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SMART Price:
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$88.4 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #SMART today is $0.0000411 USD.

The lowest SMART price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.0000411, and the current live price for one SMART coin is $0.00004106.

The all-time high SMART coin price was $2.42.

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The code for SmartCash crypto currency is #SMART.

SmartCash is 6.9 years old.


The current market capitalization for SmartCash is $88,431.

SmartCash is ranking upwards to #1094 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a weak volume of trading today on #SMART.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for SmartCash is $399.


The circulating supply of SMART is 2,153,744,989 coins, which is 43% of the maximum coin supply.


SMART is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #SMART, and you can view them on our SMART disambiguation page.



Normie Token Plummets 99% After Smart Contract Exploit

    The value of the Normie (NORMIE) token sunk by 99% within three hours after it was victim to a smart contract exploit, which temporarily dropped its market cap from $42 million to $200,000. Following the exploit, the developers of the Base meme coin are in discussions with the individual responsible for the incident to reclaim 90% of the stolen funds. The Hacker's Offer Blockchain analytics firm Lookonchain was the first to detect the exploit and the hacker's offer. The $NORMIE exploiter sent a message to Normie Deployer. The condition for returning 90% of the exploited ETH is that it and the 600 $ETH in the developer's wallet are used to fairly launch a new token to reimburse $NORMIE holders. — Lookonchain (@lookonchain) May 26, 2024 In an on-chain message to Normie's deployer address on May 26, the hacker offered to return 90% of the stolen NORMIE tokens, stipulating that the remaining 10% be kept as a bug bounty with no reprisals. The hacker also demanded that the stolen funds, along with the 600 ETH worth approximately $3,900 in the team's dev wallet, be used to launch a new token to reimburse NORMIE holders. 'We will have to re-launch, yes,' stated Normie's team via a newly established X account following the suspension of their main one. 'That will come after we get our main Twitter account back and after we get the funds from the exploiter,' Normie added. However, the temporary account was also suspended shortly... read More

MetaMask Deploys Smart Transactions to Reduce Fees and Improve Privacy&n...

    On May 14, Ethereum solutions provider ConsenSys announced the deployment of Smart Transactions, a new technology rolling out to all MetaMask users globally as an optional feature. Smart Transactions aims to offer better transaction success rates, reduce gas costs, and protect users from harmful MEV (Maximal Extractable Value) attacks like frontrunning and sandwiching. MetaMask users have long lamented over high fees and spreads on token swaps and transactions within the wallet. MetaMask Improvements Smart Transactions enable transactions to remain private until confirmed on-chain, which means bots cannot front-run them. Their success rates are also improved because Smart Transactions undergo “pre-simulation using MetaMask’s just-in-time simulation service,” it stated. During beta testing, the new system delivered a 99.5% transaction success rate, well above the industry benchmark, it added. ConsenSys noted that these new enhancements take advantage of “new mempool virtualization technology” the company has developed. Additionally, users can monitor the real-time status of pending transactions on a new dashboard directly within the wallet without navigating to third-party block explorers. Director of ConsenSys Special Mechanisms Group, Jason Linehan, commented, “Smart Transactions let users automatically take better care of the transactions they sign, and what happens when they get sent to the blockchain network.” According to th... read More

Jonnathan Saborio Announces Smart Profit Global's Mission to Democratize...

    [PRESS RELEASE - San José, Costa Rica, May 3rd, 2024] In the often confusing and jargon-heavy world of blockchain and decentralized finance, one company is on a mission to lower the barriers to entry. Smart Profit Global, led by visionary entrepreneur Jonnathan Saborio, has built a comprehensive ecosystem designed to help anyone confidently navigate and benefit from the burgeoning decentralized economy. What sets Smart Profit Global apart in the crowded blockchain space is their focus on accessibility and education. Initiatives like their proprietary CHEF Method aim to demystify complex topics and empower users with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions. By breaking down key concepts into engaging, easy-to-understand content, Smart Profit Global is working to take blockchain technology from an insider's niche to a mainstream financial tool. Their platform offers a diverse range of blockchain-based applications and services, including Smart Profit Global's blockchain infrastructure solutions, Smart CryptoLottery's innovative gaming platform, Smart Real Estate's tokenized property marketplace, and Smart Future Income's unique approach to rewards programs. By leveraging the power of decentralized technologies across these verticals, the company aims to demonstrate the transformative potential of the blockchain economy and make it more accessible to a wider audience. While the blockchain space is known for its volatility and risks, Saborio and his team are com... read More

