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Reef Finance  


REEF Price:
$33.5 M
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$52.2 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #REEF today is $0.00229 USD.

The lowest REEF price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.00229, and the exact current price of one REEF crypto coin is $0.00228663.

The all-time high REEF coin price was $0.06.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of REEF with market cap of BTC and how the supply of REEF affects the price at different market capitalizations.


The code for Reef Finance crypto currency is #REEF.

Reef Finance is 3.2 years old.


The current market capitalization for Reef Finance is $52,184,033.

Reef Finance is ranking downwards to #420 out of all coins, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a large daily trading volume on #REEF.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Reef Finance is $33,527,693.


The circulating supply of REEF is 22,821,409,581 coins, which is 100% of the total coin supply.

Relatively, Reef Finance has a large supply of coins, 1,037 times larger than Bitcoin's supply, for example.


REEF is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 4 other blockchains.

See list of the REEF Blockchain contracts with 5 different blockchains.


REEF is integrated with many pairings with other cryptocurrencies and is listed on at least 23 crypto exchanges.

View #REEF trading pairs and crypto exchanges that currently support #REEF purchase.



Sqwid NFT Contest: BYCG! Up to $3550 USDT worth of $REEF to be won!

We’re throwing a Bring Your Creative Genius (BYCG) NFT contest! It’s our first-ever NFT contest on Sqwid, and we want you to bring the best of your best creative genius. Starting today, you can submit your NFT artwork until Monday, Dec. 12 at 11:59pm UTC. Please read the details, guidelines, entry requirements, and selection process below. — Overview of the #SqwidAppBYCG Contest. — Open contest for all NFT types: one-offs, collections, PFPs, & other media, Bring your creative genius! No limits or restrictions to artwork, 3 NFTs to be picked. Up to $3,550 USDT in $REEF to be won + marketing promotions by us at Sqwid and Reef!, Open to all NFT artists: newbies, intermediates, and experienced, Must be an original NFT not published on another NFT marketplace or a recreation of another project or artist (That’s a big no-no! Let’s respect each other), Tell me more about Sqwid! Discover Sqwid now — The Details - Below are the details of the contest including full details of prizes, entry process, and how winners will be chosen. Opens: Now! Closes: Monday, Dec. 12 @ 11:59pm UTC — Prizes. — We’re giving away up to $3,550 USDT worth of $REEF plus future marketing promotions handled by us on the Sqwid and Reef team. Here’s what you could win: — First Prize #1. — We buy your NFT (up to $350 USDT), Win up to $1,800 USDT worth of $REEF, We work with you to launch your ...

DeCloud Protocol, StackOS to Host dApps Building on Reef!

Renowned DeCloud (Decentralized Cloud) protocol, StackOS is bringing its decentralized hosting solutions for dApps building on Reef Chain. One of the fastest-growing DeClouds, StackOS allows users to run high-traffic dApps or websites seamlessly. StackOS x Reef StackOS is a blockchain-based, serverless app deployment platform allowing any web app to be hosted in a fully decentralized way. With this strategic move, StackOS will provide its hosting solutions to dApps building on Reef Chain. Through StackOS, developers on Reef Chain can deploy dApps efficiently onto their Decentralized Cloud. It will also provide dApp developers, DeFi, gaming projects, and the entire Reef ecosystem a truly decentralized hosting and storage solution, and enhance their building experience. “The Reef team warmly welcomes StackOS to our growing ecosystem. StackOS aims to allow developers the most seamless experience with its DeCloud solutions, while Reef makes dApp development seamless, affordable, and efficient with our solutions. This strategic development will heavily benefit our communities in different ways.” — Denko Mancheski, the CEO & Founder of Reef About StackOS StackOS currently serving over 1500 projects is a cross-chain open protocol that allows web3 projects access to enterprise grade cloud infrastructure in a decentralized way; where developers around the world can deploy any full-stack application, blockchain private ...

Reef October 2022 Recap: Exchange Listings, dApps Onboarding, Panel Discussion & more!

