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SUSHI Price:
$58.0 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$0.3 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #SUSHI today is $1.49 USD.

The lowest SUSHI price for this period was $0, the highest was $1.49, and the current live price for one SUSHI coin is $1.49448.

The all-time high SUSHI coin price was $23.25.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of SUSHI with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for Sushi is also #SUSHI.

Sushi is 2.4 years old.


The current market capitalization for Sushi is $349,228,009.

Sushi is ranked #115, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a large daily trading volume on #SUSHI.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Sushi is $57,983,528.


The circulating supply of SUSHI is 233,678,321 coins, which is 94% of the total coin supply.


SUSHI is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 11 other blockchains.

See list of the SUSHI Blockchain contracts with 12 different blockchains.


SUSHI is well integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 63 crypto exchanges.

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Free Limit Order Swaps

Buy and sell tokens at any price, without having to constantly monitor the market! Try out Sushi’s Limit Order feature on Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche & Fantom! Sushi’s Limit Orders are deployed on multiple chains: Ethereum: Arbitrum: Avalanche: Fantom: BSC: Polygon: Harmony: Moonriver: Moonbeam: need gas-free limit orders All DEXs give users the option to directly swap tokens at the current market rate. Only a few DEXs support limit orders, which allow you to set trades and automatically execute them whenever the market reaches a given price. And those that do support limit orders usually cost a high amount of gas to approve and execute and come with a high opportunity cost, parking your tokens in a simple contract instead of a yield-bearing pool. These shortcoming have made it hard to compete with centralized alternatives. But not any longer! Sushi Sushi Limit orders solve all of these problems.Introducing gas-less limit orders Sushi limit orders allow you to place free trades for any rate of a given token pair, while earning yield on funds deposited in BentoBox. And getting ...

Sushi May Recap

Welcome to the Sushi monthly recap! 🗞 - This post will outline some of the major operational, technical, and community milestones reached in the past month. We’ve summarized all articles and announcements as well as some of the exciting things to come — as laid out in the Sushi roadmap. Without further ado, let’s dive into the highlights: — Product news - 👨🏻‍🍳 Sushi is searching for a head chef (CEO) Searching for a Sushi Head Chef 👩🏻‍🎨 Sushi is also hiring a new senior UI designer Searching for: a Senior UI Designer 💂🏾‍♂️ Better UI for Sushi Guard From the result of latest poll in our user testing channel in Discord, it seemed many people haven’t heard of or used Sushi Guard. Don’t worry we are trying to make it more obvious on the UI → Help fill out this questionnaire: Maze | User Research & Testing Platform 🎓 Sushi Academy (Beta) launched A one-stop wikipage for all things Sushi, from our products to tutorials. Bookmark this link 📚 We’re excited to introduce the Toshokan blog Our new community-focused blog that will help keep you all informed about the latest happenings at Sushi. Here’s the first tutorial — A complete guide on how to create an auction on MISO v2: A complete guide on how to create an auction on MISO v2 — Governance news - Sushi 2.0: The Sushi team released a proposal and roadmap for the next months ...

Sushi's Rolling Up To Optimism!

Sushi is now live on Optimism! Let's dive into what this means and how you get on Optimism:Introduction on Optimism and Optimistic RollupsSushi deployments to look forward toHow to deposit & add the Optimism Network to your wallet As crypto enters its next wave of adoption, the calls for scalability are deafening. This demand is often answered by centralized layer-1 competitors, who abandon Ethereum’s security and values under the guise of cheap fees and a quick buck. In the Optimism team's own words: We must not recreate Web2 incentives in our quest for Web3 scalability. Web3 offers the opportunity to rebuild the internet to align with the values of its users. Sacrificing this mission is sacrificing the purpose of crypto. Scaling the technology alone is not enough. We have a duty to scale our values along with our networks.About Optimistic Rollup Optimistic Rollup is a layer 2 scaling solution that scales both transaction throughput and computation on Ethereum. The backbone of their implementation is an EVM-equivalent stack which gives us an effortless deployment process with no code change. Optimistic Rollup is the first layer 2 scaling solution that enables:Usability: low latency transactions for the speed of a Web 2.0 experience, and smart contracts at a fraction of the cost.Familiar workflows: developers preserve the Ethereum developer experience — the same smart contracts, APIs, and dev tooling...

