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Razor Network  


RAZOR Price:
$104.8 K
All Time High:
Market Cap:
$5.4 M

Circulating Supply:
Total Supply:
Max Supply:


The price of #RAZOR today is $0.010 USD.

The lowest RAZOR price for this period was $0, the highest was $0.010, and the current live price for one RAZOR coin is $0.01026.

The all-time high RAZOR coin price was $0.89.

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The code for Razor Network crypto currency is #RAZOR.

Razor Network is 2 years old.


The current market capitalization for Razor Network is $5,368,005.

Razor Network is ranking upwards to #664, by market cap (and other factors).


There is a medium volume of trading today on #RAZOR.

Today's 24-hour trading volume across all exchanges for Razor Network is $104,751.


The circulating supply of RAZOR is 523,333,858 coins, which is 52% of the maximum coin supply.


RAZOR is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, and has digital contracts with 2 other blockchains.

See list of the RAZOR Blockchain contracts with 3 different blockchains.


RAZOR is available on several crypto currency exchanges.

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Razor Year-End Review — 2022

Razor Year-End Review — 2022 - TL;DR As the year 2022 draws to a close, we look back proudly at all that we have achieved and all the hurdles we have overcome.This was the year we launched our mainnet on the Skale Network, preceded by 2 phases of our incentivized testnet.We focussed on strengthening the technical aspects of Razor’s decentralized oracle network and integrated a host of updates into Razor node and RazorScan.A host of leading names from the blockchain industry joined us as validators of Razor’s Oracle network.Expanding our global community is something we constantly strive to do. This year, we launched multiple Razor farming opportunities for our community members, which have been tremendously successful.With an eye on all that we want to achieve in 2023, join us as we walk down memory lane and bring you all the important updates from the world of Razor in 2022. — Tech Updates - Let’s begin by taking a sneak peek at some of our critical technical updates. We promise not to bore you with too many facts or figures. We have constantly been making Razor Network more user-friendly by improving RazorScan and integrating more features. Now, RazorScan features a new dashboard along with universal search functionality that allows users to make queries based on transaction hash, address, epoch, or collection names. The integration of search and filter functionality with all relevant tables allows users...

Razor Community Updates — November 2022

Razor Community Updates — November 2022 - TL;DR — We bring you all our important updates for the month of November. We have integrated more features in RazorScan, and are on the verge of releasing the Razor node v1.0.5 to validators. Our association with EasyFi is also going from strength to strength as more stakers are joining the $RAZOR staking programs. Hello, Razor community; November saw us make significant technical progress in both RazorScan and the upcoming Razor node v1.0.5. EasyFi continues to be one of our important partners, and we strengthened the bond further through AMAs on our social channels. And to top it all off, TVL in the Razor Network oracle touched $1,000,000+! Read on to learn all the important updates from Razor for November. — RazorScan Updates - Our continuous effort to add more value to RazorScan continued through November as we integrated a host of useful features into our block explorer for the Razor network. The feature set includes the following: · Improved staking page speed · Consuming data feeds code snippets on the collection page · Accurately displaying circulating supply and percentage of circulating supply locked in the protocol on the home page · Showing the influence of the staker in a more legible manner through charts We hope you will find the features useful. Do let us know if you would like us to add any other features to RazorScan. — Razor Node Upda...

Razor Community Updates — October 2022

Razor Community Updates — October 2022 - TL;DR — We bring you the important updates from the world of Razor for October. We have updated the Razor node to v1.0.4 and integrated new technical features in RazorScan. Moreover, we have started a new $RAZOR farming opportunity with EasyFi on the Polygon network. Hello, Razor community, The month of October has seen us make technical prowess in the razor ecosystem. We have also strengthened our partnership with EasiFy Network, a Layer 2 DeFi Lending protocol for digital assets powered by Polygon. This saw us participating in an AMA with EasyFi, and launching new $RAZOR farming opportunities on EasyFi BLEND. Read on to learn all the critical updates from Razor for October. — RazorScan Updates - We have integrated multiple new features into RazorScan, which is the block explorer for the razor network. These features will make navigating the Razor Network even more seamless for Razor users. The new features include the following: · Added Staker Uptime with required indexer updates · Allow Stakers to update and claim commission from the RazorScan application. · Show all Inactivity Penalties received by a Staker on the RazorScan transactions page · Integrated block explorer URL in toast notifications · Added a tab on the Stakers page to show all the Delegators of that Staker · Added Staker Last Active on the Stakers page — Razor Node Update to v1.0....

