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SPI Price:
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$64.2 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #SPI today is $0.06 USD.

The lowest SPI price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.065, and the current live price for one SPI coin is $0.06477.

The all-time high SPI coin price was $295.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of SPI with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for crypto currency is #SPI. is 1.8 years old.


The current market capitalization for is $64,177. is ranking downwards to #1034 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a weak volume of trading today on #SPI.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for is $206.


The circulating supply of SPI is 990,874 coins, which is 99% of the total coin supply.

Note the unusually low supply of coins which adds to rarity of this cryptocurrency and increases perceived market value.


SPI is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 1 other blockchain.

See list of the SPI Blockchain contracts with 2 different blockchains.


SPI is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

View #SPI trading pairs and crypto exchanges that currently support #SPI purchase.



Polygon works with to integrate $MATIC as a form of payment is integrating $MATIC as a form of payment on its platform as well as offering a 2% discount for the first thirty days and free shipping for the first seven with every use of the token. From October 4th, $MATIC will be added to’s payment processor; Shopping Pay, allowing holders to purchase goods through some of the world’s biggest retailers such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Home Depot. This integration offers $MATIC another unique utility outside the realm of its own chain, providing the token with another layer to its intrinsic value and encouraging more widespread collaborations. Polygon is a layer two chain that operates parallel to the Ethereum blockchain, providing a solution to the scalability issues of the Ethereum network. Polygon allows for speedy transactions and low fees all while maintaining the ability to create smart contracts, dApps, games and more. Polygon began its journey in 2017 as MATIC (Hence the name of the token) followed by three years of development and vigorous testing that culminated in the launch of their Mainnet. At the start of 2021 Polygon had two major developments that aided the networks widespread adoption as well as putting its native token — $MATIC in the limelight. The first being its announcement of a $150 million fund with the objective of bringing the benefits of DeFi, farming and lending to a larger user base. The second was an investment by billiona... has successfully launched the $SHOP token! officially launched its new $SHOP token on September 9th, merging the communities and utilities of $SPI and $GSPI into one, undivided ecosystem. — What is $SHOP?. — $SHOP functions as’s native token, is built on the Ethereum blockchain, and serves as a utility token within the ecosystem. $SHOP provides numerous benefits which greatly encourage users to utilize the platform. These benefits include increased $SHOP back rewards, FREE international shipping and additional discounts with its use as a form of payment. created $SHOP with the goal of merging its current native tokens (SPI & GSPI) utilities as well as encouraging the unification of both tokens holders into one strong ecosystem. $SHOP has been designed to reflect the success of the platform thanks to its burn and mint mechanism. — Pre-Launch Preparations. — Prior to taking on the monumental feat of merging two tokens from two different blockchains, had a lot of preparations to undertake; these preparations were not only centered around the technical aspect of the merge, but to also inform $G/SPI’s holders about the upcoming occurrences. began this process by first asking $G/SPI holders their opinions on the merger via a community poll. Following the polls landslide win for those in favor of the merger with a 97% approval rate, how had the go ... Launches its New Membership Program With a Month full of Giveaways is moments away from launching its long awaited $SHOP token and membership platform; It is doing so alongside a month long membership giveaway event with the top prize being the Golden Ape from the Villager of XOLO NFT set. — Membership Program. —’s membership platform will be launched on September 9th paired with the launch of the $SHOP token. Users will be able to access the Membership platform via the ‘Membership’ tab. In the future the Membership tab will be located within a ‘Personal Dashboard’ tab, the Dashboard will also facilitate the $SHOP Back rewards systems and the management of your orders. The revamped membership plans have been designed with community feedback in mind, leading to the replacement of the locking fee present in $G/SPI’s membership contracts, with a required holding period of three months. Users will now have the ability to lock their $SHOP to gain access to one of five membership tiers. In keeping with’s rebranded space theme, the five membership packages have been appropriately named Asteroid, Moon, Planet, Star and Galaxy. Each tier requires a greater amount of locked $SHOP tokens to access, with each step up granting users more platform benefits than the last. Such benefits include: up to 20% $SHOP Back rewards, airdrop rewards, and free international shipping. — How does it work?. — Sign In to your Shoppin...

$SHOP Launches With a Full Day of Events! is hosting an AMA marathon on September 9th to celebrate the launch of the $SHOP Token. Join the team on Twitter spaces and Telegram live to hear all about the token launch and to listen to some amazing guest speakers. — Event Schedule:. — 01:00 P.M — 01:30 P.M CET: Kicking off with EVP, Meirav Shacked, Hosted by Aiden Skehan. — Twitter Spaces 01:30–02:00 P.M CET: Community Games with prizes and an open mic — Telegram MainChat 02:00–02:30 P.M CET: Guest Speaker — Mrs. Sofia Yan, Co-Founder & CGO at Numbers Protocol hosted by Aiden Skehan. — Twitter Spaces 02:35 — 02:55 P.M CET: Open discussion followed by Community Questions with CPO, Grimaldy Gunawan, Marketing Manager, Aiden Skehan and Community Moderator Sean Cervantez. — Twitter Spaces. 03:00–03:30 P.M CET: Guest Speaker — Mrs. Marina Siradegyan, Communications officer at Dash Core Group with Aiden Skehan. — Twitter Spaces 03:35–04:00 P.M CET: Founder & CEO, Arbel Arif hosted by Aiden Skehan followed by Community Questions and an open discussion about what $SHOP is to the team. 100$ in $SHOP Giveaway for our favorite question. — Twitter Spaces 04:00 P.M CET: SNAPSHOT/Short Break 04:15–04:45 P.M CET: Guest Speaker — Peter Thai, CEO of Luffy Token hosted by Sean Cervantez, followed by community questions...