New month, new accomplishments and Reef expands continuously for Making Web3.0 accessible to the next billion users! Yet another successful month concluded at Reef with more new listings, virtual events, and more. Summing up all the key highlights, we present this quick recap for you to catch up with all the details. Keep scrolling to learn about all of them! — Ecosystem News - We are thrilled to share that this month, MEXC Global listed $REEF with Spot Trading Pair: $REEF/$USDT., A self-custody wallet with over 4M+ users, Atomic Wallet, listed $REEF (ERC-20) token!, Bitget exchange has integrated Reef Chain to allow users to deposit & withdraw native REEF tokens., Cronos World, an all-in-one Stop for Web3 Enthusiasts, joined Reef to allow Developers building on the Reef Chain to scale more efficiently., An open metaverse platform with advanced audio, video, and chat features, chose to bring its Metaverse to Reef Chain., Released a short message on some fundamental aspects of Reef Chain., Telegram AMA: Spheron Protocol, Crypto Express,, Twitter Spaces AMA: Sqwid, Panel Discussion on Web3 Gaming, Our CEO & Founder, Denko Mancheski, spoke at the Africa Gaming Guild 2022!, — Video Series Ft. Denko Mancheski, the CEO & Founder at Reef - Quick updates on Reef UI Kit from, Dev tools and Reef Mobile App, How are developers incentivized on the Reef Chain?, How does the Reef ...

Isekaiverse is bringing its Decentralized Anime Metaverse to the Reef Chain!

Reef is thrilled to announce that Isekaiverse, a next-gen decentralized anime Metaverse based on the original TV show ‘Mystic Reign’, is bringing its dApp on the Reef Chain. Incepted in 2021, Isekaiverse aims to become the biggest Anime hub within and outside the Web 3 space, with Anime series streaming on Web2 platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and others. As an anime-inspired decentralized platform, Isekaiverse caters to gamers and anime lovers while introducing a unique and exciting anime metaverse. The platform plans to integrate a gaming ecosystem incorporating real-time strategy battle games, NFT land games, and more. Isekaiverse x Reef Reef is a multi-VM, layer 1, modular blockchain aimed at Making Web3.0 accessible to the next billion users! With this strategic development, Isekaiverse will work closely with the Reef team. Isekaiverse will integrate the Reef Chain wallet into its platform and deploy $ISV (Isekaiverse native token) and NFT Collections on the Reef Chain. On the flip side, The Reef Community will experience the unique next-generation Anime Metaverse of Isekaiverse along with faster & cheaper transactions on the Reef Chain. “Reef is thrilled to welcome Isekaiverse to our expanding ecosystem. This strategic development is focused on supporting the unique idea of Isekaiverse and delivering exciting opportunities to our communities. Isekaiverse community will now also be able to experience the high...

Reef Card 1st 50: Get a Free Reef Card with $50 worth of $REEF!

Update! Form is now closed. We are going to go through it and contact people who qualify for Reef Card. See tweet below: Here’s your chance to get a free Reef Card and some $REEF to spend! Are you ready to get a free Reef Card, powered by Baanx, and some $REEF to spend? Today we’re launching a new campaign for people who haven’t signed up for Reef Card yet. Starting now, the first 50 people to sign up, and successfully pass KYC, will receive their Reef Card for free plus $50 worth of $REEF! — Who can enter the 1st 50:. — New users who have never signed up for a Reef Card before. You cannot have an existing account including an account that has not been KYC’d yet. This offer applies to new accounts only., All those in the EEA and UK., — How to sign up. — Sign up for Reef Card below. Once you’ve signed up and passed KYC, you’ll be given your card and $50 worth of $REEF! Sign up now: reefcard.comHeads up! We’ve been told some people applied for the card directly via the “Sign Up or Login in” button instead of signing up via the “Reef Card 1st 50” button on the website. In order to have qualified for Reef Card 1st 50, you needed to sign up via the proper “Reef Card 1st 50” button and fill out the form! See button below. — Tell me more about Reef Card!. — Reef Card, powered by Baanx, is available as a physical and virtual card crypto debit card to... to bring its Metaverse to Reef Chain!

Reef is setting off on the next phase of driving greater innovations on Reef chain with our previously announced partner, Incepted with the aim to make metaverse experiences accessible to all, shares various common values with Reef, such as offering the best to the community in Web3 and more. offers advanced audio, video, and chat features. Its customizable avatars and metaverse elevate user experiences by facilitating socialization, education, entertainment, commerce, and much more. This unique platform uses a performance-optimized virtual world to achieve this excellence. It also allows users to build and buy 3D assets, running perfectly on low-cost Chromebooks all the way up to the latest workstations. Reef, with its EVM-compatible, layer 1, modular blockchain is expanding unstoppably with its Reliable, Extensible, Efficient & Fast solutions. Strengthening its mission of making Web3 accessible to the next billion users, Reef is constantly powering up the next-gen dApps by supporting developers, artists, and other innovation-minded people, the builders of the future. x Reef Partnership Vision will continue to work closely with Reef to explore every possible way to bring the most exciting & immersive metaverse experiences for Reef users., Soon, Reef users will be able to enjoy the advanced audio, video, and chat features in the customizable avatars and the virtual ...

