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REVV Price:
$1.5 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$10.5 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #REVV today is $0.00821 USD.

The lowest REVV price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00821, and the current live price for one REVV coin is $0.00821389.

The all-time high REVV coin price was $0.64.

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The code for REVV crypto currency is also #REVV.

REVV is 3.7 years old.


The current market capitalization for REVV is $10,468,142.

REVV is ranked #690 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is big during the past 24 hours for #REVV.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for REVV is $1,514,276.


The circulating supply of REVV is 1,274,443,988 coins, which is 42% of the maximum coin supply.


REVV is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 2 other blockchains.

See list of the REVV Blockchain contracts with 3 different blockchains.


REVV is integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 13 crypto exchanges.

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Join the very first Animoca Brands title race weekend: MotoGP™ Gran Premio Animoca Brands de Aragón

Get your VIP pass for Aragon now!. — Greetings to all our racers and fans! It’s time to head to Spain, so if you are nearby, make sure to participate for your chance to win VIP experience at the MotoGP™ Gran Premio Animoca Brands de Aragón! This race weekend is extremely exciting for us as it will be the first ever race weekend where Animoca Brands will act as the title sponsor for MotoGP™. We would like to share this special time with you, so read on to find out how you can secure your VIP experience at the MotoGP™ Gran Premio Animoca Brands de Aragón through owning REVV Motorsport NFTs! — VIP Pass details. — First let’s elaborate a bit on what will be waiting for those lucky 5 winners who will be able to secure their two day VIP pass in MotoGP™ Gran Premio Animoca Brands de Aragón. — VIP Pass includes:. — THRILLING ENTERTAINMENT* Paddock Tour on Saturday and Sunday, Pit Lane Walk on Saturday and Sunday at scheduled times, VIP Raffle Prize: MotoGP™ Official Merchandising OR Pit Wall Experience, Bike Simulator, Expo-Show Bike, MotoGP™ World Champions Trophy Photo Opportunity, Meet & Greet/Q&A Session with MotoGP™ Championship riders, VIP Shuttle Shopping Experience, Official Programme, FINE GASTRONOMY Buffet breakfast served on Saturday and Sunday, Gourmet lunch served on Saturday and Sunday, Afternoon Temptations served at the buffet, Complimentary Bar. All d...

Introducing REVV Racing Car Specific Races

Maximize your racing potential with the right wheels. — Greetings to all our racers, we hope everyone has been well! As you may have noticed in the recent weeks we have introduced new types of races into REVV Racing, where the cars you have in your garage matter. While there will always be races with no limits as well, this new concept will be more prominent in the future and it’s a good time to make sure you are taking full advantage of your NFT ownership. — Rules for car specific races. — Unlike No Limit races, Car Specific Races have different entry requirements. From common models to top-class hyper cars, there will be a place and race for every car. Missing the required car? Not to worry, you can get one on OpenSea or ask a friend to generate a driver link for you. Keep in mind that each account can only compete in either player or driver leaderboard. If a car token is linked to more than one winning record, all of the records will be excluded from the rewards calculation. To understand this ruling better, here are a few possible scenarios: Player A has set a record with their car, then sold the car to another player B, Player B used the same car to race in the same event. When the event is over and the final results are in, since A and B’s records are set with the same car, both of them are not eligible for rewards., However, if A used another car to set a better record, so that the record creat...

REVV Motorsport: The Arrival of SHRD

In this post we will take excerpts SHRD Whitepaper, primarily highlighting the rewarded mechanics and utility for the SHRD token within REVV Racing. As well notes on supply management and emission.Introducing SHRD The Shard Token or SHRD, is a multi-experience, cross-blockchain fungible token for the REVV Motorsport ecosystem. SHRD exists to reward the act of play and engagement. Becoming the primary reward for participation in the REVV Motorsport ecosystem, and sitting below the REVV token in the wider economic model. SHRD use is experience or game specific, designed to ensure that the utility is relevant to the manner that it is earned: if you earn SHRD through play, its use will enhance your play experience. Although SHRD becomes the primary token of earn, REVV remains at the core of the REVV Motorsport ecosystem. The REVV token is the primary utility token for purchasing and entry to exclusive events and game content.SHRD Tokenomics: REVV Racing — Introducing REVV Racing. — REVV Racing is an arcade-simulation racing game, which is playable via web browser. It uses the Polygon blockchain for the game’s NFTs, which mostly exist as cars at current. The REVV token is required to access rewarded game events, and to purchase exclusive NFTs. — SHRD Earning System. — In REVV Racing, SHRD is earned based on distance driven. SHRD are earned by the mile, with each track having a set number of miles for a...

