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Republic Protocol  


REN Price:
$11.3 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$0.1 B

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #REN today is $0.13 USD.

The lowest REN price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.130, and the current live price for one REN coin is $0.13033.

The all-time high REN coin price was $1.83.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of REN with market cap of ETH or other crypto coins.


The code for Republic Protocol is #REN.

Republic Protocol is 4.6 years old.


The current market capitalization for Republic Protocol is $130,332,771.

Republic Protocol is ranked #179 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is large today for #REN.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Republic Protocol is $11,304,035.


The circulating supply of REN is 999,999,632 coins, which is 100% of the total coin supply.


REN is well integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 40 crypto exchanges.

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Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #REN, and you can view them on our REN disambiguation page.



Ren Development Update | August 2022

The month of August has been historic for Ren with the announcement of Ren 2.0 and the progress made since then, which will take the protocol to the next level in terms of security, efficiency, and developer tooling. The first Cosmos chain — Kava — was also integrated into Ren, and work was begun to support more non-Ethereum stablecoins, which will open up more bridge routing pathways and support more use-cases. Finally, the process to begin auditing the upgraded Ren gateway contracts has begun. This will ultimately enable the earliest assets such as $renBTC to migrate to the new version that supports the burn-and-mint functionality, allowing direct any-to-any-chain bridging for Bitcoin, Dogecoin and more. — Ren 2.0 - This month we announced the next iteration of Ren in this emergent multichain world. Ren 2.0 is an open protocol, enabling novel multichain application development with EVM support — leveraging Ren’s robust bridging technology for a new world of opportunities. Check out the announcement blog for more details: Ren 2.0 boasts improved security, support for generic application logic on top of Ren, an improved MPC algorithm that’s more scalable and able to support more signing schemes, and optimized tokenomics to further align incentives for ecosystem participants. Since the announcement, work has been done to add RenEVM support for the Darknode CLI, and the new FROST MPC algor...

Introducing Ren 2.0

Today we are excited to introduce the next iteration of Ren in this emergent multichain world. Ren 2.0 is an open protocol, enabling novel multichain application development with EVM support — leveraging Ren’s robust bridging technology for a new world of opportunities. — Background - The Ren protocol has reached great technical maturity since it was first announced at the end of 2018. Initially supporting BTC, BCH, and ZEC on Ethereum mainnet, the protocol now supports a plethora of assets across smart contract chains such as Arbitrum, Polygon, Solana, and more. This multichain support enables interoperability between the largest and most active ecosystems throughout the crypto space. Adding to this, two significant upgrades were deployed recently: Support for direct bridging of renASSETS between smart contract chains, making it faster and cheaper than ever to bridge., Support for generic tokens being moved between those smart contract chains, such as stablecoins, and native assets like ETH., In terms of adoption, the protocol has crossed $12 billion in all-time volume, and the ecosystem has key integration partners in Varen, ZeroDAO, and more, offering unique cross-chain services powered by Ren. Catalog will also prove to be a key liquidity bootstrapper for the Ren ecosystem as it starts to move through its phased rollout over the remainder of the year. With integrations wrapped up for Optimism, Kava, and M...

Ren integrates Kava

Bridge $BTC and more directly to and from Kava We are excited to announce that Ren now supports direct bridging to and from Kava for every asset that Ren supports, such as $BTC, $ETH and $USDC! Start bridging here: — What is Kava? - Kava is a lightning-fast Layer-1 blockchain featuring a developer-optimized co-chain architecture that combines the two most used permissionless ecosystems — Ethereum and Cosmos — into a single, scalable, network. With Ren supporting it, you can now bridge $BTC, $DOGE, $ZEC as well as tokens and assets from the 8+ other smart contract chains Ren supports directly to Kava and back. — Build cross-chain apps on Kava today - You can now build Cross-Chain dApps on Kava with the RenJS SDK. Get started below 👇 — Ren Token contract addresses on Kava - Verify the token contracts on this page, by selecting ‘Kava’ in the dropdown menu in the Gateway contracts section: — Looking forward - We are excited to have Kava integrated with the Ren ecosystem, as it opens up not just a direct Bitcoin bridge to Kava, but 8+ chain bridges from the largest EVM chains and L2s, as well as Solana, directly to Kava, and as a result the Cosmos ecosystem at large! This massively expands interoperability for the whole crypto-finance ecosystem, as assets and liquidity can now move fluidly from almost anywhere to everywh...

