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The Sandbox  


SAND Price:
$0.2 B
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$1.3 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #SAND today is $0.86 USD.

The lowest SAND price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.856, and the current live price for one SAND coin is $0.85561.

The all-time high SAND coin price was $8.35.

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The code for The Sandbox is #SAND.

The Sandbox is 2.1 years old.


The current market capitalization for The Sandbox is $1,282,963,108.

The Sandbox is ranked #45 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is very large during the past 24 hours for #SAND.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for The Sandbox is $150,842,800.


The circulating supply of SAND is 1,499,470,109 coins, which is 50% of the total coin supply.


SAND is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 3 other blockchains.

See list of the SAND Blockchain contracts with 4 different blockchains.


SAND is well integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 72 crypto exchanges.

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Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #SAND, and you can view them on our SAND disambiguation page.



AXA Hong Kong partners with The Sandbox

To become the first insurer to enter the metaverse. — The Sandbox is partnering with AXA Hong Kong, a leading global insurer. This new partnership makes AXA the first Hong Kong-based insurer to enter The Sandbox metaverse. AXA has acquired a 3x3 LAND, upon which it will provide an innovative interactive space for its customers. Hong Kong has a strong and growing role in The Sandbox with the Mega City cultural hub featuring numerous Hong Kong companies, artists, and entertainers. AXA adds to this thriving virtual neighborhood as an industry pioneer by becoming the first insurer to participate in The Sandbox. Through AXA’s LAND, the company will endeavor to provide fresh digital experiences to its customers, partnering to co-create the future of insurance in the metaverse.Gary Ho, Chief Technology Officer, AXA Hong Kong and Macau, said: ”I’m honored to announce that AXA has partnered with The Sandbox to expand our digital presence by setting foot in the metaverse. This collaboration has reflected AXA’s vision and interest to create the insurance of the future by bringing immersive experiences around sustainability, wellness, healthcare, and so much more. Stepping into the metaverse, we are thrilled to discover more captivating capabilities and use cases for AXA’s customers and the communities.”JH Tang, Digital Transformation & Strategy Director, AXA Asia, said: “We are proud to be the pioneer in the Hong Kong insurance industry to partner with The Sandbox. AXA Hong Kong is dedicated to connecting the world by unfolding all kinds of inventive digital experiences. Stepping into the metaverse opens the door for cultural synergy and creates unlimited opportunities for us to explore the unknowns. Through our partnership, we aim to revolutionise the wellness and healthcare experiences for our customers and our markets in the broader regions by continuously driving innovation and technological development.”Sébastien Borget, COO and Co-Founder of The Sandbox, said: “AXA’s milestone as the first insurance company in Hong Kong1 to join The Sandbox is another step toward our vision of the open metaverse as a new digital economy where industries, brands, and cultures from around the world interact with players and creators for mutual benefit. We’re glad to support AXA’s commitment to being a force for good and look forward to creating shared value for our communities.” — About AXA Hong Kong. — AXA Hong Kong and Macau is a member of the AXA Group, a leading global insurer with presence in 50 markets and serving 95 million customers worldwide. Our purpose is to act for human progress by protecting what matters. As one of the most diversified insurers offering integrated solutions across Life, Health and General Insurance, our goal is to be the insurance and holistic wellness partner to the individuals, businesses and community we serve. We embrace our responsibility to be a force for good to create shared value for our community.

HSBC presents immersive rugby quests in The Sandbox

Experience and learn rugby in the metaverse with a chance to win tickets to the Hong Kong Sevens Rugby Tournament. — HSBC unveiled today a series of virtual rugby quests in The Sandbox, to present an immersive and unique experience of the sport in the metaverse. The campaign coincides with the much-anticipated return of the Cathay Pacific/HSBC Hong Kong Sevens from 4 to 6 November following the tournament’s three year-long hiatus. In March 2022, HSBC became the first global bank to acquire a plot of LAND in The Sandbox, equivalent to acquiring virtual real estate in the metaverse. To celebrate the highly anticipated return of the Hong Kong Sevens, HSBC will be staging a virtual stadium in The Sandbox from 24 October to 14 November to activate its first community initiative there. The public will be able to immerse themselves in rugby through six exciting quests that will take place in different locations around the stadium, comprising action-packed challenges, engaging mini games and educational quizzes related to the sport. See you on October 24th in The Sandbox!

Missing Parts — Alpha Season 3 NFT Pack

Missing Parts — Alpha Season 3 NFT Pack - Missing Parts Social Hub and Episode 1 are available in The Sandbox Alpha Season 3! And so his the Alpha Season 3 spcecial NFT pack! 10 assets from the Missing Parts game are available to purchase on The Sandbox Marketplace. And don’t forget, purchasing an asset from this collection will grant you the “Collector Badge” that unlocks an extra reward of 30 SAND! Last but not least! The Missing Parts team will be streaming on Youtube, Twitch and Twitter on September 26th (9:30am UTC), so don’t miss out! — The Collection - Market Stall 2 — These stands are regularly supplied with ultra fresh fruit by local greenhouses., Gardener Robot — This robot maintains the gardens of Etheria’s residential areas, trimming the hedges and watering the flowers that decorate the neighborhoods., Barbecue — There is nothing like a good barbecue with friends in the garden to enjoy the summer., Nann-EV.A.C.U.U.M — These maid robots are designed to take care of children and do household chores to keep the house spotlessly clean. They are very common in rich families’ homes, and are from the same android line as the A.L.F.R.E.D. model., Long Chair — You can lounge all day basking in the sun, in your beautiful garden in Etheria., Balloon Yellow — An object that defies all laws of reality in TheSandBox., Kid Playground 1 — A modern playground structure for children. This one tests your arm strength! Can you cross it?, Kid Playground 2 — A modern playground structure for children. Be careful, this swing can go very high !, Kid Playground 3 — A modern playground structure for children. This turnstile can reach extreme speeds, hang on tight!, Don’t forget to play the Missing Parts Social Hub and Episode 1 in order to get your EP and a change to win an Alpha Pass!

Omnimorphs’ Echoes from the Void — NFT Collection

Omnimorphs’ Echoes from the Void — NFT Collection - The first NFT drop from the Omnimorphs experience will be available on The Sandbox Marketplace on September 29th (3pm utc). — The Collection - This NFT drop, Echoes from the Void, is a hand-picked selection of the best items we’ve produced to craft tales of myth and wonder in the metaverse. Special thanks to our partner of the Polygonal Mind. Here is a sneak peek of the NFT you can puchase: Ancient Humility — The omnimorph Ancient of Humility. One of the earliest omnimorphs to gain sentience., Ancient Wisdom — The omnimorph Ancient of Wisdom. One of the earliest omnimorphs to gain sentience., Barlow (left) ; Zectopus Merchant (middle) ; Meditating Monk (right) Barlow — An enormous bear of a man, covered in scars and runes. He safeguards a mysterious key to an ancient chamber., Zectopus Merchant — A travelling merchant whose livelihood depends on his trusted zectopus, Meditating Monk — A solemn monk who sits in the lotus position. He has retreated into his inner sanctum., Discipline Ancient Totem (left) ; Purity Ancient Totem (middle) ; Wisdom Ancient Totem (right) Discipline Ancient Totem — A mysterious totem containing the essence and form of discipline., Purity Ancient Totem — A mysterious totem containing the essence and form of purity., Wisdom Ancient Totem — A mysterious totem containing the essence and form of wisdom., Pillar of Euraphaessa (left) ; Dimensional Gateway (right) Pillar of Euraphaessa — An enormous crystal pillar that sits atop Nul Khronos., Dimensional Gateway — A technologically advanced gateway that can open a portal through space and time., — About the Omnimorphs universe - The vast universe of Omnimorphs is coming to life soon within the Sandbox. There are major zones that will be as soon as possible. Nul Khronos is the main city of Omnimorphs. A vast and ancient metropolis sits beyond the reach of time. Explore endless chambers filled with knowledge and wonder to uncover timeless mysteries amidst beauty. “As chaos descends on us, travel beyond time to the ancient city of Nul Khronos and join the Omnimorphs to save our universe!” Val Echoes is the extension of Nul Khronos near the edge of the scorching sand dunes, where humans and the Omnimorphs have their trade deals. A hub of commune and commerce, Val Echoes stands towering amidst the endless sands. A place few humans have entered, but as humanity awakens, its numbers grow. “Explore the hidden secrets of the scorching surface. Ancient Humility, Kiem, Barlow, and the OmniTotems will guide you through on the edge of the cusp of two realities. Gear up and prepare for the upcoming Abyss!” Kingdom of King Dim — Abyss will gaze back single-player game. The darkness permeates every corner of existence, leaving no life untouched. Some, however, welcome it… dwell in it …embody it. Where this darkness emanates from remains to be seen. As you journey from the edge of Val Echoes, the subtle hand of fate seems to be at work, your destiny becoming interwoven with that of this land. Explore a diverse world of intrigue and wonder, traveling beyond the ruins that litter the desert sands into a flourishing valley filled with life. Assisted by the unique characters from the Omnimorph lore, navigate this realm and venture beyond the Life Tree to find the one-eyed King Din. Your path will become clear as you begin to reveal the source of the darkness, but are you strong enough to overcome the obstacles that lay before you? — About the Omnimoprhs team - Omnimorphs was created by a group of friends from Budapest who met 10 years ago at university. We’ve all worked in different fields and got into crypto and NFTs on different paths. Since then, we were joined by wonderful community members to keep exploring exciting new concepts at the intersection of art and technology. Our mission is to craft tales of myth and wonder in the metaverse. To know more about the Omnimorphs experience go here.

