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Shiba Inu  


SHIB Price:
$0.3 B
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$14 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #SHIB today is $0.0000245 USD.

The lowest SHIB price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.0000245, and the current live price for one SHIB coin is $0.00002455.

The all-time high SHIB coin price was $0.0000888.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of SHIB with market cap of BTC and how the supply of SHIB affects the price at different market capitalizations.


The code for Shiba Inu is #SHIB.

Shiba Inu is 3.3 years old.


The current market capitalization for Shiba Inu is $14,465,450,568.

Shiba Inu is ranked #11 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a very large volume of trading today on #SHIB.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Shiba Inu is $271,029,671.


The circulating supply of SHIB is 589,236,228,054,543 coins, which is 100% of the total coin supply.

Relatively, Shiba Inu has a large supply of coins, 26,783,465 times larger than Bitcoin's supply, for example.


SHIB is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


SHIB is well integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 98 crypto exchanges.

View #SHIB trading pairs and crypto exchanges that currently support #SHIB purchase.


Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #SHIB, and you can view them on our SHIB disambiguation page.



APECHAIN Mainnet Info

Mainnet Info Network Name: ApesChain New RPC URL: Chain ID: 13867 Currency Symbol: APES Block Explorer URL(Optional):

APES Mainnet Launched

Mainnet Info Network Name: ApesChain New RPC URL: Chain ID: Currency Symbol: APES Block Explorer URL(Optional): Content to be added.

Bnan Pool Allocation

BNAN total supply: 250,000,000 50,000,000 — Holder 50,000,000 — BNAN Pool Staking 150,000,000 — LP Staking Pool BNAN Pool Staking: 1,000 BNAN +10 apes 50% 100 BOND +10 apes 20% 100 SIYC +10 apes 10% 100 BAC +10 apes 10% 100 GKEY+ 10 apes 10% The BNAN pool staking generates 50,000 BNAN every day, and all BNAN releases are completed in 1,000 days. LP Staking Pool: apes/usdt 50% apes/BNAN 20% apes/ABC 5% apes/BOND 5% apes/SIYC 5% apes/BAC 5% apes/GKEY 5% apes/apesking 5% The LP Staking Pool generates 50,000 BNAN every day, and all BNAN releases are completed in 3,000 days.

Apeschain Allocation

Initial total supply: 1,000,000 600,000 — Holder 400,000 — APES Pool Staking Node inflation rate/year — 1%~10% (not a constant value) How to join in the APES pool staking? Each Ape Baby Club NFTs gets an airdrop of 100 ABC TOKEN on the APES mainnet, which represents your membership card rights. 1 ABC token+0.6 apes / minimum unit of pledge Join the APES pool staking. The APES pool staking generates 400 APES every day, and all APES releases are completed in 1,000 days. How to join a node? No details available. BNAN staking pools? No details available.

APES mainnet: Introduction to Tokens

What is APES? Gas fee on the APES mainnet. What are BNANs? The token in the Metaverse(Boverse) What are ABC, BAC, SIYC and BOND Token? The membership card proof: ABC Token — #ApesMainnet #ApeBabyClub BAC Token — #ApesMainnet #BohrArmyClub SIYC Token — #ApesMainnet #ShibaInuYachtClub BOND Token — #ApesMainnet #Boverse #LAND If you transfer them (token), you will lose membership benefits for all associated NFTs. Include: Mining, staking, airdrops and more For land, if you lose BOND, you will lose the eligibility to own land, although you have LAND #BSC, its only function is to record your coordinates. You can sell your coordinates, If you without BOND, you can never join the Boverse party. What is GKEY? The golden key (GKEY) is the key to open the treasure. Whether in Mining, staking or airdrops, you need to pay it in order to withdraw rewards. What is Apes King? The first copycat token on the APES mainnet. Decentralization.

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BOHR: BSC contract

BOHR: BSC contract: 0x7be9E596896b64c88E39b7e88F8dceDDa79845C0

We are all Ryoshi

Every Shibarmy is Ryoshi. It does not represent someone, but the glory of Shibarmy! END


Ryoshi “I am not important, and one day I will be gone without notice. Take the SHIBA and journey upwards frens.”


Crypto Price Analysis May-18: ETH, XRP, ADA, SHIB, and DOT

    This week, we take a closer look at Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, Shiba Inu, and Polkadot. Ethereum (ETH) Ethereum finally woke up this week after testing the support at $2,800 and closed with a 7% price increase. Nevertheless, ETH made a new yearly low against Bitcoin. The resistance is at $3,350 and if this momentum continues, it could be tested by the bulls in the coming days. Ideally, Ethereum will break higher soon and return on an uptrend. Looking ahead, ETH could be making a local bottom at this price level, and a relief rally may start after a long correction that began in early March. Chart by TradingView Ripple (XRP) Ripple continued to range in a channel and closed the week with a 4% price increase. Buyers appear keen to test the key resistance at 54 cents. If they are successful at a breakout, then they could hope to see the price rally again. The daily MACD has turned bullish in the past week, hinting that this cryptocurrency is ready to move higher. A decisive breakout above 54 cents is needed to confirm this. Looking ahead, XRP has a real opportunity in the coming week to bring back volume and buyers. If successful, the next target will be found at 68 cents. Chart by TradingView Cardano (ADA) ADA finally broke the resistance at 46 cents and is currently looking primed to move towards 60 cents next. The price increased by 7.5% this week. The 46 cents level was not yet confirmed as support and this could take place as buyers and sellers test their strength. The ove... read More

Important Shibarium Indicator Jumps by 200% Amid Shiba Inu (SHIB) Price ...

