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SNM Price:
$9.2 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:

Circulating Supply:
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The price of #SNM today is $0.35 USD.

The lowest SNM price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.355, and the exact current price of one SNM crypto coin is $0.35476.

The all-time high SNM coin price was $1.55.

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The code for SONM crypto currency is #SNM.

SONM is 5.3 years old.


The current market capitalization for SONM is not available at this time.

SONM is ranking upwards to #6619 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is big today for #SNM.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for SONM is $9,188,797.


The total supply of SNM is 44,400,000 coins.


SNM is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


SNM has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 3 pairings and is listed on at least 2 crypto exchanges.

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Over the Cloud — SONM’s Fogging Insights into Metaverse Building

Over the Cloud — SONM’s Fogging Insights into Metaverse Building If one to name the cyber buzzwords of the year, the top votes must include Web3, Metaverse and P2E. In a newly released report by Mckinsey & Company, a global consulting firm, over 120 billion dollars of investment has flowed into Metaverse so far in 2022, and in 2030, Metaverse is predicted to worth $5 trillion. Long words short — Metaverse is born with unprecedented potential. Behind the huge promise, technology is always the premise, and SONM’s fog computing technology is meant to be the stepping stone of Metaverse building. Deficiencies of Traditional Cloud While diving deeper, the market no doubt requires to boom more systematically, and technological infrastructure comes to the core. it is not exaggerating to say that Metaverse is built on computing resources, as any technology that Metaverse or crypto gaming might need, for instance, VR (Virtual Reality) or AR (Augmented Reality) needs huge computing resources to power. Traditionally, game companies and projects turn to cloud service to save the cost of providing computing power from their own hardwares and realize streaming across different platforms. However, even though cloud computing has seen a relatively mature market, data suggests that 96% of the global data centers are not fully utilized, what’s more, the market is monopolized by major providers such as AWS, Google and Alibaba, causing the price to rise; user’s data and information is stored in the providers’ server, which raises the issue of trust. On client side, cloud-based game players are troubled by unexpected interruptions due to central server outage; Businesses are down overnight due to central server emergencies, affecting millions of users. Behind all of these, we might get a hint of the reason: traditional cloud technology feels difficult to catch up with the ever-growing technology-driven industry. Decentralized Computing Technology — in the Heyday Being under the spotlight of web3, a reliable Metaverse requires a decentralized network of computing capabilities, and SONM, as the world-leading fog computing technology provider, can play a part to compensate for the shortcomings of traditionally centralized cloud computing. SONM provides cloud services based on distributed customer level, with its infrastructure distributions spread around the globe, including PCs, servers, data centers and mining equipment, meaning that unlimited GPUs are at hand. SONM’s decentralized technology provide resources users with:Low latency SONM network features optimized proximity in local transfer, which allows SONM’s fog to automatically seek for the most accessible endpoints to perform certain task. optimized proximity help ease the data traffic and avoid possible latencies due to a certain node failure.Competent hardwares SONM works with reliable professional suppliers as well as individual providers, offering a wide range of hardwares for users to choose from. SONM is also a member of Cloud28+, which is an open community of cloud service providers, solution providers, ISVs, systems integrators, distributors and government entities. No matter you need CPUs, disks, RAM or GPUs, you always have the option.Decentralization SONM offers decentralized hardwares so that data will not be stored in a dominant central server, hence resolving the trust issues emerged in traditional centralized cloud services. meanwhile, as terminals scatter, ups and downs of a certain server will not affect the whole service, which solves another pain-point in the traditional industry.Data security As the data transfer happens between decentralized nodes, users won’t need to worry about information being uploaded to a central server; moreover, data are encrypted during the process, which ensures the highest level of security in the service. Metaverse might be the start-point of future technology, and no matter how dazzling a new idea is, it requires reliable and solid technology as its grounding. As decentralized computing technology keeps evolving, SONM will definitely become a solid part of Web3 infrastructure — despite its existing product such as Rays Render, which could provide solutions for crypto game rendering, SONM is ready to to contribute its part as a computing resource pool for Metaverse building, set visions to be a compensate for traditional cloud based services and embrace the open opportunities in the future. SONM Website: SONM Telegram: SONM Announcement: SONM Twitter:

SONM in Binance Referral Program: Enrich Values, Opportunities and Practicality

As an industry-leading fog computing service provider, SONM is actively positioning itself as a reliable infrastructure for web 3.0 builders. In addition to providing pragmatic solutions for computations, machine learning, and rendering, SONM continuously seeks valuable opportunities to benefit its community and global supporters. SONM has allied with Binance Affiliate Program, and also taken active part in Binance Lite Referral. For this time, SONM is excited to be a driving force in Binance referral program, every SONM community member is welcomed to register via SONM’s referral link, to enjoy a more efficient way of trading on a trustworthy platform. SONM Referral Link: to join Binance Referral Program?Click the linkFollow the steps to registerVerify your identityWhat will you get? Signing up on Binance means you subscribe to a high-quality crypto service, and SONM’s ecology will be largely enriched and extended to a wider range of users. Meanwhile, $SNM holders are entitled to Binance and SONM’s future reward activities and other exclusive offers. SONM, on the other hand, will bring its globally-distributed user base to Binance, stimulate more liquidity in the crypto market and expand the influence of both parties to a great degree. SONM is a solid infrastructure layer for both SONM users and developers. With users’ participation increasing, SONM network will witness new values and benefits, and bring along new opportunities for the community. By joining up with Binance referral program, SONM shows its engagement and care to SONM family and its dedication to become a more powerful foundation for a wider range of users and DApp builders. It’s also worth mentioning that SONM has also been a part of Binance’s lite referral program. Binance lite referral program is a huge reward program for SONM users who sign up on Binance by SONM referral link, they’ll be entitled up to 100 USDT cashback after they invite friends to sign up and deposit more than 50 USD on Binance! Binance Lite Referral Program: About SONM’s act with Binance SONM is the first world leading supercomputer launched in 2018. With a globally distributed terminal network of 6k+ GPUs and 8k+ servers, SONM has accelerated idle computing power to be utilized across the global market. SONM has now developed from a pioneer Crypto-IaaS product into a full-featured computing platform that strives to ease the complexity in provisioning bare instances for GPU-related computations. As of today, SONM has successfully acquired a total of more than 400 thousand users and 141 institutional clients, including corporations and government institutions from all around the world. SONM has maintained a solid partnership with Binance and endeavored to promote the interactions between each other’s communities, while Binance offers $SNM holders a more secure and efficient option to deposit or trade their assets. In the future, SONM will keep improving its functions, providing new solutions with its advanced fog technology, engaging in community support and shaping itself into a more dependable Web3.0 infrastructure. Start your rewarding adventure on Binance now:

SONM Fog Computing Rendering: A Further Step Towards Efficacy

SONM is an infrastructure of a data hub that provides a powerful globally distributed system for general-purpose computing. Attribute to the decentralized open-source platform, SONM boasts variable resources, from data centers to personal computers. With massive computing power and unlimited resources, SONM supports CGI rendering with no software modifications, the current available IaaS product is Rays Render, a rendering service platform based on SONM fog computing infrastructure which outperforms traditional rendering at higher speed and lower cost. Jumping out of the traditional “pain” zone  — @brentpatterson Traditional on-demand video rendering can be painstaking. Ever imagine trying to render an animation on a computer? The time span will depend on the length of the video, the complexity of elements like textures, dimensions, shading, effect, etc., and specifications of, for example, hardware, processing cores, bandwidth, and servers. Moreover, complicated details in the frames lead to higher prices, which makes traditional rendering even more discouraging. In the long run, devices and setups would need upgrading to achieve a satisfactory rendering result with higher definition or complexity, let alone the time and energy needed for operating and maintenance. While SONM’s decentralized system makes things easier. For instance, Rays is able to deliver rendering service with no need for users to own any devices themselves while giving them access to any kind of computing resources at any instant at a low cost. With a drag of a file, the work starts and ends in a surprisingly efficient manner: the task will be allocated to dozens of GPUs at once, so that it won’t be affected by a single node failure, and multitasking will be enabled by over 6000 GPUs; users only need to make requests when needed without having to sit and wait for the response, as the idle computing resources will respond in milliseconds. The platform features a real-time calculator, users will be charged only for the working duration (account for milliseconds). With Rays, users will enjoy a fluid and efficient experience with faster loading time and no waste of resources. Visions for optimized proximity in local transfer With SONM’s fog computing backends, Rays naturally benefits from SONM’s outstanding feature: proximity. SONM’s infrastructure distributions are spread around the globe, including PCs, servers, data centers and mining equipment, meaning that unlimited CPUs and GPUs are at hand. Unlike conventional cloud model, where tasks are sent to a centralized cloud before distributing, SONM’s fog allows for decentralized distributions, automatically seeking for the most accessible edge devices to perform certain tasks, easing the data traffic and avoiding possible latencies due to cloud failure, hence accelerating the rendering process. However, Rays won’t stop here. Proximity is where Rays’ essence lies, but also where it makes advances. Normally, Rays is able to largely narrow the rendering timeframe, while in some rare cases, local internet connections will greatly impact the download speed on remote PCs, especially for extremely large data. In pursuit of better efficacy, Rays is able to optimize proximity with fog computing technology. During a local transfer, SONM nodes will be able to exchange data to decrease the overall loading time, selectively choosing terminals to download resources according to different data sizes. Peer-to-peer content delivery technology would be another solution. Since scene data are the same for all computers that are performing rendering, a single download will serve all the endpoints in the same subnetwork, leading to less congestion and conflicts with other traffic. With all the effort, Rays is able to achieve prominently high speed at minimum cost. SONM — the backbone of institution-level rendering On top of offering a smoother and cost-efficient rendering experience for users, SONM sets the goal of building a more applicable system for a wider range of users to reach its full IaaS potential. By harnessing SONM’s web3 infrastructure, users will be able to implement their rendering tasks at a minimal budget, whereas blockchain developers can easily utilize the global web-scale services, to power any metaverse application with higher performance and scalability. In the meantime, SONM will actively seek meaningful partnerships with tier-one counterparts and industry-leading Dapps, to widen business adoption and explore more possibilities in the Web 3.0 era. — … - SONM Website: SONM Telegram: SONM Announcement: SONM Twitter:

