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$18.9 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$2.8 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #SAFEMARS today is $0.00000000827 USD.

The lowest SAFEMARS price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00000000827, and the current live price for one SAFEMARS coin is $0.00000000826794.

The all-time high SAFEMARS coin price was $0.00000126.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of SAFEMARS with market cap of ETH and how the supply affects the price of SAFEMARS at different market capitalizations.


The code for Safemars crypto currency is also #SAFEMARS.

Safemars is 2.9 years old.


The current market capitalization for Safemars is $2,791,395.

Safemars is ranking upwards to #1211 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a modest volume of trading today on #SAFEMARS.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Safemars is $18,852.


The circulating supply of SAFEMARS is 337,616,982,097,516 coins, which is 89% of the total coin supply.

Safemars has a relatively large supply of coins, 2,777,373 times larger than Ethereum's supply, as an example.


SAFEMARS is a token on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.


SAFEMARS has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 2 pairings and is listed on at least 2 crypto exchanges.

View #SAFEMARS trading pairs and crypto exchanges that currently support #SAFEMARS purchase.



SafeMars Certik Full Audit — Complete!

SafeMars Certik Full Audit — Complete! Fellow martians, We are pleased to announce that Certik has now completed the Full Audit of SafeMars: funds are SAFU! 💪 The audit reveals:NO (zero) critical issues 🎉1 (one) major issue (although it’s actually a good thing, read below to find out why)Several minor issues (of no consequence to the actual working smart contract) The audit has been a long time coming. We requested it back in May and was scheduled to be delivered in June, but due to some internal Certik issues it was delayed until now. Still, we are thrilled to have finally gotten it and be able to share it with you.Audit results The audit reveals NO (zero) critical issues. This means that the funds are safe and the smart contract is working as intended! The audit reveals 1 (one) major issue, specifically: as you know SafeMars taxes each transaction and a percentage of that tax is automatically added to the liquidity pool. — Liquidity pools recap. — Quick reminder about how the liquidity pool works:anyone can add liquidity to it (in the form of a SafeMars/BNB pair of tokens)when adding liquidity, you get back a “ticket” (in the form of a LP token) with which you can remove liquidity later if you want The way the SafeMars contract works is, whenever it auto-adds liquidity, the “ticket” (LP token) goes to the SafeMars deployer (i.e. us). Certik highlights in the audit that this is a pot...

SafeMars tax redirection proposal result

Yesterday we launched a proposal to redirect 1% of the SafeMars tax applied on each transaction: We put up a community vote which passed with 63% approval. Thank you all for voting! 🎉What does this mean concretely? Please read yesterday’s article for an in-depth explanation. Put simply: this change will provide a steady and significant revenue stream for the project! This will allow us to take SafeMars (and SafeEarth) to the next level. THIS IS MASSIVE! 😃 To kick things off in style, we’re officially announcing…The SafeMars/SafeEarth Tesla Model 3 giveaway 🎉 We will be giving away a loaded Tesla Model 3 (or cash equivalent)! To participate, you need to:Buy at least $200 worth of SAFEMARS or SAFEEARTH (any of them counts, you CAN buy from multiple wallets if you’d like multiple entries)Complete this buy latest by Friday 7th of May to enter the competition.NO SELLS of SAFEMARS or SAFEEARTH until the competition ends on May 23rdQUOTE RETWEET our announcement tweet and tag two friends: The competition will run until May 23rd. We will be picking the winner randomly from the entries which satisfy the criteria above and announce it during our Weekly Community AMA on May 23rd 🏅First tax redirection executed We’re also happy to announce that we already executed the fir...

SafeMars tax redirection proposal

Last evening in our community AMA, besides unveiling our refreshed SafeMars website, announcing competition winners and burning 1 Trillion SafeEarth, we also launched an idea… …what if we redirected 1% of the transaction tax towards other purposes?Current situation As you might be aware, every SafeMars transaction is taxed with 4%:2% is redistributed to holders2% is automatically added to liquidity This works great so far. On SafeEarth the situation is a bit different, we still have 4% tax, but 1% of it goes towards a marketing wallet that’s used for both SafeEarth and SafeMars. So far this also works great and enabled us to set some pretty big plans in motion.But what if we could go BIGGER? We’ve been brainstorming plans on how to take SafeMars and SafeEarth to the next level. Some points have been sticking out:we need MASS adoptionwe need MASS community involvementwe need AWESOME technical innovation While the existing budget has been helping, to truly go next level, we need to think bigger. Towards that end, we teased last night the idea to use 1% of the SafeMars transaction tax towards reaching these goals.How? There is technically no way to change the 2% tax that goes to holders. It’s in the smart contract and the destination of the 2% cannot be changed. However, we COULD change the destination of the 2% auto-liquidity tax. Specifically, every time our smart contract auto-adds liquidity to the Pancake...

SafeMars & SafeEarth community updates 23 Apr 2021

Dear community, We are now exactly 2 weeks later from our last community update. And wow! It’s been an insane 2 weeks!SafeMars Retrospective Can you believe that 2 weeks ago, SafeMars had 76.000 holders? And now… 320.000?! Three hundred twenty thousand holders! 😍 Also, our community Telegram now counts over 40.000 members! And…at its peak we had $160 million trading volume. Mind. Blowing. This amazing growth, together with an explosion in trading volume (and price) put SafeMars on the map and suddenly SafeMars got listed (the 6th largest exchange in the world by volume! 😜)BKexand soon (target 30 April) BitMart Not only that, but in keeping our promise to lower the barrier to entry and make it easy for ANYONE to buy SafeMars, we launched Marswap, directly on our website . All settings are preconfigured, just connect your wallet and buy. Also, if you’re on mobile, you can go to for a mobile optimized experience 🎉 We also continued our marketing push with ads on major crypto and non-crypto websites, influencers (twitter, tiktok, instagram, facebook etc) as well as starting our foray into the electronic music scene 😉 There is also some less ideal news: a group of SCAMMERS copied everything (telegram, website, even Marswap) and are actively scamming people out of their money. Please remember that NOBODY from the SafeMars team will DM you on ...