    TL;DR Shiba Inu's layer-2 blockchain solution, Shibarium, saw daily transactions surge by 193%, although still below its peak activity from mid-April. A 4,000% increase in SHIB's burn rate and positive analyst predictions hint at the potential for further price gains of 20-50%. The Latest Spike Shiba Inu's layer-2 scaling solution - Shibarium - continues to make great strides, witnessing a substantial increase in transaction activity. Data shows that daily transactions on the network have soared to almost 18,000, a 193% jump compared to the figures observed a day earlier. However, the metric is far from its glory days, which were registered in mid-April. Back then, daily transactions were in the millions. Launched in the summer of 2023, Shibarium aims to foster the development of the meme coin by enhancing scalability, lowering transaction fees, and improving speed. It blasted through numerous milestones in the past few months, while its further development is considered a bullish factor for the price of Shiba Inu. The asset has entered into green territory as of late, with its value jumping by 9% on a daily scale and 18% monthly. Meanwhile, those interested in learning more about Shibarium, feel free to check our dedicated video below: Additional Bullish Elements Shiba Inu's burn rate increase can also contribute to a SHIB rally. The metric recently exploded by 4,000%, destroying millions of tokens.  The mechanism's ultim... read More

Shiba Inu Price Makes Decisive Move: Is Now The Ideal Time To Buy?

    The Shiba Inu (SHIB) price has exhibited a notable increase, rising by 6.5% in the last 24 hours and 12.5% over the past week, marking a significant shift towards bullish momentum. Technical analysis of the daily SHIB/USD chart reveals a descending trend line where price has been rejected on every single daily close for the past two months. However, today’s price movements have led to a shift. The descending trend line that previously governed Shiba Inu’s downward trajectory has recently been breached, suggesting a potential reversal or at least a weakening of the bearish pressure. Renowned crypto analyst Cold Blooded Shiller remarked, “One of the commandments of memes is thou shalt always long the meme when the trendline snaps.” One of the commandments of memes is thou shalt always long the meme when the trendline snaps — Cold Blooded Shiller (@ColdBloodShill) May 4, 2024 Prior to the breakout, he noted, “In 20IQ szn you're looking for 20IQ entry signals. Breaking the trendline that has been respected on every single daily close for the past 2 months will be one of those. SHIB starting to tick.” The shift is supported by the positioning of Exponential Moving Averages (EMAs); the 20-day EMA at approximately $0.00002238 and the 50-day EMA at $0.00002131 which were both breached with yesterday’s daily close. Further down, the 100-day and 200-day EMAs at around $0.00001831 serve as significant support... read More

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Rally, Shiba Inu (SHIB) Predictions, and More: Recap...

    TL;DR Bitcoin's price surged from $61,500 to over $66,500, possibly driven by the release of US CPI data. Shiba Inu saw a 9% price increase, with analysts predicting further gains of up to 50% based on technical patterns. PEPE achieved a new all-time high on May 15, becoming the third-largest meme coin by market cap, with all holders realizing paper profits at one point. BTC Resurgence After trading sideways in the past several days, the price of the primary cryptocurrency has once again headed north on May 15. It soared from $61,500 to over $66,500 in a matter of hours, currently standing at approximately $66,000 (per CoinGecko's data). BTC Price, Source: CoinGecko The uptick occurred shortly after the latest Consumer Price Index (CPI) data was released by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. It showed that the inflation rate in the world's largest economy clocked in at 3.4%, meeting previous expectations. The Federal Reserve's goal is to decrease the annual inflation to 2%. As such, it implemented multiple measures in the past few years, including rate hikes. America's central bank hinted at a pivot sometime this year which is seen by many industry participants as a bullish factor for Bitcoin and the entire industry. After all, lowering interest rates makes money borrowing easier, possibly sparking more interest in riskier assets such as cryptocurrencies. SHIB Forecasts The popular meme coin has also expe... read More

Shiba Inu (SHIB) Price Prediction: 50% Surge Incoming But There's a Catc...

    TL;DR Shiba Inu (SHIB) has recently risen by 6%, with predictions of further significant increases if it breaks key resistance levels. Analysts are optimistic, with forecasts ranging from moderate gains to potential surges as high as 350% in the near future. SHIB's Next Possible Move The price of the popular meme coin - Shiba Inu (SHIB) - has recently flashed green, rising by 6% over the past week. The sudden move to the north did not come as a surprise to some analysts who forecasted a substantial rally. SHIB Price, Source: CoinGecko One example is the X user Ali Martinez, who assumed that SHIB's value could climb by 20% should it break 'the upper boundary of this descending parallel channel at $0.00002444. Dami-Defi was even more optimistic, claiming that the token has formed 'a falling wedge pattern on the 1D time frame.' The analyst envisioned a 50% price pump if the current level gets surpassed. They also estimated that 'the meme season continues.' As CryptoPotato reported, numerous assets of that type, including PEPE, FLOKI, BONK, and many others, have charted significant gains as of late, while the total market capitalization of the niche exceeded the $55 billion mark. Additional Recent Forecasts The X user with almost 100,000 followers - Del Crxpto - is also among the bulls. Not long ago, he claimed to know 'what's coming' in the future and , as such, hopped on the SHIB bandwagon as an investor: ... read More

