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SIS Price:
$10.3 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$31.8 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #SIS today is $0.39 USD.

The lowest SIS price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.389, and the exact current price of one SIS crypto coin is $0.38901.

The all-time high SIS coin price was $5.62.

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The code for Symbiosis crypto currency is #SIS.

Symbiosis is 2.2 years old.


The current market capitalization for Symbiosis is $31,777,529.

Symbiosis is ranking upwards to #493 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is large during the past 24 hours for #SIS.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Symbiosis is $10,323,671.


The circulating supply of SIS is 81,688,869 coins, which is 82% of the maximum coin supply.


SIS is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 5 other blockchains.

See list of the SIS Blockchain contracts with 6 different blockchains.


SIS is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Symbiosis Q1 2023 Recap

Hello to all the Symbiotes reading this article! It’s time to take stock of Q1 2023. Let’s be honest: it was very wild, but interesting! Symbiosis protocol achieved several milestones in the first quarter of the year, including: — OpenOcean Collaboration. — Symbiosis protocol collaborated with OpenOcean, a leading DeFi ecosystem that offers aggregated liquidity from multiple platforms. Thanks to OpenOcean’s efforts, we have been able to significantly reduce the cost of on-chain swaps. OpenOcean has taken full responsibility for this aspect, resulting in a more cost-effective solution for our users. — Investment from DWF Labs. — Symbiosis protocol received investment from DWF labs, a blockchain venture capital firm. The investment provides Symbiosis protocol with additional resources to accelerate its growth and development. DWF Labs has recently shown significant support for the TON ecosystem through a substantial investment of $10M. We believe that this partnership is a perfect fit for us, as Symbiosis is actively engaged in the integration of TON and is nearing the completion of its R&D process. — Launching SIS Token on BNB Chain. — We launched the SIS token on the Binance Smart Chain, making it available for trading and other DeFi activities on the Binance ecosystem. We are already linked with Binance, thanks to the strategic investment we received from Binance Labs in the p...

The Symbiosis Birthday: One-Year Recap

There are not many crypto startups that survive even half a year. But we’re not of that kind. We started developing Symbiosis on the eve of 2021 and launched Symbiosis v1 on the 9th of March 2022. How quickly time flies! Let’s review with you how far we’ve come together since the launch of Symbiosis v1. The preliminary results: So far we have processed over 32 825 cross-chain transactions with 11580 unique wallet addresses. The total volume of swaps through Symbiosis exceeded $100M with 50% coming from cross-chain swaps (our top priority). It was pretty exciting to see that people are using Symbiosis for on-chain swaps as well — that’s said, you never know! Let’s briefly review the major events of the past year: — The Symbiosis β-mainnet launch. — Symbiosis began with our announcement of arrival as a major player in the DeFi industry upon launching the first version. Thus began the journey of Symbiosis. — Cross-Chain Zaps Release. — At Symbiosis, our primary areas of focus lie in innovating two key aspects: streamlining the process of obtaining LP tokens on the destination chain through our cross-chain functionality, and facilitating a hassle-free, one-click cross-chain experience while simultaneously providing liquidity to DeFi protocols. Think of our product, Symbiosis Zap, as a faster route to liquidity provision — regardless of the assets at your disposal, such as gas toke...

Platforms to Get SIS Token on BNB Chain

Hey there, listen up! We recently launched the SIS token on the BNB chain. Let’s figure out where to get it! — Cross-Chain DEX platforms - — Symbiosis 👾. — No need to fret, my friend! Our platform has got you covered. You can effortlessly exchange any of your tokens for the all-new SIS BEP-20. But wait, there’s more! The coveted veSIS is also up for grabs on the BNB chain. — DeBridge 🌉. — Outstanding move by the DeBridge team! Now you can swap SIS Arbitrum to SIS BNB and vice versa! And get your favorite SIS by swapping ETH, BNB, AVAX, and other tokens. — On-Chain DEX Platforms - — PancakeSwap 🥘. — The first DEX on which we launched the SIS BEP-20 pool. If you happen to be a PancakeSwap fanatic, do yourself a favor and take a peek at it here. — 1inch 🦄. — A project you’ve definitely heard of. You can get a SIS token here, too. — OpenOcean 🌊. — Our wonderful friends and partners. You do remember that they are the ones we use for on-chain transactions, don’t you? So, you can become a lucky owner of SIS token on BNB chain here ❤ — CEX platforms - — Huobi. — — ByBit. — — — — OKX. — Follow us on social media Twitter | Telegram | Discord | Facebook | Instagram | Linkedin

