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Darwinia Network Native Token  


RING Price:
$421.1 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$2.3 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #RING today is $0.00506 USD.

The lowest RING price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00506, and the current live price for one RING coin is $0.00506000.

The all-time high RING coin price was $0.30.

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The code for Darwinia Network Native Token crypto currency is #RING.

Darwinia Network Native Token is 2.6 years old.


The current market capitalization for Darwinia Network Native Token is $2,276,238.

Darwinia Network Native Token is ranked #780, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is medium today for #RING.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Darwinia Network Native Token is $421,056.


The circulating supply of RING is 449,849,169 coins, which is 0% of the maximum coin supply.


RING is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


RING is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #RING, and you can view them on our RING disambiguation page.



Darwinia Highlight January | Monthly Recap

Protocol Updates - 1. Refactor to human readable account migration message. Human readable sign message by AurevoirXavier · Pull Request #195 · darwinia-network/darwinia-2.0 2. Upgrade Darwinia 2.0 substrate to polkadot-v0.9.33 . To `polkadot-v0.9.33` and some other changes by jiguantong · Pull Request #171 · darwinia-network/darwinia-2.0 3. Release Pangolin 2.0 network based on the state migration. Release Pangolin2 by AurevoirXavier · Pull Request #225 · darwinia-network/darwinia-2.0 — Darwinia Ecological Applications and Infrastructure Updates - 1. The merging of the Pangolin solochain and Pangolin parachain has resulted in the creation of Pangolin 2.0, a major achievement in the Polkadot ecosystem. This marks the first successful migration from account 32 to account 20 and the merging of solo-para data on the Polkadot ecosystem! 2. Implementing the staking feature for Darwinia 2.0. GitHub - darwinia-network/darwinia2.0-staking-ui 3. Designing the user interface and user experience for migrating to Darwinia 2.0 accounts, as well as implementing its functionality. GitHub - darwinia-network/darwinia2.0-account-migration-ui 4. Making Darwinia 2.0 javascript SDK. 5. Posted Darwinia 2.0 series of articles: First successfully merge of Substrate Solo-Chain and Polkadot Parachain., 6. 2022 Darwinia: Don’t miss the best moments! 7. Submitted a proposal to revise the inflation distribution rule in Crab 2...

2022 Darwinia: Don’t Miss The Best Moments!

As the crypto industry enters a downturn, the Darwinia community is focused on building a light client-based, universal cross-chain messaging network to enhance interoperability among multi-chains and ecosystems, thereby promoting the construction of hybrid cross-chain and cross-ecosystem networks. A heartfelt thank you to all the developers, researchers, contributors, community members, and everyone else who have played a vital role in driving the growth of Darwinia in 2022. As we approach 2023, let’s take a look back at some of the milestone achievements in Darwinia in 2022! — 👨‍💻 Protocol Progress - — 🧰 Light Client-Based Cross-Chain Messaging Protocol - Milestone Achievements Bridged the Darwinia 1.0 and the Ethereum via LCMP., Bridged the Darwinia 1.0 with the Crab 1.0 using LCMP., Introduced LCMP-XCMP Router, implementing cross-chain messaging between Other Parachains and Darwinia 1.0., As evidenced by the milestones achieved, Darwinia Light Client-Based Cross-Chain Messaging Protocol(LCMP) has the ability to successfully bridge cross-chain messages between substrate-based chains and even between substrate-based chains and EVM chains. This indicates that in 2023, we will be able to use LCMP to bring interoperability to more chains and ecosystems. Additionally, LCMP is designed to be a general-purpose protocol, meaning Darwinia made no assumptions about the application layer. The application...

First Successfully Merge Of Substrate Solo-Chain And Polkadot Parachain

Darwinia recently attempted to merge its solo Substrate-based chain and its Polkadot while preserving the paraId of the parachain. Prior to the merge, Darwinia had two separate chains: the solo Darwinia Chain and the Darwinia Parachain which run on the Polkadot Relay Chain. The virtual chain Darwinia Smart Chain as an evm module is not considered in this scenario. After the merge, Darwinia will have a single chain called Darwinia 2.0. — Why Darwinia Does This - Prior to the launch of the Polkadot Relay Chain, Darwinia operated its solo blockchain called the Darwinia Chain. After winning a slot in the Polkadot parachain auction, Darwinia launched the Darwinia Parachain on the Polkadot network. To make the two blockchains work together, Darwinia creates a substrate-to-substrate cross-chain messaging channel between them. At the time, if Darwinia only had one chain, it would have to migrate back and forth between solo and parachain mode whenever it lost and regained its parachain slot. To avoid this inconvenience, Darwinia decided to run both a solo chain and a parachain simultaneously, using its ability to connect two Substrate-based blockchains. The parachain is governed through remote governance from the solo chain. However, we have encountered some issues in practice. Firstly, the existence of two chains is confusing for users and hinders understanding of Darwinia. Secondly, it is a burden for the development team, ...