Steve Aoki NFT Collection

Coming at you like a cake throw!. — No one but Steve himself will Aoki harder than you once you possess this exclusive NFT collection! Create your own metazoo with Steve’s crazy animal creations or populate your Aokiverse with multiple Steve personas. Even equip his special sneakers! The collection is now live on The Sandbox Marketplace! And don’t forget, purchasing an asset from this collection will grant you the “Collector Badge” that unlocks an extra reward of 30 SAND! — The Collection - A0k1Verse Shirt —Rep the icon Steve Aoki on this shirt, and show off your love of awesome beards!, Big Cook —From the heat of the grill, the thrill of dinner rush, and the demands of the guests, it takes nerves of steel to be a master cook. Luckily, this chef has them., Bottle Service Waiter —You see before you a master of Bottle Service, who has poured champagne for the greats and never missed a drop., Cherry Tree — A cherry tree with a special meaning to Steve Aoki. He welcomes all to sit and picnic under it and have good thoughts!, Cook —This chef’s speciality is a move called the “Dragon’s Breath Explosion.” A little bit of oil and BOOM!, Dojo Master Steve —He can train you in the art of many things, beyond just the martial arts. Ask him about his secret sauce!, Dream Catcher — This thing can catch dreams!? Does it dream? Does it have A dream? Let’s hang out with it and find out!, Gloves —Wear Aoki’s gloves as your own, and get ready to spin some fresh beats and throw some cake!, Jet Miniature — This jet is a miniature replica of the real deal, emblazoned with Steve Aoki’s name. Maybe you’ll get the chance to fly in it someday!, Kid Cook — To be a chef demands excellence, and this chef has practiced and perfected his craft over many years., Metazoo Chupacabra —Whatever you do, don’t call it a coyote with mange. It finds that offensive!, Metazoo Loveland Frogman — Need a spell, fren? Need some romance, man? Look no further than the Loveland Frogman, who specializes in the ways of the heart. Only accepts flies., Metazoo Mothman —Once thought to be a mere legend, Mothman came out of hiding after hanging with another legend, Steve Aoki!, Metazoo Sam Sinclair — Battler of beasties big and small, Sam gets the job done with grace, just in time to relax by the pool!, Metazoo Space Penguins — A frigid beastie who know how to fly, or so they say! Normally it just stares…, Metazoo White Thang — A type of sasquatch that has a love of refrigerators, rusted cars, used washing machines, and grounded boats., Record Plate —Steve Aoki’s gold-plated records preserve his accomplishments…and the image of his graceful beard!, Spack-Spack —One of these beings was made when a cake was left out in the sun, and the moon, for at least a week. It changed into…this., Special Sneakers — Sneakers? You know it! Put on these shoes to feel like a real DJ and travel the world in style!, Spiddy — Hey, fren, get over here! What are you doing with that cake? Stop doing that!, — Explore Steve Aoki’s Playhouse - It’s pure fun 24/7 at Steve Aoki’s Playhouse! Discover the hidden secrets of Aoki’s villa and stroll down memory lane in the mind of Steve! Who knows you may even find his secret dojo! Exclusively on The Sandbox Alpha Season 3 — Have fun in Steve’s Water Park - Ready for a real challenge? Steve Aoki has hired the mad genius who gave you ‘Race Maze’ to create the wildest parkour in The Sandbox! Choose your path, easy or hard, to reach Steve’s pool club. To the top, Seeker! Exclusively on The Sandbox Alpha Season 3

Tools of Rock : Open Mic Mayhem— NFT Collection

Tools of Rock : Open Mic Mayhem— NFT Collection - — Created by Smobler Studio. — Go backstage as the Gods of Rock prepare to take the stage for an epic show! Explore, solve, and adventure through the metaverse and race to help the band find their missing instruments & bandmate! The collection is now live on The Sandbox Marketplace! And don’t forget, purchasing an asset from this collection will grant you the “Collector Badge” that unlocks an extra reward of 30 SAND! — The Collection - A sneak peek of the 25+ NFTs available! Trailer Truck — This trailer truck runs in 800 metahorse power, with no emissions. Gives you the feel of an automatic, with awesome cruise control and a smooth drive., Goddess Of Rock Statue — Make a dramatic impact with this giant sandstone Goddess statue. Featuring guitar and strap, spear and TOR patterned shield, the Goddess will guard over your scene in style., Container Cafe — This modern container café has fridges, comfy benches and chairs spread over two decks is the perfect spot to relax and chill out with your friends., Ferris Wheel — Enjoy this illuminated, animated ferris wheel. Perfect for enjoying leisurely views over your land; features CW, CCW motions and static position., Inflatable Astronaut — Houston, we have a party! This giant illuminated inflatable is great for hovering over your crowd and adding the feel of outer space., TOR Tour Bus — A significantly large and modified vehicle with the Tools of Rock signage on the side; the home away from home of musicians who are on the go., Tower Crane — Essential for lifting and moving heavy materials, or tools around a site. This cost-effective contraption with lights speeds up site work., — About Tools of Rock - Tools of Rock (“TOR”) is the leading music driven NFT platform and was created to be the “Tool” or bridge between the music we all love and the metaverse. The Company has a singular goal of providing an innovative, premium, and collectable NFT experience while also focusing on driving short, medium, and long-term value for its collectors. Through unique collections, one-of-a-kind art, strategic partnerships, groundbreaking innovation, and a vision on the long-term, Tools of Rock brings music to the blockchain like you never could have imagined. To learn more, visit — About Smobler Studio - Smobler Studios is a metaverse architecture and Web3 design agency headquartered in Singapore with offices in Canada, USA, and Bhutan. They specialize in multimedia creative ideation, design thinking, storyboarding, 3D, graphic & technical design, animation, video production, and metaverse development.

Rabbids — NFT Collection

BWAAAH!. — We had prepared a wonderful NFT collection but then the Rabbids decided to Bwaaaagh it up! Find your inner Rabbid with these limited items…before they are gone again! The collection is now live on The Sandbox Marketplace! And don’t forget, purchasing an asset from this collection will grant you the “Collector Badge” that unlocks an extra reward of 30 SAND! — The Collection - Exciting Film —Even Rabbids know when the game is over! This graffiti is a bit intense for the Rabbids, but know that when you see it, it’s serious!, Game Over Graffiti —Even Rabbids know when the game is over! This graffiti is a bit intense for the Rabbids, but know that when you see it, it’s serious!, Rabbid Ears — Either worn or grown through some experiment gone wrong, these Rabbid ears will definitely have people “BWAAAH!”-ing about you!, Rabbid Sandals — Comfortable sandals that will have you looking bwa-tastic. Just be careful not to trip while wearing them, or the Rabbids will take them off your feet!, Rabbid Ship —Sail the seas, Rabbid-style, in this ship of destiny. Pirates? BWAAAH! Sailors? BWAAAH!. Carrot thieves? BWAAAH! BWAAAH! So it goes!, Robo Rabbid — Servos can be heard clunking from within. As it moves, it makes noises such as: “Bwa-bzzzt-bwa” and “bop-bop-bada!”, Runaway Shopping Cart — Two Rabbids who are ready for a shopping spree, so just get out of their way, we’re begging you! When asked to pay for anything, they only threw cans and yelled “BWAAAH!”, Submarine — This submarine runs on pure “BWAAAH!” energy, whatever that is. Its undersea siren can reach decibels louder than a whale’s call, so plug your ears!, Vacation Rabbid — You’d think being on vacation would allow this Rabbid to calm down, but it seems the opposite has happened! Someone get it a drink or something. It’s already had six!? “BWAAAH!”, Washing Machine —A washing machine, or a time machine? Rabbids are always messing things up. That’s right, I said it. I- BWAAAH! BWAAAH!, Water Gun Wielder — This Rabbid grabbed a water gun after watching too many action films. Now, it’s ready to spray anyone that gets too close, so watch out!, Zombie —A Rabbid that met an unfortunate end as a zombie… Or a new beginning as an eternal agent of chaos! In fact, we think it likes it better this way!, The Rabbids are invading the NFT Institute! Play The Sandbox Alpha Season 3 now!

