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Rocket Pool  


RPL Price:
$5.4 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$0.9 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #RPL today is $48.70 USD.

The lowest RPL price for this period was $0, the highest was $48.70, and the current live price for one RPL coin is $48.69979.

The all-time high RPL coin price was $63.24.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of RPL with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for Rocket Pool is #RPL.

Rocket Pool is 3.4 years old.


The current market capitalization for Rocket Pool is $930,819,261.

Rocket Pool is ranked #48 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is big during the past 24 hours for #RPL.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Rocket Pool is $5,395,963.


The circulating supply of RPL is 19,113,413 coins, which is 99% of the total coin supply.

A highlight of Rocket Pool is it's limited supply of coins, as this tends to support higher prices due to supply and demand in the market.


RPL is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 2 other blockchains.

See list of the RPL Blockchain contracts with 3 different blockchains.


RPL is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

View #RPL trading pairs and crypto exchanges that currently support #RPL purchase.



Bi-weekly update, 11 April 2023

Protocol update, over the last two weeks:. — + rETH supply has grown 7.1% to 231,764 — annualised growth of 185% + Minipool count has grown 1.5% to 13,919 — annualised growth of 40% + Effective RPL staked has declined -0.2% to 7.53m — annualised decline of -5% + Node operator count has grown 2.0% to 2,268 — annualised growth of 53% — Smartnode:. — + This is the last bi-weekly update before Atlas goes live on mainnet! A comprehensive smartnode update v1.9.0 was released which supports all things Atlas — Rocket Pool node operators are required to upgrade to at least this version asap. For docker mode, the upgrade must be complete before the Shapella hard fork on 12 April 2023 22:27 UTC. For hybrid/native mode, the upgrade must be complete before Atlas on 18 April 2023 midnight UTC but EL/CL must be manually updated before Shapella. + v1.9.1 was subsequently released as a very low priority update on top of v1.9.0 with a minor bug fix. More details on Discord: ( — R&D:. — + Atlas contracts have been deployed to mainnet and the launch is scheduled for midnight UTC on 18 April 2023: ( + As part of Atlas preparations, the deposit pool was increased by 13,000 ETH and it refilled just 12 hours later, which was covered by Staker Report: ( + The website redesign & restructure is continuing. With design and structure work progres...

Bi-weekly update, 28 March 2023

Protocol update, over the last two weeks:. — + rETH supply has grown 2.5% to 216,430 — annualised growth of 65% + Minipool count has grown 2.6% to 13,710 — annualised growth of 69% + Effective RPL staked has grown 0.8% to 7.55m — annualised growth of 21% + Node operator count has grown 1.4% to 2,223 — annualised growth of 37% — Smartnode:. — + v1.9.0 RC2 was made available for testing on Goerli. Do not use this release on mainnet! Thanks to invaluable support from community beta testers, several fixes, tweaks, and new features have been implemented. + Work is ongoing to prepare for Atlas. — R&D:. — + Atlas-related upgrades were pushed to Goerli testnet in advance of the mainnet launch next month. See the protocol updates channel in Discord for more details: ( + The team and community have been busy squashing bugs on testnet. You can help to test Atlas right now by spinning up minipools on Goerli. See the protocol updates channel in Discord for more details: ( + Work is continuing across all aspects of the protocol to prepare for the Atlas upgrade, including the new website design. — Integrations:. — + Metronome integrated rETH: ( + SwissBorg now supports RPL in their app: ( + CEX listings for RPL included Changex: (, BCM: (, and Coins: ( Please remember to do your...

Bi-weekly update, 14 March 2023

Protocol update, over the last two weeks:. — + rETH supply has grown 3.0% to 211,136 — annualised growth of 79% + Minipool count has grown 3.2% to 13,358 — annualised growth of 83% + Effective RPL staked has grown 21.7% to 7.49m — annualised growth of 566% + Node operator count has grown 2.4% to 2,192 — annualised growth of 63% — Smartnode:. — + v1.7.5 was released as an update that is mostly optional, but high priority for node operators who have not manually updated Nimbus to v23.1.1 yet. + v1.9.0-a1 was released as a test — not to be operated on mainnet! It supports the Atlas and Shapella upgrades and is available on both Goerli (Prater) and Zhejiang. + v1.9.0-RC1 was released as a test — not to be operated on mainnet! It includes multiple updates from the prior -a1 release. — R&D:. — + The entire team has been attending ETH Denver over the past two weeks. Work has continued on Zhejiang integration & bug fixing for Atlas, along with preparations for launch on Goerli and changing the deposit pool settings. — Integrations:. — + More CEX listings for RPL including Bitpanda: (, AscendEX: (, OKX: (, and Deepcoin: ( + Mean Finance integrated rETH into their Arbitrium DCA facility: ( + The community Rocket Rescue Node launched to mainnet: ( + NodeSet announced plans...

