to a wallet (metamask) and visit to bridge your tokens to CELO network.If your tokens are on Ubeswap or CELO wallet: simply visit our staking app on our website and start staking. Staking program will be continuous and we will update our followers regarding the rewards. Be prepared to win more than just TFBX on the staking program! Many surprises await those who are staking! Follow us on social media for more information: Twitter: Telegram:

TFBX Token is Now Multichain

As of April 15th, we are delighted to announce that TrueFeedBack has successfully integrated TFBX token on Ethereum, CELO and Binance Smart Chain networks! This marks a critical point in the ecosystem growth as now TFBX token can easily be bridged between 3 separate networks and TFBX holders can easily transfer their tokens with low fees on CELO and BSC networks! To bridge between networks, holder can visit: and select TFBX once they connect their wallet. Users are advised to watch for fees before bridging as ETH related bridging can be expensive due to the network. Currently TFBX is listed on the ETH network on all centralized exchanges on which it is listed. TFBX is listed on Ubeswap and MEXC on the CELO network. Therefore, MEXC users can transform their tokens between ETH and CELO on the exchange without having to do anything. TFB Blackstar mobile application rewards will be distributed over the CELO network and users can withdraw their rewards for very low fees and can easily cash out if they would like. Tegisto exchange, a new DEX product developed by TrueFeedBack, will initially launch on BSC but will also be multichain to cater to all TFBX networks. Tegisto will also provide a bridge option for TFBX in the future. In short this great news highlights some important points to come:TFBX is now a multichain token that can operate in different fields and attract different target market...

Tfbx Celo New Contract Announcement

TFBX contract on Celo is changing. As you may know, many tokens had to switch from Optics V1 bridge to Optics V2 bridge due to the security vulnerability and various problems experienced on the “Optics” bridge in the past months. What Happened in Optics? Despite no known vulnerability, and without alerting the community, someone unilaterally activated the Optics recovery mode on the Ethereum GovernanceRouter contract. While Optics continues to function, recovery mode gives the recovery manager account full control of Optics, overriding the governance multisig. What this means: The Optics bridge is working. We do not believe funds in the bridge are currently at risk. Neither the Ethereum nor Celo networks are impacted. But this type of takeover has no place in the community. Therefore, an updated version of Optics, Optics V2, has been launched in order to prevent any vulnerability. What will TFBX do? In order to prevent such problems from negatively affecting our investors in the future, we decided to issue the native TFBX Token in the Celo network without a bridge and offer the opportunity to replace the existing TFBX tokens with TFBX New. As of tonight, we ask you to replace your TFBX Deprecated tokens you see on Ubeswap with TFBXnew tokens. Farming rewards and all future actions will proceed via our new contract address and TFBXnew token. For example, the TFBX-UBE Farm that will be renewed tonight will be made on the...

TFBX on Celo!

As of September 10th, TrueFeedBack has launched its first development on Celo, a global payments infrastructure that makes financial tools accessible to anyone with a mobile phone. The Celo network allows for the creation of smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps) as part of decentralized finance (DeFi). TFBX is a utility token aimed to integrate data on a blockchain platform and deliver blockchain services. One of its leading products, TFB BlackStar mobile application is the leading platform for the Turkish cryptocurrency community with more than 150k users. Through this development, every single mobile application user will carry their personal crypto wallet on their cell phone and will be able to easily reach Celo assets. The TFBX on Celo contract address is: 0x035eE610693a29Cb77fD6eFBEb9d9d278703e145 We would like to thank our community and the Celo development team for all their help. Stay tuned for more great news to come ahead!

Truefeedback’s New Tokenomics and Token Swap

As Truefeedback, we have prepared our new token economy that will be valid in 2021–2025. According to the new token distribution, the allocation will be - the circulating supply: 47%, - team: 10%, - development: 7%, - marketing: 11%, - staking: 6%, - strategic partnerships: 2%, - ecosystem: 16% - advisors: 1% TFBX token was issued based on ERC20 standard at Ethereum network. 5,000,000,000 TFBX tokens have been supplied in with our new token economy. The existing TFB token will be swapped 1:1 for the newly issued TFBX token. The swapping program will be carried out following topics: 1. TFB tokens will be automatically swapped with TFBX tokens on exchanges where the Truefeedback token (TFB) is listed. The process regarding the exchange transactions is carried out by the exchanges. Detailed documents will be published and announced. 2. For investors who have TFB tokens in their wallet other than the Exchange, the process will be carried out on our website, following the swapping in the exchanges. The announcement will be made through social media and the website. 3. In Truefeedback BlackStar application, TFB tokens are automatically swapped with TFBX tokens. TFBX token contract address: 0x4057db5bd9f67a566aa10e5587b1a964affc6a16 We thank our investors and community members for their support. Truefeedback TeamTruefeedback Yeni Token Ekonomisi ve Token Takas Süreci Truefeedback olarak 2021–2025 yıllarında geçerli olaca...

Truefeedback BlackStar is Live!

In March 2020, a new roadmap was published to specify the features to be provided for the application and infrastructure by Truefeedback. In the new road map, it is planned to create an ecosystem to transform user data into profit, with the principle of “Your data is your reward”. Accordingly, it is aimed to develop TrueFeedBack (TFB) as a blockchain-based data collection and analysis platform. Through the work done with the expansion of the software team, the TrueFeedBack BlackStar version was launched in November 2020. With the BlackStar version, event, advertising, news, game, and shopping features have been added to the application in addition to the survey and task features. Options have also been provided to enable users to conduct their own surveys and evaluate their activities on their own. The BlackStar version is intended to increase the number of users and keep its users active through its new features. The increase in the number of users will make a significant contribution to analyzing the gigantic amounts of data to be collected and turning it into commercial gain. With this gigantic data analysis, it will play an important role in enabling companies to make the right decisions on increasing their profitability by obtaining the opinions of consumers about their products and services. In the new TrueFeedBack roadmap, an advanced gigantic data analysis platform has been designed. The platform will be operation...

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