Reef September 2022 Recap: From New Exchange Listings to Token2049 and more!

Another month, another accomplishment, and Reef continues to expand unstoppably. September at Reef had been a super eventful month. From new listings to meeting Web3 enthusiasts at Token2049, the past month gave the perfect climax to Reef Q3. Summarizing all the key highlights of the past month, we have prepared this recap so you can take a look at it all at once. Keep scrolling to get all the updates! — Ecosystem Updates - Reef entered Canada with the $REEF token getting listed on Biconomy Exchange, Canada’s biggest crypto exchange platform, in $REEF/$USDT pair!, Ethereum Push Notification Service (EPNS), a decentralized and blockchain-agnostic communication protocol for dApps, will now provide automatic notifications to users when they bridge their assets through Reef Chain., A P2E tank battle game Tank Wars Zone will now build & launch natively on the Reef Chain to enhance the gaming experience of the TWZ community with fast transactions, high throughputs, and more., A Web3 video communications infrastructure, Huddle01 will now build on Reef to power Web3 communications!, An all-in-one decentralized platform for dApp hosting, Spheron Protocol will host Reef dApps. Developers building on Reef can deploy dApps seamlessly and much more efficiently on DSNs., A gasless NFT Marketplace dApp, Curate, integrates with Reef to unlock higher interoperability and low gas fees for NFT communities on Reef., — Im...

Cronos World will now allow Developers building on Reef Chain to scale more efficiently with its…

Cronos World will now allow Developers building on Reef Chain to scale more efficiently with its Ecosystem Products. - Reef is thrilled to share that Cronos World, an all-in-one Stop for Web3 Enthusiasts, will now allow the Reef community to benefit from its decentralized launchpad, NFT marketplace, and AMM DEX. Built as a sidechain to the blockchain, Cronos aims to become a robust decentralized network that can seamlessly run EVM-compatible dApps. Like Reef, Cronos empowers users to port any existing Ethereum-based dApps or smart contracts to its chain with little or no code modifications. Cronos is an L2 network that allows porting dApps built on any EVM-supported chain to the Cronos network without hassle. The network is designed for maximum scalability and flexibility to enable faster throughput per second with a minimal fee. Reef, on the flip side, is an L1 modular and EVM-compatible blockchain, making Web3.0 accessible to the next billion users with the most reliable, extensible, efficient, and fast solutions. It allows seamless dApp building or porting experience to builders with greater to minimal knowledge of building in Web3. Moreover, the forkless upgrade solution to dApps makes Reef stand apart from other infrastructure projects. Such an on-chain upgradability feature makes the development process much more efficient and convenient for builders and teams. Key Highlights With this strategic move, dApp...

Spheron Protocol will now host dApps building on Reef Chain.

Reef is thrilled to share that Spheron Protocol, an all-in-one decentralized platform for dApp hosting, is all set to enhance the experience of builders at Reef with its decentralized & efficient dApp hosting and storage solution. On a mission to allow a frictionless building experience for developers, Spheron facilitates instant deployment of dApps, and automatic scaling while enabling developers to serve customized content on any decentralized networks. Spheron offers infinite storage and bandwidth to apps. It simplifies developers’ experience with 99.99% uptime, seamless deployment without new codes, and transparent, immutable, and cryptographically verifiable solutions. On the flip side, Reef is an EVM-compatible L1 blockchain expanding remarkably for supercharging the next-gen dApps efficiently. Reef is on a mission to make Web 3.0 accessible to the next billion users. Reef x Spheron Protocol With this strategic development, Spheron will provide decentralized hosting solutions to dApps building on Reef. Through Spheron, Reef developers will be able to deploy dApps seamlessly, effectively, and much more efficiently on DSNs. As a blockchain-based & serverless app deployment platform, Spheron hosts apps in a completely decentralized way. Spheron will also help dApp developers on Reef Chain and the entire Reef ecosystem with truly decentralized hosting and storage solutions. About Spheron Protocol: Spheron makes ...

Curate integrates with Reef Chain to unlock greater interoperability and low fees for mass adoption.