Creator Fund’s September Highlights — 2022

Creator Fund’s September 2022 Highlights - — Welcome to the music fest!🎵🤘. — Another month, another Creator Fund’s Highlights! For the month of September 2022, music is the main theme! Are you ready to shake your body and rock the metaverse? Check out the trailer! — The Collection - 26 NFTs will be added to the Creator Fund’s collection on September 23rd (3pm utc). Here is a sneak peek:Sexy Bunny Singer (left) ; Rock Snake Man (middle) ; DJ Teddy (right) Sexy Bunny Singer — Her music, her outfit, her body… everything about her is sexy. Take a deep breath so that the spectacle of this Sexy Bunny will take your breath away., Rock Snake Man — Get ready to be bitten by rock and receive a good dose of the best music, you will lose control of your body and you will not be able to do anything but raise your hands and shake your head while enjoying the best show in the world. I hope you have gone to the bathroom before, because from now on you are already a slave to rock 🤘!, DJ Teddy — Are you ready for a good party with its corresponding after? Our dear dj I am sure can organize a very crazy one like you never imagined., DJ Sonic Red (left) ; Party Animal (middle) ; Boombox Party DJ (right) DJ Sonic Red — Red Version DJ Booth produce better bass. Especially designed for loud music lover., Party Animal — Who needs sleep when you can party?, Boombox Party DJ — Party in style with this oversized boombox DJ booth guaranteed to blow your socks off., 12A: Red Pants (left) ; Post Apocalypse Punk Band (middle) ; Mini Mariachi (right) 12A: Red Pants — Best guitarist in a heavy metal band in red pants., Post Apocalypse Punk Band — A sick and mad punk metal band of a post apocalyptic world. They love just one thing: to play fast and badass riffs., Mini Mariachi — This little friend represents the culture of typical Mexican music. Traditional mariachis have two or more musicians dressed in regional clothing, inspired by the charro suit, who perform a wide repertoire of songs accompanied by string instruments., DJ Little Dog truck — Unusual truck with an unusual DJ, Coffee Box with а Cat —During the music festival, buy a frappuccino and meet a local celebrity. You should know, he loves to get his tummy scratched. Wait, wat da pisi doing?!, Lola: White Angels Band — Lola plays an unnamed homemade stringed musical instrument. But its melodic sound, somewhat reminiscent of the Chinese pipa, fits perfectly into the overall style of the White Angels Band., Otaku Leader (left) ; Guitarist in a Punk Rock Band (middle) ; LM Mask Dance Male (right) Otaku Leader — He’s sure to liven up the concert!, Guitarist in a Punk Rock Band — Guitarist who loves punk rock. Equipped with multiple original performance animations including Lead Guitar, Palm Mute, and Funk, etc., LM Mask Dance Male — Bongsan Mask Dance is a mask dance performed at the market once a year. They lightened the satire about the poor lives of the common people and the aristocracy., Animal Symphony Rabbit Violin (left) ; ZZ Robot Scorpion (middle) ; Pink Drummer (right) Animal Symphony Rabbit Violin — A cute violin player with a rabbit clothing, he have fantastic violin skills. He can wearing bunny mask in the combat., ZZ Robot Scorpion — This is the robot Scorpion. It looks scary, but it’s well programmed, so it follows people well. It has an attack function to protect people, and it also serves as a guide to light up the dark places with a tail lamp in the evening., Pink Drummer — This drummer comes from the future and brings new , fresh beats!, — Don’t forget to check out the Creator Fund collection on September 23rd (3pm UTC)! -

Softstar enters The Sandbox metaverse

Classic Chinese game characters to thrive in “Softstar MetaPark”. — Softstar Entertainment Inc. (Softstar), an iconic Taiwanese brand of classic PC games, is partnering with The Sandbox. Softstar will purchase a parcel of virtual lands in the metaverse to build the Softstar MetaPark, where a myriad of stories — both traditional and futuristic — will be introduced to the web 3.0 ecosystem. Players in The Sandbox will be treated to a wide range of experiences from eastern fantasy about legendary wuxia (martial heroes) to the pursuit of a billion dollars in modern day riches. Popular classic characters from Softstar’s back catalog, including Li Xiaoyao, Zhao Ling’er and Lin Yueru from The Legend of Sword and Fairy series, and Sun Xiaomei, Jin Beibei and Atubo from Richman series, will be ready to accompany fans during their adventures. Softstar’s decision to join The Sandbox is warmly welcomed because it represents an important step for a traditional games publisher and underscores the accelerated growth that web 3.0 and the metaverse is enjoying in this new era. All players and creators in The Sandbox will soon be able to display and utilize in-game assets and Intellectual Property (IP) created by Softstar in the form of original game experiences that are developed as NFTs. Watch the trailer now:“We are thrilled that Softstar is now partnering with The Sandbox. As the gaming industry increasingly embraces web 3.0, many traditional games companies are establishing their presence in the metaverse. We look forward to watching Softstar’s development in the decentralized, virtual world of The Sandbox, where memorable stories can vividly come alive in a highly creative environment. The long-standing success that Softstar has enjoyed will undoubtedly encourage fans and players to create even more original gaming experiences,” said Sebastien Borget, Co-Founder and COO of The Sandbox. Softstar is also partnering with Lululand, a metaverse studio, and TW The Sandbox Creator Club (TWCC), a Taiwanese creator community, to host its very first web 3.0 exhibition in A Love is Forever, an immersive experience built by Lululand in Alpha Season 3. In addition to showcasing classic Softstar characters and memorable stories, the exhibition will feature a preview of the brand’s on-going work in The Sandbox. Follow Softstar, LuluLand and TWCC on Twitter for a series of events alongside the exhibition! — About Softstar - Softstar Entertainment Inc. set its target as becoming the leading company in game development, marketing, and publishing since 1988. From 2008, Softstar Entertainment started actively gearing to international standards and applying a global view. In order to reach the goals of industrial upgrading, product upgrading, and globalizing, Softstar Entertainment continues to develop products that match international standards and promote them worldwide with outstanding original content as the basis. Many RPGs and SLGs were presented by Softstar Entertainment, including some well-known series such as Sword and Fairy, Xuan-Yuan Sword, Empire of Angle, Richman, and Stardom, etc. Please visit the official website for more information:

Maya Water Park NFT Collection

Maya Water Park is the first experience created by the 01a1 team in The Sandbox metaverse! If you also want to turn your land into a tropical seaside resort, then this collection is perfect for you!🌴🌊 The collection is already live! And don’t forget, purchasing an asset from this collection will grant you the “Collector Badge” that unlocks an extra reward of 30 SAND! — The Collection - The Maya Pyramid has been transformed into a water park where drinks, music and BBQ have been set up, so do dangers... Hurry up to join with your sharpest swords and cutest swimsuits.Floating Crown (left) ; Giant Goldman (middle) ; Mayan Warrior (right) Floating Crown — Hiden in his chest, there’s a gem of truth giving mankinds the purest power, while evil humans should better keep away, as their souls would fall into the underworld dark abyss otherwise., Giant Goldman — The guardian of the Mayan pyramid. His massive build cast from gold gives him great strength and defense., Mayan Warrior — Brave Mayan warriors wearing traditional masks. It is said that they have received Princess Amirah’s intensive acting class for months!, Lisa (left) ; Robot Lucas (middle) ; Princess Amirah (right) Lisa — Lisa is an adventurous girl. Her favorite food is the burgers made by Uncle George!, Robot Lucas — The mysterious technology from 01a1 endows Lucas with rich emotions. He has various expressions on a square face and express moods with a screen on the chest., Princess Amirah — Amirah dreams to become an actress. She took her first step in the Maya Water Park by playing as a princess waiting for the brave., Soda Bottle (left) ; Norse Kraken Shopping Bag (middle) ; 6-scoop Ice Cream (right) Soda Bottle — This soda is too hard to crack! Why not use it to defeat the bad guys? Powered by 01a1 mysterious technology., Norse Kraken Shopping Bag — Norse Kraken shopping bag from the crown’s mysterious souvenir store., 6-scoop Ice Cream — Who can resist this delicious 6-scoop ice cream? The more, the merrier! Powered by 01a1 mysterious technology., Deep Sea Dried Fish (left) ; Rainbow Popsicle (middle) ; Maya Mask Shield (right) Deep Sea Dried Fish — Deep-sea fish with sharp scales. The Mayans preserved it by sun-drying. Incredible hard. Powered by 01a1 mysterious technology., Rainbow Popsicle — Rainbow-colored popsicle that never melts in the summer. Powered by 01a1 mysterious technology., Maya Mask Shield — Not only used for blocking attacks, it’s so artistically beautiful that your opponants can’t take their eyes off of it. Powered by 01a1 mysterious technology., Floral Sun Hat (left) ; Target Board Shield (middle) ; Sand Bucket Helmet (right) Floral Sun Hat — Floral sun hat from the crown’s mysterious souvenir store., Target Board Shield — It’s very easy to shoot at this target board. Use it wisely. Powered by 01a1 mysterious technology., Sand Bucket Helmet — Admit it, you wanted to put a sand bucket on your head at least once in your lifetime. Powered by 01a1 mysterious technology., Octopus Helmet (left) ; Jellyfish Helmet (middle) ; Musical Diving Goggles (right) Octopus Helmet — How does it feel like when an octopus gives you an 8-arm face hug?, Jellyfish Helmet — This neon jellyfish will protect you with its elastic tentacles. Powered by 01a1 mysterious technology., Musical Diving Goggles — Fancy some dipsy diving while moving to the beat in the water? Wear these goggles and you will have the best of both worlds! Powered by 01a1 mysterious technology., Lanternfish Helmet (left) ; Rainbow Puking Mask (middle) ; Jet Fighter Shield (right) Lanternfish Helmet — Put this fish on your head and it will light up the way. Don’t worry, it won’t bite. Powered by 01a1 mysterious technology., Rainbow Puking Mask — Feeling nauseous? You might be able to puke a stream of rainbow in the Maya Water Park!, Jet Fighter Shield — The shield of the Jet Fighter suit. Powered by 01a1 mysterious technology., The Heart of Maya (left) ; Loving Mask (middle) ; Mayan Woven Carpet (right) The Heart of Maya — A giant pearl clam found in deep ocean. The black pearl inside is a legendary treasure treated as the Heart of Maya by Mayans. Powered by 01a1 mysterious technology., Loving Mask — The feeling of love is when someone walks up to you, you suddenly find your heart pounding., Mayan Woven Carpet — A tranditional woven carpet in Mayan style., Zeppelin (left) ; Mayan Statue (middle) ; Street Bar (right) Zeppelin — Azeppelin with wave pattern. You can put your ads on it., Mayan Statue — A replica of the ancient Mayan statue. The authetic one is stored in 01a1’s museum., Street Bar — The street bar is visitor’s favorite place to drink, eat and have fun!, Burger Shop (left) ; Jet Fighter Hammer (middle) ; Cara (right) Burger Shop — Uncle George’s burger shop where Cara goes every day., Jet Fighter Hammer — The hammer of the Jet Fighter suit. Powered by 01a1 mysterious technology., Cara — Cara likes to travel and exercise, so the Maya Water Park is the perfect vacation spot for her to enjoy both!, — About Maya Water Park - Maya Water Park is revived from a historic Maya pyramid where ancient Mayans used for religious and navigation purposes. It’s been abandoned for over 3,000 years, while the creators from 01a1 Studio gave this place a complete makeover and turned it to a tourist attraction full of excitement! Here you can have some nice food and drinks, take a sun bath, and make some new friends. After all, you are highly recommended to go on an adventure to experience the immersive live action ‘Heart of Maya’ inside of this park. Maya Water Park is playable during The Sandbox Alpha Season 3! — About 01a1 - 01a1 is based in the 01a1 Town (-48, 108) of the Sandbox. It is constructed to be an artist-leading and artistic-innovation-oriented community, where the goal since establishment has been to voxelize those great works in or beyond our lives, like architectures, films, paints, games and more. Don’t forget to follow 01a1 on Twitter!


Biggest Movers: ADA, SAND Surge to Multi-Week Highs on Saturday

    Cardano was one of Saturday's notable gainers, with the token surging to a three-week high. The sandbox was also in the green, rising to a multi-week peak, as sentiment in the cryptocurrency market remains mostly bullish. Overall, the global crypto market cap is up nearly 2% as of writing.Cardano (ADA) Cardano (ADA) climbed to a three-week high on Saturday, as the token rose for a fourth consecutive session. Following a low of $0.4894 on Friday, ADA/USD was able to reach a peak of $0.5235 to start the weekend. Saturday's top is the highest point the token has traded at since August 18, and comes as prices climbed above a major resistance point. The ceiling of $0.5115 was broken earlier in the day, and comes as the 10-day (red) moving average crossed against its 25-day (blue) counterpart. Looking at the chart, another notable occurrence is that the relative strength index (RSI) of 14-days also moved beyond a ceiling, at 56.00. Now tracking close to 58.00, should the index hit its higher resistance point of 60.40, we could see ADA price recapture the $0.5440 mark. The Sandbox (SAND) The sandbox (SAND) was another notable mover to start the weekend, with prices also hitting a multi-week high. SAND/USD was able climb above its $1.00 mark on Saturday, hitting an intraday high of $1.02 in the process. Today's peak is the strongest point that SAND has reached since August 26, and comes after four days of back-to-back gains. Some fear that this run could be cut short, however, as ... read More

Cardalonia Scores It's First Exchange Listing, Set To Overtake Decentral...

    Cardalonia, an NFT-powered Play to earn Metaverse project building on the Cardano blockchain has announced the listing of it’s utility token $LONIA on P2PB2B, an Estonian-based cryptocurrency exchange and one of the top 100 exchanges by trading volume according to Coinmarketcap. The $LONIA token listing partnership with will enable trading of $LONIA tokens, the utility token of Cardalonia. LONIA token is available for trading on on the trading Pair LONIA/USDT, start trading below. $LONIA is the utility token of the Cardalonia Metaverse and will give holders multiple utilities like Staking Rewards, Ability to vote on Governance proposals and so much more. Holding $LONIA tokens will give Cardalonia users land presale whitelist access and passes to exclusive Cardalonia Avatar Clan drops and other NFT drops that will be exclusive to the Cardalonia ecosystem. Users who also have an active stake of 7000 LONIA in the staking vault will be whitelisted for the upcoming Cardalonia Land Presale. $LONIA Token Utility $LONIA Token holders can stake their LONIA tokens to enjoy 20% APY which can be boosted up to 25% with Cardalonia Land NFTs. Cardalonia is a virtual world where players can build, own and customize their own experiences on the Cardano Blockchain. Unlocking creativity in the Metaverse as you can Earn, create, socialize, play, trade and so much more, all in a virtual world.     read More

Renault Inks Partnership With The Sandbox to Bring Automotive Experience...

    The Korean subsidiary of Renault, a historic brand in the automotive industry, is establishing a partnership with The Sandbox, an Ethereum-based metaverse platform, to enter the metaverse space. With this partnership, Renault Korea's objective is to establish its brand presence in the metaverse and to present Renault-based virtual automotive experiences to customers. Renault to Enter Metaverse Through the Sandbox Renault, one of the biggest automotive companies in the world, has signed a partnership with The Sandbox to be present in its virtual metaverse world. The Korean subsidiary of the organization will be responsible for this, establishing the brand presence in the space through a series of automotive-related activities to introduce virtual customers to the products of the company. These automotive experiences aim to enrich The Sandbox platform and allow Renault to reach a more ample audience, expanding the potential customer base of their products. About the partnership, The Sandbox Korea's CEO Cindy Lee stated: This partnership is an excellent example of a collaboration. The Sandbox can develop without any industrial boundaries. We are able to introduce new types of experiences that combine automobiles and digital assets in The Sandbox. The extent of the partnership and the nature of the experiences it will produce were not revealed at the time. Renault now joins the ranks of companies and individuals that are already present in the... read More

Sandbox (SAND) Price Up 76% Since June Courtesy Of Metaverse Hype

    The Sandbox (SAND) has been showing bullish signals and rising steadily, recording a 0.5% spike in the market. Sandbox price on an uptrend; rises by 76% SAND price trades upwards; depicting a long-term bullish trend Sandbox is bullish due to an increased investor and influencer interest  The market has seen aggressive strides in the past couple of weeks which is forecasted to be long-term. According to CoinMarketCap, The Sandbox (SAND) is down by 3.1% or at $1.30 as of this writing. SAND Blows Past 75% On Influence Boost SAND was seen to spike by 76% since June 19. The growth is brought about largely by the influence of metaverse platforms like Sandbox which has generated a great deal of interest from popular influencers and personalities online as well as a huge part of blockchain users who continuously support these platforms. For instance, famous socialite Paris Hilton has a Malibu mansion on Sandbox and is organizing events for fans that allow everyone to interact virtually with her. Hilton’s partnership with Sandbox has generated a lot of attention for SAND and also the metaverse events she has in store for her solid fans on Sandbox. SAND’s price growth is mainly triggered by its wide expansion internationally and in other markets. Additionally, Sandbox is also said to begin partnerships with local businesses for a pop-up atelier. These developments have propelled SAND’s prices way up as investors are now excited with the evolution of the ... read More

Tony Hawk And The Sandbox Partner To Create The World's Biggest Sk...

