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SFUND Price:
$2.5 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$48.7 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #SFUND today is $1.09 USD.

The lowest SFUND price for this period was $0, the highest was $1.09, and the exact current price of one SFUND crypto coin is $1.08807.

The all-time high SFUND coin price was $16.74.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of SFUND with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for is #SFUND. is 1.7 years old.


The current market capitalization for is $48,688,366. is ranked #291 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a big daily trading volume on #SFUND.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for is $2,476,864.


The circulating supply of SFUND is 44,747,633 coins, which is 45% of the maximum coin supply.


SFUND is a token on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.


SFUND is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Crypto Coin vs Crypto Token — What’s The Difference?

Crypto Coin vs Crypto Token — What’s The Difference? - Hello Seedify Community, Most people in the world today have heard the term crypto coin, of course, popularised by the first of their kind, Bitcoin. Those who are more familiar with crypto and blockchain will have most likely heard the term crypto token as well. It is often thought that they are synonymous with each other, but this is simply untrue. Let’s take a look into exactly what crypto coins are so we can then determine how they differ from crypto tokens. What is a Crypto Coin? Crypto coins are best described as digital currencies, hence the commonly used term cryptocurrency. Crypto coins are a store of value that be exchanged between parties using the distributed ledger (blockchain) without the need for an intermediary. They are created by either being mined for Proof of Work (PoW) blockchains or earned for Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchains. These digital currencies exist in their own blockchain system, with each individual blockchain having just one crypto coin. Some good examples of coins are the well-known Bitcoin’s BTC, Ethereum’s ETH and Solana’s SOL. Although coins can afford everything that can be done with money today, they cannot go beyond. By definition, they are seen as the digital equivalent of money because they share common features such as being fungible, divisible, acceptable, portable, durable and have limited supply. What is a C...

Tokenomics: Why They Matter and How to Analyze Them

Hello Seedify Community, At the time of writing, we are experiencing some volatile times in the market and token prices are fluctuating noticeably on a regular basis. Fundamentals will always have an impact on a token’s current price as is the same in traditional stock markets. That being said, there are many factors that can affect the long-term price of a token and many of these stem from the very creation of a crypto token. Projects need to put together a long-term plan for new tokens to ensure that they will prove to be a worthwhile investment and remain sustainable. In crypto, the term to describe a project’s plan to carry this out is called tokenomics. It is important to understand what tokenomics is as it can help you understand a token’s potential value, the potential growth/decline of a token and its sustainability. Let’s take a look into what exactly tokenomics is and what you should look at when analyzing a project’s token. What is tokenomics and how does it work? Tokenomics can differ from token to token although some may opt to emulate tried and tested methods and some create something entirely new. Since the launch of Bitcoin in 2009, we have seen some innovative models created to manage the supply and demand of tokens. A project’s tokenomics acts as a pre-planned set of rules designed by the founders and written into the code at a protocol level, which are difficult to alter after being implemented...

What is Blockchain Gaming and Why is it so Popular?

Hello Seedify Community, Over the past two years, we have seen blockchain gaming become one of the most promising areas of Web3. The 2021 blockchain gaming boom brought it to the forefront of Web3, with many crypto investors getting behind projects like Axie Infinity and The Sandbox. The main reason for these projects’ success was they allowed players to earn crypto through gameplay and other DeFi akin features such as staking and farming, which led to us coining the phrase, GameFi. GameFi quickly became the blanket term for blockchain gaming as many users focussed more on financial gain than actual gameplay. The term play-to-earn also became synonymous with blockchain gaming with many users thinking this was the only solution there was to offer. However, P2E is just a monetisation model that is proving to have had its day and blockchain gaming has so much more to offer than poor gameplay and “ponzinomics”. Let’s look at what exactly blockchain gaming is, how players can benefit and how it differs from GameFi. What are Blockchain Games? As the name indicates, blockchain games incorporate and harness different elements of blockchain technology to provide a much richer gaming experience. These can include hosting the game on-chain, utilising NFT technology for in-game assets and using crypto as in-game currency, to name a few. The games can be anything from trading card games to role-playing games, simulators and many...

