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Render Token  


RNDR Price:
$91.0 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$0.7 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #RNDR today is $1.33 USD.

The lowest RNDR price for this period was $0, the highest was $1.33, and the current live price for one RNDR coin is $1.33418.

The all-time high RNDR coin price was $9.03.

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The code for Render Token is #RNDR.

Render Token is 2.8 years old.


The current market capitalization for Render Token is $708,468,840.

Render Token is ranked #70 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a large volume of trading today on #RNDR.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Render Token is $91,015,596.


The circulating supply of RNDR is 531,016,083 coins, which is 100% of the total coin supply.


RNDR is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 1 other blockchain.

See list of the RNDR Blockchain contracts with 2 different blockchains.


RNDR is integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 40 crypto exchanges.

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RNP-003: Resource Acquisition and Allocation for Core Team and Grants

A primer on RNP-003. — Today is the day for opening up the discussion for RNP-003: Resource Acquisition and Allocation for Core Team and Grants. This is the first RNP in the Ecosystem Fund Allocation category.The Render Network Foundation, or the “Foundation”, was established to facilitate the development of the network and support growth initiatives across the ecosystem. As the sole proprietor of protocol repositories and major assets crucial to the successful operation of the network, the Foundation now requires resources in the form of capital and labor to effectively perform its function.This proposal outlines a mechanism for the Foundation to acquire immediate resources, and specifies how these resources can be allocated by the entity in order to bring product and growth initiatives to fruition. Please read the full RNP-003 here. In accordance with RNP-000 there is up to a 21 day community feedback period that begins today! We would love your feedback. If you would like to participate in the community review for RNP-003, please join the Render Network Discord. RNP-003: Resource Acquisition and Allocation for Core Team and Grants was originally published in Render Network on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Render Network Protocol 002: Layer 1 Network Expansion

A primer on RNP-002. — Today is the day for opening up the discussion for RNP-002: Layer 1 Network Expansion. After a successful vote on RNP-001 introducing a Burn-and-Mint Equilibrium (BME) model, it is proposed that the Render Network Foundation invests resources to build on the Solana blockchain. The Render Network has been built with a goal towards providing real-time, rendered, interactive holographic streams. This will require states to be updated dynamically, in real-time and on-chain. To do so, the network needs to be able to write high-performance code both on-chain and on GPUs. Rust can provide the Render Network greater speed and flexibility than Solidity, ultimately permitting the use of the same code for GPU render work and smart contracts. Further, the Solana virtual machine can process both C++ or Rust code and turn that into a smart contract. In anticipation of future network growth, there exists a need for a high throughput, low latency blockchain for network settlement and node operation. The Render Network Foundation researched the technical needs for the project through the lenses of: developer community, throughput, liquidity, transaction fees, programming languages, integrating smart contracts, speed of implementation and the maturity of the project. After an exhaustive review, including input from the community, we’re very pleased to propose Solana as the best option for the needs of the projec...

Beeple Studios Opening and a Render Network Technical Update: March 17th, 2023 [Behind the Network…

Beeple Studios Opening and a Render Network Technical Update: March 17th, 2023 [Behind the Network (BTN)] - — A Creator Spotlight on the Beeple Studios Grand Opening, alongside technical updates for the Network itself!. — From the ground floor of the Beeple Studios in Charleston, SC March 2023 has been an eventful month across the 3D world. From landfall moments for the world of digital art as a whole to background updates to the Render Network that will improve the experience of users, March has had almost too much for any one person to keep track of. With that in mind, this week’s BTN serves as a primer for some of the highlights from the first half of March. — Beeple Studios Grand Opening - Render Network advisor and digital art revolutionary Beeple (aka Mike Winkelmann) continued his trailblazing streak this past weekend with the grand opening of Beeple Studios on March 11th. The event, a collaboration between Beeple and Christie’s auction house, saw the first major brick and mortar gallery opening based around digital and Web3 art. Based out of Charleston, SC, the gallery’s debut event saw a massive turnout which included many of the featured digital artists alongside, 3D industry pioneers like Jules, web3 technologists, and even actors impersonating common Beeple Everyday characters like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Kim Jong-Un and Andy Warhol. The opening was highlighted by a live...