BNB Smart Chain Shines In Q1: Triple-Digit Surges In Key Metrics

    The Binance Smart Chain (BNB Chain), developed by the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, Binance, experienced significant growth and performance in the first quarter (Q1) of 2024.  As highlighted in a recent report by Messari, Binance Smart Chain has surged in market cap, revenue, average daily active addresses, decentralized finance (DeFi), total value locked (TVL), and average daily decentralized exchange (DEX) volume.  BNB Outperforms Bitcoin In Q1 2024 During Q1 2024, BNB Smart Chain demonstrated notable market cap growth, soaring by 89% quarter-over-quarter (QoQ). It reached a market cap of $92.5 billion, securing the third position among all tokens, excluding stablecoins. Only Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) surpassed BNB in market cap.  Interestingly, the report notes that BNB's performance surpassed that of Bitcoin, which saw a 65% increase in outstanding market capitalization over the same period. Revenue generated by the Binance Smart Chain experienced a substantial boost in Q1. The network collected $66.8 million in revenue, marking a 70% QoQ increase.  According to Messari, this surge in revenue was primarily driven by the appreciation of BNB's price. Notably, Q1's revenue exceeded that of any quarter in 2023. DeFi transactions, particularly gas fees, were significant in revenue contributions, accounting for 46% of the total. Despite a slight decrease in average daily transactions, BNB Smart Chain experienced a 27% ye... read More

BNB Chain to Enable Native Staking on BNB Smart Chain (BSC) following Be...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Dubai, UAE, April 25th, 2024] All validators will migrate from Beacon Chain to BSC, enabling high-APY native staking on BSC and MEV-based benefits BNB Chain, the community-driven blockchain ecosystem that includes the world’s largest smart contract blockchain, today announced the addition of native liquid staking (LSDFi) on BNB Smart Chain (BSC) as a result of the BNB Beacon Chain sunset. Enabling high-APY native staking on BSC in addition to enhanced MEV rewards, liquid staking on BNB Chain will allow participants to secure the network while maintaining liquidity of their assets. By issuing liquid staking tokens that represent staked BNB, users can engage in DeFi activities without sacrificing asset utility. The LSDFi integration is scheduled to take place between April and early May of 2024. The addition of native staking to BSC is enabled by the sunset of the BNB Beacon Chain, which is scheduled for finalization in late June of 2024. The Beacon Chain sunset involves migrating all BNB Beacon Chain functionalities to BSC to streamline the network, improve efficiency, reduce security risks, and align BNB Chain’s architecture with current technological demands and future growth plans. The addition of native liquid staking to BSC will also bring the following benefits: Enhanced benefits for delegators: Delegators have the opportunity to benefit from LSDFi and MEV. Daily compounding staking rewards, combined with MEV income streams, suggest that BNB... read More

Wilder World Partners Samsung to Integrate Metaverse in Smart TVs

    The team behind the Wilder World metaverse has entered a partnership with technology giant Samsung to bring its multiplayer virtual world to a wider audience through the company’s smart TVs. According to an announcement sent to CryptoPotato, the collaboration will leverage Samsung’s extensive distribution network to introduce Wilder World to millions of households. Wilder World Taps Samsung for Metaverse Integration Wilder World’s integration into the Samsung ecosystem will begin with the inclusion of the metaverse’s assets and information on the company’s platforms and non-fungible token (NFT) gallery. The alliance focuses on Samsung’s launch of its Gen3 initiative, which is geared toward bringing web3 to its devices and gadgets. The metaverse creator will also participate in Samsung’s exclusive web3 TV bundle sale by providing a Wilder World NFT to fifteen bundle customers. The initiative will bring Samsung TV users closer to web3 products, communities, and NFTs, extending the reach of other participating projects like Polygon Labs, the Belvedere Museum, World of Women, and Ledger. While there are many perks in the partnership, the main goal is to ensure Wilder World is globally accessible on Samsung TVs and other hardware, a goal both entities are pursuing. Providing Access to Regular Gamers Notably, this collaboration makes Wilder World one of the first AAA-grade web3 games accessible to regular gamers, following earlier integrati... read More

The AI-Based Smart Contract Audit Firm 'Bunzz Audit' Has Officially Laun...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Singapore, Singapore, April 9th, 2024] Comprehensive security checks are now possible at only 10% of the traditional cost The price and report creation is 10 times faster and cheaper than traditional firms This firm optimized for projects that 'want to audit contracts but have limited budgets' or 'wish to conduct an initial audit during the development stage' Bunzz, a Singapore-based web3×AI tech startup launches 'Bunzz Audit,' an AI-driven smart contract auditing service offering fast, cost-effective audits with actionable insights for security improvements, scanning contracts from over 100 perspectives using AI and an extensive database. Overcoming the Challenges of Traditional Smart Contract Audits in Blockchain Projects Blockchain-related projects trade users' assets on-chain, and the smart contracts governing this logic are at risk of being attacked. As a measure, 'smart contract audits (Audit)' are conducted, but users of existing major audit firms face the following challenges: The cost of traditional audit firms is very high (from 10K to 1M of USD). Emphasis is placed on the 'seal of approval' from major audit firms, making the original goal of 'improving security' a mere formality. Engaging an audit firm can delay product launches or token listings due to the time taken for audits. The accuracy of reports and the cost of communication can be unstable depending on the audit firm's personnel. As an approach to solve these issues, Bunzz, the s... read More

Peercoin Foundation is on the Verge of Cracking Off-Chain Smart Contract...