Symbiosis and SIS wild week review

Symbiosis and $SIS wild week review - Perhaps you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by all the recent news. You’re not alone! Last week was pretty hectic :) To help you stay up-to-date, we’ve compiled all the latest news and announcements in one place. — SIS BNB launch. — Given our ongoing collaborations with various projects on the BNB chain, it was a logical decision to incorporate the $SIS token there. Luckily, the transition conditions have been quite favorable, and the BNB chain is working diligently to ensure a seamless integration. Additionally, the BNB chain’s cost-effectiveness and swiftness provide a significant advantage over Ethereum. — SIS Retrodrop. — Symbiosis has been operating for nearly a year now, and we’re proud to have built a community of dedicated Symbiotes who have been using our protocol for a long time. To reward our loyal Symbiotes, we’re giving out SIS BNB tokens. Check your elibility here Retrodrop eligibility: 1. Cross-chain swap user with more than $100 volume 2. On-Chain Swap User (via OpenOcean) 3. Top 50 holders of $OOE, $RBC, $RANGO, $LIME, $XDAO Retrodrop Multipliers (up to 2x): 1. Rubic and Symbiosis NFT campaign holders 2. veSIS holders 3. Symbiosis LP providers SIS-BNB LP launch on Pancake For SIS and non-SIS holders alike, there are plenty of opportunities to earn rewards on the Symbiosis protocol. For example, you can provide liquidity on Pancake...

SIS Makes a Breakthrough: Launching Token on BNB Chain

We are thrilled to announce that the SIS token will now be accessible on the BNB chain, marking yet another significant achievement for the token and our project’s advancement. — What is $SIS? - The SIS token is designed as a governance token of the Symbiosis ecosystem. The SIS token is used for staking to run a node in the relayers’ network and as a reward for our users. Until now $SIS has been deployed only on Ethereum and been used for: veSIS mechanism, Token rewards for stable farm, LP Farm on DEX, DAO voting, All these use cases will be available on BNB as well. This step with adding BNB chainis a logical continuation of our strategy and vision of a multi-chain world. We are proudly moving forward and plan some more cool updates. — Why BNB? - We have already been connected with Binance as we received a strategic investment from Binance Labs last year and started the development within the Binance ecosystem. BNB chain and the whole ecosystem is home to the most innovative and respected dApps in the world. We wanted to join this impressive wide community and initiated a number of activations with Trust Wallet, SafePal, Coin98, iMe. It seemed logical and reasonable to plan the migration of the $SIS token as we’ve already been working with projects on BNB. Another point for adding to the BNB chain was that Symbiosis v2 uses Boba BNB L2 as a serving (S-chain) network.This collaboration allowed us to s...

DAO Voting: SIS token from ERC-20 to BEP-20

Hello, fellow Symbiotes! ❤ As you all are aware, the Symbiosis protocol utilizes a token called SIS which serves a number of purposes. The SIS token is used for staking, running relayer nodes, governing the Symbiosis DAO and DAO Treasure, and for rewarding users who participate in protocol activities. However, due to high transaction fees associated with Ethereum, the interest and yield of Symbiosis users are being impacted. Moving SIS into the BNB chain has a two-fold rationale. On the one hand, Symbiosis v2 has been deployed on BNB L2 managing network, making the whole system more smooth, secure, and efficient. Besides, Symbiosis belongs to the Binance Ecosystem and aims at developing accordingly. In order to address this issue, a proposal has been put forth to deploy a liquidity pool of SIS/BNB on the Binance Smart Chain (BNB). The proposal involves moving the SIS tokens from Ethereum to the BNB chain using the Symbiosis protocol functionality. Additionally, the veSIS logic will also be realized on the BNB chain This shift to the Binance Smart Chain is expected to have a significant impact on the transaction costs associated with SIS token operations, as the Binance Smart Chain typically has lower transaction fees compared to Ethereum. The reduced transaction fees, combined with the Symbiosis partnership with the new DEX (to be announced), will increase the liquidity of SIS tokens, making them more accessible to a larger...

