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SPANK Price:
All Time High:
Market Cap:

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #SPANK today is $0.00284 USD.

The lowest SPANK price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00284, and the current live price for one SPANK coin is $0.00284357.

The all-time high SPANK coin price was $0.73.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of SPANK with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for SpankChain crypto currency is #SPANK.

SpankChain is 4.8 years old.


The current market capitalization for SpankChain is not available at this time.

SpankChain is ranking downwards to #5472, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is unknown during the past 24 hours for #SPANK.


The circulating supply of SPANK is 874,043,316 coins, which is 87% of the maximum coin supply.


SPANK is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


SPANK exchange data is not currently available.



Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

Is it getting hot in here, or is it just us? We’re closing out summer with a bang and a sexy whimper, if you catch our meaning. In case you missed it, here’s what we’ve been up to. Snap, camera, contest If you know us, you know we love a photo contest over at Spank HQ. To beat that end of summertime sadness, we launched a #SummerofSpank contest on Twitter, and the submissions did not disappoint. Six sizzling winners took home $250 each. Congratulations babes, and thank you to all of those who submitted!  — @SpankPay Match, Merch & Mgen Earlier this summer, we gave away some sexy swag to all our new SpankMatch members with complete profiles. If you haven’t signed up, don’t sleep on the best way for adult content creators to connect. Sign up and then send an email to for some free merch while we still have some to share. By the way, if you’re not following SpankMatch on Twitter, you’re missing out. Our community is growing and they are showing us some serious love. Special shoutout to September Reign, who announced that she will only be accepting bookings via our platform.  — @xoispyseptember Throughout the summer, we’ve been keeping up the good work on the Mgen front, raising awareness and helping people get tested on us. As we head into fall, we expect to run out of free tests, so sign up now if you haven’t already!  — ...

Spank-girl (and Boy, And They) Summer

You can’t spell summer without Spank — well, you definitely can, but that’s not the point. What we’re trying to say is that summer has been as hot as ever at Spank HQ, and we’re not talking about climate change. Haven’t been keeping up, no sweat? Kick back, cool off, and keep reading for all the latest and greatest updates. Game, set, SpankMatch After an exclusive pre-launch sign-up initiative, we are pleased to report that the beta of SpankMatch is L-I-V-E, live! Forget Twitter, SpankMatch is the best way for adult industry professionals to connect online. No more shady shoots. With SpankMatch, you call the shots from location to scene type. Sign up today and learn more about our referral program for cash perks! Oh, and we’re giving away a special merch box to the 50 new members with complete profiles, so don’t sleep on those details. To commemorate this momentous release, we also debuted a fun commercial featuring none other than our very founder, Ameen Soleimani. Make summer love to the camera It wouldn’t be a Spank summer without a contest. So, we hosted a friendly, seasonally themed photo competition on Twitter and gave 6 lucky participants $250 in cash-money for their sexy snaps.  — @SpankPay Congratulations to all the winners! It’s never too late to get tested! A little while back, we sponsored our first Mgen testing initiative at XBIZ. If there’s anything C...

Sexy & Proud

Happy Pride Month, fam! Whether you identify as LGBTQIA+ or an ally, we hope you felt the love this June (and not just from thirsty corporate sponsors). How rude of SCOTUS to try and rain on our literal parade! At SpankChain, we support reproductive freedom and a birthing person’s right to choose. We also believe that reproductive rights are queer rights, this decision impacts cisgender, bisexual, and lesbian women, as well as some trans men. Furthermore, the right to choose how and when we have families is as much a queer issue as it is a woman’s issue. This month served as a chilling reminder of how we must continue to stand up for our values and the health and rights of our community. Speaking of which… You have options: Plan C Pills In light of the Roe v. Wade debacle, we will continue to share information and resources to help those living in anti-choice states get access to the safe medical care they deserve. Plan C is an excellent resource, spearheading abortion access through the self-directed option of abortion pills by mail, which includes a mail forwarding service to states with abortion restrictions. If you or someone you know cannot get access to a safe abortion, Plan C can help. Match it to me There has been one ray of sunshine during this political shit storm we’ve been weathering: signups for SpankMatch are moving full steam ahead. Maybe you’ve already seen the silly commercial we shot, featuring ...