    [PRESS RELEASE - San Francisco, CA, United States, April 2nd, 2024] Ever since the popularization of smart contracts, the industry standard is for contracts to be hosted and executed by the blockchain itself. However, the Peercoin Foundation announced in a recent blog article that it has been experimenting with a secure and decentralized way of moving the execution of smart contracts off the blockchain. Doing this would provide massive benefits like increased privacy, lower fees and improved scalability. With this new off-chain technology, the Peercoin Flutter app will be able to handle various decentralized applications, including prediction markets, financial contracts like binary options, futures, as well as any other type of contract where the outcome can be determined based on data provided by an oracle, such as sports betting, election results, and more. Peercoin’s second layer is imagined as a collection of independent dApps with the app logic being executed off-chain. Final balances are then settled on Peercoin’s mainnet. To summarize, by moving the execution of smart contracts off-chain, the following favorable traits are achieved: Increased Privacy; to the outside world, the entire contract seems like a regular transaction with no identifying information. Lower Fees; due to drastically reduced size and cheap signature validation. Improved Scalability; as most computationally intensive work is done off the chain and only settled on the main chain. The a... read More

BNB Price Soars As Binance Smart Chain Implements 'BEP 336' Upgrade, Ins...

    Binance Smart Chain (BSC), commonly known as BNB Chain, has announced the “BEP 336 upgrade”, inspired by Ethereum's Dencun upgrade (EIP 4844), which aims to optimize data storage and processing on the blockchain. The upgrade is expected to significantly reduce transaction costs, improve network performance, and drive the price of Binance Coin (BNB) towards its previous all-time high (ATH) of $686, reached in May 2021. BNB Smart Chain Cost-Effective Data Solution According to the protocol's announcement, BEP 336 introduces an innovative concept called 'Blob-Carrying Transactions' (BlobTx) that will change how large data blocks are handled.  These temporary and cost-effective memory segments, known as blobs, can capture data blocks as large as 128 KB. By streamlining the transaction verification process, the network only needs to verify that the attached blob contains the correct data rather than verifying each transaction within a block. The introduction of blob transactions within the BSC, which is particularly beneficial for opBNB - the layer 2 network of the BNB ecosystem - offers several advantages. Blobs reduce network space consumption, resulting in lower storage costs and more affordable gas fees for users, similar to Etherem's Dencun upgrade. This storage strategy allows for efficient data handling while managing blockchain bloat, ensuring data integrity and availability throughout its lifetime on the chain. BEP 336 also includes two additional compo... read More

Firewall Raises $3.7M to Take Smart Contracts Mainstream with Programmab...

    [PRESS RELEASE - San Francisco, USA / California, March 7th, 2024] Firewall secures funding from North Island Ventures, Breyer Capital, and Hack VC to bulletproof smart contract networks. Firewall, a blockchain infrastructure startup, announced its $3.7M pre-seed round, co-led by North Island Ventures, Breyer Capital, and Hack VC. Firewall transforms the usability of smart contract technology through an innovative finality consensus mechanism that eliminates smart contract exploits. The founders of Firewall, previously the first and sixth employees at Staked—a staking company acquired by Kraken in a landmark crypto deal—have helped breathe life into the eras of proof-of-stake and decentralized finance over the last six years. In that time, the founders served institutional clients with infrastructure that handled billions of dollars, and now building on their experience, are addressing what most perceive as the final major hurdle to a full embrace of digital assets by the traditional financial system. “Firewall is building the safety rails that enable the everyday person to use the next era of the Internet,” stated Devan Purhar, Co-Founder of Firewall. “Today, billions of dollars are stolen from users, through irreversible transactions that are classifiable as theft. There’s a parallel between the current state of crypto-networks and the early internet, with a similar lack of essential security infrastructure. Our focus is not on marginal i... read More

Bunzz Launches AI-Powered Smart Contract Audit Tool with Free Audits for...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Singapore, Singapore, January 3rd, 2024] Bunzz pte ltd (Singapore), the operator of the Web3 development infrastructure 'Bunzz', has announced the release of the open beta version of its AI-powered smart contract audit tool 'Bunzz Audit'. The company is starting to provide Free Audit Reports for the first 20 projects. Overcoming Challenges in Smart Contract Audits: The Bunzz Solution Many projects involving Web3 protocols and applications have suffered significant operational issues or have had their user assets illegally hacked and services halted due to vulnerabilities or logical inconsistencies in their smart contracts. To avoid these critical risks, 'Smart Contract Audits' are performed. However, users of existing major audit firms have faced the following pain points: Extremely high costs for audits (ranging from $50K to $1M) Increasing projects launching without audits due to financial burdens, leading to frequent incidents of assets being stolen exploiting vulnerabilities Time-consuming audits causing delays in product development schedules Variability in report accuracy and high communication costs depending on the auditor Bunzz, as a smart contract development infrastructure, has resolved these pains with the research and development of 'Bunzz Audit', leading to the launch of its Openβ version. Key Features of Bunzz Audit vs. Existing Audit Services: Significantly cheaper costs compared to audit firms Capability to audit at any phase of produ... read More

Smart Contract Tokens Solana and Avalanche Surge, Closing in on BNB and ...

