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RELAY Price:
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$726.6 K

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #RELAY today is $0.22 USD.

The lowest RELAY price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.218, and the current live price for one RELAY coin is $0.21825.

The all-time high RELAY coin price was $9.53.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of RELAY with market cap of BTC or other crypto coins.


The code for Relay crypto currency is also #RELAY.

Relay is 1.8 years old.


The current market capitalization for Relay is $726,589.

Relay is ranking downwards to #856 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a weak volume of trading today on #RELAY.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Relay is $968.


The circulating supply of RELAY is 3,329,125 coins, which is 33% of the total coin supply.

Note the limited supply of Relay coins which adds to rarity of this cryptocurrency and increases perceived market value.


RELAY has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 4 pairings and is listed on at least 2 crypto exchanges.

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RelayChain Ignited: Part 2 of 2 — About Relay

RelayChain Ignited: Part 2 of 2 — About Relay - — Bridge & Swap - We are pleased to announce the release of version 3 of our product development at RelayChain. Today we launch our Bridge & Swap solution! This is a major milestone for our platform, bringing us one step closer to optimizing the user experience by prioritizing seamless cross-chain functionality. By connecting users to 25 chains, 15 bridges, and 31 exchanges. With Bridge & Swap, RelayChain users will be able to seamlessly bridge and swap assets across multiple blockchain networks in a single transaction. Partnering with some of the top projects in the business, including Squid, LI.FI, and Synapse, we’ve created a service that will deliver a seamless, intuitive, and simple user experience. With this innovative Bridge & Swap solution, we are transforming the way users use–and see–blockchain networks. — Bridge & Swap Explained - By combining the product offerings of RelayChain, Synapse, LI.FI, and Squid into one Bridge & Swap user interface, we’ve created a powerful solution that allows users to move assets between different blockchain networks in a single transaction. Continue reading to learn more about each solution’s features and how they work together to make cross-chain trading a breeze. — RelayChain - RelayChain’s Bridge & Swap combines our existing bridge aggregator with powerful DEX aggregati...

RelayChain Ignited: Part 1 of 2 — About Relay

Bridge & Win, Referrals, Staking, and Airdrop - Get your game face on Relayers… We are thrilled to announce several exciting updates! We continue to be blown away by the outstanding response to our bridge aggregator. As a result of this overwhelmingly positive feedback, we are doubling down on adoption by introducing two exciting new initiatives and modifying two existing ones. The Bridge Referral Program (NEW!) Airdrop Seasons (NEW!) Bridge & Win (UPDATED!) Staking (UPDATED!) These initiatives, along with an update on the Relay staking contract on Arbitrum, will help us achieve one of the best user experiences in the space. Stay tuned for Part 2, where we’ll provide more details about our aggregator technology, UI updates, and how they’ll help us achieve our goal of creating a seamless and user-friendly omnichain experience. — Bridge & Win - RelayChain’s bridge bonus feature has received such an enthusiastic reception that we’re making it a permanent addition to our platform! Bridge & Win rewards our existing fans and continues to attract new ones. Here’s how it works: Simply perform any bridge transaction to any blockchain and you will receive a ticket. Then, check the countdown on our website to see when the draw will take place, and, after the draw, check if you’ve won and claim your prize! All RelayChain bridge transactions automatically receive one entry. The prize pool for each draw...

RelayChain Partners with Factor DAO

We’re thrilled to announce our latest partnership with Factor DAO, an innovative platform that provides infrastructure for decentralized asset management. Factor’s no-code platform empowers asset managers to create powerful financial instruments and acquire TVL, while offering investors the ability to deposit and receive yield with a single click. Factor’s future includes plans to span across multiple chains, offering a modular interstellar journey across financial instruments. Their platform provides modular financial building blocks that empower builders and strategists to create any type of token or market. With RelayChain as their preferred bridge partner, we are excited to play a pivotal role in paving the way for Factor’s multi-chain future. We are proud to be recognized as a fellow roundtable member helping grow the Arbitrum DeFi ecosystem. As Factor’s preferred secure bridging partner, we offer the most efficient way to get funds to Arbitrum. Our secure and reliable platform has been selected to ensure the smooth flow of assets and liquidity between Factor and the Arbitrum ecosystem. “Factor DAO is a valuable partner in our efforts to innovate in the area of cross-chain token transfers. Together, we are exploring the potential to enable cross-chain deposits directly to the Factor public sale, which has the potential to streamline the user experience and to open up new opportunities for cross-chain activity...