Ren integrates Optimism

Bridge $BTC and more directly to and from Optimism We are excited to announce that Ren now supports direct bridging to and from Optimism for every asset that Ren supports, such as $BTC, $ETH and $USDC! Start bridging here: — What is Optimism? - Optimism is a low-cost and lightning-fast Ethereum L2 blockchain, that pledges to uphold the values of Ethereum by producing infrastructure that promotes the growth and sustainability of public goods. Optimism has a native bridge to and from Ethereum, but with Ren supporting it, you can now bridge BTC, DOGE, ZEC as well as tokens and assets from the 7+ other smart contract chains Ren supports directly to Optimism and back. — Build cross-chain apps on Optimism today - You can now build Cross-Chain dApps on Optimism with the RenJS SDK. Get started below 👇 — Ren Token contract addresses on Optimism - Verify the token contracts here: Select ‘Optimism’ in the dropdown menu in the Gateway contracts section. — Looking forward - We are excited to have Optimism integrated with the Ren ecosystem, as it is home to both OG DeFi protocols like Synthetix, Uniswap and Curve, as well as Optimism native DeFi protocols like Perpetual Protocol and Velodrome, all fitting for the Ren ecosystem to integrate with and grow liquidity on. The Optimism integration is another key step in connecting all blockchains w...

Ren Development Update | June 2022

Big things are brewing in the Ren ecosystem, with new host chain integrations coming, new assets supported, bridging between host chain supported, an improved explorer, research into supporting EVM applications on Ren, research into increasing scalability and the security and liveness thresholds for the network, and significant developments taking place for more decentralization. Here’s the progress since last time 🔽 — RenBridge 3.0 live - RenBridge 3.0 comes with support for wrapping stablecoins and generic tokens between chains, as well as support for bridging renASSETS from one chain to another in one step! This opens up a whole new world of assets to be bridged through Ren, as well as new use-cases with the Bridge transaction type, such as ‘native-to-native’ swaps by pairing bridging with swapping in liquidity pools in one step. More info in the announcement: — Optimism added to Ren testnet - Optimism, an Ethereum L2 rollup, has been integrated with Ren and is currently undergoing testing on testnet. A full mainnet deployment and integration on RenBridge is expected within the month of June. This will add another host chain to Ren that 30+ assets can be bridged to and from. — New Ren Explorer live - A new version of the Ren Explorer was deployed early in June, which observant community members might have discovered, as among other things it comes with a new design. New features i...

Introducing RenBridge 3.0

We are excited to announce that RenBridge 3.0 is live! It comes with support for wrapping stablecoins and generic tokens to other chains, as well as support for bridging renASSETS from one chain to another in one step! Check it out here: RenBridge 3.0 | Supporting over 25+ assets on 7+ blockchains Ren is now able to mint and release generic tokens from one chain to another through the newly developed feature we call host-to-host (H2H). Ren’s H2H feature is a big step forward for the protocol, as it adds bridging support for almost any asset on all blockchains supported by Ren. That means users can now bridge tokens such USDC, USDT, DAI, CRV, and generic vault and LP tokens, as well as the native gas assets such as ETH, BNB, MATIC, to any blockchain Ren supports. This is a huge milestone for the Ren Ecosystem as it opens up a whole new world of assets to be bridged, and new applications that can follow. RenBridge 3.0 | Direct bridging between chains for Ren assets RenBridge now also supports a new transaction type called Bridge, which is different from Minting and Releasing in that it lets you bridge an already existing renASSET, such as renBTC, from one chain directly to another, without having to burn the asset back to its origin chain (Bitcoin in this example) before minting it to the target chain. With Bridge, the renASSET is burned on the chain you are moving the asset from, and minted directly on...

