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Rocket Pool  


RPL Price:
$8.5 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$0.4 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #RPL today is $22.62 USD.

The lowest RPL price for this period was $0, the highest was $22.62, and the current live price for one RPL coin is $22.61682.

The all-time high RPL coin price was $63.24.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of RPL with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for Rocket Pool is #RPL.

Rocket Pool is 4.4 years old.


The current market capitalization for Rocket Pool is $432,284,528.

Rocket Pool is ranking upwards to #156 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a big volume of trading today on #RPL.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Rocket Pool is $8,489,242.


The circulating supply of RPL is 19,113,413 coins, which is 94% of the total coin supply.

A highlight of Rocket Pool is it's limited supply of coins, as this tends to support higher prices due to supply and demand in the market.


RPL is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 2 other blockchains.

See list of the RPL Blockchain contracts with 3 different blockchains.


RPL is integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 29 crypto exchanges.

View #RPL trading pairs and crypto exchanges that currently support #RPL purchase.



Bi-weekly update, 24 October 2023

Protocol update, over the last two weeks:. — + rETH supply increased 0.3% to 535,501 — annualised growth of 7%. + Pending/active minipool count grew 0.2% to 25,098 — annualised growth of 6%. + Node operator count increased 0.6% to 3,296 — annualised growth of 16%. — Smartnode:. — + v1.11.0 was released as a recommended update for all node operators due to client upgrades and new features. With this version, Holesky begins to take over from Prater as the test network. There are more details available on Discord: ( — R&D:. — + Fornax joined the team as a Golang developer to work on the Smartnode, with an additional junior developer to be onboarded in the new year: ( + Work on Houston includes tweaking pDAO voting performance and RPL withdrawal address functionality. + Other ongoing R&D topics include finishing touches on the new website as the final images come through, staking site performance updates, the rETH reward calculator API, and other devops work. — Governance:. — + Voting on the RPIP-4 eligibility criteria clarification is wrapping up at the time of writing, with quorum reached: ( There has been plenty of discussion: ( + Feedback has been sought on a proposed budget update: ( + GMC membership selection for 2023–2024 is about to start: ( + ...

Bi-weekly update, 10 October 2023

Protocol update, over the last two weeks:. — + rETH supply increased 0.8% to 534,103 — annualised growth of 22%. + Pending/active minipool count declined -0.8% to 25,039 — annualised drop of -20%. + Node operator count increased 1.1% to 3,276 — annualised growth of 27%. — Smartnode:. — + Work is continuing on v2 & testnet support. — R&D:. — + Work is ongoing for the Houston upgrade, which includes pDAO voting unit testing, treasury features, & supporting pDAO voting integration with the smartnode. + Holesky testnet deployment continues to be a work in progress. + Multiple node issues on Goerli and Holesky are being resolved. + Supporting the RPIP-4 multi-strategy vote. + Finalising images for the new website is entering its final few weeks. + Working with the GMC on a website display for grants & bounties. — Governance:. — + The latest pDAO treasury report is available: (, along with the latest GMC report: (, and IMC reports & budgets: ( + There was plenty of discussion around GovAlpha DAO initiatives: ( + A discussion thread was created for RPIP-32, a proposal to enable an independent address to fund a registered node with ETH: ( + A discussion thread was also created for RPIP-31 a proposal to add an additional withdrawal address that is the tar...

Bi-weekly update, 26 September 2023

Protocol update, over the last two weeks:. — + rETH supply increased 0.7% to 529,643 — annualised growth of 19%. + Pending/active minipool count increased 0.4% to 25,232 — annualised growth of 11%. + Node operator count increased 1.3% to 3,242 — annualised growth of 34%. — Smartnode:. — + Work is continuing on v2, the most comprehensive update of the smartnode since protocol launch. + The Blocknative MEV-Boost Relay is being sunsetted imminently. You can switch to other relay(s) now to keep MEV-Boost running: ( — R&D:. — + With the Team now back from Singapore, work on Houston has returned to full speed ahead, including pDAO Treasury Management and Security Council design. + Refreshed graphics continue to be added to the new website. + Other ongoing work includes the rETH reward calculator API and Snapshot dual strategy vote research. — Governance:. — + Discussion continues about RPL voting power, including the maximum effective cap: ( + The possibility of a GMC member stipend was discussed: ( + DrWorm joins the IMC, replacing Langers & Dave: ( + The GMC decided to allocate some funds towards USD-denominated assets, specifically LUSD and USDC: ( — Integrations:. — + Raft announced v2 is live with R available for minting using rETH: ( + rETH can now ...