    Despite the steep decline in the cryptocurrency market, the games based on the metaverse continue to gather the attention of those who dream of finding a virtual land where everyone can enjoy a unique and fun experience beyond the barriers of the real world. On July 13, Tony Hawk, one of the world's most famous and recognized skateboarders, announced his partnership with the blockchain-based virtual world The Sandbox to build the 'largest virtual skatepark ever made.'  This would be the latest of a large list of Top-tier partnerships for The Sanbox. According to a video posted by The Sandbox and shared by Hawk, Hawk's metaverse will not only have a marketplace to sell skateboards and skate accessories but will also give users access to editing tools to create the skatepark of their dreams. Coming soon to The Sandbox: alongside @Autograph, I’m helping to create the biggest skatepark in the #metaverse. Stay tuned for updates. — Tony Hawk (@tonyhawk) July 13, 2022 The World's Largest Virtual Skatepark Will Be In The Sandbox The 'Tony Hawk LAND' will feature 36 plots of land, according to The Sandbox, which is enough merit to earn it its title as the world's largest skatepark ever created in the metaverse. Tony Hawk said in a presentation that the skatepark 'will be something never seen before.' Significant words, considering that his 'Tony Hawk Pro Skater' game series grossed more than $1.4 billion —and features a lot of skatepa... read More

Playboy Joins The Sandbox Virtual World — Lifestyle Firm's M...

    On July 11, Playboy, the lifestyle and entertainment firm founded in 1953, revealed a licensing collaboration with the blockchain-based virtual world The Sandbox. The two companies detailed that the newly formed partnership aims to provide metaverse visitors with a Playboy-themed 'social gaming experience.'Playboy Enters The Sandbox PLBY Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: PLBY), commonly referred to as Playboy, announced on Monday that the firm is collaborating with the blockchain project The Sandbox. Launched in March 2012, The Sandbox platform evolved from a two-dimensional (2D) game to a three-dimensional (3D) metaverse powered by Ethereum. Playboy's announcement reveals a licensing collaboration with The Sandbox and the company notes that users will be able to immerse themselves into the 'Metamansion.' The Sandbox-crafted Metamansion will feature non-fungible token (NFT) collectibles, programmed events, social play, and gaming experiences using Playboy's content library. The lifestyle and entertainment firm have been a part of the blockchain industry for quite some time. In March 2018, the company's Playboy TV revealed it would release a multi-cryptocurrency wallet but the project fell through, according to reports published four months later. In April 2021, Playboy revealed it was collaborating with Nifty Gateway in order to issue an NFT collection called 'Liquid Summer.' The following July, the entertainment firm joined forces with Superrare to publish the Miami Beach NFT Collection.... read More

Sandbox (SAND) Having A Blast With 12% Spike In 24 Hours

    Sandbox (SAND) was one of the most active cryptocurrencies on Thursday, with values increasing by as much as 14 percent. After reaching a low of $1.13 on Wednesday, the SAND/USD pair reached a session high of $1.28 earlier today. The token reached its highest level since June 25 and drew closer to a crucial resistance level as a result. During the same timeframe, the market capitalization of the token increased by 15 percent. It was valued at $1.58 billion as of press time, according to data from Coingecko. Suggested Reading | ATOM Rises To Multi-Week High, Daily RSI Shows Bullish Pattern Major Indicators Showing Positive Values According to Santiment statistics, SAND's major indicators improved over the past day, with the exchange flow balance exhibiting a positive value of $1,411,000. In the previous 24 hours, significantly more SAND tokens were supplied to exchanges than were withdrawn. In such circumstances, a further price increase is anticipated. Based on the chart, this resistance is located at $1.35 and has not been breached since late May, when prices were trading near $1.50. To not only reach this ceiling, but perhaps surpass it, the 14-day relative strength index would need to surpass its own barrier. As of Thursday at midday, the SAND RSI is tracking at 57.50, which is just below the level of resistance at 58. Crypto total market cap at $901 billion on the daily chart | .com Coinbase Merge Pushes SAND Price Up This week's news t... read More

Biggest Movers: RUNE Rallies to Start the Week, as SAND Extends Recent G...

    RUNE rose by over 10% to start the week, surging as global crypto markets pushed to enter the green on July 4. After a slow start to the day, the crypto market cap is up 3.15% as of writing, with SAND another notable mover, as it extended recent gains, rising by nearly 13% in the process. Thorchain (RUNE) RUNE was a notable mover on Monday, as prices rose by over 10% on the Independence Day of the United States. The token rose to an intraday peak of $2.08 to start the week, pushing prices closer towards a one-week high. As of writing, RUNE/USD is now trading higher for a third consecutive session, as it nears a key resistance level. This ceiling is the $2.50 mark which hasn't been hit since June 25, when bulls made an attempt to move past this point. Looking at the chart, although prices may once again collide with this ceiling, a breakout might be difficult due to an upcoming obstacle. That would be the resistance of 49.80 on the 14-day RSI, which has not been broken since early in April. The Sandbox (SAND) SAND was also one of today's biggest gainers, as prices rose by as much as 12% earlier in the day. Following a low of $1.02 to end the weekend, SAND/USD surged to an intraday peak of $1.15 during Monday's session. This move saw SAND climb in back-to-back sessions for the first time in over a week, and comes as prices continue to move away from a recent support point. This support point at $0.95 has mostly held firm despite recent attempts from bears to push the token ... read More

Biggest Movers: SAND up 15% on Friday, as MATIC Rebounds From Near 10-Da...

    SAND was up by over 15% on Friday, as crypto prices rebounded following sell-offs during Thursday's trading session. SAND fell to a one-week low yesterday, with MATIC, another notable gainer, dropping to nearly a ten-day low on Thursday. Overall, crypto markets are up 1.30% as of writing. The Sandbox (SAND) SAND was one of the most notable movers during today's trading session, as crypto prices rebounded on Friday. Following a low of $0.9644 on Thursday, SAND/USD rallied to an intraday peak of $1.17 to start the month of July. Prices of the token have mostly rallied during the last two weeks, after hitting a floor of $0.7393 on June 18. This was the lowest level that SAND had hit since October 2021, prompting bulls to reenter the market and buy the dip. Looking at the chart, and despite the recent price uncertainty, the 10-day moving average (MA) has marginally crossed with the 25-day MA. This upward trend could mean that bulls may attempt to lift prices even further, with the $1.50 point a possible target. Polygon (MATIC) MATIC has been trading in a channel of lower lows for the past seven days, however that run was snapped following today's rally. The token dropped to a bottom of $0.4224 on Thursday, however rallied to a peak of $0.4957 on Friday. As of writing, MATIC/USD is now trading nearly 9% higher than yesterday's low, however volatility continues to remain high. Bears appear to be trying to take prices to the support level located around $0.3975, however bulls ha... read More

TIME Partners With The Sandbox to Build TIME Square in the Metaverse

    TIME Magazine has continued its foray into the cryptocurrency and NFT world by partnering with blockchain-based gaming company The Sandbox to build TIME Square in the metaverse. Building a Virtual Times Square According to the official announcement, the initiative was inspired by the 'virtual spirit and energy' of the real-life Times Square neighborhood in New York City. Times Square is an iconic cultural center, commercial intersection, tourist destination, and neighborhood in Midtown Manhattan, New York, United States. The area is famous for its vast, illuminated advertising billboards and is considered the 'heart of New York' and 'the Crossroads of the World.' TIME plans to recreate something similar but in the metaverse. The partnership will allow the media company to build TIME Square on its virtual land in The Sandbox, making it TIME's first-ever metaverse destination since it joined the NFT space last year. Becoming the Heart of the Metaverse In September 2021, the iconic media company launched TIMEpieces, an NFT community initiative featuring the original artwork of more than 40 influential artists. Currently, the community has four NFT collections - Genesis, Inspiration, Long Neckie Women of the Year, Slices of TIME, and Beatclub Collection. According to TIME's president, Keith A. Grossman, the company's goal is to build a virtual environment that will become the 'heart of the metaverse.' 'Our goal is to create a destination that will be the heart of the metaverse. S... read More

Sandbox (SAND) Blows Up 20% Over Last 24 Hours Following 'Takeover...

