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SKL Price:
$24.7 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$0.5 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #SKL today is $0.09 USD.

The lowest SKL price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.086, and the exact current price of one SKL crypto coin is $0.08602.

The all-time high SKL coin price was $1.21.

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The code for SKALE is #SKL.

SKALE is 3.5 years old.


The current market capitalization for SKALE is $461,193,668.

SKALE is ranked #152, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is large during the past 24 hours for #SKL.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for SKALE is $24,729,644.


The circulating supply of SKL is 5,361,561,004 coins, which is 77% of the maximum coin supply.


SKL is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


SKL is integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 30 crypto exchanges.

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SKALE NFT Launch Series: The Most Popular NFT Categories on the SKALE Network Today

This is the first in a series written by Jack O’Holleran, CEO and cofounder SKALE. If you have been listening to any recent SKALE podcasts, interviews, or in-depth tech analysis, you are well aware that NFTs comprise the fastest growing category in the SKALE Ecosystem. The SKALE Network has special properties that allow it to securely hold an NFT directly on the chain. When I say “directly on the chain”, I’m not talking about a contract that has a link to an image held elsewhere. I mean the file image or video is directly and securely held on the blockchain. This native storage approach is a huge advantage for SKALE as it is the only blockchain in the Ethereum Ecosystem that can directly hold files onchain. Additionally NFTs minted on SKALE can be created at zero gas cost. Literally zero additional cost to the developer or end user. SKALE’s multi-chain network lets brands, artists, and builders mint, transact, and manage NFTs of all categories, and also provides a gasless environment with storage, seamless and secure interchain messaging, and AI capabilities. These capabilities give NFT-based ventures the ability to build highly scalable NFT projects/platforms with gasless minting and fast secure transactions on Eth chains. Thanks to these technical value propositions and the USD$ Billion+ in value staked in the SKALE Network for security, many of the top global brands in gaming, entertainment, social media, art, s...

Reboot: SKALE @ Messari Mainnet

What a week in NYC. It’s been a hot minute, but we wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to catch up on what went on at the Messari Mainnet 2021 conference. SKALE was there in full force, which included not one, but two presentations by CEO Jack O’Holleran, a party packed with industry insiders and a whole lot of business development and dealmaking going on. If you didn’t get a chance to go, take a moment to watch this incredible panel on blending Defi and Fintech. SKALE sat alongside heavyweights Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Blockdaemon and more for a lively discussion. This session’s speakers include: Sarah Olsen, Head of Corporate Development at J.P. Morgan Oli Harris, Head of North America Digital Assets at Goldman Sachs Aya Kantorovich, Head of Institutional Coverage at FalconX Konstantin Richter, CEO and Co-Founder at Blockdaemon Jesus Rodriguez, CEO at IntoTheBlock Jack O’Holleran, Co-Founder and CEO at SKALE Labs We loved getting to spend time with partners old and new, as well as connect with the crypto ecosystem from projects to hedge funds to bankers to dapps. A special shout out to the many folks (we were at capacity) that attended the SKALE Happy hour co-sponsored with Blockdaemon and Look forward to doing more shows IRL. If you’re curious, check out the photo roll below. — SKALE @ Messari Mainnet - Keep an ear out and if you’re in New York attending NFT.NYC Nov 1–4 ...

The long awaited SKALE Store is LIVE!

Open 24/7, you can now get your SKALE merchandise at the new SKALE Store, powered by Origin.. — It’s been a long year, and we’ve been missing all of the great conversations we usually have with our community at the various events and hackathons. While seeing your faces on a screen isn’t quite as fulfilling, we thought, why not make sure you can take a piece of SKALE home with you.Now you can get your SKALE merchandise 24/7 at the new SKALE Store, powered by our friends at Origin. This is a ZERO profit venture, so everything you purchase is all AT COST, available to ship worldwide. The SKALE store is launching with a few key items we know everyone loves, like hoodies, t-shirts and mugs, but we’ll be adding more soon (and hopefully do fun limited run designs too). To make it easy, available, and cost effective, we are working with Printful to provide warehouses, logistics, and printing. The garments are high quality, made by brand name manufacturers such as American Apparel, so you can look good while representing the SKALE community.SKALE Swag for everyday! How do you pay? You can use regular credit cards like Visa, Amex and Mastercard, but know that we are looking into implementing crypto payments as soon as possible. Returns are subject to Printful’s policies mentioned here. Since we are working with a third party vendor to run the store, please direct all question about products, your orders,...