What is KYC and How to Complete the Process on Seedify?

Hello Seedify Community, As you begin to become more familiar with cryptocurrency exchanges, you will have no doubt come across the term “KYC”. What is KYC, and why do all exchanges require completion of the process? KYC’s abbreviation stands for “Know Your Customer”. Passing KYC usually requires 1–2 forms of valid identification. This is Anti Money Laundering’s (AML) first step of due diligence and is a way for exchanges to protect their users whilst also remaining compliant. With KYC, companies not only define the identity of their customers but also gather information about their risk and financial profiles. In this way, activities such as fraud, corruption, and money laundering, can be prevented. Failure to complete the KYC verification process may limit your access to certain features on crypto exchanges. Information required to complete the process includes: Collecting customers’ personally identifiable information (PII), including their full name, place, date of birth, and address., Supporting documents will then need to be submitted, including a utility bill, proof of residence and Government issued ID., This information is then verified against official databases., What are the benefits of Crypto KYC? There are a number of regulatory and compliance benefits both for the customer and for the exchange, as listed below: ‍Increased transparency and trust among customers: Users can feel confident t...

Successful Web3 Builder and NFT Expert “Champ” Joins Seedify as a Strategic NFT Advisor

Hello Seedify Community, We have yet another amazing advisor announcement for you guys. We are excited to have the NFT legend; Champ join the team of Seedify advisors. Champ will be working with Seedify as an NFT Advisor, offering strategic advice to our business development team and will also help with deal flow and connections to other projects and alpha groups, including his very own, Champs Only. Champs Only is a collection of 1444 NFTS that give holders access to a community with a valuable suite of NFT-related tools, features, and alpha from experts designed to give NFT traders a competitive edge in a rapidly moving market. Champs Only was one of the first large-scale alpha groups in the NFT space. It has become a staple in NFTs after selling out in minutes last winter and growing ever since. Having such a close affiliation between Champs Only and Seedify should be enough to get you as excited as we are. Champ is not only an NFT project founder but also a popular YouTuber boasting nearly 40K subscribers, a Twitter content creator with over 160k followers, and a successful Web3 business builder. He’s been creating content geared towards onboarding users the right way and educating his audience on how to trade the NFT market since January 2022. He also runs a Web3 comedy podcast, ngmi, alongside his friend and fellow content creator KMoney. The show features thought leaders of Web3 and Web2 celebrities discussing topi...

Kyle Van Dyn Hoven AKA “John Lemon” Joins Seedify as a Strategic NFT Advisor

Hello Seedify Community, We are proud to announce that our team has got even stronger with the addition of a true legend in the NFT space, Kyle Van Dyn Hoven, AKA “John Lemon”. Kyle has definitely earned his stripes and proven his ability when it comes to building a successful brand and developing excellent products that benefit the NFT industry. Before starting in the NFT Space he was very successful in the digital marketing space where he amassed over 40 million followers on his brand accounts and worked with some of the biggest influencers in the world. While doing that he also owned and operated a mobile development studio that focused on mobile apps and games. Kyle first started out in NFTs in 2019 with a creation on featuring the character and his namesake, “John Lemon”. This was followed by him playing some early NFT games like OxUniverse and Axie Infinity during this time that sparked his initial interest in NFTs itself. Fast forward to 2021 he was an early investor in NBA Top Shot and Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), and after seeing how the space developed during early 2021 he started to develop his own brands for the space. Since then, Kyle has created and co-founded some impressive NFT projects. Starting off with The Doge Pound brand which has done over 34,000 ETH in trading volume across its collections. Kyle also became a partner in the insanely popular Pudgy Penguins, a collection of 8,888 with o...

NFTs: How Far Have We Come & How Much Further Can We Go?

