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Socean Staked Sol  


$7.1 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$13.0 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #SCNSOL today is $208 USD.

The lowest SCNSOL price for this period was $0, the highest was $208, and the current live price for one SCNSOL coin is $208.24608.

The all-time high SCNSOL coin price was $1,121.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of SCNSOL with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for Socean Staked Sol crypto currency is #SCNSOL.

Socean Staked Sol is 2.3 years old.


The current market capitalization for Socean Staked Sol is $12,981,852.

Socean Staked Sol is ranked #667 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is big today for #SCNSOL.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Socean Staked Sol is $7,082,715.


The circulating supply of SCNSOL is 62,339 coins, which is 100% of the total coin supply.

A highlight of Socean Staked Sol is it's exceptionally low supply of coins, as this supports higher prices due to supply and demand in the market.


SCNSOL is a token on the Solana blockchain.


SCNSOL is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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What’s next for Socean? Staking Alliance,, Pathfinders Validator and NFT Collection

tl;dr: - We think that stake pools, as they stand, have no product-market fit., But we love staking and we want to continue to build on it. We do this in three ways:, We’ve built out the Staking Alliance to support good validators and support the move to single-validator stake pools., We’ve built out to provide deep liquidity to all stake accounts and stake pools, allowing all stake accounts to be used in DeFi., We’re rebranding to run our own validator and revitalising the community with our Pathfinders NFT collection., Hey folks. It’s time for a long-overdue update. We’ve been quite quiet over the past six months. We’ve struggled with our thinking that stake pools in their current incarnation do not have product-market fit. We want to explain our thought process, talk through what we have done, and what we’re doing going forward. We started Socean because we wanted to solve these three problems: How can we best support good validators?, How can we allow staked SOL to access all of DeFi?, How can we give the best risk-free yields to stakers?, For the past six months, we’ve been thinking hard about how best to solve these three problems. We don’t think that stake pools are the best way to do so. Let us explain why: Supporting good validators: Since inception, we’ve delegated to the highest APY validators that are not in the superminority. But this excludes many excellent validators. We...

Socean Launches SoceanBot (“Meatball”)

Today, we’re launching SoceanBot. SoceanBot (nicknamed “Meatball”) is a Telegram bot that gives Solana stakers critical information on their staked SOL: See how much SOL you earned from staking this epoch., See how much staked SOL you have and who it’s staked with., Check the current epoch’s progress., (👷coming soon 👷) Get critical alerts when your validators go offline or raise their commission., (👷coming soon 👷) See how much scnSOL/stSOL/mSOL you earned from staking this epoch., Currently, there isn’t a single source of information that tells me everything I need to know about staking. I have to go to different sites to get the information I need. For example, if I want to know how much SOL I have staked, I need to go to my Phantom wallet or If I want to know if my validators are performing well, I need to go to,, or And if I want to know when my validators go offline or raise their commission, I have to set up an alert on, which is a lot of trouble. The problem is that there isn’t a single, mobile-friendly place where I can get all this information. Also, some information I can’t easily access at all. How much money did I make this epoch? How did my stake perform relative to others? There’s no way I can do that right now unless I calculate it myself. With Socean’s bot Meatball, you can get important info...

scnSOL is now deprecated on Solend’s main pool

cnSOL is now deprecated on Solend’s main pool — please withdraw your scnSOL by 9/28 - tl;dr: scnSOL is now deprecated on Solend’s Main Pool. You must withdraw all your deposited scnSOL on the main pool by 28th September, 0:00 UTC. If you do not, all your scnSOL will be forcibly sold. We’re sorry to say that Solend has deprecated scnSOL (as well as all Saber LPs) in Solend’s Main Pool. You must withdraw all your deposited scnSOL on the main pool by the 28th September, 0:00 UTC. If you do not do so after that time, all your supplied scnSOL will be forcibly sold at the prevailing market price. I had many conversations with the Solend team about why they are doing this. From our discussions I understand that Solend is now taking a much more conservative approach with their main pool: they are taking a long hard look at all the assets that they have in it. In the case of scnSOL the Solend team told me that scnSOL’s relatively low liquidity makes it too risky to keep on the main pool. We cherish each and every one of our users who have supported us. While we have not yet issued the SOCN governance token, we believe it’s important to honour any and all SOCN rewards you earned from depositing scnSOL on Solend. We have collected all the addresses of scnSOL depositors and will airdrop the SOCN token to these depositors when we release our token. If you would like to continue using scnSOL as collateral, we have ope...

