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Render Token  


RNDR Price:
$14.4 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$0.3 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #RNDR today is $0.49 USD.

The lowest RNDR price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.486, and the current live price for one RNDR coin is $0.48609.

The all-time high RNDR coin price was $9.03.

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The code for Render Token is #RNDR.

Render Token is 2.4 years old.


The current market capitalization for Render Token is $258,109,994.

Render Token is ranked #112, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is large during the past 24 hours for #RNDR.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Render Token is $14,388,198.


The circulating supply of RNDR is 530,994,266 coins, which is 100% of the total coin supply.


RNDR is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 1 other blockchain.

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RNDR is integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 34 crypto exchanges.

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Next Generation NFTs: Behind-the-Network — Breakpoint Part II Nov. 18, 2022

Next Generation NFTs: Behind-the-Network — Breakpoint Part II Nov. 18, 2022 - Following up from last week’s Behind-the-Network (BTN) — and lost in a fast moving news cycle — Breakpoint 2022 featured a window into the future of Web3. While last week’s breakdown focused on the cryptographic and governance changes coming to the Render Network, this week’s BTN provides a dive deeper into the future of NFTs and the metaverse. Like crypto, NFT development has ebbed and flowed the last few years in cyclic, somewhat fractal patterns. Technologically, NFTs are on the cusp of an inflection point where they converge with new immersive and real time information technologies to become a revolutionary new medium for digital media, art and commerce in the coming years. This post will explore some of the technologies Render is developing to power the future of NFTs. — Immersive Streaming NFTs. — Earlier this year at GTC 2022, Jules Urbach previewed the potential of “Streaming NFTs” on the Render Network. As a part of the larger NFT creation pipeline which was previewed during the presentation (which can be read about in more depth in the May 27th BTN), the opportunity to interact in a more experiential manner with NFTs presented a novel change to the format. At Breakpoint 2022, Jules expanded on the technology behind these NFTs, previewing the future of real-time on-chain generative and rem...

Behind the Network (BTN): Nov. 11th, 2022 [Technical Updates from Solana Breakpoint]

At Breakpoint 2022, Render Network previewed the next generation of blockchain cloud graphics and discussed how they can play a critical role in the advancement of post-mobile immersive computing. What was presented was a convergence of a number of trends that are accelerating the diffusion of 3D graphics from professional creators to a much wider user base of mainstream consumers. These include new high-end mobile GPU hardware platforms on the iPad and next generation iPhone, dramatically expanding the scale of high end 3D graphics compatible devices. Additionally, new AI technologies like Stable Diffusion were discussed, showcasing emerging technologies in development that are dramatically reshaping creative workflows, making 3D content creation accessible to anyone with a modern GPU. Finally, Render Network outlined plans to scale distributed GPU rendering through expanded feature sets and integrations with leading ecosystem partners in the 3D industry. Let’s dive into the details of some of the new updates and initiatives coming to the Render Network: — More Users. — Octane X for the iPad, which was previewed by Apple last month during their AppleEvent, will have built-in integrations to the Render Network, with microjobs from the Octane X app running on the Render Network natively to supplant the rendering power of the iPad. This will allow iPad users to seamlessly use the Render Network in one of the easie...

Behind the Network (BTN): October 28th, 2022 [NASA Spaces Highlights/The Information Top 50]

This week has seen the Render Network highlighted as one of the industries most promising “startup” projects, alongside highlighting some of the network’s most prestigious users in V! Studios in the most recent Twitter space. Let’s dive into the highlights from both: — V! Studios, NASA and the Render Network - On Thursday (10/27), the Render Network’s Edgar Irizarry hosted Render Network’s second Twitter space of the last month, featuring V! Studios. Originally founded in 1993 as a game production studio, V! Studios has seen itself evolve over the years, now serving as an animation studio that works with the U.S. Chemical Safety Board and NASA. Speaking with Co-Founder Troy Benesch and Senior Animator Benjamin Watson, the space dove into their most recent work producing the ISS’s Benefits for Humanity 2022 for the first time as a digital-first production. Typically serving as a coffee-table style book recapping the last year in the ISS, V! Studios was tasked with creating a series of trailer-style videos for each of the 8 chapters for this year’s production, which can be viewed at the link above alongside the full digital book. — Troy Benesch on Twitter: " / Twitter" - Ben detailed how the workload for this project was varied and that in total he created 110 Jobs on the Render Network for it, some as low as 4 frames and others as high as 1600 frames.“We had done ...

