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RUNE Price:
$21.3 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$0.4 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #RUNE today is $1.16 USD.

The lowest RUNE price for this period was $0, the highest was $1.16, and the current live price for one RUNE coin is $1.15852.

The all-time high RUNE coin price was $20.94.

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The code for THORChain is #RUNE.

THORChain is 3.8 years old.


The current market capitalization for THORChain is $397,047,240.

THORChain is ranked #92, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a large daily trading volume on #RUNE.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for THORChain is $21,265,599.


The circulating supply of RUNE is 342,720,658 coins, which is 69% of the maximum coin supply.


RUNE is a token on the Thorchain blockchain.


RUNE is integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 22 crypto exchanges.

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Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #RUNE, and you can view them on our RUNE disambiguation page.



The Next Generation of THORChain Liquidity

How Savers changes the game when it comes to passive yield on THORChain.. — THORChain has always prioritised passive liquidity. This is the biggest market — make no doubt. Dual-LPs in THORChain deposit capital and hope to make yield. However, they are exposed to two assets on two chains and this was the UX-killer. The dev team attempted to solve this first by allowing assym-deposits. However the LP was still exposed to price shifts, which counted the efforts. Impermanent Loss Protection (ILP) was delivered to address this, and affords dual-LPs the ability to always buy back their original deposit amount. This solved the price-anxiety, but did not address the UX. What is ILP? If a legacy THORChain LP deposited 1.0 BTC in an infinitely deep BTC pool, they would be issued a deposit value of 0.5 BTC and 0.5 BTC in RUNE. This is recorded and insured. When they go to withdraw, the redemption values are compared with the deposit values and the shortfall made up. This shortfall would guarantee they leave with enough assets to buy back 0.5 BTC and 0.5 BTC worth of RUNE at the deposit prices.What is this? This is almost like single-sided deposit and yield, but via a convoluted User Experience (UX) involving another asset and not quite true single-sided exposure. — Enter THORChain Synths. — THORChain Synths are synthetic versions of L1 assets collateralised by liquidity units. 1.0 btc/btc is made up of 0.5 BTC...

Quarterly Treasury Report — Q1 2022

Quarterly Treasury Report — Q1 2022 — The treasury comprises of $217m, funding protocol development, liquidity and paying out to community grants. Liabilities have all been repaid. The protocol has 173m ($2.1bn) in RUNE reserves. Planned Obsolescence not before July 2022.. — Summary The treasury is at $217m. The Protocol Reserves total 173m RUNE, worth $2.1bn. These are allocated for Mainnet emissions, PoL and THORFi. Planned Obsolescence is guided not before July 2022.Operational Treasury The treasury comprises of $15m non-RUNE assets, $125m in RUNE and $76m in LP positions, total of $217m. These funds are spent on protocol development, technical costs and community grants. The LP Positions are maintained in THORChain to provide:yield on assetsliquidity for RUNELP of last resort Additional non-RUNE assets were secured in the quarter and added as LP:$2m in DOGE$2m in LUNA-UST assets — Non-RUNE Wallets. — — RUNE Wallets. —

Quarterly Treasury Report — Q4 2021

Quarterly Treasury Report — Q4 2021 — The treasury comprises of $146m, funding protocol development, liquidity and paying out to community grants. Liabilities have all been repaid. The protocol has 174m ($1.2bn) in RUNE reserves. Planned Obsolescence not before July 2022.. — Summary The treasury is at $146m. The Protocol Reserves total 174m RUNE, worth $1.2bn. These are allocated for Chaosnet & Mainnet emissions. Planned Obsolescence is guided not before July 2022.Operational Treasury The treasury comprises of $18m non-RUNE assets, $90m in RUNE and $38m in LP positions, total of $146m. These funds are spent on protocol development, technical costs and community grants. The LP Positions are maintained in THORChain and Uniswap to provide:yield on assetsliquidity for RUNELP of last resortLiabilities All liabilities have been re-paid. Occasionally some network instability issues or bugs cause unfair slashing events to nodes. Generally if these slashing events are put down to network issues, then they are refunded. After mainnet, this practice will cease, and instead Node Operators who are slashed should: 1) Attribute the slash to the cost of doing business as Node Operator; 2) Investigate the slash and raise a PR if a bug is found; 3) If slashed due to an external chain instability; then campaign to have that chain removed from the network. These market-based principles are important to ensuring t...

Upgrading to Native RUNE

Deprecating IOU RUNE (BNB.RUNE and ETH.RUNE).. — SummaryIOU Tokens (BNB.RUNE and ETH.RUNE) will be deprecated after mainnet. Nodes will activate a “killswitch”, which will slowly reduce the redemption rate from 1.0 to 0.0 over the course of a year. After a year the upgrade code will be entirely removed and IOU tokens will no longer be supported. Upgrade your IOU tokens now. — How to Upgrade. — If you hold your tokens on a centralised exchange, the exchange will switch your tokens for you to Native RUNE. If you hold your tokens in a wallet:Create a THORChain wallet using any of the options: the “UPGRADE” button and upgrade your asset (note: you will need gas on your wallet, eg BNB for BNB.RUNE or ETH for ETH.RUNE) Several guides have been created:How to switch to Native RUNE using Ledger (2 ways) — THORNoobHow to Switch Binance $RUNE to Native $RUNE (2 Ways: Arbitrage, Upgrade) — THORSwapHow to: Upgrade to Native RUNE (THOR.RUNE) Using ThorSwap DEX — LP University.Why IOU tokens? THORChain is a proof-of-bond network, run autonomously by anon operators. If the network was launched with no prior distribution phase, the THORChain treasury could dictate the genesis node operators, eroding the decentralised qualities of the network. Instead, IOU RUNE on two networks, Binance Chain and Ethereum, was circulated for permissionless ac...