Rocket Pool —Atlas Upgrade

Hello Rocket Poolers! Today we’re excited to officially announce the protocol’s next major upgrade, Atlas! This is Rocket Pool’s second major upgrade since launching to mainnet, the previous upgrade being Redstone which occurred shortly before The Merge ™️ and made Rocket Pool compatible with it, plus introduced some extra special features such as the smoothing pool. This new significant upgrade makes the protocol compatible with Ethereum’s Shanghai upgrade that will permit validators to initiate withdrawals of their staked ETH on the Beacon Chain. It also introduces many new improvements ranging from simple gas optimisations, to major new architecture changes aimed at scaling Rocket Pool like never before. The Atlas upgrade has been a large undertaking by the team and community working together, its development has been the result of listening to wants and ideas, huge amounts of analysis and a tone of hard work. Before we get to deep into the changes, we’ll see if we can give a quick rundown of what Ethereum’s Shanghai upgrade will entail, then we’ll go over the various changes below and how they’ll help Rocket Pool take off like never before, so strap in.Ethereum Shanghai Upgrade Soon ™️ — Ethereum Shanghai Upgrade - In the coming month or two, the Shanghai upgrade will allow validators to initiate withdrawals of their staked ETH on the Beacon Chain. For context, up until this period, if you...

Bi-weekly update, 28 February 2023

Protocol update, over the last two weeks:. — + rETH supply has grown 4.2% to 204,958 — annualised growth of 108% + Minipool count has grown 4.4% to 12,948 — annualised growth of 114% + Effective RPL staked has declined* -2.8% to 6.15m — annualised decline of -74% *(Rapid RPL price increases can cause collateral to exceed 150% & become ineffective) + Node operator count has grown 2.6% to 2,140 — annualised growth of 67% — Smartnode:. — + Work has shifted entirely to v1.9.0, which supports the Atlas and Shapella upgrades. v1.8.0 has been rolled into it, so v1.8.0 is no longer planned to be released to mainnet. v1.9.0’s first alpha release, with support for both Goerli (Prater) and Zhejiang (new testnet with Atlas and Shapella), is imminent. — R&D:. — + The team is focused on the upcoming Atlas upgrade, including working with ConsenSys Diligence on remaining audit fixes. + Continuous integration work and testing is ongoing to facilitate Atlas deployment to Zhejiang. + Preparatory work to increase the deposit pool limit in preparation for Atlas, and execute an arbitrage transaction for the protocol’s benefit. + Progress is being made on the website update/refresh. — Integrations:. — + The Maker governance proposal to lower rETH fee to 0.5% and increase the debt ceiling to 10m DAI passed: ( + An rETH/ETH v2 Curve pool was created and att...

Bi-weekly update, 14 February 2023

Protocol update, over the last two weeks:. — + rETH supply has grown 5.8% to 196,792 — annualised growth of 138% + Minipool count has grown 5.6% to 12,407 — annualised growth of 146% + Effective RPL staked has declined* -5.8% to 6.33m — annualised decline of -150% *(Rapid RPL price increases can cause collateral to exceed 150% & become ineffective) + Node operator count has grown 3.0% to 2,086 — annualised growth of 79% — Smartnode:. — + Preparation is ongoing for a v1.8 release soon, with new Grafana dashboards, Nimbus split BN+VC support, and Lodestar. Atlas preparation also continues. + A massive backend technology revamp that improves node and watchtower efficiency by 3 orders of magnitude. — R&D:. — + Atlas audits are almost concluded. Feedback has been triaged and resolved ready for fix checking from ConsenSys Diligence. The current provisional launch date range is on Goerli testnet by next week and mainnet from late March to mid-April. + Atlas testing is underway on Zhejiang testnet: ( + The oDAO raised and will execute a patch to rectify an exploit that could prevent some node operators from withdrawing RPL collateral. — Integrations:. — + Vesper Finance integrated rETH: ( and Maverick had a chat with them on a Twitter Space: ( + Following a successful round of governance voting, Aave has constructed a pr...

Rocket Pool — Our First Birthday!

