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RLY Price:
$2.1 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$59.9 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #RLY today is $0.012 USD.

The lowest RLY price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.012, and the current live price for one RLY coin is $0.01153.

The all-time high RLY coin price was $1.41.

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The code for Rally crypto currency is #RLY.

Rally is 3.4 years old.


The current market capitalization for Rally is $59,908,376.

Rally is ranked #422 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is big during the past 24 hours for #RLY.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Rally is $2,100,347.


The circulating supply of RLY is 5,197,888,097 coins, which is 35% of the maximum coin supply.


RLY is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


RLY is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Rally Digest #66 (March 24, 2022)

Welcome to the Rally Digest, a weekly round-up of everything that’s happening around the Rally project. — Social Token Launches: - VR With Jasmine — $JAS Jasmine is a VR content creator on YouTube and TikTok. Jasmine makes VR tutorials and XR product reviews. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, an MBA and has worked for the top tech companies. She is also the co-host of VRTK’s weekly live stream lessons. — NFT Spotlight: - The $BOT Coin Community’s Silver Badge NFT grants the holder a 2x $BOT Rewards multiplier for playing on Amazon Alexa, enabling holders to accumulate $BOT faster while playing the games they love. The NFT also unlocks access private to experiences, exclusive airdrops, and sneak peeks for future game releases. The $BOT social token can be used to make other purchases, trades, and withdrawals within the $BOT Rewards Program and the greater Rally ecosystem. — Project News: - The launch of $HBCU was featured in AfroTech. Rally Director of Partnerships for Music, Bryce Carr, was quoted in a Billboard feature on doing music deals in the metaverse. — Creator Spotlight: - How I Built My Token Economy: Joe Pulizzi, $TILT Rally Digest #66 (March 24, 2022) was originally published in — Social Tokens + NFTs for Creators on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Rally Digest #65 — (Mar 16, 2022)

Rally Digest #65 — (Mar 16, 2022) - Welcome to the Rally Digest, a weekly round-up of everything that’s happening around the Rally project. — Social Token Launches. — Luke Lawal Jr. — HBCU Buzz ($HBCU) HBCU Buzz is a multimedia company focusing on amplifying the Black College community, delivers HBCU news, insights and editorials. Since 2011, HBCU Buzz has been a resource for prospective & current students and alumni. We are on a mission to amplify the Black college experience, articulate stories of HBCU achievement, challenges, opportunities, & developments and advocate for students, alumni and the legacy of these historic institutions. Also launched last week: $AUTH, $EAZY, $GRIT, $HEART — NFT Spotlight. — The Q.D. Dolls NFT Collection, created by Natalie Nichole ($DOVE), awards NFT holders with the opportunity to contribute to a charitable organization or fund their independent art initiative. Every time a Q.D. Edition sells out, one NFT holder will receive $1,000 as a donation to their organization of choice or as a stipend to support the marketing efforts for their independent art project, business, or initiative (if they identify as an independent artist). — Project News. — Director of Music Partnership Bryce Carr outlines a path in Hypebot for the music industry and web3 to move forward together-where the laws of IP are respected and creators and communities...

Rally Digest #64 — (Mar 9, 2022)

Rally Digest #64 — (Mar 9, 2022) - Welcome to the Rally Digest, a weekly round-up of everything that’s happening around the Rally project. — Social Token Launches. — Hungrybox ($BOX) is one of the most successful Super Smash Bros. Melee players of all time and considered one of the “Five Gods of Melee.” He currently streams on Twitch to a dedicated fanbase, and utilizes $BOX to allow viewers to make him do things on-air (like make him exercise) and play 60-second video clips of the viewer’s choice during the stream. — NFT Spotlight. — Shipbroman’s ($SHIPR) Discord NFT Membership Pass gives the NFT holder exclusive access to the Shipbroman community Discord NFT channel. The channel offers daily tips about the latest Blockchain NFT projects and each project’s promises, as well as access to varying DeFi Yield Farming opportunities (DEGENS unite!) and the latest stable APY opportunities from reputable platforms. NFT holders will also be prioritized in the future DAO that is being developed by the growing Shipbroman community. — Project News. — FWB X Rally Hackathon: The hackathon had more than 100 participants across 25 teams building through the day. The three winning teams, chosen by a panel of judges including Brian Mark, Alex Hooven, and Mahesh Vellanki, have a month and a small budget to build a working prototype of their product, and have the opportunity to win huge c...

Rally Digest #63 (Mar 1, 2022)

Welcome to the Rally Digest, a weekly round-up of everything that’s happening around the Rally project. — Social Token Launches. — Roberto Carlos — $RC3 Roberto Carlos is a Brazilian former footballer who is widely considered one of the greatest left backs in history. As well as lifting the 2002 World Cup, Roberto Carlos also won three Champions League and four La Liga titles with Real Madrid in his career, which ended in 2015 after a spell in India as player/head coach with Delhi Dynamos. Fans who hold $RC3 will gain access to exclusive signed merch giveaways, private NFT drops, Zoom calls and other benefits and experiences on Rally. Also launched last week: $T45, $IDEA, $LADDR — NFT Spotlight. — A&R Block ($ANR) — a collective of entertainment industry professionals that helps people build their networks through demo submissions, NFT music/art, social media support, and entertainment industry networking/conventions — launched the Dynasty “Go Get It” NFT Collection, highlighting A&R member and musician Dynasty’s newest track “Go Get It.” NFT holders will receive a physical t-shirt with a DTG Print of the NFT, as well as special access to future events hosted by Dynasty. — Thought Leadership. — Tam Gryn, Director of Fine Arts at, brings deep arts experience to the Rally team. In “11 Reasons Why Artists Shouldn’t Be Afraid of NFTs”, sh...

Rally Digest #62 (Feb 23, 2022)

Welcome to the Rally Digest, a weekly round-up of everything that’s happening around the Rally project. — Social Token Launches. — Duncan Robinson — $DBO “I am the host of the Long Shot Podcast and also a professional basketball player for the Miami Heat. When I am not recording episodes or draining threes on the court, I enjoy deep reddit dives into the crypto/NFT space and hope to integrate this knowledge into my business ecosystem.” Also launched last week: $MOTV8. — NFT Spotlight. — Transcending Dove Collection, Natalie Nichole, $DOVE Natalie Nichole — best-selling author, singer/songwriter, actress, & entertainer — launched the Transcending Dove Collection, an NFT Collection linked to her #DoveNation Community. Her #DoveNation Discord functions like a game, where members can level up based on how many $DOVE coins they hold. As members level up, they unlock new rewards and access to exclusive benefits, events, and more. You can fast-track to a specific level by purchasing one of the Transcending Dove NFTs. — Project News. — Rally Growth - As of February 2022, the collective economy holdings across all creator coins is nearly $110M USD across 280 creators. Of those, 59% have collective economy holdings of more than $100K USD and 10% have collective holdings of more than $1M USD. Duncan Robinson Launch - On Friday, Duncan Robinson launched $DBO, a new soci...