Foundation Update: Community Sentiment Polling and Highlights from the Foundation AMA…

Foundation Update: Community Sentiment Polling and Highlights from the Foundation AMA (Behind-the-Network[BTN]) - — Updates on the run-up to RNP-002 and recapping the Foundation’s Discord AMA. — Over the course of the last few weeks the Render Network Foundation has been in the process of polling the community regarding a potential change in the operations for the Network. For those who are not active in the Render Network Discord [LINK], Andrew Hyde (Head of Communications for the Render Network Foundation) posted a community sentiment poll in the leadup to the creation of RNP-002, with the intent of answering the question: “with the tokenomic shift of BME on the near horizon, is Ethereum still the foundational chain that RNDR/The Network should be built on?” — Community Polling and RNP-002 - The poll was first issued on February 21st, closing on Wednesday, March 1st, and can be found here, and the Foundation’s most recent blog post delves into the chain requirements, results, and follow-up. As a brief primer for those unaware or new to the project, the Render Network uses blockchain technology in order to provide security in both payments and infrastructure, and since its inception has been leveraging the Ethereum blockchain. Since 2017 there have been several additional changes, such as the migration to an ERC-20 token contract and the expansion onto the Layer 2 Polygon chain. But since the pro...

Community Sentiment Polling Results (RNP-002)

Over the past few weeks we have been reaching out to the community for thoughts about the blockchain on which we base the future of the Render Network. The role of the Render Network Foundation is to develop and incentivize the growth of the Render Network’s protocol, decentralized network and ecosystem. We are busy looking for the community’s help with the next RNP (Render Network Proposal). The Foundation will help guide community discussion on the network’s technology infrastructure to embrace the best tools for the project. The original Render Token (RNDR) Whitepaper, written in 2017, called out Ethereum as the best choice for a blockchain. Since then, the options for Layer 1 Blockchains have grown, and so have the needs of network users. With that in mind we need to dive into the different options for blockchain technology to build on for 2023. This poll was to check community sentiment for the Render Network’s next vote: RNP-002. The Render Network’s Main Feature Requirements include: Developer community: We are looking for a vibrant global community., Throughput: Which chain has the best Transactions Per Second (TPS)?, Liquidity: The Burn and Mint mechanism was introduced and voted to go forward in RNP-001 that requires liquidity benchmarks., Transaction fees: Think of the average render on the network and how many transactions it would take for a single job. Low transaction fees are needed., Programming la...

Corridor Crew’s Wren uses Render Network on Ants + understanding NeRFs: February 24th…

Corridor Crew’s Wren uses Render Network on Ants + understanding NeRFs: February 24th, 2023[Behind-the-Network (BTN)] - Over the last few months internet maverick and Render Network user Wren, an artist over at Corridor Crew, has been producing some incredible work. From introducing millions of viewers to the next generation of photorealism with NeRFs, to visualizing the unimaginable (with the help of the Render Network) in a video on the world’s largest population (not humans!), Wren and the team at Corridor Crew continue to show that the limits of VFX are only as limited as our imaginations. With all of the interesting info he’s shared, we at the Render Network wanted to pay the love and attention back, and showcase some of Wren’s awesome work to the Render Network community. — Ants, the Unimaginable, and 2 day Rendering - Ants make up a foundational part of the World’s ecosystem, though the sheer number of ants in the world is nigh unfathomable… at least until Corridor Crew’s recent video, where Wren did just that, rendering out at multiple scales what the entire global population of ants would look and behave like in real life. All of this was powered by the Render Network, and thousands of decentralized GPUs working together to render a cutting edge visualization. Throughout the video there are hundreds of ants rendered in various forms: massive balls of ants; ants pouring through the street...

Upcoming February Treasury Wallet Movements

One of the core goals of the Render Network Foundation’s formation was to provide more transparency to the community. We are going to use this post to detail Treasury wallet movements which we are expecting this week, and to explain why these movements are occurring. — What is Happening and Why? - You can expect to see a total of 16.7M RNDR being moved this week. When this happens we will update this post to link to these transactions. These withdrawals comprise of: A total of 2.4M of regular monthly RNDR unlocks which will be distributed to various parties. UPDATE: Said distributions have begun and can be viewed at the following: 1, 2, and 3., A movement of 14.3M RNDR representing the entire balance of RNDR vested, held in escrow, and callable by the parties entitled to receive this RNDR (as described in our recent post about RNDR Distributions and Unlocks). Please note, this RNDR is not being distributed, it is simply being moved to a separate wallet for ease of tracking by us and the community. UPDATE: Said movement has been completed and can be viewed here., — What is Next? - We will continue to aim to update the community in advance of any expected Treasury wallet movements here and in our social channels. — About the Render Network Foundation. — The Render Network Foundation is a not-for-profit dedicated to maintaining the core Render Network protocol and growing its community. Our foundat...