RELAY UPDATE MAY 2022 — About Relay

RELAY UPDATE MAY 2022 — About Relay It’s time for an update on the many exciting developments on RelayChain. The market is tough for everyone involved in crypto right now. The total market cap has gone from nearly 3T down to almost 1T. From large caps to micro caps, nearly every project has been impacted. It’s times such as this, that long term sustainable projects will separate themselves from the ones that ultimately won’t survive. The RelayChain team accepts that challenge and we’re motivated to emerge from this bearish phase as a vital cog in the machine that is DeFi. Rest assured that our bridge development has not, and will not halt. We have enough runway to continue our operations in spite of the market trend. Let’s dive in and discuss what has been happening behind the scenes!Relay Bridge v2 Development is well under way and we’re excited about what is being constructed under the hood. We’ve recently onboarded some incredibly talented new developers. The new devs come to us from Canada based, dApp Technology Inc. We know that we are behind on our original v2 timeline, but it will all be worth it once the new product rolls out. Initially we had planned to deliver each new feature individually, before realizing that it made more sense to launch most of it at once. Rather than bolting on an array of new parts to the existing bridge to create some kind of “Frankenbridge,” we decided it was best t...

Battle of the Blockchains — New Website and Avalaunch Reveal — About Relay

Battle of the Blockchains — New Website and Avalaunch Reveal — About Relay Our team is excited to share more details for our upcoming Battle of the Blockchains (BotB) game! In this update, we will announce our new website, provide updates on the mint details, showcase the full strength of treasury backing, and reveal our final key launch partner! Battle of The Blockchains (BotB)™, is the first community-led project of BotB is an NFT gaming project that brings thoughtful, balanced, and fun game mechanics to players. Battle your friends as your favorite mascot and other champions across the metaverse! By leveraging our technology and partnering with major players on each ecosystem, BotB serves as a scalable gaming project that works across multiple blockchains, and helps to build a more unified metaverse. Follow our ongoing development progress at our new and improved website ! PSA (Public Service Announcement): Choose video games, not war! Are you a community member who wants to add value to the BotB ecosystem? Fill out this today! We’d like to reiterate two important items:It was Relay community members who initiated the concept of BotB, which is an industry first in this space. We have answered your call. Please help us continue to spread the word!BotB will continue to be a community-driven project, with the core Relay team providing crucial industry expertise. This balanc...

Battle of the Blockchains Team Intro & APA Reveal — About Relay

Battle of the Blockchains Team Intro & APA Reveal — About Relay Our team is excited to share the third round of details for our upcoming Battle of the Blockchains (BotB) game! In this update, we will announce the Avalanche mint date/price, introduce some of the team working on BotB, and reveal our second key launch partner. BotB will be one of the first cross-chain NFT games where champions from each blockchain will battle for prizes, bragging rights, progress perks, and more! Our first mint will take place on Avalanche, where we’ve created 10,000 unique NFT Champions, coming from some of the most popular and trusted DeFi protocols on-chain. Be sure to follow our ongoing development progress at PSA (Public Service Announcement): Choose video games, not war! Are you a community member who wants to add value to the BotB ecosystem? Fill out this today! We’d like to reiterate two important items:It was Relay community members who initiated the concept of BotB, which is an industry first in this space. We have answered your call. Please help us continue to spread the word!BotB will continue to be a community-driven project, with the core Relay team providing crucial industry expertise. This balance will allow the core team to remain focused on Relay’s core Bridging as a Service (BaaS) product in tandem with BotB development.Mint Details Whitelist: We will be running contests righ...

Battle of the Blockchains Mintenomics & 1st Partner Reveal — About Relay

Battle of the Blockchains Mintenomics & 1st Partner Reveal — About Relay Our team is excited to share the second round of details for our upcoming Battle of the Blockchains (BotB) game! Today, we’ll dive into our Mintenomics, as well as a big reveal of our first key launch partner and a critical charity partnership. We have strategically chosen our launch partners to both ensure the long-term success of BotB and show our community the fundamental values we hold dear. BotB will be one of the first cross-chain NFT games where champions from each blockchain will battle for $$$$ prizes, bragging rights, progress perks and more! Our first mint will take place on Avalanche, where we’ve created 10,000 unique NFT Champions, coming from some of the most popular and trusted DeFi protocols on-chain. Be sure to follow our ongoing development progress at PSA (Public Service Announcement): Choose video games, not war! Are you a community member who wants to add value to the BotB ecosystem? Fill out this today! We’d like to reiterate two important items:It was relay community members who initiated the concept of BotB, which is an industry first in the space. We have answered your call. Please help us continue to spread the word!BotB will continue to be a community-driven project, with the core Relay team providing crucial industry expertise. This balance will allow the core team to remain...