Razor Network Staking Program with EasyFi Blend

Stake $RAZOR on the Polygon network to secure a fixed 32% APY over 90 days. We are pleased to announce a partnership with EasyFi BLEND to kickstart the $RAZOR staking program. Hosted on EasyFi’s BLEND module over the Polygon network, the program will allow $RAZOR holders to stake their assets for a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 90 days to receive a fixed APR of 32% APR. EasyFi BLEND is a combination of multichain configurable advanced smart contracts to implement fixed and predictable staking rewards programs created by EasyFi Network. The layer-2 multi-chain money market protocol, EasyFi, is designed to enhance DeFi capabilities by enhancing liquidity sourcing and efficient capital utilization in the non-custodial lending market. Using EasyFi’s BLEND, Razor Network’s decentralized oracle network for DeFi applications is organizing a community engagement program that enhances the utility of its native token, $RAZOR.Commenting on the latest initiative, Founder and CEO of EasyFi, Ankitt Gaur said,“We are excited to onboard Razor Network to the EasyFi Blend ecosystem. This gives a big impetus to the $RAZOR Token HODLers for staking their $RAZOR tokens with a great Fixed APR. This also enables all those seeking on-chain incentivization opportunities to explore Razor Network as one of the options to get more from the tokens they hold.” The program is slotted to begin on 14th Oct 2022 at around 2:30 PM UTC (Timi...

Razor Network Community Update: September 2022

We are down to the last quarter of this year, and the previous month has been exhilarating for us, maybe for many of our community members as well. Having left September 2022 behind, let us provide you with the highlights of last month, as we always do in this community update. Let us start with one of the critical milestones we recently achieved — the launch of Razor Network Alpha on SKALE Network, beginning September 1, 2022. Our invitation to the community to become part of the Alpha launch received a great response, with many coming forward to participate as validators and delegators. — 200,000 $RAZOR Giveaway as Part of Alpha Launch! - Celebrating the successful Alpha launch on SKALE mainnet, Razor Network organized a campaign for its community, giving away a total of 200,000 $RAZOR tokens. As part of the campaign, participants had to perform tasks, and in return, 200 lucky winners received 1000 $RAZOR each. The rewards were paid out soon after the campaign. Check out the pay-out transaction hashes here, and here. — Staking Rewards up to 89% APY - With the launch of Razor Network Alpha, $RAZOR network staking went live, offering an APY of up to 89% (please note: APY is subject to change with time and increase/decrease in TVL), and the total value of $RAZOR locked in the contracts surged to 86.61 Million $RAZOR in no time. Check the real-time staking stats here. Meanwhile, those who are planning to sta...

Razor Network Onboards Fiberblock as an Institutional Validator

The web3 powerhouse, Fiberblock, receives a warm welcome as it joins the Razor Network ecosystem. Our mission at Razor Network to be the blockchain-agnostic decentralized oracle solution for DeFi and web3 ecosystems is slowly becoming a reality. Helping us achieve our goals are several partners and a strong Razor community. Our list of partners just got bigger with the addition of Fiberblock as an institutional validator on the Razor Network. The partnership with Fiberblock will help the Razor Network further strengthen its validator network and possibly even expand the adoption of its oracle solution among upcoming projects in the blockchain and web3 space. To put things in perspective, Fiberblock is more than just an institutional validator. It is a full-fledged software and blockchain development firm based out of Dubai, specializing in dApp development, outsourcing, business relations, and even incubating early-stage promising projects in the crypto space. Fiberblock also develops and operates its own products, including the NFT marketplace, DEX, and Play-to-Earn game, among others. Adding Fiberblock as an institutional validator will allow Razor Network to provide its oracle solution to a broader audience and potentially provide additional $RAZOR staking and delegating opportunities for the community. Further, dApps development and incubation services offered by Fiberblock also open...