Render Network Q4 Review and Beyond: February 21st, 2023 [Behind-the-Network (BTN)]

A look back at Q4 2022, the beginning of 2023 and the year ahead on the Render Network. — The industry will remember Q4 of 2022 as one of the most challenging periods for the industry. At the Render Network Foundation we are dedicated to maintaining the core Render Network protocol and growing its community and transparency (through things including posts like these). We saw these struggles in our communities as well as significant improvements in our infrastructure and increased growth levels across many key usage metrics. Let’s dig deeper into the numbers. Overall the Network usage rate grew roughly 10% between Q3 and Q4 2022, showing a consistent uptrend in utilization. This was reflected in significant year-over-year growth between full year 2021 and 2022 — with Total Frames Rendered nearly doubling at 9,420,335 in 2022 vs 5,954,165 in 2021. Q4 also saw acceleration in a trend beginning in the second half of 2022, where the network backend infrastructure significantly improved, enabling greater scalability in 2023. Highlights include a 50% reduction in failure rates, 50–75% increases in performance across the network’s node topology, and across the board growing user growth metrics in relation to Q3 — with significant acceleration in the final month of Q4. Improvements were not limited to technical progress. In the final quarter of 2022, the network set the stage for the establishment of the Rend...

RNDR Distributions and Unlocks

Announcement from the Render Network Foundation. — With the The Render Network Foundation (or the “Foundation”) now formalized, we have started the process to communicate more information with the community and make sure data about RNDR is accessible and understandable. We have seen discussions and speculation about recent movements of RNDR from the Treasury wallet. We’ll use this post to explain distributions and unlocks, why those movements happened, and what we’re doing to communicate better in the future, but the tl;dr is: this wallet includes RNDR which are held in escrow for other parties, and some of those parties requested to take possession of this RNDR. At the end of this post, we outline specific initiatives we are beginning to make sure the community is more informed and empowered moving forward. Let’s dig into it. There has been a ton of discussion on a few transactions from February 7th, and what they mean. The main question we see is around what large transactions represent. These large transactions were with parties who have helped to build and expand the network. These parties had vested RNDR which were held in escrow in the Treasury wallet, and they requested and took direct possession of their RNDR. All of these agreements were executed in 2021 or earlier — some of them dating back many years. So, what are the numbers within the Treasury held in escrow for later disbursement? When RN...

Creator Spotlight on Emerging Powerhouse Justin Bodnar (jstngraphics): February 10th, 2023[Behind…

Creator Spotlight on Emerging Powerhouse Justin Bodnar (jstngraphics): February 10th, 2023[Behind the Network (BTN)] - — A look at the next generation of 3D creatives emerging into the world of NFTs, and the way Render Network is helping them. — As has become a rallying cry for the Render Network since its inception, “democratizing creation” has served as both masthead and northstar for the Network in its mission. But just as this democratization has created a diverse community of users which we’ve had the privilege of highlighting over the years, democratization has helped to open the doors for the next generation of great creators to burst onto the scene. In the latest iteration of the Render Network’s Creator Spotlight Series, the Render Network team was happy to dive in with a rising star in the world of online art, Justin Bodnar (aka jstngraphics). — Hitting the ground running - Having already cultivated a dedicated following for his highly detailed art, it’s hard to think that Justin is still only 18 and has been creating at this scale for under 2 years. — JUSTIN on Twitter: "as the world fades away. / Twitter" - as the world fades away. Similar to the fantastic, borderline superheroic landscapes he constructs, Justin’s story behind becoming an artist reads like a fantasy origin story: a young athlete growing up, a hea...


Fidelity to Enter The Metaverse With Latest Trademark Applications

    On Dec. 27, licensed trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis revealed the latest crypto trademark applications from Fidelity Investments. There were three applications filed broadly covering Metaverse technologies and services, NFTs and marketplaces, virtual land, and cryptocurrency trading. The first relates to digital media and NFTs, and the second is the provision for an online marketplace for the sale of NFTs. #Fidelity has plans for the metaverse! The company has filed 3 trademark applications covering NFTs + NFT Marketplaces Metaverse Investment Services Virtual Real Estate Investing Cryptocurrency Trading ... and more!#NFTs #Metaverse #Crypto #Web3 #Defi #Finance — Mike Kondoudis (@KondoudisLaw) December 26, 2022 Crypto Trademarks Sought by Fidelity It appears that Fidelity wants to offer its services in the Metaverse rather than build its own Metaverse. The third trademark application included mutual fund investment services, retirement fund investment services, investment management, financial planning, and electronic bill payment in the Metaverse and other virtual worlds. It also mentions digital currency services, crypto trading, wallets, storage, and custody. Pretty much anything related to crypto was mentioned in the application filing. Fidelity is one of America’s largest pension providers, and it allowed investors to include Bitcoin in their pension plans earlier this year. The move riled anti-crypto policymakers such as E... read More

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