Jack O’Holleran to speak at CoinDesk Consensus Conference

Join Jack O’Holleran as he speaks at the CoinDesk Consensus Conference as a panelist on the topic “Exploration 3: Eth2, Eth “Enhancers” and Smart Money”.. — Join Jack as he speaks at the CoinDesk Consensus Conference as a panelist on the topic “Exploration 3: Eth2, Eth “Enhancers” and Smart Money”. He joins Sergey Nazarov cofounder Chainlink, Sandeep Nailwal cofounder Polygon and Stani Kulechov founder Aave. The panel is May 24, 2020 5–6PM Pacific time. For more on the agenda and to purchase tickets: Jack O’Holleran to speak at CoinDesk Consensus Conference was originally published in SKALE on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Block Insider Podcast Episode: Ethereum in Enterprise with Patrick Berarducci from ConsenSys

Jack O’Holleran chats with Pat Berarducci, Global Fintech Co-Head at Consensys about implementing blockchain in enterprises, the use of blockchain in Fintech and the role of ConsenSys in the ecosystem.. — Simplecast -- Let your voice be heard, Ethereum in Enterprise with Pat Berarducci from ConsenSys | Block Insider, In this episode, Jack O’Holleran chats with Pat Berarducci, Global Fintech Co-Head at Consensys to talk about implementing blockchain in enterprises, the use of blockchain in Fintech and the role of ConsenSys in the ecosystem. Follow Pat on Twitter: @PatBerarducci Follow ConsenSys Codefi on Twitter: @ConsensysCodefi About Consensys Codefi ConsenSys Codefi is the blockchain application suite powering the evolution of commerce and finance. Our vision is to lead the convergence of existing and decentralized financial technologies to create more accessible and equitable financial services for everyone, everywhere. Block Insider Podcast Episode: Ethereum in Enterprise with Patrick Berarducci from ConsenSys was originally published in SKALE on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

SKALE Ambassador Gamez: Results, learnings, and a shout out to the new Ambassador Crew

The SKALE Ambassador Program launched mid-December 2020 when the core team opened the first-in-industry Ambassador Gamez. We’d like to welcome 22 exceptional individuals speaking 18 languages, who joined the SKALE extended team as Ambassadors.. — *This article is co-authored with SKALE Ambassador Program lead, Mark Atanacio. The SKALE Ambassador Program launched mid-December 2020 when the core team opened the first-in-industry Ambassador Gamez. The Gamez have proven to be a remarkable mechanism for creating a very strong and devoted ambassador crew. In this post, we want to share with the community the ideas, results, and learnings that have made the Gamez truly memorable for everyone involved, and to welcome 22 exceptional individuals speaking 18 languages, who joined the SKALE extended team as Ambassadors. The objective of the Ambassador Program is to have community leaders who will manage and educate language- or geography-based groups all around the world about the SKALE Protocol by localizing/creating content and organizing events. It kicked off with the start of the first SKALE Ambassador Gamez, the gamified ambassador selection process. The submissions for the Ambassador Gamez’ final activities — called Game Missionz — were received by the end of January. The whole process ran on schedule and has seen wide participation and great success. There were around 500 sign ups. The participation rate was ...