Darwinia Highlight December | Monthly Recap

Protocol Updates - 1. Developed parachain <> parachain bridge and tested testnet. 2. Redesigned and developed the staking system. darwinia-2.0/pallet/staking at main · darwinia-network/darwinia-2.0 3. Redesigned and developed the deposit system. darwinia-2.0/pallet/deposit at main · darwinia-network/darwinia-2.0 4. Darwinia 2.0 state processor. darwinia-2.0/tool/state-processor at main · darwinia-network/darwinia-2.0, darwinia-2.0/pallet/account-migration at main · darwinia-network/darwinia-2.0, 5. Prepare Darwinia 2.0 node. GitHub - darwinia-network/darwinia-2.0: Preparation for Darwinia 2.0 — Darwinia Ecological Applications and Infrastructure Updates - 1. December’s 7.5% CRAB + CKTON rewards from Crab Kusama Parachain Slot Auction have been delivered! 2. December’s Crab and Darwinia PLO NFT rewards have been distributed! 3. Posted Darwinia 2.0 series of articles: Darwinia 2.0 will unify address format and precision, Darwinia 2.0 staking mechanism adjustments, FAQs for Darwinia 2.0 staking mechanism adjustments, Darwinia 2.0 blockchain data migration, 4. Preparing Darwinia 2.0 staking UI/UX. 5. Preparing Darwinia 2.0 account migration UI/UX. 6. Start making Darwinia 2.0 javascript SDK. 7. Helix, an aggregator of strictly selected bridges, supports native token RING transfers from Darwinia Smart Chain to Crab Smart Chain. — Darwinia Community Events - 1. Darwinia hosted Kylin, a federated and...

Darwinia 2.0 Blockchain Data Migration

Principles Of Data Migration - — Keep The Ledger Consistent - The Darwinia 2.0 blockchain ledger will be identical to the Darwinia 1.0 ledger in every way. This means that neither the number of accounts nor the balances of the accounts will change as a result of this upgrade.💡 All balances will have 18 digits of precision in Darwinia 2.0. Therefore, the underlying raw balance of the Darwinia 1.0 substrate account will be 10⁹ larger than it previously was. The balance’s value will stay the same, nevertheless.💡 Due to Darwinia 2.0 not using an identical set of pallets from Darwinia 1.0, for example the Darwinia 1.0 consensus mechanism, some outdated data will be removed. These data does not affect the ledger. — Verifiable - Public access to data and the migration procedure is paramount, and will be available every step of the way during the merge. The source code will be posted on the GitHub repository, and freely available for inspection by anyone. The Darwinia 2.0 genesis file will be created based on Darwinia Chain and Darwinia Parachain, and will maintain a record of every state change that must eventually be transferred to Darwinia 2.0 at the specific time (block height). Darwinia 2.0’s genesis file will be made available early in the process, and all of the code will be open-source. — Migration Process - — Preparation Of Migration Tool - GitHub - darwinia-network/darwinia-2.0: Preparat...

FAQs For Darwinia 2.0 Staking Mechanism Adjustments

The recent publishing of the Darwinia 2.0 Staking Mechanism Adjustments article prompted a lively discussion in the community, and inquiries about specific aspects of the adjustments, which we will summarize and address below:1. “Why will the number of collators be reduced in Darwinia 2.0 compared to the number of validators in Darwinia 1.0?” In Darwinia 1.0, the Darwinia solo chain is independent, with its own consensus, which relies on validators and value at stake to guarantee the economic security of the system; and too few of those validators increase the degree to which the Darwinia Network is centralized. Darwinia 2.0, however, will be secured by the Polkadot Relay Chain validators, so will not require its own consensus model with value at stake. Instead, collators will maintain Darwinia 2.0 by aggregating transactions into parachain block candidates, and producing state transition proofs for Relay Chain validators based on those blocks. Unlike validators, collators do not secure the network. If a Darwinia 2.0 block is deemed invalid, it will be rejected by Relay Chain validators. As a result, a collators’ responsibility is significantly reduced. Actually, a single collator is sufficient for Darwinia 2.0 to function as a parachain, and while redundancy of collators is beneficial for reliability and stability, it does not result in increased performance, or enhance the security of the Polkadot network. Overall,...

