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REAL Price:
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The last known price of #REAL is $1.52 USD.

Please note that the price of #REAL was last updated over 320 days ago. This can occur when coins have sporadic price reporting, no listings on exchanges or the project has been abandonded. All #REAL statistics should be considered as 'last known value'.

The lowest REAL price for this period was $0, the highest was $1.52, and the exact last price of REAL was $1.51890.

The all-time high REAL coin price was $4.30.

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The code for REAL crypto currency is also #REAL.

REAL is 5.5 years old.


The current market capitalization for REAL is not available at this time.

REAL is ranking downwards to #8483, by market cap (and other factors).


There is an unknown daily trading volume on #REAL.


The circulating supply of REAL is 12,552,510 coins, which is 64% of the maximum coin supply.

A highlight of REAL is it's limited supply of coins, as this tends to support higher prices due to supply and demand in the market.


REAL has very limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 1 pairing and is listed on probably at least one crypto exchanges but we don't have this data.

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Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #REAL, and you can view them on our REAL disambiguation page.



Real Reasons For Bitcoin Price Crash Revealed, Not GBTC: Arthur Hayes

    In his latest essay, Arthur Hayes, the founder of BitMEX, articulates a contrarian perspective on the recent downturn in Bitcoin's price, refuting the mainstream narrative that attributes the decline to outflows from the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC). Instead, Hayes points to macroeconomic maneuvers and monetary policy shifts as the real drivers behind Bitcoin's volatility. Monetary Policy And Market Reactions Hayes kickstarts his analysis by shedding light on the US Treasury's recent strategic shift in borrowing, a decision announced by Janet Yellen on November 1. This pivot towards Treasury bills (T-bills) has triggered a substantial liquidity injection, compelling money market funds to reallocate their investments from the Fed’s Reverse Repo Program (RRP) to these T-bills, offering higher yields. Hayes articulates the significance of this move, stating, 'Yellen acted by shifting her department’s borrowing to T-bills, thus adding hundreds of billions of dollars' worth of liquidity so far.' However, he contrasts this tangible financial maneuver with the Federal Reserve's mere rhetoric about future rate cuts and the tapering of quantitative tightening (QT), pointing out that these discussions have not translated into actual monetary stimulus. While the traditional financial markets, particularly the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq 100, responded positively to these developments, Hayes argues that Bitcoin's recent price trajectory serves as a more accurate barometer of th... read More

Lado Okhotnikov's Meta Force Announces Tactile Program Launch – Vi...

    [PRESS RELEASE - UAE, Dubai, January 2nd, 2024] Meta Force is one step closer to launching the Metaverse. The other day, the founder of the crypto platform, Lado Okhotnikov, announced readiness to launch the next Tactile program. This innovative system will combine products, cashback and a unique reward structure through an affiliate program, and will also allow users to exchange virtual items for real ones. Tactile: making the Metaverse tangible According to Lado Okhotnikov, the founder of Meta Force Metaverse, the Tactile program allows users to purchase unique digital goods in NFT format which, in addition to the virtual appearance, also have a real one, that is, a physical embodiment. “As part of our program we call these NFTs “tactile goods” — they can not only be bought in Metaworld but you can actually receive them in your hands in the form of real objects. This is something like a digital certificate for a real item — for example, if you buy a digital T-shirt, mug or even jewelry, a corresponding physical item will be delivered to you in addition to the digital one,” Lado Okhotnikov noted that NFTs will finally find their use in the real world. After purchasing an NFT token, a platform participant becomes the owner of a unique digital asset, which at the same time can be physically used — donate or exchange the corresponding item in real life. Tactile's engagement and upcoming reward enhancements Tactile offers a unique experi... read More

Shiba Inu Partnered With D3 Global, Chainlink To Prioritize Real World A...

    In a series of developments in the crypto sector, Shiba Inu has announced a strategic partnership with D3 Global. Additionally, Chainlink plans to prioritize the tokenization of real-world assets in 2024. Amid these developments, there is a growing trend of investors accumulating Pullix’s presale tokens. The TradFi exchange has had an exceptional presale so far after steaming through stage 2 in less than 10 days. Shiba Inu (SHIB) To Launch '.shib' Domain Shiba Inu (SHIB) has recently teamed up with the domain name startup D3 Global. This partnership is focused on obtaining its top-level domain (TLD), '.shib.' SHIB points out that having the '.shib' domain will give it a distinct and easily identifiable online address. This is similar to how other organizations have '.org' or '.com' at the end of their web addresses. Shiba Inu is committed to creating a unique digital space by pursuing a TLD. This step aims to simplify how people engage with the Shiba Inu digital ecosystem. Chainlink (LINK) To Focus on Real-World Asset Tokenization in 2024 Chainlink (LINK) has laid out its key goals for 2024 in its Q4 2023 report. These include the launch of its Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP), the introduction of a new data solution, and the introduction of additional developer features on its blockchain. Chainlink is concentrating its efforts on projects that seek to digitally represent Real World Assets (RWAs) on the blockchain. This will increase the liquidity and acces... read More

Chainlink Ecosystem Expands, Binance Coin Price Outlook, New Altcoin Bri...