Get your REVV Racing SuperFarm and NFT.NYC cars now!

Key and voucher holders it’s time to get racing. — Greetings to all our racers! Firstly we would like to sincerely apologize to all SuperFarm Vouchers and NFT.NYC keys holders for the long wait. Due to some difficulties in obtaining lists of the winners, there has been a considerable delay, but we have not forgotten about you. Please read on how to get your cars now! — Eligible NFTs. — There are two types of cars waiting to be sent, the SuperFarm REVV Ambition and NFT.NYC REVV Aspire. If you have one of the following NFTs in your wallet you are eligible to redeem. — SuperFarm Car Voucher. — You can find these NFTs on OpenSea here:OpenSea SuperFarm Vouchers — NFT.NYC Keys. — You can find these NFTs on OpenSea here:OpenSea NFT.NYC Keys — How to redeem. — Once you have located the above items, it’s time to redeem. SuperFarm Vouchers: To redeem your SuperFarm vouchers simply send your SuperFarm Vouchers to the following wallet address by 10 August 10:00 a.m. (UTC).0x7799c0b5DDA2900433643031254E879a46e007bD NFT.NYC Keys: To redeem your NFT.NYC Keys, send your NFTs to the following wallet address by 10 August 10:00 a.m. (UTC).0x97A5c067d6721dFE65E10C171Ab64c947a72EB1C Once the redemption process has been completed and we have had time to validate the entries, cars will be airdropped directly to the sender wallets by 31 August 08:00 a.m. (UTC). And without further ...

Join REVV Motorsport, MotoGP™ Ignition and Torque Squad at the MotoGP™ Monster Energy British Grand…

Join REVV Motorsport, MotoGP™ Ignition and Torque Squad at the MotoGP™ Monster Energy British Grand Prix! — Get your VIP pass for Silverstone now!. — Greetings to all our racers and fans! Exciting news to those in the UK as we get ready for the MotoGP™ Monster Energy British Grand Prix! As many of you probably know, MotoGP™ recently announced Animoca Brands as the title sponsor for MotoGP™ Gran Premio de Aragón and Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix. We have more exciting news as we deepen our partnership, and would like to invite you to Silverstone! Read on to find out how you can secure your VIP experience at the MotoGP™ Monster Energy British Grand Prix through owning REVV Motorsport NFTs! — VIP Pass details. — First let’s elaborate a bit on what will be waiting for those lucky 38 winners who will be able to secure their one day VIP pass in MotoGP™ Monster Energy British Grand Prix! — VIP Pass includes:. — — THRILLING ENTERTAINMENT*. — Paddock Tour on Saturday and SundayPit Lane Walk on Saturday and Sunday at scheduled timesVIP Raffle Prize: MotoGP™ Official Merchandising / Pit Wall ExperienceBike SimulatorExpo-Show BikeMotoGP™ World Champions Trophy Photo OpportunityMeet & Greet/Q&A Session with MotoGP™ Championship ridersVIP Shuttle Shopping ExperienceOfficial Programme — FINE GASTRONOMY. — Buffet breakfast served on Saturday an...

Gecko Race 2.0 is here to bring you some lizard-like action!