    Recently, the smart contract platform tokens solana (SOL) and avalanche (AVAX), both considered layer one (L1) crypto assets, have been narrowing the gap with ethereum (ETH), the most prominent smart contract platform in terms of market valuation. Over the past month, solana has experienced a 42% surge, while avalanche has soared by 104%.Solana and Avalanche Make Strong Comeback in Crypto Market Following the collapse of the Terra blockchain and the FTX failure, SOL and AVAX suffered substantial declines against the U.S. dollar. These cryptocurrencies, once ranked among the top ten, were briefly ousted from their elite top ten status. However, they have since reclaimed their positions among the top ten leading tokens, with SOL currently in fifth place, having overtaken XRP, and AVAX at ninth, excluding Lido's staked ether (STETH) from the count. Since the beginning of 2023, both SOL and AVAX have registered impressive triple-digit growth. Solana has escalated by 734% since Jan. 1, 2023, while avalanche has increased by 306% year-to-date, with 104% of this growth occurring in the last month alone. Solana is now the closest contender to ethereum, needing an additional $4.04 billion to surpass BNB, the fourth-largest crypto asset. However, solana's market capitalization remains $227.6 billion behind ethereum's. At present, SOL is trading 68.20% below its all-time high of $259 per unit, which it reached on Nov. 6, 2021. Similarly, AVAX is 69.6% below its peak price of $144, rec... read More

BNB Smart Chain (BSC) Experiences Transaction All Time High; Highlightin...

    [PRESS RELEASE - DUBAI, UAE, December 11th, 2023] December 7 saw BSC more than double its existing all-time high (ATH) record with more than 32M transactions. The BSC gas price remained stable during the period of heightened transactions. The surge saw BSC undergo rigorous performance testing, with 2K TPS being processed at the peak time. On December 7, 2023, BNB Chain’s L1 BNB Smart Chain (BSC) experienced its all-time high (ATH) for transactions. Transactions exceeded 32 million for the day. More than 7M of the 9.5M daily transactions were attributed to inscription minting transactions on BNB Smart Chain (BSC). During the ATH, gas prices on BSC did not fluctuate and remained stable at 3 gwei. Block sizes reached 100% due to the increased demand and the network went through a rigorous real-world stress test, processing 2,000 TPS at the peak. The majority of the critical infrastructure relating to BNB Chain scaled up and handled the surge well. BSC is continuing to work with explorer BscScan to improve performance, increase stability and maintain continuous communication with the community. BSC’s very large block size is what allows it to handle spikes in traffic smoothly while maintaining a stable gas price. On November 22, with TPS at around 200, the usage of the block was only at around 15-20%, meaning that the network still had plenty of space left to handle further traffic. Learn more about BNB Smart Chain here. About BNB Chain BNB Chain is a communit... read More

TradeWire Explained: AI-Based Analytical Tools for Smart Trading

    The fintech world is abuzz about the launch of TradeWire, an innovative analytics platform utilizing cutting-edge artificial intelligence to provide traders with game-changing insights and capabilities. TradeWire aims to revolutionize the playing field by democratizing access to robust technology that was previously only available to well-funded institutional firms. For the first time, ordinary investors can now leverage the immense power of machine learning and AI once reserved for quantitative hedge funds. TradeWire: An Advanced AI-Driven Smart Trading Platform TradeWire offers traders an end-to-end solution for implementing data-driven investing strategies. The full suite of TradeWire tools include: Deep analysis of financial reports to detect signals and opportunities Customizable economic calendar tracking market-moving events Intelligent screeners combining fundamentals, technicals, valuations Dynamic infographics visualizing market data and trends Powerful analytics uncovering insights from big data Curated news and alerts on market-moving developments Custom scripts automating indicators, strategies, and algorithms At the core of TradeWire is an advanced analytics engine powered by sophisticated neural networks continuously processing massive financial data sets. This engine analyzes everything from fundamentals, earnings reports, news developments, and more across all asset classes in real-time. Analytics are automated through TradeWire’s partner RevenueBot, ... read More

Thirdweb Begins Mitigation of Vulnerability Affecting Thousands of Smart...

    Thirdweb, a Web3 development framework provider, has announced that it has started mitigating a vulnerability that could potentially affect thousands of smart contracts across several networks. The vulnerability, uncovered in November, impacts various pre-built smart contracts that the framework provides for rapidly deploying applications using an undisclosed open-source library. Thirdweb Mitigates Critical Vulnerability Across Dozens of EVM Networks Thirdweb, a Web3 development framework provider, is mitigating the impact of a recently discovered vulnerability in its smart contracts suite. The organization stated that in the last 48 hours, more than 8,000 contracts had been mitigated to contain the impact of this vulnerability, and it is working to extend these actions. While the organization stated that the vulnerability derived from an open-source Web3 library used across the industry, it has not disclosed its specific nature or its mitigation procedures. Thirdweb announced the vulnerability affected several of its pre-built smart contracts provided by the organization for deploying applications across Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) chains. As of writing, Thirdweb has acknowledged that only two smart contracts have been exploited, without offering more details. The vulnerability was discovered on November 20, when the organization started working to develop a mitigation tool. The situation was publicly disclosed on December 4, with Thirdweb having worked with affect... read More

Web3 Firm Thirdweb Tackles Security Vulnerability in Common Smart Contra...