    Binance (BNB) recently underwent regular maintenance, but its value took a hit, and crypto analysts are bullish that it can see a price increase. Chainlink (LINK) released an adoption update, highlighting the massive increase in its ecosystem size. Everlodge (ELDG) is also making a splash, as it aims to disrupt the $280 trillion real estate market. Binance (BNB) to Reach $310 Based on Projection by Ali Martinez Binance (BNB) announced standard maintenance, where through the  X (Twitter) account, they updated the community on how they can expect to see large cryptocurrency transfers made by the exchange’s wallets on various blockchains. Binance urged the community not to worry, even after the former CEO Chanpeng Zhao stepped down from the position and handed it to Richard Teng. During the past week, Binance traded between $234.00 and $255.53. According to data from Ali Martinez through a post on X, the crypto is forming a head-and-shoulders pattern. A sustained close above the neckline at $261 could ignite a bullish breakout, and based on his Binance price prediction, it can reach $310. Everlodge (ELDG) to Make Real Estate Accessible for Just $100 Everlodge (ELDG) is getting attention with its crypto ICO as an upcoming real estate marketplace that aims to solve key issues that have been a part of the $280 trillion real estate market throughout the past decades. For example, most people have historically been unable to access these markets due to the high barrier to... read More

Cogwise AI News Aggregator: Revolutionizing Decision-Making in Real Time

    In a groundbreaking leap for financial technology, Cogwise AI unveils its state-of-the-art 'AI News Aggregator,' reshaping how traders approach decision-making. This cutting-edge feature integrates advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, providing real-time analysis of news and global trends. By monitoring diverse news sources and social media in real-time, the trading bot predicts market movements tied to events, offering traders a unique advantage in navigating the ever-changing landscape. What does Cogwise offer? Cogwise (COGW) is designed for blockchain technology, global industries, and the crypto world, using cutting-edge algorithms and high-speed computing capabilities. The AI Inference Engine empowers users to harness the power of cutting-edge innovations, hyper-charging their trading experience. With a host of unique features, Cogwise is an indispensable tool for individuals, developers, and businesses operating in the blockchain and global space. Cogwise provides a range of tools and features, including a no-code smart contract generator, smart-contract auditor, technical analysis of charts, wallet tracking, Cogwise smart alerts, and a source of news. By creating the most advanced AI model, Cogwise offers users unlimited use cases that can be applied in various ways. Additionally, the SDK & API service allows developers to create new applications powered by Cogwise or integrate them into existing ones. The Role of $COGW Token Backing Cogwis... read More

Veloce Media Group Announces Game-Changing Partnership with Racino, Pion...

    [PRESS RELEASE - London, United Kingdom, December 18th, 2023] Today, Veloce Media Group proudly announces the launch of its partnership with Racino, an innovative multiplayer racing management and simulation platform set to redefine the landscape of virtual motorsports. Through the incorporation of the VEXT token into Racino’s ecosystem, players can acquire various collectible cars, liveries, and driver cosmetics. The heightened emphasis on ownership brings a fresh wave of excitement to each part of the gameplay, creating a more immersive and active playing environment. Racino will transform the future of motorsport management games, as players not only step into the shoes of a team principal but also take ownership and development of their cars, where strategic choices drastically impact race outcomes, public renown, and tangible rewards. Unlike most racing games on the market today, Racino elevates itself by mirroring real-life dynamics, where victories and defeats in motorsport management carry tangible financial weight, blending the thrill of racing with strategic financial planning and skill-based gaming. Racino’s Key Features:Digital Ownership: Players have exclusive rights to digital collectibles like cars, liveries, and driver cosmetics. These items can appreciate in value offering exciting trading and selling opportunities based on market demand or scarcity. Real Stakes & Rewards: Racino utilizes the same exhilarating 'risk vs reward' mechanics... read More

Ripple News: XRP Price Corrects, New Real Estate Token Still Bullish Wit...

    XRP, Ripple's token, remains a focal point for crypto investors and market analysts. As the crypto market ebbs and flows, XRP's latest price movements and strategic legal battles with the SEC have caught significant attention. The steady rise of the new Everlodge is also garnering similar attention. Ripple (XRP) Update: Navigating Legal Triumphs Amidst Market Volatility Despite facing regulatory headwinds, Ripple continues to showcase its tenacity. The XRP token, underpinned by these developments, has maintained a bullish stance, sustaining above-critical support levels. Market analysts observe a potential for further growth, influenced by factors like the upcoming Bitcoin halving and the resolution of the SEC lawsuit. Currently priced at $0.586, XRP has shown resilience despite recent market corrections, boasting a notable 54.72% growth over the past year. The token’s journey has been marked by significant legal strides against the SEC, resulting in partial but influential victories. These legal successes have not only bolstered investor confidence but also enhanced Ripple's reputation, earning it spots in prestigious lists such as People's Magazine's “100 Companies Who Care” and Fortune Magazine’s top workplaces in technology. The blend of legal successes and promising market dynamics positions XRP as a cryptocurrency to watch, navigating the volatile waters of the digital asset market with a unique blend of legal acumen and market resilience. Everl... read More

