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Raiden Network Token  


RDN Price:
$21.0 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$3.4 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #RDN today is $0.05 USD.

The lowest RDN price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.051, and the exact current price of one RDN crypto coin is $0.05127.

The all-time high RDN coin price was $8.46.

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The code for Raiden Network Token crypto currency is #RDN.

Raiden Network Token is 4.9 years old.


The current market capitalization for Raiden Network Token is $3,424,848.

Raiden Network Token is ranking downwards to #1207, by market cap (and other factors).


The trading volume is modest during the past 24 hours for #RDN.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Raiden Network Token is $21,049.


The circulating supply of RDN is 66,793,935 coins, which is 100% of the total coin supply.


RDN is a token on the Ethereum blockchain.


RDN has limited pairings with other cryptocurrencies, but has at least 4 pairings and is listed on at least 1 crypto exchange.

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Note that there are multiple coins that share the code #RDN, and you can view them on our RDN disambiguation page.



Announcing the Raiden Forum

The Raiden Forum is now live! Everyone in the Raiden community is welcome to make proposals and engage in thoughtful discussions.. — — Raiden Forum - Two weeks ago, we introduced a path to robust Raiden Community Governance, including new processes and tools to help the community discuss and vote on important topics. This path to Raiden Community Governance focuses on three key principles: 1. Everyone may create informal proposals and discuss. 2. RDN token holders may create formal proposals and vote. 3. Raiden Trust will execute votes regarding the external development fund to the extent possible according to its trust deed and applicable regulations. Other stakeholders will use votes as guidance, but will not be bound by them. As our first concrete step along this path, we are excited to announce the Raiden Forum is now live! The Raiden forum builds on the existing Raiden Discord server, creating a new place where everyone can share proposals and engage in positive and thoughtful long-form discussions. If a proposal receives significant support in the Raiden Forum, the proposal will then be sent to a RDN token holder vote on Snapshot. — Categories - The Raiden Forum currently has five categories of topics: Protocol & Applications: Discussions about the Raiden technical infrastructure and specific use cases which are (or can be) built on top of it., Grants: Discussions about Raiden Trust Grants pro...

Raiden Community Governance

Raiden is feature complete and fully functional. Now we’re introducing a path to robust community governance. Learn more about the road ahead.. — Raiden’s goal is to provide a scalable payment solution. We have successfully built it — and more. In late 2021, we announced the Coruscant & Krittika Releases, marking the complete implementation of the original Raiden Network project scope. And in May 2022, we announced Raiden on Arbitrum, lowering setup costs and making Raiden the fastest and most inexpensive decentralized ERC20 transfer solution. As Raiden continues to seek use cases for implementation and product-market fit, we want to empower the Raiden community to join and lead this journey, and to make decisions on important topics — from Raiden Trust Grants, to code governance, to deployments on additional blockchains. In order to create a solid foundation for decentralized Raiden community governance, we will propose and make available new processes and tools for community proposals, discussion, voting, and execution. The future of Raiden is in the hands of its community. Learn how you can shape its future. — Community Governance - We have and will be working with the Raiden community to brainstorm and create ways for the community to govern the protocol and its implementations, and to make decisions on important topics. We endeavor to take into consideration the interests and obligations ...

Raiden Pulse #21: Updates From Q2 2022

We are back with another quarterly update covering all sorts of news and progress across strategy, product, and community.. — — TL;DR — Q2 in a nutshell - Following our recent release on Arbitrum, we continue improving the accessibility of Raiden. Using Raiden on Arbitrum has clear advantages, which we will cover in this Pulse edition. We’re providing direct assistance on Discord for anyone who wants to test Raiden on Arbitrum or Mainnet. We have also released educational content that guides you through the process of setting up nodes on Arbitrum., Product updates. The WebUI is now available for the Light Client CLI. This update makes Raiden CLI nodes easier to use by providing an optional web interface for managing nodes running in the terminal., Our community is flourishing. The transition to Discord is going well! We already see improvements in several areas! 👍🏻, — Strategic Updates - — Raiden on Arbitum: What Do I Need to Remember?. — The most significant update already announced in Q1 was the deployment of the Raiden protocol on another L2. The purpose? Improving access to Raiden and safeguarding its existence in a rollup-centric Ethereum. The Rohini version of the Light Client marks the successful release of Raiden on Arbitrum in May 2022. L3 or L222, we leave it up to you! If you haven’t read about Raiden on Arbitrum yet, take a look at the announcement article or refe...