SKALE + Braintrust

SKALE + Braintrust DeFiが2021年も支配し続けるというニュースではありませんが、2022年も、オーナーシップ経済の規模は大きくなると考えています。a16zの経歴を有するJessie Walden氏は最近、オーナーシップ経済について、「パーミッションレスかつ、グローバルな人材による貢献で成長する新世代のプラットフォーム」をどのように推進しているかについて記載しています。 — DeFiが2021年も支配し続けるというニュースではありませんが、2022年も、オーナーシップ経済の規模は大きくなると考えています。a16zの経歴を有するJessie Walden氏は最近、オーナーシップ経済について、「パーミッションレスかつ、グローバルな人材による貢献で成長する新世代のプラットフォーム」をどのように推進しているかについて記載しています。この分野における最もエキサイティングなユースケースの一つは、Braintrustだと考えています。Braintrustのクライアントには、Nestle、Deloitte、Blue Cross Blue Shield、Taskrabbitなどの巨大な企業がすでに存在しています。また、同社の人材マーケットプレイスは、招待制のプライベートベータ版にも関わらず、リリースからわずか1年で何百万ドルも...

SKALE Delegator Hub

SKALE Network offers a sophisticated and highly effective approach to Proof of Stake — it uses a large pooled security model (pooled validation model) in conjunction with random node selection and frequent node rotation to enhance network security. Validators and delegators play a critical role in this approach, ensuring the SKALE Network is scalable, secure, and economically efficient. The SKALE Network also uses containerization and virtualization to turn a single server node into up to 128 virtualized subnodes. This unique network design increases the potential size of the node pool and opens opportunities for network delegators to participate in this growth. The information in this hub is intended for new token holders who participated in the SKL token launch on ConsenSys Codefi Activate. It’s intended to make it easier to understand and meet the Proof of Use requirements that are a fundamental part of the token unlock process. — In this hub you will find: - Important dates & deadlines — including Proof of Use deadlines., Delegator resources — rewards calculator, staking guide from ConsenSys Codefi Activate, validator economics, etc., List of confirmed validators — also available via the Activate platform., Delegator FAQ — this is comprehensive, so if you have a question, it’s likely covered., Brief overview of SKALE’s technology — intended specifically for network d...

SKALE Network Announces over 40 Partners in its Ethereum Scaling Ecosystem

SKALE Labs, the core team behind the SKALE Network, an open source elastic blockchain platform designed specifically for scaling Ethereum, today has announced over 40 integration partners and validators, in addition to the Dapps that joined the SKALE Innovator program and are currently building on the platform. This collection is one of the most significant ecosystem announcements as part of the network launch in recent years and signifies the importance and strength of the Ethereum Developer Ecosystem which SKALE is proud to be a part of. SKALE is a key element within the Ethereum ecosphere given the advantages offered by its forward-looking protocol design decisions. Key features include EVM compatibility, full Solidity language support, BLS cryptography, an RRI-based pooled security model, and having much of its operational management running in the Ethereum network. This combination of compatibility and connectedness with the Ethereum mainnet enhances SKALE’s effectiveness as a high-throughput execution layer for Dapp developers, protocol designers, and other crypto-based builders. As of today, just one month after the launch of the SKALE Mainnet — and after two plus years since its inception — SKALE unveils a rich set of pre-packaged integrations with major wallets and auth providers, data storage solutions, data explorers, oracles, validators, and blockchain API connectors, along with support for the most ...

Containerization & The Future of Decentralized Infrastructure (Part 2 of 2)

This post is the second in a two-part series on Containerization & The Future of Decentralized Infrastructure. The first part can be found here. Containers and the SKALE EVM : Creating a Chain in the SKALE Network A validator node consists of a node core and up to 128 virtualized subnodes. Each subnode is a Docker container. A new elastic sidechain gets created in the SKALE Network via an API call to the network that specifics the size of the chain and various provisioning options along with the deposit of SKALE tokens to allow for provisioning of the network resources. Each sidechain will have a default number of 16 nodes. Sizes of SKALE sidechains can be small, medium, or large. A small chain will be allocated 1/128 of the node resources, a medium chain will receive 1/8, and a large chain will get the full node (aside from the node core). The duration of provisioning can be 6 months,12 months, or 24 months. Once tokens have been deposited into the network to create a chain, the SKALE Manager will cause the random selection of 16 nodes from the available node pool with capacity sufficient to handle the chain. As part of this process, the contract will send messages to each node to create the appropriate subnode for this new chain. The way this works is the SKALE Manager will connect with the SKALE Admin plugin within the node, which in turn instructs the Docker Engine to fire up a SKALE EVM image and allocate the app...