    Thirdweb, a smart contract development firm within the Web3 ecosystem, has discovered a security vulnerability that potentially affects a range of smart contracts across the Web3 landscape. The company offers multichain smart contract deployment tools for various applications such as gaming, minting, marketplaces, and wallets, with a user base of over 70,000 developers. Thirdweb Discloses Security Vulnerability On December 4, Thirdweb disclosed a vulnerability on X in a widely used open-source library that could impact specific pre-built smart contracts, including some developed by the firm itself. IMPORTANT On November 20th, 2023 6pm PST, we became aware of a security vulnerability in a commonly used open-source library in the web3 industry. This impacts a variety of smart contracts across the web3 ecosystem, including some of thirdweb’s pre-built smart contracts.… — thirdweb (@thirdweb) December 5, 2023 Despite identifying this vulnerability, Thirdweb's investigations determined that no one has exploited the smart contract flaw. That offers a limited window of opportunity for Web3 firms to take preventive measures and avert a potential security breach. Thirdweb emphasized that failing to address the vulnerability promptly could lead to severe consequences. The affected pre-built contracts, including but not limited to DropERC20, ERC721, ERC1155 (all versions), and AirdropERC20, pose a risk if not rectified. In response to this discovery, Thirdweb issued... read More

Fiat Losses From Security Incidents on BNB Smart Chain 37% Lower in Q3 o...

    The financial losses stemming from security incidents on the BNB Smart Chain in Q3 2023 were 27% lower than in Q3 2022. When compared to security incidents on other chains, rug pulls, price and reserve manipulation events on BSC accounted for '4% of the total fiat losses across all chains in Q3.'Fiat Losses 37% Lower in Q3 The latest in-depth analysis of security incidents on the BNB Smart Chain (BSC) has shown that the financial losses stemming from such incidents dropped by 27% between the third quarter of 2022 and 2023. According to a report by Avenger DAO and the crypto threat intelligence leader Hashdit, this decline, which has been ongoing, 'suggests that the security of BNB Chain has improved over the years.' When compared with security incidents in the second quarter of 2023, the 'fiat losses' incurred in Q3 topped $43.5 million or 37% lower than the $69 million seen in Q2 of 2023. The report, meanwhile, attributes the significant drop in the dollar value of losses suffered to the corresponding reduction in the number of hacks from 79 in Q2 to 45 in Q3. Commenting on Avenger DAO and Hashdit's findings, the BNB Chain Core Development Team said: 'Hashdit and Avenger DAO committees are at the forefront of crypto security and have seen a steady increase in users and integration with major ecosystem players. They are contributing greatly to the Web3 ecosystem and crypto community with these reports, empowering users and developers with essential security knowledge to make ... read More

Smart Contract Platform Tokens Command 26% of Crypto Economy Amidst Mark...

    It's been a strong week for smart contract platform tokens, with the top ten performers all notching growth against the U.S. dollar. The rise ranged from ethereum's (ETH) 4.2% jump to solana's (SOL) 32.5% surge. The smart contract coin sector witnessed 32 crypto assets achieving double-digit percentage increases, starting with OMG's 10.2% and scaling up to JUNO's 110.8% escalation. From Ethereum to Solana: Smart Contract Platforms Defy Odds Smart contract coins have had a banner week, charting a collective market uptick of 1.6% in just the last day. As of today, November 5, these platform tokens hold a market cap of $357 billion, which accounts for 26% of the total value of the crypto economy. Dominating this niche, ethereum (ETH) constitutes 62.18% of the market, with its own value appreciating by 4.2% this week. Close on its heels, BNB experienced a 4.9% increase. SOL, meanwhile, marked a 32.5% leap within the same timeframe. In addition, cardano (ADA) enjoyed a 12.4% uptick versus the dollar, tron (TRX) edged up by 3.4%, and chainlink (LINK) expanded by 4.4%. Five smart contract tokens even boasted gains surpassing 35%, with juno (JUNO) skyrocketing by 110.8%. bitrock (BROCK) wasn't far behind with a 69% gain, followed by phantasma (SOUL) with a 49.3% boost. Multiversx (EGLD) rose by 47.4% and immutable X (IMX) also made notable strides, advancing 35.4% against the dollar. However, not all smart contract coins had a favorable week from October 29 to November 5, 2023. Vic... read More

Developers on Google Cloud to 'Verify' Smart Contracts With Space and Ti...