Curate, a gasless cross-chain NFT marketplace, is integrating with Reef for enhanced trading and minting experience on the Reef Chain and amplify adoption. Curate is the first NFT marketplace app that boasts cost-efficient and interoperable features to simplify trading, minting, buying and selling of NFTs. It is a cross-chain NFT marketplace that has made NFT services gas-free and seamless with over 125k active NFTs for sale. Reef, a substrate layer-1 blockchain with modular and upgradable features, aims to house the best DApps and projects in Web3 including unmatched NFT and gaming experiences on the Reef Chain. As a next step to further its efforts in this space, Reef will introduce Curate NFT Marketplace into its ecosystem. Benefits of the integration: This integration is a development to open more opportunities and improve user experience on the Reef Chain. Once the integration is complete, users can easily trade and mint NFTs on Reef with higher interoperability and reduced fees, ushering in mass adoption for Reef. With $REEF token integration, Reef users can explore the massive display of NFTs on Curate and purchase them using $REEF. NFTs of Reef and its partners can be featured on Curate to generate higher visibility and engagement. Curate offers some of the best features of an NFT marketplace and launchpad. Projects in the Reef ecosystem or building on the Reef Chain can launch their NFTs natively on Curate’s NFT p...


Reef Labs Is Launching a $10M Accelerator Program to Empower Web3 Projec...

    PRESS RELEASE. Reef is thrilled to announce the launch of a $10 Million Accelerator Program for Web3 projects building on the Reef Chain, which are based out of the Middle East. The program, managed by Reef Labs, aims to support, incubate, and invest in promising Middle East-based Web3 developers, teams, and projects building on the Reef Chain. The rise of blockchain/Web3 applications in the Middle East are setting the stage for remarkable technological progress and innovation. Reef has already made a significant impact in the region by securing the Best Ecosystem Award at The Middle-East Blockchain Awards. Driving Growth in the MENA Region: The Accelerator Program seeks to drive Reef's vision for growth, making it the de-facto blockchain in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region. Ideas selected as part of this initiative will benefit from the financial support provided by Reef's venture partners, along with mentorship, marketing, and business development assistance from Reef Labs. Additionally, these ecosystem projects can leverage Reef's global community to promote their ideas and achievements to other Web3 developers and blockchain enthusiasts. Positioning Reef for Web3 Adoption: The present geo-political landscape in the MENA region fosters the growth of region-specific blockchain networks, which are set to play a significant role in promoting Web3 adoption. Reef is ideally positioned to deliver enterprise-grade solutions with high scalability, cost-effective tra... read More

3 Top Altcoins That Defy The Market Retracement- REEF, LINK, VET

     LINK's price holds strong as price eyes a rally to $12 after breaking out of its long-range accumulation zone.  REEF's price continues to trend above key support as price broke out of its downtrend with eyes set for $0.01.  VET's price remains strong, holding key support on the daily timeframes as the price trades above the 50 Exponential Moving Average (EMA). Previous weeks saw the price of most altcoins trend higher this has put these 3 top altcoins in the spotlight, considering how the crypto market has been fairing after the market saw its price decline with the price of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) not looking too good as the week has continued to look unprecedented with the current market looking choked with the current issue between Binance and FTX creating a fear of uncertainty and doubt for most traders and investors. (Data from Binance) 3 Top Altcoins - Chainlink (LINK) Price Analysis On The Daily Chart Daily LINK Price Chart | Source: LINKUSDT On The previous week saw many altcoins produced over 200% gains over the past 7 days of breaking out of their range-bound movement, as many believe more hope is returning to the crypto space. The new week hasn't kicked in like the last as most altcoins have begun to look shaky, dropping off from their weekly highs, including the price of Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) suffering a minor price retracement back to a region of $1,540 and $19,600 respectively. Still, the price of LINK has con... read More

Reef Finance (REEF) Continues With Green Days; How Long With This Last?

    REEF price continues to show the market how it is done as price trends in the green zone for two straight days.  REEF trades above key resistance as price breaks out of range holding above 8 and 20-day EMA. The price of REEF eyes a recapture of $0.01 as key resistance was flipped into support.  The price of Reef Finance has continued to show its strength as price trends with double-digit gains against tether (USDT) on two separate days in a row. With the crypto market cap bouncing from its weekly low as the market continued to look promising, the price of Reef Finance was not left out as the price broke out of its long weekly range, with the price trending to a higher height. (Data from Binance) Reef Finance (REEF) Price Analysis On The Weekly Chart. The crypto market got relief, as anticipated for most crypto altcoins. However, some altcoins have continued in a range-bound movement with the recent surge in price among most crypto assets.  The price of REEF in previous months has been stocked in a range box as the price could not break out with real volume. REEF's price continued to move between the region of $0.004 and $0.003 in a bid to break out and trend higher.  After a long-range movement, with the month looking good for most altcoins, as many call it the month of Uptober, the price of REEF broke out with good volume from its range as price rallied to a high of $0.065  REEF has a very good use case and no doubt was a catalyst as the price hit ... read More

Reef Finance (REEF) Breaks Out Of Long Isolation, Is This A Fake Rally?