All in on THORChain Security

Activating large RUNE holders to contribute to network security.. — — Update 13 Feb 2022. — The offer below was also extended to holders of team-vested RUNE: commit to a node for earlier vesting with positive take-up. Additionally, unlocks were accelerated to be all upfront in order to prioritise security. Community should expect to see more nodes come online in the weeks ahead. Team RUNE: Originally 50m (10%) was allocated to the team. Since the team anticipated growth, a large part of the allocation was left for future award. Part of this RUNE was sold under vesting in 2019 and 2020 to raise funds for the treasury. The remainder of this RUNE was awarded (under vesting) to team members who joined in 2019, 2020 and 2021, as well as most recently NineRealms, who are being awarded a vesting package. As a result of this, the devs are considering to raise the number of node slots to 120.Overview THORChain is backed by several large seed investors. These seed investors first backed THORChain in 2018 and early 2019. They locked their tokens indefinitely in October 2019 until mainnet was delivered. Seed allocation is roughly 5.2% (26m RUNE) of the network and is located on this address: THORChain Several seed investors are willing to back THORChain into 2022 and beyond. The most important aspect of THORChain this year is r...

Quarterly Treasury Report — Q3 2021

Quarterly Treasury Report — Q3 2021 — The treasury comprises of $273m, funding protocol development, liquidity and paying out to community grants. Liabilities have been mostly repaid. The protocol has 177m ($2.5bn) in RUNE reserves. Planned Obsolescence July 2022.. — Summary The treasury is at $273m, with a debt of $6.2m. The Protocol Reserves total 177,689,566 RUNE, worth $2.5bn. These are allocated for Chaosnet & Mainnet emissions. Planned Obsolescence is set for July 2022.Operational Treasury The treasury comprises of $20m non-RUNE assets, $195m in RUNE and $57m in LP positions, total of $273m. These funds are spent on protocol development, technical costs and community grants. The treasury has increased partly due to the rise in value of holdings. The LP Positions are maintained in THORChain and Uniswap to provide:yield on assetsliquidity for RUNEdog-food the protocolLP of last resortLiabilities All liabilities have been re-paid except:5m XRUNE loan (1.5m secured)364k RUNE owed to network participants It is expected these will be re-paid in the coming month.Debt THORChain treasury has a $4m Line of Credit with IronBank, of which all outstanding debt has been repaid. There is discussions with the Cream Team to reverse the Line of Credit and allow Cream to borrow 485k ETH.RUNE to repay their users following their recent hack. There is no impact to the wider treasury if this is pursued.Prot...

Monthly Treasury Report — July&August 2021

Monthly Treasury Report — July&August 2021 — The treasury comprises of $194m, funding protocol development, liquidity and paying out to community grants. Liabilities have been secured. The protocol has 180m in RUNE reserves. Planned Obsolescence July 2022.. — Summary The treasury is at $194m, sufficient for the roadmap. Community grants can be allocated. Liabilities totalling $30m but have been secured and are waiting to be discharged. The Protocol Reserves total 179,093,899 RUNE, worth $1.8bn. These are allocated for Chaosnet & Mainnet emissions. Planned Obsolescence is set for July 2022.Operational Treasury The treasury comprises of $45m USD liquid and $148m in RUNE, total of $194m. These funds are spent on protocol development, technical costs and community grants. The treasury has increased partly due to the rise in value of holdings. — Liabilities. — The total cost incurred from the Ethereum Router exploits totalled $16m at the time. The treasury set out a 3-stage plan to cover the liabilities:Secure 1/3rd immediately with liquid treasury assets (done)Secure 1/3rd immediately with loan from IronBank (done)Pay the final 1/3rd at the time of restoring solvency by adding RUNE directly to the pool when the network is re-launched. (3) is needed since the price of assets will fluctuate and the actual pool ratios will change until the network is re-launched. As of 30 August 2021, the fu...

Hardening the THORChain Protocol

Steps taken to make THORChain more resilient to attacks and network uncertainty.. — Overview There are number of changes being made to the THORChain protocol to make it more impervious to attacks, and being able to react quicker to save funds. These changes have been made from first-hand experience of several attacks, where the behaviour of the attacker, node operators and community were observed. This is a key part to formulating exactly what should be done and where. The intent of these changes is to make any attacker think launching an attack on THORChain as not even worth the attempt, instead they should just file for a bounty and get paid. To do this, more power is given to nodes, more checks are in place continuously, and funds leaving the system are throttled to slow down leaks. The last point to stress, is that these changes will have an interim negative effect on User Experience. Once these changes are live, the THORChain protocol is likely to pause more frequently, and swaps will take longer to settle. Wallet operators will need to communicate chain pause status continually, seamlessly detecting a pause and communicating this to users. Users on fast chains (BNB) will notice the settlement delay and as a result volumes may drop on these chains. Over time as the network gains stability, the sensitivity of the network will be tuned down to improve UX. They are:Automatic Solvency CheckerGranular Network Pause...

Post-mortem: ETH Router Exploits 1 & 2, and premature Return To Trading Incident

The ETH Router Exploit 1 & 2, Premature Trading, fixes and network response, as well as the 5 Pronged Response.. — Summary THORChain suffered two back to back exploits on its ETH Router. The first took all the ETH from the system via an attack contract that sat in front of the Router, and the second took all the economically significant ERC20s via an attack contract that sat behind the router. In both cases the exploits were able to trick the Bifrost into reporting receiving assets it had not. The root cause was a Bifrost interface that did not fully account for the degrees of manipulation that can occur in smart contract events. No other chains or assets were affected. The THORChain team and community have kicked off a 5-Pronged Plan to address, fix and recover. They are detailed below. The THORChain treasury will cover all losses to LPs. Nodes are not affected.Exploit 1 — ETH The attacker deployed a contract that sat in front of the Router, which was able to call the deposit() function of the Router. The ability for the Router to be wrapped was recently made available to support ecosystem development. The full scope of this was not assessed thoroughly at the time. The attack contract simply diverted the msg.value back to themselves, calling with a value of 0 into the Router. The Bifrost read the msg.value instead of the emitted deposit event. This is necessary to support Router upgrades, but should not ha...