Symbiosis announces strategic partnership with DWF Labs

What a great day! We are ready to announce a new milestone for our company — strategic partnership with DWF Labs, a leading global Web 3.0 investment company. As part of the cooperation, DWF Labs will become our partner to help with business development, integration capabilities, deal with exchanges and market making.Andrei Grachev, managing Partner of DWF Labs, said: “Investing in Symbiosis is not only a smart financial decision, but also a move towards supporting a decentralized ecosystem that empowers individuals and communities to take control of their own financial futures.” Recently DWF Labs has become a prominent supporter of the TON ecosystem by investing $10M. We see it as a perfect match in terms of our collaboration as Symbiosis are working on TON integration, finishing the R&D process now.“At Symbiosis, we are committed to building strong relationships with the leading players in the crypto space. Our partnership with DWF marks a significant milestone for us, and we are thrilled to embark on new ventures together”, — commented Nick Avramov, сo-founder of Symbiosis. Feels like together we are doing something crypto-meaningful every day! Join us on social media and don’t miss the latest updates. Stay tuned and catch up with us on social media ❤ Twitter | Telegram | Discord | Facebook | Instagram | Linkedin (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Halting Symbiosis v1 beta

Remember to move your liquidity to V2! Hey there, Symbiotes! We are thrilled to share that it has been just over a month since we launched the Symbiosis v2, and during this time, we have been actively testing and collecting data to ensure its optimal performance. Our efforts have paid off as the second version boasts significant improvements in terms of performance and security in comparison to the first version. The results have been promising, as the second version has a much improved performance and enhanced security compared to the first. In light of this, we will be gradually phasing out the first version of the protocol over the next couple of weeks. This decision is based on the fact that as more nodes and validators are transitioned to the second version, the first version will become less safe and stable in its operation. Furthermore, all the functionalities and networks that were previously available on the first version will also be available on the second version in the near future. The second version also offers a significant advantage in its ability to support any blockchain network, including those that are non-EVM compliant, which greatly enhances its competitiveness. Given the improved security and added functionalities, it no longer makes sense to keep the first version. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you move liquidity you have in v1 to v2 as soon as possible and use the guide provided. If you ha...

Symbiosis 2022 Recap

Welcome to the Symbiosis 2022 Recap. — This year has been a difficult one. But we don’t give up and continue to make our project better for you. Here are the highlights of our journey into 2022! Let’s go! — Binance Labs Strategic Investment - Binance Labs, the venture capital division and innovation incubator of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, has announced its latest strategic investment in Symbiosis Finance, a multi-chain liquidity protocol that is revolutionizing the way in which liquidity is provided and accessed within the cryptocurrency industry. This investment represents a significant endorsement of Symbiosis Finance’s cutting-edge technology and vision for the future of decentralized finance. — The Symbiosis V1 β-mainnet launch - With the launch of our first version, we announced our arrival on the global stage as a major player in the DeFi industry. This marked the start of Symbiosis. — 1inch integration - This is a significant milestone for us as we now have access to the best solution available for arbitrary asset swaps, allowing us to focus on developing our ultimate offering: the ability to easily exchange any tokens between EVM and non-EVM networks with just one click. This is a truly revolutionary capability that will greatly enhance our ability to facilitate transactions across a wide range of blockchain networks. — Cross-chain zaps release - At S...