Analyst Predicts Shiba Inu to Soar 50% Amidst Meme Coin Market Rise

    Well-known cryptocurrency expert and enthusiast Dami Defi has offered his insights on the price action of Shiba Inu, predicting a surge in the crypto asset as the Meme coin market sees a fresh wave of demand. Given the optimism around meme coins lately, Dami Defi is confident that Shiba Inu could rise by over 50% shortly. Shiba Inu Price Could Rise By 20% Shiba Inu (SHIB) has become one of the leading meme coins, attracting positive outlooks from several analysts in the crypto space today. Should SHIB break out of this falling wedge pattern, Dami Defi anticipates an over 50% surge in Shiba Inu's price. This 50% increase will take the crypto asset from its present price to the $0.000035 level. The analyst predictions align with Ali Martinez's forecast, highlighting that the digital asset's price is moving in a descending parallel channel.  While Dami Defi anticipates an over 50% price surge for Shiba Inu, Martinez expects the crypto asset to rise by over 20% in the short term. Martinez's anticipated 20% increase will take the crypto asset from the $0.00002444 price to the $0.00002954 level. Martinez appears bullish on Shiba Inu, as he had predicted the asset to reach $0.000072323. He highlighted that SHIB on the daily chart seems to be forming a bull flag, indicating an impending movement on the upside. Due to this, the expert opened trade at around $0.000018343 in hopes of a strong breakout that will take Shiba Inu to $0.000072323. Martinez's prognosis, fueled by... read More

Important Shiba Inu Metric Explodes by 2,300% as the SHIB Price Rises: D...

    TL;DR Shiba Inu experienced a significant increase in transaction volume and price, supported by improvements in its blockchain technology and increased token burns. SHIB's adoption as a payment method by CoinGate further enhances its utility and exposure in the cryptocurrency market. This SHIB Indicator Took off The second-biggest meme coin in terms of total market capitalization - Shiba Inu - made the headlines today (May 14) thanks to the rise of one major metric related to its ecosystem.  According to IntoTheBlock data, SHIB aggregated daily volume, where each transaction exceeded $100,000, has reached $223 million. This represents a staggering 2,300% increase compared to the figure observed the day before. Daily active addresses and transaction volume have also headed north, albeit not as substantially. The rise of the aforementioned metrics coincides with a SHIB price rally. The asset is among the best performers in the market today, registering a 7% increase on a 24-hour scale. Some of its rivals in the meme coin niche, though, have witnessed even more significant gains. Such examples are PEPE (23%), POPCAT (27%), TRUMP (22%), FLOKI (12%), and more. The Contributing Factors Some of the elements that may have fueled the latest SHIB price resurgence include the surging burn rate and the further development of the layer-2 scaling solution Shibarium. The team behind the meme coin de... read More

Shiba Inu Volume Flips Dogecoin, Will SHIB Price Flip DOGE If This Analy...

    Shiba Inu is up by 7% in the past 24 hours amidst an uptick in the meme coin market, coming ahead of Dogecoin at this time. The meme coin niche has witnessed a strong resurgence in the past day, with the entire niche up by 7.82%. Shiba Inu has particularly done well and witnessed a strong volume of interest amidst this uptick. Interestingly, this uptick in volume for SHIB has surpassed DOGE, with on-chain data suggesting SHIB could do better in the short term. At the same time, crypto analyst Ali Martinez has revealed a phenomenon that could lead to a 20% upswing for SHIB. Shiba Inu Volume Flips Dogecoin Data from Coinmarketcap shows that Shiba Inu has witnessed a trading volume increase of 320% in the past 24 hours. The metric, on Dogecoin's side, was an increase of 160%. According to ITB's holding by time metric, DOGE has seen a 1.86% increase in the number of holders in the past 30 days, compared to a 0.43% increase for SHIB. ITB terms holders as passive investors that have held the asset for more than one year.  However, the number of cruisers (investors holding between 1 to 12 months) flips the short-term interest in the favor of SHIB. As of this writing, SHIB’s cruisers have increased by +5.69% in a 30-day timeframe. The metric, on DOGE’s side, shows a 2.44% decrease. SHIB To Breakout Of Parallel Channel The recent increase in volume and short-term activity suggests that SHIB is ready to break out of a descending parallel channel of lower highs. As poi... read More

Shiba Inu Adoption: People Can Now Book Airbnb or Buy Nike Clothes via S...

    TL;DR CoinGate, a blockchain payment processor, has added Shiba Inu as a payment method, integrating it with Polygon and Binance Smart Chain. SHIB's price experienced an uptick lately, while its market capitalization neared $14 billion. Enabling SHIB Payments CoinGate - a blockchain payment processor headquartered in Lithuania - became the latest entity to embrace the popular meme coin - Shiba Inu - as a payment method. To do so, it integrated SHIB with Polygon and Binance Smart Chain.  We love SHIB! To prove that, we have added #SHIB support for #Polygon and Binance Smart Chain.#Shibarmy, use your $SHIB to book Airbnb, grab the latest games from Steam & PS5, refresh your wardrobe with Nike & Zalando and more! Explore all options: — CoinGate (@CoinGatecom) May 10, 2024 The payment gateway enables businesses to buy, sell, manage, and accept cryptocurrencies. It acts as a bridge between crypto and traditional finance, facilitating transactions for goods and services.  Popular companies that collaborate with the payment processor in some way include Airbnb, Nike, Spotify, Walmart, IKEA, Uber, and many more. Besides the thumbs up from CoinGate, SHIB made the headlines today (May 13) thanks to its substantial price increase. As CryptoPotato reported, it spiked by 7% on an hourly scale while its market capitalization neared the $14 billion mark. Previous Support for S... read More

Meme Coin Watch: Slothana Hits ATH, Shiba Inu Bullish, Sealana Raises $5...