Post-mortem: ETH Router Upgrade

The ERC-777 re-entrancy bug, trading halt, Router Upgrade, USDT rescue, return to solvency and operational, improvements. — Summary On 9th July 2021, a whitehat discovered a vulnerability in the THORChain router when dealing with ERC-777 tokens and worked with the team to rescue the funds back to the THORStarter deployer account. The Router was patched and deployed to testnet, but during testing an issue when dealing with non-standard ERC-20’s was found, specifically USDT. A recovery plan was posed to the community, which was to rescue the USDT back to the treasury (after a 24 hour notice) and the rest of the tokens migrated via the normal Router Upgrade path. Complications arose since simultaneously the Testnet was found to not be operational, so a new one had to be established. Ultimately the router was upgraded and trading resumed.Details — ERC-777 Re-entrancy. — A simple bug, but not one contemplated at the time the Router was deployed or reviewed by the THORChain community for MCCN launch. An audit of the Router was scheduled to be performed by TrailOfBits in July, which will go ahead but now on Router V3. The root cause is that ERC-777 allows hooks to be called on transfers. This is the same as sending ETH to a contract (a hook can be called). The hook called a secondary deposit into the router, which caused the funds to be partially “double-dipped” and the member credited more allowance than th...


Unizen (ZCX) Enters a Strategic Partnership With THORChain (RUNE)

    [PRESS RELEASE - Dubai, United Arab Emirates, April 25th, 2023] The team at Unizen, operating the Web3 ecosystem found at, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with the team at THORChain. Specifically, Unizen has integrated the THORChain settlement layer to enable swaps between ETH (Ethereum) and AVAX (Avalanche C-chain) to BTC (Bitcoin) and vice versa. 'THORChain has devised an exceptionally refined solution that has proven resilient against the trials of time and fluctuations in market conditions, facilitating decentralized liquidity for assets on non-programmable chains.', says Martin Granström, CTO of Unizen. 'This made THORChain the obvious selection for empowering trades on the Unizen Trade platform involving Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and additional cryptocurrencies.' 'Unizen is an excellent venue to offer cross-chain swaps powered by THORChain. The industry has been slowly moving from centralized swap services to DeFi protocols. The goal is to bring the centralized exchange trading experience to users while maintaining the security of self-custody', says Gavin McDermott, CEO of Nine Realms. 'Unizen already offers a best-in-class experience as a DEX aggregator and we are excited to help them expand their cross-chain routes with native Bitcoin and more.' About Unizen Unizen is a cutting-edge operating system for Web3 applications that enables users to seamlessly, cost-efficiently, and securely interact with all things Web3. It is designed to pro... read More

THORChain Mainnet Halted Amid Potential Vulnerability Concerns

    The operators behind the decentralized cross-chain liquidity protocol - THORChain - preemptively paused the network after claims of potential vulnerability made rounds on social media. According to the announcement, the vulnerability in question is speculated to be associated with THORChain dependency that may affect the overall network. 'Out of an abundance of caution,' THORChain decided to pause trading while carrying out an investigation. Its tweet further added: 'The validity of the claim is currently being assessed and verified.' Initial reports suggested that THORChain’s liquidity platform - Nine Realms - along with the security team THORSec, received 'credible reports' of the vulnerability. In wake of the development, THORChain's native token, RUNE, dropped by nearly 5% and was trading at $1.32. Last October, the THORChain network suffered a 20-hour-long outage as a result of a software bug. The team had revealed that the issue was string manipulation. The DeFi protocol suffered several hacks since its inception in 2018. The latest security breach took place in July, wherein the perpetrators drained around $8 million worth of Ether after attacking the ETH Router. While the team assured that the treasury had the necessary funds to compensate all victims, it later notified the community that the attackers limited their damage, 'seemingly a whitehat,' and reportedly requested a 10% bounty. The post THORChain Mainnet Halted Amid Potential Vulnerability Concerns a... read More

THORChain Network Remains Offline 15 Hours After Software Bug 

    The THORChain network went offline Thursday due to a software bug, the blockchain operators confirmed on Twitter. The team noted that they are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible, adding that the outage has nothing to do with solvency.  Devs are aware of a chain halt and have identified the likely cause due to a unique transaction type (nothing to do with solvency). An update will be posted as soon as there is more confirmed information. — THORChain (@THORChain) October 27, 2022 A Non-Determinism Between Nodes About four hours after the initial announcement, the THORChain team shared another update, stating that the issue stemmed from sources of non-determinism between nodes. 'Consensus halts in a distributed state machine are from sources of non-determinism between individual nodes and prevent the ledger from becoming corrupted,' the team wrote. The network operators further outlined the steps required to resolve the problem, which included finding the source of non-determinism, releasing an update, and restarting the state machine, noting that they were close to finding the source. After another three hours, the team announced they had discovered that the issue was string manipulation.   'Turns out to be string manipulation: code was pushing a cosmos.Uint (instead of a uint64) into a string, which causes the string to get the point of the big int instead of the actual value, causing the memo string to be different on different nodes.' When W... read More

Thorchain Shows A Glimpse Of Hope, Are The Green Days Near?

    RUNE price could be ready to break out from the downtrend as price gears up for a short-term recovery creating more bullish sentiment. RUNE looks strong on the low timeframe.  The price of RUNE attempts to break and hold above 8 and 20 EMA on the daily timeframe. Thorchain (RUNE) has shown little or no recovery sign in recent weeks, but that could change as the price gears up for a rally against tether (USDT). Previous weeks for the crypto space have been slow as most altcoins, and major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) continued to move in a range. The month looks promising, with altcoins, including Thorchain (RUNE), bouncing off from their low with high hopes of a rally with the current shift in trend. (Data from Binance) Crypto Market Outlook  Crypto Market Outlook | Source: Coin360 For most crypto projects as altcoins, including RUNE, the new month has been more of a relief. The price of Bitcoin has led the market, rising from a low of $18,800 to $20,100. With the market looking more promising for crypto assets, we may see more cryptocurrency recovery, as the previous month prevented major altcoins from rallying. Thorchain (RUNE) Price Analysis On The Weekly Chart The price of RUNE in recent weeks did not show the strength as seen in other altcoins like Cosmos as the price continued to decline to its weekly low of $1.5. After rallying from a low of $3 to a high of $12, the price of RUNE faced rejection as it was unable to break above $12, acting as resistanc... read More

Biggest Movers: RUNE Rallies to Start the Week, as SAND Extends Recent G...

