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Shiden Network  


SDN Price:
$394.4 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$15.1 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #SDN today is $0.23 USD.

The lowest SDN price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.230, and the exact current price of one SDN crypto coin is $0.23020.

The all-time high SDN coin price was $8.29.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of SDN with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for Shiden Network crypto currency is #SDN.

Shiden Network is 2.7 years old.


The current market capitalization for Shiden Network is $15,140,038.

Shiden Network is ranking upwards to #645 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is medium during the past 24 hours for #SDN.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Shiden Network is $394,416.


The circulating supply of SDN is 65,768,572 coins, which is 78% of the total coin supply.


SDN is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Introducing Astar 2.0

Dear Astar Community, As you’ve noticed, we’re deep in the bear market. It’s the perfect time to continue building, and it’s surely not a coincidence that we’ve seen big announcements coming from other renowned builders in the space. At Astar, we started with the mission of using technology to have a positive impact on society. We have become the first public blockchain listed in Japan and quickly succeeded in becoming one of the most recognized and active parachains. But this is just the first part of a multi-step journey for us. After establishing ourselves and getting deeply embedded in the ecosystem, we’re moving on to bigger things with Astar 2.0. Today, we will announce our vision and the path we will take in Astar 2.0. The beginning of something impactful! In the upcoming weeks we will dive deeper into each topic with a series of blog articles, infographics and deep dive AMA’s. What is Astar 2.0 all about? Astar is evolving, and Astar 2.0 will impact all facets of our network, from tokenomics to governance structure. While 1.0 was all about building the underlying infrastructure and ensuring it’s secure, reliable, and battle-tested, Astar 2.0 focuses on getting us ready to deliver web3 to billions and further decentralizing Astar. 2.0 describes the future iteration of our network, as well as shows the direction we’re headed towards. A crucial part of Astar 2.0 is what we call Astar Link. Astar Link...

Monthly Recap: May 2023

GM Astar Community, May has been another busy month for the Astar team. While memecoins have, for better and worse, captured attention, we continued building and entering new partnerships to grow the Astar ecosystem. Read on for a recap of some of our highlights in May. — Network - — XCM V3 live on Shiden. — During May, the latest version of XCM, Polkadot’s cross-consensus messaging, went live on Shiden Network. XCM facilitates the building of cross-chain dApps, and its latest upgrade V3, enhances bridges to ecosystems such as Kusama and Ethereum. This paves the way for more powerful asset exchange as well as moving NFTs cross-chain. You can learn more about how XCM plays into Astars’ vision here: Astar Innovation Hub Vision enabled by XCM — Part 1 — Tokenomics are changing. — A frequent point of criticism, we’re listening to the community and have decided to revise our tokenomics. Our focus is on rewarding those contributing most to the network and setting Astar up for a sustainable future. Stay tuned for more details to come in the near future. — dApp staking now live on Ledger. — Anyone looking to support their favorite Astar builders through our dApp staking from the comfort of a hardware wallet can now do so using a Ledger device. While general support for Astar and Shiden EVM rolled out already last year by enabling dApp staking, users can now more readily engage wi...

The Astar x Sony Web3 Incubation Program Candidates: Round 4

Recently, Astar and Sony Network Communications announced the winning candidates of the web3 Incubation Program. As the program has run its course, we have released a series of articles highlighting the features and practical solutions being offered by each of the candidates, so our community is able to learn more about what they’re doing, and what made them stand out among nearly 200 other amazing projects! — Web3 Demo Day. — The culmination of the web3 incubation program will be held on June 18th at a live in-person venue as well as online in the COSMIZE Metaverse, and will feature pitch sessions from each project to showcase their innovations to venture capitalists and corporations interested in collaborating with web3 startups. The event will be an opportunity for those who want to learn about practical uses of web3 through hands-on experience and presentations from cutting-edge global projects, and for those who want to gain a deeper understanding of the web3 vision that Astar Network and Sony Network Communications are working on. There will also be opportunities to interact directly with the program candidates, both online and offline. With that being said, we are delighted to highlight the last four of nineteen exceptional candidates being recognized for their innovative approaches to revolutionize various aspects of the web3 ecosystem. — The Round Four Candidates. — Leveraging technologies...