    It’s been a great few days for meme coin investors. The sloth-themed Slothana token just hit a new all-time high less than two weeks after its DEX debut. OG dog coin Shiba Inu is also looking bullish, while newcomer Sealana has raised over $500,000 in presale funds ahead of its exchange launch. Slothana Hits Record High as Retail Trader Demand Ramps Up Slothana (SLOTH) is currently one of the most talked-about meme coins in the Solana ecosystem. Since being listed on Raydium, the SLOTH token has rocketed 245% to print a new all-time high of $0.042. SLOTH’s market cap has also passed $84 million – higher than well-established joke coins like Snek (SNEK) and Grok (GROK). This jaw-dropping rally appears fueled by several positive developments hitting all at once. Firstly, SLOTH was listed on major crypto data trackers like CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, significantly boosting the token’s visibility. Secondly, the development team renounced ownership of SLOTH’s smart contract and put the entirety of the token supply into the market. Lastly, Slothana’s team also announced a burn mechanism designed to increase scarcity (and potentially price). These three bullish events in quick succession have led to a wave of demand from retail investors. And with the token now listed on several CEXs, including Poloniex and, SLOTH could be poised for even greater heights in the coming weeks. Shiba Inu Joins the Rally with 8% Surge The bullishness isn&rsq... read More

Shiba Inu (SHIB) Price Soars by 7% in an Hour: Details

    TL;DR Shiba Inu experienced a 7% price increase, aligning with a broader market uptick of the cryptocurrency market. The rise in SHIB's value could be linked to a significant increase in its token burn rate and upgrades to its Shibarium layer-2 solution. SHIB Flashes Green After several days of underperforming, the popular meme coin finally started rallying again. Its price spiked by almost 7% in the past hour while its market capitalization neared the $14 billion mark. SHIB Price, Source: CoinGecko The resurgence coincides with a sudden green wave that pervaded much of the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin (BTC) jumped to almost $63,000, Ethereum (ETH) is close to surpassing the $3,000 mark, while Solana (SOL) crossed $145.  The revival in the meme coin sector is also evident. Shiba Inu's biggest rival - Dogecoin (DOGE) - is up 3% in the past hour. Dogwifhat (WIF), Pepe (PEPE), Bonk Inu (BONK), and many more have also witnessed impressive gains, albeit not as substantial as SHIB.  The Potential Reasons Besides the overall market revival, SHIB's valuation might have been positively impacted by the Shiba Inu burn rate, which skyrocketed by over 300% in the past week. This resulted in more than 200 million tokens destroyed. The mechanism's ultimate goal is to reduce the tremendous circulating supply of the asset, making it scarcer and potentially more valuable in time. Shibarium's advancem... read More

Bitcoin Price Shoots Up Toward $63K, Shiba Inu Gains 6% Daily (Market Wa...

    Bitcoin's price stood still over the weekend at around $61,000 with only a few minor fluctuations, but the asset suddenly jumped on Monday morning to a multi-day peak of almost $63,000. The altcoins have also turned green after the weekend stagnation, with TON and SHIB leading the pack. BTC Heads for $63K It was last Monday when the primary cryptocurrency jumped to a 12-day peak of $65,500 but was quickly stopped at this point as the bears resumed control of the market. In the following days, the asset saw its price decline by several thousand dollars to $60,800 by Thursday. After another false breakout attempt on Friday to $64,000, BTC dumped once more, this time to just over $60,000. The bulls intercepted the drop and initiated a minor recovery during the weekend that resulted in bitcoin standing still at around $61,000. BTC tried its hand at taking down $62,000 yesterday but was halted in its tracks. The rejection pushed it down to $60,800 earlier today. However, the cryptocurrency went on a roll in the past hour or so and soared by over two grand. As of now, BTC trades inches away from $63,000, and its market cap has neared $1.250 trillion. Its dominance over the alts has increased slightly to just over 51% on CG. Bitcoin/Price/Chart 13.05.2024. Source: TradingView TON, SHIB Lead the Way Most larger-cap alts are yet to follow BTC on the way up but are still with some minor gains. ETH, for instance, has failed to overcome the $3,000 level despite a 2% daily increase. BNB i... read More

Crypto Price Analysis May-10: ETH, XRP, ADA, SHIB, and DOT

    This week, we take a closer look at Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, Shiba Inu, and Polkadot. Ethereum (ETH) Ethereum continues to hold above $3,000 and closed the week with a 2% price increase. This brings optimism that the correction may be approaching an end. So far, buyers have come in strong any time the price falls under $3,000. The current resistance is at $3,400, and it was last tested at the end of April when sellers rejected an attempt at a breakout. If buyers continue to sustain the price above the key support, another breakout attempt appears likely. Looking ahead, ETH will consolidate in this range until the market makes a decisive move. The bias is neutral at the time of this post and would turn bullish if this cryptocurrency moves above $3,400. Chart by TradingView Ripple (XRP) Ripple had another week with a flat price action that is almost identical to last week. The current resistance is at 54 cents, and buyers have been unable to break it despite a recent attempt. The indicators have been flat since the crash in mid-April, and volume has been falling. Until it returns, this price action is unlikely to change much, as there is no conviction from buyers or sellers right now. Looking ahead, XRP's price may continue to move under the key resistance at 54 cents. Should selling intensify, then this cryptocurrency has good support at 50 cents. Chart by TradingView Cardano (ADA) After a difficult start in May, ADA seems to have found support at 45 cents and is keen to mo... read More