Darwinia 2.0 Staking Mechanism Adjustments

Now that research is complete and community feedback is being taken into consideration, the new design of the staking mechanism is nearly finalized. — Why Make Adjustments? - The solo Darwinia Chain, to which the old staking mechanism belongs, will vanish after the merge according to the Darwinia 2.0 merge detailed in the previous article. The solo Darwinia Chain uses Nominated Proof-Of-Stake consensus (NPoS) to produce blocks and determine the active set of validators, which are chosen depending on their total amount at stake. After the merge, Darwinia 2.0 will exist only as a parachain protected by the shared security of the Polkadot Relay Chain, which will take over responsibility for block production and make Darwinia 2.0 validators redundant and unnecessary. Blocks on Darwinia 2.0 will instead be sequenced and transmitted to Relay Chain Validators by Collators, which do not rely on an independent method of consensus with value at stake, and therefore necessitates a change to the staking model. — Collators - The Darwinia 2.0 staking system’s most significant difference is that validators will start to drop off the network as collators join. The NPoS consensus model employed by Darwinia solo chain is unnecessarily complex for use on a parachain. Based on the stake in the network, collators will be chosen by Darwinia 2.0 to produce blocks and support block liveliness using a simplified Delegated Proof of Stak...

Darwinia Highlight November| Monthly Recap

Protocol Updates - 1. Darwinia 2.0 protocol updates (follow and participate in the development). — link 2. Design and implement the new parachain staking pallet and its precompile. 3. Design and implement the new deposit pallet and its precompile (extract the deposit part from the origin staking pallet). 4. Use assets pallet to manage KTON. 5. Use H160 as the native account id type. 6. Crab 1250 Runtime Upgrade. 7. Darwinia 1250 Runtime Upgrade. 8. Refactored bridger binaries to use unified libraries for s2s bridges, and refactor ETHv2 bridge. 9. Ethereum beacon light client follow APIs spec. — Darwinia Ecological Applications and Infrastructure Updates - 1. Crab Network has won the 59th Kusama Parachain Slot! It’s the second auction that Crab Network has won, and Crab didn’t crowdloan this time. 2. Darwinia and SnowSwap partnership to launch DEX for Darwinia Smart Chain! 3. November’s 7.5% CRAB + CKTON rewards from Crab Kusama Parachain Slot Auction have been delivered! 4. October & November’s Crab and Darwinia PLO NFT rewards have been distributed! 5. Posted Darwinia 2.0 series of articles: Darwinia 2.0 merge overview., Darwinia 2.0 will upgrade the staking module, which allows users to earn staking rewards via nominating collator., 6. Posted FAQs series of articles: How to understand the token symbol xWCRAB on Darwinia Smart Chain?, How does Darwinia understand cross-chain?, 7. Ledger App...

Darwinia 2.0 Will Unify Address Format And Precision

In the previous article, we gave an overview of the Darwinia chains merge. In this article, we will look at the unification of the address format and precision after the merge. — Address Format Unification - We learned from the previous article that Darwinia Chain, Darwinia Smart Chain and Darwinia Parachain will be merged. Of these chains, Darwinia Chain and Darwinia Parachain use the ss58 address format (ss58 address) while Darwinia Smart Chain uses the Ethereum-style H160 format (H160 address). After the merge, we will no longer need two different formats; they will be merged into a single H160 address. — Why Use An H160 Address? - Considering Darwinia ‘users’ are actually developers, we have decided to simplify their experience, and make it even easier to build cross-chain Dapps. Prior to the merge, the two address formats coexisted, with ss58 being inherited as the substrate framework’s default address format, and H160 address introduced later on in order to simplify Dapp development on the EVM smart contract platform. For a while, the two address formats were retained for forward compatibility, so Dapps could be developed using H160 addresses in the EVM, and the original on-chain functions using ss58 would not be affected. However, the coexistence of both address formats had some disadvantages. For example, an H160 address can be converted to an ss58 and easily reverted back to its original format, b...