Hello Seedify Community, We are finding ourselves in a transitional period across many areas of Web3. Decentralised Finance (DeFi) summer seems like a distant memory, but this hasn’t stopped projects from trying to solve issues with Centralized Finance (CeFi). GameFi is also starting to pivot and search for more sustainable solutions to replace the once-popular play-to-earn model in an attempt to bridge the gap between traditional and blockchain gaming. NFTs are also in the middle of an exciting transitional period. Some people think that NFTs have “had their day” or believe that PfPs were the best things that NFTs could offer. Our opinion, however, is much the opposite. We work closely with many NFT projects and are always looking for the next opportunities in the industry. However, there are still some exciting use cases we are yet to put to the test. So let’s look at some of the primitive forms of NFTs so we can appreciate where we have come from and look forward to where we can go. First NFT Use Cases: Coloured Coins are often referred to as the first NFTs used to establish ownership of physical items. This was done by “marking” certain Bitcoins or divisions thereof so these fungible tokens could be distinguished from others. Therefore these coins could be connected to the purchased physical item. We see versions of this today in NFTs, especially in the NFT fashion world. NFT art started in 2014 when Kevin M...

What is the difference between Web2 and Web3 Gaming?

Hello Seedify Community, As we are nearing closer to a busy period of Seedify IGOs we thought we should look into some of the differences between traditional and blockchain gaming. There seems to be a disconnect between experienced Web2 gamers and the exciting new possibilities that Web3 gaming offers. Is it that they are unaware, don’t understand or maybe don’t care about blockchain gaming? To fully understand the main differences between traditional and blockchain gaming, let’s first look at the differences between Web2 and Web3 so we can understand how this can be applied to gaming. Web2 vs Web3: The internet has come a long way since the “read-only” version, born in the late eighties. Web2, or the internet as we now know it, allows us to read, write, create and communicate with anyone worldwide. Whilst Web2 has provided the tools for user-generated content (UGC), it still relies on centralised sites and servers. Centralised servers such as AWS, host large amounts of website data, including everything that happens on the internet, which has proven to be extremely valuable. Companies such as Facebook and Google use the power of your data for their own personal gain. As the saying goes, “If you are not paying for the product, then you are the product” — This is where Web3 comes in. Web3 will remove control by decentralising the internet, so centralised servers will no longer be needed. Web3 centres arou...

How Seedify’s Incubation Program Helps Projects Succeed

Hello Seedify Community, The usual practice during a bear market is for most projects to decide to reduce their teams. However, Seedify has actually almost doubled our teams and has also created our in-house incubation team. This team consists of experts and specialists in various areas, such as tokenomics, in-game economics, NFTs, and blockchain. They have been hard at work searching for high-level gaming projects to work with, and we are looking forward to what they are bringing to our community and blockchain gaming as a whole. We are thrilled to have recently announced that five exciting new gaming projects have joined the Seedify Incubation Program. These projects are a great fit for our program and enable us to bring more high-quality and entertaining games with realistic reward mechanisms to blockchain gamers worldwide. Today, we will briefly introduce the new games coming to Seedify, and highlight exactly what it means to be part of the Seedify Incubation Program and the services we provide to support these projects in the future. Our Upcoming Initial Game Offerings (IGOs): We will be releasing dedicated articles for each project over the coming weeks, so be sure to keep an eye out on our socials for updates. — Seedify on Twitter: "If you haven't already, now is the time to check out our recently announced incubation projects!🔥🎮 Sick gameplay📈 Long-term strategies 💪 Strong teams@Koakuma_Ga...

