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Rainbow Token  


RNBW Price:
All Time High:
Market Cap:

Circulating Supply:
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The last known price of #RNBW is $0.0000000474 USD.

Please note that the price of #RNBW was last updated over 460 days ago. This can occur when coins have sporadic price reporting, no listings on exchanges or the project has been abandonded. All #RNBW statistics should be considered as 'last known value'.

The lowest RNBW price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.0000000474, and the exact last price of RNBW was $0.00000004741.

The all-time high RNBW coin price was $1.35.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of RNBW with market cap of BTC and how the supply of RNBW affects the price at different market capitalizations.


The code for Rainbow Token crypto currency is #RNBW.

Rainbow Token is 1.8 years old.


The current market capitalization for Rainbow Token is not available at this time.

Rainbow Token is ranking downwards to #8315 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is unknown today for #RNBW.


The total supply of RNBW is 100,100,099,828,521 coins.

Relatively, Rainbow Token has a large supply of coins, 4,550,005 times larger than Bitcoin's supply, for example.


RNBW has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 2 pairings and is listed on probably at least one crypto exchanges but we don't have this data.

View #RNBW trading pairs and crypto exchanges that currently support #RNBW purchase.



Token Migration: Phase 1

Greetings Halonauts! - We are now approaching our 1st year anniversary since our IDO and we’ve made it all the way to HaloDAO’s 10th epoch release. In the following post, we will be providing a comprehensive overview of the first phase of Xave Finance’s (formerly HaloDAO) token migration and corresponding launch. Please note that the team has not announced the new token details (such as ticker name, contract address, etc) to prevent scammers from compromising existing token holders. There have been several fake telegram groups pretending to announce fraudulent migration details, so please remember that; No members of our team will privately message you first, You should never give your private key nor seed phrase to any wallet nor person claiming to be part of the team, — What do you have to do? - The token migration process will be applicable to all xRNBW holders who meet the following requirements stated below. ONLY xRNBW holders will be eligible for the migration process — RNBW holders can manually stake their RNBW for xRNBW on our Rainbow Pool here, You must hold xRNBW tokens on Ethereum Mainnet — xRNBW holders on Arbitrum and Polygon are required to bridge their xRNBW to Mainnet by July 21st 8 AM UTC. Please refer to bridging information in this article. Additionally, will be adding xRNBW support before July 21st for instant bridging (more announcement on this soon), The snap...

Greetings fellow Halonauts!

Announcement of Token Rebrand - It’s been quite a first year for HaloDAO and many lessons were learnt. There’s been quite a number of developments, while the team has been heads down building. We are happy to report that there are exciting things ahead for HaloDAO. Update 1: We are in the process of launching high yield stablecoin earning strategies that bring competitive base APRs (even without token rewards) to stablecoin staking. The first will be launched for the xSGD stablecoin in collaboration with a cornerstone partner in the space. More will be announced as we launch our “Xave Strategies” (read as “Save Strategies”). Update 2: HaloDAO v2 is approaching the completed integration with the Balancer V2 Vault, and we have completed our final demo with their grants committee (audit pending). More on this as it approaches audit, but feel free to jump into our Discord and get access to the live v2 app before we launch. Update 3: Given the above, we are excited to formally announce our rebrand of HaloDAO to Xave Finance. Xave Finance will continue to build on the use cases for stablecoins through our AMM and Lending Market, with new partnerships and more sustainable liquidity incentives. — Why Rebrand? - Defi Pulse Over the past year, DeFi protocols have experienced a large shift of capital outwards to the metaverse, NFTs, and gaming projects. However, experts have speculated that DeFi is set to explode in ...

Epoch 5 Update

Epoch 5 Updates - — Happy Tuesday Fellow Halonauts! - Christmas came early this year and We’re happy to announce that HaloDAO has deployed the liquidity rewards for our Epoch 5! In this Epoch, we will also be expanding the deployment of our AMM to the Arbitrum Network. In this article, we will be walking you through the rewards breakdown for this coming epoch, product updates from our Arbitrum deployment and some important announcements with regards to certain pools that we will be suspending. — 1. Rewards Breakdown — EPOCH. — We will be releasing the following total RNBW rewards across Ethereum, Polygon and Arbitrum for this Epoch 5. Please refer to the rewards breakdown below and take note that these RNBW liquidity rewards are not necessarily fixed. If the team and community decides that one pool needs more focus, then the team will increase the rewards proportion for that pool accordingly. Ethereum MainnetEpoch 5 Rewards Distribution for pools on Mainnet Polygon Matic MainnetEpoch 5 Rewards Distribution for pools on Polygon ArbitrumEpoch 5 Rewards Distribution for pools on Arbitrum — 2. We’re live on Arbitrum!🚀. — HaloDAO is happy to announce that we are now live on the Arbitrum network. This deployment is especially crucial and beneficial for mainstream users as Arbitrum seeks to address the cost-prohibitive nature that Ethereum offers as a result of its skyrocketing transact...

