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SAIL Price:
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$47.1 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The last known price of #SAIL is $0.00224 USD.

Please note that the price of #SAIL was last updated over 90 days ago. This can occur when coins have sporadic price reporting, no listings on exchanges or the project has been abandonded. All #SAIL statistics should be considered as 'last known value'.

The lowest SAIL price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00224, and the exact last price of SAIL was $0.00224112.

The all-time high SAIL coin price was $0.88.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of SAIL with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for SAIL crypto currency is also #SAIL.

SAIL is 2.6 years old.


The current market capitalization for SAIL is $47,063.

SAIL is ranking downwards to #2015, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is very weak today for #SAIL.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for SAIL is $6.00.


The circulating supply of SAIL is 21,000,000 coins, which is 100% of the maximum coin supply.

Note the limited supply of SAIL coins which adds to rarity of this cryptocurrency and increases perceived market value.


SAIL is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


SAIL has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 4 pairings and is listed on at least 1 crypto exchange.

View #SAIL trading pairs and crypto exchanges that currently support #SAIL purchase.



SolanaSail Project Update for the Month of November 2021

SolanaSail Project Update for the Month of November 2021SolanaSail Partnership with @ProjectLarix : Since SolanaSail aims to facilitate real-time global payments at competitive rates that will include Defi lending and borrowing it’s no brainer for the team to partner with Larix-the ultimate lending gateway on Solana. 2. Chess Tournament : Did I hear Play2Earn?🤑 Oh yes! 😉. $SAIL Play to earn utility is live!! This utility allows sail holders to play games and earn SAIL while having fun playing games . Our first sailchess tournament starts on Nov 27th 2021. A prize pool of 2000 gSAIL is set out to reward the winners. You can still train freely on our discord server for 2 more days. If you have completed the form, make sure you are qualified! Link to the tournament : 3. Governance Dao: Our much awaited governance platform is live!!. We currently have 3 proposals ongoing . Our governance platform gives sailors equal right to create proposals and in voting for or against a proposal using their GSAIL. Fair right? Absolutely!😉 The beauty of it is that you do not loose your GSAIL used in voting. After the voting period is over you can withdraw your GSAIL back to your wallet. Your GSAIL is your decision making power, hold it with diamond hands 😎. 4. TipSailBot Party: We had our first #TipSailBot party last week Saturday . As expected our bot was able to handle the stress load thrown at it...

SolanaSail Project Update

A lot has happened in last couple of weeks.We partnered with Atrix and are proud to use the first ever Permissionless pool farming on AtrixProtocol. We launched 2 farming pools with rewards in $gSAIL and $BTC (Bitcoin). SAIL and gSAIL holders can now provide and farm in any of these pools: 1️⃣SAIL-gSAIL ➡️gSAIL 2️⃣ SAIL-gSAIL➡️BTC and enjoy juicy rewards in $gSAIL and $BTC 😉 respectively. We have made it easy for our holders to enjoy farming rewards using our main utility token SAIL and governance token gSAIL without pairing with USDC. 2. #TipSailBot: We completed beta test for our tipsailbot, released it as open-sourced: 👉 and submitted it for #Solana #Ignition #Hackathon. 👉 Intro: Our TipSailBot for Discord is a simple and easy to use bot which allows any discord members of a server (with specific role) to tip and receive tips. Since it is open-sourced any team that build on solana can update and use it for their discord/SPL token with a requirement to hold 1 SAIL and 1 gSAIL to be able to tip other discord members. TipSailBot users get their private keys from the bot when they register a new tipsailbot wallet. This private key can then be imported in a phantom, sollet, C98, MathWallet….. That way the user has control of his tipsailbot wallet.We do not store on file or database the private keys. 3. Play2Earn Bat...

SolanaSail Partnership With @Official_fabric

It’s been a great journey on our partnership with Bitrue and Bitmart in Yield farming/Staking/Lending program in the last couple of weeks. Some of our community members missed out as the pools were quickly filled. I’m sure you don’t want to miss $SAIL X $FAB osmosis pool coming soon! Yes! that’s right😀. We are proud to announce our Partnership with @Official_fabric. Fabric will add on their farming pool our 2 raydium permissionless pools gSAIL/USDC first and after SAIL/USDC On both farming pools, there will be 10,000 gSAIL rewards per month shared to all LPs of the corresponding pool. This Yield Farming will last for a period of 2 months with 40,000 gSAIL in total for rewards. This is one of many more partnerships to come as we sail along the coast 😉. Kindly give us a clap if you enjoy this article.