SafeMars & SafeEarth community updates 9 Apr 2021

Dear community, Two weeks have passed since our last Medium update. Since a lot’s been going on, here’s a recap as well as some plans going forward.SafeMars SafeMars has been growing steadily and the token price reached ATH just a couple days ago. Maybe more importantly, the number of holders has more than doubled 🚀 from 32.500 last time to 76.500 holders now. Regardless of the spot price, the number of holders is a great indicator of project growth and it clearly shows that the only direction is UP! HUGE thank you to all holders, new and old, for your trust and support 😍 We also respected our commitment to list on a centralized exchange and now SafeMars is listed on WhiteBit (ticker SMARS) 🎉 We managed to list AND GO LIVE with trading in record time and before some competitors 😉, mad props to the WhiteBit team for their support and seamless collaboration 💪 If you’d like to start trading on WhiteBit, make sure to read our explanatory announcement first. On the security side, we’re happy to see the Certik verification complete: SafeMars currently has a score of 89/100, with 98/100 for the smart contract code and 100/100 for the contract bytecode. The general score will improve over time as it depends also on time-sensitive factors e.g. how long the project has been live. We’ll continue working with Certik in the future and want to thank them for their awesome...

SafeMars & SafeEarth community updates

27th of March 2021 Dear community, Thank you for your amazing support! The past few days have been crazy and you have been awesome! 🙏 We’d like to start a series of regular updates on our progress as we’re aware sifting through a Telegram channel with more than 11.000 members is hard.SafeMars Since our last update, we’ve been working tirelessly and have achieved the following milestones:We’re listed on CoinMarketCap: If you’re like to support us, go to the CMC link and give a thumbs-up 😉We reached more than 32.500 holders of SAFEMARS 😍We decided to try to list on WhiteBit. We started a community raise to which you can contribute here 0xc91D3DdF830b4AeEAe68b89B99AD8fFe3b5586BE. Only send whatever you can afford, the team will top up the rest.We contracted CERTIK to audit our smart contractWe continued our daily LP Token burns so that liquidity is always locked away forever and we are therefore 100% safe and unruggableWe launched our first tokenized tweet NFT. Funds will go towards the WhiteBit listing, you can buy it here: We’re also working on our Whitepaper (will be released very soon), MarsSwap and other exciting updates. Stay tuned, the future is bright!SafeEarth The sister coin of SAFEMARS on the ETH bloc...

SafeE(ar)th — remembering Earth

SafeE(ar)th — remembering Earth It’s now more than a week since we launched SAFEMARS, an autonomous yield and liquidity generation protocol on Binance Smart Chain. We had a smooth launch but weren’t ready to rest so we kept working and:expanded our team (3 devs, 5 marketers)launched our redesigned websitereached more than 8.5000 holders of SAFEMARSgrew our Telegram community to more than 5.000 membersgot listed on Coingecko (with more listings to come)and many more We also made a roadmap for the whole year for SAFEMARS which you can find on our website. There are many, many exciting things coming… We will continue working on SAFEMARS and expanding the ecosystem and benefits to our holders. Along those lines, we also kept thinking what could be the next BIGthing we can do that would both have a lasting impact and benefit the SAFEMARS community. I am now proud to reveal…SafeE(ar)th SAFEEARTH will be the sister coin of SAFEMARS on the Ethereum blockchain. While Binance Smart Chain is amazing due to its low latency and very low transaction fees, we can only recognize that Ethereum is the world’s dominating blockchain, with Uniswap as the leading DEX. So we set up to offer people transacting on ETH the chance to join us and be part of our mission. I want to make it extra-clear, this doesn’t change the roadmap and our efforts on SAFEMARS in any way, on the contrary, it will help boost the SAFEMARS liquidit...

Safemars —blast off

Hello world and space! Safemars successfully launched on Binance Smart Chain just a few days ago. It was an absolute blast off!!! 🚀 We did everything fairly and transparently, to make sure the project is 100% safe for investors:Burned the LP tokens FOREVER 🔥Burned 53% of total supply after community vote, so only 47% SAFEMARS circulating 🔥With the burned tokens we seeded a BLACK HOLE which will keep accumulating SAFEMARS removing it from circulation, effectively a continuous BURN…FOREVER 🔥And of course we listed on Pancakeswap In several hours we went from 0 to 1500 holders and a Telegram community of over 2000 members. At the time of this writing, we have over 5.500 holders and 3.700 people in our Telegram. We’re also present on Twitter so please follow us, like and retweet 😉 By all accounts, the launch was very well received, with many people praising both the technical side of things as well as our transparency.So what happened next After successfully launching our rocketship to Mars, we didn’t sit idle. We:redesigned and launched our new website on which you can also find our roadmapexpanded our team (3 developers, 5 marketers)got listed on Coingeckogot our own Subredditlisted on Unirocketand submitted applications for CoinMarketCap, Blockfolio and a couple others (still pending)held several competitions, one is ongoing (you can win $1000) We’re also actively working behind the scenes to ta...

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