    Sandbox has become one of the most important Metaverse cryptocurrencies to keep an eye on this year. Sandbox (SAND) is currently selling at $1.31, an increase of 20% based on data from CoinMarketCap. The rally occurs just days after Microsoft and Meta, among other technology giants, announced the founding of the so-called 'Metaverse Standards Forum.' Other facets of virtual reality are also being researched, as the Sandbox environment has expanded into much more than a gaming platform. Suggested Reading | Storj (STORJ) – A Relatively Unheard Crypto – Leads Gainers With 30% Rally Sandbox (SAND) Lights Up 7 Straight Green Candles As shown on the SAND chart, the daily time frame chart obtained seven consecutive green candles. Near the $1.11 mark, the SAND price confronts severe supply pressure, with intraday trading volume reaching $386 million, suggesting a 3.22 percent decline. Source: Tradingview Friday night's bulls blasted over the 10-day horizontal boundary, propelling the price of SAND cryptocurrency well above the bearish' critical hedging level of $0.90. The recent bottom of the SAND token, on the other hand, has served as a significant support level for the bulls. The Sandbox is an Ethereum-based game in which players can purchase parcels of virtual land. Occasionally, the value of these virtual properties may reach millions of dollars, and everyone could profit greatly if the metaverse becomes as successful as many anticipate. The 'Metaverse Standards For... read More

The Sandbox (SAND) Blows Up 20% After Collab With Major Entertainment Fi...

    The Sandbox native token, SAND, jumped from eight-month lows following Friday's announcement of a collaboration between the metaverse and Lionsgate Studios. As a result of the news, SAND surged as high as 20% to $0.9715, before reversing course to trade at $0.8647. The move helped SAND overcome a seven-day losing run in the face of gloom in the bear market. Lionsgate is one of the biggest private studios in the United States, and it owns Rambo, Hellboy, and The Expendables, all of which will soon be featured in The Sandbox. all hell breaks loose. lionsgate has entered @thesandboxgame — Lionsgate (@Lionsgate) June 15, 2022 Suggested Reading | Bitcoin At $20K Could Be ‘New Bottom,’ Commodity Expert Suggests, And Here’s Why The Sandbox (SAND) Soars 3.78% At the time of writing, SAND was trading at 0.873, up 3.78 percent from its daily high of $0.9753. The 24-hour trading volume on the Sandbox was $269.75 million. As of Friday, the circulating supply of SAND is 1.25 billion and the maximum supply is 3 billion. Based on their increased production in the horror and action domains, the metaverse has devised a comprehensive transition plan, and Lionsgate will contribute to adapting its characters and captivating stories to web3-compatible platforms. The Sandbox is a play-to-earn blockchain game that enables users to create a digital world on the Ethereum blockchain using non-fungible tokens. The Sandbox allows player... read More

Mastercard Partners With Immutable X, The Sandbox for NFT Purchases With...

    Global payment technology company Mastercard is now enabling the purchase of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) using fiat. For the new project, Mastercard has partnered with Immutable X, a layer-2 network for Ethereum. The company will also be working with NFT-based online game The Sandbox, fintech firm MoonPay, and the NFT platforms Nifty Gateway, Candy Digital, Spring, and Mintable. Mastercard and NFTs With the Mastercard initiative, people interested in NFTs can purchase them without needing to acquire crypto first. In this way, buyers are relieved of the “stress and uncertainty” that could be part of obtaining an NFT, especially for the less tech-savvy folks. On the other hand, NFT creators get exposure to a broader audience, likely leading to growth in their customer base. As for safety, Mastercard promises to “reinforce customer safety” and “protect user data” for people purchasing NFTs with its card. The project will likely discourage bad actors looking to con people out of their digital artworks. The hype in NFTs following million-dollar sales and celebrity endorsement has attracted scammers, as would anything that popular. Late last month, a Moonbird NFT holder lost his 29 NFTs worth $1.5 million to fraud. The malicious buyer asked that they complete the transaction on a private platform, only to evade their side of the deal. Another motivator behind Mastercard’s latest development is a survey it published this month. Out of the 35,... read More

Crypto exchange AscendEX adds new leveraged tokens: OP, SOL, FTM, SHIB, ...

    AscendEX, a full-stack cryptocurrency exchange platform, has informed completing the addition of 7 new leveraged tokens for trading: OP, SOL, FTM, SHIB, ATOM, SAND, and PEOPLE. Check below for details of the new tokens: Leveraged Token 3X Leverage Long 5X Leverage Long 3X Leverage Short 5X Leverage Short OP OP3L/USDT - OP3S/USDT - SOL SOL3L/USDT SOL5L/USDT SOL3S/USDT SOL5S/USDT FTM FTM3L/USDT FTM5L/USDT FTM3S/USDT FTM5S/USDT SHIB SHIB3L/USDT SHIB5L/USDT SHIB3S/USDT SHIB5S/USDT ATOM ATOM3L/USDT ATOM5L/USDT ATOM3S/USDT ATOM5S/USDT SAND SAND3L/USDT SAND5L/USDT SAND3S/USDT SAND5S/USDT PEOPLE PEOPLE3L/USDT PEOPLE5L/USDT PEOPLE3S/USDT PEOPLE5S/USDT Leveraged tokens offer traders increased exposure to an underlying asset. Leveraged tokens aim to amplify the returns of the underlying asset at a higher ratio such as 2:1, 5:1, etc. For example, if the asset price increases by 1%, the 2x (2:1) leveraged token would increase by 2%. The post Crypto exchange AscendEX adds new leveraged tokens: OP, SOL, FTM, SHIB, ATOM, SAND, PEOPLE appeared first on CryptoNinjas. read More

Sandbox (SAND) Surged 10% as Elvis Enters the Metaverse

    The popular Metaverse platform Sandbox announced a collaboration with Elvis On-Chain on May 26 to bring the King of rock and roll to the virtual world. The partnership includes Elvis Presley Enterprises, and Web3 studio Run it Wild, which spawned the project earlier this year. In addition to the Sandbox, partners include Decentraland, Dappraft, Metakey, and Voxel Architects. To celebrate Elvis Presley’s birthday, 1,935 Elvis Genesis Key NFTs will be minted as the all-access pass to the Elvis-On-Chain Metaverse, which will launch on June 1. Ladies and gentlemen...@elvispresley has left the building and entered #TheSandbox! — The Sandbox (@TheSandboxGame) May 25, 2022 All Shook Up The Sandbox is creating Elvis avatars with partners at Voxel Architects. They will be used in the new Elvis world, a meeting place for Elvis fans across the globe. Users can become ‘The King’ in various formats in the new realm where they can interact with others and trade digital memorabilia. According to NFT Culture, Run It Wild Director Adam De Cata said: “These incredible partners, all leaders in the craft, help us build a one-of-a-kind meeting place for Elvis fans. The Elvis metaverse will host an array of ground-breaking experiences, generative collections, a showcase of rare concerts, fan experiences, and real events,” Sébastien Borget, COO and co-founder of The Sandbox, added, “We want to empower his fans to express... read More

Japan exchange Coincheck lists SAND, the crypto asset of The Sandbox met...

    Animoca Brands, the company advancing digital property rights for gaming and the metaverse, and its subsidiary The Sandbox, a leading decentralized virtual world, today announced the listing of SAND on Coincheck, the largest crypto trading exchange in Japan. Coincheck users can now access SAND on Coincheck in the markets of SAND/JPY and SAND/BTC. SAND is the utility token and in-game currency of The Sandbox. With the listing today, Coincheck becomes the first Japanese crypto exchange to support SAND. The Coincheck listing is part of The Sandbox’s plan to make the SAND token easily accessible to growing numbers of players around the world in order to boost the continued growth of its open metaverse. 'By adding SAND to its listed tokens, Coincheck continues to expand the range of crypto assets it handles as it seeks to improve the usability of its services and create new services in order to achieve its mission of making new value exchange more accessible.' - The Coincheck Team SAND is an ERC20 token issued on Ethereum and distributed in The Sandbox metaverse game world.  Built on the Ethereum blockchain, The Sandbox users can use SAND to participate in the game and purchase items while controlling their avatars. SAND will also serve as a governance token for future participation in the game operations of The Sandbox. The post Japan exchange Coincheck lists SAND, the crypto asset of The Sandbox metaverse appeared first on CryptoNinjas. read More

SAND Jumped 12% Following The Sandbox's Acquisition of Uruguayan T...

    The Animoca Brands subsidiary - The Sandbox - purchased the Uruguayan technology company Cualit, aiming to accelerate the progress of the Web3 ecosystem and blockchain industry. Shortly after the deal's announcement, the price of the native token of The Sandbox - SAND - soared by nearly 12% and is currently trading at about $1.35. One of the most popular blockchain-based online games - The Sandbox - acquired the Uruguayan development technology firm Cualit. Both parties vowed to join forces and develop an infrastructure that could promote innovations in the Web3 and blockchain universe.  Prior to the deal, The Sandbox has worked closely with Cualit and its Co-Founders - the Perez brothers - for more than a year. After signing the agreement, the South American organization was renamed The Sandbox Uruguay. The native token of the blockchain-based game headed north following the disclosure. SAND is up by almost 12% in the last 24 hours, trading currently at approximately $1.35. Still, the asset has been significantly affected by the recent crypto crash and stands far away from its all-time high of around $7.50 registered last November. Cualit has been deeply involved in the blockchain industry for the last decade. It has aided several companies and projects in Uruguay technologically, as well as lobbying for the digital transformation of the nation. As a rebranded entity, its main focus will switch to supporting The Sandbox's efforts. Uruguay is the second South American c... read More

Jamiroquai to Bring 'Virtual Insanity' to The Sandbox Blockc...

