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SYLO Price:
$2.1 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$13.1 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #SYLO today is $0.00233 USD.

The lowest SYLO price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00233, and the exact current price of one SYLO crypto coin is $0.00233243.

The all-time high SYLO coin price was $0.016.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of SYLO with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for Sylo crypto currency is also #SYLO.

Sylo is 3.9 years old.


The current market capitalization for Sylo is $13,146,378.

Sylo is ranked #662 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is big today for #SYLO.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Sylo is $2,054,116.


The circulating supply of SYLO is 5,636,355,809 coins, which is 56% of the total coin supply.


SYLO is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


SYLO is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Celebrating the One-Year Anniversary of The Seekers: A Look at the Technical Challenges Faced in…

Celebrating the One-Year Anniversary of The Seekers: A Look at the Technical Challenges Faced in Designing the Collection - From concept to conception As we celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Seekers, we are thrilled to release the first article in a series that delves into some of the technical challenges we faced while developing the Seekers and the Sylo Network. In this series, we aim to provide our developers with a platform to showcase the exciting work they have been doing and offer a glimpse “under the hood” of web3 software development. This experimental content is a unique opportunity to explore the technical aspects of our projects, and we invite our readers to provide feedback and let us know what they think! — Designing the Seekers. — 365 days ago, the Seekers were launched! The Seekers are a core part of our plans for gamifying the infrastructure of the Sylo Network to enable decentralised communications for the metaverse. They’re also our first foray into the world of NFTs, and we were determined to make each one feel unique and interesting. With 47,895 Seekers surviving the mint, this was a real challenge! We tackled this challenge in two key ways — from creative and technical design perspectives. This article is mainly about the technical design, but it’s worth touching on the creative aspects first: — The conceptual design of the attachments:. — Each attachment ...

Sylo End of Year Update — 2022

Sylo End of Year Update — 2022 - — 365 days of building, progress and transformation…. — Hi everyone, It’s my pleasure to write to you as we close out what has been a huge year for us at Sylo. Those in our space say that one year spent in development here feels like five in trad-tech, and that’s definitely true of how much we’ve worked though in the last 12 months. It’s fair to say that the Seekers, our record-breaking NFT collection and foundational tech layer have been the star of our developments in 2022. But don’t take my word at face value, let’s wind back the clock to take a look more closely at just how far we’ve come. — THE SEEKERS - A comprehensive project that pulled together the best work of all our team, huge support from a range of our close partners, plus saw us bring on board some of the highest-calibre visual artists around, work on the Seekers collection began in October of 2021 and culminated in a game-changing public mint on 28 March 2022. This launch of Sylo Nodes as the embodiment of 3D robot personalities in the metaverse via the successful release of the Seekers collection solidified a major strategic play to gamify Web3 infrastructure. In just 72 minutes, 47,895 unique NFT robots were born to take their place in FLUF World and the Third Kingdom. To this day we remain humbled by the Web3 community’s desire to see this scale of decentralised node operation co...

NEWS: Sylo Liquidity Mining extended until Phase 2

Keep earning rewards until Phase 2 Incentivisation begins…. — We’re pleased to announce the further extension of the Sylo Liquidity Mining program, giving you even more time to earn rewards. To help you get prepared for the later stages of our Network Incentivisation (in which it’ll be helpful to have your own stash of SYLO) we’ve decided to extended Sylo Liquidity Mining until Phase 2 Incentivisation and the Seeker Nodes are live. Our weekly reward of 3,500,000 SYLO per epoch will continue through this time. So far we’ve given away 258,000,000 SYLO in rewards and now there’s time for more, so sit back, relax, and earn more for the liquidity you’ve already staked; OR, add more and earn more. — WHAT DO YOU NEED TO DO?. — Nothing! As the program is simply being extended, there’s no need to withdraw and re-stake. If you’re already taking part, just sit tight, and enjoy the additional rewards as a thanks for doing your part to support SYLO DEX liquidity. — HOW CAN YOU TAKE PART?. — If you’re jumping in fresh, the Sylo Liquidity Mining program centers around providing liquidity for the Sylo Token (SYLO) on Uniswap. When you provide liquidity for SYLO there, you will receive Liquidity Provider Tokens in exchange (UNI_SYLO_LP), which you can then stake in the Sylo Dashboard to earn rewards. Full set up instructions can be found here and the SYLO liquidity mining program can be ...