Bi-weekly update, 12 September 2023

Protocol update, over the last two weeks:. — + rETH supply increased 2.2% to 525,836 — annualised growth of 57%. + Pending/active minipool count increased 0.7% to 25,123 — annualised growth of 19%. + Node operator count increased 1.1% to 3,200 — annualised growth of 28%. — Smartnode:. — + v1.10.2 was released as a recommended update for node operators using Besu, Geth, Nimbus, Prysm, or Teku that haven’t updated manually to the latest versions yet, as those new client versions include some important optimizations and bug fixes. For everyone else, it is a low priority. There are more details available on Discord: ( — R&D:. — + The team has been busy preparing for and attending events in Singapore. Work continues on treasury management for the Houston upgrade, the rETH calculator, and new website. — Governance:. — + It’s been a very busy couple of weeks. The GMC has opened Round 5 for Grants, Bounties, & Retrospectives. Make sure you apply before October 7. Check out the three applications threads & discussion thread: ( + A draft RPIP was posted for on-chain pDAO governance: dao.rocketpool.nett/on-chain-pdao-replacement/1998/6). + A report was shared that details the various powers and authorities within Rocket Pool based on community documentation (dao.rocketpool.nett/rocket-pool-powers-and-authorities/2176). + Ther...

Bi-weekly update, 29 August 2023

Protocol update, over the last two weeks:. — + rETH supply increased 3.3% to 514,467 — annualised growth of 87%. + Pending/active minipool count increased 2.6% to 24,942 — annualised growth of 67%. + Node operator count increased 1.3% to 3,166 — annualised growth of 34%. — Smartnode:. — + v1.10.2 release is imminent including multiple client updates & fixes for nodes with more than 1000 minipools, and work is continuing on v2 release. — R&D:. — + New design assets are being incorporated into the updated website. + Workshops were held on LEB4s and the implications of the proposed Ethereum change to Max Effective Balance. + Work continues on pDAO voting development, rETH reward calculation API & subgraph changes, and the Base exchange rate oracle. — Governance:. — + Wintermute’s DeFi Governance Digest featured the ongoing tokenomics discussions: ( + Feedback is being sought on diversifying the GMC treasury into USDC:(, which received coverage in Blockchain News ( + There are also two polls for feedback on a proposal to adjust RPL staking: (, and ( + A proposal was put to the DAO to feature its metrics on an aggregator platform: ( + There was plenty of discussion around the denomination of retrospective award RPL amounts: ( ...

Bi-weekly update, 15 August 2023

Protocol update, over the last two weeks:. — + rETH supply has grown 3.5% to 497,908 — annualised growth of 91% + Pending/active minipool count is 24,313 — this is a new refined metric that will better reflect minipool states and will be used going forwards. + Node operator count has grown 1.2% to 3,125 — annualised growth of 32% — Smartnode:. — + v1.10.1 was released, a medium priority update for Lighthouse and Lodestar operators and a low priority for most others. Full details are available on Discord: ( + Some additional Smartnode notes were shared on Discord, including Geth and Teku updates, and a bloXroute relay being sunsetted: ( — R&D:. — + Ethereum core devs are making progress on EIP-4788 to include the Beacon block root in the EVM, which will have significant benefits for Rocket Pool. A PEEPanEIP call is scheduled for next month. + The Immunefi bug bounty has been increased to $500k: ( + Graphic design work is underway to create a new suite of assets across website and social platforms. + pDAO on-chain voting system — under development. + Base protocol exchange rate provider deployed. + rETH reward tracker subgraph and API — under development. — Governance:. — + A proposal was posted to include two changes into Rewards Tree Spec v7: ( + The Period 13 IMC budget was shared: (

Bi-weekly update, 01 August 2023

Protocol update, over the last two weeks:. — + rETH supply has grown 0.29% to 481,073 — annualised growth of 7% + Active minipool count has grown 2.7% to 26,696 — annualised growth of 71% + Node operator count has grown 1.2% to 3,087 — annualised growth of 30% — Smartnode:. — + v1.10.0 is now available, it features experimental opt-in rolling records and is a recommended update for anyone using Nethermind, Nimbus, Prysm, or Teku: ( — R&D:. — + RPL inflation settings were adjusted in accordance with RPIP-25: ( + Work continues on pDAO onchain voting, the rETH reward calculator, and website redesign. — Governance:. — + There is still time to vote and have your say in RPIP-26 Updating of Grants Management Committee: ( + And assuming the above will pass, preparations are underway to receive GMC Administrator applications: ( + The latest GMC treasurer update is now available: ( + And there have been GMC member changes: ( + A discussion started about the pDAO funding future protocol development work: ( — Integrations:. — + rETH continues to be extremely popular on Gravita, hitting the GRAI mint cap again and far in excess of other LST collateral options: ( + Umee is proposing to add rETH as collateral which would mak...