RelayChain partners with Hummus Exchange — About Relay

RelayChain partners with Hummus Exchange — About Relay Relay and Hummus are proud to announce a partnership on the Metis Andromeda network. Stablecoin yield seekers will be able to bridge their DAI to Metis with the RelayChain bridge and single stake it to earn rewards. During times of market uncertainty, earning yield on trusted stablecoins is one of the safest bets. Hummus is the first officially licensed fork of Platypus, the innovative and popular Avalanche stableswap. What makes Hummus different than other stable exchanges? Liquidity providers can provide liquidity with just a single asset. There is no need to pair it with another stablecoin. Are you a fan of DAI and not USDT? Then just stake DAI alone and earn their native token $HUM. Once you’ve earned $HUM, you can stake it to accumulate veHUM and significantly boost your yield. You can also buy $HUM from Netswap if you want a larger boost right away! A link to the RelayChain Bridge is embedded in the Hummus UI. Users can click this link to bridge their DAI to Metis and earn with Hummus. This will provide important liquidity depth for DAI, one of the most popular stablecoins. Users of hummus can swap between DAI, USDC and USDT. This creates another efficient on/off ramp for Metis. RelayChain enables fast, secure and low cost cross-chain token transfers between the worlds leading blockchains. The platform offers Bridging as a Service (BaaS) to partner networ...

Relay launches the new Bridge Bounty Blitz program! — About Relay

Relay launches the new Bridge Bounty Blitz program! — About Relay The Relay team is excited to be introducing a new program that will reward motivated community members. The Bridge Bounty Blitz (BBB) will be a reward program that is essentially a “finder’s fee” for bringing new tokens or even new chains to Relay. Help your favorite alt coins to go cross-chain and get paid for it! With literally tens of thousands of crypto projects in existence, it’s hard to have deep familiarity with all of them. We know that Relay community members are involved in multiple other projects. This program is a way to help Relay to connect with those projects.How does it work? Relay is moving to a fee for expedited listing model. Projects can pay a one time fixed fee to have their project listed on the bridge within 1–3 business days. If a community member connects the Relay team with a project, and that project moves forward with an expedited bridge listing, then the user will be paid 25% of the listing fee as soon as the deal closes! The Remaining 75% will be used to support Relay initiatives like buybacks and staking rewards. Beyond new token listing, if community members connect Relay with a new L1 or L2 blockchain and they use our wrapped assets as “official assets” then a volume based reward will be offered based on bridging activity in the first month.What do I need to do? Simply have an initial conversation with yo...

Get ready to trade RELAY on Exchange! — About Relay

Get ready to trade RELAY on Exchange! — About Relay (formerly exchange) will be listing RELAY for trade on April 6th, 2022. Users will now be able to easily purchase RELAY directly with fiat and enjoy the many benefits of a top notch centralized exchange. This listing, paired with a trading competition and other co-marketing activities (like AMAs) will bring an entirely new set of eyes to the exciting RelayChain project. This CEX listing represents a major milestone in RelayChain’s roadmap and is the first in a series of listings to come. These listings will bring the liquidity depth, trading volume, and professional market making services that are needed as the project grows to new heights! -Deposits will begin on 4/6/22 9:00 UTC -Trade will begin at 4/6/22 10:00 UTC -AMA will begin at 4/8/22 14:00 UTC -Trading competition details will be revealed by team.About stands for “Free the Money Free the World,” and embodies the essence of the cryptocurrency and digital asset space. The exchange boasts over 1 million users and averages $4 billion in daily trading volume. FMFW’s users benefit from a beautiful UI packed with features such as; traditional trading, margin trading, futures trading, charts, IEOs, trading competitions, and more!About RelayChain RelayChain enables fast, secure and low cost cross-chain token transfers between the worlds leading blockchai...


ETH infrastructure platform Blocknative adds TX bundles, cancellation, a...