Seedify and Chainlink Labs Establish Channel Partnership To Boost GameFi and NFT Growth

Hello Seedify Community, We are excited to announce our new partnership with Chainlink Labs to support our ecosystems with time-tested Chainlink oracle services and further fuel the growth of GameFi and NFTs. About Chainlink Labs Chainlink Labs is the leading provider of secure and reliable open-source blockchain oracle solutions, enhancing smart contracts by connecting them to a wide range of off-chain data sources and computations, such as asset prices, web APIs, IoT devices, payment systems, and more. Chainlink Labs is dedicated to the development and integration of Chainlink as the standard decentralized oracle framework used by smart contracts across any blockchain. About Chainlink Chainlink is the industry-standard Web3 services platform that has enabled trillions of dollars in transaction volume across DeFi, insurance, gaming, NFTs, and other major industries. As the leading decentralized oracle network, Chainlink enables developers to build feature-rich Web3 applications with seamless access to real-world data and off-chain computation across any blockchain and provides global enterprises with a universal gateway to all blockchains. The Chainlink ecosystem features over 1,500 Web3 projects that use decentralized oracle networks to seamlessly access services such as decentralized data feeds, a verifiably random number generator, a proven smart contract automation solution, and reliable asset reserve verification. Chain...


Seedify Reveals its Steampunk-Themed PFP Avatar Collection

    [PRESS RELEASE - Please Read Disclaimer] Seedify is one of the crypto industry's leading notable launchpads and incubators. They empower innovators and project developers through access to funding, community and partnership building, and a complete support system to help bring premier blockchain games, NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), and metaverses to its community through events called IGOs (Initial Gaming offering) and INOs (Initial NFTs offering). Last month Seedify successfully launched its native NFT token, $SNFTS, via an airdrop which reached almost 60x (at its all-time high). Over 1000+ holders have chosen to farm or stake their $SNFTS, earning passive income. Furthermore, most of them have chosen the 180 days staking pool showing confidence in the long-term performance of the token. In addition, they are now bridging the Metaverse with the recent reveal of its own Profile Picture (PFP) Steampunked-themed Avatar NFT Collection. The AVATARS: The unique set of 2D collectable NFTs will be limited to 10 000 items, with various looks, traits, and wearables. In time, the collection will be interoperable between metaverses and evolve to 3D game-ready avatars. Their visual attributes incorporate intricate details inspired by the vintage steampunk look. Characters include Merchants, Steam Engineers, Alchemists, Tinkerers, Blacksmiths and Crafters, to name but a few. The Narrative: The AVATARS are people who have mastered using gadgetry, metal, steam power and pieced-together machi... read More

Seedify Successfully Launches its NFT Token During Crypto Bear Market

    [PRESS RELEASE - Please Read Disclaimer] On 31st August 2022, Seedify, one of the biggest launchpads within the crypto sector, released $SNFTS - the Seedify NFT Marketplace token. Seedify is one of the crypto industry's leading notable launchpads and incubators. They empower innovators and project developers through access to funding, community and partnership building, and a complete support system to help bring premier blockchain games, NFTs, and metaverses to its community through events called IGOs (Initial Gaming offering) and INOs (Initial NFTs offering). These events attract crypto investors due to the high ROI potential that these tokens and NFTs carry. Seedify has launched over 50 IGO projects with a proven success history and has now entered the NFT space with an NFT launchpad and marketplace that will bring a new stream of investment opportunities to its community. In addition, Seedify will focus on two verticals, blockchain Gaming and Metaverse, each with utility-based NFTs, which are imperative for sustainability and growth. When $SFUND, Seedify’s native token, was initially listed, it proved to be the best-performing free token distribution of 2021 during the bull run. These initial airdrops saw, on average, a gain of $18 000 in value and a $350 Million market cap at the 2021 market all-time high. Once again, despite the current bear run, Seedify successfully launched their $SNFTS token via an airdrop on 31 August 2022. The results of the airdrop are as fo... read More