TagCash TagPHP launches on HaloDAO

We are proud to announce that we will be partnering with TagCash on a mission to enhance the accessibility of crypto products for the Philippines community through our stablecoin optimised v1 AMM! Our v1 AMM will allow the Filipino community to easily swap TagPHP (Philippine Peso fiat backed stablecoin) to USDC and any other stablecoins, enabling them to seamlessly interact with existing crypto products. — What does TagCash & HaloDAO’s partnership offer? - TagPHP tokens is a Philippine Peso stablecoin that is backed 1-to-1 to the Philippine Peso. TagPHP is issued by TagCash who was offered an EMI license from Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). The rollout of the TagPHP token will provide a more localised experience for users to access the existing cryptocurrency innovations since transactions can now be denominated in Pesos. Additionally, with the growing usage of cryptocurrency as a form of payment for real estate and daily goods, TagPHP offers a more convenient user experience for Filipino residents. With TagPHP, users can send and trade crypto easily. As for Filipino gamers, the integration of TagPHP tokens in HaloDAO’s ecosystem will allow for a more convenient avenue for Filipino gamers to redeem their earnings as they will be able to swap their in-game tokens to TagPHP in our current AMM v1. On top of that, blockchain gamers can take an additional step to earn yield and AMM swap fees through our TagPHP-USD...

HaloDAO and Launch First Synthetic PHP Stablecoin

We are proud to announce that we will be partnering with on a mission to enhance the accessibility of crypto products for the Philippines community through our stablecoin optimised v1 AMM! Our v1 AMM will allow the Filipino community to easily swap fxPHP (Philippine peso synthetic stablecoin) to USDC and any other stablecoins, enabling them to seamlessly interact with existing crypto products. — Why the Filipino community?🇵🇭 - Source: ChainAnalysis 2021 Geography of Cryptocurrency report According to a study from Chainalysis, out of the 157 economies studied between July 2020 and June 2021, Philippines is ranked 15th in the Global Crypto Adoption Index. Interestingly, Philippines is ranked 9th in the on-chain value received index and 80th in the P2P exchange trade volume index. Besides the evident high adoption of cryptocurrency in the Philippines, this suggests that most of the crypto activities within the Philippines are occurring on the blockchain itself as opposed to transacting within crypto exchanges. The growing usage of blockchains is largely being driven by the crypto gaming industry which exploded during the COVID pandemic. Many individuals who were out of work due to the lock down measures, found blockchain gaming as a safe haven for generating income for their households. Furthermore, some merchants in the Philippines are even accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment for goods and service...

Epoch 4 Updates & Governance Voting Proposal

Greetings Fellow Halonauts - HaloDAO has released the liquidity rewards for our Epoch 4! Please refer to the rewards breakdown below and take note that these RNBW liquidity rewards are not necessarily fixed. If the team and community decides that one pool needs more focus, then the team will increase the rewards proportion for that pool accordingly. — Rewards Breakdown — EPOCH 4. — We will be releasing the following total RNBW rewards across both Ethereum and Polygon for Epoch 4. Additionally in this upcoming Epoch, we hope to launch 2 additional pools namely fxPHP:USDC & Tagcash PHP:USDC pool! Shoutout to all my Filipino Halonauts🇵🇭Ethereum MainnetPolygon Matic — Governance Voting 🏛️ - One of HaloDAO’s main core values is to be a community-driven protocol where Halonauts play an active role in voicing their opinions and directly influencing the core decisions of the protocol. Hence we aim to encourage Governance Voting in ensuring a more fair and decentralised platform🤝. Now reaching our 4th Epoch, HaloDAO has dispersed a sizable amount of tokens through our liquidity mining programme therefore expanding our communities’ voting power. Thus, we believe that it’s time for the community to play an active role in deciding the steps to be taken by the protocol. For our very first governance proposal, we will be discussing the launch of the upcoming fxPHP:USDC pool and TagCash PHP:...