    Developers working with the Google Cloud data warehouse known as Bigquery can now verify blockchain smart contracts and other business processes using Space and Time’s zero-knowledge (ZK)-proof protocol. The protocol is said to be useful for enterprises that are looking to connect their respective cloud data warehouse services to their smart contracts.Cryptographically Confirming the Accuracy of Computed Results According to James Tromans, Head of Web3 at Google Cloud, developers working with Bigquery, his firm’s data warehouse, can now verify blockchain smart contracts and other business processes using Space and Time’s zero-knowledge (ZK)-proof protocol. This combination enables developers using Bigquery to 'cryptographically confirm' if computed results are accurate or if the data has not been tampered with. Dubbed the proof of Structured Query Language (SQL), Space and Time’s ZK protocol is said to be especially useful for enterprises who are looking to connect their respective cloud data warehouse services to their smart contracts. In addition, the capabilities of Time and Space's ZK database will make it possible for developers and enterprises to build Large Language Models (LLMs) which are 'trained on a verifiable dataset and data-driven smart contracts.' Verifying Blockchain Smart Contracts Meanwhile, in a statement issued on Nov. 2, Tromans spoke of his company’s desire to help Web3 developers create applications at scale. The Google Cl... read More

Polygon Prepares for 2.0 Upgrade, Arbitrium's Orbit Readies for Mainnet ...

    The crypto market has been buzzing with excitement over recent developments in Polygon, Arbitrum, and Bitcoin Spark. While Polygon prepares for its 2.0 upgrade, Arbitrum is preparing to launch the mainnet of Orbit. Meanwhile, Bitcoin Spark has made significant changes. Visit the Bitcoin Spark ICOPolygon (MATIC) Prepares for the 2.0 Upgrade In June, Polygon Labs announced its transition into “The Value Layer of the Internet.” The upgrade was termed Polygon 2.0. Since then, the team behind the project has made several advancements to reach its goal. The Polygon crypto team recently announced that the zkEVM Mainnet Beta upgrade has been completed. This comes just after the POL token contract was launched on the Ethereum network. POL has launched to replace the current Polygon coin, MATIC. The upgrade is aimed at making Polygon a network where anyone can create, exchange, and program value. With this, analysts have given very bullish MATIC price predictions. The Polygon price prediction from top analysts, including Dominic Basulto, suggests that the coin could rally by 30% to cross $1 before the year ends. Arbitrum Nears Mainnet Launch for Orbit Network The Arbitrum crypto has also sparked a wave of excitement within its community with a recent announcement. The team revealed that they are ready for the mainnet launch of Orbit – a layer 3 network built on Arbitrum. Developers will leverage Arbitrum to build layer-2 or layer-3 networks on Orbit. Crypto industry e... read More

XRP Whale Transactions Spike To 3-Month High As Smart Money Buys

    XRP has witnessed a remarkable surge of over 29% in its value over the last 12 days. The price has risen from $0.4771 to a two and a half month high of $0.6209 yesterday. Sharks And Whales Make A Splash This impressive price hike coincides with an increase in whale transactions as well as the number of wallets holding more than 10,000 XRP (worth approx. $5,930), indicating heightened interest from retail investors as well as large investors, commonly referred to as “whales” in the crypto community. On-chain analytic firm Santiment shared via X (formerly known as Twitter), “XRP revisited a $0.60 market value for the first time since its tumble back on August 16th. Along this road back, we have seen whales get gradually more involved. Additionally, there are now an alltime high 277.62K wallets holding at least 10,000 XRP.” Santiment presented the below chart and stated that the ledger has shown a noticeable increase in the number of wallets holding 10,000 coins or more, with the current number exceeding 277.6K. Moreover, there has been a significant uptick in the volume of whale transactions, with those exceeding $1 million in value spiking to a 3-month high. To be precise, October 31, 2023, saw a total of 255 such high-value transactions. The data by Santiment provides a clear visual representation of the increasing trend in XRP's price, which is further underscored by the corresponding rise in large transactions and whale wallet count. With an eviden... read More

66% Of Top Smart Contracts On Base Have One Big Problem

    14/21, or 66%, of the top gas-consuming smart contracts on Base, a layer-2 platform for building and deploying smart contracts, are unverified. According to Token Terminal data on October 24, the same contracts are some of the most actively used, reading from gas fee trends over the last month. Leads The Gas Race On Base Base is a layer-2 scaling solution and one of OP Mainnet and Arbitrum's competitors. The platform relies on the Optimistic Rollup technique, allowing transactions to be batched off-chain before being confirmed on the mainnet. This is the same approach competitors, including Arbitrum and OP Mainnet, adopted.  As of October 24, the most gas-consuming protocol already labeled and known to be deployed from a given developer is Still, the developer remains anonymous. The decentralized social media protocol allows users to buy and sell keys to each other's X accounts. In this way, trading parties can access exclusive in-app chatrooms and content by a given user.  By deploying on Base, users enjoy lower trading fees than they would have launched on the mainnet. Beyond fees, the protocol can also scale since the layer-2 solution can handle higher throughput than the mainnet. In the last month, generated over $253,000 in gas fees. The execution fee, often known as layer-2 fee, on Base, which uses Optimism, is set by the network and is flat. The fee prevents users from spamming the network ... read More