Demo Day

Demo Day for the incubation program, co-hosted with Sony Network Communications, will be held at both offline and online venues Sony Network Communications Inc. (Tokyo, Japan; Jun Watanabe, President & CEO), together with Startale Labs Pte Ltd (Singapore CEO Sota Watanabe) will hold a demo day for the Web3 Incubation Program by Sony Network Communications and Astar Network on June 18, 2023. The Demo Day will be a hybrid event, hosted in-person at an offline venue, and online in the Metaverse, and will bring together participants from all over the world. This event is also registered as a “ Japan Blockchain Week Official Event’’. What is the Web3 Incubation Program by Sony Network Communications and Astar Network? For this program, web3 startups were invited from around the world, irrespective of the phase of their development. After Sony Network Communications and Astar considered the suitability of each of the startups in terms of their technology, team, and product appeal, 19 projects out of over 200 applications were carefully selected to become part of our exclusive web3 incubation program. Throughout the program, participants benefit from information sessions led by global venture capitalists and successful web3 companies, learn business and technology development strategies through mentoring, and access Sony Network Communications’ extensive resources for collaboration and support. What is Demo Day? Sign...

Using NFTs for Enterprise Marketing

While NFT trading volumes have declined, enterprises continue experimenting with the new technology. And rightfully so, as NFTs offer various benefits that have little to do with pfp collections with limited utility and are all about enhancing the relationship between businesses and consumers. NFT is short for non-fungible tokens and describes a type of token where one token cannot be exchanged with another. Each token is unique. Consequently, NFTs are often referenced as the best way to monetize digital art and other unique digital assets. Beyond that, NFTs can be leveraged for use cases such as identity and verified credentials. However, not all NFTs are created equally. It all comes down to the platform they run on and their token standard. — NFT standards - Ultimately, token standards define a token in any blockchain context. The standard defines features, format, and interactions one can have with the token. Standardization enabled ease of integration because as long as every project uses agreed-upon standards, it’s easy to build infrastructure to support transactions, withdrawals, and more. ERC-721Image source The most well-known NFT standards have been established in the Ethereum ecosystem. ERC-721 is considered the original NFT standard and was first used prominently to mint crypto kitties. Each Crypto Kitty is unique because its token ID paired with its contract address exist only once. ERC-1155 However, ER...

Your Personal Guide to Astar Network is Here!

What is all this AI hype about? - AGI, or Artificial General Intelligence, is actually quite different from what most of us would colloquially refer to as ‘AI’ these days, in the form of Chat GPT. AGI refers to a highly autonomous machine intelligence able to perform any cognitive task a human being is able to, but we’re not there yet. An AGI would possess the ability to understand, learn, and apply knowledge across multiple domains; and to reason, and solve problems like a human. In essence, AGI would demonstrate true intelligence like that of humans, and not be limited to performing well on only specific sets of tasks. GPT, or Generative Pre-trained Transformer, on the other hand, is a type of AI that belongs to a family of transformer-based language models. GPT models have been designed for various natural language processing tasks, including text generation, translation, summarization, and question-answering, with the most famous being OpenAI’s Chat GPT-3. These models are pre-trained on massive amounts of textual data and can generate creative, context-aware, human-like text based on given input prompts. Where the difference between AGI and GPTs becomes critically evident, is in the ‘understanding’ of the text. Whereas an AGI would be able to process and comprehend what words and abstract concepts actually mean, GPTs play a bit of a charade while making themselves appear to have intelligence, even on the od...

An introduction to NFTs on Astar

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are a token standard where tokens aren’t interchangeable. Therefore they’ve picked up among digital artists who, thanks to NFTs, for the first time could monetize their art which previously heavily suffered from the ability to “copy-paste” anything online. It’s an exciting token standard with applications way beyond digital art and the creator economy, tapping into anything from digital identity to gaming. Astar’s NFT ecosystem is still nascent but growing and already includes some world-renowned artists. This post will introduce you to NFTs on Astar, the wallets, the marketplaces, and some of the leading projects. — What is Astar? - Astar is a parachain in the Polkadot ecosystem, building infrastructure to facilitate multichain smart contracts. While most blockchain ecosystems are limiting their ability to execute contracts within their own virtual machine, Astar leverages the cross-virtual machine to communicate with Substrate and EVM chains. — EVM & Wasm. — This also impacts the current Astar NFT ecosystem, as most of the big NFT projects on Astar live on Astars’ EVM layer, not the native Substrate chain. However, Ethereum’s virtual machine comes with a set of limitations, among others requiring developers to learn Solidity, a fairly new programming language. Astar believes that for a multichain future, a more sustainable approach to smart contract deve...