20% SHOP Back on all Orders to Celebrate $SHOP Launch Following months of development and testing, is excited to finally release its new native token — $SHOP! The $SHOP token will launch on September 9th alongside a special launch event with BIG $SHOP BACK rewards for 48 hours Read below to check which tokens or payment processors you should check out with in order to receive 20% $SHOP back rewards. — What is $SHOP?. — $SHOP will function as’s native token, is built on the Ethereum blockchain, and serves as a utility token within the ecosystem. $SHOP provides numerous benefits which greatly encourage users to utilize the ecosystem. Some token benefits include increased $SHOP back rewards, FREE international shipping and additional discounts with its use as a form of payment. created $SHOP with the goal of merging its current native tokens (SPI & GSPI) utilities as well as encouraging the unification of both tokens holders into one strong ecosystem. $SHOP has been designed to reflect the success of the platform thanks to its burn and mint mechanism. — $SHOP Launch Event. — has orchestrated one of its biggest collaborations to date, with over 50 projects taking part. Starting on September 10th, 2022 at 5PM CET and lasting for 48 hours, all orders paid for using tokens from the following list via ShoppingPay will be rewarded with 20% of their order va...

Save with Volt on

Starting on August 24th, Holders of the VDSC NFT will receive a 2% on all orders and additional 2% discount for checking out with $ Volt for the next 30 days. is the bridge between crypto and E-commerce as the first international crypto E-commerce onboarding and fulfilment service. It is the only company in crypto that allows you to purchase from major E-commerce hubs on a global scale with the option to choose from hundreds of different tokens. — How to Shop - Step 1: Go to the official website. In the upper right-hand corner, click the Login button. If you’re a new member, click the Register button. Those who are members already, kindly proceed to Step 3. Step 2: Login/Sign Up Once you click Register, a list of pricing plans will appear. Select the plan that fits your needs making sure to read the benefits of each plan. In this demonstration we will use the Free Plan. Click the Sign Up button and fill in your e-mail and password. A 2FA process is required to complete the registration, the 2FA code may be sent to your spam folder. Step 3: Set up your Account Details, Billing, and Shipping Address Now you can set up your billing, and shipping address. Step 4: Start Shopping! You’re all set now with your details. Now, you can start shopping! On the homepage, you will see a search bar where you can search for any products available on Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Home Depot by na... welcomes its newest integration — EQIFi welcomes its newest integration — EQIFi - is thrilled to announce its collaboration with EQIFi to integrate $EQX as a form of payment on the platform. From August 15th shoppers will receive a 2% discount for 30 days on all orders paid for using $EQX as well as FREE SHIPPING for 7 days. $EQX’s integration on will launch on the 11th of August 2022 where stakers, holders and users will be able to use their $EQX earnings to make purchases through some of the world’s biggest retailers such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Home Depot. Shoppers can also enjoy the option to order items from retailers that may otherwise be unavailable due to shipping restrictions thanks to’s very own fulfilment center. has given EQIFi a cross-chain integration with the implementation of both ERC20 and BEP20 versions of $EQX allowing for a seamless user-friendly shopping experience. Introducing EQIFi, the one stop DeFi platform that gives its users the ability to save, invest, trade and borrow money, all under the same roof. EQIFi began its journey in late 2020 stemming from EQIBank’s desire to tap into the rapidly evolving world of DeFi. The company’s inception was quickly followed by the development, auditing and eventual launch of the EQIFi platform as well as the EQX token in August 2021. Since then EQIFi has made leaps and bounds in its development of platform features such a...

$SHOP launch date Twitter spaces

Speakers:. — Arbel Arif, Founder and CEO, Grimaldy Gunawan, Head of Product, Aiden Skehan, Marketing, The goal of this Twitter spaces was to highlight the details of’s new site feature (an SPI/SHOP acquisition portal), as well as to announce the long awaited launch of the $SHOP token. — New feature and $SHOP launch event:. —’s CEO Arbel Arif began by announcing the immediate launch of’s in-house SPI/SHOP acquisition portal, allowing users to purchase SPI/SHOP directly through’s website. This announcement came paired with the beginning of’s Pre $SHOP launch event, where users will be rewarded with 20% SHOP back on SPI purchased using the new feature as well as being refunded any gas fees used in the purchasing process. This feature is currently serving as a testing platform for a proposed future on/off ramp therefore there will be a limited amount of liquidity available per week. is currently in the process of acquiring a custodial exchange license in Cyprus, this being instead of the previously mentioned purchasing of an Estonian exchange. This feature is the next step in the construction of a complete crypto ecommerce ecosystem. Click here for more information about the rewards and eligibility for the Pre SHOP launch event. — SPI & GSPI merge:. — Arbel Arif went on to ...

