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TERA Price:
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$113.3 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #TERA today is $0.000134 USD.

The lowest TERA price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.000134, and the exact current price of one TERA crypto coin is $0.00013409.

The all-time high TERA coin price was $0.030.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of TERA with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for TERA crypto currency is also #TERA.

TERA is 3.7 years old.


The current market capitalization for TERA is $113,270.

TERA is ranking upwards to #1654 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a very weak volume of trading today on #TERA.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for TERA is $17.00.


The circulating supply of TERA is 844,711,128 coins, which is 84% of the maximum coin supply.


TERA is available on at least one crypto currency exchange.

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Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #TERA, and you can view them on our TERA disambiguation page.



Community Update — December 2022

Community Update — December 2022 - 2022 was a turbulent year for almost everyone within the crypto community. Still, as many take time off and wait patiently for the bear market to come to a close, LUNAtics remain focused on building the next generation of Web3 products and services. Let’s dive into the protocol launches, ecosystem developments, governance activity, and media features the Terra community saw in December! 👇 — 🌎 Ecosystem Updates - TFM became the first protocol to integrate DEX aggregation + NFT aggregation services on Terra, with additional features in its V2, Warp Protocol released its roadmap and discussed it on its community AMA, Warp Protocol published a Medium article outlining the protocol’s key functionalities and how they can be used to power the next generation of decentralized applications, Enterprise Protocol published a Medium article breaking down how its DAO management solution enables decentralized communities to organize and manage their DAOs, improving their flexibility, governance, and transparency, Warp and Enterprise released links to their community Discord and Telegram channels, Prism announced Prism V2, a yield-optimized L1 utilizing a hub and spoke model, Hermes Protocol made it possible to explore the blockchain without leaving Discord and introduced a new notifications API, Astroport delayed its $ASTRO unlocks by six months, Genie by Coinhall released a sign...

Introducing Station

Terra’s first step towards building the interface to Web3 is complete. We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Station 🛰 — an interchain wallet that simplifies the often complex, cumbersome process of interacting with multiple blockchain networks. With Station, users can easily stake, vote, send and receive tokens, and interact with their favorite dApps across all supported chains. Download Station on Mac, Download Station on Mac — M1 Chip, Download Station on Windows, Download Station on Linux (.rpm), Download Station on Linux (.deb), Download the Station Chrome extension, Download the Station Firefox add-on, Visit the Station web app, Note: If you already have Terra Station downloaded on your desktop, Chrome, or Firefox, reopen the app or refresh the extension, and you will be updated to interchain Station. — Defining the Future of the Interchain - At Terra, we envision a multi-chain future — one in which decentralized blockchain economies can align incentives with one another by creating bilateral, mutually beneficial economic agreements, and creating a new chain takes mere minutes. Station paves the foundation for this vision, providing those that automate chain genesis via Feather with immediate interchain wallet functionality, and supplying those chains that form economic alliances with others via Alliance with an easy-to-use, easy-to-integrate wallet to execute cross-chain transac...

Community Update — November 2022

Community Update — November 2022 - November was a banner month for Terra and the LUNAtic community. Aside from exciting new launches, updates, and governance activity, the future of Terra began to take shape. It’s becoming clear: Terra is soon to position itself as the interface to Web3. When every win matters, we’d be remiss not to call them all out. Onwards with your November community update! — 🌎 Ecosystem Updates - Harbor Protocol announces details around their airdrop, Stader Labs drops a new UI upgrade that enhances their staking experience on Terra, Do Kwon presents a proposal to position Terra at the center of the interchain, unveiling ideas for Feather, Alliance, and cross-chain Station/Finder, Alliance, a Cosmos SDK module that leverages interchain staking to form economic alliances among blockchains, introduces itself to the world, Coinhall’s Seer launches real-time data indexing infrastructure for the Cosmos ecosystem, Enterprise Protocol, a no-code solution to DAO management, launches in beta, Warp Protocol goes live on Terra’s testnet, bringing limitless on-chain automation to the Terra ecosystem, PRISM announces the launch of the prism validator and $PRISM airdrop, Based on the Genesis $LUNA airdrop schedules, vesting $LUNA begins to vest, Soil Protocol releases a video tutorial on how to launch an NFT project on Terra, TERRAN.ONE releases CWSimulate, an online playground and vi...