Searching for: a Senior UI Designer

Experienced User Interface Designer(s) wanted. — We’ve made an explicit commitment to finding, evaluating, and undertaking a formal hiring search across the entire Sushi organization. We believe that the road ahead is best approached with continuity from the existing team & a commitment to embracing fresh talent, perspectives, and contributors. This is why Sushi is commencing a formal talent search. We believe the road ahead for Sushi 2.0 includes great new talent joining Sushi.The Role — Senior UI Designer. — Role description As a UI-focused member of the Design team, you will be responsible for building and handing off polished, high-quality UI screens to developers. You’ll be building from wireframes/mid-fi prototypes provided by UX designers. You’ll work closely with the Design and Frontend/Engineering teams to understand and create innovative DeFi products, and bring the Sushi brand to life through the UI. The team is fully remote, and we welcome candidates from anywhere. ResponsibilitiesCreate, polish, and hand off high fidelity UI screens to developers.Maintain the Figma UI library of components, colors, fonts, etc and ensure its brand consistency and keep changes up to date.Research: aid in competitive research for new products/features, and stay in touch with current trends and design patterns in the space. Preferred requirementsIs available full-time (or is planning to transition into ...

Searching for a Sushi Head Chef

Leadership & Executive talent wanted. — We've made an explicit commitment to finding, evaluating, and undertaking a formal leadership search across the entire Sushi organization. We believe that the road ahead is best approached with continuity from the existing team & a commitment to embracing fresh talent, perspectives, and contributors. This is why Sushi is commencing a formal leadership & executive talent search. We believe the road ahead for Sushi 2.0 includes great executive talent joining Sushi. Over the next 90 days we’ve ideated a process to allow leadership & executive talent to surface and ultimately be appointed via governance vote. The leadership & exec talent candidate pool will be sourced through the community, through the team, through token holders, or through self nomination in Sushi discord & forums.The Role Leadership: CEO (Head Chef) Role description We are seeking a Head Chef to lead Sushi into its next chapter. The right candidate will inherit a strong team and foster a positive cultural impact, provide proven leadership to the SushiDAO & Ecosystem, establish a great working relationships with all of the Sushi ecosystem stakeholders, and chart the direction for Sushi. ResponsibilitiesProvide company wide leadership.Orchestrate Sushi’s long term strategy.Report to all Sushi stakeholders & community to keep them informed.Develop and implement operational po...

Sushi 2.0: A Restructure For The Road Ahead

On Monday 2nd of May at 14:00pm UTC we will host a weekly Sushi Forum AMA on Discord, where you'll get a chance to talk to the team before this proposal goes to snapshot later this week.Update 11th May: The Sushi 2.0 proposal passed on Snapshot with 92% in favor! Background Sushi was the darling of 2021, we as a community made a name for ourselves and established Sushi as a central product among our ecosystem. What started as a completely fair launch (90% of tokens released for the public, 10% for treasury), quickly transcended into a team & group of strangers that had no background with each other. We accomplished far more than we set out to in 2021 but the lack of operational efficiency & lack of focused attention towards the long-term was evident in the second half of 2021. Ultimately Sushi took a tumble, major turnover began and both the team and community was left a shell of itself. What’s happened since the turmoil With the failed Frog Nation takeover, the remaining team was left to keep Sushi running with major question marks. Community members took the lead to sort out the issues and establish a way forward along with a team motivated to keep Sushi alive. Thereafter, immense change and progress has been made in a short amount of time. Several months have been dedicated to picking up the pieces and working through tough discussions. What came of those trials is a long-term vision for what we believe is ...