    Blocknative, a real-time Ethereum (ETH) infrastructure platform, has newly introduced features including transaction bundle send, cancellation, and replacement support for the Blocknative Builder. Searchers can now submit MEV bundles privately to the Blocknative Builder to be included on-chain. This market utility builds upon Blocknative’s reliable, real-time infrastructure that is systematically important to the Ethereum ecosystem. 'MEV bundle control is an important element of our block-building capabilities. As Ethereum evolves, we remain committed to providing real-time infrastructure that supports transparency, accessibility, and decentralization block by block. To reduce friction and facilitate adoption, we have prioritized ease of use by ensuring that our API-level implementation is cross-compatible with the broader builder ecosystem.” - Matt Cutler, CEO & Co-Founder of Blocknative Searchers can quickly add the Blocknative Builder to their bundle workflow. The bundle RPC endpoint uses direct payments instead of gas prices to make payments conditional on their transaction succeeding, thus avoiding having to pay for failed bids. With over 269,000 validators connected to the Blocknative Relay via MEV-Boost, searchers can use the Blocknative bundle RPC endpoint to increase their Builder reach and increase the likelihood that their bundles successfully get on-chain. Searchers can learn more here or interact with the RPC endpoint here. The post ETH infrastru... read More

Polkadot (DOT) Ecosystem Grew Massively In Q4 2022, What To Expect Next?

    Polkadot provides interoperability among several blockchains for users while maintaining high scalability and speed in processing transactions. Also known as a multichain network, Polkadot supports many parachains, enabling developers to build their blockchains seamlessly. Several blockchain projects exist in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector. These platforms usually emerge with different products and services related to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Subsequently, users became intrigued with the full potential packed in the DeFi space. However, there was the challenge of how a user could access more than one blockchain and DeFi application through a single platform. This is where the value proposition of the Polkadot became prominent. The last few months in 2022 were tough in the crypto market as most crypto assets and projects saw a drastic drop in performance. In addition, the unexpected collapse of the FTX crypto exchange brought a devastating condition that created losses in the crypto space. However, DOT has a positive story to tell. The multichain network reports massive growth in its ecosystem during Q4 2022. 1/ The Polkadot 2022 Roundup is here Despite the difficult year for the industry, the Polkadot and Kusama community were busy building the largest, & most diverse ecosystem of use case specific layer-1 blockchains in the world, making huge strides toward building a better web. — Polkadot (@Polkadot) December 31,... read More

Core Scientific Files for Bankruptcy Protection, Firm Plans to Continue ...

    On Dec. 21, 2022, one of the largest bitcoin mining operations in the industry, Core Scientific, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the Southern District of Texas. According to the filing, Core Scientific has roughly 1,000 to 5,000 creditors and its estimated assets are worth between $1-10 billion.Core Scientific Voluntarily Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection, Company's Largest Unsecured Creditor Is the Financial Institution B. Riley Another crypto firm has filed for bankruptcy protection as the crypto winter has caused a myriad of businesses to shudder this year. On Wednesday, Core Scientific (Nasdaq: CORZ), one of the largest bitcoin mining companies, filed for bankruptcy in Texas. The filing notes that Core Scientific has $1-10 billion in assets, but also $1-10 billion in liabilities as well. Additionally, Core Scientific details that the largest creditor is the financial institution B. Riley, alongside 1,000 to 5,000 other creditors. Core Scientific joins a long list of crypto firms that have filed for bankruptcy protection this year, and is one of several crypto mining operations that have faltered financially as well. For instance, in late Sept. 2022, Compute North filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Financial issues have struck bitcoin mining operations like Argo Blockchain, Iris Energy, and Greenidge Generation. Greenidge managed to secure a restructuring deal with NYDIG on Dec. 20, but Greenidge's financials say voluntary bankruptcy is stil... read More

Blockdaemon Empowers Web3 Devs and Institutions to Run Their Own Collato...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Los Angeles, United States, 24th August 2022] Astar Network, the innovation hub on Polkadot, is thrilled to announce that it has integrated Blockdaemon, the world’s largest institutional-grade blockchain infrastructure company for node management and staking, as a collator. The partnership will enable Blockdaemon’s institutional and individual users to start their own collator nodes with Astar Network. Though Astar supports users who maintain their own collator nodes, it’s still technically out of reach for many individuals and institutions joining its network. Blockdaemon’s suite of products and tools comprise a total ‘node stack’ of blockchain technology empowering any eligible project to access the Astar Network. As a node infrastructure provider, Blockdaemon will provide Websocket and RPC endpoints to projects wishing to build on the network. Often, it is not feasible for many projects, devs and businesses to build and maintain their own Astar node to access these services. Blockdaemon’s years of node blockchain expertise specifically for the Polkadot ecosystem significantly lowers the barrier to entry for projects building on Astar. Blockdaemon’s full node support provides a critical on-ramp for Astar dApp developers and institutions. Rather than relying on public infrastructure, which can come under heavy load from many different sources, or facing the ongoing challenges of self-running an Astar node, it i... read More