Rally Digest #61 (February 15, 2022)

Welcome to the Rally Digest, a weekly round-up of everything that’s happening around the Rally project. — Social Token Launches. — ZsONAMACO Fair Platforms includes Art, Design, Photography & Antiques and supports and promotes creators through $ARTE coin. Also launched last week: $HYDRA, $MASHI, and $BP4. — NFT Spotlight. — ZsONAMACO, $ARTE — Alonso Cedillo’s “Still Life with Smartphones in a Fishpond” Alonso Cedillo’s (Mexico City, 1988) work explores our post-internet world dissolving the limits between reality and fiction. Since 2018, the artist has focused entirely on working with images which are native to screens through different protocols like painting, sculpture, post-photography, programming, and video. This series takes the idea of still life as a starting point to explore the way in which we relate to technology, its fragility, and its presence in daily life. — Project News. — Rally is excited to participate in ETHDenver this year! ETHDenver is the largest Web3 #BUIDLathon in the world (fka hackathon) for Ethereum and other blockchain protocol enthusiasts, designers and developers. This year’s event features simultaneous virtual and in-person events, and kicked off on Friday, February 11th in Denver, CO. Learn more about our bounties here. Rally is now the home of a Super Bowl champion! Los Angeles Rams return specialist Brandon Powell launched $BP4 on...

Rally Digest #60 (February 8, 2022)

Welcome to the Rally Digest, a weekly round-up of everything that’s happening around the Rally project. — Social Token Launches. — Crescendo! Podcast — $CRNDO Crescendo! is a new seasonal podcast from award-winning podcast host and author Greg Bresnitz, which explores the intersection of food and music. Each episode, Bresnitz interviews a chef, who guides listeners through an imaginary menu where each dish is paired with a song. The guests share personal stories and insights about their selections, examining the convergence between these savory, sweet, and sonic moments as they build towards each episode’s Crescendo! Freestyle Trampoline Association — $FLIPR By purchasing the FLIPR Coin you are supporting the grass-roots community of Freestyle Trampoline. The coin will unlock NFTs from the Freestyle community in the form of videos of World’s First Skills, Greatest Moments, Influencers, Amazing Athletes and Brand in the community where you can trade and collect the NFTs from the community and be part of the future of the sport of Trampoline. Your investments will fuel the next generation of “Flippers” to take the next step for the global Movement! #FLIPPERcoin — NFT Spotlight. — Auggie Velarde’s NFT Clanger recreates organic audio sourced from natural environments with code. The Peru-based musician blends modern sound with algorithmic rhythms, inspired by philosophical perspecti...

Rally Digest #59 (February 1, 2022)

Welcome to the Rally Digest, a weekly round-up of everything that’s happening around the Rally project. — Social Token Launches. — Banzai Bowls — $BNZI We are Banzai Bowls, a family owned business named after the famous wave Pipeline which is located on the North Shore of Oahu. Our passion is delivering you with the best hand crafted Acai bowl experience. Our background of surf and skate culture has driven our passion since 2008, and we are always ‘Living life in the bowl’. Excited for this next journey into the crypto space! — NFT Spotlight. — Jeremiah Owyang’s “Web Strategy: 2022” NFT grants access to Owayng’s premium Web Strategy group on Discord, providing valuable insights and discussions on digital trends across Web3, Digital Marketing, Corporate Innovating, Tech Wellness, and other related news. Jeremiah provides ongoing links to important news articles for the Discord group to discuss in private, as well as other occasional perks. Jeff Pulver’s “Oh Dear” NFT — featuring art by Joyce Brian — benefits the WhyHunger foundation, an initiative co-founded by Harry Chapin to feed people in need. — Project News. — Creator Mentorship Program Launch — Rally’s Organic Mentorship Program connects newly minted creators to veteran members of our community. Over the course of six weeks, mentors guide their mentees through the launch process & be...

Rally Digest #58 (January 26, 2022)

Welcome to the Rally Digest, a weekly round-up of everything that’s happening around the Rally project. — NFT Spotlight - Cat Crate by alliestrasza $ALLIE alliestrasza’s Cat Crate NFT grants the holder a random Allie Cat NFT — 1 of 500 unique cats based on Allie’s real life animals Willow, Po, Tai, and Mika. Holding an Allie Cat NFT grants access to play-to-earn games exclusive to the Allie Cat community. Fountain by TMFA $ART “Fountain” is one of Duchamp’s most famous works and is seen as an icon of twentieth-century art. TMFA’s work is a 2021 replica of “Fountain” made in Blender to resemble the original porcelain object. — Creator Spotlight - Catch our interview with Emery’s Devin Shelton, and learn how the indie hard rock band became a “digital-first band,” launched its $WALLS Creator Coin, and changed its business model after 20 years of making music. — Industry News - NFTs are coming to Instagram and Facebook. That’s according to reporting from the Financial Times, which says users of those platforms will soon be able to display their NFTs as their profile pictures. The platforms are also working on longer term plans to create NFT marketplaces where users can trade and mint tokens. Speaking of NFTs as profile pics, Twitter’s long awaited NFT verification feature is now live, Decrypt reported. Users who pay for Twitter Blue, a subscription service that’s available ...

Rally Digest #57 (January 18, 2022)

Welcome to the Rally Digest, a weekly round-up of everything that’s happening around the Rally project. — New Creators: - Natasha May-Thomas/ $NMT Natasha May-Thomas is a professional performer based in London. The British actress and dancer has shared the stage with iconic industry stars including Camila Cabello, performing as a backup dancer at The 2020 Global Awards. She has also played the role of ‘Louise’ in the world famous musical ‘Carousel’ at the renowned Regents Park Open Air Theatre & more recently has been cast in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cinderella in London’s West End. May-Thomas was recently awarded two awards at the prestigious Black British Theatre Awards for Best Recent Graduate and Best Supporting Female Actor in a musical. Mitch Rossell/ $MITCH Artist/Songwriter based in Nashville, TN with over 27 Million Streams worldwide. Also written hit songs for Garth Brooks including “Ask Me How I Know” and “Dive Bar” feat. Blake Shelton. Dane/ $DANE Streamer and Youtuber focused on the game Hearthstone, finding creative ways to help waste your time. Raw/ $KICK Set up in 2016, at first, RAW was an organization composed by international booking agents working for talents coming from all over the world. Over the years and always seeking for innovation in the scene, the collective gradually created a large network, activities, and roster including some of the most iconic faces of the ...


