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iExec RLC  


RLC Price:
$5.3 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$90.3 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #RLC today is $1.25 USD.

The lowest RLC price for this period was $0, the highest was $1.25, and the current live price for one RLC coin is $1.24717.

The all-time high RLC coin price was $15.74.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of RLC with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for iExec RLC is #RLC.

iExec RLC is 5.5 years old.


The current market capitalization for iExec RLC is $90,273,527.

iExec RLC is ranking downwards to #222 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is big today for #RLC.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for iExec RLC is $5,288,646.


The circulating supply of RLC is 72,382,548 coins, which is 83% of the maximum coin supply.


RLC is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 2 other blockchains.

See list of the RLC Blockchain contracts with 3 different blockchains.


RLC is integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 17 crypto exchanges.

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iExec V7 — More Confidentiality. Better User Experience: New features integrated!

iExec V7 - More Confidentiality. Better User Experience: New features integrated! - After the release of the iExec V7 in December 2021, today, we are happy to announce the implementation of several new features to the tech stack! These new features improve both the performance of the stack and the user experience for developers building on iExec: introducing ‘Multi-secret’, ‘Task Feedback’, ‘Typescript’, ‘The Graph’. iExec V7 was released back in December 2021 which improved TEE task throughput and introduced other features such as Ethereum Name Service (ENS). Continuous improving the tech stack is important to iExec and over the past few months, the tech team has worked hard to implement some long-awaited new features for iExec builders. These new features improve the iExec marketplace in two ways: More powerful confidential computing solution. Create even more advanced confidential computing apps, managing multiple secrets, thanks to the new ‘Multi-Secret’ upgrade., Improved developer experience for iExec builders, thanks to 3 new features: ‘Task feedback’, ‘Typescript’, and ‘The Graph’., — Multi-Secret: Protect multiple secrets confidentiality during computation - ‘Multi-Secret’ is a long-awaited update to the iExec Confidential Computing Solution. In many cases, computations on iExec may require more than one piece of code or data that needs to remain secret. Until now, you cou...

iExec Oracle Factory Migration: how to migrate your oracles to the new production chain (iExec…

iExec Oracle Factory Migration: how to migrate your oracles to the new production chain (iExec Sidechain) - — iExec Oracle Factory is a developer interface for creating custom oracles from any kind of data in 5 minutes. The product was Initially deployed on a testnet blockchain. The iExec Oracle Factory is now being deployed on the iExec Sidechain, to allow people to use their oracles in their apps deployed on the sidechain. If you have created oracles using the iExec Oracle Factory and want to keep them, there are a few steps to follow to migrate them to the iExec Sidechain.. — ℹ️🚨Important: The iExec Oracle Factory is evolving. The Sidechain Testnet will be closed to the public on October 14, 2022. To avoid losing your oracles, migrate them to the ‘iExec Sidechain’ production network before this date. It can be done in a couple of clicks. — The iExec Oracle Factory now runs on the iExec Sidechain - Back in October 2021, the iExec Oracle Factory was launched. This product interface can be used to create custom oracles from any kind of data, in less than 5 minutes, directly from a browser, using only the API URL and key! For those who need a quick refresher, oracles are bridges that transmit data from the real world (the Web 2.0 Internet) to the blockchain. The iExec Oracle Factory addresses the need for custom oracles, allowing developers to easily build an oracle from the exact data required for...

Earn tokens by building within the iExec Ecosystem — New Developer Bounties (Season 2)

Earn tokens by building within the iExec Ecosystem — New Developer Bounties (Season 2) Around one year ago, iExec published its first round of bounties, rewarding developers who built within the iExec ecosystem. iExec is now happy to announce that a new batch of bounties are now available and ready to claim. These new bounties mostly focus on ‘tooling’ to improve user/dev experience in the iExec ecosystem. There are 8 new bounties, with a total of around $30k in RLC tokens to earn.💰 Claim a bounty, deliver, get paid in RLC tokens Bounties are a chance for developers to earn rewards for delivering pre-defined material. Deliverables can consist of code for an application, a user interface, tooling, dashboards, improvement proposals… anything that adds value to the iExec ecosystem. When deliverables are successfully met within the specified deadline, iExec pays out rewards in RLC tokens. In return, iExec gets its technical stack in the hands of a new developer audience, increased awareness for its use cases, and general enrichment of its ecosystem. Bounties and grants are rewards that we offer as part of our Developer Program, to support developers who want to discover the opportunities made possible by the iExec protocol.🔨 Build an app or deliver tooling to improve user experience on iExec Last year, iExec has a successful first round of bounties. Developers delivered apps that used the iExec Oracle Factory...