Razor Network Community Update: August 2022

With another month down, we have now entered the last month of Q3 2022. With that, we also have another update on everything that happened in the previous month. While August 2022 was eventful like any other month at Razor Network, it also marked a few landmark developments making it a bit more special. — All Audits Passed, with Flying Colors! - In the last month, we received official word from two leading cybersecurity firms tasked with auditing the Razor Network nodes and smart contracts. Both firms had very little to say with respect to the audit as there were no serious flaws to be found anywhere. Razor Network’s smart contracts were audited by SlowMist, a very reputable brand that counts a few marquee names as its clients. After subjecting the Razor Network smart contract codes to a series of stringent tests, including black box, grey box, and white box testing, the SlowMist explored all possible shortcomings and attack vectors that could be exploited. The smart contracts and rest of the code performed as designed, showing no severe flaws to pass these tests with flying colors. Altogether, the SlowMist team identified one potential low-risk issue and suggested minor improvements in two more areas, all of which were addressed in no time. Read the SlowMist security audit report here Halborn Security was entrusted with the security audit of Razor Golang Node and associated oracle smart contracts. During the audit...

Razor Network Alpha is Now Live on SKALE

We have got some great news for the Razor community. The much-awaited launch of Razor’s decentralized oracle network on SKALE is finally happening. Starting September 1, 2022, at 1 PM UTC, $RAZOR holders can join the Razor Network as validators on SKALE and participate in staking. Razor Network Alpha will be launched on the SKALE Network, marking an important milestone in developing the one-of-its-kind, completely decentralized oracle solution for DeFi and Web3 applications. This launch follows extensive testing and stringent audits, which played an essential role in ironing out a few minor issues in the early stages. The community’s enthusiastic participation in a series of incentivized testnet campaigns proved to be helpful in stress testing various network components. — Run Your Node, Stake, and Delegate your $RAZOR - $RAZOR token holders can join the Razor Alpha ecosystem as validators or delegators. To become a validator and operate your node, one must stake a minimum of 1M $RAZOR. Not enough $RAZOR? Fret not, as there are no minimum requirements to delegate your $RAZOR and contribute towards network validation. — How to Participate? - With the Razor Alpha going live on SKALE, one would need $RAZOR on SKALE Network. Currently, users can bridge their $RAZOR on Ethereum to SKALE. Those holding $RAZOR on Ethereum or Polygon chains will have to bridge their tokens to SKALE to participate in the network activ...

Halborn Completes Razor Network Security Audit

We are happy to announce that Razor Network has surpassed yet another milestone. Halborn security, the reputed audit firm hired to conduct the security audit of Razor Golang Node and the smart contracts, has handed over the report. As expected during the previous incentivized testnet campaign, our infrastructure has passed the tests with flying colors. The smart contracts and Razor Go repository with the codebase for Golang implementation of Razor Network nodes were audited by Halborn’s blockchain smart contract security experts for nearly four weeks. During the period, the code was scrutinized, and components were put through rigorous manual and automated security testing processes to identify any vulnerabilities. Engineers at Halborn went through all the standard security audit steps, starting with research into the architecture and purpose of the contracts, static security analysis of the repository and imported functions, manual assessment for security vulnerabilities and correctness, dynamic analysis of Razor Go functions and data types and guided fuzzing to bring out any potential issues. Following the audit, the discovery of these issues highlights the importance of professional security audits of all smart contracts and blockchain infrastructure to minimize, if not eliminate, potential risks. Halborn identified a few potential issues, which were all addressed by the development team at Razor. You can read the full a...

Stakin Joins Razor Network Ecosystem as Institutional Validator

Razor Network’s Validator Network Expands with Stakin’s Entry Razor Network continues strengthening its foothold as a robust, reliable decentralized oracle solution for the DeFi ecosystem. Helping us in the journey are numerous partners. Now, we have one more such partner joining us in the form of Stakin — one of the popular institutional validation service providers for Proof-of-Stake blockchain networks. The entry of Stakin to the list of institutional validators supporting Razor Network will contribute towards additional staking opportunities for the Razor Community while enhancing the reliability of real-world data streams supplied by the Razor oracle network to blockchain projects. Created by a team of Network Infrastructure, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, and Finance experts, Stakin will be providing the Razor community with a secure, reliable staking service. Adding Stakin to Razor Network will help the project implementation and improve its decentralized governance modules. Users will soon be able to delegate their $RAZOR on the Stakin validator node and support the network. Stakin currently serves over 37 different networks as an institutional validator and staking service provider, managing close to $450 million worth of assets. It is trusted by more than 27,000 stakers, which will only increase once $RAZOR staking gets featured on the platform. Stakers on Stakin can be assured of quality service...

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