Parabolic Rally In The Making? Bitcoin Regains $70,000 As Traders' Paper...

    The world's largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC), has been consolidating over the past week, trading between $67,000 and $70,000 after experiencing a brief 20% price correction that sent it as low as $56,400 in early May.  This consolidation period comes as inflows into the US spot Bitcoin ETF market have reignited, and selling pressure appears to have cooled off, both in the ETF market and among Bitcoin investors more broadly. Bitcoin Selling Pressure Fades According to Julio Moreno, head of research at on-chain market analytics firm CryptoQuant, the current Bitcoin price level of $70,000 differs from when it last reached that mark in March.  Moreno notes that traders are now exerting much lower selling pressure, as unrealized profits are only around 3%, compared to 69% in early March. This suggests that much of the “heavy selling” has been exhausted, as seen in the chart below. Santiment data also shows that Bitcoin has once again eclipsed a $70,000 market capitalization, even as the US stock market took a hiatus for the Memorial Day holiday.  Market intelligence platform Santiment sees this as an encouraging sign, as it demonstrates BTC’s ability to perform positively on days when it is not closely correlated with the primary stock market, which has been the case for much of 2022. Final Pre-Breakout Consolidation Phase Despite this positive momentum, crypto analyst Rekt Capital has noted that Bitcoin's latest weekly candle closed below t... read More

Solana (SOL) Eyes a Strong Comeback: Will the Rally Ignite a Surge?

    Solana found support near the $160 zone. SOL price is slowly rising and might gain bullish momentum if it clears the $172 resistance zone. SOL price corrected lower and tested the $160 support zone against the US Dollar. The price is now trading above $165 and the 100-hourly simple moving average. There was a break above a key bearish trend line with resistance at $164 on the hourly chart of the SOL/USD pair (data source from Kraken). The pair could clear the $172 resistance unless it fails to stay above $165. Solana Price Could Gain Momentum Solana price formed a support base near the $160 level and started a recovery wave. SOL underperformed Bitcoin and Ethereum but managed to clear the $165 resistance. There was a break above a key bearish trend line with resistance at $164 on the hourly chart of the SOL/USD pair. There was even a spike above the $170 zone and the 50% Fib retracement level of the downward move from the $181 swing high to the $160 low. Solana price is now trading above $165 and the 100-hourly simple moving average. Immediate resistance is near the $170 level. The next major resistance is near the $171 level. A successful close above the $172 resistance could set the pace for another major increase. The next key resistance is near $176 or the 76.4% Fib retracement level of the downward move from the $181 swing high to the $160 low. Any more gains might send the price toward the $180 level. Are Dips Supported in SOL? If SOL fails to rally above the $172 res... read More

Crypto Analyst Predicts 28,900% Rally To $154 For XRP Price, Here's When

    Crypto analyst CryptoBull recently highlighted a bullish pattern that could send the XRP price to three figures. However, the analyst failed to give an exact timeline for when this massive rally would occur.  XRP Price To Hit $154 CryptoBull mentioned in an X (formerly Twitter) post that that chart shows that XRP will rise to $154. The analyst highlighted an ascending broadening wedge, which he expects XRP to break out from as it makes this parabolic move to the upside. To confirm his bullish sentiment, CryptoBull also reposted the analysis of two other crypto analysts who suggested that XRP could experience a price breakout soon.    One of these analysts is Javon Marks, who recently mentioned that something is brewing for XRP. He shared a chart that highlighted a bullish divergence that had formed for XRP. Marks had previously predicted that XRP could rise to as high as $200. He claimed that XRP “may be more than poised” to rise to this price level based on his Full Logarithmic follow-through analysis Marks also alluded to the 2017 bull run, when XRP saw a price increase of over 108,000%, revealing that XRP has since set up and broken out of its “largest resisting structure ever.” Crypto analyst CasiTrades is the second analyst whose analysis CryptoBull reposted. CasiTrades predicts that XRP can rise to as high as $13, seeing how it has consolidated for six years. She also raised the possibility of XRP rising to as high as $80 when it... read More

Here's Why Polkadot (DOT) Might Rally Toward $10: Analysts

    TL;DR Polkadot (DOT) has risen 10% over the past two weeks, currently trading around $7.50, with expectations for further growth. Key metrics suggest moderate momentum, indicating potential for continued price increases. DOT's Next Potential Move Polkadot's native cryptocurrency has experienced an uptick recently, registering a 10% price increase on a two-week scale. Currently, it hovers around the $7.50 mark (per CoinGecko's data), with numerous analysts envisioning a further pump in the near future. DOT Price, Source: CoinGecko One example is the X user Crypto Yapper, who claimed that DOT's price has broken out of a specific consolidation pattern and is 'now seeing a beautiful retest.' The entrepreneur suggested that the asset's previous resistance has 'turned into support,' meaning it can now aim for higher targets. 'I expect Polkadot to be trading around the $10 soon,' the analyst forecasted. The X user Block Diversity chipped in, too, predicting a price rally to almost $14 as long as DOT trades above the major resistance level of $6.90.  Other analysts recently giving their two cents on the matter include Crypto Thanos and Crypto Tony. The former assumed that the $6-$7.50 range was 'for accumulating only,' setting $10 as the next goal.  Crypto Tony touched upon the topic last week when DOT's value stood at less than $7. Back then, the analyst said they were looking for 'a safe ent... read More

These Bitcoin Addresses Accumulated the Most BTC During Recent Rally to ...

    Earlier this week, bitcoin (BTC) rallied more than 13% to a five-week high daily close of $71,400, dragging the rest of the crypto market upward. Data from IntoTheBlock has revealed that a certain cohort of Bitcoin investors accumulated more of the asset than others during the surge. Bitcoin Whales on Accumulation Spree According to IntoTheBlock, Bitcoin addresses holding between 1,000 and 10,000 BTC (whales) were the main accumulators of BTC as the asset’s value surged beyond $71,000. These addresses collectively added 20,000 BTC, worth approximately $1.4 billion at current prices, to their balances in the past seven days. The rise in BTC’s price and accumulation by whales coincides with the steady inflows into spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs). These investment vehicles have seen nine consecutive days of inflows exceeding $1.75 billion. Bitcoin whales have been on an accumulation spree this month amid the crypto market experiencing significant volatility. CryptoPotato reported in early May that this cohort of investors accumulated 15,121 BTC worth $941 million within 24 hours, increasing their collective wallet balance to its highest level in two weeks. On another occasion, data from CryptoQuant revealed that Bitcoin whales acquired 47,000 BTC worth over $2.8 billion within the 24 hours ending May 3. The surge in BTC accumulation by whales follows a lengthy period of profit-taking that saw this cohort of market participants move their assets to crypto ex... read More

Chainlink (LINK) Primed for Another Surge: Major Rally on the Horizon?