Behind the Network (BTN): October 21st, 2022

Earlier this week, Apple showcased Octane X on the iPad, bringing cinematic quality rendering software to a whole new mobile platform. Alongside bringing all of Octane 2022 to the iPad, the Octane X app will seamlessly integrate with the Render Network, allowing users to experience the burdenless creative power that it provides. Following the Octane X showcase, this week the Render Network previewed a new AI toolset in development built on Stable Diffusion that — combined with next generation consumer workflows — will revolutionize the creative process. Let’s dive into some of the details: — AI Neural Rendering - Part of the experience porting Octane X to the iPad was creating a new UI that would facilitate a simpler workflow than currently offered on desktop. What this retooling allowed was for the Render Network to be more seamlessly integrated into the Octane X experience, but it was not the only opportunity that was opened. This development cycle allowed for something that had previously been previewed to be more fully realized: AI rendered Neural net objects. — Jules Urbach on Twitter: "3/10 In March at #GTC22, I first previewed our Neural Rendering work: AI and raytracing seamlessly blend in a single GPU rendering pipeline: #RNDR / Twitter" - 3/10 In March at #GTC22, I first previewed our Neural Rendering work: AI and raytracing seamlessly blend in a s...

Behind the Network (BTN): October 14th, 2022

Last week the final vote on RNP-000 (v2), the first Render Network Proposal which outlined the proposal system itself, concluded with the ratification of the Render Network Proposal system, paving the way for future changes to the Network to be enacted. With that system now established, earlier this week the first community Snapshot vote on RNP-001 (v2) concluded, with ~1.7m RNDR cast in approval of the BME proposal moving forward to internal Render Network team review. For all those that have participated in the process, or those who have recently joined and are learning the process, the Render Network team would like to outline what this means and what comes next over the coming weeks. — Next Steps - As per the RNP process outlined in RNP-000, RNP-001 (which we’ll refer to as BME for clarity going forward) will be moving onto the Internal Review phase. What this means is that the BME proposal will be reviewed by the internal Render Network team. This includes the community moderators, technical advisors, blockchain, network developers, and prior community feedback during the RNP process. The team will take up to the next 21 days to review the proposal, assessing the potential impact that the RNP will have on the Network if implemented as is, compiling a list of suggested changes, as well as development time and projected costs. During this review period, as part of the community governance process, the team will be ...

Behind the Network (BTN): October 7th, 2022

The Render Network’s mission has always been to help democratize GPU rendering, allowing those that have the power to lend to those that are in need of power. Through the years that the Network has been online it has been a privilege to see the work that artists from around the world have been able to achieve through the power of the Render Network, increasing access to high end GPU cloud rendering to a broader and more diverse group of creators. In that vein and in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, the Render Network wanted to highlight two artists from two different areas of the world who have used the worlds in which they were born alongside the Render Network to craft amazing art. — Ronaldo Amador. — Ronaldo Amador was born into the rich colors and lively music of Nicaragua, which infected his creative mindset from an early age. Like a jazz musician freestyling a solo, Ronaldo often takes from the world around him and twists it so that his audience can see a well worn subject from a different angle.“What inspires me as an artist, is mostly the world around us. I have a small hobby in photography, so that got me in the mindset of looking at the space surrounding us. Viewing things from unexpected angles and even getting super close to them, you can see a lot of detail and spark great ideas.” At around age 10 Ronaldo moved from his native Nicaragua to Miami, FL. Similar to the rich environment ...

Render Network Infrastructure Update 10/3/22

The Render Network Community Input Process aka RNPs have reached its first Final Vote! The voting window began on Wednesday, September 28th and closes on Tuesday, October 4th at 5pm PT // 8pm ET. Snapshot For those that have not had a chance to read up on the RNP process, or are unaware of how to join in the vote, here’s a small breakdown: — What is this vote and what is being voted on?. — This vote is the final opportunity for all RNDR Token holders to cast their opinion on whether RNP-000 (v2) should be ratified and implemented on the Render Network. What this functionally means is that the community is deciding whether or not to go ahead with the RNP process itself. RNP-000 (v2) is a proposal outlining the Render Network Proposal system itself, and if ratified and implemented, will establish the RNP process as an open framework for community members to craft, propose, vote on and potentially implement tangible changes to the function of the Render Network itself. — Who can vote?. — Any RNDR Token holder has the ability to vote. Simply follow the link to the vote on Snapshot, link your wallet to the system, and cast your vote. If you’re unsure of how to link your wallet or sign-up, follow the Snapshot signup guide here. Of note, for a proposal to pass the final vote, a minimum of 25% of the total circulating token supply must be cast in the vote as a whole. — When will we hear the resu...