This Season of Renewal

It may not be summer quite yet, but things are really starting to heat up at Spank HQ. This spring has brought with it all kinds of sexy connections and highly anticipated updates, including the grand debut of SpankPay V2. Keep reading and don’t forget your towel, because things are about to get steamy! Destination: Miami The team headed down to Miami for a bit of an XBiz reunion. It’s been quite a while since we’ve participated, and it was very much a pleasure to reconnect with familiar faces and make sexy friends with new ones. The team was joined by our three favorite adult musketeers, Britney Andrews, Allie Eve Knox, and Sydney Leathers, and we can assure you a good time was had by all. Ever the team player, “Ameenicorn ” got in on the action and gave his best performance at the bikini contest.  — @SpankChain We’d like to extend a very big thank you and an even bigger happy birthday to our boy Dwight, who was kind enough to spend his special day working our booth at XBiz.Meet Dwight in his natural habitat, exhausted after a long night of partying with models ;) As promised, we also kicked off our free Mgen testing initiative, all in the spirit of keeping sex (on-screen and otherwise) safe and STI-free.  — @SpankPay  — @SpankChain XBiz was also the perfect occasion to pre-launch our new product, SpankMatch, the new way for adult content creators to...

Back to the Future

April was all about taking one step back to go ten steps forward. From our return to L.A. to the release of SpankPay V2, we’ve spent the past several weeks getting back to our roots. There’s been a lot to keep track of, so in case you missed it, here’s the 411. California Roll The team headed back to the City of Angels for a sun-kissed company holiday in honor of 4/20. While we were there, we puffed, passed, and worked with some of our favorite local talent to shoot sizzling content. It was great to be back in our home city, see the logo on our old office, reconnect with familiar faces, and meet new ones. Rabbit Season You know we never miss an opportunity to share the love with our community, and by love, we mean cash. We rang in Easter with a sexy bunny contest on Twitter, and let’s just say JC wasn’t the only thing “rising” that day.  — @SpankPay Five lucky winners were selected at random and awarded $200 for their participation.  — @SpankPay SpankPay V2 has landed! It’s been a long time coming, but it’s well worth the wait! We’re super stoked about all the upgrades and developments, which include a much sexier and streamlined UI, reduced fees, and free payments between SpankPay accounts. Make sure to check out our press release for more details! Bienvenido a Miami Spank is headed to Miami next week for XBIZ. We’re so excited to reconnect with one of our fa...

Feeling Lucky

Spring isn’t the only thing that has sprung over at Spank HQ. Time to shrug off those winter doldrums and start thinking about that bikini body. We’re kicking off the season of renewal with lots of sexy updates, initiatives, and exciting travel plans for the warmer months ahead. Here’s the latest and greatest in case you missed it: Pinch me, Patty We kicked off St. Patrick’s day with a sexy green-themed photo contest on Twitter, and lucky for us, the submissions did not disappoint.  — @SpankPay @VegueroVzla, the winner of our Valentine’s Day contest, came in again in first place, taking home $300 dollars with abs that had all of us seeing green.  — @SpankPay Coming in at second place and the winner of $200 was the busty and beautiful @nalaniemitchell.  — @SpankPay And because we believe that the best kind of green is cash, we also selected 5 random winners to award $100. Congratulations to all our lucky winners!  — @SpankPay Did someone order an update? SpankPay V2 is locked and loaded, and with a little bit of residual luck from St. Patrick’s day, it’s set to launch in a few weeks. The new, spring-clean version comes with some fancy new perks. Now, crypto deposits and transfers between SpankPay accounts are free, and you only pay upon withdrawal. We also made a bunch of improvements, including cleaner withdrawals and a prettier...

Feel the Love

This past February, love wasn’t the only thing in the air at Spank HQ. We’re keeping that New-Year-better-Spank energy alive, and we’ve got nothing but feel-good news to report. Here’s the latest in case you missed it! Contests are for lovers It wouldn’t be a holiday with a contest. We rang in Valentine’s Day with a special photo contest on Twitter, and the submissions from our community did not disappoint!  — @SpankPay Coming in at first place and the lucky winner of $300 was the scrumptiously sculpted @VegueroVzla. Congratulations!  — @SpankPay Coming in at second place, and the recipient of a $200 cash prize was the positively perky @nalainemitchel. Get it girl!  — @SpankPay And because cash is the gift that keeps on giving, we also awarded 5 random participants $100. ETHDenver Team Spank came together in Colorado for ETHDenver, making sure to fit in some quality team-time with each other and friends of the brand. Ameen did his best to fit in some hacking as he performed his third summoning of Moloch, and he was also quite the busy bee on the networking front.David Hoffman, Ameen Soleimani, Brittany AndrewsBrittany Andrews Speaking of networking, our team had the pleasure of being seated near Vitalik, the esteemed founder of the Ethereum network. When the media and fanboys and girls caught wind of his presence, our friend Britney Andrews diverted a ...