    Chainlink’s LINK price is gaining bullish momentum above $16.50. The price could continue to move up if it clears the $17.50 resistance zone. Chainlink price is showing bullish signs and eyeing more gains above $17.00 against the US dollar. The price is trading above the $16.50 level and the 100-hourly simple moving average. There was a break above a key bearish trend line with resistance near $16.50 on the hourly chart of the LINK/USD pair (data source from Kraken). The price could start another increase if it clears the $17.50 resistance zone. Chainlink Price Eyes Additional Upsides In the past few days, Chainlink remained in a positive zone above the $15.00 level, like Bitcoin and Ethereum. There was a move above the $16.50 and $17.00 levels. A high was formed at $17.45 before there was a downside correction. The price dipped below $16.50 and tested $15.35. A low was formed at $15.34 and the price recently attempted a fresh increase. There was a move above the $16.50 level. It even jumped above the 50% Fib retracement level of the downward move from the $17.45 swing high to the $15.34 low. Besides, there was a break above a key bearish trend line with resistance near $16.50 on the hourly chart of the LINK/USD pair. Chainlink is now trading above the $16.50 level and the 100 simple moving average (4 hours). Immediate resistance is near the $16.90 level or the 76.4% Fib retracement level of the downward move from the $17.45 swing high to the $15.34 low. The next majo... read More

Ethereum Rally Looms: Analyst Predicts ETH's Next Stop Is $5,300

    Titan of Crypto, a well-known cryptocurrency trader and expert, in a daring prediction that has drawn the attention of the crypto community, forecasting an impending significant rally for Ethereum (ETH) to unprecedented heights while putting his next price target for the crypto asset at the pivotal $5,300 level. The analyst's prognosis indicates that Ethereum, fueled by favorable market circumstances and rising investors' confidence, is poised for massive gains. This forecast comes at the heel of ETH's recent robust price performance and increasing market optimism. Ethereum Path To Massive Rally In February, Titan of Crypto hinted at the formation of a Bullish Cypher Pattern on Ethereum's weekly chart. 'Just like for Bitcoin, a bullish cypher pattern is currently playing out on ETH weekly chart as well,' he stated. Due to this, the expert pointed out several targets for the asset to reach in the near term, such as $2,410, $2,881, $3,353, and $4,024, indicating a 38.20%, 50.00%, 61.80%, 78.60% upswingm respectively, from the current price then. Earlier this month, Titan of Crypto noted that the bullish cypher pattern has successfully developed, and the aforementioned price targets have all been achieved, suggesting a substantial rally is on the horizon. At that time, the crypto expert underscored that ETH was at the 38.2% Fibonacci retracement level, which he also dubbed the 1st stop ($2,880). Should the coin manage to sustain this level, Titan of Crypto anticipates a move on... read More

Institutional Investors Pour $942 Million Into Bitcoin, Will This Trigge...

    Institutional investors are doubling their bets on Bitcoin, with investment funds related to the flagship crypto recording massive inflows last week. This development signals a bullish sentiment among these investors which could trigger a Bitcoin rally to $80,000.  Bitcoin Investment Funds Record $942 Million In Inflows According to CoinShares' latest weekly report, Bitcoin investment products recorded a net inflow of $942 million. These inflows are said to have been “an immediate response to the lower-than-expected CPI report on Wednesday,” with 89% of the total flows coming in the latter three trading days of last week.  The Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation data, which came in lower than expected, is believed to have restored investors’ confidence in the market. The data showed that inflation in the US may be slowing, raising the prospect of the Federal Reserve cutting interest rates. Lower interest rates are good for the crypto market since they will make investors more willing to invest in risk assets like Bitcoin.  The US accounted for most of the inflows into BTC, with $1 billion flowing into US Spot Bitcoin ETFs last week. Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust (GBTC), which has recorded over $16 billion in outflows since the ETF approval in January, also saw inflows (for the first time) of $18 million last week.  This trend of significant inflows into these Spot Bitcoin ETFs likely continues this week. Farside investors revealed in ... read More

Dogecoin Forms Symmetrical Triangle, Rally On The Horizon?

    Amidst a significant surge displayed by Dogecoin (DOGE) recently, popular crypto analyst Crypto Daily Trade Signals has identified a symmetrical triangle pattern in the price movements of the crypto asset, indicating a possible continuation of the present rising trend. Based on the expert analysis, Dogecoin, which has attracted a lot of attention and interest from investors lately, may be preparing to build on its current momentum and make more gains. Significance Of Dogecoin Symmetrical Triangle Pattern A symmetrical triangle chart pattern is a consolidation phase that precedes a forced breakout or decline in price. A new bearish trend begins with a breakdown from the lower trend line, while a new bullish trend begins with a breakout from the upper trend line. According to the analyst, the symmetrical triangle pattern presents a major obstacle for DOGE at the $0.1545 price level. At the same time, the 50-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) continues to provide support at the $0.1513 level. Even though the current market price is above the 50 EMA and suggests a bullish bias, Crypto Daily Trade Signals noted that Dogecoin has to surpass the resistance level of $0.1595 in order to confirm that the upward trend is continuing.  This perspective is further strengthened by the Relative Strength Index (RSI), which is currently above the 50 EMA and supports a purchasing trend. The post read: Dogecoin has formed a symmetrical triangle pattern, presenting a significant hurdle a... read More

Bitcoin Rally Incoming: This Major BTC Metric Just Turned Bullish Once A...

    A crucial Bitcoin metric has just turned bullish, sparking optimism from a crypto analyst regarding an impending rally for Bitcoin. This unique technical pattern suggests that the world’s largest cryptocurrency could see its price ascending further, potentially kick-starting a highly welcomed bull run this cycle.  Bitcoin Technical Pattern Flips Bullish Bitcoin’s price has often followed distinct historical patterns, with the majority of these indicators preceding significant rallies or bearish trends. One of the most compelling signs that Bitcoin may be turning bullish again is seen as the Stablecoin Supply Ratio (SSR) Oscillator breaks below the lower Bollinger Bands, a technical indicator used to measure a market’s volatility and momentum.  According to a crypto analyst identified as ‘Dominando Cripto’ on X (formerly Twitter), the SSR is a unique technical tool designed to evaluate the market sentiment by comparing the supply of stablecoins to Bitcoin. This tool is used by analysts and traders to identify buying and selling opportunities for Bitcoin. Additionally, it quantifies how the 200-day Simple Moving Average (SMA) of the SSR moves within the Bollinger Bands.  Dominando Cripto has provided an in-depth explanation of how the SSR oscillator is calculated and how to interpret its signals for identifying bullish trends.  “The oscillator is calculated by taking the difference between the current Stablecoin Supply R... read More

AGIX Sustains Momentum Above 100-Day Moving Average – Rally Immine...