Doge Uprising (DUP) Announces Presale Launch: A Trailblazing Crypto Proj...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Boston, Massachusetts, October 19th, 2023] Doge Uprising ($DUP) is a brand new crypto presale set to make its mark in Q4. This project stands out from the crowd with its unique features. Its detailed roadmap paints a vibrant picture of a Web3 universe enriched by an exclusive NFT collection and an interactive manga series. Doge Uprising's Defiant Rise in the Memecoin Revolution 2023 has been a fantastic year for meme coins. Pepe Coin ($PEPE) soared into the top 100, gaining huge popularity in early 2023, while many new projects like Wall Street Memes ($WSM) have raised millions within months of launch. On top of this trading volumes have reached a two-year high, suggesting that now is the perfect time to announce a new crypto project. Doge Uprising is rewriting the presale and meme coin narrative by turning it into a space that’s defiant, rebellious, and strong. It’s establishing itself as a top coin with real utility, setting it apart from other projects on the market. With an extensive roadmap ahead, Doge Uprising has created an ecosystem that spans a whole universe for its users to explore. The Story Behind Doge Uprising The real magic propelling this project is its immersive story - which the community can experience first-hand with Doge Uprising’s interactive manga series. Doge Uprising takes us to a dystopian 2045 where Mark Zuckerberg has a technocratic rule over the world. Yet, beneath his surveillance, an uprising stirs. A collect... read More

Computable Functions Verified on Bitcoin — How BitVM Seeks to Elev...

    A new computing model, BitVM, aims to enhance Bitcoin's smart contract capabilities without requiring changes to the blockchain's consensus rules. The white paper, published on October 9, 2023, has drawn significant attention and its fair share of criticism. Can BitVM Set a New Precedent for Bitcoin's Smart Contracts? BitVM was proposed in a recent white paper by blockchain programmer Robin Linus. It allows for the expression of Turing-complete Bitcoin contracts through fraud proofs and a challenge-response protocol between two parties. While some believe the model has limitations, others say it paves the way for more intricate Bitcoin transactions. BitVM operates with a prover making a claim that a program runs correctly for specific inputs and outputs. The verifier can challenge that assertion with a series of succinct fraud proofs, penalizing the prover if their claim is untrue. By encoding the program into a binary circuit and committing to it bit by bit in a Taproot address, both the prover and verifier can execute complex computations with a minimal onchain footprint. This permits any computable functions to be verified on Bitcoin, according to the white paper. However, BitVM is currently confined to a two-party setting between a prover and a verifier. The paper points out drawbacks such as substantial off-chain computation for both parties. Yet it positions BitVM as a fresh approach to broaden Bitcoin's capabilities without any protocol changes. This means there's no ... read More

Smart Contract Automation Helps Dapps Maintain Data Integrity Without Re...

    According to Pavel Salas, the chief growth officer at Gear Foundation, on-chain smart contract automation makes applications 'truly decentralized' because it 'removes dependencies on centralized servers or external entities.' Salas also claimed that on-chain smart contract automation means participants can 'engage in transactions or exchanges without relying on a central authority.'Webassembly Not a 'Direct Replacement for EVM' In his written answers sent to News, Salas argued that on-chain smart contract automation also helps decentralized applications (dapps) maintain data integrity without having to rely on external databases. He said since the code of smart contracts deployed on the blockchain is immutable this means it cannot be altered once deployed. Meanwhile, when asked to offer his thoughts on Webassembly (WASM) and the possibility it will overtake the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) at some point, Salas, said he does not see WASM as a direct replacement for EVM. Instead, he views ongoing efforts to integrate WASM with EVM-based ecosystems as something that 'highlights its potential to expand the capabilities of smart contract development in the broader Web3 landscape.' Also, in his written answers sent to News via Telegram, the Gear Foundation chief growth officer discussed factors that inhibit developers as well as the lessons that can be drawn from the experiences of Web2 platforms which excel at providing 'intuitive and user-friendly experi... read More

What Are Smart Contracts? Unpacking Today's Digital Agreements

    In the digital currency realm, smart contracts have enhanced the financial industry through tokenization, decentralized finance (defi) and other agreements in the form of self-executing code. But how exactly do they work? What benefits do they offer? Here's a concise overview of smart contracts and their profound effect on trust and collaboration in our interconnected society.Smart Contract Origins If you keep up with cryptocurrency news you've likely heard of 'smart contracts.' Smart contracts, in their current form, are self-executing agreements housed on a blockchain. Fundamentally, the 'smart' in smart contracts stems from automation, while the 'contract' denotes a binding agreement or function that runs automatically. The idea of smart contracts was first posited by American computer scientist Nick Szabo. Ethereum's Role & Beyond In the early 1990s, Szabo defined smart contracts as 'a set of promises, specified in digital form, including protocols within which the parties perform on these promises.' Modern smart contracts, however, didn't emerge overnight. But with the advent of Ethereum, the blockchain's Turing completeness and coding capabilities quickly made it the preferred platform for smart contract protocols. Ethereum's Turing completeness means that, in theory, any computable function can be run on Ethereum, given sufficient processing power and time. Programming With Solidity This capability offers vast potential for the kinds of applications and contracts that... read More

