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RDD Price:
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$3.4 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #RDD today is $0.000105 USD.

The lowest RDD price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.000105, and the exact current price of one RDD crypto coin is $0.00010462.

The all-time high RDD coin price was $0.032.

Use our custom price calculator to see the hypothetical price of RDD with market cap of ETH and how the supply affects the price of RDD at different market capitalizations.


The code for ReddCoin crypto currency is #RDD.

ReddCoin is 10 years old.


The current market capitalization for ReddCoin is $3,390,142.

ReddCoin is ranked #745, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a weak volume of trading today on #RDD.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for ReddCoin is $897.


The circulating supply of RDD is 32,404,363,668 coins, which is 100% of the total coin supply.

ReddCoin has a relatively large supply of coins, 267 times larger than Ethereum's supply, as an example.


RDD is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

View #RDD trading pairs and crypto exchanges that currently support #RDD purchase.



ReddCoin (RDD) Core Dev Update, May/June 2022 — Part I (of II)

ReddCoin (RDD) Core Dev Update, May/June 2022 — Part I (of II) - General update from the Core team on all things Redd, part I. Due to the amount of content, and a desire to keep our ReddHeads from falling asleep while reading, we’ve split this update into two separate Medium posts. Part I includes Products, partners, and more, the work on the ReddCoin Core Wallet, ReddMobile/ReddID status, new platforms, new capabilities for RDD as a coin, and our blockchain as a whole, expansion of the ReddCoin ecosystem to connect to other chains and blockchain offerings, and more! Part II will follow this week. #PaintTheWorldRedd! — May/June Dev Update Contents: - — Part I (this publication):. — Products & Software, ReddCoin Ecosystem: NEW & ACTIVE PARTNERS, ReddCoin Ecosystem: POSSIBLE PARTNERS — IN DISCUSSION/EXPLORATION PHASE, Exchanges & Integrations, — Part II (not yet published) :. — Redd Charity Efforts, Redd Voting, ReddCoin Team — Redd Core & ReddHead Community, Strategic plans- Making ReddMobile/ReddID a reality, Discussion of 2022 ReddMap (Updated Roadmap), — Products and Software - — ReddShare — — We’ve had lots of questions about ReddShare in the last few months; what is it, or what happened to it, is it being worked on and improved, and why isn’t it being promoted? ReddShare was and is a beautifully si...

ReddCoin (RDD) — Core Wallet 4.22 — Taproot: Efficiency, Security, Privacy

ReddCoin (RDD) — Core Wallet 4.22 — Taproot: Efficiency, Security, Privacy - If the wallet looks the same, what’s the big deal about this upgrade? This article attempts to share some of the key technical achievements and goals of incorporating the new code into our ReddCoin Core wallet. If you have suggestions, feature requests, want to contribute or otherwise comment, please visit the GitHub repo we’re working in: GitHub - reddcoin-project/reddcoin-0.22: reddcoin 0.22 Compiled binaries may be obtained at IMPORTANT NOTE: THIS IS NOT A MAINNET PRODUCTION READY WALLET. DO NOT USE THIS CLIENT ON EXISTING RDD WALLETS AT THIS TIME.Beta wallets staking away happily on testnet, v4.22.b3 We’re making a few important cosmetic changes to the operation of the ReddCoin Core wallet, the cornerstone of the ReddCoin network, and the software responsible for autonomously operating and managing the RDD blockchain. Addition of staking info pane, network info pane, a maintenance tab, enhanced transaction records, and a new layout of existing and new menu items. Most of the important changes we’ve made and are now testing in our uniquely different PoSVv2 testnet environment are “under the hood” improvements; meant to improve things like security, speed, performance, database management and integrity, staking reporting and information, and more to make the overall “ReddHead user experience” s...

ReddCoin Core 4.22 beta — What Is Taproot?

ReddCoin Core 4.22 Beta — What Is Taproot? - — What is Taproot and how does it work? - — P2SH - All RDD are essentially “locked up” in scripts: a couple lines of code embedded in a transaction included in the blockchain, that define how the coins can be spent in the next transaction. Spending conditions usually involve providing a signature to prove ownership of the coins. But other, well-known conditions for example include timelocks (coins can only be spent after a specific block height or date) or multisig (coins can only be spent if some number of private keys out of a set of private keys provide signatures). Different conditions can be mixed and matched, to create complex types of smart contracts. An example of such a contract could be that coins can be spent if both Alice and Bob sign, or if Alice alone signs after a week has passed, or if Bob alone signs while also providing a secret number. Whichever of these three conditions is met first, is how the coins are spent. Since 2012, scripts (the conditions) are often not publicly visible at first; only the new owner of the coins knows how they can be spent. This is done with a trick called P2SH (pay to script hash), where initially only a hash of the script is included in the blockchain. This seemingly randomly scrambled number holds the coins. When the owner spends the coins, he reveals the whole script as well as the “solution” to the script ...