Ren Development Report

May 2022. — With May just getting started, we wanted to share a brief update on all the progress made and things to come. Now that the monthly development updates are back, they will be in a more concise format to keep the community abreast in regular intervals. So without further ado, let’s dive into the May Development Update. — RenBridge V3 - A dizzying amount of testing has gone into RenBridge V3, which is now deployed on Mainnet, with a small group of users pressure testing for final fixes. Stay tuned for the formal announcement in May! — Support for Kava & Moonbeam Host blockchains has been added to Ren - Currently these chain integrations are live on Testnet, with Mainnet to go live sometime in Q2. Having bridges to these chains will open the Ren ecosystem up to two entirely new ecosystems (Cosmos and Polkadot)! Kava is an EVM chain on the Cosmos Blockchain. Learn more about their pioneer program here., Moonbeam is an EVM chain in Polkadot ecosystem., — Fee Fix $LUNA - Last month we added gas optimization for $LUNA transactions, resulting in 44x cheaper gas costs. This uncovered a frontend bug on the Command Center when trying to withdraw $LUNA rewards, as it calculated the fees incorrectly, resulting in Darknode operators not being able to withdraw $LUNA rewards. This issue was solved on the RenJS level, which going forward will prevent issues when gas fee optimizations are made for a...

Ren Development Report | Q1 2022

The first quarter of 2022 has been a busy one, with the advent of Catalog on Ren, the multichain world gaining more attention, and bridge safety taking center stage. So without further ado, let’s dive into what’s been achieved and what’s to come. — Greycore on Testnet - After many months of testing, the Greycore network is finally live on Testnet! We’ve consciously taken a lot of time to make sure this is done correctly, as we have seen far too many instances in recent times of proper security precautions not being taken. This release includes the newest version of our peer-to-peer networking library, Airwave, as mentioned in the previous report it reduces the amount of non-determinism by minimizing background routines in favor of a single message queue — this approach has been successful so far in testing. We’ve also made a number of improvements to the new nodectl tool which will help Greycore operators administer their nodes. Most notably, around the deployment of updates, changes to the Greycore validator set, and recovering nodes in the event of data corruption. For more general information about the rollout of the Greycore, see our announcement blog post. — RenBridge v3 - RenBridge has been rewritten from the ground up using RenJS v3, with support for: Bridging H2H assets on all blockchains Ren supports (including Solana) | Check out the first cohort here., Burn-and-mint | The ability to...

Introducing Catalog

The First Application Built on Ren L0. — We are excited to announce Catalog, the inaugural application developed by Ren Labs and built on the Ren blockchain (L0)! Last year, we shared our plan for the future of Ren. Today, we’re taking a big step towards making that future a reality with the introduction of Catalog, the Metaversal exchange built on Ren. The vision for Catalog is to create the most secure cross-chain DEX with built-in liquidity mechanisms and consumer-friendly, CEX-like features for users to easily swap assets across the most popular blockchains. — How Catalog is Shaping Ren’s Layer 0 - Catalog is integral in shaping the Ren L0 by helping lay the foundation for protocols and applications to build on top of the Ren blockchain. With this in mind, Catalog’s development is now underway and the fruits of Ren Labs are starting to come to fruition so let’s dive into what this means for the ecosystem. Layer 1 Design | Catalog is the first project to build on top of Ren L0 and is being designed hand-in-hand with the Ren team to ensure the protocol can scale accordingly. This involves generalizing the logic to become less application-specific, researching and testing different incentive structures, and improving tooling infrastructure. Integrators | One of Catalog’s missions is to build an experience that feels more familiar to retail users. This seamless experience will extend to integrators, so ...