    RUNE rose by over 10% to start the week, surging as global crypto markets pushed to enter the green on July 4. After a slow start to the day, the crypto market cap is up 3.15% as of writing, with SAND another notable mover, as it extended recent gains, rising by nearly 13% in the process. Thorchain (RUNE) RUNE was a notable mover on Monday, as prices rose by over 10% on the Independence Day of the United States. The token rose to an intraday peak of $2.08 to start the week, pushing prices closer towards a one-week high. As of writing, RUNE/USD is now trading higher for a third consecutive session, as it nears a key resistance level. This ceiling is the $2.50 mark which hasn't been hit since June 25, when bulls made an attempt to move past this point. Looking at the chart, although prices may once again collide with this ceiling, a breakout might be difficult due to an upcoming obstacle. That would be the resistance of 49.80 on the 14-day RSI, which has not been broken since early in April. The Sandbox (SAND) SAND was also one of today's biggest gainers, as prices rose by as much as 12% earlier in the day. Following a low of $1.02 to end the weekend, SAND/USD surged to an intraday peak of $1.15 during Monday's session. This move saw SAND climb in back-to-back sessions for the first time in over a week, and comes as prices continue to move away from a recent support point. This support point at $0.95 has mostly held firm despite recent attempts from bears to push the token ... read More

THORChain Deploys Mainnet After 4-Year Wait, RUNE Soars 13% In 24 Hours

    THORChain has been trading in the green and recovering faster than larger cryptocurrencies. The market seems to be positively reacting to the announcement. RUNE with minor gains on the 4-hour chart. Source: RUNEUSDT Tradingview As part of the announcement, crypto users on the Binance exchange will be able to participate in a promotional campaign and earn part of a total $1 million price. Via an official post, the team behind THORChain said the following celebrating the project’s major milestone: Mainnet marks the achievement of a fully functional, feature-rich protocol with a large ecosystem and strong community. It has been a long time coming and the community is very excited about this important milestone. Before mainnet, THORChain was operating with the Multichain Chaosnet (MCCN) to enable users to provide cross-chain liquidity. This allowed the project to battle-test its features and migrate from a centralized to a decentralized and community-driven platform, according to the official post. As part of this deployment, the project launched its native token RUNE and has called for all token holders to swap their non-native RUNE for the former asset. Once 67% of the network runs on native RUNE, the protocol will implement a “Killswitch” and “kill” the non-native asset under the BEP2 standard. As NewsBTC reported, 4 months ago THORChain released a highly expected feature, synthetics assets. This allowed users to gain exposure to the price of lar... read More

Biggest Movers: DOT Rebounds Following Recent Losses, as RUNE Moves Towa...

    Following two consecutive sessions of declines, DOT saw its price rebound on Friday, as it moved away from a multi-week low. While DOT rose away from these lows, RUNE dropped, with the token falling towards them. Prices of RUNE are down by over 10% as of writing. Polkadot (DOT) DOT was a notable mover during Friday's session, as prices rebounded following two consecutive days of losses. After two days of declines, DOT/USD dropped to a bottom of $8.61 on Thursday, however, it followed that up with a nearly 10% rally today. Today's move saw DOT hit an intraday high of $9.91, as prices moved away from recent lows which are close to support of $9.05. Looking at the chart, the next price target for bulls will likely be the ceiling at $10.50, which has mostly held firm for the past ten days. Whilst it currently tracks at 38.85, bulls will likely be paying close attention to the 39.50 level on the RSI, as it appears to be a hard ceiling. This could mean that some bulls will likely attempt to push prices above the $10 threshold, then potentially liquidate positions prior to hitting the ceiling. Thorchain (RUNE) While DOT moved away from its own support level on Friday, RUNE moved towards it, as prices dropped by over 10% today. Following a peak above $3.15 during Thursday's session, RUNE/USD slipped to a low of $2.45 earlier in the day. This low comes as prices break below the recent support point of $2.62, hitting their lowest level since May 12 in the process. As a result of t... read More

Biggest Movers: Tron Moves to 1-Week High, as Thorchain's RUNE Nea...

    Tron rallied during today's session, as it headed towards a one-week high, following recent declines. This came as Thorchain's RUNE continued to trade lower, with today's drop pushing prices closer to their lowest point since January 2021. Tron (TRX) Tron (TRX) surged towards a seven-day week high during Thursday's session, as prices rebounded following a recent decline. Less than a day after trading at a bottom of $0.06955, TRX/USD rose to a peak of $0.07444 earlier in the day. Today's peak is the highest level prices have reached since last Saturday, and are slightly below May 13th's high of $0.07650. So far this month, TRX has been one of the more volatile tokens, going from a peak of $0.09267 on May 8, to a low of $0.06304 only two days later. Looking at the chart, the relative strength index (RSI) has mainly consolidated since that point, being held under a ceiling of 52.50. As of writing this, price strength is still below this point, and unless we see a breakout of this level, we might see prices drop in upcoming days, despite today's near 7% rise. Thorchain (RUNE) Besides both beginning with the letter 'T,' there were no similarities between tron and thorchain (RUNE) on Thursday as far as market activity is concerned. RUNE/USD was mainly lower during the session, falling close to its lowest point since January 2021. Prices fell to an intraday low of $2.85 on Thursday, which is roughly $0.50 away from its sixteen-month low of $2.35 which was hit on May 12. However, ... read More