New Year, Same Sexy Spank

Happy, healthy, and horny 2022! Team Spank slid confidently into the New Year like a sassy DM. We’ve got lots of exciting new updates in store for the next 365 days, and January was filled with nothing but good news. Here’s what happened, in case you haven’t been keeping up.Maya Kendrick and SpankChain CEO Ameen Soleimani Destination: Optimism We’ve decided to migrate SpankBank to Optimism. The rollup scaling solution will help keep transactions fast and gas prices low. In January, we dropped the news on Discord to give everyone a month to migrate their SPANK to optimism to keep transactions fast and lower transaction fees. Starting February 15th, we’re measuring rewards from SPANK held on Optimism (no need to stake anymore), along with Optimism LPs on SUSHI and Uniswap. Please make sure to check out the SpankBank Discord channel for more information. All Business at Xbiz In light of COVID-19 related restrictions, we played it safe at Xbiz, trading our typical debauchery for chill hangs in the hot tubs and photoshoots with some of our favorite stars.  — @PReedXXX  — @itspusspuss All work and a little bit of play is not as dull as it seems, but we’re looking forward to turning things up again in the near future. Fingers crossed! Pop Shots Round 3: Sold Out! Gird your loins folks, because this drop was quite the doozy. We warmed up 2022 by dropping SpankPay Pop Shots, 3rd ...

Happy New Year, Spankers!

Happy New Year, ya’ filthy animals! Despite Miss Rona’s prolonged stay, Team Spank has still managed to thrive during this second year of these unprecedented times. 2021 was quite the wild ride and we’re sliding into 2022 like a horny follower slides into a sexy star’s DMs. So without any further ado, here’s last year’s highlight reel and a sneak peak of all the good stuff that’s yet to come! Home sweet new home If there’s one thing that 2021 taught us it’s that dreams do come true and UNIcorns do exist. Size queens know that bigger is always better, especially when it comes to square footage. So we were absolutely PSYCHED to move our Spank HQ to a fabulous mansion in Nevada.  — @ameensol  — @allieeveknox  — @allieeveknox We’re looking forward to making plenty of magic happen in this awesome new space. Speaking of moves, a big chunk of our team is actually in Colorado now, and we’ve doubled in size. Pop goes the NFT Ask and you shall receive! After an off-hand Twitter joke on our favorite 4/20 holiday about creating our own NFT, the overwhelming response turned things more serious, so we decided to double down and give the people what they want and Spank Pop Shots was born. The first edition of our limited-edition 4-card packs took the cryptosphere by storm and sold out in the first 90 minutes of our pre-sale. The success of our second drop ...

Spank HQ for the Holidays

Baby, it’s getting cold outside. Good thing we have a bunch of new updates for you to cozy on up to. 2021 has been quite the ride over at Spank HQ, and we’re ramping up for a smashing 2022. You get what you give away Is it hot in here, or is it just our winter-themed giveaway? To celebrate the season of giving, we launched a holiday giveaway and things got more than a little steamy. We asked our SpankPay stars on Twitter to share some sexy snaps and awarded $300 to the snow-babe with the most retweets, $200 to our runner-up, and $100 to 5 randomly selected winners.  — @SpankPay A special shoutout to our first place winner and Christmas cutie, Tilly Kush, and everyone else who participated.  — @SpankPay  — @SpankPay Naughty and nice We’d like to take this newsletter as an opportunity to give Brittany Andrews a special shoutout for supporting the crypto cause on Twitter.  — @DJBritStar Findoms and Mommy Doms would be wise to listen to what Mistress has to say. SpankPay is the best way to make your crypto-slaves and pay-pigs pony up. We’re getting XBiz-y All you Hollywood fans, say cheese! Get your New Year off to a sexy start and come make a memory with us at our photo-booth at XBiz January 7–8th. Good things in life are worth the wait Hold onto your socks, 2022 is coming in hot! At SpankChain, we’ve been wading deep in code and ...

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