EthCC 2022 — Personal Data, NFTs, and iExec Confidential Computing: an early product prototype

EthCC 2022 — Personal Data, NFTs, and iExec Confidential Computing: an early product prototype Discovering the latest updates while eating croissants with the Ethereum development community? That’s EthCC! The team has been a sponsor of the EthCC event every year since their first edition, each year presenting our latest milestones on the main stage. 2022 was no different. iExec CEO Gilles Fedak gave an exclusive sneak peek at an early product prototype: a personal data wallet that mints NFTs from personal data, which can be used to identify users within decentralized applications while retaining total governance and confidentiality.Today, you need to share your personal data to access a service Before introducing our work on this prototype, let’s face a fact. Today, there is a sense of obligation to share personal data to access or use Web2 services or applications. If you’re not willing to share your email or phone number, chances are that you can’t use any Web2 applications. Even after you’ve handed over your personal data, you can’t be sure exactly where your data goes or how it is used. On the contrary, Blockchain and Web3 offer users the opportunity to regain control over their personal data. That’s why iExec is building a personal data wallet that could change the way users’ personal data is used and shared within applications.Tomorrow, keep confidentiality of your personal data while identifying ...

ONTOCHAIN Open Call 3: Apply for €119.5k+ of funding to develop your blockchain & Web3 project

iExec has been a core partner of the EU project ONTOCHAIN since its launch back in 2020. After Open Call 1 in 2020 and as Open Call 2 ending, it is now time for Open Call 3 to start. This last call of the ONTOCHAIN project will offer grants up to 119.500€, in addition to free coaching and access to infrastructure. Applications are open until the 25th of July 2022. By now, we guess that you are all aware of the European ONTOCHAIN project, which aims to develop an ecosystem for trusted, traceable, and transparent ontological knowledge management. For that, ONTOCHAIN offers a 10-month supporting program for the selected projects. As one of the scientific partners and advisors, iExec provides mentoring and support for its technical stack to projects in the ONTOCHAIN ecosystem.What is Open Call 3 about? For context, we’ll look back at ONTOCHAIN’s first phase ‘Open Call 1’. Projects accepted for this initial phase were focused on producing functional and technical specifications for the framework. Then, Open Call 2 was about building the components of the ONTOCHAIN framework, guided by real use-cases and results produced during the first year. The goal of the current Open Call 3, based on the results of the first two calls, is to implement real-world technical solutions and business applications contributing to a sustainable and democratic ecosystem. — Through Open Call 3, ONTOCHAIN will select:. — Up to 3 p...

Introducing the iExec Community Ambassador Program

Earlier this year, iExec launched the Community Rewards program. We distributed monthly rewards to those community members who contributed to community growth. This was our way of encouraging the community to become more integrated with iExec. Today we’re pleased to announce the next step.Introducing the iExec Ambassador Program Today we are delighted to announce the iExec Ambassador Program. This is the natural evolution of our existing Community Rewards Program. Over the past few months, several community members have proactively gone above and beyond their duties by offering timely, consistent, and beneficial contributions to the project. For this, we are delighted to welcome them as official iExec Community Ambassadors. Why is this bullish for the iExec project? Ambassadors will be essential to the growth of iExec, and for promoting overall awareness of our technology. The community has often asked, “When marketing?” The answer is: “Now.” — Community Ambassadors will serve as an extended marketing arm, spreading awareness by creating content, engaging in outreach, and engaging in discussions. In the few short months since Community Rewards launched, these Ambassadors have already shown how influential they can be. They’ve increased our online presence by creating memes, gifs, and videos. These efforts have landed us top spots on LunarCrush, a social intelligence platform measuring the intersection of cr...

Team Interview: iExec COO Johan Moonen on Commercialization of the Marketplace

Johan Moonen is a busy man. Besides having the best last name in crypto (one which wasn’t the determining factor of why he was hired, but it didn’t hurt), he’s busy building out with the team the new comprehensive strategy for iExec. We sat down with the new COO to hear his vision for iExec. Q: Congrats again, Johan, on being named COO. A: Thank you, it’s a pleasure to be here. Q: Let’s get right into it. Our community is excited about your prior experience (at Amazon & Groupon). How are you using this in your new role? A: I’m drawing upon my retail experience to get our marketplace off the ground. I’ve spent the last few months taking a diagnostic of the company: what’s going on, what are the gaps, what do we need for iExec to take off even better, and how do we bring iExec’s technology faster to commercialization. We’ve made this great discovery, and our next adventure is turning it into an operational reality. We have a fabulous tech stack, that is incredibly powerful, and deserves to be commercialized. We’ve started bringing out products, built on top of the tech stack (like the iExec Oracle Factory), but we haven’t started commercializing yet. Q: We’ve heard you mention “commercialization” a few times in internal meetings. What are some common questions we’re trying to answer around commercialization? A: **Laughter** I mean, there are a lot of questions. We have this really cool mar...