    AGIX is one of the leading AI tokens in the crypto space with a total supply of 2 billion, and a total trading volume of over $105 million, which is over 11% down in the last 24 hours. For over two days, the price of AGIX has been holding strong above the 100-day Simple Moving Average (SMA). The token which has been on a downward ally for quite some days, is showing some signs of price reversal and if this happens a change of direction might occur and the price of AGIX will start a new movement upward. As of the time of writing, AGIX was trading around $0.98817 above the 100-day simple moving average, about 1.68% up in the last 24 hours. Currently, there are two main resistance levels of $0.99038 and $1.04237 and two main support levels of $0.82620 and $0.75779, respectively. Technical Indicators Suggest Upward Rally For AGIX 4-Hour MACD: A technical look at the MACD indicator from the 4-hour timeframe, the MACD histograms are trending above the zero line, and both the MACD line and the Signal line have crossed and are trending above the MACD zero line, indicating a bullish trend. This can be seen in the below image. 4-Hour RSI: The formation of the Relative Strength Index (RSI) in the above image also suggests that the price of AGIX is bullish as the RSI signal line is seen trending above the 50% level. This indicates that buyers are active in the market therefore overpowering the strength of sellers. Alligator Indicator on the 4-hour timeframe: A look at the alligator indi... read More

Tether Adds Fresh $1 Billion USDT To Supply – Bitcoin To Rally Aga...

    According to data from CoinMarketCap, Bitcoin rose by 2.9% on Friday to trade above $67,000 for the first time since April 24. This positive price performance by the maiden cryptocurrency has been attributed to the low inflation levels reported in the latest Consumer Price Index (CPI) data.  However, Bitcoin is an asset subject to the influence of several forces. According to a report by blockchain analysis platform LookonChain, BTC may soon experience another price rally following an increase in the supply of a specific stablecoin. Can USDT Replicate Surging Effect On Bitcoin?  In an X post on Friday, LookonChain reported that the Tether Treasury has minted an additional 1 billion USDT indicating a consistent rising demand for the stablecoin. USDT which ranks as the third largest cryptocurrency doubles as the most dominant stablecoin in the crypto space with a market cap value of $111.25 billion.  The USDT token has famously recorded much growth in the last year with over 31 billion new tokens minted on the Tron and Ethereum network. Interestingly, LookonChain reveals that this rise in USDT market share contributed significantly to Bitcoin’s ascent from $27,000 to $73,000 in the past fifteen months. The theory behind this relationship stems from an increase in traders' liquidity provided by investments in USDT.  This increased market liquidity can alter the status of Bitcoin’s supply and demand and oftentimes lead to a rise in BTC’s pri... read More

Expert Sets Timeline For When Ethereum Price Will Begin Rally To $10,000

    A crypto analyst has made a daring prediction for Ethereum (ETH), setting the timeline for when the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency would embark on a significant rally to new all-time highs above $10,000.  Here’s When Ethereum Will Reach $10,000 A crypto analyst identified as ‘Yoddha,’ on X (formerly Twitter) has announced the timeline for Ethereum’s ascent above $10,000. According to Yoddha, Ethereum is expected to rally massively after a period of accumulation and decline, continuously rising above $10,000 by the end of the year.  The analyst’s ambitious predictions are based on historical trends exhibited by Ethereum from 2016 to 2024. He shared a chart depicting Ethereum’s price action over these years, highlighting periods of accumulation, interim peaks and volatility.  Yoddha disclosed that from 2019 to 2021, Ethereum witnessed a period of accumulation marked by multiple price fluctuations, including long declines and short rallies. Following this, Ethereum surged significantly, reaching a peak of $4,867 towards the end of 2021. This price range aligns with the cryptocurrency’s all-time high of $4,878, achieved during the previous bull market cycle in 2021.  Based on these historical trends, Yoddha identified a similar accumulation phase in Ethereum’s price movements during this current market cycle. The analyst noted that from 2022 to early 2024, Ethereum experienced an accumulation and sl... read More

Is Bitcoin's Rally Over? Top Analysts Predict Imminent Price Corrections

    As Bitcoin navigates through significant price changes, varying analyses from crypto analysts have painted a diverse picture of its short-term trajectory. A prominent crypto analyst, Ali, identified a sell signal on Bitcoin's short-term charts using the TD Sequential indicator. According to Ali's analysis, the TD Sequential indicator suggested that Bitcoin's current uptrend might be losing momentum. This could potentially lead to a correction over the next one to four candlesticks, particularly noticeable on the four-hour chart. The TD Sequential presents a sell signal on the #Bitcoin 4-hour chart, anticipating a one to four candlesticks correction for $BTC. — Ali (@ali_charts) May 16, 2024 Diverging Bitcoin Views From Top Crypto Analysts Contrasting this perspective, another prominent analyst, Rekt Capital, recently provided a more optimistic view. According to Rekt Capital, Bitcoin ended its downtrend in mid-April, breaking into an uptrend with its price surpassing previous resistance levels. This change has been marked by Bitcoin forming its first higher high since its drop to $56,000, as highlighted by Rekt Capital. This indicates a possible continuation of the bull market despite periodic market attempts to unsettle investors. The TD Sequential indicator's sell signal comes as Bitcoin has shown a 7.6% increase over the past seven days, reaching a 24-hour high of $66,567 before retracing slightly to $65,592. Rekt Capital noted the ... read More

Here's Why Polkadot's (DOT) Price May Rally to $20-$25 Soon (Analysts)

    TL;DR Polkadot's price briefly surpassed $7, with its market cap nearing $10 billion, suggesting that the market might have been revived. DOT could see a rally to $20-$25 or $9-$13 if it overcomes key resistance levels and benefits from recent protocol developments, analysts asserted. Where Is DOT Headed? Polkadot's native cryptocurrency is not among the top-performing cryptocurrencies during the most recent market revival but is situated well in the green. Its price briefly surpassed the $7 mark, whereas its market capitalization neared the $10 billion milestone. DOT Price, Source: CoinGecko One person who believes the asset is poised for future gains from now on is the X user Michael van de Poppe. He claimed that DOT has already 'bottomed,' especially since the introduction of the JAM whitepaper in April. Recall that the team behind Polkadot released the Join-Accumulate Machine (JAM) Gray Paper nearly a month ago. The upgrade combines elements of Polkadot and Ethereum and 'provides a global singleton permissionless object environment.' Another analyst envisioning a bright future for DOT is Block Diversity. They suggested that the token's valuation could surge to $9, $11, and eventually $13 once it clears the major resistance level of $6.90. DOT's price has hovered around that line for the past several hours, which has become a major roadblock on its upward trajectory. Additional DOT Forecasts Other crypto enthusiasts touching upon the asset ... read More

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Poised for Rally with Anticipated US Interest Rate C...