Backed Now Natively Issues Tokens on BNB Smart Chain: Enabling new Integ...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Zug, Switzerland, August 29th, 2023] Backed has extended its native token issuance to include the BNB Smart Chain (BSC) to bring our products to a wider audience and give our clients the flexibility to choose the blockchain that works best for their use case. Backed is on a mission to bring off-chain assets onto crypto rails. We issue ERC-20 tokens - or equivalent on other chains - that track the value of treasury and corporate bond ETFs as well as stocks. The tokens are freely transferable across wallets, fully collateralized by the underlying assets, and issued in compliance with Swiss regulations - which is at the forefront of blockchain technology regulation. One of BNB Chain’s main value propositions is its community, as it is the world’s largest smart contract blockchain by daily active users. This integration provides a large and active user base, enhancing liquidity and market access for our products. BNB Chain offers significantly lower transaction fees compared to the Ethereum network, making it more cost-effective. BNB Chain is designed to handle high transaction volumes with faster block confirmation times. This marks another milestone towards Backed’s mission to enable the seamless integration of RWAs on-chain. Backed’s products are already finding use cases such as collateral for stablecoins and money markets by Angle Protocol - making use of bC3M and bHIGH. Ribbon Finance is utilizing bIB01 for its own structured product... read More

XRPL Labs Reveals Smart Contract Sidechain For XRP Ledger, What This Mea...

    Earlier today, XRPL Labs divulged its latest development: Xahau Ledger, a smart contract sidechain integrated into the XRP Ledger (XRPL) ecosystem. This is said to enhance the capabilities of the XRP Ledger, pushing it a step closer to widespread retail adoption. The announcement by XRPL Labs, the brain behind the XRP Ledger's self-custody wallet named Xumm, has reignited excitement within the community, pointing toward significant advancements for this altcoin. However, so far, the altcoin remains in red down by 1% in the past 24 hours. An Introduction To Xahau Ledger On August 28, XRPL Labs conveyed its integration with the Xahau Ledger, characterizing it as an 'ambitious move' to introduce multifaceted features to the XRP Ledger. This integration is seen as a catalyst, propelling the adoption of the altcoin and its foundational ledger. We are proud to be part of the Xahau network (@XahauNetwork) as a launch participant. As stated earlier, we will support multiple chains that use the XRPL protocol and our commitment to the main XRPL remains steadfast. — XRPL Labs (@XRPLLabs) August 28, 2023 Such progress firmly positions the XRP Ledger protocol to break new ground in the retail sector. Furthermore, XRPL Labs is in the phase of rolling out a comprehensive whitepaper for the Xahau Ledger. As emphasized by the developers, this sidechain's primary purpose is to infuse the XRPL ecosystem with smart contract capabilities. The Vision For The... read More

Opensea Phases Out BNB Smart Chain Support, Citing Resource Alignment Wi...

    One of the largest non-fungible token (NFT) platforms, Opensea, has declared its decision to withdraw BNB Smart Chain (BSC) support. Opensea revealed that the 'cost to continue supporting BSC outweighs the impact.'Opensea Pivots Away From BNB Smart Chain in Strategy Re-evaluation On August 18, 2023, Opensea proclaimed that they would cease BSC support after incorporating multiple blockchains over recent years. This announcement coincides with Opensea's strategy to phase out the enforcement of NFT royalties. Concerning BSC support, Opensea stated that as the industry advances, the company needs to 'align resources with the most promising efforts.' 'We've decided the cost to continue supporting BSC outweighs the impact,' Opensea said. 'Starting today, you will no longer be able to create new listings for or make new offers on BSC NFTs. However, you will still be able to view, discover, and transfer BSC NFTs on our site.' In response to Opensea's X thread publication, some individuals claimed they were unaware of BSC support's existence. Others seized this chance to voice their grievances about the royalty ruling. One individual commented, 'IDK what kind of system you guys are running over there but it's not that expensive to run BSC if you do it right.' Opensea concluded by asserting their continued optimism regarding a multi-chain future and shared that they recently added support for layer two (L2) blockchains Base and Zora. 'We're confident this decision will help us direct... read More

Chiliz (CHZ) Empowers Smart Contracts With Upgrades – Positive Imp...

    Chiliz, the pioneering sports blockchain platform, is set to make waves once again as it teases forthcoming upgrades to its smart contracts. In a recent tweet, Chiliz unveiled its plans to enhance the functionality of its smart contracts, showcasing the company's ongoing commitment to providing a seamless and efficient experience for its users.  Chiliz has been a trailblazer in the sports and entertainment industry, utilizing blockchain technology to bridge the gap between sports fans and their favorite teams. The platform's innovative approach allows fans to engage with their chosen teams through fan tokens, gaining access to exclusive content, rewards, and even influencing certain team decisions through token-based voting systems.  Upcoming Proposals: Upgrading the Smart contracts Upgrade 1: Upgrading the contracts to allow factory contracts to deploy without being whitelisted as deployers. The factory contract will still need to be deployed by a whitelisted deployer.#ChilizGovernance $CHZ — Chiliz ($CHZ) - Powering (@Chiliz) August 14, 2023 As the platform gears up for these improvements, the question on everyone's mind is whether these upgrades will play a role in boosting the price of CHZ, Chiliz's native cryptocurrency. Chiliz Upgrades On The Horizon The first of the upcoming upgrades focuses on streamlining the deployment of factory contracts. In a bid to improve efficiency, Chiliz plans to enable such contract... read More

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