Bi-weekly update, 18 July 2023

Protocol update, over the last two weeks:. — + rETH supply has grown 3.7% to 479,668 — annualised growth of 97% + Active minipool count has grown 2.2% to 25,985 — annualised growth of 57% + Node operator count has grown 1.7% to 3,052 — annualised growth of 45% — Smartnode:. — + A broken Docker release contains a bug that will stop Grafana from working. It does not affect attestations, just your ability to monitor your node via Grafana. Instructions to fix this can be found in the Discord post: ( + Work on Smartnode v1.10.0 is progressing well, and a release could be in as soon as a day or two. — R&D:. — + Documentation was shared regarding Megapool design and prototyping: ( + A detailed explanation of an idea to implement an on-chain pDAO replacement was shared, and feedback was requested via a poll: ( + Staking site work included support for Rabby wallet and improvements to the stake-RPL-on-behalf functionality. + rETH reward tracker prototype / data sources. + Website redesign is ongoing. — Governance:. — + The latest GMC round for grants, bounties, & retrospective awards has just closed on 15 July. + There have been discussions about RPL tokenomics in a thread under the Governance channel on Discord. + The GMC sought feedback on updates as outlined in draft RPIP-26: (, and on the ...

Bi-weekly update, 04 July 2023

Protocol update, over the last two weeks:. — + rETH supply has grown 2.5% to 462,490 — annualised growth of 64% + Active minipool count has grown 4.2% to 25,433 — annualised growth of 110% + Node operator count has grown 3.7% to 3,000 — annualised growth of 95% — Smartnode:. — + v1.9.7 was released as a recommended update for Prysm and Teku users and optional for everyone else: ( + Patch notes were shared for Nimbus v23.6.1, Lodestar v1.9.0, and MEV-Boost v1.6.0: ( + v1.9.8 was also released, a recommended update for all users, as it has all of the latest client versions and reduces CPU load when metrics are enabled — especially on the Prater testnet: ( — R&D:. — + pDAO onchain voting design continues (settings, treasury) + Megapool design has progressed to prototyping stage + rETH reward tracker prototype / data sources + Website redesign is ongoing — Governance. — + A GMC update was shared: (, alongside a call for feedback on past valuations: ( + Round 3 grant applications has opened and will run until 15 July: (, alongside bounties: (, and retrospective awards: ( + A new template is available for grant renewals: ( + There was discussion about moving some RPL inflation share to the IMC: (dao.rocke...

Bi-weekly update, 20 June 2023

Protocol update, over the last two weeks:. — + rETH supply has grown 4.7% to 451,378 — annualised growth of 124% + Active minipool count has grown 5.0% to 24,402 — annualised growth of 130% + Node operator count has grown 3.2% to 2,894 — annualised growth of 84% — Smartnode:. — + v1.9.6 was released, as an optional update for all users. It provides support for the new Geth and Nethermind releases with some noteworthy improvements: ( — R&D:. — + Drafting a design for onchain pDAO voting. + Megapool design exploration & workshopping — single minipool smart contract. + Ongoing oDAO duty analysis. + Adding content to the new website. + Coordinating Ledger plugin audits. + Work on Smartnode v1.10 continues. — Governance:. — + Valdorff published the first full functional draft of all 3 oDAO charters and RPIP-10. A sentiment pool indicated support to proceed: ( + The GMC has a new administrator, ShfRyn: (, and member, rplmaxi: ( + Joe posted a proposal for v6 Rewards Tree spec: ( + A proposal was created to bring rETH to Polygon zkEVM: ( — Integrations:. — + A lot of DeFi protocols started supporting rETH as stablecoin collateral, including Vendor Finance: (, Nuon: (, and Lucid: (, while Raft is at a gov...


Rocket Pool Stands To Reap Big From Ethereum's Dencun Upgrade, RPL Flyin...