    Bitcoin is likely to remain within the current trading range until a more favorable macroeconomic environment arises. Taking into account the current market conditions, such as profit margins, leverage, and the distribution of coin ages, the landscape suggests a more expressive rally within this cycle. The target for CryptoQuant's analyst stands at around the anticipated first US interest rate cut in September. Bitcoin Trading Lacks Momentum Over the past couple of months, Bitcoin has been trading without much upward or downward movement. In the past, the world's leading cryptocurrency's most significant growth periods were linked to substantial increases in the global money supply (M2), indicating times of ample liquidity and high investor risk appetite. These periods usually witnessed a flood of new capital into the market, often ending with peaks driven by retail investors' fear of missing out (FOMO). Interestingly, this pattern hasn't emerged in the current cycle, as per CryptoQuant's analyst Gustavo Faria. Despite a slight rise in global liquidity in the past year, which benefited Bitcoin, the year-on-year change in M2 has returned to normal levels early this year. This change followed consistent inflation data in the US, which reduced market expectations for interest rate cuts from five to two in 2024. Potential for a More Expressive Rally There's a lack of any immediate signs indicating a surge in demand that could significantly drive prices up, as noted by the on-chai... read More

Why Bitcoin's Post-Halving Rally Is Certain, Analyst Explains

    Bitcoin experienced a price decline of 3.06% on Friday, falling as low as $60,372.36 based on data from CoinMarketCap. With the crypto market leader now in a consolidation phase, a trading analyst with X username Titan of Crypto has expressed resilient faith in Bitcoin’s ability to produce a post-halving price rally. Bitcoin Rise Inevitable, Analyst Pinpoints $150,000 Price Target In a series of X posts on Friday, Titan of Crypto shared some interesting bullish predictions on the Bitcoin market. Firstly, the analyst noted that amidst BTC’s price decline, the token’s price pattern on the daily timeframe had formed a bullish signal. Titan of Crypto referred to this signal as the bullish engulfing candle which occurs when a larger bullish candle completely emerges from the previous smaller bearish candle, thus indicating a potential reversal from a downtrend to an uptrend. Following these observations, the analyst also predicted Bitcoin to soon experience a massive post-halving price gain. Titan of Crypto described this forecast as “inevitable” citing data from Bitcoin’s price history. The crypto analyst said:  To understand the present you have to search in the past. And what the past is telling us is there is no occurrence of #BTC  not having a rally after the halving. Titan of Crypto also acknowledged that short-term price movements may be “confusing” however he expects BTC to maintain an upward trajectory in the lon... read More

Litecoin Price Prediction: LTC Could Rally If It Clears This Barrier

    Litecoin price is recovering higher from the $75.00 zone against the US Dollar. LTC could continue to rise if it clears the $84.00 resistance zone. Litecoin is showing positive signs from the $75 support zone against the US Dollar. The price is now trading below $85 and the 100 simple moving average (4 hours). There is a key bearish trend line forming with resistance at $83.00 on the 4-hour chart of the LTC/USD pair (data feed from Kraken). The price could gain bullish momentum if it clears the $83-$84 resistance zone. Litecoin Price Aims Higher After a steady decline, Litecoin found support near the $75.00 resistance zone, like Bitcoin and Ethereum. LTC price started a recovery wave above the $78.00 and $80.00 resistance levels. It even cleared the 50% Fib retracement level of the downward move from the $88.49 swing high to the $74.59 low. The bulls even pumped the price above $82.00, but the bears were active near the 100 simple moving average (4 hours). There is also a key bearish trend line forming with resistance at $83.00 on the 4-hour chart of the LTC/USD pair. Litecoin is now trading below $85 and the 100 simple moving average (4 hours). On the upside, immediate resistance is near the $83.00 zone or the 61.8% Fib retracement level of the downward move from the $88.49 swing high to the $74.59 low. The next major resistance is near the $84 level. If there is a clear break above the $84 resistance, the price could start another strong increase. Source: LTCUSD on Tradin... read More

Dogecoin Price Prediction: Is a Massive DOGE Price Rally in the Making?

    TL;DR DOGE spikes approximately 15% weekly, nearing $0.17, as analysts predict a bullish trajectory fueled by breaking multi-year resistance and increased transaction volume. Some foresee DOGE's potential to reach $1, drawing parallels to previous price corrections followed by significant surges. DOGE Enters a New Bullish Trend? The revival of the cryptocurrency market has been more than evident in the past few days, with Bitcoin (BTC) reclaiming the $64,000 mark and Ethereum (ETH) climbing above $3,100. However, one digital asset witnessed even more impressive gains, and that is Dogecoin (DOGE). The price of the biggest meme coin by market capitalization is up approximately 15% on a weekly scale, inching towards $0.17. DOGE Price, Source: CoinGecko According to many analysts, the latest pump has established a predominantly bullish environment for DOGE, meaning its value could rise much more substantially in the following months. One person to support that thesis is the X user Rekt Capital. The trader, who has almost half a million followers on the social media platform, claimed that Dogecoin 'flipped a multi-year resistance into new support,' resulting in a 'new Macro Uptrend.' Crypto Catalysts was even more bullish, highlighting the meme coin's increased daily transaction volume, 'reclaiming weekly level,' and other positive factors. The X user assumed that DOGE's path to the milestone of $1 is clear.&... read More

Bitcoin Back Above $63,000: Will FOMO Fuel Another Rally Or Lead To A Bu...

    The Bitcoin price made a strong comeback on Friday after witnessing a significant amount of bearish pressure throughout the past week. On Wednesday, May 1, the premier cryptocurrency fell below the $60,000 mark for the first time in almost two months. On Friday, May 3, the price of BTC recovered above the $60,000 level, going as high as $63,000 in the past day. However, the question is - can the Bitcoin price enjoy a sustained rally following this latest resurgence? How Long Will The BTC Price Rally Last? In a recent post on the X platform, Santiment pointed to a shift in investors’ position and sentiment on the Bitcoin price following the recent surge above $62,000. According to the on-chain analytics site, traders on the Binance platform are “going from liquidated shorts to longs” after the latest price increase. While this shift in sentiment might signal renewed optimism in the premier cryptocurrency, Santiment sounded a warning bell for enthusiasts watching the Bitcoin price and looking to get into the market. The blockchain firm said in its post:  For the rally to continue, we don't want to see FOMO rising too much higher than what it appears to be now. FOMO, or “fear of missing out,” is a phenomenon where investors hastily purchase in-demand assets out of fear of missing out on potential gains. While it can drive the asset to a higher price in the short term, excessive FOMO often results in unsustainable bullish trends and subsequen... read More