Top Shiba Inu Price Predictions to Watch as These SHIB Metrics Take off

    TL;DR Despite a recent 20% weekly decline, analysts forecast a significant rally for Shiba Inu, driven by positive technical indicators. A sharp increase in SHIB's burn rate, enhancements to its Shibarium layer-2 platform, and other elements are seen as bullish signals for its future price. Where is SHIB Headed? The popular meme coin - Shiba Inu (SHIB) - has underperformed lately, with its price plunging by 20% on a monthly scale. For its part, the market capitalization has retraced below $13.5 billion. However, the negative trends don't seem a big concern for many analysts who believe SHIB is poised for a bull run.  One example is the X user with almost 100,000 followers – Del Crxpto. He claimed to know 'what's coming' in the future and as such, jumping on the SHIB bandwagon as an investor: 'I know the future, I know what's coming for SHIB. I will not share this information, as I do not want to tarnish my SHIB relationships. However, I will tell you this: I am accumulating $SHIB.' Another popular analyst who entered Shiba Inu's ecosystem is Ali Martinez. He argued that the asset's price trajectory has been 'forming a bull flag' on a daily chart, raising hopes for a 300% rally. Rekt Capital and CRYPTO SHERIFF chipped in, too. The former noted that SHIB's value has reached the same level as the one from early 2022. The trader assumed that the price might skyrocket b... read More

VanEck's MarketVector Launches Meme Coin Index to Track DOGE, WIF, SHIB,...

    MarketVector, a subsidiary of the renowned American asset management giant VanEck, has launched the MEMECOIN Index. It has shown impressive performance, surging 195% in the past year and 137% since the start of 2024. This index aims to track the performance of six popular meme coins, such as DOGE, SHIB, and others. VanEck’s MEMECOIN Index The acceptance of meme coins within the cryptocurrency community is gaining traction, notably with the introduction of the 'meme coin asset class' by traditional finance (TradFi). VanEck's @MarketVector launches $MEMECOIN index, top 6 assets, 30% cap. Warns potential customers: 'These coins are intended for entertainment purposes' — matthew sigel, recovering CFA (@matthew_sigel) May 8, 2024 These assets are Shiba Inu (SHIB), Dogecoin (DOGE), Dogwifhat (WIF), Bonk (BONK), Pepe (PEPE), and Floki (FLOKI). DOGE is in the lead, contributing 30.64% to index weighting, followed closely by SHIB at 28.01%. Pepe (PEPE) is at 14.51%, Dogwifhat (WIF) at 12.54%, Floki Inu (FLOKI) at 7.14%, and lastly BONK at 6.7%. A tool for institutional and retail investors, the index uses a cap of 30% on individual coin weightings to ensure diversification and protect against influence from any single asset. Monthly index reviews ensure its relevance and adaptability to the changing meme coin market. For institutional investors, the index offers a structured entry point into a market characterized by volatility and speculation.... read More

Why is the Shiba Inu (SHIB) Price Up this Week?

    SHIB managed to stop the downtrend this week. The SHIB price has been increasing throughout the seven days, so let's have a quick look at a few reasons why and what may rest ahead. Key Support levels: $0.000022Key Resistance levels: $0.0000251. SHIB Holds Under Key Resistance Despite an assault from sellers, SHIB continues to hold and move sideways under the key resistance at $0.0000025. The price made a higher low and now appears determined to stand its ground. Should sellers push again, this meme coin has good support at $0.000022. Chart by TradingView 2. Momentum Shows Indecision The momentum indicators are turning flat, which shows some indecision from market participants. Neither bulls nor bears seem to have the upper hand right now. However, this is probably not going to last long. Chart by TradingView 3. MACD Is Flat The daily MACD is flat, with the histogram hugging the zero level. The moving averages also move without a clear direction. It's important to wait and see what type of trend will form to determine the price's direction. Chart by TradingView The post Why is the Shiba Inu (SHIB) Price Up this Week? appeared first on CryptoPotato. read More

Key Shiba Inu (SHIB) Indicator Explodes by Almost 400%: Details

    TL;DR Shiba Inu has experienced significant increases in large transaction volumes and daily active addresses, despite a recent 6% drop in value. Positive developments in SHIB's ecosystem, including a surge in the token burn rate and enhancements to its Shibarium layer-2 blockchain, suggest potential for a future price rally. SHIB's Resurgence While the price of Shiba Inu (SHIB) is down 6% on a 24-hour scale, some important metrics related to its ecosystem have headed north.  IntoTheBlock data shows that aggregated daily volume, where each transaction is larger than $100,000, has surpassed the $60 million mark. This figure represents a whopping 382% increase compared to the day before. The number of daily active addresses is also on the rise, albeit in a more modest fashion.  The spike of such significant transactions can impact the SHIB price. For instance, large buy orders can reduce liquidity by taking a substantial amount of tokens off the market, potentially driving the value up due to decreased supply. On the other hand, sell orders can trigger the opposite scenario as more assets will become available. Whale transactions may also influence investor sentiment, fueling additional enthusiasm among traders and thus propelling the flow of fresh capital. Other Contributing Factors for a SHIB Rally The burn rate and the advancement of the layer-2 blockchain solution - Shibarium - are additional elements that may cause a SHIB bull run... read More

Shiba Inu Price Prediction: Crypto Analyst Says Massive Surge Is Coming,...