Raiden Pulse #20: Updates from Q1 2022

We are back, Raideneers! This time around, we are introducing a new format: Quarterly updates covering all sorts of news and progress across strategy, product, community and team.. — First, we hope you are all alright in the face of the recent Luna meltdown. We hope that you all overcome this difficult setback safely. It’s a painful but valuable lesson to learn. That being said, with this new quarterly Raiden Pulse edition, we officially resume the regular updates on the state and progress of Raiden.TL;DR — Raiden Network — Snapshot of Q1 Updates. — Focusing on Protocol access and viability by decreasing setup costs and increasing convenience for users in a rollup-centric future. Aiming at better and faster support for developers and projects.Raiden on top of an L2. After releasing a stable and feature-complete version, Q1 2022 was fully dedicated to the deployment on an L2 solution. The result is better and viable access to the protocol, as well as new unique properties for the IoT and M2M industries.Preparing for a migration to Discord: making it a Raiden-owned one-stop community space resulting in faster and better community support.The team is growing. Welcoming Stacy as a full-time Community Manager and Bilel as a part-time Business Development Manager.Strategic Updates — Focusing on Protocol Access and Viability. — The protocol is now feature-complete as of the end of 2021. Movin...

The Raiden Network: Now Live on Arbitrum

The value of deploying Raiden on another Layer 2 solution. — The transition to a rollup-centric future opens possibilities to leverage the full potential of the Raiden Network for future M2M and IoT use cases. This encouraged the Raiden team to take a closer look at how Raiden can be used on the Arbitrum rollup to lower the setup costs and make Raiden both the fastest and most inexpensive decentralized ERC20 transfer solution. Having a rollup-native version of Raiden does not only get rid of the high initial costs incurred when running Raiden on the Ethereum mainchain, but it also positions the Raiden Network as a complementary solution that coexists with rollups. Layering our L2 solution on top of another L2 provides a promising opportunity to advance Raiden’s future and to make the network more viable. That’s why we decided to go with rollups to make this happen!Lowering Setup Costs The Raiden protocol is known for its cheap and blazing fast token transfers. However, the initial setup and opening of channels have become increasingly expensive due to the high gas prices. Up until now, Raiden has only been available on the Ethereum mainnet where users would have to pay unreasonable onboarding costs. With the new deployment on Arbiturm One these costs are significantly lowered, making Raiden more accessible than ever before and a suitable alternative for any project looking to implement and build payment networks...

The State Of The Raiden Network

Reflections on our origins, progress & future. — Raiden is at a critical juncture. We have completed building the Raiden protocol as it was originally envisioned. Our goal was to provide a scalable payment solution — one optimized for a world in which everyday purchases can be made using ERC20 tokens. We have successfully built it. However, the market demand we anticipated and the world we envisioned has not yet materialized. Even so, we are still working to improve the Raiden protocol and adapt to an evolving market.Origins Soon after the launch of the Ethereum Mainchain, the community embraced an expansive vision of the Ethereum ecosystem, including hundreds of use cases covering all aspects of society. They also anticipated the scaling problems that would inevitably result from mainstream adoption. Ethereum would require a fast, inexpensive and trustless payment Layer 2 solution — something similar to the Lightning Network for Bitcoin. We were inspired by this vision and started developing the first Layer 2 solution for Ethereum — state channel based peer-to-peer ERC20 token transfers. The project name “Raiden Network” was inspired by the Japanese god of thunder and lightning (a nod to the Lightning Network) and the popular fighter in Mortal Kombat. By the summer of 2016, we released the initial proof of concept of ...