Revolut Launches Crypto Learn and Earn Feature

    Revolut, a global financial app, has joined a growing list of companies advancing cryptocurrency education through the 'Learn and Earn' initiative. The concept rewards users with crypto for learning about essential topics in the blockchain industry. Revolut Partners Polkadot to Launch 'Learn and Earn' In a press release shared with CryptoPotato, Revolut, valued at $33 billion, said the feature is available to all its customers, and they can earn up to $15 for completing the courses and passing a final quiz. The British neobank also noted that it launched the new feature in collaboration with the Web3 Foundation, the founder of multichain network Polkadot. The rewards distributed to learners will be in DOT, Polkadot's native cryptocurrency. Revolut said it currently has two short courses. The first covers basic concepts about cryptocurrencies and their underlying blockchain technology. It also educates users on the differences between cryptocurrency and fiat currency and the risks associated with the crypto market. The second focuses on Polkdadot and how it helps 'unites blockchains into Web3.' It also covers DOT, Polkadot's uses cases, and key features on the network, such as governance and Relay Chain. The UK-based banking platform said it would continue to expand its Learn and Earn program, adding more courses to help advance crypto education and financial literacy. “There’s a huge appetite from our customers to learn more about cryptocurrencies. ‘Learn & ... read More

Bitcoin's Pizza Day 12th Anniversary: 2 Pizzas for 10,000 BTC

    On May 22, the cryptocurrency community celebrates international Bitcoin Pizza Day. Less than two years after Satoshi Nakamoto published the nine-page Bitcoin whitepaper, Laszlo Hanyecz legitimized the use of cryptocurrency with the purchase of two pizzas for 10,000 BTC. Bitcoin Pizza Day There are thousands of cryptocurrencies, but Bitcoin, even to this day, remains an undeniably ingenious manifestation of blockchain technology. From modest beginnings to a trillion-dollar market cap, Bitcoin has stood the test of time. Laszlo Hanyecz was indeed one of the early contributors responsible for what many consider a fundamental marketing masterpiece for Bitcoin adoption. In the initial days, there weren't any reliable venues where Bitcoin trades can be conducted. Instead, BTC was traded via direct communication through discussion boards and Internet Relay Chat rooms. This was the time when the cryptocurrency, helmed as an experimental technology, was worth only a few cents. The Florida-based programmer, Hanyecz, went on to become the first person to use Bitcoin in a commercial transaction after paying 10,000 BTC for two Papa John's pizzas on May 22, 2010. At the time of purchase, Bitcoin was worth $41. Today, 10,000 BTC would today cost around $300 million. Beyond Pizza Purchases Laszlo Hanyecz is more than just 'that guy' who bought Pizzas with 10,000 BTC that the internet loves to sensationalize. In honor of Bitcoin Pizza Day, let's look into his groundbreaking contributions bey... read More

Mangata Finance's Polkadot-based Efficient, MEV-Free DEX Coming Ju...

    Mangata Finance, the Polkadot-based DEX, is all set for launch on June 6th. Recently, it had a successful crowdloan that was closed in just under an hour that secured it a slot on Polkadot’s innovation network Kusama. Over $2 million in value was bonded through the crowdloan, a process of staking Polkadot (DOT) tokens to support a specific project in the Polkadot Slot Auction, in return for which participants receive rewards from the projects. The project also raised $4.2 million in equity, which came shortly after the launch of its first blockchain on the Kusama network, which raised the Polkadot startup's valuation to $60 million. New investors including Signum Capital, IVC, Figment, ZMT Capital, AngelDAO, and Paribu Ventures joined the returning investors Altonomy, Polychain, and TRGC in this strategic round. 'Altonomy believes in Mangata's efforts around connecting major blockchains, improving security for traders, and helping reduce fees by eliminating gas from the equation, which is why we returned for a second round of funding,' said Altonomy Director Ricky Li. Olaf Carlson-Wee, the founder and CEO of investment firm Polychain Capital, was actually the first one to fund Mangata's vision of efficient DEXes without MEV. Leveraging Polkadot Interoperability The Slovakia-based Mangata is both a blockchain and DEX that will be connected as a parachain in the Polkadot ecosystem. By choosing Polkadot for its multi-purpose DEX, Mangata wants to leverage the key value pro... read More