iExec to provide pilot infrastructure for ONTOCHAIN

iExec to provide Pilot Infrastructure for ONTOCHAIN Following the ONTOCHAIN Summit held at the beginning of June, iExec is happy to further its involvement with this European Commission project, announcing that the iExec Sidechain will serve as the main blockchain used by ONTOCHAIN. Projects funded by ONTOCHAIN will use the iExec Sidechain to run on. This pilot will initially last for one year. In addition, iExec will also be taking the first steps towards decentralizing its Sidechain by adding 3 founding partners of ONTOCHAIN as validators: the Faculty of Computer & Information Science from the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), the Athens University of Economics and Business (Greece), and the company IntelliSemantic (Italy). ONTOCHAIN is an EU-funded project whose aim is to support the development of a software ecosystem for trusted, traceable and transparent ontological knowledge management, also referred to as the ‘Next Generation Internet’ (NGI). For that, ONTOCHAIN offers funds, coaching, visibility, and access to infrastructures. iExec has been a core partner of ONTOCHAIN since the latter launched in 2020. iExec is involved in the project selection process and provides projects with expert consulting as well as access to the iExec technical stack. One example of a project born out of ONTOCHAIN, is one you might be familiar with: KnowledgeX, which uses the iExec marketplace as its core technology.The iExec Sidec...

Community Rewards April & Upcoming Changes to the Program

The Winners It is our pleasure to announce the Community Rewards Program winners for April: Cryptosalaam (150 RLC Tokens) and Methanon (850 RLC Tokens). Cryptosalaam has been a great addition to our community. He’s been extremely active in a short amount of time and shows a lot of promise as a long-term contributor. Check out his work on Twitter: @trendermanrepor And Methanon? What can we say that hasn’t already been said? He was responsible for single-handedly making iExec ‘RLC’ go viral with the Really Long Corgi meme. We already gave him a reward when this program launched, but realistically — he should have been awarded more for his work during November and December of 2021, and we’d like to make that right. The Future of the Community Rewards Program And now, the exciting news. Since we released iExec Community Rewards as a beta version a few months ago, the program has been a resounding success. In a few short months, we’ve had a ton of community members step up, amplify the iExec message, and claim their rewards. We didn’t expect to see so much interest, going above and beyond our expectations. And that’s why we’re making the iExec Community Rewards program even better. We’ve taken your feedback on how we can evolve the program, allocating more resources to the rewards. Over the next few weeks, the iExec team will be announcing more ways for you to get involved, more ways to spread our mes...

Project Update April 2022 (Part 2): Research Projects, RLC Exchange Listings, Events, Incentive…

Project Update April 2022 (Part 2): Research Projects, RLC Exchange Listings, Events, Incentive Programs This project update for April 2022 continues on from Part 1, so if you haven’t already read it, you can do so here: Project Update April 2022 (Part 1): Web3, Enterprise, Tech Developments, Products Part 2 of April’s project update will introduce some new collaborators iExec is working with as part of ongoing research projects. We’ll also touch base on a few other important topics such as community, incentive programs, events, RLC token exchange listing and website updates.Ongoing Research Programs and Activities With the aim of exploring new areas for technological innovation, pushing iExec’s own tech stack to its limits, and collaborating with new partners, iExec’s research team continues to grow. This team will soon consist of three PhD students working on Federated Learning, market mechanisms, and Confidential Computing. While it is too early to talk about new projects, we are still actively contributing to European Projects ONTOCHAIN and DataCloud. An update on Ontochain The community hears a lot about ONTOCHAIN, so it’s worth explaining how it fits into the bigger picture for those who aren’t aware. ONTOCHAIN provides us with companies that can test the iExec solution. From the companies we’re working with now, we hope to get another KnowledgeX — that is, we hope to find another close partner th...


Coinbase Sued for Allegedly Selling 79 Unregistered Crypto Securities &m...

    A class-action lawsuit has been filed against the Nasdaq-listed cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase alleging that the platform lets customers trade 79 cryptocurrencies that are unregistered securities, including XRP, dogecoin (DOGE), and shiba inu (SHIB).Lawsuit Claims Coinbase Sold 79 Unregistered Crypto Securities to Customers A class-action lawsuit was filed last week against Coinbase Global Inc., Coinbase Inc., and CEO Brian Armstrong. Lead plaintiffs and Coinbase users Christopher Underwood, Louis Oberlander, and Henry Rodriguez allege that from Oct. 8, 2019, to the present, Coinbase let customers buy and sell 79 different cryptocurrencies without disclosing that they are in fact securities. The plaintiffs added that these crypto securities are not registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or any state regulators, and Coinbase is not registered as a securities exchange or a broker-dealer. The plaintiffs claim that 'Coinbase's sale of these tokens violates both federal and state law.' The class covers all persons or entities who transacted any of the 79 crypto tokens on Coinbase or the Coinbase Pro platform during the class period. Without registering these crypto assets with the SEC and state regulators, the plaintiffs said: Purchasers do not have access to the disclosures that accompany the issuances of traditional securities. Rather, investors receive - at most - only the so-called whitepapers, which describe the token, but do not satisfy the requi... read More

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