Only Criminals Have A Real Use For Bitcoin, According To Jamie Dimon

    JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon attacked Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on Wednesday, suggesting that they’re only useful for criminals and may as well be banned. “If I were the government, I’d close it down,” Dimon said of the crypto industry during remarks on Capitol Hill on Wednesday. Bitcoin, Banks, and Crime Dimon was one among several CEOs of the eight largest U.S. banks to testify before the Senate Banking Committee on Wednesday at a hearing concerning annual oversight of Wall Street firms. His comments were in response to questioning from senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), a notorious congressional crypto skeptic, who asked why crypto has become “such an attractive financial tool for terrorists, drug traffickers, and rogue nations.” “I’ve always been deeply opposed to crypto, Bitcoin, etc,” answered Dimon. “The only true use case for it is [for] criminals – drug traffickers, anti-money laundering, tax avoidance… and that is a use case.” The CEO argued that crypto is handy for these purposes since it is “somewhat anonymous,” offers instantaneous transactions, and inherently bypasses all of the restrictions of banking institutions regulated by the government, which are subject to anti-money laundering (AML), know-your-customer (KYC), and sanctions laws. Senator Warren followed with a plea for Congress to update existing banking rules to apply to anti-money laundering rules to cry... read More

CEO of Franklin Templeton Reveals Their Cryptocurrency Holdings, New Alt...

    While legacy firms like Franklin Templeton reveal surprise crypto adoptions and holdings, A new disruptor - Everloge - aims to democratize elite asset classes for all. The AI-powered property fractionalization platform will ride the Web3 wave by allowing retail investors to own vacation homes previously accessible only to the wealthy. Franklin Templeton’s CEO is Bullish on Blockchain Tech In a recent interview, Franklin Templeton’s CEO Jenny Johnson shared that she invests personally in major cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH. She also revealed details about Franklin Templeton’s expanding crypto and blockchain integrations. The firm joined finance giants BlackRock and Fidelity in filing for regulatory approval to list a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) in the US. Franklin Templeton also operates validator nodes on multiple blockchains including Ethereum, Solana, and Stellar to facilitate transaction validation. All three asset manager organizations have expressed their enthusiasm for Real World Assets (RWAs) on the blockchain. Franklin Templeton also offers a money market fund conducting transactions on the blockchain for ownership tracking - bringing public ledger technology to conventional investing. Beyond institutional moves, Franklin Templeton lets clients directly invest in cryptocurrencies through their accounts as well. Johnson also revealed that her personal crypto holdings even include more speculative plays like Dex (Decentralized Exchange) gov... read More

Blocksquare Hires Seasoned Exec Fergus Murphy As Its New Head Of Global ...

    [PRESS RELEASE - Ljubljana, Slovenia, December 6th, 2023] Blocksquare, creator of the world’s top blockchain-based tokenization platform for the real estate industry, announced that Fergus Murphy has joined the company as its new Head of Global Institutional Banking. Fergus is a highly skilled and experienced executive, whose illustrious career has spanned 25 years in the retail, business, banking and financial services industries. With his proven track record of successful and transformative leadership in related industries, Fergus will play an instrumental role in helping Blocksquare to fulfill its vision of tokenizing the world’s property markets. Earlier this year, Blocksquare successfully completed a key milestone when it successfully executed the world’s first notarized tokenization of a real estate property, which is now integrated within the Slovenian land registry. The achievement marked a revolutionary step forward for the global real estate industry, unlocking access to a tokenization market that’s forecast to reach $16 trillion by 2030, according to a recent report by the Boston Consulting Group. Blocksquare is laser-focused on transforming the real estate market through tokenization, building an ironclad infrastructure platform that boasts regulatory compliance and uncompromising security. With this platform, the company intends to reshape the concept of property ownership by tokenizing real estate, using blockchain technology. It will pav... read More

NEAR Protocol Has Narrative, But Bitcoin Spark Has Real Products

    As cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology mature, it becomes apparent that real, tangible products and solutions are the cornerstones of sustainable success. NEAR Protocol garnered significant attention for its ambitious goals, with a unique narrative and approach. Bitcoin Spark stands out for its focus on real products and accessible solutions delivery. NEAR Protocol NEAR Protocol is software encouraging computer networks to run a platform for developers to build dApps. NEAR maintains a distributed network of computers that serves as the foundation for building applications. It uses sharding, which splits the network into parts, so each computer (node) only handles a portion of the transactions, making data retrieval more efficient and helping the platform scale. NEAR Protocol uses its token, NEAR, for various purposes in settling transaction fees, running apps, and storing payments. When apps use the network, they pay for storage and processing, and some of these tokens are 'burned' or removed from circulation, reducing the total number available. The protocol relies on computers running its software to ensure accurate transactions. Validators who stake tokens receive rewards for ensuring the network's security and validity. NEAR Protocol's appeal lies in its sharding technology, which can enhance transaction capacity and security. Developers may find it valuable for building efficient applications, and Ethereum developers looking to link their apps to NEAR may find its... read More