    The Ethereum liquidity staking protocol Rocket Pool is on the brink of a massive transformation with the incoming Dencun upgrade. As one community advocate points out, this change is primarily due to the enhancements the Houston upgrade will tag. Eyes On Dencun Upgrade In a recent post on X, the advocate explained that the Dencun upgrade, scheduled to go live in mid-March 2024, will pave the way for the implementation of the Houston upgrade. The Houston upgrade, in turn, aims to improve Rocket Pool's scalability and efficiency.  The Dencun upgrade must first be successfully implemented so that the Houston enhancements can take effect and improve Rocket Pool's performance.  This hard fork update requires all Ethereum node operators to upgrade their software. Once the network is updated, developers predict that transaction costs, particularly in layer-2 networks, will decrease significantly.  EIP-4788 And Why It Is Crucial For Rocket Pool However, the Dencun upgrade will also execute a crucial enhancement, Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) 4788. This proposal is designed to optimize communication between the execution layer, where all smart contracts and transactions occur, and the consensus layer, which includes validators like Rocket Pool.  A crucial aspect of this proposal is enabling the execution layer to access consensus layer information without needing third-party oracles, thereby enhancing the mainnet's security and efficiency. With th... read More

Lido Achieves 9 Million Ethereum Milestone as Rocket Pool Surpasses 1 Mi...

    Recent data reveals that Lido, the leading liquid staking protocol (LSP), now holds over 9 million ethereum within its system. This figure represents a significant 77.81% of the total ethereum value locked in current LSPs, underscoring Lido's dominant position in the market.Lido and Rocket Pool Reach New Heights with 9 Million and 1 Million Ether Milestones The industry of liquid staking, now valued in the billions, is led by Lido, the leading liquid staking protocol in today's decentralized finance (defi) landscape. Liquid staking, at its core, involves staking tokens while the assets remain 'liquid' or 'unlocked,' allowing for diverse applications. This method allows stakers to earn rewards while maintaining access to their funds. For an extended period, Lido has been at the forefront of this market, and on November 21, 2023, it reached a significant milestone by surpassing 9 million in ether deposits. As of December 3, 2023, Lido holds a substantial 9.28 million ethereum (ETH) in deposits. In the preceding 36 days, dating back to October 27, 2023, the platform saw an influx of 490,000 ether. The current total value locked (TVL) in the protocol is estimated at $20.05 billion, based on prevailing exchange rates. Among the 25 liquid staking protocols (LSPs), Lido accounts for a commanding 77.81% of the market share. The second-largest player, Rocket Pool, recorded a deposit of 49,214 ether in the same 36-day period. Additionally, Rocket Pool recently celebrated a significant... read More

Defi's 30-Day Rise — TVL Increases by $9.3 Billion With Rocket Poo...

    Since October 18, 2023, the aggregate value locked in decentralized finance (defi) has witnessed a substantial augmentation of $9.3 billion within a one-month span. Among the leading ten defi protocols, Rocket Pool, known for its liquid staking services, achieved the most notable growth, soaring by 26.94% during the preceding 30 days.Defi TVL Swells by More Than 25% Since October 18 Approximately 32 days ago, the total value locked (TVL) in decentralized finance (defi) stood at about $36.38 billion, escalating by $9.3 billion to the present figure of $45.68 billion. This reflects a notable growth of approximately 25.56% in the past month. Data reveals that each of the top ten defi protocols by TVL experienced growth in the last month, with Rocket Pool leading the pack by surging 26.94%. As of November 19, 2023, Rocket Pool's TVL surpasses $2 billion, with over 1.02 million ether committed to its liquid staking platform. At the forefront of the defi domain this weekend is Lido, with its dominant position marked by 8.98 million staked ether and a TVL hovering around $17.71 billion. Over the past month, Lido has seen its TVL swell by 21.76%. The runner-up in terms of TVL size is Makerdao, with $8.14 billion locked, noting a 3.28% increase over the month. Tron’s Justlend follows as the third largest defi protocol by TVL, currently sitting at $5.931 billion. The lending protocol rose by 22.93% this month. As of November 19, the Ethereum blockchain commands over 54% of the t... read More

Lido, Coinbase, and Rocket Pool Corner 89% of Ethereum's Booming $20 Bil...

    Since 2020, applications for liquid staking on the Ethereum blockchain have seen steady growth, and as of the first week of October 2023, a total of 23 liquid staking derivatives (LSD) platforms hold 12.4 million ether, valued at over $20 billion. Currently, the top three LSD protocols hold sway over 11.041 million ETH, accounting for a substantial 89.18% share of the overall ether locked.3 LSDs With 11 Million Ether Roughly a week ago, the number of ethereum (ETH) held by liquid staking derivatives (LSD) protocols surpassed the 12 million mark, with an addition of 370,000 ETH in five days. Essentially, an LSD is a decentralized platform that allows users to stake their ETH in a liquid form, enabling them to maintain flexibility and liquidity while earning rewards simultaneously. Currently, the top three protocols - Lido, Rocket Pool, and Coinbase's Wrapped ETH platform - command 89.18% of the entire market share of LSD tokens. Lido Finance, established in 2020, is the largest LSD holder of ethereum (ETH) with 8.79 million ETH held. This indicates that the $14.55 billion in ether held by Lido represents 70.96% of the entire market share of LSDs. In exchange for ETH, individuals receive Lido's staked ether, or STETH. The current market valuation places STETH among the top ten tokens when positioned alongside the largest market caps. There are 269,080 unique addresses holding STETH, and the token has recorded around 1.15 million transfers. As of now, the circulating supply of ... read More

Rocket Pool to Integrate With Zksync Era, Offering Faster Speeds and Low...