ReddCoin (RDD) 4.22 Taproot: Validation of Taproot Scripts

ReddCoin (RDD) 4.22 Taproot: Validation of Taproot Scripts (BIP0342) - A complex description of BIP0342 adapted to ReddCoin’s bespoke PoSVv2 staking protocol. Includes initial activation of SegWit (Segregated Witness) network and address support. Content adapted from BTC’s wiki here. This document specifies the semantics of the initial scripting system under BIP341 as a separate BIP0342. BIP341 proposes improvements to just the script structure, but some of its goals are incompatible with the semantics of certain opcodes within the scripting language itself. While it is possible to deal with these in separate optional improvements, their impact is not guaranteed unless they are addressed simultaneously with BIP341 itself. Specifically, the goal is making Schnorr signatures, batch validation, and signature hash improvements available to spends that use the script system as well. — Design - In order to achieve these goals, signature opcodes OP_CHECKSIG and OP_CHECKSIGVERIFY are modified to verify Schnorr signatures as specified in BIP340 and to use a signature message algorithm based on the common message calculation in BIP341. The tapscript signature message also simplifies OP_CODESEPARATOR handling and makes it more efficient. The inefficient OP_CHECKMULTISIG and OP_CHECKMULTISIGVERIFY opcodes are disabled. Instead, a new opcode OP_CHECKSIGADD is introduced to allow creating the same multisignature policies in a ...

ReddCoin (RDD) 4.22 Taproot: SegWit version 1 spending rules (BIP0341)

A complex description of BIP0341 adapted to ReddCoin’s bespoke PoSVv2 staking protocol. Includes initial activation of SegWit (Segregated Witness) network and address support. Content adapted from BTC’s wiki A number of related ideas for improving ReddCoin’s scripting capabilities have been previously proposed: Schnorr signatures (BIP340), Merkle branches (“MAST”, BIP114, BIP117), new sighash modes (BIP118), new opcodes like CHECKSIGFROMSTACK, Taproot, Graftroot, G’root, and cross-input aggregation.Mind your p’s and q’s… Combining all these ideas in a single proposal would be an extensive change, be hard to review, and likely miss new discoveries that otherwise could have been made along the way. Not all are equally mature as well. For example, cross-input aggregation interacts in complex ways with upgrade mechanisms, and solutions to that are still in flux. On the other hand, separating them all into independent upgrades would reduce the efficiency and privacy gains to be had, and wallet and service providers may not be inclined to go through many incremental updates. Therefore, we’re faced with a tradeoff between functionality and scope creep. In this design we strike a balance by focusing on the structural script improvements offered by Taproot and Merkle branches, as well as changes necessary to make them usable and efficient. For things like sighashes and opcodes we include fixes for known problems, ...

The ReddCoin Ecosystem Stability Program

The tumultuous events in ReddCoin’s trading environment in recent days could happen to any altcoin project at the mercy of the market and exchange listing or delisting decisions. What if we told you we’ve come up with a way to improve the situation?. — — Tell me more… - As part of our participation with the newly launched “Altcoin Reserve ‘’, the ReddCoin Core Team has the following option to help stabilize our community and coin’s value now and into the future, and to restore confidence and resources after the sudden removal of two of our major markets. The Altcoin Reserve was in part created to act as a protection against exactly such events as we have just seen; without any substantive change in the project or team, and in fact on the heels of some solid partnership and development work, a single delisting announcement has caused the speculators in our cryptocurrency to abruptly lose faith, lowering the price of our coin. While the Redd team has always attempted to promote our work and use-cases over any type of price discussion, we note that having a stable value and reliable on- and off-ramps is the most critical component of our solution. So the Altcoin Reserve has decided to make ReddCoin the first example of a sort of “Altcoin Quantitative Easing”, comparable to the US Federal Reserve’s support of the US dollar. Home | AltcoinReserveSystem — How does this work? - The Altcoin Re...