Supply Chain Zen: Ethereum Experts Touts Real World ETH Use Case

    In addition to surging in price on crypto exchanges last month, Ethereum mainnet recently reclaimed dominance over its Layer-2 chains in daily transaction volume, according to data from L2Beat. Bloomberg crypto analyst Jamie Coutts recently said, 'Public blockchains hold immense potential for empowering global citizens.' The most popular apps on Ethereum are for decentralized finance and trading cryptocurrencies. But that's not all Ethereum's hash-powered smart contract platform can do. Ethereum Powered Supply Chain Management Ethereum expert Paul Brody, the author of 'Ethereum for Business,' says blockchain can help optimize and de-risk supply chains. The peer-to-peer network's programmable, hashed tokens can provide an efficient solution for supply chain management. Here's how he says Ethereum can play a role: 'For most consumer products the value proposition around traceability is in the prevention of fraud and the verification of sources. For many other markets traceability provides additional authenticity and an ability for consumers to trace the history of a product.' For example, the peer-to-peer blockchain can efficiently and reliably keep track of order batches for the pharmaceutical industry: 'The case for traceability gets firmer as you delve into products like pharmaceuticals, for which counterfeiting are potentially life-and-death issues. In these cases, the ability to trace bad batches of ingredients down through the supply chain quickly is invaluable.' Using bl... read More

The Real Reason Bitcoin's Price Exploded This Week, According to Arthur ...

    BitMEX co-founder Arthur Hayes published another macro-economic breakdown on Tuesday, focusing on why Bitcoin’s price suddenly surged this week. The analyst argued that now is the best time for crypto traders to step out of US Treasuries, and back into BTC. The Speech That Pumped Bitcoin According to Hayes, the crypto community has falsely attributed Bitcoin’s rally this week to excitement about a U.S. spot Bitcoin ETF potentially receiving approval. Such excitement, he said, already occurred last week in response to false rumors, and Bitcoin’s price sank back to $27,000 as the rumor was dispelled. “Bitcoin — along with gold — is rallying against a backdrop of an aggressive selloff in long-end US Treasuries,” wrote Hayes. “This isn’t speculation as to an ETF being approved — this is Bitcoin discounting a future, very inflationary global world war situation.” Hayes noted that bonds are selling off in response to recent statements from the Federal Reserve and President Joe Biden. On one hand, the Fed has signaled that it is near the end of its interest rate hiking cycle, meaning the market has no more incentive to hold long-end bonds. On the other, Biden has called on Congress to continue supporting overseas conflicts in countries like Ukraine and Israel, totaling $105 billion in total. This has caused more Treasures to sell off as bondholders doubt the government’s capacity to fund such war efforts. It als... read More

Real Reason Behind Ethereum Founder's Massive ETH 'Sales' Exposed

    A crypto wallet owned by the Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin has seen a series of transactional activities lately, piquing the interest of crypto community members at a time when Ethereum selling pressures are rising.  Following this, Buterin has taken the initiative to address the concerns regarding his recent transfer of digital assets to multiple exchanges.  Ethereum Co-Founder Discloses Truth Behind Multi-Transfers In a recent post on Warp Cast, a decentralized social network, Russian-Canadian computer programmer and founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin publicized the real reason behind the latest ETH transfers made via his wallet address.  Buterin explained to the public that the large-scale ETH transactions that were performed using his wallet were not sold by him. He stated that over the years, he has mostly focused on donating large sums of Ethereum funds to charity organizations and other projects. He further solidified his claims saying that he had not sold ETH for personal profits since 2018.  “If you see an article saying ‘Vitalik sends XXX ETH to [exchange]’, it's not actually me selling, it's almost always me donating to some charity or nonprofit or other projects, and the recipient selling because, well, they have to cover expenses,” Buterin stated.  Buterin is well-known for his philanthropic acts toward charity organizations and medical interventions. The Ethereum co-founder made headlines in 2021, after dona... read More

Moscow Exchange Plans to Issue Real Estate Digital Assets by 2024

    The Moscow Exchange, the largest exchange in Russia, has announced plans to issue real estate digital assets in 2024. According to Sergei Kharinov, director of digital assets for the platform, this will lower the entry barrier for qualified and unqualified investors to put part of their portfolio into real estate assets. Moscow Exchange Plans to Issue Housing Digital Assets The Moscow Exchange, the largest exchange in Russia, has announced plans to issue housing and real estate blockchain-based digital assets for 2024. The exchange, which had proposed to complete a similar issuance back in August 2022, is involved in talks with housing and development companies to start this kind of operation next year, according to statements from Sergei Kharinov, director of digital assets of the platform. The instruments would ostensibly lower the bar for qualified and unqualified investors to put part of their portfolios into construction and real estate commitments. Real estate developers and builders would also benefit from using these digital assets, having the opportunity to raise funds directly from investors and adding this income source to the traditional financing from banks. Kharinov stated that, most likely, the instruments will be issued in the form of monetary claims against the issuer who has square meters. Izvestia contacted Samolet Plus, a real estate developer that plans to launch digital investments in partnership with the Moscow Exchange, per General Director Denis ... read More