Ratio Finance is using Streams

TL;DR Ratio Finance is using Streams to purchase its own liquidity., On the 22nd of August 2022, 12:00 UTC, you will be able to use $RATIO to buy b180RATIO, a stream of $RATIO that unlocks over 180 days., This allows long-term buyers to participate in Ratio Finance’s on-chain governance., We’re incredibly pleased to announce that Ratio Finance will be using Streams for their governance. Ratio Finance is a protocol that allows users to lock assets in safe & secure vaults to mint Ratio’s $USDr stablecoin and utilise $USDr within the Solana ecosystem. Ratio Finance will be allowing users to swap their $RATIO for b180RATIO at a discount. b180RATIO unlocks into $RATIO over 180 days. b180RATIO is used for all of Ratio Finance’s governance. Using b180RATIO is more beneficial than using pure $RATIO, as it ensures that anyone who wants to participate in Ratio’s governance must have a long-term stake. Holders of b180RATIO will be able to make proposals, ask for grants, list new assets as collateral, request for $RATIO emissions, and more. See this post for more details on Ratio’s governance.What you can do with b180RATIO To purchase b180RATIO, go to and look for the b180RATIO auction. The price of b180RATIO will go down over time, but others buying will push the price back up — so be sure to jump in when you see a price you like! Connect your wallet and enter the amount of b180RATIO you w...

Socean’s new website design

tl;dr Our new website design is live!Introduction Our new website design is officially live at! Users that prefer the old design can assess it at The new website represents a new direction for Socean. We’re not content with just being a stake pool. We are going to explore ways to build upon the stake pool primitive, expand usage of stake pools, and drive liquid staking adoption in general. Our main focus for the new design was optimising the user experience. The new design language reduces noise and clutter and makes the user flow much cleaner. Here are some of the improvements we’ve made:Refreshed Staking Page — DeFi strategies all in one place. — Our website redesign displays all the strategies you can employ with your scnSOL all on one page! From lending to depositing in covered call vaults: once you stake your SOL, you can immediately start utilising your scnSOL with a click of a button! — Dialect notifications. — We worked with our friends at Dialect to bring notifications to Socean! You can now opt into important push notifications direct to your wallet, Telegram or email. Let us know what kind of notifications you’d like to see. — Choose your RPC provider. — Over the past few months, network issues have been a constant pain-point for all users. While the Solana network has greatly improved over the past week, we want to make sure our users can a...

Update on 15/6/22 scnSOL mispricing

TLDR A large market sell on the Orca scnSOL-SOL liquidity pool caused the oracle price of scnSOL to fall below its fair market value for around four minutes. The price of scnSOL quickly returned to normal after. The vast majority of our users were unaffected, but a small percentage of users using scnSOL as collateral on borrow-lend protocols were liquidated. We are very sorry that this has happened and have done several things to make sure this doesn’t happen again.What happened? On June 15 2022, 06:30:16 AM UTC, a scnSOL holder sold 600,000 USDC worth of scnSOL on the Orca scnSOL/SOL pool, which did not have the liquidity to service such a large swap. They swapped 20000 scnSOL for 197 SOL, taking a 98% loss. Solana transaction details | Solscan ~8 seconds later, an arbitrage bot takes advantage of this mispricing and does the following sequence of swaps:Orca: SOL -> USDCOrca: USDC-> scnSOLSaber: scnSOL-> SOL Solana transaction details | Solscan This greatly decreased the SOL amount in the Saber scnSOL/SOL pool. scnSOL’s Switchboard oracle, which pulls from the Saber scnSOL/SOL pool as its source, reads this as a drop in price. Over the next four minutes, arbitrage bots do their work and rebalance the scnSOL/SOL pool, causing the price of scnSOL to return back to a fair market value. The vast majority of scnSOL stakers were unaffected by the momentary price drop, but some users who had used scnSOL as col...

Mean Finance is using Socean Streams

TL;DRMean Finance is using Socean Streams to purchase its own liquidity.On the 4th of May 2022, 1400 UTC, you will be able to use MEAN-USDC Raydium LP tokens to buy a stream of staked MEAN (sMEAN) unlocking over 14 days (b14sMEAN).This allows long-term buyers to purchase staked MEAN at a discount, and allows Mean Finance to own its own liquidity. We’re incredibly pleased to announce that Mean Finance will be using Socean Streams to purchase their own liquidity. Mean DAO will be selling staked MEAN (sMEAN) to buy Raydium MEAN-USDC LP tokens.What is Mean Finance? Mean Finance is a DAO focused on bringing real-time finance to people and businesses worldwide through everyday DeFi banking powered by Mean Protocol. You can find the next evolution of DeFi banking at is Mean Finance using Socean Streams? Socean Streams allows Mean Finance to secure deep MEAN-USDC LP liquidity and diversify its treasury. Streams also slows down MEAN token inflation, which is healthier for the MEAN token. Here’s what Michel Triana, CEO of Mean Finance, had to say: By acquiring MEAN-USDC LP for the Mean DAO Treasury we guarantee we eat our own dog food by securing MEAN token liquidity for market makers, traders, buyers and sellers forever in all market conditions (bull or bear). This majorly increases market confidence in the long-term health of Mean DAO and our governance token. Using Streams also diversifies our Trea...