Seekers and Sylo Nodes

Why the connection? We recently announced our Seeker NFT project — and the reception has been overwhelmingly positive. A community of both old and new faces has sprung up around our little robot friends and it’s been fun engaging with everyone through the Seeker lore. Now that some of the dust has settled, we are left with people asking questions about both the Seekers and the Sylo Nodes. Some of the questions are from people who understand the NFT game but don’t know why they would care about Sylo Nodes. Other questions are from our node operators, who may not understand how NFTs fit into the mix. And, still more questions come from people learning about both projects for the first time and looking to get involved. So, let’s talk through both Sylo Nodes and Seeker NFTs and see how they can play well together in the decentralised world. — First, there was the node - The Sylo Node is one of the primary projects developed by Sylo and is the backbone of our decentralised communication network. Launched to the public in December 2020, the Sylo Node enabled anyone to contribute infrastructure to our global peer-to-peer network — the Sylo Network. This network is fully decentralised and supports the Sylo Smart Wallet. The approximately 250 Sylo Nodes support over 400,000 Sylo Smart Wallet users, with only 10 of these nodes being run by Sylo or one of our partners. These numbers mean that we have at least 2...

Claim your Seeker

Our thank you to Sylo Network supporters. — As you probably already know, we are nearing the mint of the Seeker NFT. So, we figured, what better way to reward the people who have been supporting our network and to give them a Seeker. Seekers are now a requirement to be able to operate a Sylo Node (and a whole lot more). As a Sylo Node operator, you are best placed to put your Seeker to work. To learn more about the Seeker project, visit the Discord. Being on the Seeker whitelist will allow our node operators to mint a Seeker for free — you only pay transactions gas fees. All you need to do is follow the process outlined in this article. — Which Sylo Nodes are eligible? - All Sylo Nodes that have been online in the 90 days prior to our snapshot are eligible to claim a free Seeker. We have taken a snapshot of all Sylo Nodes eligible for the Seeker whitelist. The snap shot is a list of Sylo Nodes that sent telemetry data to our server between 15:35 16 Dec 2021 and 15:35 16 Mar 2022. To claim your whitelist spot, we ask that you prove ownership of the private key associated with your node ID by following the below instructions. Head over to the ‘Claim your Seeker’ web page here and get yourself added to the Seekers whitelist! Note — you have until 23 March to do so., Sign the Ethereum wallet address that you want whitelisted with your Sylo Node ID., If the Sylo Node ID is on our list, we will w...

How to use the Incentivisation Calculator

A walkthrough guide to calculating transaction costs on the Sylo Network.. — The calculator has two sections, Inputs and Results. In the Inputs section, you can describe your node, and the circumstances that your node will be running in. Then, in the results section, the financial performance of your node under these circumstances on both Ethereum and CENNZnet is shown. This lets you compare the performance of your node on the two networks. Inputs: In this section, you describe both your own node, and also the rest of the Sylo Network. Rather than decide these values for you, we’ve set up the calculator so that you can test out your node in the situations that you think are most likely. Your Node You must decide how much SYLO is staked against your node.. This includes both your own staked SYLO (Node Runner Stake), and stake from other participants in the network who have decided to support your node (Delegated Stake). You can use the slider to explore, or enter exact amounts by selecting “Custom”. Sylo Network Parameters You must decide two things: The Total Network Stake, which determines how much of the overall network your node represents — and therefore, how much work it will do, and earn from., The Weekly Network Revenue, which is determined by the amount of relay that the network is performing each week, as well as any network incentives., You can use the slider to explore, or enter exact amoun...

Understanding transaction costs on the Sylo Network

A closer look at the savings you’ll make on CENNZnet. — Recently, we announced that the Sylo Network is moving chains from Ethereum to CENNZnet. So to help you understand why we’re so excited about this migration, consider the following story that articulates the structure of transaction costs on the Sylo Network. It’s a story that goes a little something like this… — Running a node on the Sylo Network involves making a variety of on-chain transactions:. — Liz decides to run a node, stakes some SYLO, and pays a gas cost for the staking transaction., Barry decides to delegate some stake to Liz’s Node, and pays a gas cost for the staking transaction., A new Epoch starts, and Liz registers their node to participate in the Epoch. To do this, Liz pays a gas cost for the registration transaction., Liz’s node performs Incentivised Relay, and after some time the Node receives a winning ticket to claim. Moving that money out of escrow and into Liz’s possession in an on-chain transaction, with an associated gas cost., Later, Liz decides to withdraw some of their earnings from their Node into their wallet, again with an associated gas cost., All of these costs are much higher on Ethereum, making it more expensive for Liz to run a node on Ethereum than on CENNZnet — and that money has to come from somewhere. In financial terms, these transaction fees are frictional costs — every SYLO of tr...