Darwinia 2.0 Merge Overview

After publishing the article Darwinia 2.0 Will Upgrade Staking Module, we received some feedback from the community. In that article, we learned that the upgrade of the staking module stems from the merging of Darwinia chains. In this article, we will introduce the purpose of the merge, what will remain the same and what will change after the merge. — Why The Merge? - To reduce the complexity of the Darwinia Network. The Darwinia core network includes 6 chains: Darwinia Chain, Darwinia Smart Chain(also known as the EVM module of Darwinia Chain), Darwinia Parachain, Crab Chain, Crab Smart Chain, and Crab Parachain. The first three belong to the Darwinia Mainnet, and the latter three belong to the Darwinia Canary Network. The following figure shows the Darwinia Network infrastructure before the merge: This design was accepted at that time because the technology was immature, besides there would be many problems in the joining and quitting parachains. Therefore, Darwinia Network separated the responsibilities of the parachain from the solo chain(Darwinia Chain and Crab Chain) and worked independently. The parachain's governance is done through remote governance on the Darwinia Chain. This approach did solve the problem at the time. However, this confused many users, and also brought a lot misunderstandings to application developers. Not only that, but the six chains also slowed down the development progress of the ...


Outer Ring MMO to Launch Over 20M Randomized NFTs

    [PRESS RELEASE - Please Read Disclaimer] Outer Ring MMO is launching their NFT Lootboxes next June 29th. With this drop, more than 350.000 ERC-721 tokens will be minted, validating in-game assets such as weapons, armors or vehicles. But What is Outer Ring Doing Differently? The 180.000 Lootboxes on sale contain more than 20.000.000 randomized combinations of weapons. When future players open these vaults, they will start filling their inventory with riffles, snipers, blades… There are 13 different types, each with up to 14 combinable pieces. Each of these weapons has different Tiers, Rarities and Stats determined by the pieces that compose it. But the Lootboxes Launch will mint less than 5% of these weapons. Once the game is released, players must invest time collecting materials, completing missions and raising their skills to craft each of the pieces that compose the weapons. Attract and Empower Gamers - Breaking entry barriers and the fear of blockchain. - Let players craft their own NFTs - A Player Driven Economy The game is free to play and allows non-crypto gamers to enjoy its MMORPG gameplay without interacting with the Blockchain. Assets can be traded inside the game using EXO, (its soft in-game currency), or minted, to export them to external marketplaces and the Galactic Dex. All the assets (materials, weapons,armors…) are either generated as part of the gameplay or created by players. This is called a Player Driven Economy. Gamers will compete for re... read More

Privacy-Centric Monero Plans for July Hard Fork, Plans Include Ring Sign...

    According to a recent update on Monero's Github repository, the privacy-centric crypto network plans to hard fork in July, at block height 2,668,888. Monero is the largest privacy crypto asset in terms of market capitalization and during the last seven days, monero climbed 13.4% against the U.S. dollar.Monero Aims to Upgrade in July The development team behind the Monero (XMR) project has plans to upgrade the blockchain at some point in July, according to the Github-hosted version 15 'Network Upgrade Checklist #690.' Monero is an open-source distributed ledger with built-in privacy, as it obfuscates transactions by leveraging various techniques. The Monero network uses privacy techniques such as ring signatures, a cryptographic method, and zero-knowledge (ZK) proof called 'Bulletproofs,' stealth addresses, and it also utilizes an IP-obscuring scheme via the Dandelion++ protocol. Monero (XMR) is the largest privacy-centric crypto asset by market capitalization, which is $4.62 billion at the time of writing. The hard fork in July is the 15th software version as the blockchain has experienced a great number of upgrades since the network's inception in 2014. One of the main goals behind many of XMR's hard forks is to protect the network from application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) miners. Four years ago, a hard fork caused the privacy-centric network to split into four different protocols. Moreover, in mid-February XMR supporters were begging monero miners to boycott a min... read More

BetFury Launches New In-house Game – Ring

    [PRESS RELEASE - Please Read Disclaimer] BetFury, the leading crypto casino, constantly increases opportunities for players by developing new games and functionality. Now the platform releases a new In-house game – Ring – with festive events with a generous prize pool. BetFury has already produced 14 In-house games for any taste: Dice, Circle, Keno, Plinko, Limbo, Tower, and others. All of these games can be played by over 35 currencies and the internal BetFury token BFG. How to play: Place a bet with chosen color coefficients Wait for the result which depends on the sector of the circle In case of winning, the reward will be automatically accrued to your balance Main Rules: Choose the cryptocurrency ?here are several colors of coefficients Select the level of risk (low, medium or high) Choose the number of sectors (10, 20, 30, 40, 50) Place a bet and run the Ring Wait till the Ring stops Your winning depends on the dropped sector on the Ring In addition, you may use all the In-house settings to make your game as comfortable as it can be: fast mode, autoplay, hotkeys, animation on/off. Join Ring activities for amazing rewards Insta Ring Challenge - $300 in BFG Dates: April 7-10 Follow BetFury on Instagram Like, Share this post in stories Comment with any cosmic emoji 3 winners will share the prize! Cosmic Ring Success in Chat - 10 000 BFG Dates: April 7-10 Play Ring with Medium Risk Have a win in the green sector. Post the screenshot of this win in chat Wri... read More