Ethereum Price Could Rally If It's Able To Reclaims The 100 SMA

    Ethereum price started a recovery wave from the $2,820 zone. ETH is rising and now facing a major hurdle near the 100-hourly simple moving average. Ethereum found support at $2,820 and started a recovery wave. The price is trading below $3,050 and the 100-hourly Simple Moving Average. There was a break above a key bearish trend line with resistance at $3,000 on the hourly chart of ETH/USD (data feed via Kraken). The pair could start a fresh decline if it fails to clear the $3,050 resistance. Ethereum Price Faces Key Hurdle Ethereum price extended losses below the $3,000 level, like Bitcoin. ETH even tested the $2,820 support zone. A low was formed at $2,813 and the price started a recovery wave. There was a decent move above the $2,880 and $2,950 resistance levels. The price cleared the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the downward move from the $3,355 swing high to the $2,813 low. Besides, there was a break above a key bearish trend line with resistance at $3,000 on the hourly chart of ETH/USD. However, the bears are active near the 100-hourly Simple Moving Average. Ethereum is now trading below $3,030 and the 100-hourly Simple Moving Average. Immediate resistance is near the $3,030 level. The first major resistance is near the $3,050 level. The next key resistance sits at $3,085 or the 50% Fib retracement level of the downward move from the $3,355 swing high to the $2,813 low, above which the price might gain traction and rise toward the $3,150 level. Source: ETHUSD on Trad... read More

Bitcoin's Make-Or-Break Moment: Trading Guru Predicts Rally Amid Market ...

    Seasoned trader Peter Brandt has reignited discussions with a bullish Bitcoin forecast that could see the premier cryptocurrency soar to new heights. Amid skepticism and divergent market opinions, Brandt's projection places Bitcoin on a potential path to reclaim its all-time high near $74,000. Brandt's Bullish Bitcoin Vision Peter Brandt, synonymous with market foresight, recently outlined a scenario where Bitcoin could experience a significant rally. His analysis, shared via a social media post on X with a BTC analyzed chart, suggests Bitcoin's recent price movements align with patterns historically indicative of a bull market's continuation. Despite the market's recent downturns, Brandt's projection points towards a potential surge to $74,000, a figure mirroring Bitcoin's peak valuation. While Brandt's optimistic outlook for Bitcoin has garnered attention, it also faces scrutiny from parts of the crypto community. Critics point to his past predictions, including significant downturns and peak valuations, as a reason for caution. Bruh was writing articles about Bitcoin Top and now saying it's a correction. Come on man, Choose a side. — Sial (@aftabsial8) May 2, 2024 In response, Brandt emphasizes the critical role of adaptability in trading, noting: I can tell you know that you will end up losing all your capital. I've supported myself by trading for 50 years and know that successful traders have and execute the ability to be flexible. I'll welcome your money. Split ... read More

Crypto Analyst Predicts 244% Shiba Inu Rally Based On Bull Flag

    An analyst explained how Shiba Inu could be heading towards a massive rally based on a bull flag pattern that forms in its daily chart. Shiba Inu Has Been Consolidating Inside A Bull Flag Recently In a new post on X, analyst Ali has discussed about a bull flag that has recently appeared in the daily price of Shiba Inu. The bull flag is a pattern in technical analysis (TA) that, as its name suggests, is shaped like a flag on a pole. The pattern forms when an uptrend is followed by a period of consolidation inside a parallel channel toward the downward direction. The starting uptrend makes up for the pole, while the channel acts as the flag. Like other TA patterns, the consolidation channel or flag here comprises two parallel lines. The upper level connects the price tops, while the lower one joins the bottoms. When the asset retests either of these levels, it's probable to undergo a reversal, with the upper line of the channel acting as a point of resistance and the lower one as support. A break above the resistance line is considered a bullish signal for the price. The uptrend resulting from such a break may be the same length as the flag's pole. On the other hand, a drop below the flag (that is, a breakdown of support) invalidates the formation and may even suggest the takeover of bearish momentum for the asset. Similar to the bull flag, there is also the bear flag in TA, which works much in the same way, except that it occurs during a downtrend (with the flag signifying co... read More

Ethereum Flashes Bullish Signals, Can It Rally 50% From Here?

    The second-largest crypto token by market cap, Ethereum (ETH), finally showed some form of life as it rose to $3,300 over the weekend. This move is believed to be the beginning of a trend reversal for the crypto token, which has several bullish signals on its chart.  Ethereum Has A Bullish Chart Crypto analyst Derek revealed in an X (formerly Twitter) post that the signals on Ethereum’s Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD) indicator “seem to have ended the decline and changed upward direction.” He also highlighted the Ethereum Dominance chart, which has confirmed three bottoms and gave a strong rebound.  The analyst explained that “leading a rebound after confirming the bottom three times means that further decline is unnecessary, and there is a high possibility that there is no intention to do so.” Interestingly, the analyst drew attention to the fact that Ethereum has experienced this price rebound without volume.  This phenomenon occurs when individual investors are more active than institutional ones who are more cautious during this period. This instantly brings recent buys by Ethereum whales like Justin Sun into the picture, as they have contributed significantly to Ethereum’s recent resurgence.  NewsBTC recently reported that a wallet believed to belong to the TRON founder recently bought $405 million worth of Ethereum. This wallet and another suspected to belong to Sun have accumulated $891 million wor... read More

This Shibarum Metric Spikes by 150%: SHIB Price Rally in the Making?

    TL;DR Shibarium experienced a significant transaction increase and announced upcoming upgrades to improve user experience and processing times. Despite these advancements and a notable spike in the SHIB token burn rate, Shiba Inu's price has fallen by 14% in a week. Shibarium's Latest Advancements Shiba Inu's layer-2 blockchain solution - Shibarium - witnessed a substantial resurgence today (April 29), with daily transactions crossing the 12,000 mark. This represents a 150% increase compared to the 5,000 recorded the day before. Despite the spike, the number of daily transactions is far from the peak in mid-April when the figure skyrocketed to almost one million. Shibarium was recently in the spotlight due to two important upgrades related to its ecosystem. Earlier this month, the team behind the L2 solution launched a new user interface (UI) update, describing it as 'faster, smoother, and more accessible than ever.' Its main purpose is to maximize compatibility with popular self-custody wallets such as MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, and Trust Wallet.  Last week, the developers announced that another upgrade is due on May 2 through a 'hard fork.' The upcoming advancement aims to enhance user experience, implement quicker block processing times, and empower the community of developers and innovators. 'We are also smoothing out transaction fee variations during high traffic times, making costs more predictable ... read More