    Shiba Inu has rebounded by over 19% from its $0.00002081 price point at the beginning of the month. Current price action shows the cryptocurrency might be on its way to performing an interesting price surge in the coming weeks. According to one crypto analyst, SHIB could actually go on a 120% price surge after breaking out of the current consolidation. Crypto Analyst Says Massive Surge Coming SHIB kickstarted a price correction immediately after reaching 0.00003556 in early March. Bullish investor sentiment surrounding the meme cryptocurrency at the time quickly changed into a bearish one. This pushed SHIB on a decline that bottomed out at $0.00002117 in the middle of April, indicating a 40% price correction in those two months. However, the analyst foresees a bullish breakout to create a strong bullish wave that's going to send SHIB holders on a profit margin between 100% and 120%. $Shib Consolidating In Bullish Flag In H8 Timeframe Incase Of Successful Breakout Expecting Solid Bullish Wave Expecting 100-120% Bullish Wave#Crypto #Shib — World Of Charts (@WorldOfCharts1) May 3, 2024 Interestingly, a further look into the chart shared by World Of Charts shows that the analyst is open to a higher price surge over a longer period of time. The last price target indicated on the chart is $0.00009500, which is a 280% target from the current price levels.  Can Shiba Inu Push Higher? Shiba Inu recently formed a higher low on the weekly time... read More

Shiba Inu (SHIB) Outperforms Bitcoin and Dogecoin on This Front: Details

    TL;DR SHIB tops some trading charts for April, surpassing BTC, DOGE, and ETH, showcasing its consistent popularity among traders. Analysts like Ali Martinez and Rekt Capital anticipate a potential Shiba Inu bull run, with buy orders placed and bullish predictions suggesting triple-digit price increases. SHIB's Solid Achievement Shiba Inu continues to make the headlines by registering substantial price spikes and achieving numerous advancements.  For example, it topped WazirX's ranking as the most-traded cryptocurrency for April, leaving Bitcoin (BTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), Pepe (PEPE), and Ethereum (ETH) behind. Top five traded coins on WazirX in April'24: $SHIB $BTC $DOGE $PEPE $ETH Which one did you trade the most? — WazirX: India Ka Bitcoin Exchange (@WazirXIndia) May 3, 2024 This is not the first time the meme coin has topped that ranking. It was the most-traded digital currency on WazirX's platform in March, surpassing BTC, PEPE, FLOKI, and DOGE. Recall that SHIB was the second-most traded cryptocurrency on the trading venue for 2023. It is worth mentioning that WazirX is among the leading Indian cryptocurrency exchanges, with over 6 million registered users and monthly trading volume equaling billions of dollars. It is part of the Binance group and serves clients in more than 180 countries. Recent SHIB Price Predictions The meme coin's price has been flashing green for the past few days, wi... read More

Important Shiba Inu Metric Explodes by 4,000%: What About the SHIB Price...

    TL;DR Shiba Inu's burn rate skyrockets, removing millions of tokens on a daily scale, part of a larger effort to reduce supply and enhance value. Shibarium development advances with upgrades aimed at improving speed, scalability, and transaction fees, potentially contributing to SHIB's recent price increase. SHIB Burn Rate Going Through the Roof The popular meme coin - Shiba Inu - witnessed another substantial burn rate increase. Data shows that it skyrocketed by over 4,000% in the past 24 hours, resulting in over 81 million tokens removed from circulation.  The program has been quite successful as of late, with almost 1.7 billion SHIB assets destroyed throughout April. Its ultimate goal is to reduce the tremendous supply of the meme coin, making it scarcer and possibly more valuable in the future. SHIB's price has climbed 6% weekly and over 150% since May last year. The asset remains the second-largest in the meme coin cohort, with a market capitalization nearing $15 billion. SHIB Price, Source: CoinGecko Shibarium's Potential Role Another element that could have positively contributed to the latest revival of Shiba Inu's price is the development of the layer-2 scaling solution - Shibarium. The network, which aims to elevate the token above its rivals in the meme coin realm by improving speed, enhancing scalability, and lowering transaction fees, recently underwent two essential upgrades. The first one occurred in mid-April when th... read More

Shiba Inu In Danger Zone: 15% Price Crash Incoming?

    The price of Shiba Inu (SHIB), the self-proclaimed 'Dogecoin killer,' has been caught in a technical tug-of-war, with bears attempting to push it lower and bulls clinging to signs of hope. Analysts are scrutinizing the memecoin's chart pattern and on-chain data to decipher its next move. Descending Triangle Looms: Will SHIB Fall Or Fly? A descending triangle formation has emerged on SHIB's 3-day chart. This pattern typically indicates a potential price decline, as the asset's price gets squeezed between converging support and resistance lines. The big question for SHIB holders: will the price break below support and continue its descent, or will it defy gravity and break out of the triangle, sparking an uptrend? Falling Demand Raises Concerns For Shiba Inu Adding fuel to the bearish fire, SHIB has witnessed a significant drop in demand. Data from Santiment reveals a worrying trend: the daily active addresses for SHIB have plummeted by more than 50% over the past month. This suggests a shrinking user base and potentially lower trading volume, which can put downward pressure on the price. New Investors Give SHIB The Cold Shoulder Further dampening spirits is the sharp decline in new addresses joining the SHIB party. According to on-chain data, the number of new addresses created daily to trade SHIB has nosedived by 51% in the same period. This lack of fresh blood entering the market could exacerbate the selling pressure. SHIB's High Valuation: A Recipe For Sell-Off? Another... read More

DOGE, SHIB, PEPE Among Top Performers Daily, BTC Rises to $63K (Weekend ...