Seedify Announces Cross-Chain Integrations With the Ethereum Network to ...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Please Read Disclaimer] The long-awaited Ethereum merge (software update) will most likely occur in September this year, this will be the largest fundamental shift in the history of crypto. The network has suffered an immense increase in traffic and uncontrolled spikes in gas fees (transaction fees). The merge will ultimately alleviate these bottlenecks, making the network even more secure and less energy-intensive by switching from the Proof-of-Work to the Proof-of-Stake framework. Ethereum has predominantly been the most popular network for new blockchain entrants, as well as NFT users. As Seedify eagerly waits to see one of the biggest moves forward in the crypto industry so far, it is also prepared to integrate with the upgraded Ethereum network by opening a parity pool between its native token, $SFUND and Ethereum ($SFUND/ETH). The integration will enable Seedify to expand its community, reach new audiences and enable easy adoption for new holders, stakers, and farmers to their ecosystem. With the multichain support provided, anyone using the Ethereum network will be able to adopt Seedify utilities much faster, thus adding an extra layer of growth to boost their utilities and $SFUND. In an effort to extend the reach of Seedify’s ecosystem, they will also be adding $SFUND/ETH farms very soon, to ensure the liquidity of $SFUND on Ethereum provides a healthy trading economy. Seedify will also be holding surprise events to boost the exposure of $SFUND ... read More

Seedify Makes a 'Bonus Snapshot' Airdrop Available for its Upcoming Toke...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Please Read Disclaimer] In case you missed the first snapshots, Seedify $SFUND stakers and farmers have been given an additional (and final) opportunity to receive more $SNFTS before the airdrop that will take place on the 21st of August 2022 on Seedify’s NFT Launchpad. The token will be used in Seedify’s NFT marketplace and in NFT launches on Seedify’s NFT launchpad. Seedify is a blockchain gaming and NFT-focused incubator and launchpad ecosystem, empowering innovators and project developers through access to funding, community, and partnership building, and a full support system to help bring premier blockchain games, NFTs, and metaverses to its community. In less than a year, Seedify has grown to one of the industry’s largest launchpads, hosting over 50 successful token offerings (IGOs). $SFUND has been among the top 7 coins outperforming the market in July and was listed as one of the top 10 fastest-growing coins on multiple charts. Details of the Bonus $SNFTS Snapshot for $SFUND stakers and farmers: $SFUND has been the best performing airdrop of 2021. These initial airdrops saw on average a gain of $18 000 in value and a $350 Million market cap at the 2021 market all-time high. Below is further information on the bonus $SNFTS snapshot: Snapshot ratio: 1 $SFUND = 10 $SNFTS ratio. Snapshot of staking pools: Seedify will be taking snapshots only from the longer period staking pools, namely 180, 90, 60 and 30-day staking pools. Snaps... read More

Seedify Announces New Ecosystem Features and Utilities for its Token

    [PRESS RELEASE - Please Read Disclaimer] Seedify is a leading incubator and launchpad platform committed to fostering growth and innovation in the blockchain gaming/metaverse space, with the mission of bringing the opportunities of GameFi and play-to-earn to global mainstream markets. Since launching on March 26, 2022, as a community launch project, having received no outside funding through VCs, Private sales or IDOs, in less than a year, Seedify has grown to one of the industry's largest launchpads, hosting over 40 successful token offerings, with nearly 4500 participants in its latest IGO (initial game offering). The industry's first gaming-focused incubator and launchpad, Seedify has built an ecosystem dedicated to ensuring the success of the projects launched through its platform. With the support of a growing community, along with a network of industry partners, the platform hosted some of the most successful IGOs of 2021, including Bloktopia, Cryowar and SIDUS Heroes. The Seedify team continues to focus on expanding Seedify's ability to drive innovation and support top gaming projects and teams while creating new opportunities for its token holders. Through these efforts, in April, Seedify is set to launch the Seedify NFT Launchpad, its highly-anticipated initial NFT offering (INO) platform for gaming and metaverse assets, along with its revolutionary gaming and metaverse NFT marketplace, Seedify NFT Space. NFT Assets in Gaming and the Metaverse Already a vital part of... read More

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