    According to Rocket Pool, a liquid staking derivatives provider, users will have the ability to liquid stake their ETH using the Layer 2 (L2) Zksync Era network. The company clarified that Rocket Pool liquid stakers utilizing Zksync Era will enjoy faster speeds and lower transaction costs.Liquid Staking Protocol Rocket Pool Joins Forces With Zksync Era The liquid staking protocol Rocket Pool, ranked third in size, is set to integrate with Zksync, as announced on Twitter. Statistics reveal that Rocket Pool currently holds 733,575 ether, equivalent to $1.3 billion, within its liquid staking protocol. On Thursday, the team tweeted, 'Rocket Pool is coming to Zksync Era. You'll soon be able to liquid stake your ETH on Zksync Era by simply holding rETH in your wallet. Just like on mainnet and other L2's, rETH will continue to accrue staking rewards automatically.' Liquid staking has gained popularity in recent years, and this year has witnessed a significant surge in the number of ETH staked in these protocols. Nearly 10 million ETH are currently locked in the leading liquid staking protocols, with Rocket Pool capturing 7.72% of the market share. Zksync, an Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) solution akin to Arbitrum and Optimism, introduced Zksync Era in March, just two months ago. Rocket Pool has outlined that stakers utilizing Zksync will enjoy faster confirmation times and reduced network fees. 'Liquid stakers will benefit from faster speeds [and] lower transaction costs, secured by Zksync ... read More

OKX Wallet and Rocket Pool Announce Partnership to Enhance DeFi Interact...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Please Read Disclaimer] The partnership will enhance the efficiency of DeFi farming and improve the security of Ethereum staking February 23, 2023 - OKX Wallet, a leading self-custody solution for digital assets in Web3, today announced a strategic partnership with Rocket Pool to enhance the efficiency of DeFi farming and improve the security of Ethereum staking. Rocket Pool, the first decentralized, trustless ETH 2.0 Proof of Stake Protocol, has integrated OKX Wallet on its website, allowing users to stake ETH in Rocket Pool directly via the OKX Wallet web extension. Meanwhile, OKX Discover, a one-stop platform for accessing decentralized applications, now supports Rocket Pool, allowing users to directly interact with the Rocket Pool product through the OKX Discover platform. The strategic partnership between OKX Wallet and Rocket Pool will provide users with a seamless entry to the Web3 ecosystem and create a more efficient and secure environment for DeFi farming and Ethereum staking. Both companies aim to promote the non-custodial, trustless nature of Ethereum and DeFi, allowing self-sovereignty to thrive. As part of a strategic shift into DeFi, OKX Wallet has also launched OKX Yield, a robust farming module built within the OKX Wallet that allows anyone to participate in DeFi easily, conveniently, and safely, and helps users achieve asset appreciation. OKX Yield will continue to discover high-quality on-chain investment opportunities and bring more DeFi p... read More

Rocket Pool (RPL) Surged 55% after Listing on Binance

    Trackers on January 18 show that the native token of Rocket Pool, RPL, rallied 55% and is among one of the top performers in the top 100 coins by market capitalization. Rocket Pool is Rallying after Binance Listing The surge coincides with RPL's listing on Binance, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume. The token is paired against USDT, the stablecoin issued by Tether Holdings, which is also the most liquid in crypto circles, and BUSD. However, the surge registered earlier today has since been reversed. Data showed that the project's market cap is $675.1 million, and RPL is up 9% versus the USDT. At the same time, it outperforms bitcoin (BTC) and ethereum (ETH), adding roughly 10% versus the top most liquid cryptocurrencies. Listing on Binance opens the token to more liquidity, allowing traders and investors who might not be familiar with the intricacies of DeFi trading to purchase the token. Before being availed on Binance, RPL was available for trading in most decentralized exchanges, including Uniswap, Bancor, and Balancer. However, RPL had been listed in exchanges within the United States, including Huobi, Coinbase, Kraken, and MEXC Global.  Hard work of the @Rocket_Pool team paying off with a @binance listing today. A project we have remained bullish on for many years with $RPL up 100x since first covering. The next market cycle is now about decentralising all layers of the $ETH stack. — Alex Saunders (@AlexSaundersAU) January 18, 2... read More

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