goodbye q1, hello q2. What lies ahead for Socean!

tldr: Our Q1 update hello Soceaners, hope that you all are doing well! Q1 has been an insanely turbulent time for everyone — the Omicron variant swept the globe, and just when we thought all was over, Russia invaded Ukraine. The Socean team has kept our head down and worked. We’ve been hard at work improving our offerings and building new and innovative products on Solana. In this update we’ll recap all of the things we’ve done in the past quarter and give you a sneak peek of our future plansWhat did Socean do in Q1?Socean Stake — New integrations and partners. — We’ve actively worked (and still are working) to ensure that Socean users can continue to do more with their SOL. We have integrated with many new DeFi partners and will continue to expand our partnerships. — Removed fees. — We completely removed deposit fees and cut withdrawal fees to 0.03%, improving the composability of our $scnSOL staked token. Yet another reason to stake your SOL with Socean!Socean Streams Our big focus in Q1 2022 was Socean Streams. We built Streams for ourselves after identifying the many tokenomics issues we saw on Solana. But many protocols wanted to use it too, and we were most happy to oblige. Since our launch on 14th February, many protocols have successfully used Streams in many ways. UXD used Streams to participate in the Saber Wars. Atlas DEX used Streams for their token airdrop. And protocols...

Jungle Finance is using Socean Streams

TLDRJungle Finance is using Socean Streams to purchase its own liquidity.On the 13th of April 2022, 2200(UTC+8) buyers can sell JFI-USDC Raydium LP tokens and buy a stream of JFI unlocking over 30 days (b30JFI).This allows long-term buyers to purchase $JFI at a discount, and allows Jungle Finance to own its own liquidity. We’re incredibly pleased to announce that Jungle Finance will be using Socean Streams to purchase their own liquidity. This time round, Jungle Finance will be selling 10,000 bJFI!Who is Jungle Finance and what is $JFI? Jungle Finance aims to provide a platform to allow users to tokenize and sell the rights to their future yield (such as staking, farm rewards, etc) independently of the collateral asset. Their focus is on providing liquid markets for both the base asset and the yield asset, in order to provide maximum value to users choosing to utilize the protocol. With an initial focus on the Solana ecosystem, they intend to expand into the ETH and LUNA ecosystems as well. $JFI is the governance token for the Jungle Finance protocol, granting users the right to vote on supported assets, JFI farm reward allocation and treasury spend.Why is Jungle Finance buying JFI-USDC LP tokens and using Socean Streams? Socean Streams allows Jungle Finance to control its token supply inflation and filter out mercenary traders. By distributing streams, Jungle Finance slows down JFI token inflation, which is healthier f...

Apricot Finance x Socean: A Guide to Doing More with your scnSOL

cnSOL is now listed on Apricot Finance!65K b180SOCN (our governance token that has not been released yet — users will be able to claim once they are released) and 125k APT (Apricot’s governance token) has been allocated to reward scnSOL deposits for 1 monthStart earning rewards by depositing scnSOL on Apricot Finance! We’re incredibly pleased to announce that our liquid staking token, scnSOL, is now listed on Apricot Finance! On top of earning staking rewards, stakers of Socean can now borrow using scnSOL as collateral, accruing interest at the same time!What’s Apricot Finance? Apricot Finance is a lending protocol. You can lend (by depositing your assets) and gain interest on your deposits, and use your assets as collateral for borrowing. Apricot Finance is one of the biggest lending protocols on Solana, with a TVL of over 144M. We’re really excited to partner with them to list scnSOL and provide Socean stakers another opportunity to utilise scnSOL!How to use scnSOL with Apricot Go to The page will look like this! Connect your wallet. Scroll down and find scnSOL.7.36% APR (consisting of both bSOCN and APT) is what you’ll get for depositing scnSOL as collateral! Click on “Deposit”. A pop up window will appear.Adjust how much scnSOL you want to deposit. In the above diagram, I chose to deposit 100% of my scnSOL After you’ve deposited, scroll up. In the dashboard, you ca...

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