Real Estate-Backed Stablecoin USDR De-Pegs, Plunges to $0.53

    In a recent development, the Real USD (USDR) stablecoin lost its peg to the U.S. dollar, causing its value to plummet to just $0.5. TangibleDAO, the entity responsible for USDR, points to a liquidity issue as the cause of the stablecoin's rapid depreciation. TangibleDAO Cites Liquidity Issue in USDR's Depegging On Oct. 11, the Real USD (USDR) stablecoin lost its peg to the U.S. dollar. Within three hours of this de-pegging, USDR and its associated balance token, TNGBL, witnessed a 50% drop in market capitalization. Issued by TangibleDAO, USDR had been backed by various Dai (DAI) stablecoins and altcoins and had a portfolio of over 250 real estate properties in the United Kingdom. An update on $USDR Over a short period of time, all of the liquid $DAI from the $USDR treasury was redeemed. This lead to an accelerated drawdown in the market cap. Combined with the lack of DAI for redemptions, panic selling ensued, causing a depeg. We’re working on… — Tangible (@tangibleDAO) October 11, 2023 Following the incident, TangibleDAO responded through a statement on its official X account. The team explained that the sudden de-pegging was primarily due to a liquidity issue, emphasizing that the assets supporting USDR, real estate, and digital are still intact and will be employed to facilitate redemptions. TangibleDAO has also indicated that they are actively working on solutions to address the liquidity issue and restore confidence in the USDR stablecoin. USDR Plumm... read More

Is XRP Growth Real Or Just Smoke And Mirrors? Here's What Liquidation Da...

    XRP, the digital currency associated with Ripple Labs, has been making headlines with its recent price rally. However, a report suggests that the hype surrounding its performance might be overstated, as market data paints a different picture.  Despite a positive legal ruling and a robust community, XRP seems to struggle to gain the same level of confidence as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) among investors. Liquidation data from CoinGlass reveals that in the past 24 hours, approximately $4.20 million worth of XRP has been liquidated. Interestingly, the short positions accounted for a mere $66.13K in losses, while long traders recorded a substantial $2.09 million loss.  Liquidation Data Raises Questions On XRP’s Price Rally This data underscores the fact that the recent ruling by Judge Analisa Torres, which classified XRP as not a security when traded on exchanges, failed to ignite significant bullish sentiment for the cryptocurrency. Comparing this liquidation data with that of Bitcoin and Ethereum reveals a stark contrast, further suggesting that XRP is still considered a less promising digital asset. This contrast raises doubts about the bullish predictions made by some experts following the recent legal ruling. It appears that despite its strong community support, XRP's growth indicators are not aligning with the optimism that has surrounded it. Currently priced at $0.529 according to CoinGecko, XRP has seen a 5.0% growth in the past 24 hours and a se... read More

Everlodge Revolutionizes Real Estate Investments, Epic Metaverse Music E...

    TRON (TRX) and Decentraland (MANA) are two cryptocurrencies that made a lot of noise during the week. Justin Sun recently announced that the TRON network has $1 billion in Tether. The Decentraland team announced the Music Festival of 2023. However, another project is getting whale attention, and that's Everlodge (ELDG). This upcoming real estate platform will democratize investments. Summary: TRON could surge to $0.1 before the end of 2023 Decentraland might spike to $0.46 by the end of Q4 Everlodge and the way it's positioned during its presale Visit the Everlodge presale and win a luxury holiday to the Maldives TRON (TRX) Minted $1B in Tether and Can Soon Surge in Value The TRON (TRX) network is growing with its ecosystem size and offering. Justin Sun unveiled that the network minted $1 billion Tether in the treasury. This marked a monumental milestone for the TRON ecosystem and indicates its usage and the trust traders have within it. As a result, the TRX crypto has seen some activity. The TRON crypto increased in value by 40.7% in the past year. Moreover, it's been up 10.2% during the past 30 days. In addition, the 7-day low for the crypto was at $0.082918, with its high point at $0.085111. With all of this in mind, according to some analysis, it could surge to $0.1 before the end of 2023. Decentraland (MANA) to Host Major Metaverse Event for 2023 Decentraland (MANA) is a virtual home for many experiences and events. The team and management also organize different annu... read More