Sushi April Recap

Welcome to the Sushi monthly recap! 🗞 - This post will outline some of the major operational, technical, and community milestones reached in the past month. We’ve summarized all articles and announcements as well as some of the exciting things to come — as laid out in the Sushi roadmap. Without further ado, let’s dive into the highlights: — Product news - — 🥣 MISO v2 multichain deployment. — Our MISO v2 launchpad has been unlocked on @0xPolygon @Arbitrum @avalancheavax and #Ethereum Mainnet! Read more about the different chains you can access MISO on and what MISO v2 is about here. With our multichain strategy Sushi is best positioned for a future of mainstream crypto adoption. Read our newest blog to learn which chains we’re live on & how to get started with launching, trading and earning passive income on multiple networks here. — 🔱 Trident one-pager. — We heard you thinking: “Trident intends to be a production framework for building and deploying AMMs (built on top of BentoBox), it is not just a single AMM itself. But what does this mean for me?” So, we’ve summarized a TLDR in this one-pager for you: Read more about Trident: 📙 Trident launch — Phase 1 📘 Trident’s Constant Product AMM — Pool 1 — 🎓 Sushi Academy. — Sushi Academy an educational wikipedia page In our efforts to continuously onboard new users and finding a way ...

Launching Sushi’s Suite Of DeFi Products On ALL The Chains!

Whether crypto’s future will scale through multiple sidechains, via Ethereum mainchain or on roll ups like Arbitrum or zkSync — Sushi will be there! To support our growing user base our suite of DeFi products are being launched on all major blockchains: Ethereum mainnet, Polygon, Fantom, Harmony, Avalanche, BSC, Gnosis Chain, Okex, Moonriver, Moonbeam, Celo, and Fuse as well as rollups like Arbitrum. With this Multichain setup, Sushi is best positioned for a future of mainstream crypto adoption. Continue reading to learn which chains we are live on and how to get started with launching, trading and earning passive income on multiple networks. — A Recap: Sushi’s Suite Of DeFi Products. — Sushi is building a comprehensive DeFi ecosystem with AMM, leverage & margin trading platform, token launchpad and NFT platform. We crafted our protocol to support a wide range of use cases for both experienced DeFi users and newcomers.Sushi Swap: A Multichain DEXTrident: Our new AMM frameworkxSushi: Our yield-bearing ecosystem tokenMISO: The most decentralized and open token launchpadOnsen: Sushi yield-farming as a serviceKashi: Our lending and borrowing protocolMeowshi: Our yield-bearing cat tokenMore coming soonMISO v2 goes multichain too! Our most recent MISO v2 (token launchpad) update is about the deployment of our launchpad on four additional major chains — Ethereum, Arbitrum, Avalanche & Fantom...

It’s Here: MISO v2 — a Permissionless Multi-chain Launchpad

It’s Here: MISO v2 — a Permissionless Multi-chain Launchpad “We have officially launched the new MISO v2 — a fully permissionless multichain token launchpad.“ It’s here. The new MISO makes it easy for anyone to launch a new token to their communities by completely opening up the token auction process. This improved UX will allow new groups of creators to enter web3, without the need for advanced technical knowledge!MISO v2 Unlocked On All Major Chains We’ve deployed MISO v2 on all major blockchains! MISO has been live on BSC, Fantom, Matic, Harmony, Moonbeam and since this week we’ve also released it on Avalanche, Arbitrum, Polygon and Ethereum Mainnet. Having MISO on these chains will pave the way for many new projects to commence and communities to grow — integrating Sushi into a growing ecosystem of successful DApps and protocols. Follow these links to get an overview of all auctions on all the networks, or head over to and switch your wallet to your chain of choice:Ethereum:💡 We’ve just kicked off MISO v2’s Ethereum Mainnet release with th...

Kicking off MISO V2 Mainnet with Sushimi

We have an exciting announcement to share today! What? Today, Sushimi, a PFP project born of a team of community contributors will launch the first ever MISO v2 mainnet auction. Their goal? Create a standard for fair, transparent, gas-efficient mints using Sushi’s suite of products. When? Today — Wed 20 April, 9 am EST. Where? MISO on Ethereum Mainnet — Is SUSHIMI? Sushimi is a 10K PFP NFT project centered around the Sushi brand, by Sushi contributors, utilizing and promoting Sushi tools, and giving back to xSushi holders — a turnkey, a-to-z activation that promotes Sushi in an authentic, creative way. Sushimi aims at creating a standard for fair, safe, transparent, gas-effective mints by leveraging key tools of the Sushi ecosystem: MISO, xSushi and Onsen. On top of that, it will give back to the Sushi Community by sharing 50% of sales and 50% of royalties with xSushi holders. Read Sushimi’s introduction here, and learn more about their roadmap here.MISO v2 Multichain Deployment is Now Complete We have officially launched the new MISO — a fully permissionless multichain token launchpad. MISO is currently live on BSC, Fantom, Matic, Harmony, Moonbeam and we’ve recently released it on Avalanche, Arbitrum, Polygon and now on Ethereum Mainnet! The new MISO makes it easy for anyone to launch a new token to their communities by completely opening up the token aucti...