Prepare your special wheels to participate. — Greetings to all our racers! Gecko Race 2.0 is here to bring you a full on racing spectacle filled with lizard-like action, so make sure to have your Gecko cars ready! In this new format the car you race will be the key and since everyone will have the same type of wheels underneath, your driving skills will be truly tested! — Gecko Race 2.0 Details. — The Gecko Race 2.0 will be divided into 3 racing sections and each section will have a reward pool of 60,000 REVV, with a total of 180,000 REVV available for the winners. Up to 500 players racing with correct Gecko themed cars will take home some REVV and your earnings will depend on how well you place in each race. As before, in each event there will be two leaderboards, one for self players and one for hired drivers, however, further details on prize distribution can be found below in this article. All you need to compete is some tokens and a REVV Racing car NFT, noting that in this Race prize pool will only be available to those who race with the correct CoinGecko themed car. You will be able to participate with other cars as well if you would like to, but prize pool distribution is limited. REVV Racing Gecko cars can be purchased on OpenSea:Gecko REVV AmbitionGeckoCon REVV BlurGeckoCon 2022 REVV Oji Each try lets you enter one race. Your total time for the race is recorded on the leaderboard. Tries cost ...

SuperPlastic is bringing you the Daze of Chunder at REVV Racing!

It’s time to hop onto that Hot Box Expre$$. — Put ur pedal to tha METAL! Start ur engines folks, cuz DAZE OF CHUNDER is HERE. Hella prizes and endless GLORY await the fastest (& slowest) racers who cross tha finish line. Get ready for the storm, cuz its CHUNDER & LIGHTNING. The WILDEST crypto sur-prizes are only a REVV Race away, may the best HUNK-a-JUNKs win. Racers to the starting line, if the lightning don’t get ya, the CHUNDER will. EAT DUST! 🏁 — Daze of Chunder Tournament deetz. — Daze of Chunder will be divided into 2 racing eventz, da Hot Box Expre$$ Pre-Game and da Finale; each event will reward you with different prizes. All racers will secure some $REVV with a chance to win some real life swag and exclusive NFTs, including a Supergucci NFT! There’s even crazy prizes for the Jankiest driverz : meme your way to a 69th or 420th place finish and take home a gold crown Royaltripz, or a Gucci Grail Bored Ape from 10KTF! As before, there will be two leaderboards, one for self players and one for hired drivers. More details on prize distribution can be found below. All you need to compete is some tokens and a REVV Racing car NFT, REVV Racing cars can be purchased on OpenSea. Each try lets you enter one race. Your total time for the race is recorded on the leaderboard. Tries cost 5 REVV each. Racing with your own Hot Box Expre$$ opens up an additional prize pool, so make sure you get you...

Race with Joey Logano at the Joey Logano Grand Prix!

Announcing the biggest REVV Racing spectacle so far!. — We hope you are all ready for some steaming racing action as it is time to jump into our 15 days long racing spectacle with Joey Logano! Joey Fest is the biggest event seen in REVV Racing to this day and players will get to race in a new super exciting track personally designed by real life race driver and a NASCAR champion Joey Logano! As always there is a big pool of REVV available, but this time you will also race for an exciting set of physical prizes, NFTs, fusion materials and even a VIP experience with Joey. Read on for more details! — Joey Fest Details. — The Joey Fest will be divided into 3 racing sections and each section will reward you with different prizes. Everyone racing will take home some REVV, but you also have a chance to get some Joey related swag, NFTs, and even win a VIP ticket to one NASCAR race of your choice, where you and your guest can meet with Joey Logano in person! As before, there will be two leaderboards, one for self players and one for hired drivers, however, further details on prize distribution can be found below in this article. All you need to compete is some tokens and a REVV Racing car NFT, REVV Racing cars can be purchased on OpenSea. Each try lets you enter one race. Your total time for the race is recorded on the leaderboard. Tries cost 5 REVV each. Each session will have its variable lap counts and altern...

Animoca Brands open sources Time Trial game mode

Animoca Brands and REVV Motorsport today announce that the Time Trial Mode has been made an open source project. Time Trial was a game mode in F1® Delta Time, developed by Animoca Brands, that proved very popular with strategically minded players due to the precise and highly competitive requirements involved in setting up and configuring successful racing entries. Time Trial was launched to the public on 30 March 2020, and was the very first project that granted utility for the REVV token launched in September 2020. Time Trial trailblazed play-to-earn gaming in the area of blockchain motorsports, delivering split-second competition to an eager player base for two years before the game closed down in March 2022. Holding true to the vision of Web3 and an open, sharing, collaborative and creative Internet, Animoca Brands has open sourced the source code of Time Trial, thus allowing others to build on top of this early work in the REVV Motorsport project. The Time Trial open source project can be viewed and accessed here: We look forward to seeing how builders, players, and fans of the REVV Motorsport ecosystem will use the Time Trial to create exciting and innovative new experiences. REVV Motorsport is an ecosystem of racing blockchain games by Animoca Brands powered by REVV, the token that serves as the primary currency of utility, purchase, and action for the ecosystem. REVV is des...