Behind the Network (BTN): September 23rd, 2022

The Render Network had the exciting opportunity to send team members to major industry events over the last week! With Camp Mograph and Motion Plus Design’s home event in Paris both taking place last week, we here at the Render Network team wanted to discuss some of the highlights, learning opportunities and first hand experiences that our team had while attending! — Camp Mograph - Taking place in the scenic Virginia Beach area of Virginia state, Camp Mograph lived up to its namesake once again this year, combining the classic woodland camp experience with graphics industry flair. Over the four day experience (Sept. 15th — 19th) campers had the opportunity to mingle with fellow creators, tech enthusiasts and industry professionals in a melding pot of workshops and community geared activities. The Render Network’s own Edgar Irizarry attended the event this past week and as he put it, the energy and atmosphere of the Mograph Team (Mark, Matt, Dave, Mathias and everyone else involved in the event) made his weekend at the camp feel unreal. As he experienced first hand, the space itself was very welcoming, and those running it were able to provide so many details and support around activities that it made a first time attendee like himself feel instantly welcomed. Between the more typical camp activities (such as kayaking, zip lining, archery and more) and the technical workshops, the camp provided a bevy of opportu...

Behind the Network (BTN): September 16th, 2022

Sam Clover’s art elicits a palpable energy. Every Sam Clover piece carries with it a unique blend of dream-like environments and electric characters that combine to stir up something almost primal in the imagination. With their latest piece, a collaboration between Sam and her partner Nicole Ruggiero which was featured in a live SuperRare gallery in NYC, Sam and Nicole were able to explore themes of meaning, place and identity, without sacrificing any of their trademark flair and fun:‘Achievement Unlocked: Touch Grass’Had the pleasure of collaborating with @nicoleruggiero on this gender identity, gaming, and NYC chaos inspired piece. 💕Recently shown at the @superrare gallery in Soho in the ICONS x SuperTrans exhibit.— Sam Clover For their piece “Achievement Unlocked: Touch Grass”, Nicole and Sam delved into the layers of a well-worn topic: Exploration. For Nicole, Fish (the eponymous hero of the piece) presented an opportunity to explore ideas of identity that she’s struggled with herself since a young age:Growing up, video games were a big part of the way Nicole would spend her time. However, one thing always bugged her. The main characters of most of these games she grew up playing were male. She didn’t think much of it at first, until she started playing games that let the player choose the main character’s name. She thought it was a bit weird that a male character would be named Nicole, but she we...

Behind the Network (BTN): September 9th, 2022

In late August, Render Network was featured in the Roddenberry Archive announcement at Creation: Las Vegas, unveiling a new immersive Enterprise Cage experience and volumetric 3D short film, 765874. While it was announced that all of the Roddenberry Archive documents are preserved on the Render Network, the Render Network’s contribution to the project has been a lot deeper. With Star Trek Day in the news, this blog post will explore the Roddenberry Archive in-depth, looking at the underlying technologies that are going to be an important part of media and entertainment technology in the coming decade. Specifically, it will focus on how the Render Network is powering this transformation to immersive media. Let’s take a deeper look under the hood: — Holographic Rendering on Deadline - The Roddenberry Archive is an extraordinarily ambitious project to preserve Gene Roddenberry’s lifetime of works, and build 1:1 canonical life-sized, fully immersive Starship Enterprise models. This goal to realize one of Gene Roddenberry’s visions — the creation of the holodeck — a fully immersive lifelike virtual reality, requires an enormous amount of compute power. The previews of a life sized fully immersive Starship Enterprise, and 1:1 Recreation of the Bridge from The Cage — Star Trek’s genesis pilot episode — were processed on the Render Network. Extarodinary amounts of compute power wer...

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