    REEF looks bullish on a lower timeframe Price reclaims 50 exponential moving average (EMA) on the daily timeframe  REEF price gets rejected by 200 EMA acting as resistance on the daily timeframe.  Reef finance (REEF) has had a tough time recently but has shown great strength bouncing up in a lower timeframe. Reef finance has struggled to remain bullish as the price fell from an all-time high of $0.3 to $0.0048, with the price maintaining a downtrend with little hope of a relief rally or bounce against tether (USDT). (Data from Binance)  Reef Finance (REEF) Price Analysis On The Daily Chart  Despite a decline in its price from $0.3 to $0.0048, over 70% decline from its all-time high. The REEF price showed great strength as it bounced from its daily low of $0.3 to a high of $0.0065 before facing a rejection to break above that region to higher heights. The price of REEF on the daily chart looks strong despite seeing more sell orders lately as the price continues to hold. For REEF to resume its bullish sentiment, the price needs to rally and break and hold above $0.65, as this has proven to be a resistance to REEF prices. REEF's price is trading at 0.0048$ below its resistance; the price of REEF needs to hold above $0.007 to avoid the price from going lower due to the sell-off. If the REEF price holds this region, there could be more belief of a rally to its resistance at $0.007 and possibly breaking and holding above this region. A break below $0.004 would... read More

Reef's Highly Anticipated Reef Card Is Officially Available for Crypto H...

    PRESS RELEASE. London, The UK, August 31st – Reef, a layer 1 Substrate based blockchain for DeFi, NFTs, and gaming, announced today its highly anticipated Reef Card is now available for people in the United Kingdom and Europe. Reef has been working with Baanx, an experienced partner for revolutionary web3 financial solutions, to create and produce Reef Card. Reef Card, powered by Baanx, is part of the MasterCard crypto debit line. Due to covid, and material production delays, the card was put on hold until this year. Now it's officially available to everyone in the UK and EEA. Denko Mancheski, CEO of Reef said, 'We feel good about the future of Reef, and over the past year, we've been working hard with Baanx to get Reef Card out. We're excited to have it available now and allow hodlers the opportunity to spend their cryptocurrencies in the physical world.' Crypto debit cards have become a hot ticket in the physical world as they add another layer of utility to tokens and the cryptocurrency landscape. Reef Card owners will be able to spend their crypto and have their card convert it to fiat only at the time of purchase, and they will be able to use their card at over 90 million merchants worldwide and even withdraw fiat at certain ATMs. To start, Reef Card will be available as a physical card and Google Play right away. Apple Pay will come next. Garth Howat, CEO of Baanx said, 'It's very exciting to see that more companies and communities are adopting our solutions to... read More

Reef Launches NFT Team Focused on Graffiti and Electronic Music Artists

    PRESS RELEASE. Reef, a layer 1 Substrate based blockchain for DeFi, NFTs, and gaming, announced today it's launching a new NFT division focused on connecting with graffiti and electronic artists while scaling up it's blockchain to be more NFT-friendly. In the last two months, Reef has been working behind the scenes to kickstart its contribution to the NFT landscape. They've hired Philip Galaviz, an influential figure in the Denver music and art scene, to join the team as Head of NFT. Philip has worked with Digitally Imported Radio, Global Dance, and numerous electronic music artists, and is building a cultural arts and music program via IRL collaborations. As Head of NFT, Philip will spearhead Reef's business development and expand its offerings to a wide range of artists, beginning with electronic and graffiti artists, and album cover designers. Philip and the Reef team pushed the first stage of their NFT wave at ETHDenver with a packed beginners workshop, metawall, NFT contest, and introductions to graffiti artists such as TukeOne, Mike Graves, and Emit One DF. On top of this, Reef recently announced their first wave of grant awardees with three NFT development projects being awarded some of the $210,500. These include Kanaloa, Dimension 11 Studios, and Oyster, who will be building marketplaces and other NFT dApps on Reef. Denko Mancheski, CEO of Reef, said, 'I firmly believe we have identified one of the most impactful engagements we could make this year that will help cem... read More

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