Biggest Movers: MATIC Slips on Saturday, RUNE and LUNA Over 5% Lower

    MATIC fell to its long-term support level on Saturday, following a surge in price during Friday's session. This came as both RUNE and LUNA also dropped, and traded by as much as 5% lower to start the weekend. Polygon (MATIC) During what has been a bearish start to the weekend, MATIC was one of the biggest losers so far in Saturday's session. MATIC, which traded at its long-term resistance level of $1.50 on Friday, fell all the way to its support point earlier today. As of writing, Saturday saw MATIC/USD drop to a bottom of $1.35, which is also its long-term floor, and is now around $0.10 away from a two-month low. Today's selloff comes following strong gains on Friday, however bullish momentum eased, as prices ran into the ceiling. In addition to this price ceiling, the 14-day RSI saw its own resistance reached, as relative strength failed to break above the 45 level. MATIC has mostly consolidated between $1.35 and $1.50 during the month of April, and as market uncertainty continues, it looks like we may end the month trading within this range. THORChain (RUNE) There was no rebound in price for RUNE, which fell for a fourth consecutive session to start the weekend. So far this Saturday, RUNE/USD has slipped to a bottom of $8.21, which is three days removed from a peak of $9.88, where bulls were attempting to break the $10 threshold. However, since then momentum has only faded, with the mid-term 25-day (blue) moving average now firmly lower, as it continues to trend downw... read More

Biggest Movers: Near, EOS and RUNE Fall During Friday's Selloff

    NEAR was one of the big movers in today's trading session, as prices fell by almost 10% on Friday. RUNE and EOS also slipped to end the week, with the latter also dropping by double-digits in the session. Near Protocol (NEAR) NEAR was one of the biggest tokens to fall on Friday, as a red wave swept over cryptocurrency markets to end the week. Following a peak of $17.12 on Thursday, NEAR/USD dropped to a bottom of $15.12 during today's trading session. As a result of this drop in price, NEAR fell below its recent support level of $15.45, for the first time since the start of the week. Following a breakout of the ceiling at $17.50, prices recently rose to a one week high of $17.77 on Wednesday, however this upwards momentum was short lived. The turnaround saw prices drop for three consecutive sessions, leading to the 14-RSI to track at its weakest point in over six weeks. Now in oversold territory, bears will likely try to push prices even lower, whilst bulls could see this as an opportunity to buy low. EOS Similar to NEAR, EOS has also held firm at a recent resistance level, leading to a selloff during today's session. EOS/USD fell to an intraday low of $2.48 earlier on Friday, after trading above $2.84 less than 24-hours ago. Following a false breakout of the $2.75 ceiling, EOS has gone on to fall for two consecutive sessions, with today's decline taking us to a short-term floor. As seen on the chart, $2.45 has recently acted as the first line of defense for fading pric... read More

Can RUNE Sustain Its 20% Rally?, Why This Analyst Doubts It

    THORChain (RUNE) has seen an important rally in the past month. Source: RUNEUSDT Tradingview According to analyst Alerzio from research firm Santiment, RUNE’s current rally has traders wondering if the token will be able to sustain its gains. The cryptocurrency could revisit its lows if the bulls are unable to push past the $10 in the short term or if the crypto market takes another bearish turn. The analyst believes that RUNE’s current rally has been “healthy”. As the price move upwards, the token’s trading volume followed standing at its highest since April 2021. In addition, the Weighted Sentiment, a metric used to measure market sentiment across social media platforms, suggests more gains. This metric stands in the negative as the token claims into its current levels which is a bullish sign. Source: Santiment In the crypto markets, operators believe that prices tend to move opposite to the crowd’s expectations. Therefore, a negative sentiment suggests more gains for RUNE. The analyst said that “the greed is out” of the market, for the time being. In addition, the futures market seems to support the bulls as funding rates on Binance and FTX were barely returning from negative territory into positive on the recent price action. The analyst added: Binnance's funding rate is positive (not too much) while FTX's funding rate is about to get into the positive areas. this can be considered as a 'not very good, but not too bad' sign... read More

Biggest Movers: RUNE Rises by Over 20% Today, as NEAR Climbs to Resistan...

    NEAR rose to its highest level since last Thursday, as prices rebounded from recent lows. SAND and RUNE also climbed from long-term support levels on Tuesday, with RUNE rising by over 20% in today's session. THORChain (RUNE) RUNE was easily one of the biggest gainers during today's trading session, as it separated itself from AXS, cementing itself as the world's 43rd-largest cryptocurrency. Following a low of $7.50 during yesterday's session, Tuesday's session saw RUNE/USD rise to an intraday high of $9.05 earlier today. This move sees RUNE climb to its highest level since last Thursday, April 14, where price went on to be held at resistance. The long-term ceiling is currently at $9.40, which hasn't been broken since earlier this month, and late March prior to that. Regardless of this, price strength has recently shown strong gains, with the 14-day RSI climbing beyond the ceiling of 51. Should this momentum extend, we could see RUNE at $10.00 later this week. However, bulls could likely take profits once this point is reached. NEAR Protocol (NEAR) NEAR continued to move away from its long-term support level on Tuesday, as prices rebound following a recent four-day bear run. This run took NEAR from resistance of $17.55, all the way down to support of $15.40, with a breakout taking prices to multi-week lows. Since bouncing from support yesterday, those gains extended in today's session, with NEAR/USD hitting a peak of $17.50. Now once again near resistance, many are wai... read More

CoinEx Security Team: The Security Risks of THORChain (RUNE)

    According to THORChain’s treasury report for Q1 2022 released on April 1, the chain registered a growth in revenue despite the twofold impact of persistent market sluggishness and highly unstable geopolitical factors. Public data shows that THORChain recorded $2.17 billion in revenue in Q1 2022. THORChain, acclaimed as the “cross-chain version of UniSwap”, gained a foothold in the cross-chain trading market relying on its unique advantages and earned extensive recognition among investors. Behind all these glamours, THORChain is also deeply troubled by hacking. The chain suffered frequent security breaches since it was launched on Ethereum, a fact that casts doubt on its security. On April 11, THORChain tweeted about phishing attacks, warning users not to interact with [DeTHOR] or other unknown tokens within their wallets, which once again raised concerns about its security issues. While building a sound security system for CoinEx products, the CoinEx security team also keeps track of security incidents in the blockchain space to help users better understand the security of different projects from the perspective of technical security and mitigate the investment risk. Aiming to improve the security criteria for the blockchain sector, the CoinEx security team has analyzed the security risks of THORChain (RUNE). The team hopes that THORChain could note and mitigate the following risks by optimizing the relevant smart contract codes. In addition, this article i... read More

Biggest Movers: RUNE, ZIL Rebound Following Recent Losses, Trading Nearl...