VarenX is now live on Polygon

Gasless Cross-chain swaps with VarenX on Polygon!. — Excited to see VarenX, the cross-chain swapping application powered by Ren is now deployed on Polygon, with free gas! Start swapping with free gas on Polygon: VarenX was launched on Ethereum a little over a month ago and since then it and RenVM have processed over $1 million in cross-chain volume, with each cross-chain transaction generating protocol fees for the Ren network. Varen’s goal is to bring cross-chain DeFi to the retail masses. As such, UX is crucial to that mission. With that said, one of the biggest UX bottlenecks was the high gas fees on Ethereum — Now that VarenX is on Polygon with FreeWei, that hurdle has been removed. — Introducing FreeWei - What makes a great UX? No GAS, so excited to see the team at Varen introduce their new feature called FreeWei, which enables gasless cross-chain swaps with VarenX on Polygon. FreeWei is a new service exclusive to VarenX on Polygon that enables users to execute gasless cross-chain swaps. FreeWei is automatically activated when you execute any transaction including a “mint” coming from a wallet on Polygon. Transactions including a “mint” are: Mint (e.g.: BTC → renBTC), Mint and swap (e.g.: BTC → MATIC), Mint, swap and burn (e.g.: BTC → LUNA), GaaS | This feature might ring a bell if you’re familiar with Gas-as-a-Service (GaaS). But where GaaS subtracts the gas cost f...


Ren Protocol Breaks Out, Is This Be A Relief Bounce?

    REN price could be ready to break out from the downtrend as price gears up for a short-term recovery creating more bullish sentiment. REN looks strong on both low and high timeframes.  The price of REN breaks out on the daily timeframe after forming an descending triangle. Ren Protocol (REN) has recently shown great recovery after some setbacks as the price has remained downtrend against tether (USDT). Previous weeks in the crypto space have been slow, with most altcoins and major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) moving in a range. The month appears promising, with altcoins such as Ren Protocol (REN) bouncing off their lows with hopes of a rally with the current trend shift. (Data from Binance) Ren Protocol (REN) Price Analysis On The Weekly Chart The new month has been a relief for most crypto projects, with altcoins such as REN showing bullish strength and BTC leading the market rally from a low of $18,800 to $20,100. With the market looking more promising for crypto assets, we may see more cryptocurrency recovery, as the previous month prevented major altcoins from rallying. In recent weeks, the price of REN has not shown the same strength as seen in other altcoins such as Cosmos, as it has continued to fall to its weekly low of $0.1. Following a rally from a low of $0.1 to a high of $0.11, the price of REN was rejected because it could not break above $0.11, acting as resistance to the price of REN and the area of supply. Since then, the price has struggled to... read More

First Ren blockchain app Catalog raises $7.5M to develop cross-chain ass...

    Ren Labs, creator of a protocol for cross-blockchain value exchange, today announced that Catalog, the first consumer application built on the Ren blockchain, has raised $7.5 million in a seed funding round. Devised by Ren Labs, Catalog is a DeFi app powering cross and multi-chain exchange with zero gas fees. Now with the waitlist open, Catalog aims to be the first 'metaversal' decentralized exchange (DEX) and automatic market maker (AMM) to swap fungible and non-fungible assets across any blockchain. Through connecting assets and existing liquidity securely across blockchains in a single, user-friendly app, Catalog provides trustless and permissionless interoperability between chains. Catalog is a key component in Ren's plan to build an ecosystem of third-party apps on the Ren layer-0 blockchain. Catalog Features With low, flat-rate processing fees of only 0.3% per transaction, Catalog users will never have to worry about the high, unpredictable, and confusing gas fees that have frustrated Ethereum users and hindered the mainstream adoption of DeFi. In addition to enabling token swaps across blockchains, users can also earn interest on the assets they hold in their Catalog accounts without having to take any additional steps such as staking or adding funds to liquidity pools. Planned features of Catalog also include seamless on and off-ramp experiences, including the ability to link a bank account for easy deposits and withdrawals. The addition of bank account linking m... read More

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