    Bitcoin's recovery tour continues as the cryptocurrency jumped from under $59,000 yesterday to a multi-day peak of over $63,000 earlier today. Most altcoins have followed suit with impressive gains once again, including the ever-volatile meme coin sector. BTC Goes After $63K Bitcoin had a highly adverse trading week as its price dumped hard on a few occasions. It all started positively on Monday morning when BTC pumped to almost $65,000, but the bears took control of the market immediately and pushed it south to $62,000. The declines were far from over as the asset further slumped to and below $60,000. The correction culminated in a two-month low of $56,500 charted on Wednesday, ahead of the latest US FOMC meeting. Once that was completed and the Fed said it will not raise the interest rates soon, BTC reacted with a $2,000 pump and dump and returned to its starting position. It started to recover more ground in the following hours and neared $60,000 yesterday, as reported. It was stopped there at first, but managed to break through that psychological resistance later that day. The bulls kept the pressure on and pushed BTC to a multi-day peak of $63,500. Despite losing some ground since then, bitcoin currently sits at around $63,000. Its 6% daily increase means that its market cap has risen to $1.240 trillion, while its dominance over the alts stands at 50.5%. Bitcoin/Price/Chart. 04.05.2024. Source: TradingView DOGE, SHIB, PEPE on the Rise The top gainers from the largest alt... read More

Shiba Inu Stands Strong: Over 650K Wallet Addresses Still Profitable Ami...

    Shiba Inu (SHIB) has demonstrated resilience despite recent market downturns. Data reveals that roughly over 700 trillion SHIB tokens held by more than 650,000 wallet addresses remain profitable, reflecting steadfast confidence among holders in the token's long-term value. Shiba Inu Market Resilience Amid Volatility Recent on-chain analytics have uncovered an interesting trend among Shiba Inu investors. Despite a general dip in SHIB's market price, investors continue to hold a substantial volume of tokens—totaling 733 trillion—showing unrealized gains. These holdings, maintained by approximately 653,530 individual wallets, were acquired at prices ranging from $0.000002 to $0.000022, averaging out at $0.000011. This indicates not only a significant level of acquisition but also a broad base of investors who entered the market at lower valuations, positioning themselves in profit despite the coin's fluctuating fortunes. The 'Break Even Price' indicator, a crucial tool derived from on-chain data, suggests that many SHIB holders are still in the green financially. This could point to a collective strategy among holders to weather short-term price movements, with an eye on potential long-term returns. Such data reinforces the notion of SHIB as more than just a speculative asset, hinting at a deeper conviction among its community regarding the token's future potential. Long-Term Outlook And Ecosystem Developments Despite a decline of 5.2% over the past week and 11.9% ... read More

Crypto Price Analysis May-03: ETH, XRP, ADA, SHIB, and DOT

    This week, we take a closer look at Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, Shiba Inu, and Polkadot. Ethereum (ETH) Ethereum broke under $3,000 and closes this week with a 5% loss. This latest crash in the price made a lower low which shows bears are still in control of the price action. The current support is at $2,900 and buyers have to protect this level at all costs. If they fail, then the next major support will be found at $2,500. Looking ahead, ETH was quickly rejected at the $3,350 resistance in late April. Since then, the price has been in a downtrend. The bias remains bearish, but hopefully May can bring better news for this cryptocurrency. Chart by TradingView Ripple (XRP) Ripple continues to move sideways and closes the week with a 1% loss. While this is not much, volatility was higher this week when the price briefly dropped to 48 cents before bouncing. The resistance is found at 54 cents and the price seems unable to break this level at this time. Therefore, XRP is more likely to move sideways under the key resistance. Looking ahead, if sellers decide to return in force, then the next key level of support is at 50 cents. While the chart is bearish, the hope is that sellers will become exhausted after they dominated in April. Chart by TradingView Cardano (ADA) ADA was rejected by the resistance at 46 cents and appears to still struggle. The price is in a downtrend and has fallen by 4% this week. If buyers don't return soon, then ADA may make new lows and approach the key sup... read More

Massive SHIB Movement Ignites Market Speculation: Is A Big Surge On The ...

    Shiba Inu (SHIB) is capturing significant attention following a colossal transfer of tokens and a prediction of a bullish breakout. This event has piqued the curiosity of both traders and analysts alike, sparking debates and expectations about the future trajectory of this popular meme coin. Large SHIB Token Transfer Sparks Speculation Recently, the crypto community witnessed an extraordinary transaction involving the movement of nearly two trillion SHIB tokens from the trading platform Robinhood to an undisclosed wallet. This transfer, identified by Whale Alert, a blockchain tracking service, involved two tranches of 875 billion SHIB each, culminating in a total of 1.75 trillion SHIB. Valued at approximately $39.2 billion, this movement has led to rampant speculation about the potential implications for the SHIB market. 875,000,000,000 #SHIB (19,666,682 USD) transferred from #Robinhood to unknown wallet — Whale Alert (@whale_alert) May 1, 2024 The timing and scale of this transaction have raised questions about its motives, whether it be a strategic move by a major investor or simply a reallocation within diverse portfolios. The lack of clarity surrounding the destination wallet adds intrigue and uncertainty within the trading community. Bullish Forecasts Amidst Market Corrections Amidst this massive token movement, cryptocurrency analysts have been closely monitoring SHIB's performance. Notably, Ali Charts, a respected figure in the crypto an... read More

Time to Buy SHIB? Popular Analyst Bets on a 300% Shiba Inu Price Rally

    TL;DR Shiba Inu experienced a 5% price increase daily, with optimistic forecasts from analysts like Ali Martinez, who predicts a significant upcoming rally due to positive chart patterns. The potential for an uptick is supported by a significant resurgence in SHIB's burning program and ongoing enhancements to Shibarium. Betting on a SHIB Bull Run The cryptocurrency market flashed green today (May 2) after suffering substantial losses the previous day. Shiba Inu (SHIB) is among the best performers (at least from the top 20 club), registering a 5% price increase on a 24-hour scale. SHIB Price, Source: CoinGecko One analyst who is optimistic that the meme coin is yet to experience a significant rally is Ali Martinez. The X user believes SHIB's price trajectory might be forming a bull flag on the daily chart. Ali Martinez went further, admitting to placing buy orders at current rates and expecting a 300% surge to approximately $0.000072323 in the near future. Other analysts who recently envisioned a bright future for the meme coin include Rekt Capital and crypto content creator Jake Gagain. The former forecasted a triple-digit price increase, while the latter maintained that 'fading' Shiba Inu 'is a major mistake.'  The Contributing Factors Two essential elements that may fuel a SHIB rally in the short term are the asset's burning program and the development of Shibarium. As CryptoPotato reported, the burn r... read More