    ZIL was up by more than 20% in Thursday's session, as prices rebounded following a string of recent drops. RUNE was also up by over 15% today, as it hit its highest point so far this week. Overall, the global crypto market cap is up 2.08% as of writing. Zilliqa (ZIL) Following almost two weeks of declines, ZIL finally stopped the bleeding, rallying by over 20% during today's session. ZIL/USD rose to an intraday high of $0.1263 earlier in Thursday's session, as price continues to move away from its recent support point. This floor was at the $0.1033 level, which has historically seen significant bullish moves begin from there, and today's rally follows this trend. Recent momentum in ZIL has now taken prices to what seems to be a short-term ceiling of $0.1245, with some expecting an imminent breakout. However, there appears to be an obstacle in place which could potentially prevent this from happening, with the 14-day RSI also trading at resistance. Looking at the chart, the relative strength index is currently tracking at 57.06, which is slightly below the ceiling of 57.70. Should this point be broken, we could be looking at ZIL rallying back towards $0.1400. THORChain (RUNE) RUNE also rose on Thursday, moving past XTZ to cement itself as the world's 44th-largest cryptocurrency. Following a bottom of $7.42 during Wednesday's session, RUNE/USD climbed to an intraday high of $9.35 earlier today. The move came as RUNE moved away from the support level of $8.15, following what... read More

Biggest Movers: RUNE and THETA Fall by Over 10% on Monday

    THETA and RUNE are trading over 10% lower to start the week, as recent declines in the crypto market extended during Monday's session. As of writing, the global cryptocurrency market cap is down nearly 5%. THORChain (RUNE) In addition to BTC and ETH, RUNE also fell to a three-week low to start the week, as bearish pressure mounted in crypto markets. Following a high of $9.47 on Sunday, RUNE/USD fell to an intraday low of $8.06 during today's session, as prices fell to their lowest point since March 25. This drop sees RUNE hit its long-term support point at $8.08, after trading near its resistance of $12 almost a week ago. Looking at the chart, today's move comes as price strength failed to move beyond the ceiling of 50, which then prompted bears to send prices lower. The decline in price strength came as momentum also declined, with the 10-day and 25-day moving averages preparing for a downwards crossover. As of writing, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) is sitting at its lowest point since February 27, however some still expect further falls in price. Theta Network (THETA) Like RUNE, THETA was also down by over 10% during Monday's session, as it fell for a second consecutive session itself. THETA/USD hit a bottom of $3.03 to start the week, which is its lowest point since March 25, and this comes as the long-term floor was broken. This support level at $3.30 caved in as prices fell for the ninth time in eleven sessions, as THETA's value dropped by over 20% in the last w... read More

Biggest Movers: SOL Slips Over 10%, as RUNE, WAVES Down Nearly 20%

    Global crypto markets were trading nearly 6% lower as of writing this, with SOL one of the biggest crypto's to fall during the session. While falling by over 12% on the day, RUNE and WAVES fell by as much as 20% on Thursday. WAVES WAVES was easily one of the biggest gainers in March, as it rose from a low of $10, climbing to a now record high of $64. Since then, WAVES has been in free-fall, falling for six consecutive sessions, and is now trading at a two-week low below $30. As of writing this, WAVES/USD dropped to an intraday low of $27.43 during Wednesday's session, which is its lowest point since March 17. Today's drop means that prices are now almost 50% lower than at the same point last week, and comes as traders continue to dump the token following recent record highs. Looking at the chart, today's fall moved past support at $30, and looks to be in search of a durable floor, which could come at $24. Price strength is also within the oversold territory, relatively speaking, with the 14-day RSI tracking at 40.5, which is the lowest point since February 22. Despite this, we may still see further falls in WAVES, with the long-term floor of the RSI indicator located around the 21 level. Should bears look to weaken this even further, we may soon be tracking below $20. Thorchain (RUNE) RUNE was another big mover towards the end of last month that has so far struggled for bullish momentum in April. Following a peak of $13.21 just under a week ago, RUNE/USD fell to a bottom ... read More

Biggest Movers: WAVES up 50% on Tuesday, as RUNE and LUNA Move Higher

    WAVES was undoubtedly Tuesday's biggest gainer, climbing by as much as 50% during the session. Gains in WAVES came as well, as LUNA once again overtook SOL as the world's eighth-largest cryptocurrency. RUNE was also a big mover today. WAVES WAVES was easily the biggest gainer during Tuesday's trading session, as it rose to a new all-time high. This was the second consecutive session in which WAVES rallied, further cementing itself as the world's 32nd largest crypto. Today's peak saw WAVES/USD surge to an all-time high of $53.81, following a low around $31.9 in Monday's session. Looking at the chart, these recent highs have come as prices moved beyond recent resistance of $33.71, which was in place for roughly ten days. Another ceiling which was broken was that of the 14-day RSI, where price strength rose past the resistance of 80.75, and now tracks at 89.38. It is clear that prices are currently overbought, however, while tracking at these levels in the past, we still saw further highs. This will likely create uncertainty for those looking to take positions going forward. Thorchain (RUNE) RUNE rose on Tuesday, following two days of declines, with prices gaining by as much as 20% during the session. Following a low of $10.00 to begin the week, RUNE/USD climbed to a peak of $12.82 today, breaking out of its $11.09 resistance in the process. Tuesday's move has now pushed RUNE to its highest level since November 26, as bulls continue to target the all-time high. This would be ... read More

Biggest Movers: CVX Nearly 14% Higher, as RUNE Extends Friday's Ga...