ReddCore Dev Update (Q4 2021)

Hey ReddHeads! Lots of progress, lots of challenges, lots of opportunity!. — — The ReddCoin (RDD) Core team and Project Redd have been working hard toward our goals, and wanted to take a few minutes to share some of the highlights of recent work as well as some significant steps forward in strategic plans.. — We will be opening a number of our projects as widely as possible in coming days to engage our ReddHead community to help. — How can you help! - One of the loudest and most often heard requests in our Redd ecosystem is “how can I help?”. One aspect of this update will lay out a number of ways that eager and motivated ReddHeads can in fact pitch in a little or a lot, in whatever areas you feel capable of success, and in doing so, speed up the pace of the work we’ve been working toward for the last few years. We do need those who have technical skills, but not *only* those. We have oodles of technical and nontechnical work to do. Websites, design plans, graphics, text pieces, marketing, PR, business development, and essentially every part of a successful startup effort. The more we grow, the more that is the case, of course, so if you want to help, we need you. If you can write, clearly and compellingly, Redd needs you. If you can illustrate, either individual images, gifs, movies, or other graphic artistry, Redd needs you. If you have experience elsewhere in the typical functions of a com...

ReddCore Dev Update (Q3 2021)

Hey ReddHeads!! - Welcome to our ReddCoin Core dev update for Q3 of 2021. Our last update was put out in May of this year, and much has happened since that time, both in direct strategic accomplishment as well as milestones and changes to ReddCoin’s direction and tactical plans. We’d like to use this document to bring the community up to date not only with items the team has already completed, but also some of the exciting moves on the horizon for our amazing ReddCoin (RDD) & Project Redd. We have had some transition in the project team, adding capabilities in some areas while saying goodbye and wishing the best to those members of the team & family that are moving on to other challenges. As an all-volunteer project, our team is made up of some of the most devoted, passionate, caring people in the crypto space, and each member of our team is a valued and trusted asset, and of course, member of our extended “Redd” family. We welcome new members, who want to collaborate and build with us, and we hope the experience and knowledge gained for joining the team allows for each and every member to grow and become better for it, as each of us has. If in reading this update, you want to honor your desire to join in and help create the technology and society of the future, please don’t hesitate to contact a Redd team member or just email! Redd has had opportunities to share our philosophy as well as...

ReddCore Dev Update (May 2021) — ReddMap 2021, ReddJamm, ReddShare and more!

ReddCore Dev Update (May 2021) — ReddMap 2021, ReddJamm, ReddShare and more! - She must be listening to ReddJamm. KRDD, #ReddJammRadio — Hey, ReddHeads! It’s amazing how quickly time passes in the crypto space, and Redd Core is thrilled to be able to report our progress through the last few months. - Observant ReddHeads have already noticed that our ReddMap located at has been updated to reflect current project progress and priorities here in ReddLand. While much of our efforts have taken longer than anticipated, as usual, the ReddMap reflects our work toward not only a prettier, stabler core wallet and staking experience, but also our direction in building free, user-focused apps like ReddShare. — ReddShare - Just awaiting final approval of the way we’ve chosen to access the various networks’ APIs, ReddShare is our first publicly launched Redd-branded app, and is free for all users, whether you’re promoting your own content or sharing band and concert info to earn RDD. — General Redd Updates - Our Redd social channels have exploded in popularity and user engagement over the last few months, a testament to both the work being done to move products and the ReddCoin network itself forward, but also to a talented social media team working overtime to ensure all ReddHeads are seen, heard and included in all we’re doing.ReddHead-created art. Make your own, “show us what you got!...

ReddCore Dev Update (Q1 2021) —Status Update

ReddCore Dev Update (Q1 2021)–Status Update - — Hey, ReddHeads! - We have some announcements to share with the Redd Community following our recent Conference and exposure of some of the work underway. — ReddShare - ReddShare dev work continues as planned, with some limited backend work to complete and a bit of adjustment to the flow and “User Experience” aspects, we expect to be allowing user signup and full system use within the next couple weeks. We’ve gotten many requests already to be part of the launch as well as feature requests about using the ReddShare platform to target other segments and audiences than just music & bands. Of course, that’s our natural evolution of the product, a simple digital feeless payment system to enable micro-work and we see that there are countless fields and industries in which that might apply, from video promotion to yoga studios to individual artists growing their fan-base, and all of that is available as the ReddShare app grows. We’ve backed up our construction of the app with cloud products allowing the app to scale, but have tried hard to maintain our ideals of minimal data capture and user-first priorities. We are attempting to figure out how to leverage RDD staking to provide a further bonus mechanism to the platform, or otherwise pay for its own promotion by funding campaigns with stake rewards, but much of that will be revealed during and post-launch. W...

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