A Milestone of SONM: Supercomputer Makes Rays a Rendering Pioneer

SONM is a global leading decentralized Fog Computing Supercomputer for general purpose computing from site hosting to scientific calculations. Its mainnet has been live since 2018. SONM developed the worldwide pioneered Crypto-IaaS product, and served multiple enterprises over 40 countries. Furthermore, SONM network is upgraded from the Crypto-IaaS infrastructure into a full-featured Cloud platform for startups and individuals. The core idea is to build a set of tools on the top of SONM infrastructure as an abstract layer that hides the complexity involved in provisioning and managing bare instances for various GPU-related computations. The SONM infrastructure includes thousands of devices around the world such as PCs, servers, data centers and mining equipment. It opens access to an unlimited number of CPUs and GPUs, which is perfect for CGI rendering. Using SONM you can render faster with hundreds of instances involved at low and competitive prices and ensure the security for your data (all data transfers are encrypted). The main proprietary application on SONM Fog Computing platform is the ‘one-click’ cloud service Rays Render ( The whole development of Rays is based on SONM infrastructure, and the consumption of computing power is settled in SNM tokens.Rays’ one step ahead of Blender in rendering Blender is the free and open source 3D creation suite which supports the entirety of the 3D pipeline — modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing and motion tracking, even video editing and game creating. Such comprehensive features make Blender enjoy great popularity in 3D industry but more could be done to provide a better service in terms of every of its features. Rendering service is where comes a breakthrough. Rays, Blender’s partner specialized in rendering, comes to offer a faster and more convenient rendering service, rescuing rendering users from extra preparations like downloading a software or configuring a hardware.Partnership brings Rays a satisfactory engine and favorable users Rays render, a product of SONM, announced a media partnership with the Italian Blender community in June, 2020. This cooperation offers Rays a powerful unbiased rendering engine that provides stunning ultra-realistic rendering — Cycles, Blender’s production-capable path-tracing render engine. Over the years, it has introduced support for a wide range of rendering possibilities, including AMD and NVIDIA. Similarly, it’s grown to include support for many features including hair, motion blur, smoke shaders and materials, adaptive subdivisions, and much more. Moreover, Blender’s a massive user base up to 12 million downloads per year also offers Rays an enormous source of potential customers.SONM offers Rays a decided advantage and a promising future Blender gives Rays a solid foundation, while SONM makes Rays rise to prominence. There is no need to configure a hardware before rending on Rays as all the required hardwares backed by SONM have been integrated into the platform. All you should do is to drag and drop your source file right in the browser and receive a satisfactory result after a cup of coffee. High efficiency is a decided advantage of Rays and marks a huge progress of rendering industry, which should be credited to SONM, a leading decentralized Fog Computing Supercomputer. Once you click Render, Rays’ smart orchestrator will process your render on an automatically scaled GPU set. In most cases your task will be allocated to dozens of GPUs at once, and with a massive source of 6000+ GPUs, Rays is capable of dealing with multiple tasks simultaneously. Rays’ high efficiency can be proved by the first customer participating in its beta testing. A video called “Cosmos Laundromat” launched by Blender Foundation on YouTube is a typical testing sample for Blender’s rendering service. It is widely recognized that at least three hours are required for rendering every frame of that video and at least three weeks are needed for rendering the whole 60 clips even on Renderbus. Nevertheless, the customer involved in Rays’ beta testing responded that it only took one hour to render the same video by using the SONM-supported Rays render. is witnessing its progress in rendering The powerful computing ability of SONM infrastructure makes itself a competitive platform among others. Coupled with the integration of renders from Blender and the preponderances of Rays, such as simpler operation process, faster rendering processes, time monitor and competitive prices, SONM would become more than adept at ploughing its own professional furrow.… SONM Website: SONM Telegram: SONM Announcement: SONM Twitter:

Leading Fog Computing Firm SONM (SNM) Hopping into the Metaverse, Here Begins the Carnival of SNM…