Paras and their expansion to Astar

On April 6th, we celebrated the launch of smart contracts 2.0 on Wasm day. One of the projects joining us for it was Paras. Paras has developed the first launchpad for Wasm NFTs featuring an innovative refunding NFT standard to ease the fear of losing one’s funds when minting. They also have successfully been accepted to our dApp staking program. But who is Paras anyway, you might wonder. In this post, you’ll learn all you need to know about Paras and their reasons to go multichain with Astar. What is Paras, and how did they get started? Paras is an NFT marketplace that was one of the first to launch on NEAR protocol. Riqi, the founder of Paras, first learned about blockchain in 2017 but felt that it wasn’t the right time to develop a dApp since most use cases focused on trading. 3 years later, however, with the emergence of non-trading dApps he decided to take the plunge and started building the first iteration of Paras. After conducting thorough research and interviewing digital artists, Paras has built a platform loved by artists and collectors alike. The marketplace first launched in Q3 2020, with sales growing by multiples ever since. Even 3 years later, Paras holds a 95% market share of NFT trading volumes on NEAR and has facilitated more than 900k transactions. Its API sees 2.5 million requests/day, and the platform has become much more than just an NFT marketplace. Now, Paras is a hub for digital artists, co...

JR Kyushu Railway Company To Launch NFTs on Astar Network To Boost Customer Engagement

The initiative will bring real-world utility to NFTs in Japan, enabling the railway operator to strengthen its customer relationships. Tokyo, Japan / May 11, 2023 / Kyushu Railway Company (JR Kyushu) — part of Japan’s largest rail network, the Japan Railway Group — announced today that it will issue NFTs on Astar Network, the multichain smart contract platform, in collaboration with P.R.O. Co., Ltd. As part of the Japanese railway operator infrastructure, JR Kyushu runs interrail services in Kyusuhu and various adjacent businesses such as hotels, restaurants, and drug stores. Annually, more than 331 million people use their services.Kyushu is the southernmost of Japan’s four main islands The JR Kyushu NFT project will kick off in July 2023 and provide riders with new ways to enjoy Kyushu while maintaining a holistic track record of their travel experience. To support their NFTs, the railway operator plans to utilize Japan’s most popular smart contract platform, Astar Network, for its low fees, high scalability, and the team’s deep understanding of the Japanese market. While NFTs are often considered primarily for trading and monetization of digital art, JR Kyushu aims to leverage the technology to provide visitors with memorabilia and proof of visiting, riding, and using their system.At Astar Network, we’re excited to see more real-life use cases of enterprises exploring and leveraging NFTs to build c...

Ledger Devices Now Support Native DApp Staking on Astar Network!

Today we are thrilled to announce that Ledger now supports native staking on Astar Network! This is a significant advancement for our community as it allows ASTR token holders with Ledger devices to engage with the network’s Build2Earn staking system and other dApps leveraging the Wasm runtime environment, while being able to enjoy the superior security features of Ledger hardware wallets. In 2022, support for Ledger devices on Astar and Shiden EVMs rolled out, enabling users to sign transactions and deploy or interact with smart contracts on the networks’ EVM layer. This development, coupled with Ledger’s ability to store private keys offline, provided an invaluable security option for both new crypto users and those with experience opting for the freedom of self-custody. This assurance of safety empowered users to confidently store larger amounts of ASTR and SDN as part of their portfolio. Today, we have taken another step forward by introducing native staking to the mix, enhancing the opportunities for participation in Astar’s web3 ecosystem. However, with increased control over assets comes added responsibility, necessitating appropriate storage of private keys. Cold storage on a Ledger wallet is an effective solution to this challenge, keeping your keys offline, in your possession, and shielded from potential software attacks, fault attacks, and even side-channel attacks. The Ledger has a remarkable track record...


US Treasury's OFAC Adds 3 ETH Addresses Linked to North Korean Cyb...

    The Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) has added three ethereum addresses to its Specially Designated Nationals And Blocked Persons List (SDN). OFAC alleges the ether addresses are controlled by the Lazarus Group, a cybercrime group that is associated with North Korea. Lazarus Group Behind Axie Infinity Heist The U.S. Treasury Department's OFAC has added three ethereum addresses that are allegedly associated linked with the Lazarus Group cybercrime syndicate to its SDN list. The addition of the addresses comes a few weeks after U.S. authorities accused the Lazarus Group and North Korean hackers of being behind the $620 million Axie Infinity heist. As previously reported by News, after reports of the hacking emerged, the U.S. government claimed the cybercrime group was part of a group of hackers that spearheaded the Ronin bridge attack that resulted in the siphoning of over 173,000 ethereum tokens. Also, prior to the department's latest update, the ethereum mixing project Tornado Cash revealed it was blocking OFAC sanctioned addresses from using the mixer. North Korea Sanctions Evasion In a statement released via Twitter on April 22, the U.S. Treasury Department suggested the blocking of access to funds at the designated addresses would deprive the sanctions-evading North Korea of a vital source of revenue. The statement explained: OFAC added 3 virtual currency wallet addresses to the SDN Listing for Lazarus Group. The DPRK [North Korea] has relied on illicit ... read More

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