REVV Racing Security Update (April 2022)

Ever since the REVV Racing Alpha Inaugural Event back in August 2021, one of our goals was to make REVV Racing an accessible play-to-earn blockchain game, removing harsh entry barriers to play. Thousands of racers from all around the world compete for daily REVV prizes, through the ability to earn cars across social media and community campaigns. Unfortunately, this has attracted malicious actors who seek to exploit the system by cheating for higher ranks or creating multiple accounts to occupy more spots on the leaderboards. Over the past several weeks we have been investigating possible multi-accounting cases. As a result of the investigation, some of the accounts have either modified their race records to place higher up on the leaderboards or circumvented the systems we have in place to counter multi-accounting. These are considered forbidden activities, and actions have been taken by us to exclude such accounts from receiving prizes. What we’ve done so farWe actively analyze race data of all sessions: reviewing sector times, car settings and more, in order to discover any potential exploits.While offending accounts are still shown on the in-game leaderboards, we have adjusted the final reward payouts to reflect their removal from the reward system. Our next stepsA blacklist feature will be implemented, blocking blacklisted wallets from entering races. Once a wallet is being added to the blacklist, any pending rewards...


Animoca Brands and Lympo Partner With Play Magnus Group on Chess Blockch...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Tallinn, Estonia, 15th August 2022] Animoca Brands and its subsidiary Lympo, a leading global sports NFT ecosystem, announced today that they are developing Anichess in partnership with Play Magnus Group (PMG), a global leader in the chess industry that offers entertainment and e-learning services via its chess market brands. Anichess is a blockchain-based chess game with a play-and-earn ecosystem, and when it launches in 2023 it will merge the worlds of chess and GameFi to create superior gaming experiences. Play Magnus Group, founded by Magnus Carlsen in 2013, the same year he became a World Chess Champion, is focused on delivering the best online services and experiences to grow the number of chess players globally. With more than 60,000 monthly paying users, Play Magnus Group serves users worldwide and covers key areas of chess, including learning, playing, competing, coaching, and watching. Lympo, a seasoned expert in GameFi and Sports NFTs, will lead the development and launch of Anichess, a chess-inspired blockchain-based game. The partnership with Play Magnus Group enables Lympo to access over 30 chess grandmasters, including Magnus Carlsen, Jan-Krzysztof Duda, Liem Le, and others, to advise, monitor, and test Anichess as an immersive gaming experience for experienced and casual chess players, fans, and strategy game enthusiasts. The unique partnership will bring chess players to blockchain gaming and vice versa. Play Magnus Group will invite top ches... read More

Animoca Brands, Leading Blockchain Games Company, Becomes Lead Liberty G...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Please Read Disclaimer] LONDON - Animoca Brands, Hong Kong-based game software company and venture capitalist, has become Liberty Gaming’s primary investor. Liberty Gaming is a leading GameFi ecosystem comprising a gaming community, a play-to-earn gaming guild, as well as an NFT and token fund. The investment will help Liberty Gaming further develop its platform, ecosystem, and community, positioning them as an influential force within the GameFi community as a whole. Liberty Gaming is a gateway for gamers to access highly valued and often inaccessible NFTs required to partake in play-to-earn games. As a company dedicated to driving the evolution of GameFi, Liberty Gaming has invested in an incredible collection of the most promising play-to-earn games in the space, building up its NFT and crypto portfolio, as well as its community of scholars. The GameFi organization seeks to lower the entry barrier to participate for crypto-based players of all ages and backgrounds worldwide. It also aims to empower its scholars through training and educational programs on key topics like DeFi, CeFi, Crypto, and Blockchain, as well as establish a lively community for them with rewards and incentives. Furthermore, Liberty Gaming provides an ecosystem for gamers to improve their skills and prosper within the expanding play-to-earn gaming arena. Liberty is focussing efforts on real-world partnerships with global organizations. This approach is already successfully underw... read More