Rocket Pool — Our First Birthday! - Hello Rocket Poolers! Today we are celebrating our first mainnet birthday! For such a momentous occasion, we thought we’d take a step back and look at all that’s happened in this first amazing year. After doing a few betas, then more betas, another beta and then one “last beta we promise™️”, we finally made the leap to mainnet 1 year ago and endured the presage of challenges that mainnet would bring. It’s been a journey and one that we’re extremely proud to have undertaken alongside our great community and all others who’ve helped decentralised staking become a real option against a multitude of centralised choices. To celebrate this, we’re going to try to cram in as much as we can in this article to recap all things Rocket Pool in its first year on mainnet. — Battle Tested - As of now, The Ethereum Foundation recognises Rocket Pool as officially battle tested, making it the only staking option to get green ticks across the board for all criteria they specify as important for a staking provider. We are extremely pleased to finally meet the final criteria after our first year on mainnet and look forward to continue to build on it going forward. — Growth - Rocket Pool has had the fastest growing LSD (rETH) since the merge! Source: Messari While we always hoped Rocket Pool would do well as the first decentralised staking option for Ethereum, we have bee...

Rocket Pool — Bring out your nodes

Rocket Pool — Bring out your nodes - Hello Rocket Poolers! With the merge just around the corner, we’ve decided to have a little bit of tongue-in-cheek fun leading up to it. Inspired by Superphiz’s recent #stakefromhome campaign and our motto that “anyone can be a node operator”, we want to keep that ball rolling and show the world how diversified + decentralised staking on Ethereum can be. So bring out your node, have some fun and maybe win some RPL and POAPs doing it! — The Competition - We’ll be awarding RPL and POAPs across 8 categories, each one and their prize detailed below. The competition starts now and will run for two weeks with it concluding on September 14th 00:00 UTC. We will then decide the winners and post those a week later on September 21st 00:00 UTC. Winners will need to “validate” their submission, if it all checks out, they win! — How to Enter. — We want to see your node! Be it huge, tiny, old, dusty or anything in between, doesn’t matter. Post a photo of your staking node on twitter and use the tag #bringoutyournodes in the post! If you want to make your node stand out, we encourage dressing it up should you want to. We are not restricting this to Rocket Pool node operators either, if you’re a solo staker or even a large scale SaaS provider, feel free to submit as well, though if you’re the latter, you might not want to get chosen as the winner in some of t...

Rocket Pool —Protocol DAO Governance Phase 0

Rocket Pool has a vibrant community. Over the last 5 years, it has developed a unique culture and created enriching relationships between its members. Governance is important for all protocols but for Rocket Pool is it a manifestation of our shared values and a passion for Ethereum staking. The Rocket Pool protocol is governed by a two DAO structure. The first of these DAOs is the Protocol DAO (PDAO) — representing users who have engaged in the protocol and helped it grow. The second is the Oracle DAO (ODAO) — made up of well-respected members of the staking ecosystem which provide a valuable service for the protocol and help govern important upgrades to it. Since launch, our main focus has been delivering our exciting Redstone (post-merge) release, but we have progressively laid down the foundations for the Protocol DAO. Protocol DAO (PDAO) The PDAO is a community DAO based RPL governance. It has off-chain and on-chain elements that combine to give it the following powers: Raise and support governance proposals, Spend the PDAO treasury, Potentially change certain protocol settings, For phase 0, the PDAO will have no direct on-chain power. This is to limit the governance power until it is mature and stable enough to take control. The Core Team will affect this power at the behest of the PDAO. Public discourse is essential for governance. Rocket Pool’s community has been instrumental in the development of...

The Merge & Node Operators

If you are a Rocket Pool node operator you are probably wondering what is happening with The Merge and how you should prepare. Don’t worry we have you covered! Redstone is the name of the Rocket Pool release that includes The Merge compatibility. If you haven’t read our Redstone article it is a good primer for understanding the new features coming to Rocket Pool.How will it be rolled out? - The Redstone smart node and smart contract release will happen before The Merge so that Rocket Pool is ready. Here is the outline of events: Smart Node 1.5.0 release (Redstone compatible) — targeted for release this week, Oracle DAO will vote on the smart contract upgrade proposal — targeted for proposal on 15 Aug, Rocket Pool Core Team will apply the smart contract upgrade — targeted for 29 Aug, Ethereum client teams will publish the official Terminal Total Difficulty for The Merge and client releases — approx late Aug, A subsequent 1.5.x smart node version release will contain these client releases (Merge compatible) — approx late Aug, The Merge!!! — targeted for 19 Sept, To prepare for Redstone and The Merge: Prepare your node for Smart Node 1.5.0 — follow the instructions below, Pay attention to Rocket Pool’s Discord announcements and/or Twitter, Install Smart Node 1.5.0 before the Redstone smart contracts are applied (~29 Aug), Install Smart Node 1.5.x before The Merge (~1...