SKALE and Virtualness Global Partnership Reimagines Fan Engagement for S...

    [PRESS RELEASE - San Francisco, United States, April 25th, 2024] Fans of Liga 1 & other organizations will have access to a superior experience on Virtualness with SKALE’s zero gas fees and instant finality. SKALE Network, a gas-less EVM-compatible blockchain designed for secure Ethereum scaling, and Virtualness, a pioneering mobile-first platform powered by generative AI and blockchain, today announced a strategic partnership aimed at redefining digital engagement and empowering global sports fans, enterprises and creators alike. With international athletic partnerships that include Liga 1, Asia’s largest and most prestigious football league, sports fans will have access to exclusive NFT moments, player cards, rewards, loyalty programs, real-world experiences, and exciting gamification on the Virtualness platform, all powered by the SKALE network. Fans who interact with clubs, players, and fellow supporters will foster a deeper connection with their favorite teams while experiencing the world’s fastest blockchain. “Through our partnership with SKALE, we're revolutionizing the NFT landscape by eliminating barriers to entry and making Web3 accessible to Web2 users paving the way for mass adoption,' said Kirthiga Reddy and Saurabh Doshi, Co-founders of Virtualness. 'We are thrilled to partner with SKALE to provide our community with unparalleled access to NFTs, immersive digital experiences, and exclusive rewards.” As part of the partnership, Virtu... read More

SKALE Network Solves Scalability, Q1 Adoption Soars On Gas-Less Blockcha...

    [PRESS RELEASE - San Francisco, CA, United States, April 23rd, 2024] SKALE, having surpassed 300 million total transactions in January and maintaining over 30 million transactions monthly, offers projects a platform free from the usual impediments found on other blockchain networks, such as minting fees or gas costs. SKALE Network, a gas-less EVM-compatible blockchain designed for secure Ethereum scaling, attained groundbreaking gas savings, unique wallet activations, and transaction processing achievements during the first quarter of 2024. With notable performances, strategic partnerships, and unmatched user growth across twenty AppChains, SKALE has solidified its role as a key scaling solution for verticals like gaming and AI. The growth of SKALE would not have been possible without the over 70 projects and integrations in Q1. SKALE technology was adopted across blockchain projects in nearly all sectors and featured prominent names like ChainGPT, TCG, Dmail, NFT Arcade, and more. SKALE’s ability to process millions of transactions for zero gas fees has paved the way for adoption by First-Person Shooter games like RageAffect, metaverse RPGs games like World of Dypians, Music platforms like Hitmakr, plus messaging and data apps. 'We are thrilled to see the growth and adoption of SKALE during the first quarter of 2024 and it's exciting to see how SKALE Network is positively affecting users and projects worldwide,” said Jack O’Holleran, Co-Founder and CEO of S... read More

Transak and SKALE Partner to Solve High Gas Fees and Onboarding Challeng...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Miami, Florida, February 29th, 2024] In an ambitious move to transform the landscape of Web3 gaming, Transak, and SKALE have announced a strategic partnership to address two of the most significant barriers to blockchain adoption: Unpredictable gas fees and the challenges of seamless entry into digital assets. Transak, a premier Web3 payment solution for onboarding infrastructure brings heightened possibilities to SKALE, the leading Appchain scaling network with zero gas fees. This alliance brings a comprehensive solution to the table: While SKALE ensures affordability and usability with its cutting-edge technology, Transak simplifies the user journey, enabling easy and efficient entry pathways. Together, Transak and SKALE are removing hurdles that have long hindered the mass adoption of blockchain technology. Transak + SKALE Integration: A Global Reach A report by Dappradar highlighted that nearly $3 billion was invested in Web3 gaming projects in 2023. Yet, it was more than 60% lower than the year before. Clearly, there is significant interest in blockchain-based games but easy accessibility for mainstream and casual gamers is almost non-existent. The partnership between Transak and SKALE opens the floodgates of Web3 gaming to over 180 countries in a manner that is practical and affordable for most. With the integration of Transak, SKALE is launching fiat-to-crypto deposits in more than 180 countries including emerging Asian markets, allowing users to easil... read More

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