Polkadot XCM Format Goes Live, Enables NFT Functionalities

    Cross-chain interoperability protocol Polkadot has announced the launch of its messaging system dubbed XCM (cross-consensus messaging) to allow communication and transfer of digital assets between its parachains. Polkadot Launches Cross-Chain Messaging In a press release shared with CryptoPotato on Wednesday, the project noted that messages sent across XCM channels are fully secured at the same level as its Relay Chain, unlike other bridging systems that create a “weakest-link problem.” Polkadot’s Relay Chain is the network’s central hub used by all chains in the ecosystem. It can support hundreds of parachains, and many projects have already been built on it, including  Acala and Centrifuge. All of these parachains can now communicate and transfer digital assets and data with each other. “Parachains, which support a wide range of use cases and protocols - and already benefit from shared security - can now use XCM to transfer any asset, token, or data among themselve,” the project said in the release. XCM to Enable Communication With Other Networks Aside from allowing interoperability between parachains, XCM was designed to support messages between smart contracts and Substrate runtime modules, commonly known as pallets. Polkadot also noted that it is working on iterations that will enable communication with any network that is able to decode messages and scale, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Polkadot’s canary network Kusama. A... read More

Pocket Network Adds Abundant Bandwidth to Fantom Blockchain

    [PRESS RELEASE - Tampa, United States, 28th April 2022] Fantom and Pocket node runners can now earn POKT for servicing Fantom traffic from applications, tools, services, and protocols Pocket Network, a relay infrastructure middleware protocol that provides limitless blockchain bandwidth from a globally distributed network of 44k+ full nodes to applications in Web3 across 45 blockchains, including Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Fuse, Avalanche, and Harmony, today announced it is adding support for Fantom Blockchain, the highly scalable blockchain platform for DeFi, crypto dApps, and enterprise applications. Officially supporting Fantom within the Pocket Network enables developers to mint Fantom RPC endpoints for their applications directly from the Pocket Portal, enabling node runners to, for the first time, earn $POKT for servicing Fantom traffic from applications, tools, services, and protocols. “Centralized RPC providers are often susceptible to single points of failure that can bring down service,” said Michael O’Rourke, Co-Founder and CEO of Pocket Network. “After successfully whitelisting support for the Fantom network with the 0049 Relay Chain ID, we’re proud to announce that Pocket Network is bringing decentralization to Fantom and, for the first time, providing incentives and rewards for node operators.” Adding Pocket Network support for Fantom blockchain brings true decentralization to Fantom’s remote procedure call (RPC), allowi... read More

EYWA: Building Cross-Chain Interoperability for DeFi Protocols 

    The decentralized finance (DeFi) sector is growing by leaps and bounds. Today, there are hundreds of DeFi applications offering users vast earning opportunities with billions of dollars traded and locked across these protocols. However, as more of these DeFi platforms emerge, they become even more complicated for the average user to understand. Those who understand often have to deal with moving from one blockchain to the other to complete transactions since there is little interoperability between these protocols. EYWA is aiming to improve interactions between multiple blockchains and help users seamlessly participate in the DeFi market. What is EYWA? EYWA is a cross-chain interoperability protocol that enables blockchain networks to improve each other's ecosystems via liquidity, community, and integration of a diverse range of DeFi protocols. EYWA aims to create a global cross-chain interoperability system that offers the fast, cheap and seamless transfer of value and arbitrary data between smart contract-enabled blockchains. The project's vision is to create the next generation of cross-chain DeFi protocols that will not only work within heterogeneous DeFi ecosystems but also between them. EYWA believes that this close interaction between blockchains will create new market opportunities and promising use cases. EYWA is taking steps to achieve its vision, hence its ecosystem is bringing together several DeFi projects and blockchain networks and solving the problem of fragme... read More

FTSE 100 Company, Entain, Deploys Syntropy to Improve Global Network Per...