The apotheosis: single-side cross-chain AMM pools, extreme efficiency, and Symbiosis v2

We’re thrilled to announce the Symbiosis v2 launch. Since launch in March this year, Symbiosis v.1 (or beta-mainnet) was used to test initial hypotheses, collect feedback from partners and community and so on. Now, we’re ready for the next episode. — 0 to 1: feasibility - The idea of a seamless cross-chain engine was conceptualised in late 2020 — early 2021 (the name Symbiosis first showed up much later). To stand out from the crowd, we dared to build a fully-fledged cross-chain AMM DEX, not just yet another bridge with USDJxyz illiquid useless tokens. Some negligible things like finding a product-market fit and so on were also in place. On March 9th this year, we presented what we called Symbiosis beta-mainnet. We wanted to go as quick as we could to show a feasible solution that meets those criteria: any to any native token swaps (not just stables);, best rate for the end-user;, seamless 1-click experience;, easy integration into other products (e.g. wallets)., To achieve that, in the Symbiosis v1 we presented the idea of stablecoin inter-chain pools, i.e. we have pools between all the supported networks (like Ethereum/BNB, Polygon/Avalanche and so on). So, just like the users of the on-chain DEXes (Uniswap) provide liquidity into the pools consisting of a pair of assets (thus enabling a particular direction of swaps), Symbiosis v1 enabled liquidity providers with a powerful way to provide liquidity in ...


Symbiosis Brings SIS Token to zkSync

    [PRESS RELEASE - Dubai, UAE, May 17th, 2023] Symbiosis is a cross-chain DEX that aggregates liquidity from different blockchains, making it effortless for users to trade any token and transfer their assets across chains. The Symbiosis team is thrilled to announce the deployment of $SIS, the governance token of the Symbiosis ecosystem, on zkSync, a layer-two scaling solution that enhances privacy and throughput for Ethereum and other blockchains. $SIS serves as a means of staking for running a node in the network of relayers and is rewarded to users as an incentive. Until now, $SIS was deployed only on Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Arbitrum, supporting the veSIS mechanism, token rewards for stable farms, LP farms on DEX, and DAO voting. Now, Symbiosis is expanding its multi-chain environment by introducing $SIS on zkSync, which marks a significant step forward. The project believes that zero-knowledge proofs are necessary for the blockchain's privacy and scalability. By having $SIS on zkSync, Symbiosis aims to attract a broader community to its native token. Symbiosis continues to innovate in the cross-chain space, and zkSync integration is just the beginning. The project is committed to offering exciting updates and expanding its features to create a more seamless and decentralized swapping experience. Contract address: 0xdd9f72afED3631a6C85b5369D84875e6c42f1827 Symbiosis is the perfect solution for DeFi enthusiasts who want to swap any token with ease and transfer their assets ac... read More

Symbiosis Integrates 1inch to Enable Best Price Discovery for Cross-Chai...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Please Read Disclaimer] The multi-chain liquidity protocol Symbiosis has integrated the 1inch DEX aggregator to facilitate arbitrary asset swaps between EVM-compatible networks. The Symbiosis protocol manages stablecoin liquidity pools and routes the transaction through existing DEXes, so the partnership is essential to enable the best prices for the end-users as the 1inch router is working on both sides: on the source chain and destination chain sides. The best price for the exchange of any tokens. 1inch is the best solution, especially on large amounts, one can see a significant difference. Super excited! Will, Co-founder Symbiosis Prior to this, the Symbiosis team has been using a self-developed routing protocol, and a transition to 1inch proves to be a great augmentation amid the first non-EVM Terra that the team is planning to launch in May: Near and Solana coming out shortly after. Symbiosis launched beta-mainnet in March. Apart from diving into non-EVMs, the team behind protocol oversees great potential in different L2s with Boba being the first one integrated recently. About Company Symbiosis is a decentralized multi-chain liquidity protocol that enables users to perform any crypto token swaps across multiple blockchains with a single click. At present, the protocol supports 5 networks including Boba, BNB Chain (formerly BSC), Ethereum, Polygon, and Avalanche, with more networks to be expanded in the upcoming future. Their main goals are solving the t... read More

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