Inconsistent Metrics Indicate Further Struggle For SUSHI – Colder ...

    SUSHI is having a hard time gaining some ground as the market declines again. Today, SUSHI has lost more than 5% of its value, following the trend of other major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Here's a quick glance at how SUSHI is performing: Optimism manifested itself as an acceleration in development activity and an increase in whale demand for SUSHI Technicals and metrics imply significant bearishness SUSHI could wrap up 2022 in a bumpy ride The token's dismal showing is in contrast to some positive trends, such as rising developer engagement (as reported by Santiment) and rising whale interest (as reported by WhaleStats). Metrics and technicals, however, suggest that SUSHI may close out the year with negative numbers. JUST IN: $SUSHI @sushiswap now on top 10 purchased tokens among 100 biggest #ETH whales in the last 24hrs We've also got $MOH, $QRDO, $QWLA, $aDAI & $BOBA on the list Whale leaderboard: #whalestats #babywhale #BBW — WhaleStats (tracking crypto whales) (@WhaleStats) December 10, 2022 SUSHI Technicals Not Looking Great The coin has found support at $1.013 and is presently trading at $1.119. The price is at a red candle, supporting a further drop in the near future. Money Flow Index verifies the decline that has started despite RSI readings near neutral levels. This pessimism is bolstered by the gloomy data from CryptoQuant. Exchange reserve data have grown over the past few da... read More

SUSHI Latest Feats Are Quite Impressive, But Crypto Must Overcome Rough ...

    SUSHI has shown strong bullishness, ranking as the most influential project in Avalanche and breaking into the top 10 in Altrank on Polygon. At this time of writing, CoinGecko is estimating a 24% increase in value, which is a 10% increase from where it was. The following is a quick rundown of some of SUSHI's more notable qualities that demonstrate its 'tasty' status: There was a 4% increase in TVL. Positive environment, but unfriendly market conditions are a drag for the token Future discomfort is possible, but the investment case remains strong Most Influential Project on Avalanche$SUSHI @SushiSwap$JOE @traderjoe_xyz$FITFI @StepApp_$TIME @wonderland_fi$CRA @PlayCrabada$ALBT @allianceblock$BIFI @beefyfinance$PNG @pangolindex$CQT @Covalent_HQ$ANY @MultichainOrg#AVAX $AVAX — AVAX Daily (@AVAXDaily) November 21, 2022 In addition, DeFiLlama has noticed a 4% rise in TVL. All in all, investors and traders have a lot to be optimistic about here. But the technicals of the coin suggest that the bullishness is fleeting, as it is being carried around by the present bear market. SUSHI Remains Stale Since its crash in May 2022, SUSHI's price has barely moved. Also, the token has been trading between $2.083 and $0.861 for some time now. This coin, however, has been making higher highs and lower lows despite the bear market since the latter half of Q2 this year. The present price surge, however, is not only due to its recent successes, but also to the act... read More

SushiSwap Suffers Monthly Drop In TVL – How Will SUSHI Perform Thi...

    Traders and investors in SushiSwap face a unique conundrum as optimistic and bearish signals battle for control of the market. The recent inclusion of SushiSwap on Boba Network may account for the increased number of whale sightings on the site. Even while this points to a strengthening bullish market for SushiSwap, the TVL numbers act as a counterpoint to the recent events. As reported by DeFiLlama, Sushi's TVL numbers fell on November 3 but have since risen, reversing the monthly decline. The listings and whale sightings are exciting, but how will Sushi do in November and, if at all possible, in December? Let's welcome BobaBNB! We're excited to announce the launch of scaling solution for @BNBCHAIN! BobaBNB caters to the massive user base and dev community enabling smarter contracts and lightning fast transactions 1/X — Boba Network x #BNBChain (@bobanetwork) November 1, 2022 The Bulls Edge Out The Bears Today's excitement for SushiSwap isn't just due to TVL. CoinGecko has predicted a brighter future for Sushi, the native token of SushiSwap. There is positive momentum over a variety of time horizons, with the monthly time frame showing the most impressive growth at 59.2 percent. In part, this is because of the exposure gained via SushiSwap's inclusion on the Boba Network. Image: TradingView Recent reports about SushiSwap's reorganization may possibly be a contributing factor. On October 26, it was announced that the DAO underlying Sus... read More