Israel Land Authority Examines Real Estate Tokenization Applications

    The Israel Land Authority has called for blockchain experts to determine the different applications of distributed ledger technology in real estate. Implementing this technology could ostensibly present several advantages compared to traditional real estate transactions, which are qualified by Israeli media as being 'time-consuming' and having high operational fees. Israel Examines Blockchain Real Estate Opportunities Israel is mulling the application of blockchain tech in the real estate sector. According to Israeli media, the national Land Authority has called for blockchain experts to examine the various applications of blockchain in the real estate sector, and how it might benefit from such implementations. Some of the applications that the Israeli Land Authority believes blockchain tech might expedite include registration of property and license management, selling and purchasing property using smart contracts, and the creation of a blockchain resident national property registry. Another of the applications could involve the tokenization of real estate properties and the creation of a national exchange where these tokens might be able to be traded, with the royalties associated with the transactions being automatically deducted from every operation. However, a trusted third party would have to certify the operations for real estate market participants to be safe while operating with these technologies. Tokenization Benefits The tokeniz... read More

Robert Kiyosaki Advises Buying Bitcoin Today — Foresees a Rush to ...

    Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki has advised investors to buy bitcoin today before stock, bond, and real estate markets crash and people rush to buy BTC alongside gold and silver. The famous author has predicted that bitcoin's price will reach $500,000 by 2025, with gold soaring to $5,000, and silver reaching $500. However, he anticipates BTC reaching $1 million in the event of a global economic collapse.Robert Kiyosaki Recommends Buying Bitcoin Today The famous author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki, has urged all investors to buy gold, silver, and bitcoin today before the stock, bond, and real estate markets crash and people rush to buy those three assets. Rich Dad Poor Dad is a 1997 book co-authored by Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter. It has been on the New York Times Best Seller List for over six years. More than 32 million copies of the book have been sold in over 51 languages across more than 109 countries. Kiyosaki shared on social media platform X on Tuesday that he is constantly asked about what the price of gold, silver, or bitcoin will be in 2025. 'My reply is that is a silly question,' he said, adding that the 'more important question is how many gold, silver, bitcoins do you have today?' He explained: Gold, silver, and bitcoin are bargains today … but not tomorrow. America is broke. Buy gold, silver, and bitcoin today before stocks, bonds, and real estate crash & people rush for gold, silver, and bitcoin. In February, Kiyosaki predicted that the ... read More

Shibarium's Real Growth is Just Beginning, Shiba Inu Developer Says

    Shibarium's Marketing Strategist, going by the handle LUCIE on X (formerly known as Twitter), believes the layer-2 scaling solution has so far been a major target of so-called 'hype' investors. As such, they assumed the project was is poised to prosper once 'serious' investors shifted their focus on it. Time for a 'Real Growth' LUCIE took it to X to urge 'serious' investors to consider entering Shibarium's ecosystem since the ones who were 'merely seeking a quick pump' have already moved on. The Marketing Strategist thinks this is a pivotal moment for the network, after which 'real growth' is about to follow. They also assumed that the following popular memecoins - SHIB, BONE, and LEASH - will benefit from Shibarium's potential development. It's time for serious investors to consider investing in #Shibarium. The 'hype' investors have moved on. They weren't serious; they were merely seeking a quick pump. The real growth is just beginning.$BONE $SHIB $LEASH — | Shibarium (@LucieSHIB) September 21, 2023 Shibarium's Recent Milestone Speaking of the network's growth, it is worth mentioning that today (September 21), the total transactions on Shibarium surpassed the coveted level of 3 million. In addition, wallet addresses currently stand at around 1.25 million. This happened less than a month after the scaling solution saw the light of day. For more information on the launch and specifics of Shibarium, you can take a look at our dedicated video below: The post Shibarium's ... read More

The Real Reason Behind That Bitcoin Transaction With A $500,000 Fee Has ...

    In a surprising twist of events, Paxos has come forward to take the blame for the $500,000 Bitcoin fee payment after PayPal was accused of being the party responsible for the exorbitant fee transfer.  Paxos Comes Forward As Guilty Party Paxos, a New York-based blockchain infrastructure company and the issuer of PayPal USD (PYUSD) and Pax Dollar (USDP), recently admitted responsibility for a substantial $510,000 Bitcoin fee payment, the highest fee ever paid in US dollars for a single Bitcoin transaction.  The story began when several blockchain sleuths noticed the abnormally high Bitcoin network transaction fee of 19.89 BTC attached to a relatively small Bitcoin transfer of 0.074 BTC. Usually, BTC network fees range from $1-$5 and sometimes $50 when network activities are high, so the fee instantly piqued interest.  An analysis by an X (formerly Twitter) user, Mononautical claimed that the entity behind the overly paid Bitcoin fee transaction was PayPal because the address behind the transaction was similar to one tagged as PayPal on OXT, a mobile block explorer for Bitcoin. In light of these rumors, Paxos has come forward to debunk the statement, clarifying that it was indeed an error on their part. Paxos has stated that the substantial BTC fee was caused by a bug error on the Bitcoin transfer. However, the blockchain infrastructure company has begun making plans to reclaim the lost funds from BTC miners involved in the transfer.  “Paxos overpaid t... read More

Rich Dad Poor Dad Author Robert Kiyosaki: Airbnb to Lead Real Estate Mar...

    Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki has warned that Airbnb will lead the incoming real estate market crash. Noting that many people are worried that the “Airbnbust” is finally here, an economist cautioned that “it could get a lot worse between a looming recession and excess savings about to dry up.”Robert Kiyosaki on Airbnb and Real Estate Market Crash The author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki, warned last week that Airbnb will lead the incoming real estate crash. Rich Dad Poor Dad is a 1997 book co-authored by Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter. It has been on the New York Times Best Seller List for over six years. More than 32 million copies of the book have been sold in over 51 languages across more than 109 countries. The famous author posted on social media platform X that he expects Airbnb “to lead real estate market crash.” Kiyosaki added that the best time to get rich is in a crash, noting that for anyone searching for a new home or rental property, “your happy days are around the corner.” Airbnb, a San Francisco-based company operating an online marketplace for short and long-term property rentals, recently suffered what some referred to as an “apocalypse,” after New York City passed a new law that majorly restricts the company’s business operation. Economist Peter St Onge explained Sunday on X: “Is the Airbnb boom over? Prices plunge while bookings drop, driving host revenue down 13% amid... read More

Bitcoin And Crypto Face Pressure: Impact Of Rising Real Yields

    The intricate dance between Bitcoin, crypto and real yields is becoming increasingly pronounced. As the world of traditional finance grapples with the implications of shifting real yields, the BTC and crypto market is not immune to these fluctuations. For the uninitiated, the 'real yield' refers to the yield on US treasuries, adjusted for inflation. This metric is pivotal in understanding the broader financial ecosystem, and its movements can have profound implications for risk assets, including Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Higher Real Yields = Bitcoin And Crypto Down Renowned analyst @tedtalksmacro recently shed light on this intricate relationship, stating, 'An important correlation - BTC + US real yields. Simply, higher real yields drive investors to cash and fixed-income... and out of 'riskier' assets like BTC and stocks.' This observation underscores the delicate balance that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies maintain with the broader financial market. The path of real yields is determined by two primary factors: inflation and nominal rates. With the Federal Reserve's hiking cycle nearing its end, nominal yields are potentially at their zenith. However, the trajectory of inflation remains uncertain, and as @tedtalksmacro notes, it will 'likely be the greater mover of real yields.' Adding another layer of complexity, the US treasury's recent influx of longer-dated issuance is exerting upward pressure on nominal yields, especially on the back-end. The 10-year, for ... read More

XRP Price Crashes Over 20%, Why Breakdown Looks Real Deal

    Ripple’s token price is down over 20% against the US Dollar. XRP price is gaining bearish momentum and might revisit the $0.40 zone. Ripple’s token price is moving lower from the $0.620 resistance against the US dollar. The price is now trading below $0.55 and the 100 simple moving average (4 hours). There is a key bearish trend line forming with resistance near $0.585 on the 4-hour chart of the XRP/USD pair (data source from Kraken). The pair might continue to decline toward the $0.42 and $0.40 levels. Ripple’s Token Price Plunges To $0.40 After struggling to rise above the $0.65 resistance, Ripple’s XRP started a fresh decline against the US Dollar. There was a strong decline below the $0.550 support zone, similar to Bitcoin and Ethereum. The price is down over 20% and there was even a spike below $0.420. A low is formed near $0.3994 and the price is now attempting a recovery wave. There was a wave above the $0.45 resistance zone. The price climbed above the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the downward move from the $0.6365 swing high to the $0.3994 low. XRP is now trading below $0.55 and the 100 simple moving average (4 hours). There is also a key bearish trend line forming with resistance near $0.585 on the 4-hour chart of the XRP/USD pair. Initial resistance on the upside is near the $0.520 zone. It is close to the 50% Fib retracement level of the downward move from the $0.6365 swing high to the $0.3994 low. The next major resistance is near the $... read More

CFTC is Doing SEC's Real Job on Crypto According to XRP Decision

    The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is leaving securities enforcement up to the CFTC when it comes to cryptocurrency. While the commission rushes ahead of Congress to write the entire federal crypto policy by lawsuit, the CFTC is going for more clear-cut violations. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission took the lead late last week and filed charges of securities fraud against a cryptocurrency business in Florida. It filed the charges in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida. CFTC Charges Florida Residents for Crypto Scam The CFTC charged four individuals in three states and their unregistered entity 'Fundsz' with allegations of securities fraud Friday: 'The complaint charges them with fraudulent solicitation from clients to purportedly trade in cryptocurrencies and precious metals.' The commission's Director of Enforcement, Ian McGinley, said: 'The CFTC continues to root out individuals who defraud customers in the cryptocurrency and precious metals markets.' But the allegations faced by defendants in this case are actually within the purview of the SEC, according to the Howey test in the recent Ripple court case. Commodity Futures Doing SEC's Job This case is kind of like what FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried is in trouble for with the law. It's not that they the defendants were selling Fugazi and claiming it's Rolex. It's that they were selling Rolex and claiming it's a really great Fugazi. But it's not so great when people lose their money to ... read More