Is Bitcoin's Rally Over? Leverage Drops As Halving Highs Fade: Report

    Recent trends in the crypto market have indicated a notable shift in trader behavior, particularly among those investing in Bitcoin. Using data from CryptoQuant, Bloomberg has revealed that the Bitcoin funding rate—the cost for traders to open long positions in Bitcoin’s perpetual futures—has turned negative for the first time since October 2023. This change suggests a 'cooling interest' in leveraging bullish bets on Bitcoin, coinciding with the fading impact of major market drivers. Bitcoin Market Dynamics Post-Halving The decline in Bitcoin’s funding rate correlates with a reduction in net inflows to US spot Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), which previously pushed the cryptocurrency to record highs. Despite the anticipation surrounding the Bitcoin Halving—an event reducing the reward for mining new blocks and theoretically lessening the supply of new coins—the price impact has been surprisingly muted. According to Bloomberg, this subdued response has compounded the effects of broader economic factors, such as geopolitical tensions and changes in monetary policy expectations, leading to increased risk aversion among investors. Following the latest Bitcoin halving, the market has not seen the bullish surge many expected. Instead, Bitcoin has only seen a correction of over 10%, from its all-time high (ATH) in March with prices stabilizing in the $63,000 region, at the time of writing. As CryptoQuant's Head of Research Julio Moreno po... read More

Viral Slothana DEX Launch Upcoming, Pepe Rally Slows Down

    Pepe and Bonk grabbed the spotlight this week with wild strides on the price chart. Tokens like Dogwifhat and Cat in a Dogs world followed suit. But the rally seems to have come to a halt for high-cap meme coins. The attention is now on Slothana and Dogeverse. These new meme coins have raised $15M and $10M in their presales in a brief time. With Slothana’s presale sell-out just three days away, there is a significant shift in the market. $15M+ Presale and 25K Twitter Followers: The Slothana Movement is Gaining Strength The Slothana (SLOTH) presale was launched in March. In just a few days, it became a phenomenon. The presale burst past its $10M target in a flash as investors continued to pour money into the new trend. One SOL gets investors 10,000 SLOTH in the presale stage. As of now, the presale has amassed $15M+ funds and the meme coin has a community of 25K followers on Twitter. The numbers are growing by the minute. There are many meme coin communities on Twitter with fake followers and paid reach. But Slothana boasts genuine engagement. The rapid organic growth of the platform mirrors that of Shiba Inu and Pepe in their early stages. Why Slothana Has Become a Viral Meme Coin Phenomenon? Slothana’s success lies in its originality. The meme coin market can be best described as a market of knock-offs. There are more dogs and cats and frogs than one can keep track of. What distinguishes them? Very little. Most meme coins are launched with the goal to ride flee... read More

Ethereum Price Holds Support – Why ETH Could Soon Rally 5%

    Ethereum price is holding gains above the $3,120 resistance zone. ETH could soon rally if it clears the $3,280 resistance zone. Ethereum extended its increase above the $3,220 resistance zone. The price is trading above $3,165 and the 100-hourly Simple Moving Average. There is a key bullish trend line forming with support at $3,170 on the hourly chart of ETH/USD (data feed via Kraken). The pair could continue to move up if it clears the $3,280 resistance zone. Ethereum Price Aims Higher Ethereum price remained in a positive zone above the $3,000 level, like Bitcoin. ETH extended its increase above the $3,150 and $3,165 resistance levels. It even spiked above the $3,250 resistance. It traded to a new weekly high at $3,263 and recently corrected lower. There was a minor decline below the $3,220 level. Ether dipped below the 50% Fib retracement level of the recent wave from the $3,154 swing low to the $3,263 high. However, the bulls were active above the $3,200 level. The 61.8% Fib retracement level of the recent wave from the $3,154 swing low to the $3,263 high acted as a support. Ethereum is now trading above $3,200 and the 100-hourly Simple Moving Average. There is also a key bullish trend line forming with support at $3,170 on the hourly chart of ETH/USD. Immediate resistance is near the $3,250 level. The first major resistance is near the $3,280 level. Source: ETHUSD on The next key resistance sits at $3,350, above which the price might gain traction and r... read More

Is Bitcoin Ready to Rally Again or is Another Drop to $60K Coming? (BTC ...

    Bitcoin’s price has been consolidating over the last few weeks after a failure to break above the $75K mark. Yet, things might be about to change. Bitcoin Price Analysis: Technicals By TradingRage The Daily Chart On the daily chart, the price is still trapped between the $60K and $68K levels, failing to break out to either side. That said, during the past few days, the bulls have made considerable progress and have been able to push the BTC price closer to $68K. A breakout above the $68K level might likely induce a continuation. On the other hand, a breakdown of the $60K level can be catastrophic, as the price can drop as low as $52K in a short period. Source: TradingView The 4-Hour Chart Looking at the 4-hour chart, the price structure shifted after retesting the $60K support zone. The market is making higher highs and lows, pushing toward the $68K resistance level. The Relative Strength Index has also risen above the 50% threshold, indicating that the momentum is also in favor of a rally toward $68K in the short term. Source: TradingView On-Chain Analysis By TradingRage Bitcoin Miner Outflow While Bitcoin’s price is showing some signs of recovery, market participants are wondering whether the bull market will continue. Some might even be searching for the reason why the price rally stopped at $75K. This chart can give some answers. It shows the 30-day moving average of the Bitcoin miner outflow metric, which measures the number of transactions sent from Bitcoin ... read More

Analyst Predicts Cardano (ADA) To Rally By 75% As MVRV Ratio Plummets

    In recent weeks, ADA, the native token of the Cardano network. has drawn much speculation due to a rather turbulent price performance resulting in a decline of 18.77% in the past month. This negative price movement is similar to the majority of the cryptocurrency market following unprecedented massive dips in the price of Bitcoin.  However, despite ADA’s troubles, popular crypto analyst Ali Martinez is backing the coin to pull off a remarkable rebound. Interestingly, Martinez’s prediction comes as the digital asset attempts to find its feet, gaining by 9.92% in the last day, according to data from CoinMarketCap. ADA Tipped To Hit $0.80, Record Yearly High In a post on X on April 19, Ali Martinez shared that ADA may soon record an impressive price surge. Martinez predicted the tenth largest cryptocurrency could soon record a 75% gain due to its MVRV Ratio being lower than -22%. For context, the Market Value to Realized Value (MVRV) ratio is a metric used in crypto technical analysis to assess the valuation of a digital asset relative to its realized value. It is basically used to know if a token is overvalued or undervalued based on its market price compared to the average cost basis of its holders. The last time #Cardano's MVRV Ratio dipped below -22%, $ADA's price soared by over 75%. With the #ADA MVRV Ratio back under -22%, we could see another impressive rebound! — Ali (@ali_charts) April 19, 2024   An MVR... read More

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