Animoca Brands Acquires Aussie Digital Agency (Report)

    The blockchain gaming platform Animoca Brands reportedly purchased the Aussie digital agency – Be Media. The latter will become the Australian marketing arm of Animoca, which plans to double down on its NFT and Metaverse endeavors. Animoca Bought Be Media The Hong Kong-based blockchain entity continues to spread its presence globally. According to a recent coverage, it completed the acquisition of the Australian digital agency – Be Media. Found in 2013, the Aussie company focuses on digital strategy and social advertising. Be Media will assist Animoca in its efforts to spearhead leading Australian NFT and Metarverse projects. The digital agency has already started hiring people in the fields of blockchain development and project management to prepare for the new duties it will handle. Jordan Fogarty – CEO of Be Media – will continue to serve as a top executive of the organization. “I’m honored to have the opportunity to support cherished Australian brands who want to explore opportunities in this space and introduce their customers to the metaverse, NFTs, and the power of digital property rights. In joining the Animoca Brands family, we will be able to make that impact global and lasting,” he stated. Yat Siu – Co-Founder of Animoca – also gave his two cents on the matter. He thinks Australia offers “tremendous opportunities,” and the acquisition of Be Media will enable his company to dive into that flourishing ... read More

Animoca Brands Acquires French Game Developer Eden Games

    Blockchain gaming platform, Animoca Brands, has completed the acquisition of French game developer - Eden Games. The latter is the publisher of popular racing games including Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed, F1® Mobile Racing, and the franchises Gear.Club, Test Drive, and V-Rally. The focus will be to capitalize on enhancing its REVV ecosystem while introducing more blockchain-powered racing games. Eden Games Acquisition Animoca Brands is on an acquisition spree, with two such deals this year alone. According to the latest announcement, the gaming and venture capital firm plans to utilize Eden Games' expertise and capabilities to focus on enhancing its REVV Motorsport (REVV) ecosystem. It also intends to launch a series of new blockchain-based racing games. Following the announcement, Yat Siu, co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands, stated, 'With its quarter of a century of expertise in building high-quality motorsport video games, Eden Games will enhance and accelerate the development of the REVV Motorsport ecosystem and add powerful value to the REVV community and the racing metaverse.' Launched in 1998, Eden Games was formerly known as Eden Studios. In the next two years, it had expanded its racing expertise and also dipped its toes into other genres. Some of its high-profile partners include BMW, Bugatti, and Porsche, among others. The latest news comes just a week after Engine Gaming and Media, the original owner, revealed selling its 96% interest in E... read More

Blockchain Firm Animoca Brands Raises $358 Million to Enhance Web3 and t...

    Animoca Brands has announced the blockchain and cryptocurrency-focused firm has raised $358.8 million to bolster the non-fungible token (NFT) industry and 'build the open metaverse.' The capital raise follows the firm's previous $65 million and $138.88 million raises last year and today, Animoca Brands has an overall valuation of $5 billion. Animoca Brands Raises $358 Million in Financing Led by Liberty City Ventures, Blockchain Company Has Pre-Money Valuation of $5 Billion The firm Animoca Brands is a global developer utilizing popular brands, gamification, A.I., blockchain, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and mobile technology. On Tuesday, the company announced that the firm has secured $358.8 million in a financing round led by Liberty City Ventures. In a statement sent to News, Animoca Brands further detailed that other investors included Smile Group, Stable Asset Management, Soros Fund Management, Wildcat Capital Management, Winklevoss Capital, 10T Holdings, C Ventures, Delta Fund, Gemini Frontier Fund, Gobi Partners Greater Bay Area, Kingsway, L2 Capital, Mirae Asset, Pacific Century Group, and Parafi Capital. In addition to using the financing to increase NFT and metaverse adoption, Animoca Brands said that the 'new capital will be used to continue funding strategic acquisitions and investments, product development, and licenses for popular intellectual properties.' Animoca Brands has a strong focus on building the metaverse by leveraging blockchain solutions ... read More

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