    PRESS RELEASE. PALO ALTO – April 7th, 2022 - Syntropy, a transformative Web3 connectivity company, announces its new customer – the sports betting and gaming giant, Entain. The FTSE 100 company is leveraging Syntropy's global relay network with its decentralized autonomous routing protocol (DARP) to connect the company's data centers across the globe. Syntropy's technology reduces latency and packet loss, improving the overall performance and reliability of Entain's network for its core offering as well as its future expansion into the metaverse with Ennovate Labs. The Syntropy Relay Network runs on top of the public internet and is fully programmable. This global digital fabric creates a network of networks composed of the best-connected ISPs, clouds, data centers, and devices, ensuring the best possible performance and security. Syntropy's blockchain-based technology solves the fundamental issues with the internet. 'With many exciting Web3 and metaverse projects in the making, we have to face the fact that the current internet infrastructure and routing protocol was not designed for performance optimization which is a fundamental requirement to make digitally immersive experiences a reality. Syntropy's open, decentralized technology overcomes this technological roadblock,' said Domas Povilauskas, CEO at Syntropy. 'Entain's forward-looking networking team recognized the need for a Web3-ready connectivity system as they move into entertainment in the metaverse a... read More

As More Parachains Go Live, Polkadot's Vision Becomes Reality ...

    Gavin Wood’s vision of an interoperable network of customized blockchains is really taking shape. While 11 parachains have launched so far, by this time next year, Polkadot will have grown to more than 40 individual blockchains living on its network, dramatically expanding what has already become one of the most innovative ecosystems within the crypto space. Polkadot is a Layer Zero protocol that serves as the nerve center of multiple parachains - Layer One blockchains built for different applications and use cases. This infrastructure enables the creation of a unique ecosystem of truly interoperable blockchains that all share the same network security and capabilities, with no need for complex token bridges to connect them all. Polkadot’s Relay Chain can support anywhere from 100 to 250 parachains, and, as mentioned, almost a dozen projects are already building on it. To launch a parachain and gain access to a myriad of benefits the Relay Chain provides, projects must compete for a slot via an auction where the winner is determined by whichever locks up the most DOT tokens. Auction Action To secure a parachain, projects seek to raise DOT via crowdloans from their communities, offering their own native tokens in return for their backing. Whichever project wins a slot is entitled to lease that parachain for two years, during which time the bonded DOT tokens will remain locked up. Once the two-year period is up, those tokens will be returned to their owners, who als... read More

bitFlyer USA lists Polkadot (DOT), Tezos (XTZ), Basic Attention Token (B...

    bitFlyer, Japan's largest headquartered cryptocurrency exchange also licensed to operate in the US, EU, today announced the listing of 4 new crypto-assets for trading on bitFlyer USA. Starting today, Polkadot (DOT), Tezos (XTZ), Basic Attention Token (BAT), and Stellar (XLM) will be available for exchange. Further, bitFlyer USA customers will be able to deposit these new tokens to their accounts, transfer them to external wallets, and set up recurring purchases. Polkadot (DOT) Polkadot allows for the interconnection of multiple different blockchains. It was founded by the Web3 Foundation, which aims to develop a decentralized web. In addition to the central Relay Chain, Polkadot uses multiple parallel blockchains, called parachains, to provide interoperability that allows for the exchange of various types of data and value. Operating blockchains in parallel solves the scalability problem while also increasing safety by pooling the security functions of the parachains into the Relay Chain. Tezos (XTZ) Tezos is a decentralized, public blockchain and smart contract platform. Stakeholders of the Tezos network vote on amendments to the protocol to reach social consensus on proposals, creating a secure and organic upgrading mechanism. The protocol’s on-chain governance system, its consensus algorithm based on Proof-of-Stake(PoS), and its ability to facilitate formal verification of smart contracts, make Tezos an ideal solution for high-value financial applications. Basic Atte... read More

Blockdaemon to operate node for blockchain energy infrastructure system ...

    Blockdaemon, an independent blockchain infrastructure platform & staking-as-a-service provider, today announced a new partnership with Energy Web, a global nonprofit organization building operating systems for energy grids using open-source decentralized technologies. As a certified Energy Web validator node operator, Blockdaemon will work to support the success of the Energy Web Foundation and ecosystem. Energy Web’s digital operating systems for energy utilize the application of blockchain. It represents one of the largest and most ambitious uses of a decentralized, open-access, consumer-facing blockchain that the world has seen to date. “We are excited to help with the energy transition of the world by supporting the Energy Web Chain and its ecosystem participants. Anyblock has been a validator and active participant from day 1. Now, as part of the Blockdaemon team, we happily continue this collaboration and are looking forward to help expand to the Polkadot universe and offering staking opportunities.” - Freddy Zwanzger, Ethereum Ecosystem Lead at Blockdaemon Because the Energy Web Chain is managed by known entities in the energy sector, upgrades to the network can be rolled out seamlessly. This avoids contentious hard forks which split many blockchains in governance disputes over the future of the protocol. Another advantage is custody and maintenance. The Energy Web Foundation is building sophisticated tooling on top of the blockchain to help... read More