    On Wednesday, the acid jazz-funk band Jamiroquai revealed it has partnered with the blockchain-based virtual world platform The Sandbox in order to 'get funky in the metaverse.' According to the announcement, Jamiroquai plans to bring virtual insanity to the band's virtual land located in The Sandbox metaverse.Acid Jazz-Funk Band Jamiroquai Joins the Sandbox Virtual World Another popular music act is joining the virtual world The Sandbox, as the subsidiary of Animoca Brands announced on Wednesday that Jamiroquai is now a project partner. Jamiroquai is an award-winning band that plays funk, acid jazz, soul, disco, and R&B, and is led by the band's frontman Jay Kay. Jamiroquai is well known for hit songs like 'Virtual Insanity,' and 'Canned Heat,' and Virtual Insanity was named MTV's Video of the Year in 1997. The hit song also earned Jamiroquai a Grammy Award the following year. The Sandbox and Jamiroquai plan to celebrate the partnership on May 18, 2022, with Jamiroquai x Sandbox merchandise. The merchandise will be a limited edition t-shirt and keyring and the items will be available exclusively on 'The strategic collaboration was developed in association with Bravado, Universal Music Group's industry-leading brand management division,' the blockchain-based metaverse company said on Wednesday. The announcement adds: The legendary jazz-funk band will bring virtual insanity to its virtual land in The Sandbox. The Sandbox has partnered with a great deal o... read More

SoftBank-backed The Sandbox Partners With Legendary Jazz Band Jamiroquai

    Jamiroquai is the latest entity to join more than 200 of The Sandbox's partnerships that include Ubisoft, The Rabbids, Gucci Vault, The Walking Dead, Snoop Dogg, Adidas, The Smurfs, and CryptoKitties, among others. The Animoca Brands subsidiary announced the partnership with the legendary funk and acid jazz band - Jamiroquai - which is well-known for their 1996 global smash hit 'Virtual Insanity.' According to the official blog post, the goal of the strategic collaboration will bring the song that was released as the second single from their third studio album, Travelling Without Moving, to its virtual LAND in The Sandbox. While the song did manage to capture the audience and even fetched a Best Video at the VMAs more than twenty years ago, its Director Jonathan Glazer admitted that there was no 'computer trickery' used with the famous floor moving concept. Jamiroquai shared a 38-second teaser of the famous song in pixel format to give a glimpse of what to expect in the virtual real estate. The British funk band said in a statement, 'Jamiroquai has always been future facing and super social – creating a LAND where everyone can come together in The Sandbox with a bit of funk, freedom, and fashion will provide a communal place to digitally connect with our fans and fellow music lovers. We look forward to telling you more soon, but for now can say that hats will definitely be involved.' The Sandbox metaverse has emerged as one of the most high-profile metaverse players.... read More

Dubai Regulator Will Open Offices in The Sandbox Metaverse

    The government of Dubai is not slowing down its efforts to promote the development of the local crypto industry and its appeal to crypto enthusiasts. On May 03, The Dubai Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA) announced the purchase of a piece of land in The Sandbox metaverse, meant for the development of virtual headquarters. According to an official statement, the VARA is stepping into the Metaverse to reach a 'borderless audience,' while also improving social inclusion and environmental sustainability by using fewer physical resources to manage its activities. In addition, VARA's MetaHQ will serve as the main channel to share experiences and information with all developers, younger people, and players who frequent the Metaverse, thus enabling 'secure adoption' to drive global interoperability. VARA is the first government authority to invest in the Metaverse Dubai is known not only for tourism but for technological innovation. And this announcement is just another example. VARA would become the first regulator to purchase land in the Metaverse, making history in the crypto industry. Hamdan bin Mohammed al Maktoum, Prince of Dubai and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, said that by expanding VARA's resources, the country would be in a position to reach out to all users in the Metaverse. He also invited all authorities around the world to participate and exchange ideas to build a better global economy through the use of virtual assets. 'Dubai is creating a proto... read More

ApeCoin (APE) Is Now The Biggest Metaverse Token, Edging AXS, MANA, SAND

    The metaverse is a new type of digital reality that incorporates elements of social networking, augmented reality, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency might be a perplexing subject to grasp. Many people believe the industry is untrustworthy and view investing as a gamble. Nevertheless, this fast expanding industry uses vast sums of money. Large investments may yield large returns, and 2018 has been a banner year for practically every major cryptocurrency and its supporters. Among the major cryptocurrencies, ApeCoin (APE) is making significant progress in the sphere of the metaverse. ApeCoin rose higher on Wednesday morning, increasing 7% to $19.10, taking its seven-day gain to almost 22%. This comes less than a week after Yuga Labs, creator of the Bored Ape Yacht Club, announced the opening of its Otherside Metaverse on Saturday. Suggested Reading | Metaverse Tokens On Overdrive, Outpace Bitcoin And Ethereum ApeCoin Beats MANA, SAND, AXS Since then, APE has surpassed Decentraland's MANA, The Sandbox's SAND, and Axie Infinity's AXS to become the largest metaverse token by market valuation. This is a significant step forward for the BAYC NFT collection in light of recent controversy surrounding its legal cases. The BAYC collection is one of the most renowned in history. There are 10,000 Bored Ape NFTs, according to the NFT market OpenSea. Crypto total market cap at $1.78 trillion on the daily chart | .com The current floor price of the Bored Ape collect... read More

Standard Chartered and Others to Join The Sandbox Metaverse Mega City II

    Animoca Brands subsidiary, The Sandbox, has announced a series of new partners for the second phase of Hong Kong's cultural hub in the metaverse - Mega City 2. For the second phase of the metaverse Mega City, the project has partnered with players across different sectors such as tourism, hospitality, culture, media, education, banking, investment, music, and entertainment. The 'Culturally Vibrant' Metaverse In the latest blog post, the metaverse investor and NFT game publisher revealed the names of the new entrants in the Mega City's expansion into the second phase. They consist of Standard Chartered, Ocean Park, Regal Hotels Group, Tatler Asia, EVI, Brinc, MADworld, Gameone, Chord Hero, Time Gates of Hong Kong Pop Culture, and UFO School. Sebastien Borget, Co-founder and COO of the Softbank-backed gaming company, stated, 'Our new partners bring some of the best of what makes Hong Kong a multi-cultural, vibrant city while sharing our creative vision of building an open metaverse. They are reinventing themselves and innovating through The Sandbox platform to offer unique virtual experiences.' The Sandbox is also planning to roll out a new LAND Sale on April 28 to enable players to purchase LANDs and become a part of the Mega City neighborhood. The latest development comes three months after the metaverse platforms first announced the creation of the first phase of Mega City. As reported earlier, the end goal is to expand Hong Kong's culture into the metaverse. As part of the ... read More

SAND Soars 17% as The Sandbox Reportedly Plans to Raise $400M at $4B Val...

    The Sandbox, an Animoca Brand Corp-owned blockchain-based online game, seeks to raise $400 million in a fresh funding round that would put its valuation at $4 billion. The project's native token soared by double-digits as the reports surfaced. The coverage from Bloomberg, citing anonymous people familiar with the matter, said the team behind the project is considering raising $400 million from new and existing investors. If completed, this funding round will follow a previous one from November last year, when The Sandbox completed a $93 million round led by SoftBank. Nevertheless, the sources asserted that the conditions around the plausible new fundraiser are not yet set, as they can change depending on the market landscape. The Sandbox has expanded well beyond its initial gaming plans and has outlined intentions to have a Metaverse platform of its own. As such, it managed to attract prominent names such as HSBC. As reported earlier this year, the British banking organization said it wanted to enter the Metaverse as well and collaborated with The Sandbox. Moreover, the bank vowed to purchase virtual real estate in the form of LAND. Aside from the potential funding round, Sebastien Borgen - chief operating officer and co-founder of The Sandbox - recently refuted any assumptions that the company will conduct an IPO to go public. Today's Bloomberg report coincided with a substantial price increase of SAND. The asset traded below $2.55 yesterday but soared by 17% to an intraday... read More

The Sandbox Mulls Another Funding Round, New Acquisitions, But no IPO

    According to Sebastien Borget, chief operating officer and co-founder, the firm is planning “aggressive” moves in mergers and acquisitions. The firm has doubled its employee count since last year to 200 and intends to grow even larger in 2022. The Sandbox is looking toward organizations that are “creating compelling metaverse experiences for users,” according to Borget. On April 6, Bloomberg reported that the company has no plans on going public just yet. Borget added: “From what I see, most private companies went public after they had hundreds of millions of users. We are very proud to have 2.3 to 2.4 million users right now. Let’s talk again in a few years.” Massive Metaverse Plans The Sandbox, which is majority-owned by blockchain gaming developer Animoca Brands, raised $93 million in November 2021 from investors led by Softbank. Animoca previously raised $2.5 million in funding for the development of The Sandbox in 2019. The Metaverse platform has recently expanded into virtual events and concerts by selling digital land to artists and performers and tickets to fans. One of the latest big names to use The Sandbox is Snoop Dogg, who made his latest music video in the Metaverse with his digital doppelganger. The platform has also secured partnerships with big names in fashion and banking recently. Last month, international banking giant HSBC partnered with The Sandbox to open opportunities in financial services and e-sports. Earlier... read More

Biggest Movers: SAND Surges on HSBC Partnership — MKR, WAVES Both ...