Rocket Pool to Integrate With Zksync Era, Offering Faster Speeds and Low...

    According to Rocket Pool, a liquid staking derivatives provider, users will have the ability to liquid stake their ETH using the Layer 2 (L2) Zksync Era network. The company clarified that Rocket Pool liquid stakers utilizing Zksync Era will enjoy faster speeds and lower transaction costs.Liquid Staking Protocol Rocket Pool Joins Forces With Zksync Era The liquid staking protocol Rocket Pool, ranked third in size, is set to integrate with Zksync, as announced on Twitter. Statistics reveal that Rocket Pool currently holds 733,575 ether, equivalent to $1.3 billion, within its liquid staking protocol. On Thursday, the team tweeted, 'Rocket Pool is coming to Zksync Era. You'll soon be able to liquid stake your ETH on Zksync Era by simply holding rETH in your wallet. Just like on mainnet and other L2's, rETH will continue to accrue staking rewards automatically.' Liquid staking has gained popularity in recent years, and this year has witnessed a significant surge in the number of ETH staked in these protocols. Nearly 10 million ETH are currently locked in the leading liquid staking protocols, with Rocket Pool capturing 7.72% of the market share. Zksync, an Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) solution akin to Arbitrum and Optimism, introduced Zksync Era in March, just two months ago. Rocket Pool has outlined that stakers utilizing Zksync will enjoy faster confirmation times and reduced network fees. 'Liquid stakers will benefit from faster speeds [and] lower transaction costs, secured by Zksync ... read More

OKX Wallet and Rocket Pool Announce Partnership to Enhance DeFi Interact...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Please Read Disclaimer] The partnership will enhance the efficiency of DeFi farming and improve the security of Ethereum staking February 23, 2023 - OKX Wallet, a leading self-custody solution for digital assets in Web3, today announced a strategic partnership with Rocket Pool to enhance the efficiency of DeFi farming and improve the security of Ethereum staking. Rocket Pool, the first decentralized, trustless ETH 2.0 Proof of Stake Protocol, has integrated OKX Wallet on its website, allowing users to stake ETH in Rocket Pool directly via the OKX Wallet web extension. Meanwhile, OKX Discover, a one-stop platform for accessing decentralized applications, now supports Rocket Pool, allowing users to directly interact with the Rocket Pool product through the OKX Discover platform. The strategic partnership between OKX Wallet and Rocket Pool will provide users with a seamless entry to the Web3 ecosystem and create a more efficient and secure environment for DeFi farming and Ethereum staking. Both companies aim to promote the non-custodial, trustless nature of Ethereum and DeFi, allowing self-sovereignty to thrive. As part of a strategic shift into DeFi, OKX Wallet has also launched OKX Yield, a robust farming module built within the OKX Wallet that allows anyone to participate in DeFi easily, conveniently, and safely, and helps users achieve asset appreciation. OKX Yield will continue to discover high-quality on-chain investment opportunities and bring more DeFi p... read More

Rocket Pool (RPL) Surged 55% after Listing on Binance

    Trackers on January 18 show that the native token of Rocket Pool, RPL, rallied 55% and is among one of the top performers in the top 100 coins by market capitalization. Rocket Pool is Rallying after Binance Listing The surge coincides with RPL's listing on Binance, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume. The token is paired against USDT, the stablecoin issued by Tether Holdings, which is also the most liquid in crypto circles, and BUSD. However, the surge registered earlier today has since been reversed. Data showed that the project's market cap is $675.1 million, and RPL is up 9% versus the USDT. At the same time, it outperforms bitcoin (BTC) and ethereum (ETH), adding roughly 10% versus the top most liquid cryptocurrencies. Listing on Binance opens the token to more liquidity, allowing traders and investors who might not be familiar with the intricacies of DeFi trading to purchase the token. Before being availed on Binance, RPL was available for trading in most decentralized exchanges, including Uniswap, Bancor, and Balancer. However, RPL had been listed in exchanges within the United States, including Huobi, Coinbase, Kraken, and MEXC Global.  Hard work of the @Rocket_Pool team paying off with a @binance listing today. A project we have remained bullish on for many years with $RPL up 100x since first covering. The next market cycle is now about decentralising all layers of the $ETH stack. — Alex Saunders (@AlexSaundersAU) January 18, 2... read More

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