Crypto Analyst Predicts 244% Shiba Inu Rally Based On Bull Flag

    An analyst explained how Shiba Inu could be heading towards a massive rally based on a bull flag pattern that forms in its daily chart. Shiba Inu Has Been Consolidating Inside A Bull Flag Recently In a new post on X, analyst Ali has discussed about a bull flag that has recently appeared in the daily price of Shiba Inu. The bull flag is a pattern in technical analysis (TA) that, as its name suggests, is shaped like a flag on a pole. The pattern forms when an uptrend is followed by a period of consolidation inside a parallel channel toward the downward direction. The starting uptrend makes up for the pole, while the channel acts as the flag. Like other TA patterns, the consolidation channel or flag here comprises two parallel lines. The upper level connects the price tops, while the lower one joins the bottoms. When the asset retests either of these levels, it's probable to undergo a reversal, with the upper line of the channel acting as a point of resistance and the lower one as support. A break above the resistance line is considered a bullish signal for the price. The uptrend resulting from such a break may be the same length as the flag's pole. On the other hand, a drop below the flag (that is, a breakdown of support) invalidates the formation and may even suggest the takeover of bearish momentum for the asset. Similar to the bull flag, there is also the bear flag in TA, which works much in the same way, except that it occurs during a downtrend (with the flag signifying co... read More

New Major Milestone for Shiba Inu (SHIB): Details

    TL;DR Shibarium, the layer-2 blockchain solution for Shiba Inu, continues to grow robustly, surpassing significant milestones in blocks, transactions, and wallet addresses despite SHIB's price struggles. Recent developments in the network include a user interface update for better wallet compatibility and an upcoming hard fork to enhance user experience and transaction efficiency. Shibarium's Latest Achievement Contrary to the unsatisfactory price condition of Shiba Inu in the past few weeks, the asset's layer-2 blockchain solution - Shibarium - keeps making waves.  Latest data shows that the number of total blocks on the network surpassed the milestone of 4.5 million. Total transactions currently stand at around 417 million, whereas wallet addresses are inching towards 1.8 million. Shibarium's progress looks quite impressive considering the fact that it officially saw the light of day at the end of last summer. The feature's main goal is to foster the development of Shiba Inu's ecosystem by improving speed, lowering transaction fees, and enhancing scalability. Those curious to learn more about the network can take a thorough look at our dedicated video below: The Two Important Upgrades As CryptoPotato reported last week, Shibarium's team launched a new user interface (UI) update, describing it as 'faster, smoother, and more accessible than ever.' It aims to enhance compatibility with popular self-custody wallets incl... read More

Ripple (XRP) and Shiba Inu (SHIB) Traders Impacted by this Important Bin...

    TL;DR Binance will introduce new trading pairs with the Japanese yen later this week. Despite new listings, involved cryptocurrencies like XRP, SHIB, ADA, and SOL are currently declining in value. New Pairs Incoming The world's leading cryptocurrency exchange disclosed another update on its trading program to enhance user experience. It will introduce the following pairs XRP/JPY, SHIB/JPY, ADA/JPY, and SOL/JPY on Binance Spot on April 30. Trading bots services for the aforementioned will be enabled on the same day. The upcoming options focus on the Japanese yen, allowing locals to dive deeper in the cryptocurrency industry. 'Users will enjoy zero maker and taker fees on JPY trading pairs until further notice,' the firm clarified. Earlier this month, Binance simplified crypto trading for Mexicans, too, introducing a direct pair between USDT and MXN. Despite the additional support from the exchange, the popular altcoins Ripple (XRP), Shiba Inu (SHIB), Cardano (ADA), and Solana (SOL) remain deep in the red amid an overall market correction. Rapid price surges are usually witnessed in the event of an official listing on Binance, with the company embracing all of the aforementioned cryptocurrencies years ago. Previous Binance Updates The firm amended its trading program multiple times since the beginning of 2024 by listing new digital currencies and delisting existing ones due to numerous factors, s... read More

This Shibarum Metric Spikes by 150%: SHIB Price Rally in the Making?

    TL;DR Shibarium experienced a significant transaction increase and announced upcoming upgrades to improve user experience and processing times. Despite these advancements and a notable spike in the SHIB token burn rate, Shiba Inu's price has fallen by 14% in a week. Shibarium's Latest Advancements Shiba Inu's layer-2 blockchain solution - Shibarium - witnessed a substantial resurgence today (April 29), with daily transactions crossing the 12,000 mark. This represents a 150% increase compared to the 5,000 recorded the day before. Despite the spike, the number of daily transactions is far from the peak in mid-April when the figure skyrocketed to almost one million. Shibarium was recently in the spotlight due to two important upgrades related to its ecosystem. Earlier this month, the team behind the L2 solution launched a new user interface (UI) update, describing it as 'faster, smoother, and more accessible than ever.' Its main purpose is to maximize compatibility with popular self-custody wallets such as MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, and Trust Wallet.  Last week, the developers announced that another upgrade is due on May 2 through a 'hard fork.' The upcoming advancement aims to enhance user experience, implement quicker block processing times, and empower the community of developers and innovators. 'We are also smoothing out transaction fee variations during high traffic times, making costs more predictable ... read More

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