    CVX was trading nearly 14% higher to start the weekend, as RUNE extended yesterday's gains, climbing by over 13% on Saturday. CVX is now up by nearly 35% this week, rising to multi-week highs in the process. Thorchain (RUNE) RUNE was one of the biggest gainers in crypto markets for a second consecutive session, as it further cemented itself as the world's 45th-largest cryptocurrency by market cap. Following a high of $9.52 on Friday, RUNE/USD rallied to a greater high of $10.26 to kick off the weekend's session. Today's peak is the highest level RUNE had traded at since December 3, when prices were falling from highs around $13. Saturday's move saw the 14-day RSI indicator once again touch its resistance point of 79.11, which hasn't been broken since November. Looking at this chart, $11.30 is the next likely destination for bulls attempting to extend recent gains, however the road to this point will likely be turbulent. Prices are overbought, and a reversal could be on the cards, despite the bullish sentiment of the last two sessions. Convex Finance (CVX) Saturday's price surge has sent CVX to its highest point in over three weeks, with the token now trading more than 35% higher in the last week. Following a low of $23.12 less than 24 hours ago, CVX/USD climbed to a peak of $27.39 during today's session. The price of CVX has now risen for 11 out of the last 13 trading days, a run which started at its support of $15.40. As a result of this rally in prices, market sentime... read More

Biggest Movers: QNT Climbs 10%, as ALGO and RUNE Rise Higher

    QNT climbed over 10% during today's session, as RUNE and ALGO both rose by as much as 15% on Friday. This comes as cryptocurrency markets were trading nearly 4% higher as of writing this, as markets began preparing for the weekend's action. Thorchain (RUNE) Thorchain (RUNE) was one of the biggest gainers on Friday, and was at one point nearly 15% higher, before gains somewhat eased throughout the day. Following a low of $7.96 on Thursday, RUNE/USD rallied to an intraday high at $9.52 during today's session. Today's peak was close to last Sunday's high of $9.58, which was the highest level RUNE had traded at since December 4. Friday's surge in price came as prices once again broke out of the resistance level at $8.99, however as with previous breakouts at this level, market uncertainty sent prices lower. Looking at this chart, today's gain follows three consecutive sessions of declines, with the reversal pushing the RSI to its highest point this week. This point now resembles a ceiling, and is acting as the main resistance to further gains in the price of RUNE. Algorand (ALGO) Both quant (QNT) and ethereum classic (ETC) were trading higher for most of today's session, however, gains eased throughout the course of the day. As this happened, algorand (ALGO) managed to maintain its bullish momentum, rising to nearly a five-week high in the process. Today's rally was the tenth day in twelve that the price of ALGO has risen, with today's gains taking us just above resistance of ... read More

Biggest Movers: AVAX Almost 20% Higher, as RUNE and ZEC Near 15% Gains o...

    Crypto markets were mainly in the green on Saturday, with AVAX, RUNE and ZEC being some of the notable gainers. Apecoin traded lower during its third session, falling by as much as 13%, following back-to-back gains. Avalanche (AVAX) LUNA, WAVES, and FTM were all trading over 10% on Saturday, however it was AVAX that was one of the leading gainers to start the weekend. Following a low of $76.74 on Friday, avalanche (AVAX) rallied above its $90 resistance level in today's session, hitting an intraday high of $90.27 in the process. Today's move was the highest level AVAX has traded since February 18, as prices began to slip from highs above $98. Avalanche has now risen for seven consecutive sessions, following a rebound from its support point of $66. Looking at the chart, price strength is now tracking at 62.5, which is marginally adobe resistance of 61, and its highest point since February 16. Should this momentum continue, we could likely see bulls make another run towards the $100 mark. Zcash (ZEC) Zcash (ZEC) was trading by over 16% higher as of writing this, as prices rose to their highest level in over three months. After trading at a low of $148.86 yesterday, today's high of $177.63 saw ZEC/USD break past its long-term ceiling of $172.20 in the process. Saturday's peak is the highest point that the price of ZEC has traded since December 9, and comes as price strength appears to be overbought. As of writing this, the 14-day RSI is tracking at 66.61, which is slightly be... read More

Biggest Movers: AVAX, RUNE up Over 10%, as CAKE Surges 20% on Thursday

    AVAX was once again higher on Thursday, rising for its fourth consecutive session, as it further cements itself in the crypto top ten. Although RUNE was also trading by as much as 15% higher, it was CAKE that led Thursday's gainers. Pancakeswap (CAKE) Pancakeswap (CAKE) rose to its highest level in almost four weeks on Thursday, as it moved away from its recent lows. Following a bottom of $5.37 on Wednesday, which was close to a one-year low, CAKE/USD climbed by as much as 21% today. CAKE rallied to an intraday high of $7.19 in Thursday's session, which is its highest level since February 21. This high came as price strength also gained, blowing past its recent ceiling on the 14-day RSI indicator in the process. Since passing the resistance of 42, the RSI is now tacking at 50.65, which is marginally above another ceiling at 49.15. Should this momentum continue, we could see CAKE tracking at $8.35. Avalanche (AVAX) Avalanche (AVAX) further cemented its place as the world's tenth-largest cryptocurrency on Thursday, as it rose by as much as 15% on the day. As of writing this, AVAX/USD rallied for a fourth consecutive session today, rising to a high of $81.48 in the process. This follows a peak of $73.83 on Wednesday, and brings the seven-day average gain to 10.35%, despite recent bearish market sentiment. Looking at the chart, the 10-day moving average continues to approach the 25-day, which is setting the scene for a potential upward cross. One of the only visible hurdl... read More

Biggest Movers: RUNE Rises by Over 15%, as FTM and AVAX Trend Lower

    Thorchain (RUNE) rallied to its highest level since January, as cryptocurrency markets started the week mainly in the red. Avalanche (AVAX) was one of these cryptocurrencies trading lower on Monday, and fantom (FTM) fell by close to 10% on the day as well.Thorchain (RUNE) While cryptocurrency markets have been mainly lower over the past week, thorchain (RUNE) has climbed by almost 70% in that same period. Following a low of $6.15 on Sunday, RUNE/USD rose past its resistance of $6.60 to start the week, climbing to its highest level since January 12 in the process. On Monday, RUNE hit an intraday high of $7.43, pushing the cryptocurrency to #47, in the market's top 100. This move came as the 14-day Relative Strength Index also rose past its own ceiling of 67, which happened for the first time since last November. Should this current ascending momentum continue, we will be looking at the prospect of RUNE hitting the upcoming ceiling of $9.05, potentially on its way to $10. Fantom (FTM) Avalanche (AVAX) was down by almost 6% to start the week, as it continue to hover below the crypto top 10, sitting at the #11 spot. However, it was fantom (FTM) that was today's most notable bearish mover, falling by close to 10% as a result of today's action. As of writing this, FTM is down 8.35 % today, as prices fell to their lowest point since September, following five consecutive days of weakness. FTM/USD fell to an intraday low of $1.08 earlier on Monday, following a peak of over $1.20... read More

Bitcoin Stagnates at $39K, THORChain's RUNE Surges 10% (Weekend Wa...