Pre-$SHOP Launch Event

We are officially counting down the launch of the $SHOP token with a new feature! Now for a limited time you can earn pre-$SHOP launch rewards by purchasing $SPI directly from — The Importance. — As we enter into a new era of, we want to continue building out our vision as an all inclusive ecosystem that encompasses all aspects of crypto e-commerce. This means anything that you can and need to do with $SHOP can all be done through which also includes the ability to purchase our new token. This feature was created to facilitate the onboarding of $SHOP token holders onto our platform and to provide a quick, convenient way to purchase our token directly from’s website. — Rewards. — To celebrate the birth of our new ecosystem, will be hosting a month long event where users will be rewarded with 20% $SHOP Back on SPI purchased using this new feature! Not only will users be rewarded for using this new feature but they will also be refunded any gas fees that were used in the purchasing process. Gas fee refunds will be in Ethereum and will be airdropped weekly. On $SHOP’s launch date, users will be airdropped their portion of $SHOP alongside the event rewards. — Reward Requirements/Eligibility. — Users will only be eligible for the event rewards if: Users bought SPI tokens directly through’s website, Users ...

Summer Treasure Hunt Event

We’re hosting our second puzzle treasure hunt event! Last time it was crosswords this time its word scrambles! We’ve filled 5 digital wallets with prizes and created 5 different word scramble puzzles for you to have fun with! Be the first to solve the puzzle, get the phrase and unlock the wallet! - Only 1 winner per wallet! - Make sure you screenshot the seed phrase at the end of the game! - We cannot stop the crossword from running so if you are the winner, transfer the prize to your own wallet immediately! *If the wallet has been emptied, try your luck in another puzzle! What are you waiting for? Someone is already there hunting your treasure! Puzzle 1 | Puzzle 2 | Puzzle 3 | Puzzle 4 | Puzzle 5 Click here for instructions on how to open a wallet with a 12 word key phrase


Crypto E-Commerce – Shopping?io Introduces $SHOP Back

    PRESS RELEASE. Crypto E-commerce giant, is streamlining its operations. On September 9th 2022, will be airdropping its new native utility token – $SHOP to the holders of $SPI and $GSPI. To celebrate the launch, is hosting multiple events offering major benefits including 20% $SHOP back rewards and exciting giveaways! Shop Online Using Nothing but Crypto! In 2020, retail e-commerce sales worldwide topped $4.28 trillion, according to Statista, a 27.6% increase on the previous year. By 2022, e-retail revenue is projected to grow to an impressive $5.4 trillion, as consumers move more of their shopping online. In addition, as of 2021, there are over 300 million crypto users worldwide and over 18,000 businesses that have already begun accepting cryptocurrencies as forms of payment. September 2020 – launches version 1.0 of its platform giving holders the ability to pay for concierge online shopping services with their crypto for the first time. The website enabled purchases of tangible goods via major retailers such as: Amazon, eBay and Walmart, delivering to a handful of destinations around the globe. The platform's traction was instantly recognizsable even with its limited functionality and was the proof-of-concept needed in order to justify its growth. Fast forward two years and has two native utility tokens; $SPI and $GSPI (wWith another merged utility token on the way), an NFT set, and a plet... read More

Memes are Moving from the Cryptoverse to the Metaverse

    Decentralization, at its core, is and has always been a community-driven revolution in money and culture, and cryptocurrency has served as a key player in the movement. After the advent of cryptocurrency, Dogecoin came in as a meme coin purely to mock investors who bought crypto despite a lack of understanding of the concept. Ironically, Dogecoin grew to become one of the most valuable coins in terms of market capitalization. Once Dogecoin emerged as a trend it rapidly spread into popular culture and with its widespread success, several tokens based on dog breeds were been created, including Shiba Inu, Baby Shiba Inu, and Floki Inu - named after Elon Musk's pet. Dogecoin is now being accepted as a form of payment at Coinbase Commerce, paving the way to conventional utility, and with the Metaverse growing and evolving, users can already use several cryptocurrencies, including meme coins as payment in various ecosystems. With the power of artificial intelligence meme coins have finally come to life. A relative newcomer in the space Kitty Inu ($KITTY) splashed onto the scene with a Fair Launch on October 24, 2021. Capitalizing on the dog-themed coin craze, the adorable Kitty Inu meme is of a cat disguised in a dog costume, seemingly so she can run with the big dogs. The female-led team behind Kitty Inu is comprised of experienced industry professionals, who have wasted no time laying out their vision and embarking on some seriously ambitious projects, especially given the curren... read More

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