The Seekers and the Sylo Network

The foundation of the open metaverse. — Today, we’re excited to announce and explore two key developments establishing Sylo as the communication foundation for the open metaverse. The first involves how we are grounding Sylo Nodes and the Sylo Network as key functionality for the open, decentralised version of the metaverse, in association with Fluf World and their incredible group of companies. If you have been following Fluf and their community, you may have seen that the latest addition to the FLUF World ecosystem is a group of rebellious robot NFTs by the name of ‘the Seekers’. This is the secret NFT project from our 2022 roadmap and we are pleased to confirm today — not just that this is a Sylo-born initiative — but also to share a little more as to what the Seekers are and how they relate to the Sylo Network. It is now official… let it be known that…. The Seekers ARE Sylo Nodes (and a whole lot more…) As the Lore goes, Seekers were created for the purpose of empowering individuals to connect and trade across the open metaverse, within FLUF world and beyond. They are the Sylo Network personified, the custodians of open and decentralised communication in the metaverse, and the key to ensuring the metaverse doesn’t go the way of Web2.0. We’ve also heard they are the best robot sidekick in the whole wide metaverse, there to help you navigate the burrows one adventure at a time…More on t...

Sylo Nodes — Community Update

Sylo Nodes — Community Update - — Where we are as we enter 2022…. — Hello! Ever since the launch of the Sylo Node, the support from the community has been incredible. From the very first day, people have been running their own nodes and contributing to our global decentralised network. All this engagement has really been awesome and hints at the huge potential for community growth as we continue to release features in the coming months and years. Over the past few weeks, the interest in running Sylo Nodes has skyrocketed, to the point where we are having some difficulty responding to each question individually. To help clear up a lot of the common questions, I’ve decided to provide a quick update on the Sylo Nodes: where we are now; where we’re going; and what it means for the community and the Sylo Network. Where We Are The current release of the Sylo Node is version 1.2.2 and is available to the public on Docker Hub. This version of the Sylo Node currently powers the decentralised Sylo Network and supports applications like the Sylo Smart Wallet. Services provided by the current version of the Sylo Node are unincentivised. This means that Sylo Nodes can only be run altruistically and will not earn any Sylo tokens. In fact, they are not even associated with any specific blockchain at this point in time. Where We Are Going The next release of the Sylo Node (likely version 1.3.0) is quickly neari...

2021 End of Year Update & looking forward into 2022….

Features, launches, fixes, partnerships, and new directions — Our year in review.. — What a year it’s been (for a NUMBER of reasons) and as you will have seen, we recently pushed out a major update to shed more light and clarity on Sylo’s core focus areas and roadmap for the coming year. That said, I’d like to take a moment to recount what we’ve ticked off over the course of 2021. — A raft of Sylo Smart Wallet updates - Tezos Baking, NEWS: Tezos Baking enables Sylo Smart Wallet users to earn rewards from holding XTZ, Introducing: Earning in the Sylo Smart Wallet, Moonpay ‘Buy crypto in-app’ feature, NEWS: Sylo Smart Wallet users can now purchase cryptocurrencies in-app simply using their bank…, How to buy crypto in your Sylo Smart Wallet, Crypo Tracker feature, NEWS: ‘Crypto Tracker’ feature released to the Sylo Smart Wallet Support for all ERC721 NFTs, NEWS: NFTs have arrived in the Sylo Smart Wallet Add an NFT as your avatar feature, How to add an NFT as your avatar — New exchange listing - Bittrex Global, New Listing: Sylo (SYLO) — Liquidity Mining - We launched the Sylo Liquidity Mining program through the Sylo Dashboard, offering up rewards to those supporting SYLO DEX liquidity., PLUS, recently announced extension of this program through till Q4 2022, offering an additional 140 million SYLO in rewards., — SYLO Burn Initiatives - Announced our on...

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