TrueCurrencies now available on HaloDAO

Stay tuned to our Liquidity Mining Programme with TrustToken that will be happening on 1st November. HaloDAO will be supporting 3 TrueCurrencies namely TAUD, TCAD and TGBP. With the introduction of these new pools, we look forward to welcoming new Halonauts from the respective emerging local communities. Click here to supply liquidity to our TrueCurrencies Pools and start earning xRNBW rewards! — Why TrueCurrencies? - With the growing usage of crypto products, there is a compelling need to localize trades and transfers. Individuals from non-US regions struggle to access the many Crypto innovations that exist due to the difficulty in on ramping their local fiat currency to USD denominated stablecoins. This inefficiency to onramp to the blockchain space is possibly restricting the global adoption of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, it is unquestionable that TrueCurrencies serves as a crucial innovation for crypto users from non-USD regions. The integration of TrueCurrencies into HaloDAO’s AMM will facilitate efficient swaps between the different stablecoins therefore simplifying the user experience in accessing the crypto network. HaloDAO believes that the future of crypto will necessarily require the rise of local stables emerging so that users can easily trade and access these innovations with a currency that acquires a sense of familiarity and security for them. — TrueCurrencies are now available in our AMM pool...

Farming Updates!

Greetings, fellow Halonauts! Please take note of the following farming updates. Deactivating Existing V1 Pools, A bug was discovered in the smart contract of existing v1 pools that are on the Ethereum Mainnet (Polygon farming pools are unaffected) which restricts users from harvesting xRNBW rewards. Therefore, the affected pools will be deactivated and will be shown under the inactive pools section. Question: What About My xRNBW Rewards? Not to worry, all pending reward balances are still accruing and will be airdropped in a few days following this update. The unclaimed xRNBW will be airdropped directly into the users’ wallets. — 1.1 Liquidity Migration - We have added a “Migrate” button that allows Halonauts to easily move their HLP tokens to the new v1 pools. This newly added button will allow a seamless unstaking and staking experience. Note: The “Migrate” button will trigger 3 transactions in sequence; Withdraw LP tokens, Approve and Deposit LP tokens and record the transaction hashes for each of those so that we can airdrop the xRNBW pending rewards and ETH gas refunds. Please do not choose the “Speed Up” or “Cancel” options on any of the 3 Metamask transactions triggered by the “Migrate” button. The most reliable choice is to (1) either go with the Fast gas option or (2) don’t change the gas settings at all. Otherwise, our backend won’t be able to track your transactions for the xRNB...

HaloDAO x Immunefi Bug Bounty Program

HaloDAO is working together with Immunefi for our bug bounty program. We invite all Halonauts to participate for their chance to earn some RNBW! HaloDAO x Immunefi The HaloDAO x Immunefi Bug Bounty Program is focused on the security of HaloDAO’s smart contracts, website, and application. One of our main priorities as a protocol is security, and a bug bounty program is a great way to accomplish a safer experience for all users while rewarding those who assist us in the process. Immunefi is the world’s largest bug bounty platform, offering millions of dollars in rewards for vulnerabilities across various projects in DeFi. They have worked with countless protocols to achieve a safer DeFi landscape for all users. HaloDAO has chosen Immunefi for our bug bounty program provider. As strong a protocol as we may be, HaloDAO will only be able to grow to its full potential if any and all security risks are mitigated in the early stages. There are many things which can slow the growth of a protocol, from minor UI bugs to critical smart contract vulnerabilities. The goal of any bug bounty program is to incentivise users with proper rewards for identifying these issues so as to prevent bad actors from finding ways to abuse them. Bug Bounty Details Our primary focuses for this bug bounty program and the corresponding bounties are outlined below. Rewards for vulnerabilities are distributed according to the Immunefi Vulnerability Severi...

Introducing HaloDAO Founders Coin

At HaloDAO, we love to reward our communities with sweet treats in different forms — airdrops, tournaments, POAPs and more. Heyhey is thrilled to introduce the next reward to Halonauts that has been active members in our Discord. We’re giving the HaloDAO Founder’s Coin to the first 2,500 Halonauts who join one of our three teams in Discord: Victorious Vanilla🍦, Strongberry 🍓, or Champion Chocolate 🍫! There are currently 2,298/2,500 Halonauts who have completed this mission, leaving only 202 spaces available! The window to join a team will remain open to members for another week, and will be closed on Oct 6, 2021. After the closing date, qualified Halonauts will be able to claim their very own HaloDAO Founder’s Coin! (Stay tune to how you can claim soon) The HaloDAO Founder’s Coin will carry a significant amount of exclusive advantages within our Discord, so be sure to claim during the designated claim period. Once claim date is released, the claim period will last for 7 days. Any claims not done during the claim period will be forfeited. Let’s have fun while going intergalactic! 🐰🚀 Homepage & Socials: 🐰🏠🌈☀️ Governance: 🐰🏛️💻⚖️🐰 Rainbow Pool: 🍬🌈🍭🌈🍬 🐰 Introducing HaloDAO Founders Coin 🪙 was originally published in HaloDAO-Official on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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