LFG — Technical Audit Report

LFG — Technical Audit Report - JS Held, an experienced third-party auditing firm, was hired to conduct a technical audit providing full transparency into the trading, blockchain records, and efforts of The Luna Foundation Guard (LFG) and Terraform Labs (TFL) to defend the price of TerraUSD (UST) between May 8th and May 12th, 2022. View the full report here. LFG and TFL engaged with JS Held to bring transparency into the peg defense activity in the May of 2022, and in the process to answer the following allegations posed in social media: Were any LFG funds misappropriated, embezzled or stolen?, Were any LFG funds used to benefit insiders?, Does LFG hold funds other than its publicly declared wallets?, Were any of LFG’s funds frozen?, To aid with the audit, JS Held was given access to on-chain wallets and trading accounts at CEXs used by the peg defense, and worked with primary raw data instead of relying solely on TFL’s representations. No compensation paid to JS Held was conditional on positive findings. The audit report, which can be viewed in its entirety here, concluded that: LFG spent ~$2.8B (80,081 BTC and 49.8M in stablecoins) to defend UST’s peg, consistent with LFG’s tweets on May 16th, 2022, Additionally, TFL went above and beyond and spent $613M of its own capital to defend UST peg, The report shows that all LFG funds were spent to defend UST’s peg parity with the Dollar as declared, and th...

Community Update — October 2022

Community Update — October 2022 - The month of October was an exciting one for the LUNAtic community, as we saw a variety of interesting new developments, including protocol and feature launches, bounty releases, and much more. Let’s get into it! — 🌎 Ecosystem Updates - ampLUNA/USK vault goes live on Black Whale, LNS (Luna Name Service) launches their on-chain profile tool where users can register a .luna domain, publishes their September update, Soil Protocol completes phase 2 of their roadmap, launching new Terra NFT tools, Zodiac Protocol goes live on Terra’s testnet, in preparation for mainnet release, Risk management marketplace Risk Harbor announces the release of Ozone V2, Coinhall releases their DEX aggregator, Hallswap v3, Terra Bridge now supports sending ampLUNA to Kujira, Eris Protocol launches their new Amp Compounder, TerRarity launches their NFT aggregator, Sayve Protocol releases their V2 litepaper, Galactic Punks announce Galactic Bounties, Pulsar Finance adds support for Spectrum Protocol and Terra Poker, Eris Protocol launches their Manual Arbitrage GUI to simplify “slow-burn” arbitration on Terra, Metrics DAO launches a new community call series, Metrics DAO launches Terra analytics bounties, Harbor Protocol announces an airdrop to LUNA stakers, Capapult announces an airdrop to LUNA stakers, BlackBone Labs launches their new auto-compounding LUNA liquid staki...

Project Spotlight — Lunar Assistant

Project Spotlight — Lunar Assistant - In our newest issue of Terra’s Project Spotlight, we’re pleased to re-introduce Lunar Assistant — the Discord bot which provided token-gated channels for over 16k users across 200+ projects, now live on Terra mainnet. To many LUNAtics in our community, Lunar Assistant is a familiar face that they would have interacted with. You may have seen it appear in a Discord server when connecting your wallet with the lunar-link command. GraviDAO, the team behind Lunar Assistant, has continued to ship quality products. In this article, we’ll share more about what they’ve been up to and demonstrate how the team has deployed the Emergency Builders’ Allocation, granted by the Terra Community. — Background - The team’s history started in the summer of ’22, when they attended the SpaceCamp Hackathon with the likes of Galactic Punks and Apollo DAO. Not long after, they launched Lunar Assistant, which found product-market-fit in the nascent TerraNFT space and went on to win 1st prize in the NFTerra Hackathon. Continuing their mission to provide community-value, GraviDAO went on to expand Lunar Assistant with new modules over the subsequent months. Some of those were specifically requested by, and tailored to, popular Terra projects: - LP-token integration for Midas’ Space Dollars - Custom API module for Levana - Staked NFT integration for Galactic Punks — Lunar Assi...

Project Spotlight — Kado

Project Spotlight — Kado - In this issue of Terra’s Project Spotlight, we’d like to feature a name that OG Terra users will remember — Kado. In V1 on Classic, Kado was the go-to on-ramp into Terra. Kado changed the game as the easiest, fastest, and cheapest way to natively onboard fiat into Terra. If you’re new to Terra, you’re in for a treat. Terra builders and users will be happy to know Kado is back and better than before, with new and improved features and use cases. — Background - Kado was born during a Terra hackathon in 2021, with the goal of being able to spend stablecoins in the real world and easily buy more of them. Kado saw incredible growth in its first 2 months of Kado Ramp — with 100+ countries, $20m+ on-ramped, and over 10,000 users — with B2B partnerships being built out across most Terra dApps. With V2, Kado aims to not just be another fiat on-ramp, but a full suite of web3 payment infrastructure solutions. Not only will users be able to seamlessly move between fiat and the Terra blockchain, but as Kado develops partnerships with cross-chain platforms — users will be able to onboard to any Terra dApp, regardless of the chain they’re on. Kado enables transactions that send users directly into the applications they wish to use, skipping high fees and unnecessary wait times. They’re steadfast on offering the fastest time-to-wallet and best fees/slippage not jus...