Russia to Launch Digital Ruble Transactions With Real Users in August

    Banks taking part in the digital ruble pilot will begin testing transactions with actual clients in mid-August, according to a top executive of one of the financial institutions. The trials are set to start weeks after Russia adopted dedicated legislation for the introduction of its new digital currency. Russian Banks to Process First Digital Ruble Payments Between Customers Next Month A group of Russian banks involved in the pilot phase of the digital ruble project will launch trials with transactions between real users in mid-August, the Chairman of the Board of Ingosstrakh Bank, Stanislav Danysh, announced, quoted by RBC Crypto. As part of the tests, transfers of digital rubles between the participating banks, retail and corporate clients, as well as digital ruble payments for goods and services between companies will be carried out, Danysh detailed. The executive highlighted that due to the importance of the project, initial testing will be conducted on a limited scale in terms of number of participants which will include employees and partners of the bank, he added. The digital ruble is a central bank digital currency (CBDC) issued by the Central Bank of Russia (CBR) which is the sole operator of its platform. Transfers of digital rubles will be free of charge for private individuals while businesses will pay a commission of 0.3%. This month, CBR Governor Elvira Nabiullina indicated that the large-scale introduction of the new form of the national fiat is to be expected ... read More

Avalanche Launches $50 Million Real World Asset Tokenization Initiative

    On July 25, Avalanche stated that it was on a mission to “pioneer the future of asset tokenization.” Tokenization is poised to be one of the most impactful blockchain innovations of the next decade, it stated. Today, the Avalanche Foundation introduces Avalanche Vista, a $50M initiative to pioneer tokenization on #Avalanche Tokenization is poised to be one of the most impactful blockchain innovations of the next decade, and Avalanche is uniquely equipped to power these systems. — Avalanche (@avax) July 25, 2023 Tokenized RWA on Avalanche Around $50 million will be allocated to mint tokenized real-world assets on the scalable layer-1 blockchain network. Avalanche Vista intends to accelerate the growth of tokenization and its role in on-chain finance (OnFi), it stated. Several assets will be considered for tokenization, including equity, credit, real estate, commodities, and blockchain-native assets. John Wu, President of Ava Labs, commented that asset tokenization isn’t just the future of capital markets, “it’s a critical driver of the present,” adding: “The groundswell of momentum across institutions building on-chain has been astounding, and the Avalanche Foundation is taking a big leap forward with this initiative.” According to a report by Security Token Advisors, the tokenized securities market is expected to grow to $20 trillion by the end of 2030. Furthermore, the value of tokenized U.S.... read More

Stablecoins Connect Crypto With the Real World: CFTC Former Chair

    Timothy Massad - former Chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) - believes the US government should stop ignoring stablecoins as they could potentially advance the local payment system. Other nations, such as the United Kingdom, have already taken steps to implement comprehensive regulations on such financial products. The US Should Shift its Strategy In a recent interview for CNBC, Massad noted that the American authorities are making a mistake by keeping stablecoins out of their regulatory scope instead of putting them under their radar. He thinks these monetary products could bring vital competition as long as the government addresses the risks surrounding their usage. The former CFTC Chairman went further, describing stablecoins as a potential bridge between 'the crypto world and the real world.' 'My concern is we're not addressing the risks. I think our regulators often take the view that, well, it's better just to try to keep them out of the regulatory perimeter, but I don't think that really works, and I think, you know, the competition from stablecoins could be useful, again, if we address the risks, and they are significant,' he stated. Timothy Massad, Source: The Wall Street Journal Massad also claimed stablecoins should be treated as a payment mechanism, not an 'investment vehicle.' He thinks they could provide America with certain benefits, such as improving its payment network: 'Most of us think of the payment system and say it seems to be fi... read More

Latam Insights — Argentina's Reserves Bleed, Central Bank of Brazi...

    Welcome to Latam Insights, a compendium of Latin America's most relevant crypto and economic news during the last week. In this issue, the Argentine central bank sheds yuan for dollars as its reserves bleed, the Central Bank of Brazil would be able to manipulate balances and block digital real accounts, and the first bitcoin futures contract goes live in Argentina. Argentine Central Bank Sheds Chinese Yuan as Its Reserves Bleed The Central Bank of Argentina is leveraging its Chinese yuan stash to purchase dollars and manage its internal operations as its reserve level dwindles. The bank is making payments to importers using part of the Chinese swap line that government officials extended to $10 billion in June. Local newspaper La Nacion reported that the bank lost $170 million on July 10 and July 11 due to the payments the republic had to disburse to importers and the purchase of dollars. The gross reserves of the central bank bled out $580 million last week, reaching $26 billion. Aurum Valores, a financial group, estimated that the central bank lost $100 million per day. On this, analysts from the local group Portfolio Personal Inversiones stated: A level of reserves is being tested that has never been observed since at least the late 1980s. Half the available amount of the Chinese swap line ($5 billion) is said to have been used already, leaving the country trying to organize a new deal to accelerate disbursements from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Centr... read More

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