Time To Buy SushiSwap (SUSHI)? Here Are The Levels To Watch

    Besides the current market darling Dogecoin (DOGE), Polygon (MATIC) and Arweave (AR), driven by the Meta announcement, are attracting the most interest today. Flying somewhat under the radar at the moment is SushiSwap (SUSHI), which should be no less interesting in the coming weeks. As Will Clemente, Co-Founder of Reflexivity Research recently tweeted, SUSHI is currently 'the cleanest trading sh*tcoin I've ever played. Whoever is market making this, 10/10 job.' As the respected analyst stated, he prefers the $1.50 to $1.55 level for a buy, as there is a confluence with large bids on Binance and liquidity levels for late longs. The hourly chart currently reveals that the SushiSwap token has broken the important $1.65 level on the downside in the 1-hour chart., making it vulnerable for further downside. SUSHI breaches $1.65. However, on the daily chart, the SUSHI price is still in an ascending channel. If the trend holds and a bounce occurs in the $1.55 area, the next big target could be the 5-month high at $2.00. If SUSHI manages to retake this mark as well, all eyes could be on $2.75. Fundamentals Backing The Case For SUSHI The fundamentals support the thesis of a continued upward trend for SUSHI. Thus, the decentralized crypto exchange SushiSwap has recently approved a restructuring. The Sushi DAO community has approved the plan of establishing 3 companies for a new DAO. This was necessary after the Ooki DAO was targeted by the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFT... read More

Here's Why SUSHI Is Down More Than 10% In The Last 24 Hours

    Over the last day, the price of SUSHI, the native cryptocurrency of the SushiSwap ecosystem, has been on the decline. However, this was not just a normal market decline and was tied to rumors that have been circulating in connection to its new ‘Head Chef’ Jared Grey’s conduct in the past and inappropriate sexual conduct with a… horse. Accused Of Running Scams A little over a week ago, the SushiSwap decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol appointed Jared Grey as its new head chef. All was fine for a while until the rumors started to emerge. In a thread, a Twitter user called out Grey over some of his previous projects. The thread alleged that Grey had orchestrated various scams in the space under his company called “Multiplex PC” and had stolen crypto from investors. The account known as YannickCrypto pointed out that Grey had previously been the CEO of ALQO, which had been used to steal user funds. Apparently, the ALQO team had launched a web wallet which had then been used to steal a large supply of ALQO from investors. The accusations did not end there because Yannick alleges that Grey had taken the scam further. Apparently, ALQO had subsequently been moved to the Ethereum blockchain and then renamed to EONS to make it impossible to trace back to ALQO. Another scam Grey is accused of is of a crypto exchange, Bitfineon, that was promoted but never went live. The Twitter user explained that Grey had charged coin founders a 1 BTC listing fee... read More

SushiSwap: Deciphering How SUSHI Is Posting Unparalleled Price Growth

    Positive developments in the marketplace have led to a rise in SushiSwap share price. Asset management business Golden Tree has bet around $5.3 million on SushiSwap. The news caused a nearly 15% increase in SushiSwap's share price the day after it was released. Since the uptick of August 31–September 10, this is one of SushiSwap's most rapid periods of expansion. The fall that occurred on September 13 as a result of negative macroeconomic pressures was almost entirely erased due to this rally. SushiSwap has a current TVL of $607.51 million. Increased network activity was also noted, according to Santiment's analysis of the price spike that was also made public. They also saw the rise in both network activity and address creation. However, what does this mean for SUSHI generally? Expanding The Protocol As stated in a thread on the SushiSwap site, Golden Tree has faith in the potential of the entire Sushi protocol, praising its resilience along with that of the community that supports it. The company stated that with the funding, they will be able to contribute in the development and expansion of the protocol's various components, such as Kuro (a loan service) and Trident. This investment has a tremendous impact on the development aspect of things. This is the significant increase in on-chain development activity. SushiSwap Served On The Green The graphs depict this optimistic prognosis for SUSHI. Since October 4, the intraday time scale has displayed green can... read More