The Wrejects' First NFT Drop Enters the Ring by Teaming With Polyg...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Please Read Disclaimer] Tag-teaming with Polygon’s efficient scaling solution Kansas, USA - March 31st, 2022 - Independent developer Boss Cannon today announced the premiere NFT drop for the project’s brand new blockchain-based arena card battle game, Wrejects, developed for mobile and desktop browsers. Available to buy via OpenSea Marketplace and, these Wrejects Series 1 NFTs are powered by Polygon’s efficient scaling solution attempting to offer lower gas fees and generate less than 1% of the carbon emission that it currently produces on the standard Ethereum blockchain. Watch the Wrejects trailer: The Wrejects Series 1 NFTs feature an assortment of different cards for players to throw into the arena and use to battle opponents. In this first NFT drop, be in with the chance of single-use item cards like ‘Blue Blorg Chewing Blorps’ - briefly increasing the dexterity and stamina of fighters - or pick up some unique warriors like Wrub - the deceptively intellectual monster with a taste for blood - or Corp Bot ‘BOT1B1014’ - an E-Soldier who might not be the smartest tool in the box but packs a punch in the Wrejects arena. “We’re very excited to have our Series 1 NFTs finally drop. Wrejects is a project close to our hearts and we think people will go wild for the gorgeous hand-designed cards we’ve created,” said Casey Copeland, CEO of Wrejects. “This is our first drop of four ... read More

Outer Ring MMO's IDO Raises 1.6M USDT in 24 Hours

    [PRESS RELEASE - Please Read Disclaimer] Outer Ring MMO has completed its fourth investment round raising 1.6M USDT in a record-breaking Initial Dex Offering. Their token, GQ, took off after TGE in PancakeSwap, having +15M$ in volume the first 24 hours. This sci-fi Play-to-Earn video game has been developed since 2018 and is planning to launch its Alpha Game in June 2022. The great expectation surrounding the game has allowed them to raise 6M USDT in private equity and 6M USDT in token allocation, after 3 years running on in-house investment under their core business, NexxyoLabs. To perform their IDO phase, Outer Ring MMO, closed partnerships with 11 launchpads: Metavpad, Gamezone, Bscpad, Seedify, InfinityPad, DaoStarter, Kommunitas, Brandpad, Gamespad, and Safelaunch. A total of 400.000.000 Galactic Quadrants(GQ), the game's governance token, were released into the market at a price of 0.004 USDT and 10 months linear vest. Arrive Into the Market Just after the Initial Dex Offering, on March 2nd and 3rd, the Outer Ring MMO opened its Token Generation Event in PanckeSwap. To do so, 500.000 USDT was provided to create a liquidity pool with 250.000 USDT and 50M GQs, at a price of 0.005 UDST. Allowing the trading of the currency in the market at an Initial Market Cap of 1.050.000 UDST. Expectations were high and the community answered the call. The pair raised up to a max price of 0,0255$ and positioned first in DEXTools BSC tracker. To encourage the use of the token, Outer Ring... read More

Outer Ring MMO Unveils Five Tech Demos Ahead of its IDO in March 2022

    [PRESS RELEASE - Please Read Disclaimer] Outer Ring, an exciting up-and-coming play-to-earn MMO, is eager to present its tech demo to the world. Players can access the game and its technology ahead of the upcoming Outer Ring IDO, slated for early March 2022. The Outer Ring team is pleased to showcase their technology through a series of five tech demos this week. Every demo will have a different theme to let players explore the many game modes found within the outer Ring metaverse. Launching the tech demo marks a crucial milestone for the highly anticipated Outer Ring MMO. Although a tech demo is neither a Beta nor Alpha demo, the prototype gives players a good idea of what they can expect from the game. It is not a complete version, but it shows the potential applications of Outer Ring and highlights the many possibilities that lie ahead. Moreover, a tech demo showcases the game's performance and visuals, two crucial aspects of any game offering on the market today. Interested users can download the different demos from the Outer Ring Discord server. All links will remain accessible until February 6th, after which they are removed from the Discord server again. However, players can continue to play the tech demo as long as they wish once they download the software to their computer. The tech demos have been downloaded over 1,700 times so far, confirming strong interest in the Outer Ring MMO. For those who miss out on these downloads, there will be future demos of Outer Ring... read More

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