SolanaSail Project Update

After #BitMartExchange $SAIL listing, it's time to focus on build/development (other listing/partnership discussion continuewink) There are 3 ongoing developments: 1. PlaytoEarn : Discord game is ready and we have decided to interface it with our future Non Custodial TipSailBot. 2. Governance Phase I : We should have our beta release a bit delayed by 1-2 weeks max, we have one developer who is working on it and two dev. will work together on the Phase II 3. Non Custodial #TipSailBot : We received tons of DM during our last tipbot party and for this reason and also due to 'your keys your tokens' we decided to start development of our #TipSailBot . What is a non custodial #TipSailBot ? 4. Our TipSailBot will just 'registered' your #SOL address(not your tokens), it will be connected with YOUR approval to Phantom Wallet, each time you will do a tip or rain, your tokens( #SAIL or #gSAIL ) will go from Phantom with your approval to other $SOL addresses(Phantom) 5. There will be no #TipSailBot fees except the usual network fees and you will keep full control of your tokens. YOUR KEYS YOUR TOKENS As soon as it's ready, the #TipSailBot will be opensourced in our Git. If you have any suggestions/ideas/brainstorming, a new community channel has been created in our discord server. Discord : #Solana #SolanaSail #Sail #gSail #Sol $Sail $gSail

SolanaSail $gSAIL vested and vesting schedule budget up to 2026

SolanaSail budget up to 2026 Having released the total supply (21M) of the SolanaSail main utility token $SAIL to users randomly via airdrop, the SolanaSail governance token gSail was created by the team to allow decentralised Governance of the Solanasail Ecosystem and to fund the SolanaSail Ecosystem Project. The team created a 5 year vesting schedule budget without any VCs/IEO/ICO/IDO or grant. Based on the current price of gSail, the 5 years budget by the team to fund this project (Team, Advisors, Marketing, Liquidity, staking etc) is $5.5M As seen on the image above. The maximum supply of the SolanaSail governance token gSail is 10M with a circulating supply of 3,700,000 gSAIL. gSAIL v2 mint : Gsai2KN28MTGcSZ1gKYFswUpFpS7EM9mvdR9c8f6iVXJ As seen on solscan : 30% of the total supply of gSail (3 Million gSail) was given out to $Sail holders via airdrop. 12% of the total supply (1.2M gSail) is reserved for the team. 3% (300K gSail) is reserved for advisors. 15% (1.5M gSail) is reserved for marketing. 40% (4M gSail) of the total supply is reserved for LP/Staking/Yield Farming/Liquidity. Below is the Team/Advisors/Marketing/Liquidity-staking vested addresses for the year 2021. Team Address : A49Qvqkk4322dpk9r6cTLfyWyayTLgaYY1DVcFDNCfyT As seen on solscan: Associated Token Metadata...

SolanaSail 3 Months Back Journey - A Tale of Two Siblings.

SolanaSail 3 Months Back Journey - A Tale of Two Siblings. #Sail the main utility token of the #SolanaSail Ecosystem was launched on the 26th of May 2021 and released to 1000 lucky winners randomly. Each winner received 21000 sail which was worth $210. The total supply of sail 21M was released to the community. Sail have been listed on 9 different Dex ( solape Dex, Fabric Dex, Cato Dex , lana Dex, Dexlab, PigeonSol, Hams Dex, Aldrin Dex,,) and on one of the top 15 CEX- Bitrue within 3 months. Sail got listed on Bitrue after winning the voting competition. It started trading at $0.01 and is currently traded at $0.64 . This shows that Sail has had massive growth since launch . Sail grew from a market cap of $210k to its present market cap of $13.44M . The number of sail holders increased from 1000 to 3554 #gSail the governance token of the SolanaSail Ecosystem was launched on August 10 and in less than a month after its launch it got listed in Bitrue a top 15 centralised exchange in the world after winning the listing competition . gSail is traded on the following Dex: Dexlab Dex, Cato Dex, Hams Dex and sonar Dex . gSail started trading on Dexlab at $0.023 a Month ago and is currently traded at $1.39. gSail rose from a market cap of $85.1k to it’s present market cap of $5.143M The number of gSail holders currently is 1844. Both Sail and gSail won the listing competition on Bitrue as a result of the massive ...