Community Update — August 2022

Community Update — August 2022 - 👋 Hey, LUNAtics! We are excited to be bringing you the first of many monthly community update articles on the Terra ecosystem. These articles will provide you with a concise overview of the latest happenings in the Terra ecosystem, including project updates, integrations, listings, governance proposal outcomes, media features, and more! Follow @terra_money on Twitter and turn on notifications to get updated each month when new articles are published. Okay, enough house-keeping — let’s get into the August update! — 🌎 Ecosystem Updates. — Stader’s stake pools crossed $250k+ in TVL, offering 40%+ APR, Leap wallet integrated TFM’s DEX aggregator as well as Stader’s stake pools, TFM revamped their dashboard for both mobile and desktop with a better UI — new features include responsive design, toggle on/off low liquidity pairs, and toggle to view prices in $axlUSDC or $USD, TerraAliensNFT migrated to Terra from Terra classic, Secondary listings of LUNA Ape Club, TerransNFT, Meta Royals NFT, Skeleton Punks, and Lootopians went live on, added bulk buy and add to cart functionality, Wicca Money, the permissionless launchpad, added a feature to airdrop minted tokens, along with the ability to add project descriptions, Valkyrie Protocol collaborated with Terra Poker on their IPC, TerRarity shipped a chart system and Discord rar...

How to Claim Your LUNA Airdrop

Overview - If you are an eligible user for the Terra Phoenix airdrop, this post will walk you through how to claim your LUNA using the claim interface, as well as suggest a few ways you can meaningfully use your LUNA after claiming. For details on eligibility, vesting periods, airdrop calculations, and other topics related to the Terra Phoenix Airdrop, check out the proposal on Agora. — Claim Timeframe - Eligible users will have one month, from Sept. 4th, 2022 to Oct. 4th, 2022, to claim their airdrop. LUNA not claimed by Oct. 4th, 2022 will be returned to the Community Pool. This includes any unused gas fees. — How to Claim Your Airdrop - — Step 1: Visit the Claim Interface. — Open your browser and visit the claim interface at Upon navigating to the site, you will see the screen below.Image 1: Landing Page IMPORTANT: To avoid phishing attacks, make sure that the URL you’re visiting is — Step 2: Connect Your Wallet and Select Your Origin Chain. — Next, click the ‘Select Wallet’ dropdown menu and choose which wallet you would like to connect. Eligible wallet providers include Terra Station, Terra Station Mobile, Keplr, and Metamask.Image 2: Connecting Your Wallet If you’re connecting with Metamask or Keplr, select the origin chain that you held your USTC, LUNC, or aUST on during the pre- and po...

Terra 2.0 — LUNA Airdrop Calculation Logic

Terra 2.0 — LUNA Airdrop Calculation Logic - As part of the transition to Terra 2.0, new LUNA coins will be airdropped to LUNA (now called LUNC), UST (now called USTC), and aUST holders based on the two snapshots outlined in the Terra Ecosystem Revival Plan. Full details of the LUNA airdrop can be found in our previous Medium article. The calculation logic for the LUNA airdrop will be the subject of this post. — Airdrop Information - Total Supply of LUNA: 1 Billion Pre-Attack Snapshot Height: 7544910 (2022–05–07 14:59:37 UTC) Post-Attack Snapshot Height: 7790000 (2022–05–26 16:38:08 UTC) — LUNA Token Distribution. — Table 1: LUNA Token Distribution — Airdrop Calculation Logic - — LUNA Airdrop Ratios. — Below are the airdrop ratios to determine the LUNA to be airdropped to a wallet on Terra 2.0 if the wallet held aUST, LUNA (now called LUNC), or UST (now called USTC) during the Pre- and Post-Attack snapshots. For example, if a user held 1 LUNA (now called LUNC) during the Pre-Attack snapshot, the user would be entitled to an airdrop of 1.034735071 LUNA on the new chain.Table 2: LUNA Airdrop Ratios — Exchange Rates to LUNC. — Below are the exchange rates for each liquid staking derivative of LUNC for both the Pre- and Post-Attack snapshots. For example, if a user held 1 cLUNA during the Pre-Attack snapshot, the user’s wallet would be considered to have held...

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