    The cryptocurrency market failed to deliver any significant movements in the past 24 hours as the majority of coins are trading flat with no real discrepancies. There are, of course, a few exceptions, so let's unpack. Bitcoin Price Flat at $39K As seen in the chart below, the past 24 hours were finally a bit less volatile compared to previous periods. With one exception where BTC's price dipped towards $38,500, the primary cryptocurrency has been trading around $39,000 for the most part. This is somewhat expected as it's the weekend and it's usually the case that volumes are lower. Source: TradingView The lack of tumultuous price action also resulted in a lot fewer liquidations compared to the previous days. Over the past 24 hours, there was only about $38 million worth of liquidated long and short positions, where the ratio is also somewhat flat with 58% being long liquidations. The largest single liquidation order was an ETH perp worth $800K and it happened on OKEx. THORChain Pulls Ahead, Top Alts Stagnate The leading altcoins from the top 10 failed to produce any considerable movements during the last day. Source: Quantify Crypto As seen in the heatmap above, most of the cryptocurrencies are trading in the red for minimal losses - typical sideways action. LUNA continues to lose gains made during its recent rally as the coin is down another 3% today. The biggest gainer for the past 24 hours is THORChain's RUNE - up 10.5%. With this recent increase, the cryptocurrency is up ... read More

Biggest Movers: RUNE Rallies on Friday, With KDA Climbing Over 10%

    Despite mainly being in the red, there were a few notable big movers in crypto markets on Friday. Initially, STX was one of them, climbing by as much as 36%, before giving up all of these gains. However, RUNE and KDA managed to sustain gains. Thorchain (RUNE) Thorchain (RUNE) rose for the second time in the last three days, as it continues to move towards entering the cryptocurrency top 50. Following a low of $4.82 on Thursday, RUNE/USD rose to an intraday high of $:$6.27 today, which is its highest level since January 17. As of writing this, RUNE is trading nearly 13% higher, following an earlier breakout of its recent ceiling at $5.50. Looking at the chart, today's surge has seen the 14-day RSI climb to a one-week high of 63, which has also historically been a resistance level. In the event that price strength is able to move past this point, there is a strong chance that bulls could be targeting the $7.15 ceiling. Kadena (KDA) Kadena (KDA) climbed to its highest level since March 2 on Friday, as it continued to move away from its recent support level. KDA/USD hit an intraday high of $8.26 during today's session, following a surge from its price floor of $5.70. Today's move sent prices past recent resistance of $7.55, for the first time since February 16, after following a valentine's day price surge. As of writing this, KDA is still trading over 10% higher, tracking at 11.67% for the day, however, gains have eased, as traders seem to have secured earlier profits. H... read More

THORChain Activates Feature, 30% Spike Follows, Can Bulls Sustain It?

    Up almost 30% during today’s trading session, decentralized cross-chain exchange THORChain (RUNE) trades north of $5.28. Source: RUNEUSDT Tradingview Per an official post, synthetics assets are tokens pegged to the value of their underlying collateral, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. In order words, users can now access BTC, ETH, and others running on THORChain. Similar to Wrapped Bitcoin (wBTC), a popular token on Ethereum, with the difference than synthetic assets can also be collateralized by BTC, in this case, and other cryptocurrencies. The synthetic version of Bitcoin running on this blockchain is called sBTC and offers the user exposure to BTC’s price performance. Unlike Bitcoin, according to the post, its synthetic version on THORChain offers faster transactions and lower fees. In that way, a user can trade with this benefit and benefit from other yield generation products. Per the post: As a benefit, you will have access to yield generating vaults, and be one of the first users who will vest their funds. Minting synths will be capped and access will depend on how much liquidity is in the THORChain pools. The post adds that users can simplify their trading experience, and gain access to different cryptocurrencies from multiple blockchains without using a centralized exchange. Core developer Chad Barraford said the following on the advantages of this feature and its impact on the network’s ecosystem: Synthetics can be used to change the pool depths, and ... read More

THORChain (RUNE) Charted a 6-Week High on Mainnet Launch, Terra Integrat...

    THORChain (RUNE) surged by over 70% this week, up to $5.5, on a series of encouraging technical developments in its ecosystem. The decentralized liquidity protocol surged ahead of the long-awaited mainnet launch and integration with Terra. THORChain allows users to easily exchange cryptocurrency assets. It also enables them to swap assets in permissionless settings without the need to rely on centralized exchanges. Integration With Terra Terra, a blockchain protocol that powers algorithmic decentralized stablecoins, partnered with THORChain, an independent blockchain used for governance, staking, bonding, rewards, and trading. After successful integration, Terra brings LUNA token and TerraUSD (UST) stablecoin to the THORChain ecosystem. As a result, users will now have more trading and staking options within the ecosystem. THORChain now supports six wallet types for eight blockchains on their cross-chain exchange. THORSwap supports 6 wallet types for 8 blockchains as a cross-chain DEX. — THORSwap ( ,) (@THORSwap) February 25, 2022 Another big change is the option for the platform to support all Cosmos-based projects. Namely, Cosmos is a solution that may lead to a whole network of decentralized blockchains that work together on the same ecosystem. Furthermore, some see the protocol as an option for scaling blockchains which may become a new standard in the future. Mainnet Launch What might have also helped push the coin up were reports that ... read More

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