We are Hiring

⛵️We are still looking for one additional Rust/Solana backend developer 👍 Feel free to send your application with references (git...) to #solanasail #SAIL #gSAIL #Solana #WeAreHiring

SolanaSail Governance Token v2 (gSAIL) tokenomics & vesting schedule

gSAIL is the governance token for the entire SAIL ecosystem. It will be used to create and vote for proposals. gSAIL mint address is : Gsai2KN28MTGcSZ1gKYFswUpFpS7EM9mvdR9c8f6iVXJ 10%(3,000,000) of the gSAIL max supply(10,000,000) has been distributed to SAIL holder(snapshot July 1st 2021 8.00PM UTC). Circulating supply for the first year 2021–2022 is 3,700,000 gSAIL. The remaining 6,300,000 are under a 5 years vesting schedule plan(see graph below for the vesting schedule) Public addresses gSAIL under vesting schedule(2022–2026) are : Team address : 3m68ta2FC52UZvZDVQFS2xRRU2oJy8BKhwALXAtFp1BQ Advisors address : 8muPA8HGpLXq2Uwcc2diafXgdf9CXLydnMVtCsuMgzie Marketing address : 3nTwG6rZedWh545dMGHRfkb1TS9NSHFrbKwDU3nUejK5 Liquidity/Staking/LP address :HtNebMhN7YMefynnTp8CmHsHgrqhPoVFmwSuoTkUmucy Public addresses gSAIL vested(2021–2022) Team address : A49Qvqkk4322dpk9r6cTLfyWyayTLgaYY1DVcFDNCfyT Advisors address : ArYNhmJ77GuoW6Z1JuaA3nYiq3isrcxzbi4ZgPFJ636n Marketing address : Fc3EFYYs4A6GVCzcR7xqRYEx1PNYcGGDmuuZUAAUz8Nz Liquidity/Staking/LP address :GTetkVVe5ZvWUkw21btpuigughfCeFSFVN3V5AZyWRNS gSAIL Vesting schedule gSAIL Tokenomic

SAIL EcoSystem

$SAIL tokens have been released randomly on May 26th 2021, all 21,000,000 $SAIL have been distributed and no anymore $SAIL tokens could be mint. Mint address is : 6kwTqmdQkJd8qRr9RjSnUX9XJ24RmJRSrU1rsragP97Y SAIL/USDC marketID is : 6hwK66FfUdyhncdQVxWFPRqY8y6usEvzekUaqtpKEKLr The objective of SAIL project is to bring a complete Governance, DeFi & Vaults solution built on Solana The final product which will be released by SAIL will be Opensail. Opensail will be the NFT Marketplace build on Solana All details will be published on our website and in our coming Whitepaper. Any questions, suggestions please contact us on : Twitter : Discord :


Bitcoin Miners Sail Through Over 400 Difficulty Changes With 13 More Ant...

    In 189 days or 27,000 blocks, Bitcoin's block reward is anticipated to halve. Within this period, around 13 adjustments in Bitcoin's difficulty are expected. The network’s difficulty indicates the complexity of finding a hash below a particular target, essentially representing the computational power needed to mine a block. This self-regulation, embedded in Bitcoin's code, ensures steady block times, predictable issuance, and network security.As Bitcoin Halving Approaches, Miners Face More Than a Dozen Difficulty Retargets After Weathering 400+ Bitcoin's difficulty saw a 6.47% increase this week, surpassing the 61 trillion mark at block height 812,448. This marked the cryptocurrency's 403rd difficulty epoch, some of which included retargets with no change. In basic terms, Bitcoin's difficulty measures the challenge of identifying a new block relative to its easiest potential level. This measure, denoted by a specific number, is adjusted by the Bitcoin protocol every 2,016 blocks — approximately every two weeks — based on the time taken by miners to discover those 2,016 blocks. The difficulty adjustment ensures a consistent discovery of new blocks by miners, regardless of the number of miners in the network. Notably, during its initial phase at block height 2,016, the difficulty didn't alter due to a lack of mining activity. The justification for an increase or decrease hinges on the time required to process 2,016 blocks. Ideally, blocks should surface every ... read More

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