The Reason Why SushiSwap (SUSHI) Is 17% Up Daily

    Decentralized exchange (DEX) SushiSwap's token SUSHI witnessed daily gains of 17% after a $50 billion privately owned asset manager lifted investor spirits by expressing commitment towards the ecosystem. Global asset management firm GoldenTree revealed following SushiSwap for a while and is eager to be 'more active in all things Sushi' following the launch of its crypto-dedicated arm - GoldenChain Asset Management. It has invested about $5.2 million in the governance token as part of the deal. GoldenTree 'Psyched' to Be Involved in Sushi GoldenTree disclosed its plans to assist Sushi with its tokenomics, general design, and strategy. Even as the company intends to offer its views and work with the community to address difficult design problems, it said that the broader community to lead and support things such as the new quadratic voting/sybil resistance voting structure. The company revealed sharing some ideas through Telegram with Sushi to that extent and added, 'We believe Sushi has incredible potential. Although the community has certainly been through some tough challenges, we’ve been amazed at the resilience of both the core team and the community in the face of these speed bumps, as you all have continued to build and release top-tier products.' While acknowledging the challenges faced by the SushiSwap ecosystem, GoldenTree lauded the 'resilience' of both the core team and the community. The price of the native token reacted with a surge that took it north by 17%... read More

Sushi Deploys to Kava, Debuting Major UI Overhaul

    [PRESS RELEASE - San Francisco, United States, 28th September 2022] Sushi completes deployment to the Kava blockchain with a liquidity pool eligible for KAVA and SUSHI token rewards. Earlier this year, Kava shook up the L1 industry with its Ethereum Co-Chain launch, sparking the fastest growth of protocols on any blockchain in 2022. Today, tier-1 DeFi protocol Sushi combines its deployment to Kava with an up to $7M matching rewards plan alongside their elegantly redesigned Sushi 2.0 user interface. Providing liquidity to Sushi’s wKAVA/USDC pool deployed to the Kava EVM will be eligible for KAVA and SUSHI token rewards. Sushi’s deployment also enables users to create new pools with other asset pairs, especially after the Kava 11 upgrade and the Ethereum bridge later this year. These actions position Sushi as the primary decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Kava EVM. “Kava is a 100% growth-oriented blockchain fueled by the Kava Rise incentives program. Sushi has believed in this program from the start and was an early pioneer. Today, I’m excited to announce that Sushi also chose Kava to premier a one-of-a-kind DeFi user experience. Kava aims to onboard and engage more protocols than all the other L1 networks. Kava will reach that goal with visionary partners like Sushi.” – Scott Stuart, CEO of Kava Labs. “We are grateful to be a part of what we consider an exciting new blockchain infrastructure. We are humbled to be included as one of th... read More

Fuse Gets Added By Sushi, A Top Cross-Chain DeFi Platform

    When it comes to projects in the DeFi space, establishing key partnerships is paramount if long-term success is to be ensured. In such a volatile and unpredictable market and industry, one can never be too careful and that is exactly why the Sushi protocol has now been deployed on Fuse Network after the platform added the blockchain to its list of supported chains. For those who may be unaware, Fuse's mission is to make cryptocurrency payments and DeFi options available to the public by drastically simplifying access via mobile-centric user-friendly solutions. In order to successfully reach its aims, Fuse, therefore, depends on a quick and relatively low-fee blockchain and so the Layer-1 EVM compatible Fuse Network is utilized alongside the mobile-centric infrastructure for the purposes of consumers and businesses alike. In such a fast-paced and unpredictable sector, this kind of technology is often needed. Why pick Sushi? Sushi is one of the top cross-chain decentralized finance protocols and platforms in the entire world and it is hence highly sought after by all kinds of projects. SushiSwap, the AMM (Automated Market Maker) DEX protocol, the BentoBox decentralized applications ecosystem, the staking platform xSUSHI, the Kashi lending protocol, the Miso IDO platform, and the Shyu NFT marketplace all comprise the leading multi-chain community-oriented decentralized finance platform. Specifically, the SushiSwap decentralized exchange is one of the biggest decentralized exchan... read More

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