Coruscant and Krittika: The new Raiden Releases on Mainnet

TL;DR As the end of 2021 approaches, we are thrilled to wrap this year up with newly released mainnet versions of the Python and Light Clients. Never before have we had such performant and stable releases with over 6 new features that optimize the Raiden Network’s performance, as well as on chain interactions. With the technology being feature complete, we are now looking forward to the ecosystem growth and to helping communities use the Raiden protocol in the context of Ethereum scalability. At the beginning of 2022, our primary focus will be to tackle certain usage barriers of Raiden. We plan on reducing on- and offboarding costs via the deployment of the Raiden Network on another L2. We therefore recommend waiting for the next updates to open channels.Release of the feature complete Raiden Network clients We have some great news to share with you, wrapping up this year on a successful note. 🎉 Yes! We are very much talking about our new Coruscant and Krittika releases for our respective Python and Light (or Typescript) Clients. This milestone marks a crucial moment for the Raiden team and community: Those releases, now deployed on the Ethereum mainnet, embody all the initially envisioned features. It offers scalable L2 token transfers while maintaining the core Ethereum values of decentralization and security. Our recommendation:Do not open channels just ...

Raiden Pulse #19: Updates from September and October 2021

Hi Raideneers, It’s time for a new Raiden Pulse where we tell you the ins and outs of what happened the past two months at Raiden. We cover everything from tech news to more general news regarding internal organization topics and community governance below. Let’s dive right in! 🤿On the Tech Side of Things If there is one thing you should take away from this article, it is that we’re close to the next big mainnet release of our clients. The testing of both the Python and the Light Client has consistently been green for the upcoming releases. You will know all about the Coruscant and Krittika milestones in the imminent release announcement. In the meantime, all you need to know is that the team worked very hard the last few weeks optimizing the performance and stability of Raiden clients. The result? We’ve achieved sub-second direct and mediated transfers across continents, so fasten your seatbelts! 🌍General Updates We have a new team member, hooray! 🎉 Olympe, our new graphic designer, joined in October. She will be rocking the visual identity of Raiden from now on. We’re delighted to have her onboard, welcome to the team! Additionally, you might have heard it already or even spotted them: Two of our team members attended ETH Lisbon. Our teammates mainly focussed on participating in DAO and community governance related talks and workshops. The reason being that we are currently exploring the different op...

3,2,1,…Close your channels!

Until October 15th, we recommend you to withdraw your tokens to your on-chain accounts or close your Raiden channels completely. Here’s why:. — We are close to the finish line with the upcoming Coruscant release for the Python client and the Krittika release for the Light Client. With these releases, there will also be a deployment of new smart contracts adding new features and improving the performance of the Raiden Network. After the upgrade of our Python and Light Clients, you will not be able to use any of your currently existing channels. The tokens will remain locked and unusable. This is why the current users of the Raiden Network are recommended to withdraw the tokens from their Raiden account into their respective on-chain accounts or alternatively to close their Raiden channels. You can reopen the closed channels with the new versions of the clients after their mainnet releases. The users might also consider withdrawing their tokens from the User Deposit Contract (UDC) as well, although this part can be done at a later point in time. When does it make sense to close your channels? The easiest way to transfer your tokens to your own wallet is to make a withdrawal without necessarily closing the channel. This action however, requires both parties to be online at the withdrawal time. If that is not an option for you, you can still close and settle your channels, which will allow you to withdraw without the s...

How do I close a channel and withdraw my tokens?

Until October 15th, we recommend you to withdraw your tokens to your on-chain accounts or close your Raiden channels completely.. — Closing, settling and withdrawal In case a total withdrawal is not possible, Alice can still do a closing and settling followed by the token transfer to her Metamask account. This is a 4-step process involving on-chain tx.Example Alice has an open Raiden channel with Bob on the Raiden Light Client dApp, which is connected to her Metamask account. Her token balance is 55 DAI. The value she holds based on the current token price is approximately $55. The gas price used throughout this example is 85 gwei at an ETH price of $3,400. — 1. Closing her channel with Bob. — After clicking ‘Close’, no more interaction can take place within this channel. The tx costs around 118,000 gas, which is the equivalent of roughly $35 at a 85 gwei price. This closing process has a maximum 3 hour time-out window, where Alice doesn’t need to stay online. — 2. Settling the channel. — Once the closing is done, she can settle her channel within the ‘CLOSED’ section in her ‘Channels’ area. This tx includes a withdrawal of her tokens from the channel into the Raiden account. It requires another 108,000 gas, hence roughly another $31. — 3. Transfer ETH to the Raiden account to cover the token transfer fees. — Just like for a simple withdrawal, she now needs to sen...

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