Leading Fog Computing Firm SONM (SNM) Hopping into the Metaverse, Here Begins the Carnival of SNM on Binance! We are thrilled to announce the launching of SONM (SNM) Trading Competition with the support of Binance! SONM, the global leading Fog Computing platform, is profoundly effective in endowing users with efficient access to data processing and computing capabilities on the premise of high security.SONM (SNM) & Binance Trading Competition Guide: Promotion period: 2021–11–10 00:00 AM to 2021–11–16 11:59 PM (UTC) Reward A: New SNM Traders to Split $20,000 in USDT Token Vouchers All new traders* with a total trading volume (including both buys and sells) of at least 1,500 SNM across the eligible SNM trading pair will equally split an exclusive prize pool of $20,000 in USDT token vouchers. *New Trader: New users who register for a Binance account and all existing users who complete their first SNM trade during the promotion period Reward B: Trade SNM to Bring Home the Rewards Eqv. to iPhone 13 Pro! All users who trade 60,000 SNM or more (including both buys and sells) across the eligible SNM trading pair during the promotion period will qualify for a challenge, where 20 winners will be selected based on the challenge rules to each win $1,000 in USDT token vouchers, equivalent to the value of the latest 128GB iPhone 13 Pro! Reward C: Teamwork Is DreamWork — Share Up to $60,000 in Prize Pool All users with a total trading volume (including buys and sells) of 20,000 SNM or more across the eligible SNM trading pair during the competition period will qualify for the prize pool distribution. The total prize pool will increase proportionally with the total trading volume of all qualified users. The maximum prize pool is $60,000 in USDT token vouchers. Read more details here: Trade SNM to Win $100k in Rewards and Bring Home iPhone 13 Pro Eqv. Prizes! | Binance SupportSONM — — Underlying Infrastructure for Metaverse Following Facebook’s determination to bring the Metaverse to life, SONM, as the global leading Fog Computing firm, published the ambitious development strategy of hopping into the Metaverse. It is noteworthy that realizing the Metaverse entails the back-end infrastructure and the construction of the future Metaverse must be accompanied by the huge volume of data processing needs, image rendering needs and a highly realistic user experience. These calculations can provide different functions in diverse scenarios, playing an indispensable role in the development of the Metaverse. As the real infrastructure of Metaverse, SONM provides powerful data processing and computing power support for all superstructures on Metaverse, such as AI, communication network, NFT, 3D development engine, AR/VR/MR, content community and so forth. Apart from the underpinning of the display technology, SONM is expected to offer excellent performance stronger than cloud computing by reducing the bearing pressure and escort for the future development of Metaverse.SONM (SNM)’s Carnival on Binance We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Binance for steadily supporting SONM (SNM). SONM Trading Competition is merely one of the campaigns to vitalize the SONM community. To reinforce people’s cognition of the SONM Metaverse, we will carry out a wide array of marketing activities. Having Binance as SONM’s trusted platform and considering the facilitating effect of participating in the Binance Affiliate Program, we will stick to the synergetic relation with Binance as always to boost SONM’s vitality. Besides, SONM (SNM) has released tokens in the version of BEP 20 and will launch the version of Fog X based on BSC. SONM, the fog computing platform par excellence, will pull out all the stops to build Super NFT+Metaverse. We are looking forward to your active engagement in this grand carnival! SONM Website: SONM Telegram: SONM Announcement: SONM Twitter:

SONM: Be a Necessity for IoT Success

With the application of 5G, we have entered the era of Internet of Everything in an all-round way,which also be referred to as the era of Massive Data Storage. Since the data is growing rapidly every day, there is no denying that the storage, safe and efficient application of data have become the top priority of the new generation of Internet. The Internet of Things (IoT) has provided services to many sectors such as Intelligent Transportation, Smart City, Medical Care, Wearable Devices, and Smart Agriculture. Obviously, fog computing is concerned with all the elements of what we consider Web 3.0 including Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing and Mobile Computing.The Application of Fog computing in IoT Fog computing allows computing, decision-making and action-taking to happen via IoT devices, its flexibility and ability to collect and process data from centralized cloud and network edge devices make it one of the most useful methods to deal with the information overload we are facing today.In essence, fog computing is responsible for allowing fast response time, reducing network delay and traffic, and supporting broadband saving of backbone network to achieve better service quality. Fog computing collects and distributes resources and services for computing, storage and network connection. It significantly reduces energy consumption, minimizes the complexity of space and time, and maximizes the utility and performance of data. As a method of deploying IoT networks, Fog computing can provide the best return on investment.SONM SolutionsInfrastructure for Blockchain Applications SONM infrastructure allows to run any decentralized applications or host blockchain-based services, which need computing resources for it work. Anyone in SONM is allowed to rent computing power via GUI with the click of a mouse, a command line or even API. SONM has a converged market, where computing powers are rented for real business tasks and crypto mining in a universal way, via single and unified API. The whole system outlined above makes this possible: the product for the customer, the architecture, everything is dedicated to making a unified marketplace, where real tasks (like Docker containers) can coexist with mining on the same machines, under a unified pricing and billing model.Machine Learning SONM resources are distributed across the world, which helps to speed up the process of machine learning.Users can get the best performance out of GPUs in the SONM network for a lower price: SONM global marketplace is designed to deliver the best performance per dollar for targeted workloads and to enable ML engineers and researchers to iterate more quickly. Programmed with TensorFlow, Theano, Caffe and Apache Spark MLib, SONM’s fog computing platform consists of hardware that is optimized to speed up and scale up machine learning workloads for training and inference.Video Rendering on CPU/GPU The SONM infrastructure includes thousands of devices around the world such as PCs, servers, data centers and mining equipment. It opens access to an unlimited number of CPUs and GPUs, which are perfect for CGI rendering.Using SONM you can render faster with hundreds of instances involved for low, competitive prices and with strict security for your data (all data transfers are encrypted).CDN and Video Streaming The distributed fog computing structure of SONM is perfect for CDN establishment — hundreds of SONM nodes around the globe bring unimaginable load balancing and scalability.With SONM suppliers providing GPUs, servers, hardware etc. all over the world you can run your own CDN ecosystem, so as to ensure the full and fast supply of your content to any spot in the world.SONM’s deep dive into more use cases SONM provides a computing platform for real world applications: worldwide computations organized using SONM can serve to complete numerous tasks from CGI rendering to scientific computations. A number of applications will be launched either without modifications or with minimal improvements. SONM has already explored its major use cases including machine learning, video rendering, web hosting, and scientific calculations, etc. In order to keep up with the time, SONM team is diving into more areas:Traffic Control Traffic control has been an urgent need for a long time, to be a must for the problem-solving process, SONM has provided 1)huge computing resources on demand; 2)low, competitive prices; 3)compatibility with Apache Big Data stack through docker containers. The fog computing-based signal control service system integrates unified communication, sensor access, data storage, calculation, control and service, and realizes the virtualization of group intelligence and regional cooperation and self-adaptation. Its powerful detector access capability, traffic scene recognition based on edge computing, traffic signal optimization based on holographic data and spatio-temporal model, and multi-protocol docking capability can also realize the real-time signal adaptation based on intelligent sensing at intersections without replacing signallers, and realize intelligent upgrading of intersection equipment at the lowest cost.Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality VR and AR focus on the experience of human-computer interaction, breaks through the two-dimensional limitation and enters the technical realization of three-dimensional experience. What behind the technologies is the support of the powerful computing power of the computing platform. Under the fog computing model, the real-time VR head display no longer needs to send data to the cloud computing center for processing, but to the nearest service base station and edge data center through the 5G network. On the other hand, the cloud computing center extends its computing power to the edge through the 5G network. Such low-latency processing can effectively enhance the user experience and is an important implementation of the next generation of VR/AR application.Cloud Gaming In order to achieve a good instant game experience, it is better that the computing node be closer to the user, so that the network latency can be controlled. If the computing task is carried out at the edge, it can realize fast and efficient data transmission and effectively reduce the game network latency. At present, the mainstream of cloud games is still to transplant the local games that have been formed to the cloud, but the value of fog computing is not limited to making images or videos show more beautiful effects, or achieving lower and more stable delay. In the future, native cloud games based on cloud computing and fog computing will break through the existing imagination. In the near future, new possibilities will be opened for the game industry. SONM Website: https://www. SONM Telegram: SONM Announcement: SONM Twitter:

SONM Meets 5G: Architecting the Next Era of Fog Computing

5G, the underlying technology for opening up a new information era, when combined with fog computing and blockchain technologies will unleash great vitality to the Internet of Things(IoT). Merging these novel technologies efficiently will provide a better solution to existing barriers and pave the way for the next era of fog computing. SONM team seizes the opportunity to make crucial headways in innovative applications, delivering a better and improved approach for data processing and transmission.Fog Computing for 5G networks The main idea of fog computing is the use of a decentralized network formed from disparate individual computing devices, as opposed to a single data center structure. The unique feature of fog computing is that the computing resources are decentralized: instead of being provided by some centralized data center or supercomputer or server, the accumulated resource is delivered from individual computing devices. 5G lays the foundation for a new generation of information technology. Because of the fast peak upload and download speed of 5G, SONM team has planned to connect 5G into SONM’s metaverse, providing it with improved running speed and capability. With the support of 5G, SONM operation is expected to achieve faster speed, lower latency and larger data transmission. 5G and fog computing are two inextricably linked technologies: They are both poised to significantly improve the performance of applications and enable huge amounts of data to be processed in real-time. 5G increases speeds by up to ten times that of 4G, whereas fog computing reduces latency by bringing compute capabilities into the network, closer to the end user. Fog computing has expanded the concept of cloud computing and is closer to the place where data is generated. However, it will not replace cloud computing, but jointly meet the challenges faced in the application scenarios such as Internet of Things, 5G, AI and virtual reality.How 5G and Blockchain Technologies Merge Blockchain and 5G are both novel technologies, and their combination will be added more value as they develop overtime. 5G, a communications infrastructure resembling the “information superhighway”, offers the possibility of transferring huge volumes of data and information, and simultaneously, brings more efficient and reliable transmission speeds; while blockchain, as a decentralised and privacy-protected technology tool, will help 5G solve the problems of reliability, security, privacy and trust, enhance network information security and service efficiency, and innovate business models. 5G and blockchain, when effectively integrated, will empower each other and help us take crucial steps towards the next era of Internet. — 5G to Blockchain. — 5G will dramatically improve the performance and stability of blockchain networks. With faster data transfer speeds of up to 10 Gb per second, 5G networks will enable faster transactions in blockchain systems and qualitatively improve the stability of blockchain applications.The IoT facilitated by 5G brings more data to the blockchain. 5G technology can bring wider coverage, more stable licensed frequency bands and more uniform standards to the IoT, thus providing strong support for IoT-based blockchain applications. As a result, blockchain will be able to provide stable tracking, traceability and distributed peer-to-peer transaction capabilities for trillions of commodities worldwide, on the basis of high-speed 5G communication technology and the development of various technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data and artificial intelligence. — Blockchain to 5G. — Blockchain enables 5G for true peer-to-peer flow of value.The decentralised nature of blockchain offers new solutions for sharing network resources. The nature of blockchain distributed bookkeeping and the upper layer of smart contracts have the natural advantages of enabling intelligent settlement, value transfer and resource sharing, which are suitable for combining with network resource sharing.Blockchain’s high trustworthiness provides efficient solutions for business operations.SONM Application in 5G SONM team believes that 5G technology and fog computing will become the main structure of intelligent network system in the future. The 5G technology pursues speed, and fog computing improves the transmission rate and greatly reduces the delay by unblocking the transmission bottleneck between the data center and the mid-end, all of which coincide with the purpose of improving speed. This makes it possible to build extremely scalable and distributed systems that can achieve performance and efficiency, not available with traditional cloud-based architecture. SONM aims to attract private users and data centers with free computing resources, and to form an open market based on these resources. A market where buyers, on a competitive basis, can find the resources to run their applications. Build a smarter city SONM uses the fog computing structure, which can be a viable alternative to cloud solutions and services. Some people call SONM “Airbnb of computing power”, which can provide cheaper resources than established cloud computing services. Once computing power is available locally, it can be used for machine learning, video presentation and other use cases. The great value brought by 5G lies in the huge number of concurrent devices supported, which means that you can connect and share the data of each component of the smart city or utility supply chain with your own power, and aggregate and analyze the data in real-time by using Edge AI technology.The emergence of 5G technology will promote the application scenarios and products of Internet of Things (IoT), and edge computing is necessary to promote the application scenarios of IoT. The 5G era is the era of IoT, with the number of networked devices increasing greatly, various household appliances and a large number of sensors will be networked, and the data to be processed will increase exponentially. Therefore, 5G and fog computing can be regarded as two complementary tools, 5G broadens the channel for data transmission, and fog computing processes and stores data at the edge layer of the network through some small servers, while reducing the pressure on the cloud. 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SONM will join Up Binance Affiliate Program — — Rewards, Liquidity and Commercialization

SONM will join Up Binance Affiliate Program — — Rewards, Liquidity and Commercialization Do you believe you can make the world a better place with SONM, blockchain and crypto currency ? Join SONM & Binance Affiliate Program, and your efforts will be rewarded. SONM’s allying with Binance Affiliate Program is bound to bring more forms of rewards, liquidity and chances of commercialization.Sign Up For the Program and ShareHow to join: Click the referral link below, sign up and share. will gain: The program bring a richer ecology to SONM: Users will get service provided by a extra special account manager team supported by Binance. What‘s more, the rewards and incentives will be in various new ways such as newest currency products, futures vouchers, etc. to further add excitement in SONM groups. The grogram can also give priority to SONM for accessing and testing new functions so that our technology team can be largely involved with news or trends in the industry. Join up with Binance Affiliate Program is just a start. SONM plans to cooperate with more exchanges for bring benefits for the users. User matters, sharing matters.About the Binance Affiliate Program Binance loaded the Affiliate program, which is a continuous promotion activity, participants in the program can get benefits or rewards by clicking and registering Binance by specific referral link. For SONM, Sharing shows caring. Binance Affiliate Program aim for a win-win goal for both users and developers. SONM as a fog computing blockchain platform who has its own rewards mechanism will join up the program to live up community and incubate wider using situation for the upcoming SONM FogX and New Ray Render. As the program core theme goes, sharing means caring. SONM is to be in line with that with optimizing Rewards Claiming System.What Does SONM Qualified for the Program The program is targeted at Financial leaders or opinion leaders of communities with more than 500 members in one or more community groups (Telegram, Facebook, WeChat, Reddit, QQ, VK) or business organization which has more than 2,000 user-base Market and Data Analysis platform with more than 5,000 visits per day. Industry media platform Encryption fund Aggregate trading platform can also apply for it. SONM has one of the most promising fog computing platform where the transaction processing speed is ever increasing, it can process nearly hundreds of orders per second. Fog computing and distributed capital also enable SONM with huge potential market in both blockchain and traditional businesses. All the above are linked together by SONM’s sidechain structure and the underlying rewards mechanism. Using $SNM for rewards on SONM’s platform and sidechain functioning has been proved to be helpful for lifting user profile and community activeness. The join-up with Binance Affiliate Program is of the same principle for motivating all of SONM’s products and plans, only to be more powerful, more lucrative and more creative. The program is raised and supported by Binance. Crisis control and information transparency are guaranteed. With strong back-up by the Binance Affiliate Program, SONM get to show its advantage in commercialization and big data application. With computing capacity of SONM fog technology team continuously growing, users will be more motivated to exchange and share. — Click link and take part in the program. Open up your adventure of sharing!. —

SONM’s Metaverse Shaping in Web 3.0 Era: Being More Than a Computing Platform.