    SAND was higher on Wednesday, as it was announced that HSBC was set to enter the Metaverse via The Sandbox. While up nearly 10% on the news, MKR and WAVES were also some of today's leading gainers. The Sandbox (SAND) On Wednesday, it was confirmed that The Sandbox and the British financial institution HSBC agreed to a partnership that would see the bank enter the metaverse. The news saw the project's native token SAND surge in today's session, climbing by over 9% as of writing this, moving away from its recent support level in the process. Following its rally from support of $2.65, SAND/USD hit an intraday high of $3.01, which is its highest level since March 9. This move came as the 14-day Relative Strength Index (RSI) rose past its ceiling of 42.5, which took place for the first time since the end of February. Now tracking at 45.4, the RSI is approaching yet another resistance point, this time at 46.25, a level which hasn't been in almost four weeks. Should this happen, the first price target will be the $3.15 level, which has acted as resistance in the past. WAVES Although SAND/USD was today's biggest gainer, WAVES was a close second, with MKR flanking in third place. WAVES once again broke past recent resistance of $29.10, on its way to its highest level since October 27, when price peaked at $33.86. As of writing this, WAVES/USD rose to an intraday high of $30.98, which is over 8% higher than yesterday's low of $26.06. WAVES lost momentum following today's breakou... read More

The Sandbox Bets Big on the Metaverse by Partnering With K-Pop Agency Cu...

    An established player in Metaverse, The Sandbox, is betting big on the technology and is all set to expand business in the metaverse with Cube Entertainment. The partnership aims to promote K-culture content globally via operating virtual space and developing digital assets. The Sandbox-Cube Partnership According to the official blog post, the joint initiative will concentrate on the 'detailed collaboration for business expansion' with respect to the metaverse and NFTs. It began with the establishment of a recently unveiled joint venture called - AniCube - between Animoca Brands and Cube Entertainment. With the latest partnership, the two entities also plan to bring various companies under their roster and host events to introduce the Korean culture in the metaverse, not restricting it to only K-POP with new business alliances. Initially, Cube, with its LAND token holdings, will create a K-Culture complex cultural space, thereby allowing users to experience the Korean lifestyle in a virtual area powered by blockchain technology. The technical backing for spatial projection will be provided by The Sandbox, while the Cube is tasked with preparing unique content related to K-Culture by forging partnerships with several domestic companies. In a bid to promote the space, affiliated artists of the entertainment firm are also set to join. Sebastien BORGET, COO and Co-Founder commented: 'Cube is truly embracing the spirit of the open Metaverse by moving one step further into The... read More

Technical Analysis: THETA, GALA, and SAND Lead Weekend Crypto Bears

    THETA, GALA, and SAND were some of Saturday's biggest cryptocurrency casualties, as an onslaught of bearish pressure pushed prices lower. This came whilst market bulls were few and far between to begin the weekend. Biggest Gainers As of writing, DOGE and LUNA were both marginally higher, however it was XRP that made the most gains within the crypto top 100 this Saturday. Despite the majority of cryptocurrencies remaining in red, XRP is up nearly 6% as of writing, following two days of strong bullish sentiment. XRP/USD rose to an intraday high of $0.8237 on Saturday, following a low of $0.7603 during the session prior. The move came as prices extended their climb from support at $0.7550, and they now seem to be heading for a resistance level near $0.8505. Despite XRP being potentially set for many gains, this could be thwarted by the 58 level on the 14-day RSI, which appears to be a point of uncertainty. Should prices manage to reach resistance, however, history has shown that a significant amount of bearish activity takes place at said level. Biggest Losers GALA and the sandbox were some of the biggest cryptos to fall on Saturday, as the red wave was truly present to start the weekend. However, the price of THETA fell for a third straight session, and now sits below its recent support level of $3.25. THETA/USD fell to an intraday low of $3.09 during today's session, and is down close to 5% as of writing. Prices fell by almost 10% earlier today. However, following t... read More

The Rabbids Invade the Metaverse as The Sandbox Partners With Gaming Gia...

    On February 8, the subsidiary of Animoca Brands and the decentralized gaming virtual world project, The Sandbox, announced the company has partnered with the French video game company Ubisoft. According to the announcement, Ubisoft will have its own land in the virtual metaverse, and the world will begin by featuring voxelized versions of Rabbids' characters.The Sandbox Partners With Ubisoft, Multimedia Game Franchise Owner to Bring IP Elements to the Sandbox Gaming Metaverse Ubisoft and the Rabbids are coming to the blockchain-based virtual world The Sandbox, according to an announcement from the company. The gaming giant Ubisoft is well known for its multimedia franchises including Assassin's Creed, Far Cry, Tom Clancy's, Prince of Persia, Rabbids, and Rayman. The Sandbox says the project has 'strategically partnered with Ubisoft to introduce Ubisoft game IP elements to The Sandbox gaming metaverse.' To start, Ubisoft is bringing characters from the franchise Rabbids, a spin-off video game stemming from Rayman. Over the years, the Rabbids series of video games and shows have become popular, as IGN said in 2006 that the game is 'engaging and addictive and the title's sense of humor is in a league of its own.' Ubisoft has already stepped into the world of non-fungible token (NFT) technology by showcasing Tom Clancy's gaming series, with NFTs that leverage the Tezos blockchain. In The Sandbox metaverse, Ubisoft will produce an entertainment zone with interactive experiences. ... read More

Swiss Game Developer, EverdreamSoft Partners With the Sandbox To Offer E...

    Switzerland-based crypto games developer, EverdreamSoft, announced the launch of its public sale of exclusive premium virtual land via the Sandbox platform. Announced Thursday, the public sale will start on February 10, 2021, and it includes a 6×6 plot of land around the EverdreamSoft Estate with users receiving an NFT following their purchase. The EverdreamSoft Premium LAND sale on The Sandbox platform will allow members of the latter to participate in owning a digital piece of land in the metaverse. Once purchased, they will receive an NFT by EverdreamSoft and its Sandbox neighbors. They will then become full owners of both the LAND and the bonus NFTs, with complete freedom to use them and pass them on as they wish. The first NFT drop on February 10 is reserved for the LAND buyers and the collection, “BearWhale”, is inspired by the legendary Bitcoin trader who in 2014 was depressing the crypto market with his massive account. In the future, the platform plans to launch similar crypto-themed NFT collections including  “Satoshi, Creator of Blockchain”, “Sir of Ether” and others, a statement from the team further reads. Launched in 2010, EverdreamSoft started out as a game studio before transforming to digital and blockchain-based gaming in 2017. Since then the company has been integrating blockchain games development tools while also pioneering a new class of digital collectibles. The company launched its first game, Spells of Gen... read More

Astra Protocol Sets up a Compliance Hub in The Sandbox Virtual World to ...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Zürich, Switzerland, 1st February 2022] Astra Protocol, a cutting-edge legal and compliance layer that brings unmatched assurance to public blockchains, is pleased to announce that it has set up a Compliance Hub in The Sandbox virtual world. The new Compliance Hub will arm the metaverse users with a decentralized compliance layer, including Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) capabilities. Astra Protocol resolves on-chain compliance issues using its patented technology and the expertise of trusted legal firms. With its new Compliance Hub, Astra aims to make the emerging frontier of metaverse safer for all participants. It has created a unique Decentralized Legal Network (DLN) consisting of all the major, global legal and audit firms to provide the best KYC/AML services available. The DLN covers jurisdictions in 195 countries to ensure that regulations can be met almost anywhere globally. The metaverse users can head to Astra’s Compliance Hub, connect to its DLN, gain accreditation, and receive a non-transferrable NFT, which grants them privileged access to otherwise unreachable special events. This whitelisting process means that once a user is verified, they can partake in all the exciting metaverse occasions without having to worry about their identity being compromised. Astra’s services solve identity issues while protecting users from harm or malicious accounts. Jez Ali, the founder of Astra Protocol, said, “We ... read More

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