Centrifuge Wins Polkadot's 9th Parachain Slot

    Centrifuge – a decentralized asset financing protocol –  just won an auction for a parachain slot on Polkadot. Like other parachains from Polkadot’s second group of parachain auctions, it is expected to launch on March 11th. Centrifuge Meets Polkadot The protocol announced its auction victory in a blog post on Thursday. The team says they are “all systems go” to bring its functionality to Polkadot. Centrifuge is used to bridge non-digitally native, real-world assets into decentralized finance. It is intended to allow users to finance real estate and earn royalties without the use of intermediaries and banks, among other things. Meanwhile, a ‘parachain’ is a blockchain that runs parallel to Polkadot’s central Relay chain, but with an application-specific data structure. They are designed to achieve scalability and added functionality for the Polkadot ecosystem. The initial parachain launch will reportedly be an “empty shell”, in order to confirm its stability on Polkadot. That means it will produce blocks, but without any functionality to the chain, nor any concept of governance, balances, staking, or user accounts. Afterward, the current Centrifuge chain will undergo a hard fork, transitioning from being a standalone chain to Polkadot’s 9th parachain. Upon launch, Tinlake – a Defi protocol and marketplace for real-world asset pools – will go live on the chain as well, connecting liquidity from ... read More

PureStake CEO Derek Yoo Explains the Technology Behind Moonbeam Network

    Moonbeam is an Ethereum-compatible smart contract platform on the Polkadot network that makes it easy to build natively interoperable applications. This Ethereum compatibility allows developers to deploy existing Solidity smart contracts and DApp frontends to Moonbeam with minimal changes. Derek Yoo is the CEO of PureStake, the technology company behind the Moonbeam Network. He recently joined the News Podcast to talk about the technology: Derek Yoo is a serial Web2 technology entrepreneur who has spent the past 20 years building successful software and cloud companies. Prior to creating Moonbeam, Derek was the co-founder and CTO of Fuze, where he led the product and engineering teams in the creation of a global Unified Communications-as-a-Service cloud platform with points of presence all around the world, a low latency global network, and a suite of end user web, desktop, and mobile communications applications. During his time at Fuze, the company grew to 700 employees and a $150M run rate. Like Moonriver, its sister parachain on Kusama, Moonbeam is expected to accumulate developer and user activity from the 80+ projects building DApps and protocols on the network. As a parachain on the Polkadot network, Moonbeam benefits from the shared security of the Polkadot Relay Chain and integrations with other chains that are connected to Polkadot. Learn more at: The News podcast features interviews with the most interesting lea... read More

DIA is the First Oracle to Integrate with Astar Network

    DIA is the first oracle provider to integrate its oracle infrastructure with the Astar Network, running on the Polkadot Relaychain. The oracle deployment will facilitate DeFi applications on Astar to easily connect to the outside world data. The open-source data provider DIA announced today the integration of its decentralized oracle infrastructure with the Astar Network, running on the Polkadot Relaychain. This oracle deployment will facilitate DeFi applications on Astar to easily connect to the outside world data via DIA’s trusted oracles. Astar Network, previously known as Plasm, is a dApp hub on Polkadot that supports Ethereum, WebAssembly, and layer 2 solutions like ZK Rollups. Astar Network won the 3rd Polkadot parachain auction on December 2, 2021, and onboarded to the Polkadot Relay Chain on December 18, 2021. As the Polkadot Relay Chain doesn’t support smart contracts, Astar is working to provide a solution for all developers by parachain where EVM and WebAssembly smart contracts can co-exist and communicate with each other. Thanks to Astar’s Ethereum and WebAssembly compatibility, DeFi applications can seamlessly be deployed on Astar’s parachain, where DIA will be able to feed them with accurate and transparent market data. DIA’s price feed oracles will fuel a range of use cases, such as lending and borrowing protocols, stablecoins, staking rewards and many more. To build the data feeds, DIA simultaneously aggregates price data at a ver... read More

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