Nowadays, some post-epidemic society ethos have crafted out a clearer picture of a parallel crypto world — — the metaverse. The underlying catalysts including popularity of distributed commerce, the cultivation of “online” lifestyle, people’s rising demand for virtual goods and services, the mitigation of COVID-19, and most fundamentally, the underlying technology basis of Blockchain. SONM’s development and expanding will be a great step for upgrading distributed assets and big data-fog computing, which helps building an essential technical support for the new metaverse in Web 3.0 Era.SONM’s Logic of Distributed Capital SONM now is concentrating on the FogX development. As SONM’s key direction and main increasing point, Fog computing itself has high requirements on the interactive ability and networking ability of the computers (smart homes, cars, factories, street lights) that make up the nodes. Temporarily, Fog computing only sees some basic progresses. The premise is the development of 5G and the Internet of Things. Only in this way can there be a low delay, high efficiency and stable interaction. As for blockchain, it can act as an incentive layer in distributed computing. “Distributed capital + Fog computing” is a relatively new notion, SONM will worker harder to open up more possibilities. From a larger perspective, in the combination of “blockchain + big data”, the role that blockchain is about to play are: · Anti-tampering: It is achieved through consensus. Now, the nodes of the alliance chain of traceability and certificate deposit realized by consensus include not only the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, but also banks, the node operators themselves (technical service companies), the government, third-party neutral institutions, etc., so as to better maintain the credibility of the alliance chain. Because if it’s just upstream and downstream, they have common interests and are able to tamper with the books. · Privacy protection and data security: Data can be shared but not disclosed. It is one of the biggest advantage of decentralized technology. · Incentive mechanism: SONM provides an incentive mechanism for distributed storage and distributed computing, thus strengthening the ecology. · Smart contract: The process of assetization will be a step closer to the integration of business, and what we intend to do next is establishing the crypto-economy.SONM in the Web 3.0 EraWhat Needs to be Done to Build Web 3.0 Ecosystem Web 3.0, an open and permissionless system, allows service producers and consumers to trade directly, and in turn, it can break platform monopolies and build a global digital economy. Great examples include accurate user profiles of all Internet users by analyzing big data and the use of algorithms to recommend customized content to users. But to fully tap into the huge potential brought by Web 3.0, the industry needs to tackle these problems: Data storage and transmission, which is a critical premise for Web 3.0 and an underlying framework that many blockchain projects are targeting. Feasibility of distributed applications with access to secure digital identities. Presenting browsers and websites that emphasize data value at their core and are more relevant to popular perception.SONM Rising up to the Challenge Centralized data service storage is facing huge problems, which brings distributed storage technology to the front. As the foundation of the underlying technical architecture of Web 3.0, distributed storage can store data in chunks in multiple different distributed nodes around the world, which can enhance data stability, security, and availability. SONM’s IPFS will achieve: · High security: All IPFS data is self-authenticated, which means that the user can determine for himself that the data he receives is trustworthy, eliminating the drawbacks of relying on third parties to provide trust, thus ensuring internet security. · Efficient data access: SONM’s IPFS is a peer-to-peer network that anyone can participate in, and because anyone can distribute data, there is no need to ask the central server for data, only to get data from other people near the geographical location, greatly improving the efficiency of information acquisition. · Decentralized network: SONM’s IPFS is a distributed network and because the network does not depend on a single server, the network works whether the computers are online or offline. In IPFS, files can be shared peer-to-peer and are always accessible even in highly demanding situations. · Free information flow: IPFS is based on content addressing, which means that what the user is looking for is not an address, but content stored somewhere, therefore, there is no need to verify the identity of the sender but the hash of the content, all of which ensures that the information can flow freely within the system.A Promising Future with SONM The blueprint and vision painted by Web 3.0 is unprecedented. Decentralized systems are more likely to open up new possibilities than complex, centralized systems because they can evolve faster. SONM will effectively solve the problem of decentralizing data storage, which lays a solid foundation for Web 3.0. Meanwhile, SONM will certainly use the popularization of Web 3.0 architecture to reconstruct our Internet world through distributed capital, FogX and IPFS development. The large-scale application of any new technology will not be achieved overnight. It’s true that many innovative technologies, including IPFS, are more or less not yet fully mature, but we can still expect that when Web 3.0 comes along, all Internet users will no longer be constrained by limited resources, but rather, enjoy more equal access to all kinds of resources. We will then attach a whole new meaning to the term “Metaverse” and be more than a computing platform. SONM is to tap more potential in distributed computing combining big data technology. Multi-layer application of distributed computing for blockchain ecology is shaping. We are aiming for a grand SONM worldview encircling all kinds of functions no matter in forms of crypto assets or traditional fields, commercial needs or civil services. SONM Website: https://www. SONM Telegram: SONM Announcement: SONM Twitter:

SONM’s New Steps  Towards Highly-scalable “Fog Computing+NFT” Architecture

SONM’s New Steps Towards Highly-scalable “Fog Computing+NFT” Architecture1. Present Architecture:Previous Products and SONM’s Following the Roadmap Following series of updates this April, SONM has completed much of the roadmap has scheduled for 2021 S3. In the next season, SONM’s focus will stay on the development of FogX and SONM’s IPFS+NFT. On the last day of this April. SONM announced a new product under development — -FogX, which is a decentralized exchange for Fog Mining Power NFT. SONM remains distributed in its core, the distributed fog computing power will make the whole FogX product market more transparent and stable. This new FogX will bring SONM’s computing capability to a new level and integrate all the distributed products ecology. Moreover, Binance supported SONM’s redenomination plan and update plan. SONM’s community member will be benefited greatly from the listing in raising publicity and users’ loyalty. Shortly after the updates, SONM issued the 2021–2022 roadmap. SONM’s development and updates have been in line with the roadmap. Up until 2020 S3, SONM has completed ERC20 swap and BEP20 issuance. For the next stage, SONM will work on the Resource Allocation System (RAS) and Fog storage. The design of FogX NFT module and multi-chain version will also be undergoing.SONM’s Independent Sidechain Development Meanwhile, the sidechain of SONM are to be in a fast and steadily growing trace. SONM has its own sidechain enabling SONM to make transactions extremely cheap and fast today, as well as to independently work on scalability options for the future. SONM’s sidechain development in some way resembles but exceeds “rollups” that has drawn much attention nowadays. Rollups, today’s popular Layer-2 solutions, are mini-blockchains that inherit the security properties of the blockchain they’re built on. Compared to rollups, sidechains are of more goods to users. Now a simple Uniswap-style trade costs less on sidechains than that on rollups; and the ZK technology that rollups rely on is still under-developed. SONM’s sidechain has been in operation for more than one year, now it can address hundreds of transactions per second. For users, SONM’s sidechain is of lower price and more secure due to its mature layer-2 solution back-up. Now Ethereum is striving to open up more side platforms to raise their scalability. SONM’s side chain is independent of itself and unrestricted by Ethereum. We have good expectations for the present and the future. It is planned to introduce PoS and put SONM on a separate sidechain.2.Future plans: to dig into more fog computing applications with the updated SONMThe under-developing FogX FogX is a decentralized exchange for Fog Mining Power NFT. It will be the second crucial commercial application on SONM after Ray Render. FogX in the future will combine fog computing and NFT & cross-chain functions together. Fog computing is an innovative concept that in some aspects can compensate the shortcomings of Cloud computing. The main idea of fog computing is to use a decentralized network formed by decentralized independent computing devices instead of a single data center structure. FogX is meant to provide a comprehensive alternative solution to cloud services, which can implement multiple tasks from various customers at the same time to meet their computing needs. By connecting personal facilities to SONM distributed platform, users can rent or supply some idle computing resources they own to each other, and take advantage of distributed architecture design or “fog computing” to complete computing tasks with lower development cost, so there is no need to invest a lot of money in hardware facilities at the initial stage of product development.SONM’s IPFS+NFT ONM is one of the first accumulation of IPFS+NFT Gems. Now the technological team has worked on the updates on previous product lines to make SONM’s IPFS+NFT become more accessible and secure to users. With IPFS on the SONM platform, you are using a network of different hosts to help store your files (as long as someone is hosting the file on the network), rather than accessing the content from a specific domain or server, as normal HTTP does. If you’ve heard of Filecoin, this is the coin that is mined by users who dedicate storage servers to the IPFS network, and serves as the incentive for hosts to keep the network up and running. If you have ever purchased an NFT, backing up the file with the IPFS is recommended. It is common to hear claims that NFTs “live on a blockchain forever”, but frequently, due to the cost and space limitations of storing data on a blockchain, only the ownership record is actually stored, with metadata linking to the actual content of the NFT. All too often, these links are fragile, and direct the user to a specific location using the HTTP protocol, rather than a specific asset. This means that the content pointed to by the link could change or go offline at any point in the future, leaving the original asset lost forever. The IPFS can help address these concerns, and NFTs that leverage IPFS gain several advantages.3.An Integrated SONM is Coming. Soon, Ray Render and FogX will grow to be the main growing engines of SONM. With this two products complementing each other, SONM’s FogX computing skills and capabilities get to be supported by Ray’s command-creating and service-expanding. Ray’s function sphere also widens due to FogX’s NFT and cross-chain designs. Moreover, IPFS+NFT in the future will continue to back up the SONM ecology encircling fog computing and commercial projects. SONM team is always heading for building the world top fog computing platform. Thanks for all SONMers’ support. SONM will continue to bring more innovative and promising programs. SONM Website: https://www. SONM Telegram: SONM Announcement: SONM Twitter:

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